I am working through your questions from last week – so many! I am going to break them into four separate posts this week by theme. While I am still working on answering those, I wanted to give you a heads up that Mpix photobooks are on sale this week. A couple weeks ago I shared how I am ordering prints this year instead of a big yearly photo album. My original plan was to make a 2015 family video, but I have not been so on the ball with actually recording video! I need to work on that big time.

Though I am ordering prints for most of our photos, I do want to make a few smaller books for certain themes/events. For my first book this year, I used the pictures from our family session that Shannon shot. It is amazing how fast a book can be put together when I am not doing it for the whole year!

8.15qaphoto-01One downside of many basic photo books is how pictures get lost in the center fold. Mpix has a new line of lay flat panoramic books. As I was inserting pictures into the templates, I kept trying to arrange them so nothing important (like a face) would get lost in the center. I was halfway through making the book before I remembered the pages would lay flat and nothing would get lost in the middle. I started the design over, but it was worth it.8.15qaphoto-038.15qaphoto-048.15qaphoto-068.15qaphoto-07

The pages are extra thick and well made. I am thrilled with the result and am looking forward to future books.

Mpix has their premium and softcover panoramic photobooks on sale for 40% until Wednesday, August 5th. Use the promo code BOOKS15.

My book is a 10×10 hardcover, panoramic photobook with a dustcover, c/o Mpix.com


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  • Maura McCurdy - Do you print your books in matte or glossy? I can’t seem to get an idea of what looks better. Thanks.

  • Rachel - I was working on one of these books, but was frustrated that it cropped all my pictures! Did that happen to you as well? They are such great books and the sale is wonderful, but not if my photos are cut off?

  • Saraj - Have you ever used a company to scan negatives into digital files? Any recommendations? Thanks!

  • Jenny - Oh, this looks like it turned out just perfect! Love it!

  • AshleyAnn - Maura – I chose matte

  • susie - Thanks for the code!

  • Zainab - Hi Ashley! How would you compare these books to the my publisher books?


  • Natalie - Ashley, Have you ever heard of the app called One Second Everyday? Its amazing. You shoot video on your iPhone everyday (its prompts you so you don’t forget) and it helps you edit one second of it and mashes it up. It’s so simple and so, so cool to watch. I think you’ll love it!!

  • Marcy - Thank you for the tip on MPix! Just ordered a book with family vacation pics (well 2, so the littles can look at their own as often as they want). Can’t wait for it to come in! =)

My oldest daughter has been planning her birthday party for over a year. She’s changed her ideas a dozen times. At one point she wanted a party that involved her brothers chasing all her friends in a nerf battle. I convinced her that all her friends may not think that is a fun game. She also thought about a ‘wrestling party’. Then it was a ‘gymnastics/dance/singing party’, which would include a stage for her to perform. As the party grew closer, she found pinterest and decided she wanted a painting party.

She planned every detail. I just did what she said! The girl had a checklist and she was checking it far more than twice.

7.15paintingparty-01In the midst of planning her party, DecoArt contacted me about their Social Artworking Canvas Painting Parties…the timing could not have been better. I’ve worked with DecoArt for several years and am always a bit giddy to get a DecoArt package on my doorstep. The idea for the painting parties is simple – gather together with a group of friends and paint a canvas. There is a Party Planner that makes figuring it all out really easy. My daughter picked an owl design and everything we needed was sent to our home care of DecoArt. Easiest party ever. I will say the biggest investment is the easels, canvas and paintbrushes. Just keep that in mind if you begin planning a party.7.15paintingparty-03The kit comes with transfer paper and the design. I transferred the basic design on each canvas prior to the party.7.15paintingparty-04There are very easy to follow instructions for leading the painting. The instructions tell you which brush to use (for example use #12 or #08). The numbers are small. Since my party included a group of 5 & 6 year old girls, I color coded the brushes with washi tape. It was easier to tell the girls, “use your pink paintbrush.”7.15paintingparty-05My paint trays are from Hobby Lobby. I use and reuse them all the time. They clean up so easily. Each girl had a prepared spot that included her brushes, paint try, cup with water, paper towel and her canvas.7.15paintingparty-06All the decorations were decided by my daughter. She wanted rainbow colors with an emphasis on blue (her favorite color).

We gave all the moms a heads up that we would be painting, so they could dress accordingly.7.15paintingparty-08The straws are from IKEA. The napkins are c/o Shop Sweet Lulu.7.15paintingparty-09My daughter told me she wanted a square cookie cake. It also had to have white and blue icing in a square and in circles with a number 6 candle. I baked the cookie cake and then had her direct every step of the icing. When it was finished she declared it the most beautiful cake she has ever seen. She also told me she was sure everyone would think we bought it at the bakery. I love that about kids. She sees everything in the most beautiful way.7.15paintingparty-11One of my favorite parts of the painting was that the girls mixed the paint. The colors didn’t come ready to use. They had to combine different colors and mix them to get the right shades. I then led them in what to paint where. It was cute watching them get up and walk around to encourage and admire all the paintings.7.15paintingparty-157.15paintingparty-167.15paintingparty-17We took a break to let the first layer dry…cookie cake, snacks, hide-n-seek, and chicken chasing.7.15paintingparty-18And back to finish their paintings. Also, note the red washcloths on the table. I got those wet before the party so they were on hand and ready to use when little hands got paint on them, which they did.7.15paintingparty-197.15paintingparty-207.15paintingparty-307.15paintingparty-31

When the party was over I told Chris I want to be an art teacher. I had so much fun helping the girls with their paintings. SO MUCH FUN. They were all so proud of their work and my girl was beaming the whole time. I am hoping she decides she wants another painting party next year. If not, I’ll just invite my friends over for a party. Maybe I’ll invite my friends over either way!

For more information on designs and details on planning your own party, visit the Social Artworking website!

It has been fun reading all your questions yesterday. I’ll work on answering some of those next week!

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  • Aja - I absolutely love this party idea. So fun! You have such the perfect space for it, too. Definitely get some friends together- that sounds just as fun! :)

  • Annemieke - Love love love everything about this party, but the very best part is that picture of your two daughters hugging. That one is priceless!

  • Danielle - That is adorable!

  • Alice H - you should teach art for your homeschool co-op kids (if you do one, which I think you mentioned before that you do!)

  • Tammy Kay - I teach a mixed media class at our local co-op. Maybe you could make that happen. Love this party. You inspire me yet again!

  • Lisa - Wonderful!

  • Kaleigh - Ummm.. this is amazing?! Seriously! I want a painting party!!

  • Raimie Harrison - This is great! I love it!

  • Keshia - I am an art teacher that works from home. And your right, it is SO much fun 😀

    Never thought of having a painting party, I am totally going to have to add that to my bucket list.

  • Tiffany - So well done, the suggestions provided are fantastic. My daughters birthday isnt until December but im excited to show her this post..

  • Anastasiya - I love this post… such a cute idea! Looks like the girls had a blast =)

  • Emily - oh i love this idea! I’m going to ask my little girl if she would like to do this too for her next birthday! On another note, I wanted to tell you how thankful I am to have been able to take your snapshots course. It’s made such a difference and I have you to thank!

  • Elizabeth Higsmith - You are an art teacher, a very good one! From your snapshot classes to your blog you’re a natural and I hope you do teach official “art” classes one day!

  • Beckie - We had a party like this several years ago and it is still my daugher’s favorite party to date! I asked her art teacher at school if she would be willing to help out by instructing the painting part and she was thrilled to make a little extra pocket money. She also had enough easels for everyone to use so I didn’t have to purchase those. On top of that – the kids LOVE their art teacher and they were absolutely giddy she was there to teach them. It freed me up to finish up the food, visit with the other moms a bit, and take photos of the entire painting process. My daughter just said the other day that she wants to do this again for her 11th birthday party coming up in October!

  • nadya kotik - Where did you get the easels?

  • AshleyAnn - Nadya – they are from Social Artworking

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh my goodness!! Julia wants to know if she can come to her next birthday party. It looks like a blast!

  • Natalie Frank - Hi! Your blog is so beautifully designed and inspiring to read. From your adoption advocacy to your passion for your family and photography…so awesome! I love this painting party idea too! Our lil one is only 6 months old so it will be a bit before I can pull this off but it will be in my brain until then!

  • Kyra - I had read this post about 3 times before committing to do a painting for my daughter’s birthday party. We had 8 girls, ages from 8-11, all painting the Electric Zebra picture my daughter chose from the Artworks site. I ordered the paint, brushes, and pattern with carbon paper from Artworks. My local art store was having a huge discount on canvases and art related items. I purchased the canvas and 4 extra easels locally. But all the items from Artworks came packaged without damage and made the project so much easier. It took us about 2 hours to complete but it was a lot of fun to see each painting-even if the pattern was the same, brush strokes and the amount of paint each used, created an individualized painting. I highly recommend using Artworks! Thanks, Ashley, for posting about the party.

  • AshleyAnn - Kyra – I am so thrilled you had a great experience!!! Thanks for coming back and sharing with me!

I kind of dropped a bomb with the announcement that I am ending SnapShops last week. As a result, my email has been a bit flooded…the best kind of emails and ones with lots of questions about why and how. In the last couple years, I have also been asked some version of “how do you do it all?” many times. No one does it all. I, certainly, do not. Instead of attempting (and most likely failing) to answer all the questions sent via email or in the comment section of this blog individually, I thought I would do a Q & A post. It has been a LONG time since I did the last one.

So, if you have a question for me…ask away in the comment section of this post. I am not guaranteeing I will answer every question, but I will answer some.

Ask about blogging, SnapShops, homeschooling, chickens, paint, whatever.

Questions like, “How do you take pictures of your boys in the mud without getting dirty?”

Well…photographer’s live risky lives…especially with little boys. I’ve gotten too close to mud fighting boys and have had my fair share of getting caught in the crossfire. The glamorous ‘other side’ of mud pictures with my boys.

7.15questions-01Random pictures….my days are random and structured and messy and organized. If that is even possible!

Ask away:)

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  • Mary - Ashley, I’ve enjoyed your photos and blog for several years now. You have a unique talent for sharing your family through your pics and words. Thank you!! My question – what time to you begin your day and when do you ‘crash’? (No matter what your answer is – I do not know how you are able to squeeze so much into 24 hours!!)

  • Sabine - Hi Ashley, first I wanna say thank you that you are so a inspiration person. Now my questions: a) where do you get your inspiration? B) What was the basic idea of ??an adoption and why from Foreign Countries?

    Big hug


  • Jessie - Hey Ashley! How do you end up getting so many great pics with you in them?! Do you teach your kids to use your DSLR or are these pics mainly with your phone? Would love to learn any tips to be a part of the portraits, since it’s so rare that I’m in any pics with my kids on a day to day basis. :) PS love your family and all you’re doing! We also a homeschool family (brand new at it!) are blessed to have a little one by adoption! Our sweet girl is from Hangzhou. :)

  • kassondra - Any tips on the business side of blogging/photography. You do quite a few guests post did you sea those out of did others randomly ask you. I recently started a YouTube channel and was looking for way to grow my audience.

  • Lindsey - No question here, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your your stories and photos. As a mother of two young boys myself (1 and 4) it’s always great to see reminders to “look for beauty in the chaos!” You’re awesome, and I love how positive you are about life in general!

  • AngelaS - Ashley, a couple of nights ago I dreamed I met you. :) I really enjoy your blog. I’m a self-taught ‘hobbiest’ photographer. I’ve been trying to figure out how to supplement our income while still being home with my kids. When I saw your announcement of stopping your snapshops I started to wonder if that’s something I could do. That is, could I teach other ladies how to use their cameras. I was thinking about emailing you and asking if you would give me some critical advice. What would you charge for critiquing my qualifications and photography talent? 😉 I guess I’m just trying to figure out if I qualify and how I’d decide a fair charge. Probably not easy to answer on your q&a. I was just thinking in-person lessons in using manual mode and composing basics. I’d love to take your class just to see what you do, but I don’t have the discretionary funds.

  • Ryan - Batman or Superman?

  • Beth - I need to go back and do some research because maybe you’ve answered this already. We are getting ready to do an epic roadtrip. Do you have a formula/philosophy/tip on how not to end up with 3,000 photos of “the kids in front of a famous thing?”

  • Amy Hyman - Amy Hyman – Hi Ashley
    I read your blog daily. You are an inspiration to me….being a mommy and in life in general. I found your blog one day about two years ago. I was researching information on Cleft lip/palate. Your blog popped up. My husband and I were in that long wait for our daughter from China. We had a few things on our medical checklist, but cleft lip and palate was one that scared me. One I didn’t think we could “handle.” I know shame on me! But one day for whatever reason, on a normal regular day this condition dropped in my heart….and wouldn’t go away! I know it was God. It’s amazing how God can do that sort of thing. I started doing more research on it and found your blog. And my heart completely changed. I knew after spending several nights reading your blog…..our daughter had cleft lip and palate. We updated our medical checklist and continued the wait. Our daughter came home last November. After 14 years of marriage, some infertility issues, a miscarriage, a lot of tears and prayers, we got our daughter and her baby brother was born in February this year (biological). I have realized God’s plans are truly so much more than we can ever think of or imagine. So thank you for sharing your life. You are part of our daughters story.

  • Tracy R. - Good Morning Ashley! Your blog is the perfect start to my day. My husband and I have always dreamed of learning how to use woodshop tools and create, as a hobby. I realize you have grown up with tools and learned your skills from your grandparents and father, but is there a way you would recommend starting the hobby as an adult? Any books, classes, sites tools to start with? Any recommendations for someone starting off? What was the first thing you made? I appreciate you!

  • Dawn - How did you come to start your blog? When did you realize that it had grown into such a wide audience? What visions do you have your blog/photography in the future? I have been so blessed by you, your blog and count it such a gift that I have been able to meet you in person. ? you

  • Laura J - Took your iPhone SnapShop class and loved it. Have you ever considered making it into a Craftsy class? It would still take time, but it seems like less time & more people could be exposed to your lovely photography thoughts. Love your blog. Thank you for sharing your life!

  • Angie - I took the snapshops course and I’m so glad I did! I just want to beg you to never stop blogging! You inspire me so much. My main question is this…how do you do the leap of faith thing so well? I’ve felt the very weighty calling to quit my job and home school my kids for several years now. I keep ignoring it because I love my job so much and like it or not, we are a two income family. I have started a very small photography business on the side and I know there are a lot of things I could live without if I didn’t work both jobs and focused more on the one that would allow me to put my kids first I’m just terrified to do that despite God’s provisions many times over. Can you tell me how you got so good at just closing your eyes and leaping? Love you and your family! Thanks for letting me share your journey via the interweb! 😀

  • Irene Da Costa - I adore your blog! And though I completely understand that it is impossible to do it all, I find that you seem to do enough (and more!) of everything that is important in raising a family. I have four boys, my first born with cleft lip and palate. We cherish our values and our relationship with our Heavenly Father, we love the outdoors, I find great joy in photography… I find that I have such a great connection and awe for you and how you raise your family. This may seem an odd question, but I would love to know what your daily schedule is like. I realize it may not be the same every day especially regarding home schooling, but that is where I find I need the most work. I cannot find the time to do all that I want to do for my family, and for myself. And so I would love to see a typical daily schedule of your family life. :) Thank you for your blog and for sharing your beautiful family with us. You are truly blessed and we readers are blessed sharing in your story.

  • heidi e. - I would LOVE some tips on how to be more intentional about teaching my kids about God and his word. We teach them with our lives and through conversations, but haven’t gotten down a good routine of being in the Word together. What resources do you use? Have you found that a structured plan works for you, or is it something that occurs more casually?

  • Heather - What are your go to photo apps on your phone? The ones you use all the time!

  • Lacy - Thanks for letting us ask Ashley! I have followed your blog for years and want to ask how do you have conversations with your kids when they see or hear things out in the world that may not be what you want them to see and hear? I have twin boys who are great, and we haven’t had many of these conversations, but as they get older I find myself wondering how in the world I’m going to teach them how to be good people when they go to school or camp and experience all kinds of things through other kid’s eyes.

  • Melanie - when is your next family vacation with the trailer??

  • risa west - I’ve been following along for years. You inspire me to be a better mom. We’ve been homeschooling our girl, almost 6, for a year now. I think we’re going to keep on it for a while. I would like to hear a little more on how you homeschool. I know we all do things differently but it’s fun to see and learn from others.

  • Monique - If you made a book list of recommended reading, what would it be? Motherhood, homeschooling, adoption, parenting, life… Anything really. What books have been instrumental for you?

    Also, I’d love a day in the life of the Campbell family post. You guys do life the way I want our family life to be (my kiddos are still preschool and younger), and I often wish I could be a fly on the wall of families I admire to see what they’ve learned and how they do it.

  • jenn - love that you are doing this
    i am sure that i have had a gillion questions that i would have loved to ask you at some point of another but am drawing a blank as of now (except with the one that i asked yesterday about your outdoor string lights, i have been looking for some and wondered where you got them and if you would recommend them? any the i like and find the reviews are bad)
    i love reading your blog and have been reading it for a while now. i think you were pregnant with firecracker when i first found your blog. thank you for your encouraging words and beautiful pictures. i wish i was in the position to talk your snapshots class, shoot there may not even be spots left. maybe you will offer it again sometime in a few years and i will be able to take it.

  • bethanyblntn - Hello, I have been fallowing for YEARS now and love everything your family is striving for and your “voice”.
    My husband and I are adopting from China in the next three years so we started teaching ourselves and our son Mandarin. I know you taught your boys Mandarin but did you us it once in the US with you youngest at first? I know she was really little still but did she understand better that way if you did?
    Xia Xia

  • Julie A - Hi Ashley! Love your blog!! Curious about a statement you made on a previous blog post…and maybe I read it wrong… but, I thought you said that your SnapShop courses had helped finance TWO international adoptions. I was curious if you all are adopting again, or if you helped with another family? Or maybe I just read it wrong. 😉 Thanks again for sharing your talents with all of us!

  • Steffany - Love your blog, long-time follower :) As a teacher, working full-time and aspiring writer, I am trying to figure out how to find time daily to write. I have two children, 3 and 6, and my husband just finished grad school. I have a blog and am also working on a novel. My questions are these: Do you schedule your blog posts ahead of time (meaning topics) or just whatever moves you when you sit down to write? How often do you write each week? Thanks so much for your insights and your inspiring words!

  • Cara Yeh - I have been a big fan of your blog for many years, and have kind of a funny question; has the blog given you “celebrity status” around town, and if so, how does it feel?

  • KIMBER - Have you updated your way of organizing photos since your last post a couple years ago? More to do in lightroom and tagging pictures in categories to easily access?

  • Kate - HI Ashley! I’d love to hear more specifics about how you homeschool. :) We are starting a little group this year with ages ranging from pre-k to 2nd grade. A mix between classical and charlotte mason approach. I thought I remembered you writing that you are a part of a group. Would you share more about how that works for you? How do you juggle the different ages when at home? Would you consider a post about your favorite resources? I love seeing what others use and enjoy and checking it out for my own family.

  • Raimie Harrison - Dear Ashley, I loved seeing the mark of how long I have followed you via this blog and IG by the fact I remember when you started Snapshops! :) You are such a sweet inspiration. I would love to hear a little about your system of organizing your to do lists, lesson plans, project timelines, goal setting, etc. I am doing a Make over your mornings course and planning for this next year of homeschooling so this is on my heart a lot right now. For the record I have always loved the way you prioritize your family.

  • Lexi - What does a typical school day look like for you? How do you juggle soany different grade levels?

  • Kimber C - ALSO how do you organize your videos both on the computer while you still want to work with them and also on your external hard drive? You can’t use lightroom right?

  • Delaney - I have been asking for a SnapShop as a gift for birthday/Christmas for a few years now, but my family has always gotten me something different. Since I can’t really afford the course this month because we are buying our first home right now, my question is: Are you going to offer the course in an abbreviated form where you can read about your photography tips, or watch videos/read tutorials on how to shoot in manual, or videos or tutorials on composition, etc. I would be interested in an e-class of some kind, even if I didn’t get feedback. Thanks!

  • Danielle - How do you make time for your marriage?

  • Erica - Did you ever get your ring pullups? :)

  • Meghan - It is so great to see you and your family savoring every day moments. My boys are almost grown and it seems their childhoods slipped away quickly. I enjoy seeing your little ones.I would really like to know details about your daily routine, including your commitment to exercise. How do you fit it in? Also, I’d love to hear about how your prioritize your marriage. Thanks!

  • Pam - Star Wars or Star Trek?

  • Kristin - I am so thankful for your blog and all the facets of your life you share. I have three boys 4, 3,11 months. We adopted our oldest two out of the foster system, our second just this spring. So your ministry to your friends who foster and the social workers they come into contact with made you instant gold in my book. I actually took your idea of the social worker gifts and gave them out to those I have come in contact with. I was curious about your how you approach the tougher moments/days with your kids. I understand this blog is just a glimpse into your life. A lovely glimpse, but just a glimpse nevertheless. However, you seem to have such a gift for motherhood. I would love to hear your wisdom on handling the harder days.

  • MC - Marvel or DC? Seriously, what are your oldest boy’s favorite books ever? What are yours?

  • Melissa - 1. Coffee or Tea?
    2. Favorite book you’ve read?
    3. Favorite place to go in OK?
    4. What did you do on your last date?
    5. What’s your next project to work on?
    6. Mexican or Chinese food?
    7. What’s inspiring you right now?
    8. Favorite homeschool subject?

    Thanks! Love your sweet blog!

  • Natalie - I’m so thankful for your blog and you sharing your life with us! Your blog is such an encouragement and inspiration to me. You are so talented with your writing, design style, and of course your photography skills! My question is: How did you decide the layout and plan of your garden and chicken coop? Any books or blogs you got inspiration and info from?

  • Debbie C - Hi Ashley! I love your blog, long-time follower here. So…my question is, do you have separate “dates” with each of your children regularly? If so, would you mind sharing some ideas of what you do with them?

  • Kellie - Hi,
    Can you please, please tell me where you found the great cards you use to help your daughter use sign language?? I am leaving in a couple months to bring home my three year old boy from China, who has a bilateral cleft and palate. (and extremely serious heart condition)I would love to have them to help us communicate. I looked all over the internet but could not find them. I would be super grateful if you could help him.
    He has made up his own sign language! Isn’t that awesome??
    Thank you, Ashley! :)

  • Kath - Hi Ashley, I’ve done your Snapshot course so I’m so glad I got in time! I wondered if you might share why you chose to homeschool if that’s not too personal? I think recently you said it has brought you unexpected joys and I’d love to know what they are. We have one young biological son, and another youngster coming from South Korea within the next year or two (potential special needs) so I am interested if any of your thoughts might lead me to consider it. Thanks so much, you are so clearly very lovely.

  • babs - ive always wondered if you are a good sleeper.how many hours of sleep to you get each night? do you require the children to have a rest time during the day? does chris have an active part in your home schooling? thanks for being my “friend”

  • April Smith - Can I come sit at your table and crack pecans this fall?

  • Amy D - Thank you for this opportunity! I wanted to ask… How do you make the time / organize your time so that you have time to sort the photos and keep up with the editing! That is the hardest part for me! I take lots of sweet photos thanks to your tips of capturing the beauty of really life, but keeping up with the other end of it is beyond me!

  • Amanda - I am very prepared to homeschool and would love to know what you’ve done whether it worked or not. My husbands major concern is that of being prepared for the college atmosphere. I’d love to hear about your homeschool journey.

  • Dana Horton - So, now that you’ve freed up some time, would you consider offering a wood shop class?!?! ? I’d be in! Lol! Love your sweet spirit! Thank you for sharing this blog. I ?? It!

  • Tiffany - Hello! My questions is this…Do you have any tips/tricks for getting your children to help around the house without bad attitudes? My oldest three are boys, who are the same age as your oldest three, and we struggle with “cheerfully helping”. :-) Also…I’m super excited to take your SnapShop class this fall! Can’t wait! I love your photography style!

  • Natalie - I’d love to hear more about your approach to homeschooling. We started last year, and we’re enjoying it a lot. I think there is commonly a tension between “freedom” and “enough” (are my kids learning enough, am I doing enough, etc)… Your kids seem to do freedom in the ways my heart desires most – freedom to explore outside, to dig deeper in the topics they love, etc… I know everyone does “school at home” differently, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Christy - No questions … Just gratitude … You have been such an inspiration especially on those days when juggling a large family and a business seem overwhelming. Thank you for reminding me daily of the preciousness of family time and to document that journey with photos, memories and creativity.

  • Lori - Hi Ashley – I want to know where your struggles are. You make it look so effortless – amazing family, crossfit workouts, crafts, time with extended family…. I guess it’s some version of ‘how do you do it all?’ But perhaps more on the side of what feels hard. Also do your kids ever argue? They seem to always play and love so nicely together! Thanks for the blog – reading about your life and seeing your beautiful photos are a highlight in my days.

  • Angela Ellsworth - Hi Ashley, What is your family night routine (times too) and what is your routine after your kids in bed? I’m wondering how you manage to write a blog post and edit daily pictures each day. Thanks!

  • Christie - How much do you edit your pictures? How do you know when a picture is “done”?

    For someone interested in getting into photography, would you recommend starting with a DLSR or a mirrorless camera?

    Are there any online photography courses and other resources you would recommend, since your course will no longer be available?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions :)

    I love seeing your beautiful photos and hope to someday be able to take photos like that myself.

    I wish you and your family all the best!

  • Kacy - What app do you use to make your photo grids that you post sometimes of all your instagram photos? Thanks for your help lovely! :)

  • Tammy - I have a few Asian dolls that I have collected over the years that need a new home. Most are fabric ( they are Rice Paddy dolls) but some are baby dolls.

    Would your daughter like them, or do you know of any organization that could use them?

  • susie - Can I see one photo of the front of your house? In all the years reading I don’t think I have ever seen a shot of the front of your house! I have been wanting to comment ever since you got your family photos taken to tell you that I am glad you don’t always have such perfect looking photos- with all the doilies and matching outfits- I probably would have quit reading long ago! But you have such great shots of every day happenings.

  • Christina - You mentioned traveling on a more global scale as your kids get older. Where would you go and what would you do and at what age do you think they are ready?

  • Laura - Hi Ashley!!

    I’m one of those who has asked you how do you do it all!!!

    hahaha, but seriously, how??? I guess my question is how do you organize your day to do so many things. (homeschooling, housekeeping, creativity, raising 5 children, business…)

    (I have some trouble with that, you know, it always seems to me i should have 54 hours a day to do all i have/need/want to do)

    Long-time follower, send you lots of love and hugs :)

  • Sandy C - Hey Ashley!
    My questions for you while reading your blog are:

    what are your current style (in the home) inspirations?

    If you could have a craft day, what would you want to make?

    Do you have any Oklahoma vacation blog posts you’re thinking about doing? Took one that you blogged about and had a great time!

    I know you work by the example your family gave you in regards to working with children and power tools but what safety tips, lessons, etc. would you have to share?

    I could go on, but that’s probably enough :)

    Will enjoy reading the Q & A post in the future!

  • Kelli - Hoping snapshots will have a printed how to version. I never did find a way to purchase the class, but am really looking for simple how to. My camera manual is a pain to try to read and understand. I always feel like I’m reading a legal document where I’m missing the vocabulary and therefore don’t understand what it’s trying to tell me.

  • hili - hi Ashley, will you have a reduced price for students who want to take the snapshop again ?