UPDATE: Lisa Johnson is the winner!


UPDATE: Contest closed with Dana as the last counting commentor…I’ll let you know the winner soon…

WANTED: my old clean and tidy kitchen!

I have been crafting like crazy…CRAZY!!! Gearing up for the Christmas Gathering. I am a bit nervous – sometimes my taste is a little off from the majority so I hope I don’t bomb. I am presenting after the funniest lady and I am not funny…so if you come pretend like I am and laugh really loud.  If you don’t have tickets, guess what………

I am giving away 2 tickets for Friday night (regularly $20.00 each)!

The contest ends at 5:00pm central time tonight and I will announce the winner later tonight (so you have plenty of time to plan). Sorry for those of you that aren’t local:(

In the comment box let me know what your favorite holiday food is….

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  • melanie - I don’t need tickets for Friday, but I know you’ll do great!!! Sorry I’ll miss it! I love watching you allow the Lord to work in your life through being you and who He created you to be!

  • amanda torres - We do a major baking day, and do a TON of goodies. I love them all, but I think my absolute favorite is the PB Clusters.

  • Jennifer Williams - Green Rice! When we have large get togethers over the holdidays it is always pot-luck. My mom makes this wonderful broccoli and rice casserole that I can not get enough of. It is even better as leftovers!! I don’t need the tickets for Friday either…I will see you on Thursday! The Christmas Gathering a few years ago is what started me on reading your blog! Looking forward to it!

  • Rebekah Jean - I love pies. The taste of pies, the look of pies, the idea of pies, it’s all grand. Cherry pies especially.

  • christina larsen - YOU DON’T HAVE TO INCLUDE ME IN THE GIVE AWAY!!! I AM GOING ON THURS, I JUST WANTED TO COMMENT. Well, I have always loved homemade rolls. However, desserts YUM. And right now my next favorite is roasted sweet potatoes; absolutely divine. No marshmallowed sweet potatoes for me.

  • Melissa Davis - My favorite holiday food is a dessert. They are Swedish Sugar Cookies. The recipe for Krum Kaker Cookies is from my grandma. They are traditionally made on curved pans, so that have a hunch back. We ice and decorate them every year. Hopefully, I can find some time to make them with my dad this year, to give away as presents. Friday tickets would be great. My sister was asking about the Christmas Gathering a week or so ago.

  • Jeannette Swan - Are you kidding, Ashley, you are amazing and everyone will be amazed by your creativity and talent. Thank you for using your God given gifts to bless others! I can’t wait to be inspired!

  • Sarah - Cider… yum yum yum (i guess thats not actaully a food) sooo deserts of all kinds

  • Ryan - I’m out of town during your big event, but I thought I’d answer anyway, since Holiday food is a way of life in my family! :)

    My favorite part of Christmas was always the few days before. My Mom would start baking cookies, banana bread and fudge. Then we’d drive to Kansas to see our family on Christmas Eve. We’d walk into my grandparents house and it always smelled like what I imagine Heaven will smell like: warm ham in the oven, breads baking, cookies cooling and, of course, the Christmas tree. My aunts and grandmother would have the entire dining room table covered in snacks, cookies and other treats.

    To this day, anytime I smell fresh banana bread, it reminds me of my childhood Christmases.

  • Trinity - mmmmmm…..just thinking of all of the holiday food makes me really hungry. My favorite foods are any kind of dips…..yum! Oh, and you will do great Ashley. People love it that your ideas aren’t like everything they have seen. You also make things fun, and you are really good at putting things in simple terms that people can understand.

  • Suzanne Green - My favorite is a cranberry jello salad that we make for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Yummy!

  • Allison - Holiday food is a big tradition in our family. But the main one is, my mom and I each bake several different kinds of cookies and then share them with the rest of the family members! I love the way the house smells with fresh baked cookies. This year, my son will be old enough to help…yeah!!!

  • kate m. - any of the amazing desserts or homemade breads my grandmother makes! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

  • sheridan - I’m coming Thurs so I don’t need the tickets but Carrie and I will LAUGH our heads off and you will do awesome! We always love what you show us and your taste is awesome don’t worry!

  • katie - My fave holiday food is chocolate chip gingerbread cake! It’s the Williams-Sonoma recipe and I LOOOVE it!

  • Michele V. - I love ham. I love it way better than Turkey. I’m sure
    that’s because it’s not as healthy.

  • jenni - my favorite food during the holidays is broccoli, rice, and cheese casserole! yummy!

  • bopha - i will laugh really, really hard. you will do great like always and will continue to amaze us all with your talent.

  • Stephanie Gwartney - My grandmother’s stuffing and apple pie!!

  • Kenna S - I would have to say that my favorite holiday food would be my nanny’s sweet potato casserole. It’s covered in marshmallows and is soooo low in fat! :)

  • Shanalea - To bad you can’t do it in California so I guess I won’t be needing tickets. I am not quite ready for Christmas so my favorite Thanksgiving food is broccoli rice and cheese casserole. We make it every year and I have now made it my husband’s favorite as well.

  • Lisa Johnson - fudge! To be specific, the still-warm, clinging-to-the-sides-of-the-pot fudge that I always scrape off with a big spoon. My husband’s fudge is definitely the taste of Christmas for me. Yummy!

  • Rachel C - I love green bean cassarole….I could just swim around in it..no really, I could. You are going to be wonderful at the Gathering. Your creativity and artistic flare create beauty that draw people. I can’t wait to see your newest funky treasures.

  • Kara - Sausage balls…at 28, my mom still makes them for me every Thanksgiving & Christmas.

  • Kara - My favorite holiday food is this Pumpkin Cake stuff that Denise Lopez makes. . .so good!!!

  • Lily - You will do great! .. My favorite is pumpkin pie! Yum!

  • MLC - My favorite holiday food is my grandmother’s dressing and since she passed away two years ago, I’m on a major quest to make her recipe taste the way she made it. How is that I can use her exact recipe and yet it not taste like hers? =)

  • Melissa Shepard - broccoli cheese rice caserole and Mimi’s chocolate cream pie!

  • Lisa Keen - my favorite holiday food is chocolate crinkle cookies!!

  • Brandi - My favorite is gingerbread waffles. Mmmm!

  • Autumn - cheesecake…….definitely cheesecake

  • Meagan - That’s awesome! I still haven’t bought tickets! There’s no way people would NOT like your crafts! My favorites are scotcheroos, dream pie, my grandma’s dressing…okay I love it all! I love the holidays!!!

  • Beth - My favorite is my mom’s posole. It’s a New Mexican soup that is absolutely to die for!

  • Dana - My favorite holiday food is a dessert that my mother makes… to die for!

  • Carrie - I’ll be there Thursday with Sheridan! That’s where we heard about you many years ago! I still use your photo idea for Christmas. (Place a photo on the gift) My kids LOVE it! Can’t wait to see what you have this year

Jeanette, I know I am throwing you off here with a Saturday night post, but just had to share this pic…makes me smile…whatchu talkin’ ’bout willis?

rolls(And because I know you will ask…the hat was a sweet gift from the girls at snugars. Thanks girls…she looks pretty cute in them!)

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  • Barbara - Love the snugars hat! Can’t wait to get two for my girls! How do you get such lovely white light on your subjects? Your shots look brighter than your students and you were capturing the same scene? (although I’m impressed with your students work too!)

  • ashlee - that hat…those cheeks!! so precious!

  • amanda torres - She is precious! I’m also cracking up because we use that phrase in our house at least once a day.

  • Lesley - So cute!!!

I have gotten several comments and emails regarding my posts no longer showing up in Google Reader. I honestly have no idea what happened or how to fix it. I didn’t change anything on my end so if one of you tech savy readers has any helpful suggestions for me I would love to hear them!


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  • ElleBows - Hi Ashley! Many of the blogs I follow are not being updated. It’s not just your blog. I actually posed this question over at goodle. Here is the thread google started. If people could post here and let google know that it’s happening to them too that would be great!


  • ElleBows - oops, I meant google not goodle :-)

  • alli magee - I’ve been having the same problem with your feeds :o(

  • Ashley - ahhh! so aggravating…at first I was like, holy cow! Something happened with Ashley…WHY IS SHE NOT BLOGGING. And then I saw your first guest blog at smile and wave. :( Your blog is really the one blog I really keep up on and love so it is a sad day when Google is having some technical issues and not showing up on Reader.