So a little bit back Amanda asked in the comment section for some maternity pics of me….problem is I prefer being BEHIND the camera, so I didn’t have any. That and you aren’t about to get me to wrap gauze around my bare belly in front of a camera. I decided to take advantage of the beautiful snow and get a few pregnant shots. Chris deserves an award for dealing with me when it comes to me being in front of the camera. I got all the settings where I wanted and was SO PICKY about angles…poor guy. I played with the post-processing a little more than normal. If you know me well, these will probably make you laugh – my attempt at a “model” serious face:)If my neighbors didn’t already think I was crazy, I am sure they do now after seeing me in a tank top in the snow…..

This one is my favorite, it is totally out of focus – but I love the mood of it. Guess pics don’t have to be sharply in focus afterall…

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  • Heather Stauffer - You are so cute! You seriously look how I can only dream of looking pregnant, much less 6 months pregnant! You need to display these, you really are just GAWWWWGEOUS! :)

  • Ang - Wow, Ash. These are great. Your favorite is my favorite, too. It looks like it could be a post card found in an antique shop.

  • Lauren Roberts - You are so beautiful!

  • melanie - Love the model serious face:) Great job, Chris!

  • Serena - I totally love them! I love the look of them.

  • Shannon Phillips - You are a doll! The first and second shots are my favs.

  • Courtney Connelly - Really beautiful!

  • Lesley - Ashley these are so fun. For someone that hates the cold, I’m quite surprised you volunteered to get out there in a tank top! The second one is my favorite, very vintage.

  • bopha - Very cool, love the snow pics! The serious is good but I love the 3rd one down, it just reminds me more of you. You are a super cute preggo!

  • Jenn - Ash – You are such a cute, tiny thing. I LOVE these!! Who would ever guess that you are pregnant with #4. These pictures are amazing and have such a cool feel. Way to go, Chris.

  • amanda - You are so cute!!!!!!!! I love teh 2nd pic…and I CANNOT believe how great you look for your fourth pregnancy. You look like it’s your first. Everything is tight and in place. I can’t say the same for my second pregnancy.

  • meg duerksen - your favorite is my favorite.

  • Jeannette Swan - Wow – I know how much you love the cold weather so this is amazing that you got out in the snow in a tank top. These are absolutely amazing – you are beautiful!

  • carrie - Adorable!

  • Samantha - Six months… and she’s number 4? Ashley, I’m so jealous! :) You look fabulous and nice work Chris!

  • sheridan - You look so good! I’ve always thought the serious model look looks great on others…just never thought it worked with me. I love your creative ideas…who would have thought tank top, hat and snow would make such a great picture-thank you for sharing all your ideas!

  • maggie mckenney - Hi Ashley! I just got on your blog…congratulations on being pregnant & so happy for you that is is a girl! You look great & seem to be doing wonderful work sharing your talent thru teaching. I love the blurred shot as’s beautiful. (don’t rule out the guaze shot…you can always call me..he he)
    Keep up the great work & stay healthy. :)

  • Kirsten Hilsheimer - just beautiful ashley – you look amazing!

5 years!!! For a few weeks now I’ve been trying to get Biggest Brother out to get his 5 year pics…he wants to head downtown Tulsa, but we just never seem to be able to make it down there. We usually do birthday pictures with sign showing the age, but I forgot it so we’ll have to do those downtown later. I convinced him to go for a walk to a nearby concrete company for some pics. I drive by it all the time and have always wanted to shoot around the site. It is actually shocking that he did a normal smile, it is usually a goofy grin. He also wore his holey jeans to show off his scabbed knee – such pride in flesh wounds!

Every night he prays for all the kids in the world who don’t have mommies and daddies. Last night he prayed, “God – all the kids who don’t have a mommy or daddy, will you please give them a mommy and a daddy. BUT save one little girl so I can ask her if she wants to be a part of our family and if I can be her big brother.” Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE BEING A MOM!


PHOTO TIP: Cool places can look really ugly until you get behind your camera (that is a funny sounding tip!) To demonstrate, I thought I’d share some wide angle shots of where we were at to give you a better idea of the setting.

The view from the street that compelled me to go explore with a handsome boy and a camera

Our first location…a pile of rusty containers. Funny that his shirt says “Be cute and don’t pollute” with this as a setting…

Spot two: a pile of metal beams

And naturally if you are a five year old boy and you see an old tractor you must show off your muscles and your mad jumping karate skills

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  • Jamie - Get out! Those pics are awesome — especially for a boy. Thanks for the great tip; I would have never thought of looking at somewhat “grungy” places as great backgrounds :)

  • Shannon Phillips - What a little stud! These are definitley some of my favorite Corbett pics. I am loving the location too. I know what you mean about a place looking ugly. My clients sometimes look at me like I am crazy from the places we go. ;)

  • Lesley - Corbett has some serious karate skills! These are all so good.

  • Jamie - I feel I need to re-word my earlier comment. I meant that it’s a cool location for a little boy’s pics. It kinda sounded like I was saying that the pics were good pics considering Corbett is a boy. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I didn’t want you to think I was being critical of him! He is very handsome!

  • Lauren Roberts - Corbett is such a GREAT looking boy! I love it when I find pictures of him in diapers running around our front yards, to this. Way to go guys!

  • Ari - Ashley, I wish I could take pictures like you! I better start practicing more!!!


  • Jeannette - Ah, I love them!! I’m looking forward to trying out my new skills on Jordan’s 6 year pictures in the next week or so. I need to scope out a fun place to take them!!

  • meg duerksen - so true.
    i have been driving by these two rusty green dumpsters every night for soccer practice and every time i think “i have got to do pictures there!” funny.

    great shots of your handsome little man.
    what a big heart he has.

  • Christina Larsen - I love how you can take an unasuming location and make awesome pics out of it. You are amazing. However, you have a cutie for a 5yr old, as well.

  • Angie Brooks - 5 years old! I remember when he was crawling around as a little skunk for Halloween when we first met you. Crazy! What a handsome young man. What a perfect spot for his pictures. Jaxson was looking at the pictures w/ me and he noticed his hurt knee without me even saying anything. I guess it’s a guy thing.

  • Carol - He just gets more handsome everyday and is becoming such a caring boy. I have my pictures picked out!!!

  • bopha - Those are great pictures of a very handsome guy! He is getting so big and very mature looking :)

  • amanda torres - so cool…it’s really neat to see your boys grow up on here. Ready to see a little girl Campbell.

  • Jesse - You really are so blessed! What a handsome little man!

  • Sandy - Great pics, Great location and best of all, Great subject. Hard to believe Corbett’s 5. Time sures seems to go quickly. I love his prayer. You and Chris have raised three FANTASTIC boys. Very, very proud of you and your family.

  • Tracey - As always, this is extremely eye opening. I would have never thought to look at a place that looked like that from the road. Thanks for taking a step back.

  • Jenn - Corbett – What a handsome and cool guy you are!!! Oh, and nice shirt. Ash – These pictures are amazing and some of my favorite of Corbett. He looks like a tried and true model.

snap-shopI thought I would share some pictures from some of the girls that attended the first SnapShop. These were all taken during our practice shoots. Keep in mind they had to juggle with 10 other women while shooting and it was the first time they shot changing all the modes on their camera. I think they did an incredible job. I have seen what a few of them have been shooting since, it is pretty cool! Later I’ll share some more links related to SnapShops if you want to see more.

Great job ladies!

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  • Lauren Roberts - These turned out great! I like the one of her feet.

  • Chris Campbell - Great job girls! Very impressive… You do have a great teacher
    From the Food Boy

  • Emily Lusk - Those are some great pics of her! You can tell you are a good teacher! I would like to offer up my children for people to practice on!!! :)

  • Jeannette Swan - We did have a great teacher and “food boy”!

  • Lesley - It’s so neat to see everyone’s different shots. I like the feet a lot too. Thanks again Ash, the class was great! Thanks for being the food boy, Chris.