In a family of 6, everyone has to do their part.

We are teaching Biggest Brother to give Littlest Brother a bath….

Unrelated, but I finally got some cute ones of Baby Sister with her eyes open. She was happy, wide eyed and I put on several hair accessories:)I know the first two are basically the same, but I just couldn’t decide which I liked better…809beyes-01809beyes-03

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  • Kerry L. - I wonder will Big Brother learn to give Baby sister a bath later on too? :D Baby Sister has amazing eyes…Dark swirling into sapphire blue…&i love both of her hair accessories ;)

  • Trinity - Hey that looks like the way we pitch in to help each other at our house! So funny!

  • bopha - She is soooo cute and I love the hat! Do they make those for boys minus the flower?

  • Jeannette Swan - Helpful Big Brother and Beautiful little sister!!

  • Emily Beaty - LOL – your boys are so cute and know how to have a good time! Baby Sister is just precious!!! She is gorgeous and I love that hair accessories!

  • sheridan - I love the all boy photos then that precious baby girl…I love the last one especially! She is locked and focus on her Mama ohh I love that phase where they just follow you w/ their eyes so intently-man nothing like it!

  • Jo - I love baby sister’s eyes, she is soooo beautiful!! :) I think she looks a lot like you Ashley!

  • PamperingBeki - Love that bath! :)

    I like the one with the white flower best. I make hair flowers, so I’m always partial to those.

  • rachel - Your boys are adorable, but your daughter is so CUTE! She looks so much like you!! You have such a nice looking family!!

  • Jesse - So precious. I usually love sleeping baby pics, but have to say that these are wonderful. Love those bright eyes.

  • Liz - She is such a doll. How is Big Brother doing with kindergarten? My youngest started kindergarten last week and I miss her so much! Not that I don’t miss Big Sister too but for the last five years I have always had the little one with me! It is a big adjustment!

  • Rachel - Great pics! Beautiful eyes! How fun to play dress up!

  • Yvonne Jacobson - she’s beautiful!!!!

  • candace - she is beautiful! where did you find the darling headband and beanie?

  • amanda torres - I love, love, love Littlest Brother’s tummy. Covering up that pouchiness should be a crime! He is so adorable. As for the accessories…you know I’m proud!

  • Sara - I love all the cute hats and bows you have for your daughter where do you find them?
    She is a doll!!

  • Lisa - Ok, you must spill the beans on where you got that crochet hat. I’m drooling over it!

  • Kenna S - She is absolutely beautiful! I know that you’re so very proud of her. She is going to be one tough little girl with all of those brothers!

If you are anything like me and enjoy making things, but don’t always have the time to think of new projects…here are some fun ways to get a little help in that creative process.

Rachel and Elsie’s Autumn Craft Class

I would LOVE to do this class, but I have a project in the works right now that includes posting what I make online…I doubt they want me to post all their ideas online:)Maybe the next class!


One Pretty Thing

This is like a blog database of all the creative projects online…so many ideas are posted daily…can be overwhelming!


Design*Sponge > DIY projects

I basically love all these ideas…more are posted every Wednesday.


So pick a project for the weekend and have fun making and creating!

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  • Lacy - Thanks for sharing these links! Not like I need *even more* crafty projects to try–I so desperately need to finish all the works-in-progress right now. But it is always fun to look and gather ideas.

    I just love your blog so much! It is always inspiring and encouraging. :) One of my faves.

    Thanks for sharing your life!

  • rachel denbow - Eeeek! Thanks for the shout out!

    And…send me your mailing address. Why didn’t I think of that before!

  • evie s. - Online craft class? What a great idea!

  • Cath - I love Oneprettything, I go there every day xD I also love and, they’re also good inspirations for crafty people!

Remember this post – I was mourning the end of a “hole-y jean era” and baffled by a really girly tutu. Well, I was guessing she was about big enough for the tutu, so before we headed over to my grandpa’s house we tested it out. SPEECHLESS again. I wish I had a picture of my grandpa’s face when we rounded the corner with her dressed in this. It was priceless. My grandma would have loved to see her in it too. I just kept laughing – this is so out of my element!


I think our faces say it all….



Her cheeks grow in awesomeness every day…the jeans are hanging like artwork in Littlest Brother’s room.


After we got the tutu on her we wanted to see the boy’s reactions:

Biggest Brother: smiled and said she looked “very pretty”


Littlest Brother: kept bringing it back to us after we took it off her, he wanted it back on her

Thanks Angie for the gift and Holly for making it:)

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  • Sarah - This post just made me smile. I love it!

  • amanda torres - And now it all begins…

  • Heather Stauffer - YOU DID IT :) I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • rachel - So adorable…and I love the look on your faces! My daughter has a tutu just like that (She has had it since she was 1 and it still fits her; she is 3 now) but my son who is 18 months loves to wear it, I think he likes us to laugh at him….enjoy your sweet little girl!! Oh and about the holy jeans, I had my girl first, so I wasn’t used to having holes in her clothes. Once my son started walking at 9 months I noticed holes in his jeans and since I had never had a boy I kept asking all of my friends, is this normal….now I know the answer!! I love reading your blog!! Thank you!

  • Lisa - oh my gosh that is the sweetest thing. she looks so adorable I can’t stand it! the 2nd picture made me laugh out loud!! so funny and cute!!

  • Emily Beaty - LOVE the tutu! I love the jeans artwork, too! Your style is so fun!

  • Ashley Rose - I recently found your blog and i just adore it.
    I swear your children are the cutest ever!!!! they actually make me want kids, which NEVER happens :) your photos are beautiful!!!

  • Georgia Davis - No turning back now! Bring on the BIG bows!!

  • AshleyAnn - Whoa girls…slow down. I did one big bow because it came with the tutu :)

  • Juliann Brenner - you might be surprised…perhaps she WILL crawl around in the dirt in those jeans. :-)

  • Carla - i loooove the tutu!! especially with those chubby legs! i am definitely pro tutu wearing, and agree with littlest brother :)

  • christina larsen - She looks precious.

  • melanie - I LOVE IT!!

  • Carrie - ADORABLE!

  • Mandy Metcalf - Oh my goodness! I LOVE it! You’ve got me chuckling this morning! The expression on your faces definitely say it all but it’s really a classic picture. So great.

  • amy stamm - precious!!! where did you get that?? love love love it!!!!

  • meg duerksen - that first picture is sooo cute.

  • Melissa - Adorable! I love it!

  • Kenna S - Now that’s my kind of girl! I love, love, love it! Kate has 3 tutus and a Miss January onesie. You’ll learn to embrace the bows and tutus!

  • Serena - I love it!! Tutu’s are soooo much fun!

  • Holly - Texas Girls = BIG HAIR, BIG BOWS, & BIG TUTUS. She looks like she would fit right in down here. Love it!

  • Angie Brooks - Adorable!!! I love it!

  • pamela - So cute! I have that ABCs print from Sycamore Press too!! I absolutely love their stuff.