Every year for Valentine’s Day, my dad makes his girls chocolate covered strawberries.

2.14valentine-1He gave them to me yesterday.

I don’t share.

There were four left this morning.

Thanks Dad!

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  • Michelle .Daydream Believers Designs - Enjoy ‘em Mumma! You deserve the treat!
    Be Well!

  • Jen - I wouldn’t share those either. In fact, I wouldn’t tell anybody that I received them ;)

  • Taylor - That is so stinkin’ sweet!!! I wouldn’t share them either. Happy Valentine’s Day!



  • Kathie - Happy Valentine’s Day. What a sweet treat!! I may have to whip some out this weekend. :D They look yummy!

  • Josephine - Ha! That’s awesome! Mother’s generally have to share most things, the line must be drawn somewhere ;-)

  • Shannon Phillips - But you do share. ;) Don’t I feel special.

  • Momista Beginnings - How sweet! Um, literally. You know, I was just out for a little “girls night” last night and my gf said that HER dad made them chocolate covered strawberries every year for V-Day, too. Hmm…I wonder if that’s a “thing”? Either way, I love it and I just told my husband to get on the bandwagon for our daughter each year. She’s only 22 months old now, but we’re always looking out for cute and little traditions to start for our new family :) Happy Valentine’s Day! -Misty

  • Kimberly | Turning It Home - There’s a funny “ecard” that says, “Here’s to every mother who has ever eaten a candy bar in a closet, because frankly, you didn’t want to share.” Story of my life – except with cookie dough. ;)

  • Whitney - My husband makes them for me on special occassions too! So good!

  • Stephanie - What a wonderful tradition.

    Do you or your husband have any special traditions for your kids on Valentine’s Day?

  • Michelle W - It delights me to see your dad continue with this tradition with you, year after year. Yup, He is awesome !

Her big brother recently taught her how to draw a butterfly. I now find butterflies all over our home. Her butterflies are pretty cute, but seeing her pride and excitement in the process is even better.

I love how proud she is of her creations. She doesn’t pick them apart or critique her work. She simply delights that she drew a beautiful butterfly. She relishes the process and the outcome. It challenges me. She challenges me to be an artist that delights not just in the process, but in the creations too.

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” ~ Pablo Picasso

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  • Natalie - She is getting so big, Ashley! I can’t believe how much she is changing and turning into this beautiful girl! Tell her to keep up the good work, she’s a great artist!

  • Meredith - That Picasso quote is one of my all time favorites. So true. Love the photos!

  • Sara - A Lefty! Beautiful butterflies, Firecracker!!!

  • Lisa | Winter Heights - Wow, never heard that quote but I love it! Beautiful photos and such a great reminder. So much to learn from our kiddos! :)

  • Jessica Rose - M niece and nephew are the same…they really love anything they have created…I hope the feeling stays with them…I love art but aren’t very good so I don’t really do it…although thats a bit silly really…I should perhaps take a leaf out of your daughters book and stand loud and proud! ;)


  • kimberly oyler - her hair looks so cute in a braid!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh my goodness – as I sit here picking apart my photos, I needed to hear this! Thank you, firecracker!!!

  • Taylor - She is just too cute. I love that she is so proud of her work and it really does make you want to be more proud in your own work.



  • Steph - This post made me think of you – I think Martha could use a little SnapShop in her life!!


  • Steph - I just realized the irony of my comment on a post praising your (adorable) daughter for her efforts and enjoying them rather than critiquing them. I feel badly about that, but…this is Martha Stewart we’re talking about. It is remarkable she HAS a creative flaw. She knows she’s talented in every other arena lol, she can take it I hope!

  • AshleyAnn - Steph – don’t feel bad! :) Thank you for supporting SnapShops!! :)

  • Sarah - Ahhh! She’s a lefty!! AS a fellow lefty, I’m quite proud. We have 3 kids, and none of them are lefty’s, I’m so sad about it. haha. Also- she just cracks me up. Obviously I’ve never heard her voice, but I can imagine that she keeps you laughing all day long. She seems like such a fun kid to be around. I love how you capture that so well.

  • Rebecka - Hi there. I couldn’t find a contact email for you, so hopefully you see this in the comments. I saw it today and thought of your wonder women!


  • Anastasia Curtin - She is an absolute beauty: inside and outside! Linger a little longer, and treasure these moments with her :))))xo

  • Momista Beginnings - Big props to big brother for passing on this new, beautiful skill and new interest! I taught art to 4 year olds through 2nd graders for over 10 years…and I wonder how many kids are out there now, still doodling and drawing from past art projects I taught them. The process is definitely just as, if not more, important than the final product. I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to fill my home with her latest masterpieces! :) -Misty

  • Elizabeth Highsmith - I know this May not be possible but if I send you my address would you ask her to make me one? It would remind me of how He loves through her and of her fiery confidence. And I totally understand if that doesn’t work.

  • Mara - I just love this post! Thank you so much for sharing….do you happen to have ideas on managing your children’s artwork? I’d love to hear how you preserve and archive all of the masterpieces!

  • Michelle W - Cutest little artist.

The cold weather blanketing our state, like most states, is just not normal. We are not used to being stuck inside for so long with below freezing temperatures outside. This winter I’ve been quite thankful for the Rainbow Loom craze. Sure the little bands get annoying, but I appreciate the creativity, attention to detail and fine motor skills involved with the loom. I also appreciate that this year it was easy to avoid candy attached to Valentines. The boys all made bracelets for their friends at ‘school’ (our homeschool once a week campus).

A common scene this winter…boots laying around where they are not supposed to be and a boy with a loom…and bed hair.

My seven year old son worked so hard on intricate bracelets for his friends. The other boys – not so much. It is always interesting to see how the kids personalities & gifts really come out when they all do the same thing. My seven year old is so thoughtful and generous – with his time and his things. I loved seeing that play out as he made Valentines.2.14missonunboxable-2

We had a bit of a slow school day this week. While the boys were finishing up their Valentines, I pulled out a Mission Unboxable Secret Spy Kit. It arrived in the mail earlier this week and I really didn’t know what to expect. It is from a sweet blog reader who owns an etsy shop.  Though I told her I don’t really do product reviews or post much on products on my blog, she wanted to send it as a gift anyway. The kids had so much fun with it, so I opted to share it with you guys too. It would make a great summer or spring break activity – maybe do one a day.

It arrived in a cute box with 6 “Missions”. The kids were totally intrigued from the start.2.14missonunboxable-4

We opened one mission at a time. We spent about 2 hours and still have 3 missions left! My kids range from 2-9 and could all participate at different levels. The first couple tasks involved coming up with a disguise and a code name.2.14missonunboxable-5

While her older siblings were distracted, she was busted breaking into the Rainbow Loom box. Busted.2.14missonunboxable-62.14missonunboxable-72.14missonunboxable-82.14missonunboxable-112.14missonunboxable-122.14missonunboxable-13

I don’t want to give away the details of the other missions, but I will say they were so much fun. We took our time instead of rushing through it. We’ll find time this week to complete the final three missions. The kids keep asking, so I am sure we’ll do it sooner than later. Also, the eye liner marks on his arm are his ‘scar’, part of his disguise.2.14missonunboxable-142.14missonunboxable-15

My crew in their disguises. The stances in this crack me up…total randomness in our family.


If you want more info about Mission Unboxable Secret Spy Kits, click heremissionunboxable

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  • Danielle B - Oh my word… Little one in her disguise…too cute for words!

  • Kim - The picture of everyone in disguise… priceless! What a great idea.

  • shayna - i’m in love with this mission unboxable! so creative.
    thanks so much for sharing!

  • Dina Farmer - Way too cute!!

  • Caroline - Love this! Just wondering if you could tell us where you got the industrial shelf from this post? Thanks!

  • Stoich91 - Your family…that last photo…the hilarity and perfect are unspeakable

  • Meryl - HA! Little one in her big shades and scarf just made my day! She looks like she hasn’t a clue why she’s dressed up, but is just happy to be playing with the big kids.

  • Debbie C - That last picture is awesome. :) Like one of those sepia-toned Western pics. So fun!

  • amber - Well, aren’t they handy in the disguise department. Lol!! I love kids…

  • Monica - Your crew looks adorable!!! I love the pic with little One in zebra sunglasses and Firecracker seems so big now! pretty cute!

  • gaylene - What a fabulous idea! And the pictures are perfect :)

  • Heather - Totally love it!! LOL Glad you caught the rainbow loom-bandito too. ;-)

  • SedaSD - The last photo is beyond cute! Hilarious poses and the look on little one’s face…priceless…

  • Taylor - This looks like SO much fun!!! I would love to give this to my little sister for a day (or week) of fun!



  • Megan - So fun! I’ll definitely add this to my list of fun gift ideas for my kids, nieces, and nephews. Really creative idea.

    My son is getting a rainbow loom in his Easter basket! All of his friends are making them, and I know he’ll be excited! Sort of a fun little fad.

  • natalie - ashley!!! i can’t breathe, i am laughing so hard from these cuties in their disguises! oh lordy, they are a hoot! and as for that shelf in the background. so so lovely. – n

  • Jillian - What a great idea!!!!

  • Linnea - I’m loving Little One’s disguise :) What fun!

    Also, I’m sure you shared this at one point, but out of curiosity is your studio separate from the house, or attached?

  • Nori Matsumoto - Omgosh!! Too cute! This picture had me cracking up laughing! I love your children’s personalities. :)

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh my goodness – the group photo made me laugh out loud! I love it!

  • Jessica Scott - Love the last picture of all the kids, too cute!

  • Bek - SO cute! The moustaches are cracking me up! :)

  • Karen - This is just the best! I love all the expressions on your precious children!

  • Michelle W - I am grinning from ear to ear. Love all the personalities in this last photo. So much fun!