Well like I have mentioned before I have a LONG list of DIY projects I have been wanting to try out. Some are my own ideas, others I have found online or in magazines. This one was featured on Design*Sponge. The original idea is for a travel case that not only holds pictures, but doubles as a frame. The boys and I decided to make one for Chris when he travels, but I just stuck with the tin (an altoid tin I had painted black for a previous project). I just can’t picture him unfolding the little easel and displaying pictures with a magnet. He really liked our version….though when I got the paper out of the closet it looked brown, not purple. I think this would be so much cuter with better paper, but most of mine looked too girly for Chris. You can find the instructions HERE on Design Sponge….

Ways to use this idea:

* Gift for a traveler

* For a hospital stay

* For teachers…filled with pictures of the class from the year

* For grandparents

* For a child going to camp…filled with pics and notes

I’m thinking of making one for each of the boys filled with pictures of Chris and I for them to keep with them while we are at the hospital with the new baby….

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  • Shannon Phillips - Oh I love it! I would love to do one for my hubby full of special love notes.

  • meg duerksen - i think this is a great father’s day gift for craig’s desk.
    he can show anyone.
    i love it.
    thanks!!! :)

  • Chris Campbell - I do really like it!! I have been able to show it to a lot of folks when I am out and about and it is fun to be able to have pics of my boys.

  • rachel denbow - Sure! We’ll make room and our babies can share a corner of the nursery! :)

    Actually, I have been thinking this morning of ways to keep track of all of the things Sebastian has been doing and saying lately that I don’t want to forget and keep remembering your cork board wall. I love those kinds of details!

  • Leeanna Gutschow - Thanks thus a good deal on behalf of taking the calculate to situate this together,I aphorism it in your journal this morning. This is fantastic info–exactly what I hardship decent now!

When I am out and about by myself (meaning 3 wonderfully crazy boys are not with me) I seem to majorly attract lots of moms wanting to give me all their advice on pregnancy, labor & delivery, and motherhood.  Now I’ll be the first to say I need all the advice I can get…however, most offering the advice clearly assume I am very young and carrying my first child. Strictly hypothetically speaking would it be considered rude if I wait until they are done with all their advice before I mention this is my fifth pregnancy because I find strange enjoyment in seeing the utter shock on their faces? Totally hypothetical question because of course I would never actually do that……:)

If you want a laugh imagine what I looked like to other shoppers while taking the picture above…standing in the gardening section with a point & shoot balanced between my chin and my collar bone….

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  • melanie - I want to start shopping with you so I can witness the moment!!

  • Lesley - You’re funny, I was wondering who took that. On your hypothetical question, do it!

  • Rachel - I would hypothetically punch them in the face!

  • Liz Pray - Are you tired of, “when are you due?” yet? I remember the attention, and then it begins with your newborn baby!!! :)

  • Shanalea - Personally, I love to shock people. I listen and then I say when this is my fourth child, fifth pregnancy as well. I love to watch their faces drop. We took Asher to OK recently and left the other two and it was like we had to keep saying he was our youngest and not our oldest. :)

  • meg duerksen - i always LOVE the surprised look i get when i say “i have five children.” it is always a shocker. :)
    have you already planted those?
    did you get any peony blooms?

  • Emily Beaty - haha I was wondering how you got that shot!

  • Lauren - Your so funny! I would also love to be there to witness the look on people’s faces. They might not believe you!

  • christina larsen - I guess you should take it as a compliment that you look young; not that your inexperienced and need advice. But, I say if people are freely giving their advice to strangers, then they should be ready for a shock when you come back with the truth. HA HA.

  • Jeannette Swan - I think you should totally tell them it is your 5th pregnancy. Even as old as I am and was out by myself while pregnant with Corban people would ask me all the time if it were my first. Nope!!

  • Jesse - At least you don’t get your belly rubbed like it is a crystal ball. People are funny…

  • Kari S. - At least you ARE pregnant when people ask you those questions! I’ve been asked “when are you due” when I wasn’t pregnant…you should see the expressions on their face you say, “oh, I’m not expecting, just fat!” :)

  • AshleyAnn - Just to clarify…that is actually what I do. Funny thing about this post today. I was at Walmart with all 3 boys and the guy checking me out said “Miss I am sorry you have to be at least 18 to purchase spray paint.” Seriously, did he think I was the babysitter?

  • Ari - I say do it! Just tell ‘em straight that this is not your first rodeo!

  • Carrie Sowell - I say tell them……..you are an amazing mom and be proud that this is your 5th pregnancy and you look so good! I like the shock factor too!! ;-)

  • emily ruth - i have a friend who has eight (8!) kids & she is also quite young looking…she loved to shock people when they asked her ‘is this your first baby?’ so funny! :)

  • Melissa Shepard - Just wait until your kids are teenagers and their friends ask if you are their sister! Happens to me all the time, one boy asked if I was Mikayla’s sister and said I was “hot” and Mikayla said “eewww, that’s my mom!”

Question for the SnapShop ladies…which composition rule am I using in the picture below of Rett in my grandpa’s garden with grandpa’s gardening chair?

The post below is password protected.

If you would like the password contact me via email or the blog contact form and let me know how you found the blog…

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  • Kari S. - Framing!

  • Lesley - framing and lines!

  • Jeannette Swan - I knew too..framing was what came to mind. Adorable pic.

  • Shannon Phillips - Awesome pic Ash! It was so great to see you last night. You look fantastic!

  • Carrie - framing

  • Karin - Hi there. I found your blog by a link from another site. Not sure which one it was though, sorry. I saw your posts and had to start right at the beginning so I don’t miss any! I’m only on May 2009, but love every post. Thanks for making me feel so inspired. I have started taking my camera with me and taking pictures of just the everyday stuff that is actually so important. Thanks for sharing your creativeness/talent. Karin

    P.S May I have your password so I can read your full posts. Thanks