Since all the boys have birthdays in March and April, the grandmas wanted to get them apple trees for their birthdays. We’ve been waiting for a warm Friday to head to our favorite local nursery. I figured I’d take advantage of having Chris along and being a fun spot by getting Littlest Brother’s one year pictures while hunting for our trees. I’ve wanted to do pictures out there for a while, but it is hard to convince people to try something so “different”. To me a nursery is the ideal portrait location, tons of open shade and tons of color. So my baby boy’s birthday provided a great opportunity…not typical one year pics, I know. I have convinced a friend to let me do her daughter’s one year pics out here…so many pretty pinks and reds…can’t wait.

Since many of you liked seeing the larger view of where I shot Biggest Brother’s 5 year pics, I thought I’d do the same with Littlest Brother’s..

Spot 1:

Spot 2:

(Yes, that is the older boys with dart guns…it was a Friday afternoon, the place was pretty empty and they were hunting for lions)

For yearly pics I like to have a few that show where they are developmentally – especially the first 2 years.

As a 1 year old, he is so interested in EVERYTHING…grass being a big one.

Spot 3:

I love these 3 pictures. They show how little he is…peeking over a planter, up on his tip toes to look in….

He stands good on his own, but just prefers not to. The second picture here makes me laugh, you can tell that Chris just let go of him by the fact that his arms are still up.

Spot 4:

And just to be realistic, a few shots that show what was really going on in between just about every picture I took.

What is it with kids this age thinking everything is better if it is put in their mouths?! Dirt…mmm, mmm….good.

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  • Lauren Roberts - He’s getting so big…so fast! I eat dirt too when nobody is looking :)

  • Emily Beaty - What a neat location! So fun… love these images.

  • bopha - He is so cute, and after getting to cuddle him the other day, i love him even more!!

  • bopha - oh, forgot to add, thank you so much for the great class. I learned so much but I have to admit I had to shoot the easter egg hunt in auto, I was missing all the action messing with my stuff!

  • Shannon Phillips - What a stud muffin! Happy birthday Everett! I just love the one of him peeking over the planter.

  • amanda - I know Everett’s probably already spoken for by Jen’s little lady, but if that doesn’t work out can Addie have a shot at him? He’s too cute!

  • Jeannette Swan - I’m loving all of these – they are so awesome!! Everett is simply beautiful!

  • Lesley - What a handsome boy! Thanks for posting the “big picture” again, it amazes me how you can turn just about any location into an awesome backdrop.

  • Lesley - This has nothing to do with this post, but I know you like Lost so I had to share this link I came across with you. I would’ve emailed you but this was easier!

  • amy stamm - SOOO CUTE– would of never thought of a nursery for pictures! CUTE!!!Hes a doll -seems like yesterday I had my sons 1year pic- time flys-hes almost 8!!!! :(

  • Serena - Aww, Everett is so cute! These turned out great with all the natural light you were talking about! Oh, thanks for showing the larger view first….so awesome!

  • Erica Buchanan - I love your blog…I look forward to coming back day after day. Cafe Mum- Erica

I thought it was time for a few more DIY ideas. Whenever I write DIY I laugh now…shortly after I started these posts my friend “R” informed me she had no idea what “DIY” meant. So for those of you like her, it means “Do it Yourself”. However, if you didn’t know what DIY meant – you probably aren’t one that is interested in Doing it Yourself anyway! “R”, I’m going to work on you though.

And now some creative goodness

Apartment Therapy: Etched Glass Jars

Moda Bakeshop: Braided Rag Rug

DIY: Wall art ideas – there are a ton, super easy and fun, fun, fun!

Living Creatively: Painted and decoupaged glass vase

CraftyNest: Hemp Pendant Lamps – I can’t wait to make these for my kitchen

The Long Thread: Sketch Box – I love giving art supplies as birthday presents for kids and this makes it so cute

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  • Ang - I was JUST thinking yesterday that I hoped you do another post like this soon! Thanks!

  • Christina Larsen - So that rag rug, looks hard. Have you done it? My gradmother had rag rugs in her farm house, now I know how they were made. Very interesting.

  • amanda torres - the braided rag rug looks super cool. if anyone tries it will you tell how long it took you to put together? i won’t be attempting it until this summer, when i’ll gain some patience back.

  • Lauren Roberts - I’ve been thinking about the Hemp Pendant lamps too! They make it look so easy, but I seem to do everything the hard way :)

  • Rachel - Wow . . . I can’t believe someone didn’t know what “DIY” meant . . . probably the same person who thought a honey bun was something you ate — not made a rug with. :)

  • Mandy - To the “Little Lady” that wasn’t on the up and up…we love you and appreciate your honesty!!

Sorry for those of you that don’t enjoy personal posts…but here is another one! Biggest Brother had “Crazy Hair Day” at preschool last week. He wanted green on one side and blue on the other “like a snowcone mommy.” Big Brother naturally wanted his hair crazy too. His lucky Nana got him for the day and all that hair. The boys showed off their hair later that night at church. They pretty much thought they were rockstars…here they are playing their air guitars

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  • Jamie - Corbett’s hair really is like a snowcone! I would have never thought of that…leave it to a kid :) Very cute!

  • Shannon Phillips - I have been waiting for this post. So awesome, I think that they look rad! I bet your Mom got a few strange looks in public.

  • Melissa - I love crazy hair day! You have two adorable little rockstars!!

  • bopha - that is awesome, rock on little guys!

  • Lesley - Corbett really looks like a rockstar! Hudson on the other hand, more like a fraggle rock!

  • meg duerksen - who doesn’t like personal posts?! this is YOUR blog. i like personal posts!
    my kids would love doing this! how fun….many many mommies wouldn’t go for that.
    good job!

  • Shanalea - It must be something about boys. Avery would love it if I would let him have a mohawk and die it pink. Why pink? I don’t know. They get the same look too when they are rocking out on their guitars.

  • sheridan - I love personal posts! I love all your posts so ROCK ON! Love the hair!

  • Courtney Connelly - Love it as their different personalities are so evident in the pictures! I think they are super cool….

  • Rebekah Jean - I love ALL yours posts! Especially the personal ones! Your little boys are amazing…!