Photo Above: ISO 100; Shutter Speed 13 seconds; f/11, 24mm; ON A TRIPOD

I hope you all enjoy Independence Day celebrations tomorrow. I thought I’d share a few tips for capturing fireworks:

1. You MUST use a tripod (or set your camera on something stable). This is the one time a year I use my tripod:)

2. Get everything set up before the fireworks start: find a great location without people blocking your camera, know where your timer is on your camera, make sure you have lots of memory and battery, you might also need a small flashlight to help you see your camera

3. Turn off your flash

4. Keep ISO as low as possible

5. Shutter speed will be slow…5-15 seconds depending on what you want. On the photo above I wanted to see the bridge, so my shutter speed was slow. If you want to freeze more movement, the shutter will be faster.

6. Play around with your shutter speed during the show, but once you find a setting you like remember it so you can use it for the finale

7. If you shoot right after the sun goes down you’ll get a vivid blue sky…like the shot above

***If you are using a point and shoot or don’t know how to change settings on your dslr, look for a “fireworks” setting on your camera. You can also play with the Tv mode, making the number smaller…

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  • kim whitten - Great tips!
    Especially to capture the blue sky. :)
    Happy Fourth.

  • Emily Beaty - That’s beautiful!!!

  • melissa stover - great tips. love that photo and all your other photos here.

  • Sara - Great tips!!! I hated how all my firework pictures turned out. Loved most of the fun sparkler pictures, though. I’ll try again at the next holiday using your tips.


I returned home from swimming with the boys…another attempt to induce labor. Bummer the baby didn’t come, but fun to come home and see my bed featured on design*sponge. I’m a big fan of all the creative genius over there, so I consider it an honor to be featured there…fun stuff.

go check out design*sponge, but plan on spending a lot of time there…so much great stuff

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  • Lisa - Oh my goodness! That is awesome! I love that blog. The bed truly is amazing. It deserves all of the attention it gets :-)

  • Melissa Shepard - I’ve been seeing your stuff popping up on at least three of my favorite blogs, congratulations! You are so gifted and creative, keep it up!

  • Chrissy - I think that you are a creative genius… I’m new to this blog world and found yours and I love you decor and photography!!!!! Thanks for sharing your life. Maybe someday I will figure out how to make a blog myself:)
    Many blessings… with your family and your new arrival soon!

  • evie s. - Wonderful project and such a bright and lively room! Saw this on DS* today, but my friend Natasha has sent me links to your blog before. You do great work! Congrats on the baby girl!

  • Cristina - I so feel your pregnancy pain… My third pregnancy went over by almost 2 weeks (and that was AFTER we moved the date forward — TWICE!).

    At the end, I tried everything (except for the nasty and questionable ways) to induce my labor. Nothing seemed to work. My midwife finally OK’d maternal acupressure, since it’s safe and non-invasive. You might want to give it a try…

    This is the book I used:

    All the best and congratulations on running such a successful photography blog… What an entrepreneurial spirit you have!

  • Cagney - The bedroom is gorgeous! I would love to know more about the piece that you have hung from the ceiling. My daughter bought a bunch of chinese lanterns, wanting to do SOMETHING with them. We haven’t figured out how to make them look great. What did you do here? Is it a light fixture as well? Great job!!

  • rachel denbow - Saw this late tonight and was SO proud! Well deserved attention on a gorgeous room. GORGEOUS!

For the record the baby isn’t due until the middle of this month…however, I was done being pregnant about a month ago (probably more like 8 months ago). I tried just about everything in the Oklahoma heat wave, well everything active to get to meet her a little early. I think I’ll spend next week laying down eating chocolate and let the boys live on snacks and tv – maybe that will get me to a hospital.

We headed out to BlueBell’s Taste of Summer – it was nearly 100 degrees when we arrived at 9:00am. I think the boys liked the trolley as much as the ice cream.

The first round of popsicles

My second bowl. I would have ate so much more, but once I sat down I couldn’t get back up to get in line again.

I asked the plant manager how many scoops of ice cream it takes to put a woman into labor – he just laughed at me. His wife was 9 months pregnant 4 times too.

Later that evening I chased the boys with my camera at a splash park. That didn’t work either. Our youngest loves splash parks as much as his brothers.

A pool date with my oldest. Upon entering the pool I did have the thought, “What happens if my water breaks while I am swimming? Would I know? If I did know, would I tell the lifeguard or just sneak out.” I probably would have told and then would have been remembered as the lady who they had to close the pool down because she contaminated the water. That didn’t happen either. (these pics taken with my point & shoot – and underwater casing)

We saw the boys’ cousins there….my boy being flipped by his uncle.

Underwater with his cousin. The water was real cloudy from chemicals.

I’m off to find a Hershey bar and a good chick flick…and a babysitter to chase the boys

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  • keely steger - Ugh. Pregnant in the Oklahoma heat. Not a good combo- but not much longer! Hope and pray your sweet girl comes soon!

  • amanda torres - I am cracking up because I remember the post when you were 9 months preggo with Rett. How funny! I can’t even imagine how ready you are!

  • Kari - Go outside this evening and shoot hoops for 2 hours! :) It worked for me ~ I guessed I almost bounced her out myself, as I was dilated to a 7 when I got to the hospital that night. She was even 10 days early at that! I pray that over the course of the next few days, God will bless you with loads of excitement, rest, comfort, lots of Hershey bars and best of all a sweet bundle of joy to rock in your arms! May God bless you & your family!

  • April - I think this is the first time I have ever commented on your blog. I LOVE it! I love all your photos, I wish I was that good:) Really, really beautiful:)

  • Shanalea - I hear ya about being done 8 months ago. I laugh when I hear about ladies having thier first. They relish in the fact that they are pregnant. I on the otherhand am over it and ready to be done. Yeah that you are this month. I have 3 and half months left. Ugh! I hope to see this little girl when I come to Oklahoma.

  • Carrie Sowell - Hang in there! I’ve been thinking about you alot! You need to come out to the new house!!

  • gina - What beautiful photographs!! I have 3 boys and am very pregnant with my 4th. Boys are such a kick – You capture life with boys beautifully. I will keep you on my photographer hot list – for someday soon. :)