We had a great Thanksgiving break celebrating with Chris’ family: 1 grandpa, 1 grandma, 4 aunts, 4 uncles, 5 granddaughters, 7 grandsons…..onto some pictures….

(and just to clarify: Biggest Brother is 5 1/2, Big Brother is 3 1/2, Littlest Brother is 1 1/2, Baby Sister is 4 1/2 months)

Big Brother thinks that whenever the cowboy hat is on he is Indiana Jones

Inflatable soccer goal, Ugly rainboots, Indiana Jones Cowboy hat, John Deere hoodie – thankful for my boy.11.09thksgive-2

What’s Thanksgiving without a little goat chasing?



The boat looked nice sitting by the pond….


All the kids left and Chris pulled the boat into the water so I could take a peaceful, relaxing ride around the pond by myself. He even packed a picnic meal of Pumpkin Pie and a caramel latte for me to enjoy as I floated about….it was dreamy.11.09thksgive-6

Oh wait, that was a dream. The boat did make it to the water, but the rides weren’t so peaceful and quiet…there was a small hole in it and the paddles were long sticks.11.09thksgive-711.09thksgive-811.09thksgive-9

If you have water and my boy, you better have worms too. His cousin (girl) was a bit appaled to watch the guys hook the worms. She said, “Why are you killing them? That’s wrong. Worms are creatures too.” She makes me smile.

This Thanksgiving I was thankful for chubby baby cheeks.


I didn’t take many food pictures, in fact I didn’t really eat. The circus act of feeding four little ones is my built-in way to avoid high calorie consumption during the holidays (at least if I look at it that way I can be thankful instead of grumpy). Then again I did stop by the cookie plates each time I passed the kitchen. My neice didn’t want to have her picture taken.11.09thksgive-12

There are 7 grandsons, ages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 15. Can you imagine the food bill in a couple of years?! Here’s the 3 (mine), 5 (mine) & 7 year olds.11.09thksgive-13

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving….

FYI Google Reader still is not picking up my blog

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  • bopha - man, i was sitting there thinking how nice your hubby is….all to find out it was just a dream, too funny

  • Jen - You’re family is adorable. I want to tell all my friends about your bloggy blog but I can’t until after Christmas or they will see all the crafty gifts I’m going to make for them. Don’t worry. I’ll send them swarming in 3 weeks :)

    So glad I found your blog today!


  • Ysa - love your photograph =) it’s very nice

This is what happens when your dad’s inbox is too full and your brother (who is only 15 months older) wants to help dress you…


Just curious…for those of you who Google Reader stopped working on your blogs…did it eventually just start working again?

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  • Melissa - Too cute… and no it hasnt started working yet for me!

  • Meagan - Mine still isn’t working, Ashley. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

  • Erin - My Google reader isn’t working either, but I’m just so relieved to find out you’re still posting- I have lots to catch up on!

  • ari Morris - nope, no google reader yet.

  • Jill R - So sweet! We also have a little “helper” at our house who likes to “help” with his younger brother. This picture captures that perfectly.

  • ElleBows - No, it’s still not working :-)

  • Cindy Scorsone - Mine is not working either!

  • Chelsea Strong - This is so sweet. Our munchkin is due in few days, and somehow, I see this in our future. Comfortable husband, baby, pile of laundry. And nobody seemingly bothered by the pile up :)

    Love your blog, just found it this weekend. Your photography is amazing! (As I’m sure you know.) I’ve used your ISO tutorial this weekend to counteract my crappy point and shoot, and it’s definitely done the trick. Thanks!

  • Cheree - My google reader still isn’t importing. Love how your son “helped” dress your baby girl.

  • ElleBows - Oh, that was supposed to be a sad face and not a happy face that I put after working! oops!

  • Lacy - I just love your blog and your family.

    And I miss that your blog has stopped showing up in my Reader!

    Still not working for me, either. :(

  • Jenny Lynn - I just realized today that my Google Reader had stopped! I had wondered why you hadn’t updated for awhile but I hadn’t looked at your blog because I knew you were in my reader. Then, when I was looking at Daily DIY today I saw your tutorial for the canvas bag. Then realized I’ve been missing a lot of posts!! I’ve got some catching up to do :)


A month or so ago I went with my sister to see So You Think You Can Dance? It was a great show…my sister shaked her booty the whole time, but mine can’t find a beat if someone tried shaking it for me! Lesley was excited each time a new dancer came on stage and performed – I felt a bit left out to an extent b/c I had never seen the show. NO WORRIES I have found my replacement…….So You Think You’re Crafty?! It is an online challenge “10 Weeks – 10 Crafters – 10 Challenges! Who’s the craftiest? You decide!” Yep, an online craft challenge. It’s fun to see what they come up with each theme…crafters aren’t revealed until after you vote, so you are never sure who you are voting for. I just think it would be so much fun to be a crafter on it! Here are some of my favorite projects so far:

sytyc-leavessytyc-bagssytyc-headbandThis week’s challenge is based on this:


Each week a tutorial is posted of the winning craft. This week I am hoping this skirt wins because I really want to try my hand at making it!


I won’t be posting again until Monday (at least that is the plan)…enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

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  • christina larsen - Neat idea!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Mique - Hi Ashley-
    Thank you for the email. I added you to Bloglines- so it’s a OK there. Still getting your feeds. :) I’ve had that happen with 30days a few times and it’s so frustrating. Not sure why it happens.
    And my turn to thank you- that little leaf headband was mine. Thanks for posting it here. Still in the competition and loving it!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Crystal - Fun…love a contest!! Great crafts but leaning towards the skirt myself-so cute!

  • Ashley - Ashley – Just saw your doilie bag on design*sponge – CONGRATS! And I love that skirt too. I hope it can be made in grown-up girl sizes. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Allison - Just saw your tote on Design Sponge too! Congrats. Thanks for the link can’t wait to vote!

  • Nikki - I was looking for the crafts from the womans gathering and I cant find them.. Is there a way you could direct me.

  • Lesley - Ha! You crack me up :) So you think you can craft, craft, craft…I’m singing that to the beat of the intro song! Happy pre-turkey day!

  • Meagan - Yes, I agree. I voted for the cute skirt too!

  • maegan - I’ve been loving so you think you’re crafty. I think it’s a terrific idea, and I do love that skirt too. Want to make one for me and my little girl.

  • Kate - Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Maria - Hi!

    Love the things you do! I will be visiting soon again.

    Maria from Sweden