captured by her mom

Jeanette has been following the blog and asking me random photography questions for a while. She recently got a Canon Rebel and a couple of lenses I recommended (the 50mm f/1.8 is used here…blurry background). She has also been staying up with the photo tips I post. When she emailed me this picture she took of her daughter I asked if I could share it here. I really don’t know who all reads this and who actually puts to practice the tips I put on here, so it made my day when she shared this with me. I love it!

One thing that really got to me when trying to decide if I would stop offering portrait sessions is knowing that clients I love and have spent so much time with would have to use another photographer. I wasn’t sad for them…there are plenty of phenomenal local photographers. I was bummed for me, I knew when I saw the toddlers I have photographed since they were newborns and the families I see on a yearly basis on other photographers blogs I would be super jealous that I wasn’t able to do the session. After getting this email from Jeanette – I realized how fun it is to teach moms how to get incredible pictures of their kids. Yes, I am still going to miss all my clients…but I am truly excited about where 2009 is headed. And if you have read this much then I’ll let you know the first SnapShops will be in March, one in April, a couple in May and probably June too…..details coming later.

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  • Jeannette Swan - This made me cry (it doesn’t take much). I am truly excited about getting the chance to learn how to capture pictures of my kids. I don’t want to find another photographer – I want to work hard to be able to do it myself (except maybe the pictures with me in them). Thank you Ashley for your willingness to help us!!

  • Yvonne - Wow. That’s awesome….makes me have hope that it is possible. She’s a cutie…..good job!!

  • melanie - Ashley, I love the pictures you have taken of our family, but I love even more the pictures of your boys that you are able to capture on an every day basis. I am so excited that you are willing to help teach us how to do this! Jeanette did a great job on that picture and I have been playing with different settings on my camera. Who knew what a difference that makes! I might be able to make it to a SnapShop in the spring, but just in case, anything being offered after June?

  • trinity - I love your tips….always want more. I shared your blog with a friend of mine who teaches 1st grade, and your tip with the Christmas tree made her picture presents from her kids to their parents so much better! Thanks for sharing your gifts….you are making a difference in our lives!

  • bopha - Jeannette, you now can have a new day job (like you need another)! I have to go and get a new lens now. I am very proud of you and Noble looks precious.

  • Heather - I love reading your tips!! SO keep on!! I got a Rebel recently and Kyle, while he is great at what he does, does not have a gift in teaching me the tricks :) To him it is second nature and it is so far from that for me…its always best for me to get tips from others :)

  • carrie - Way to go!! I have been putting your good advice to work as well! Thanks for all your help.

  • Faith Buss - OK, this post is drawing me out of hiding. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year… Since Chris added me as a friend on Facebook (cause it’s listed there). We went to OBU together. :)

    I love your photography tips! I’m such a wanna-be and I’m looking forward to the possibility of attending one of your SnapShops this year. You’ve got so much talent and if I can just soak up a little bit, I’ll be happy.

    I really enjoy your blog.

  • Lesley - wow! go jeanette, this picture is beautiful.

  • jesse - Great picture! I know I love all of the photo tips so would love them to keep coming.

    BTW, sign me up for a class! Maybe I can just get a pinch of your skill to rub off on me!

  • lauren - Good Job Jeanette!

  • Denise - Juh–net! Love it! Ashley you are an amazing teacher even via blog–impressive.

Caroline {1 month}

Yesterday the older boys were gone for several hours so it was just Littlest and me. Funny how with just one I felt like I could do anything. We popped in places – I don’t pop in anywhere with 3 preschoolers! We stopped by Panera, saw a friend at work and visited another friend and her beautiful baby girl. I took my camera along so I could take a few of her….meet Caroline. Her family has been on the blog before, but I believe this is her debut. Isn’t she gorgeous!This last one is of her cuddled up in the same gown her mommy wore as a baby….

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  • amanda torres - What a beauty!

  • liz - i love them, i can’t wait to see the rest.

  • Shanalea - Liz, congratulations. She is gorgeous.

  • Carrie Sowell - She is so beautiful! Congrats!

  • yvonne - She is beautiful!

  • melanie - She is beautiful, Liz! So glad to finally see some her!!

  • bopha - Congratulations Liz & Adam, she is adorable!

  • Jeannette Swan - Praise God for this beautiful baby girl!! Funny what you said about “popping in” places – that kind of comes to a halt when you think of dragging in kids with you!!

  • Angie Brooks - Absolutely beautiful. Don’t you know that her big brothers will be so protective of her.

  • april w - adam and liz–she is so cute. i can’t wait to meet her!

    great pictures, ashley!

  • Melissa S - Awww…Beautiful baby, beautiful momma too!! Thank you Ashley for capturing this moment.

he’s growing too fast…Photo Tip

First let me say THANK YOU to all of you that left comments for Biggest Brother yesterday. It was his first day back at preschool, so when he got home I told him some people wrote notes to him about his pictures. He stood next to me as I pulled up the blog. I wish I could have gotten a picture of his face as I read the comments. We read them again at bedtime. He just kept beaming. It was priceless. When I was finished he said, “Mommy, they all think I am a pretty awesome photographer – just like you.” Cherished moment…thank you!

He’s pulling up on everything, but hasn’t figured out the art of getting down. He hasn’t mastered the staircase, but stands holding the bottom step and gazing up with intent to follow his brothers up. He’s too much fun:)

Here’s a little photo tip:

I have had several emails asking about lighting and why pictures turn out orange. The orange is due to the lighting in your house. If you come to a SnapShop I’ll go into more detail on ways to solve this. In the meantime, if you are able (if there is enough light), turn off your interior lights and use natural light coming from your windows. You can tell on the pictures above that from behind there isn’t much light on Rett – not a lot of detail comes out. However, when I moved closer to the window and used the window to light his face….adorable baby boy!

NOTE: When I talk about using natural light (like in the Christmas tree post and here) through your windows I wasn’t clear to say that the best time is when the sun is not directly shining in. Typically mid-morning to mid-afternoon when the sun is over your house is the best. You should be able to look out your window and not squint because the sun is in your eyes….

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  • grandma campbell - These boys are just awesome and got to get some private moments with Everett the other night and enjoyed it so much, it is amazing what God does giving us these precious ones and then allowing us to watch them grow and give others joy. Love them all

  • Ari - Thanks again Ashley for the tip. I appreciate it!

  • melanie - He is growing fast! In my mind, he is still just 3 months old:)

  • Jeannette Swan - I just saw Corbett’s pictures – great!! I like the one of Hudson. Ashley – now you get to be in the pictures on occasion!! Girl – I can’t wait until SnapShop!!