I have a favorite local nursery, one that is huge and airy and out in the country. There are several other nurseries around town, but this one is the one that calls my name. I look forward to our visit every spring. We usually go during the week when it is fairly empty because…well, crowds stress me out. Big, empty beautiful nurseries….happy place. I always bring my camera, it is too beautiful there to leave it at home!
4.15nursery-14.15nursery-34.15nursery-44.15nursery-64.15nursery-74.15nursery-8If you only saw those photos, you would think we had a picture perfect visit. We were supposed to be getting my Mother’s Day flowers. Let’s just say the trip got cut very short after I took those few photos and I ended up in the car with two boys. I was frustrated. They were in trouble. It was not a picture perfect day. It was quite the opposite.

The next morning we had a big family meeting on what it means to live unselfishly and show initiative.

Parenting is hard. Goodness, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, but being a parent is not picture perfect. We have ugly days in our house.Β  Days where selfishness seems to take root and causes destruction. Days that we are just so thankful come to a close and we get to start over in the morning.

I’m thankful for fresh starts.

Sweet moments with my youngest before not-so-sweet moments with her brothers. Beauty can be found even in the hard and frustrating. Pictures of flowers remind me of that today.


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  • Suzanne - What a perfect post today…. I just had several “tough” discussions with 2 of my 3 boys last night. I adore being a mom but gracious, let’s not equate adore with easy!!! I sometimes go to bed and think “I sure wish I could have a do over” and then I realize God gives me this each morning when I rise. This morning was a bit of a struggle as our “sweet” beagle decided she needed to bark at the deer running across our yard (they do this EVERY morning) and so I ran downstairs to throw,er, put her out. Whew – but I was up and ready to greet a new day. I smooched each of my boys and realized this is tough but I need to cherish and teach, every…..single….day! Thanks for sharing your heart too!

  • jenw - I would love to hear some of the content of the morning meeting. How did you explain to kids what it means to live unselfishly? We are struggling with that now too. It would be so much easier if we were able to model unselfishness perfectly, but alas we aren’t perfect. From one parent to another it’s always good to hear other’s ways of approaching a topic!

  • Paige E - Thanks so much for sharing the story behind the lens. It encourages me so much.

  • Sarah - I appreciate your honesty. (And your pictures.) :)

  • Danielle - Fresh starts are beautiful. Having one of those mornings here, it is so nice to feel like you are not alone. My oldest and I are so alike I feel like some days all we do is but heads. I told my husband the other day, I really need a mom’s night out but I don’t want to leave you! Oh wait, a date! I want to go on a date! Ha!

  • Jenn - thank you so much for this post
    i needed this
    parenting is hard but so worth it
    i needed to read this after my day yesterday with my two where i couldn’t get over the attitudes they were having after trying to have a special day with them. thank you

  • amber - This weekend I banned the game “bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish” from the car. Not my finest moment nor the finest moment of my oldest 2. I, too, am grateful for fresh starts. Thanks for sharing this…& so glad you caught beautiful moments too. Ugh. Kids.

  • Candice Forte - Love this, Ashley! Everything. So very true!

  • Sandy - I must admit I so needed you to post this. You have five. I just have two, and I am finding things hard right now. I glimpse (that’s all I need) at all of your world is very encouraging.

  • Emily | Gather & Dine - Thank you for reminding me that pictures tell stories, but sometimes not the whole story. It’s so easy to get caught up in blogs and instagram thinking that everyone else is living a perfect life. Praise God for the hard times that remind us that we need Him.

  • Tara S - Thank you for this! You have 5 and I applaud you for everything you accomplish with them. You are amazing. I have 2 (5 and 3 yrs old). Lately, it seems like I have more hard days than good with them. I’m learning to be more patient, I’m learning to stay calm in tough situation. But its hard. I’ve always wanted more kids. 3 or 4. It’s a constant conversation with my husband. On the good days, I can totally picture another baby in the mix. On the bad days, I doubt I can handle anymore than I already have. And that makes me sad. I need to focus on the good. I am thankful for fresh starts.

  • Kim B. - Bless you for sharing the difficulties along with the beauty.

  • Allison - I see beauty in your pictures and in the stories and your life that you share here on your blog. It’s frustrating when one of your best anticipated moments that should be peaceful ends up quite the opposite. I love that we can all relate here and take comfort and inspiration even in the struggles. I want to visit this nursery!

  • krista - beautifully true! thanks for sharing

  • Trinity - Today on my timehop, a conversation with one of my girls was on there from several years ago. I had asked her if she could ask God one question what would it be. She said she would ask why he makes us go through hard times. I asked her what she thought his answer would be and she replied, “I think he would say ‘to make me shine a little brighter.'” What a beautiful thought from a then 9 year old. I love your constant reminders to cherish every moment and to see beauty in each situation.

  • Madison - Thank you for this honesty. It really is hard. I don’t know if us mamas say it to each other enough. “Hey, this is hard. Do you know what you’re doing? Because I totally don’t.” Love it, friend!

  • Jen - Thank you for this post. So many times I read your blog and feel like your everything is perfect. This reminds me that you share the wonders and the struggles of parenting with the rest of us. Thank you again!~

  • Hili - The photos are just lovely . Do you edit them at all or are they straight out of the camera like that ? The look so consistent as if they aren’t edited , and I’m wondering if it’s just nailing the exposure …

  • Katygirl - God probably knew I needed to read this exact blog post & that’s why I remembered the forgotten IG posts. πŸ˜‰

My little sister is months away from welcoming the newest addition to her family. I love seeing her as a mom. Watching from a close distance as she shares her passions and talents with her girls is quite beautiful. My mom said I was a proud big sister the day Lesley was born. I’m still so proud of her.

I was a little giddy when they decided they wanted to find out the gender this time. When I was having babies, Gender Reveal Parties weren’t a thing. I so hoped my sister would be up for doing something fun to share their exciting news with friends and family. Thankfully, they were up for letting me help them come up with something.

I’ve never been to a gender reveal party, so I did some Pinterest searches for ideas. I found one for a hanging box, similar to a pinata…perfect.

They have two adorable girls.

Now they are having a……

4.15reveal-12aI couldn’t find a tutorial for how to make the box, so I winged it a couple hours before the party (it was the day she found out). I thought I would go ahead and share how I made it…in case someone else needs some ideas for to do something similar too.

I knew I wanted to make a ‘trap door’ on the side (which would become the bottom), so I taped up the bottom of the box. Before taping the top, I punched a hole in each corner. Next, I pulled a string through the holes and combined them in a knot on top (to hang from a rope on a tree). After the string was done, I taped the top of the box.

4.15reveal-1Next, I cut my trap door. I cut three sides and scored the fourth side. If I were doing this again, I would cut the door about two inches from the side of the box. I cut it a little too close to the edges. It made taping the box shut harder.4.15reveal-3I filled the box with balloons and cut confetti.4.15reveal-5I punched two holes in the ‘trap door’ and thread ribbon through it. Later, I learned that I should have used a much strong rope or doubled the ribbon. After filling the box, I taped the ‘trap door’ shut with washi tape. I was going to use masking tape, but somewhere in the process I misplaced it. Washi tape worked great because it held the box shot, but isn’t super strong.4.15reveal-6Finally, I wrapped the box in paper. I extended the paper some on the bottom edge so when it was hanging everyone wouldn’t be able to see the box label. I added ribbon to help cover the box some and finished it off by painting a little on the paper. There are so many ways you could make this extra cute…but if you only have a couple hours to gather your supplies and make it, this works pretty well.4.15reveal-84.15reveal-9Everyone gathered around anxiously waiting to see what would fall from the box. The girls tugged on the ribbon and POP. It broke. DIY fail. Use a strong rope or at least not curling ribbon!4.15reveal-10Thankfully, Eric is tall and could just reach up and open the trap door….it’s a BOY!!!4.15reveal-12My youngest niece has been adamant that the baby was a girl. She took the surprise that she’ll have a baby brother pretty well. Cutie.4.15reveal-144.15reveal-154.15reveal-16We’re all excited for a new little one around here. On my side of the family it was my three boys for so long. Then all the sudden they were outnumbered with four girls. Now my parents will have 4 grandsons and 4 granddaughters. My dad has already called for a tie breaker….hear that Lesley?

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  • Southern Gal - Congratulations to your sister and her family! And you, too.
    The breaking ribbon on the box makes for great memories. They will always remember how you took the time to make the box and how fun it was to reveal the sex of their precious baby. Good job, Aunt Ashley!

  • Southern Gal - I forgot to say my sister and I had a girl each until my son was born. My daddy thought boys were not possible for our family. Now he sits at 4 granddaughters, 4 grandsons, 4 great-granddaughters and 2 great-grandsons. He never called for a tie-breaker. πŸ˜‰

  • Katie - How exciting to be having a little boy!!! We left our first baby a surprise until delivery (we didn’t even know!), and it was SO much fun to find out right after he came out! This time around, we’re doing the exact same thing. We’ve got a boy and girl name picked out… but all the grandparents are hoping for a girl, since they only have grand-boys so far! :-)

  • Susan - Thank you for this tutorial. I saw this on IG yesterday and wondered how it was made because it is so cute!! My kids will love this when we find out the gender for our baby.

  • Tessa - How fun! We have 4 boys and 4 girls as grandchildren on my side of the family too, however that is between me and my 2 sisters (3 families!). We have 4 of the 8, 2 boys and 2 girls. My mom calls them her “Crazy 8″. My youngest sister may have another, or a “tie breaker” … we’ll see … congrats to your sister and her family!

  • Michelle @ life to table - congratulations!! so happy for your whole, beautiful, big family :)

  • Emily | Gather & Dine - This is such an adorable idea! Wish I knew someone I could throw a gender reveal party for!

  • suzy - That is a terrific idea! Congratulations to your family. I wonder who will produce the tie breaker?

  • christina larsen - Congrats on your new nephew!

  • kelli - Congratulation! That is so wonderful! I’m so happy for all of you, what a sweet blessing from God! I love the pinata idea! So cute! I am so NOT the gender-reveal party kind of girl, but you are making me wish I was. Ha!

  • Debbie C - This is awesome, what a fun idea! A friend of mine is having a gender reveal party this weekend, they weren’t planning to do it until we mentioned the idea to them! ;D They are going the cake route (secretly colored filling that reveals the gender when the cake is cut). But I love the pinata idea.

  • Jenny B. - Oh, YAY!!! I’m so happy for Lesley! :) :) :) I think I must have missed her announcing it on her blog (or maybe she hasn’t yet?). I don’t keep up with Instagram, so I may just be out of the loop. :) Anyway, super cute reveal and congrats on becoming an aunt again!!

  • Samantha - I find it kinda funny that the younger neice was insistent that it’s a girl.

    I know a little girl who already has a little sister, and was, under no circumstances having another one. Lo and behold, mommy is having another girl! But she’s quit okay with it… Although I’m sure she still wants that little brother.

    Congrats to your sister and brother-in-law!!!

  • michele - Thank you for posting the tutorial. I saw this cute picture on your sister’s instagram and I was wondering how it all came together. You are so thoughtful to post this. Congratulations on your new nephew. My first grandson was born yesterday and we are beyond joyful.

  • Brandi - This is so sweet! I had wanted to do something like this when we found out last time, especially since our kids were older and so excited about it, but I was just too excited and didn’t take the time–wish I had a big sister to do this for me :) Congrats to your family!

  • amber - That’s so cute! Love all that floating blue confetti:). So fun! I am the oldest in my family, having only a younger sister. She is also expecting her 3rd baby, coming this October. Between the 2 of us, we now have 5 boys. Crazy. And it leaves us all hoping for pink over here! Especially my parents. Excited for your family & congrats to your sis & brother in law! Boys are so fun. And crazy. But she probably already knows that;).

4.15origrami-1aI’m not sure I can actually call this a DIY project, but I did it myself…so we’ll go with it. I got a new set of prints from Origrami and was trying to think of a simple way to display them & change them out (other than some form of hanging them). There are so many cute photo holder tutorials online. I originally planned on making one I saw, but then I spotted these place cards at Target. I’m all about fast and simple these days.4.15origrami-2


The place cards were $4.00 for a set of four. I figured I could use them to hold pictures until I am ready for a change and then I’ll have cute chalkboard signs for something else someday! They were in the party section…near gift bags and party decorations.

4.15origrami-4Again…easiest DIY ever. I just used washi tape to tape the prints to the place cards. The Origrami prints are a thicker paper, so they hold really well and I can change them out just as quickly. Easy. Easy. Easy. Also, I just put a little deer on one because…why not?

4.15origrami-5Β 4.15origrami-7And to make things even easier for 5 of you…how about a giveaway for your own pack of squareprints?!


Here are the details of the giveaway:

5 winners chosen at random

1 set of squareprints from Origrami (1 set per winner)

Giveaway ends Monday, April 27, 2015 9:00pm US Central


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  • Heather - Who doesn’t love easy DIY? Looks good to me!

  • Maureen - The first comment will never win but I am trying anyway! Super cute idea. Love the deer and the pics.

  • Susan - Very cute DIY! And I love that it is easy!

  • Dani M. - Cute, easy, and fun!

  • Katie - What a simple and cute way to display these pictures.

  • Southern Gal - I’m all about simple, too. This is such a cute idea.

  • b - Super simple, super cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Tanya - I love easy, cute, and giveaways! Thanks. :-)

  • Abbye Cornwell - so cute! Always love a new idea to display pictures!

  • Tina - Would love some prints – thank you!

  • sam - Winning these would be wonderful, I keep putting off getting prints and need to do so badly. My frame display is woefully out of date.

  • Katie - Love it! Great way to display Instagrams.

  • Alissa - The best DIY projects are fast and easy :-) So cute!

  • Suzannr - I so love DIY’s that I can start and finish in one day. What a sense of accomplishment amidst the mounds of baseball clothes that are forever soaking, being washed, dried, and put on again….. Can’t wait to try this.

  • Colleen - Cute idea! Love a simple DIY!

  • Leah - Super cute!

  • Christina - So cute. And I love that print case. Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Ginna - Oh so cute! I’m heading to Target today and am going to look for those place cards. Thanks!

  • Lydia - So cute! I love anything square

  • Candy - Thanks for the great giveaway. Yea for easy DIY projects.

  • La Godiche - I love how your DIY are simple but beautiful !
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  • Cheyenna - simple and adorable!

  • babs - the little deer is a perfect addition.

  • Caylin - Such a cute and easy idea! Thank you!

  • Kelley - I always enjoy your DIY projects! And this is one I can actually do too!

  • Jessica - Love this!

  • Caylin - Such a cute and easy idea! Thank you.

  • Angela - Adorable!

  • Tracey O - Simple = sophisticated in my book. Please pick me!

  • Stephanie - Super cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Tina M. - What a cute idea!!!

  • Jennifer - Finally a company more closer to home. I can’t believe how fast little one has grown.

  • Heather - This is my type of DIY – great idea!

  • Jess - Love these. Pick me!! :)

  • Katey Walton - Neat, quick project! I’m all about quick and quirky these days.

  • Kristina D. - Love ????

  • Meghan Collins - Love these!!!

  • Annemieke - So cute and so so simple. Love it and love those prints too!

  • Chelsea - so cute! Fun company!

  • tricia - love all you do an especially adorable super fast ideas for busy mommas!

  • Susan - Love the look of these prints and I can see my boys putting Lego guys on the photo stand. Great idea!

  • AndreaB - OMG these are too cute – and so easy. Genius I tell you!

  • Shelby B - I love origrami!!! And those stands are too cute!

  • Kate - So cute!!

  • Sandra Cole - Great photos! The box they come in is great :)

  • Olya - Simple is best!! Hope I win lol

  • Joan j - Super cute! And I love square prints.

  • Kristin - Cute picture stands! I would love to get a set of their square pictures!

  • Keri - These are so cute! I would love some Origrami prints of my own!

  • Conni Marleau - You are always coming up with such cute ideas!! I have ‘cough cough’ stolen quite a few — this is on my list!! Love it.

  • Sadie - I love this super simple idea! How cute! Our nearest Target is about an hour away and I never find this cute of stuff! I need to go more often!

  • Sarah - easy peasy DIYs are the BEST!!!

  • Amy M - What a cute idea!

  • Bev - I love this idea-and a new company to try out! I’ve been needing to get some pic of Brice and Steph’s wedding printed so I could display them around the house-I think I’ll give them a try.

  • Gale - Thank you for the chance. Love the photo stands!!

  • P Koziol - I have tried Chatbooks, but would love to have Origrami prints as well!

  • Kayla - I’d love to win this! :)

  • Ellen - I love Origrami and have a growing photo wall with their prints… it’s almost time for another batch! I may have to save a few for this project – very cute.

  • Whitney - cute, cute, cute!!

  • Rebekah - I love Origrami!!!

  • Sarah Z - What a cute idea? I’m curious what you do with the prints when you are done with them? I know some of them may go on your wall o’ pictures, but do you put the other ones in albums?

  • Ashley E - What a cute idea!

  • Sarah Z - Whoops….I meant to say:
    What a cute idea! It wasn’t a question :-)

  • Correne Johnson - I love this idea and Origrami prints!

  • Jill Stansell - I LOVE your blog! It is such an inspiring site for photography and I love you DIY suggestions too.

  • TLL - Beautiful!!

  • Colleen from Alabama - My son would LOVE that deer on then little stand! I may just have to do that for some pictured in his room!

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  • Allison - How cute and simple…running to Target after work!

  • Kathi S - That’s my kind of DIY!!! Thanks! (And congrats on the new-nephew-to-be!!!)

  • Heidi - SO great! Love to finally have a reason to buy the new super cute Target stuff that I’ve been eyeing…

  • Caitlin E - this would be just (picture) perfect πŸ˜‰

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  • amber farnham - I love it!

  • Tara S - Love everything about this!!

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  • Mel - I love that you print photos, that is something I need to improve on!

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  • Katie P - I love Origrami prints! What a cute way to display them!!

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  • Kate B - Love it! And excited to learn about Origrami – love the prints and packaging! Thank you for sharing!

  • Cara - Very cute! I love my Origrami prints…I really need to order more!

  • Kristi K. - Thanks for the Origrami tip. Spent 15 minutes to upload my Instagram Hawaii trip. So glad that I geotagged them… I can’t wait to get mine in the mail. They have lots of other cool options, too, so I’d love to win. Fingers crossed :)

  • Tara - I have been wanting to try origrami and this diy is perfect! Thanks, as always, for a delightful post.

  • Erin - I love simple DIY projects – good thinking!

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  • Katy C - A great DIY project! I love that you added the deer!

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  • Michelle @ life to table - the best DIY are the easiest ones!…for me anyway :)
    love that pic of you and little one- such a special moment.
    thank you for the generous giveaway

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  • Carol Paxman - Although my pictures are no where near as good as yours, I still love to display them and see the smiling faces of all the people I love!

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    Thank you for the opportunity to win a set of prints. Would be nice to have for my new granddaughter photos!

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    Love your blog

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  • Hayley - No DIY is too small to share – never know who you’ll inspire. I just DIYed a wall photo holder and have no photos to pin to it yet. Squareprints would be perf!

  • Amy - Great idea! Can’t go wrong showing off your wonderful photos. Thanks for the giveaway. I’m always looking for new photo printing sites. :)

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  • Arlene - Easy-peasy DIY. The best kind there is! Thanks for sharing.

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    Would love a pack :)

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  • candace - I love origami! I am waiting on a package from them right now! Their packaging is what sold me at first, but the quality is also great.

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  • Jackie - That is such a cute idea!!

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  • Kathy - These are adorable!

  • Gracie - Hi! This is SO cool! I really need to print out my pictures! I’m doing the snapshop workshop and Mrs. Campbell has REALLY helped me improve my skills already! I need to print the pictures I’ve taken throughout the course!

  • Melanie Gillen - These are adorable! I love the simplicity!

  • Rachel B - I have to get my phone pictures printed….I am missing out on great shots!

  • Teresa Young - you always capture such wonderful and beautiful moments. what a great way to show them off!

  • Jude - would love to win this! :)

  • Deb @ PaperTurtle - Adorable photo holders! And thanks for the chance to win free prints. :o)

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  • Jenny G - I would LOVE to try something like this. I love taking pictures, but have a hard time picking ones to print. If I could change them out, I’d be able to print all of the ones I love.
    I’m totally making these soon.

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  • Heidi - I would love these! I’ve been planning to do a photo ‘clothesline’ on my very blank walls :-)

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  • Aj - I love to read what you are making!

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  • AshleyAnn - Jen – I have some from Cutetape.com, SomiTape (visited there while in China) and a bunch gifted to me from thoughtful friends!

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