Soon and very soon I’ll have the nursery done!

I have not purchased:

any burp cloths (she can use blue ones w/ Rett’s name monogrammed on them, right?)

pajamas (baby girls can look cute in blue & green…I can just stick a gigantic bow on her that a friend has given me)

newborn diapers

baby wash


other somewhat necessary items

I have not packed a diaper bag to take to the hospital.

I have not packed a hospital bag.

I have not filled out pre-admission forms for the hospital.

I have not come to a final decision with Chris on name.

I have not got a car seat ready.

I have not brought the cradle down from the attic to prepare it.

I haven’t even sent off for Littlest Brother’s birth certificate…might as well wait and get them both done at once:)

For some reason it is so much easier for me to work on a nursery than to shop for a daughter.  So basically instead of doing any necessary things to prepare for her arrival, I am working on her room – which of course she won’t sleep in for a while considering her brother is still in the crib….oh well. Priorities.

Not that you care for another sneak peek, but here you go. I know there is nothing remotely close to looking like a baby’s room…I’ll probably be ready to change it before she is ready to sleep in it anyway. Next week I’ll post actual pictures of the room.

POST UPDATE: Since writing this post some very dear friends held a special dinner for me in honor of our coming daughter. I am now fully stocked on some of the cutest girl stuff I have ever seen. I’ll share more later, just had to throw it out there that she won’t be using Rett’s monogrammed burp cloths (at least in public) or wearing doggie pjs (unless she has a new bow on her head). Thanks girls for a truly special SUPER GIRLY night, I am still trying to process it!

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  • Beth - Where do you get that material that is in the top left picture? I’ve noticed it in all your newborn pictures as well and I love it!

  • AshleyAnn - Beth, it is a blanket I got from IKEA about a year ago…

  • Jesse - I am loving it! I think it is perfect!

  • Lisa - I love the messy flower on the wall. That’s the flower for sweet Cora, right? I have a Cora’s playground block in Elle’s room and it’s a wonderful daily reminder that life is so precious :-) Love the room and can’t wait to see more pictures!

  • jill - So beautiful and unique! Again, can’t wait to see the whole thing- what fun you must be having!

  • Serena - I can’t wait to see the rest!! I absolutely LOVE the frames!! I know it is going to look beautiful! :)

  • ashlee - i must say to you i have never had those things done that are on your list, the name always came to us when we saw them…or 2 days later, my hubby always had to go back home for hospital stuff, i only have 1 of my 5 kids birth certificates:) and the other stuff gets done when you have time:) congrats on your girl and i ADORE your blog!

  • christina larsen - So glad you got some girly stuff for your new arrival. However, I have to say that the room looks great, not sure what you would want to change.

  • bopha - We never got lincoln’s birth certificate until he was 2, and it was only because he needed a passport…oops, almost didn’t get the passport in time because of that.

  • meg duerksen - GORGEOUS! i am sure it’s as colorful as can be.
    love your cora flower.
    i started to cry.
    ashley…this room is beautiful. great color combos!

  • leslie - Hi Ashley, do you mind if I share one of these images on my blog (i’ll link back to you of course!). Email me if it’s okay!
    Leslie of A Room Somewhere

Over the past 2 years I had the honor of photographing Callie’s big sister, Kolbi (here’s her one year pics). It was fun to see their family again, meet Callie and watch Kolbi as a big sister. She was so content for the entire session. With this warm weather newborns don’t mind being outside, so it was fun to do a little bit outdoors.

Congrats C & L, your girls are precious!

These make me smile…sisters.  If I try a basket one with my little girl I am guessing it will only look natural if the three boys behind it are shirtless and covered in dirt.

Be on the lookout for that one:)

And for those of you thinking, “I thought she was no longer doing sessions.” I am no longer booking sessions.

I did have some from last year that booked and I am wrapping those up this week…bittersweet. Remember under the “info” tab is a listing of local photographers.

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  • christina larsen - Precious. I love the contrast of the pink bow against the white blanket in the basket.

  • Laura Helsing - BEAUTIFUL!! I am sooo sad I cannot be there! I love the pictures, though :(

  • Peggy Barney (grandma) - How absolutely beautiful and precious. Ashley Ann you will be missed. Lisa has enjoyed your pictures so much.

  • Lisa Keen - We love them (as usual!!) We will miss you! Thanks!!

  • Dana - Too sweet to ever forget! Thank you for sharing.