Biggest Brother got his wish for a father/son campout party with friends over the weekend. Girls were allowed for hotdogs, but we had to leave after dinner. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, so our family spent most of the day at the campgrounds. The fact that he asked for a campout party is such a reflection of our family…his first camping trip was when he was just a couple of months old. His father is an Eagle Scout afterall.

Tearing into an apple…I really do feed him more than once a day.

I forgot to bring Littlest Brother’s food, so he ate sticks. I really did forget his food…he ate an enriched processed Walmart hot dog bun….no sippie cup, no bottle. The stick is probably better for him than the bun was!

Just keeping it real for you folks.

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  • Shanalea - Where did you guys camp?

  • Jeannette Swan - Great pics! Even though we aren’t proud of what we feed the kids at times, at least we feed them!!

  • Melissa - This looks like so much fun. I really need to take my boys out for a camping trip… think I’ll start with the backyard though. Great job on the colorful pics. Love them!

  • Sarah (CJ's Mom) - So stinkin cute! How fun!!

My “niece” is just a bit over 9 months, so it was time for her to come over for me to get a few new pics of her.

Chris was watching me download these pictures…to say he is ready for a daughter would be a huge understatement. Biggest Brother prayed last night that “the seeds we planted in the little dirt things would grow to be flowers with lots of different colors.” He told me we need lots of flowers for our baby girl because that would be “really cute in pictures. Buildings downtown aren’t very cute.”

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  • melanie - How precious is Afton!!! Can’t wait to see her soon. She has grown so much!

  • Lars and Jenn - Ashley, these are soooo cute… We can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you again for taking such incredible and special pictures. We feel truly blessed to have you as a friend and Afton is such a lucky girl to have you as an aunt.

  • bopha - Jenn, I love her, she is so adorable. I particularly like all the wardrobe changes, what cute pink boots! And Ashley, Corbett is right you need to start growing some backgrounds for that lucky little girl!

  • meg duerksen - can i go shopping with that baby?! she has THE CUTEST clothes!!!
    these are so cute ashley…show us the others you have please. :) surely there are more!

    she is like a real live doll…precious.

  • Sara - Adorable baby and definitely Love the composition and lighting in these images. Isn’t it every photographer’s dream to have their kids start visualizing and planning photo sessions on their own? So fun!

  • Rachel - To quote my friend, Simon Cowell …. “Brilliant!”

  • Courtney Connelly - Wonderful pictures! And as always, Afton is oh so stylish with super cute clothes! Jenn and Lars, she is beautiful.

  • Laura - Afton is beautiful. You should be proud!

  • Jeannette Swan - Simply Beautiful!

  • Sarah (CJ's Mom) - What a sassy lady! She is adorable-great pictures!!

  • Lauren Roberts - She is too cute! I love her little dresses too!

  • georgia davis - She is beaurtiful! What a adorable outfit. We are big fans of bows and hats around here too.

  • Stephanie - PRECIOUS!!!! These made me smile so BIG!

  • Melissa - Afton is growing so much… just adorable. I wish I could see the rest. We miss you guys.

Can you believe it is going to be in the 70s and 80s for a few days! This weather makes me feel so happy.

The boys are in shorts and t-shirts and that makes me smile!

I am always in search of ways to accomplish what I want to do while giving the boys a chance to have fun and learn something too. Last year we did a trial run of 6 little Jiffy pellet seed starters (not sure if that is the technical name – you find them at Lowe’s, Walmart, etc.). The seeds flourished into beautiful flowers for our front flower bed. So this year I upped it to 216 pellets – why do it small? I spent $34.00 and will have 216 annuals and perennials in a couple of weeks. The boys get to learn about how plants grow and we are having fun each day checking out how things are changing.

Here the boys are starting out. You can actually just fill the bins with water then pour out excess, but if you give your kids medicine droppers it will take A LOT LONGER…which is great with preschoolers!

One of the first plants to really start growing are the Sunflowers (they are for the back vegetable garden). They will grow to be 12 feet tall. I think it is so interesting that the roots grow down and pop the seeds up. FUN FUN FUN.

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  • Lesley - great pics, I’m excited to see the sunflowers grow!! Do you know what next week is!?

  • AshleyAnn - Next week is my first SnapShop, Philbrook family day, other than that – nope I don’t know. What is next week?

  • Nicole Ahrens (Donathan) - I love this idea! I have been wanting to do some spring planting and get the kids involved, so I think I’ll try this! You are so creative and I love seeing all the neat things you do with your kiddos!