Chris got some really great pictures while he was in Egypt, so I thought I’d share a few here. I am guessing a lot of you reading this have not been to Egypt and there is a good chance you won’t be visiting anytime soon…so enjoy this glimpse.

Thought I’d start with my boy’s favorite picture

A cemetery…burial takes place above ground. For many places there are tombs downstairs and living quarters upstairs.

Hand-carved pews….incredible craftmanship

If I lived here, my balconey would be painted a bright color too!

The view from our friends’ apartment at 1:00am…

Nut shop (they sell nuts). Evidently at first these guys weren’t too happy with Chris photographing them, but you can tell they warmed up to him.

You know me…a sucker for a group shot of cute little boys. Chris made their day by getting them a new soccer ball.

Garbage City. For many of the country’s poorest they make a livelihood by collecting and sorting trash.

Another view of the garbage city. In recent years many Christians have begun work to build homes in the area

to help move those living in the area out of the trash and poverty.

This is inside the garbage city. The women are taking old clothing that has been discarded and transforming them into blankets to sell.

How fun does this look?

Closer view of garbage city…at one time many lived in these areas, some still might but most are used for sorting different waste.

This cracks me up. It makes me think of what my daughter might be like. A princess dress in the middle of dirt.

My guy. Have I mentioned how jealous I am that he got to go without me? Next time we’re all going.

We took Biggest Brother to China when he was 18 months old, he has the cutest passport picture.

Chris’ friends riding ahead of him

Sunset on the Nile. They were on a sailboat on this evening and his friends convinced him to call me – thinking I would think it is romantic that he was thinking of me while on the Nile. I missed the call, but listened to the message when I was driving home with a car full of tired, fussy boys. It was not romantic. Had the opposite effect at the time, but I am over it now:)Like I said, next time I am going too.

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  • Allison Yokum - Kuddos to Chris! Great pictures! It looked like an amazing trip.

  • lesley - wow! these are all so good, great job Chris. I love the dresses in the dirt…vision of things to come.

  • Jesse - Those are amazing!

  • Rachel - What a great reminder of the big world. Glad I could step outside my little world this morning…..I love the picture of the smiling boys….what a great moment.

  • Shanalea - I would have been jealous too. We took our family to Cambodia when Avery was 5 and Aiden was almost 2. It was a fun family adventure. I wanted to go again this summer to some place different and visit a family from out church, but other plans came up:). Maybe next summer.

  • Lisa - Incredible!

  • Valerie - Hi Ashley — you don’t know me, but I am a fellow OBU alum, and I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago. LOVE it. Wow, the talent just oozes out!!! Anyway, it didn’t dawn on me until this post and seeing the pic of your husband that I knew him from our University Chorale days. If you wouldn’t mind passing on a “Hey, how ya’ doin’?” for me, I’d appreciate it. Just tell him the Chorale pianist said hi — Valerie (Norman).

    And seriously, your blog is one of my FAVORITES now. I love all the inspiration. :)

  • Christina Larsen - Amazing pictures. I love the one of the pyramid and sphynx (spelling)? My son, Ian, was looking at them this morning he thought they were cool. He said, “are they made out of gold?” Someday, maybe I can take my family there, too.

  • Courtney Hoffman - Chris – you took some amazing shots! My husband is very jealous. I think Egypt ranks #1 on his places to visit before he dies, but is hesitant to go with the current conditions. Maybe his dream can become a reality someday, but until then he can live vicariously through you!

  • Melissa Shepard - Thanks for sharing, it helps to see where Liz is living, I’m gonna show the boys tonight.

  • bopha - What amazing pictures and what a great perspective to give the rest of us. I am amazed by all the bright colors that they use. He looks like he had a great time.

  • Amanda - I love how stunning these are! Your hubbie looks like he really liked the trip. Make sure to tell him thanks for capturing these shots…we all appreciate it:)

  • amy stamm - WOW! Awesome pictures– it was if they came alive when I was looking at them!!! TFS!!!

  • Mandy B - Awesome pictures!! Hannah said she really enjoyed getting to talk to Chris; sounds like they had an incredible trip!

  • Ruthann Wells - Thanks, Ashley. They are great pictures! We love to see anything from Egypt!

  • Jeannette Swan - Way to go Chris!! The pics are amazing!!

  • Kristi - i love this place. he did a great job capturing a lot of it!

  • melanie - Great pictures! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  • Hannah Cooper - There are tears building up in my eyes as I look at these pictures. This IS Egypt. These pictures are great and don’t serve my little (Huge) home justice. Chris! We miss you. Ashley – hurry up and come! (very realistic, I know) ;)

  • Jenn G. - Chris – I am glad you are home and had a great time. These pictures are truly amazing… I can look at them over and over. You did an incredible job of capturing the culture and feel of Egypt. You so should work for National Geographic.

  • Suzanne Newcomb - Wow! Wow! Wow! I have 5 very important reasons why getting to see Cairo from every angle possible is so important to me. I can’t tell you how many times I have studied every one of these pictures over and over again. I loved seeing a glimpse of the everyday life in Cairo. I even got a glimpse of “my baby” in one of them! Thank you Chris for sharing with us.

  • Pamela-Marie - I spent one year in India with my children when they were aged 9,14,4 and 2.We helped work with the Deaf and it was a great experience.The older 2 have great memories, Thank God for the invention of the camera I say!

  • Leila Marie Lawler - This is beautiful. I am an Egyptian-American and I’m always amazed at how squalor and beauty co-exist in Egypt. The dirt is dirtier and the craftsmanship is higher than anywhere else I know. I would rather have Egyptian jewelry than Tiffany’s. But can you imagine the garbage city? Upper class people throw their garbage out their windows. But even the camels have gorgeous muzzles.
    I have been sailing on the Nile also, eating pigeon…but you can’t drink the water…

We have been enjoying lettuce for quite some time now and as much as I like fresh salad…I can’t wait for strawberries! While Chris was gone several started growing and one turned red faster than the rest. I waited until it was BRIGHT red and juicy then picked it. For the life of me I can’t figure out why I offered it to one of my kids, but I did. I should have been much more selfish because Rett got more juice on his shirt than he did in his mouth…I would have savored it. Lesson learned.

The first garden I ever planted was when I was pregnant with our second. It suffered and we didn’t get much out of it, just too much work and not enough time. It is funny how now with 3 kids it seems easier to find time to garden. Go figure. I’ve enjoyed it so much that at the end of the growing season we are doing a complete overhaul of it and relocate it to a more permanent spot in the yard. I have beautiful cottage garden in my head…with triple the amount of space dedicated to berries, a fence for climbing roses and raised beds. I’m preparing Chris now for all the construction that will have to take place this fall to get it ready for the spring!

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  • Rachel - I love that Everett is rocking a mohawk in these pics!

  • Christina Larsen - That strawberry sure looked yummy. Enjoy your garden.

11 days

10 nights

5 year old boy

3 year old boy

1 year old boy

baby due this summer

longest time Chris and I have been apart in 8 years of marriage

3 molars cut (by the 1 year old – that alone is a feat)

lots of PB&J, grapes, apples and cheerios

30 baths given by myself – leaning over a bathtub when you are pregnant is not fun:)

and a lot of other fun and not so fun stuff

All and all….Chris is back from a trip to Egypt and the boys and I can finally feel normal again! I missed my best friend!

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  • Kari S. - Hey Ashley! I’m glad all is well in the Campbell household and that your husband is back safely! I love the sign that says “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Have a good week!

  • melanie - Glad he is home safely and you all survived!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Courtney Connelly - Yippee that Chris is home! Hope you get some time to rest this week…

  • Christina Larsen - Glad you survived. That was quite a task. Maybe a much needed day of rest for you.

  • Shannon Phillips - Cheers to you Ashley! I knew it all along that you were super woman! I bet you and your boys are oh so happy to have Chris home. Welcome back Chris.

  • bopha - Wow, that sounds like a lot of work. Glad that Chris is home safe. Try to get back your sanity.

  • Jamie Dickerson - Ashley, I am loving your blog and your ideas and your photograpy…Ari told me about it and got me hooked. I am going to have to find a place for some chalkboard paint. :)

  • Charissa - We saw your cute little family at the airport yesterday. I could tell you were happy to see each other! :)

  • Mandy B - I think maybe your sign that says “Keep calm and carry on” should have been hanging directly above your count down.

  • Cassie Raney - Girl… you are SUPER MOM! Way to go!

  • Liz Pray - We are so glad Chris is back safe and sound. We really enjoyed having him on this side of the world. We had a great time. I love your sign as well, i need to post that on many walls in my house! Talk to you soon.

  • Emily Lusk - Yeah!! You did it! You should win a mom of the year award for that!! I bet you are so glad that Chris is home now! I love how you have a sign right by the count down that says Keep calm and carry on! I bet you had to look at that every time you went to go mark off another day on your count down!