Several months back I received a beautiful email from a mom about her daughter. From the email I could tell this was a mom that deeply loves her daughter and is tremendously proud of her. It has been a while, but I am pretty sure I cried reading it. Well that email led to this senior session this GORGEOUS senior session. I sure don’t remember high school girls being so beautiful when I was there….

Ashlyn, it was an honor to meet you. I hope these pictures live up to your high expectations! Congratulations on your senior year…I had so much fun with you and your mom doing this session!

Big Brother was watching me edit these and stopped me when I got to the ones below. He said she looks just like a princess.1009ashlyn-08

Ode to my friend Shannon who is the master of ‘laying in the grass’ pictures!1009ashlyn-091009ashlyn-101009ashlyn-111009ashlyn-121009ashlyn-131009ashlyn-14

Before anyone sends me an email…no I am not currently booking sessions or weddings. I do still have a few on the books from WAY back.

There is a tab on the top of the blog “info”, under that tab is a listing of local photographers. Sorry.

We did this session on a very overcast day – which typically people think is terrible for pictures. It made me think about doing a post sometime on taking advantage of the automatic settings on your camera for those of you that do not know how to shoot manually. Is there an interest on that?

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  • Kate - I am a brand new follower – so inspired, so in love with your ability to capture amazing-ness (that’s a word, right?!) :)

  • dana - Beautiful Beautiful. My favorite is the b&w close-up where her curls just look so soft and frame her face perfectly.
    YES to any info about using automatic settings!

  • hildegunn - I am VERY interested in automatic settings tips :-)

  • Leigh-Ann, Freckled Nest - incredible!! i love the hood one most, but they’re all stunning!
    :) LA

  • Susan - Wow! Stunning! Definitely interested in any tips on any settings! I’d love to know the settings of the first pic- :-) You are so talented…

  • Bernadette - addit: she looks like the beautiful emma watson!

  • Carissa - I am cracking up about your comment “before anyone sends me an email…NO I am not booking sessions.” You are asking for trouble when you post pictures this gorgeous. Amazing job as always. My favorite is the b&w with her fur hat on. Beautiful! Where do you take these by the way?

  • Carissa - P.S. – Can I go ahead and book a session for 15 years from now….Emmy’s senior pictures and then another one for her wedding???? :)

  • katie - yes, please do!!! I want to learn all about it!!

  • Genevieve - You are an AMAZING photographer and that girl is gorgeous! Wonderful, magical shoot (love her clothes!)

    And yes, any photog tips you could provide would be much appreciated :)

  • crystal - yes, yes, yes…please!

  • Jeannette Swan - Those are magazine pictures! She is beautiful and you captured it so well!

  • christina larsen - She is beautiful. Great pics as always.

  • Courtney Connelly - Stunning!

  • Tess S. - Ashely- your blog (along with a few others) inspired me to get a new camera to get great shots of my kids, and of my friends children.
    This senior session is AMAZING! what a beautiful subject.

    I’d love some tips for shooting on an over-cast day.

  • Emily Beaty - BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the field, and my fave is the one with the furry hood. Gorgeous. :)

  • Alison R - Wow! Fabulous work here! What a beautiful girl too! I love all of these!

  • Kim - Your photos are so inspiring!! Yes to the automatic settings!! How did you take that one with her in the red vest sitting on the chair in the field?? Was that editing or filters? I love it!

  • Ee Wen Ting - I love love love this photoshoot. You are so talented!! I am an aspiring photographer and am taking some photography classes now. Any good tips for portraits and lighting for portraits??

  • sheridan - I love looking at your session shots b/c it helps me become better! Thank you for sharing and they are awesome!

  • bopha - wow, she is gorgeous. those pictures are great, good job.

  • Shannon Phillips - She has got the most beautiful eyes and I think Carissa is right, you are asking for trouble when you post a session this amazing! Thanks for the love on my grass photos. :) I had no idea that I was the master of this.

  • carrie - You knew I was going to ask!!!!! Is the disclaimer for me??

  • Faith Buss - I’m always interested in tutorials! Great shots.

  • Lindsey P - These are amazing. Gorgeous girl! Do you have any digital camera recommendations for those who can not afford a DSLR? Or should I just bite the bullet and splurge? :)

  • Rachel - Absolutely beautiful!! With pictures like that….she will be happy to get that yearbook out no matter how old she gets!

  • carrie @ brick city love - I’d love some tips, tricks, & instruction!! Yes.PLEASE!

  • ashlee - those are amazing!!! what actions did you use on the one in the chair…BEAUTIFUL!!
    and yes please tell us more about auto settings!!

  • Emily Lusk - Wow those are great!! If I were her I would not be able to pick my favorite one because they are all great! Love the train picture I need to take Brody there, he would love taking his picture by that big train!

  • patti - gorgeous photos – thanks for sharing! oh – and living in california…i always take advantage of the overcast days – otherwise i’m constantly battling the hard sunlight.

  • Kathy Rabago - I just found you blog, and I love your pictures and your comments on daily life. I’d love to hear your tips on shooting in manual!

  • abbey - I would love some tips and these photos are awesome!

  • Elizabeth - Wow, she is gorgeous, and you captured her beautifully! New to your blog, and always looking for tips :)

  • Ashlyn - These turned out so great! You totally exceeded my expectaions! I had so much fun with you and it was an honor to get to know you. Thanks again! :)

  • Rebekah Jean - Wow…these are so amazing. I love the field ones, especially the 3rd from the bottom…the colors, the texture, everything.. I LOVE it. You’re awesome as usual! and she’s beautiful…love the bottom one as well. They are all gorgeous!

  • Melissa Wagner - Great photos! And a gorgeous model! :) I’d love to hear more about overcast and settings and non-auto camera usage, lol. Ever since I went digital I’m terrible at just letting my camera do all of that itself and I should learn more about how to use my camera and all of it’s features. :) Auto or not. ;)

  • Nakole - I just found your blog. I think you are amazing in more ways than one. I love your pics. love your style, and you sound like an amazing momma.

  • Meredith - OMG, she is gorgeous!!! The way you captured her eyes is genius. Congrats.

  • Kristin - Beautiful. I only wish I could take pictures half as wonderful, I’d be happy!

  • Jolie - gorgeous!!! And yes please for automatic setting tips…I am trying to learn the manual operation but it is slow going from a book! Thanks!

  • Mity - The pictures are absolutely amazing! What a beautiful girl with an even more beautiful spirit and personality! (Her aunt must be so proud! :-)

There are those few great moments when I know I am getting through to my boys. For instance this day – the boys and I were playing legos and on their own initiative the Lego Men gave the Lego Girl a flower….I was so proud – they are becoming thoughtful gentlemen.

And then there are the other days. Like this one…where I found a random object on the floor. At first glance I thought an animal got into the house and left something behind.1009eraser-02

Then I found another piece just like it…only with bit marks.1009eraser-03

I continued to find several all over the house and could not figure out what they were from. Any guesses? It is so obvious to me now.1009eraser-04

The front of my dry eraser.1009eraser-05

The back…chewed up by one of those thoughtful gentlemen. I assumed it was the 1 year old. Nope. It was the 3 year old.1009eraser-06

I asked him why he took bites out of my eraser. He responded, “I was bored and my breath was getting tired. And I needed to be hydrated.”

Well, that obviously makes complete sense.

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  • Shannon Phillips - I love it! I can’t stop Keegan from eating any sort of paper product. Toilet paper, newspaper, tissue paper, printer paper. You name it.

  • Trinity - So glad he knew why he did it……that makes complete sense!

  • Alba - I am laughing alone, hidding in the back of my pc, my collegues must think that I am completely crazy. this is an unbeatable explanation! ;-)

  • christina larsen - Of course, I always go to the back of the dry eraser when my breath gets tired. lol.

  • kelly - LOL! Well they do erase dry things, so I guess that makes them hydrating. :) That is too funny!

A few months back I contacted Little Dresses for Africa to see if they would be interested in a little website makeover. Their site was meeting all their needs, but I just had an itch to help with some changes if they were interested. They said “yes” and we set to work. I contacted ProPhoto to ask if they would consider donating a template since Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit and all donations go directly to getting dresses to those in need. ProPhoto GENEROUSLY agreed and I am excited to say the new site is live. Please go check it out and let me know what you think of the new look!

Here’s a peek at the frontpage of the old site:1009ldfaold1

And here is a peek of the frontpage of the new site:1009ldfanew1

If you are a photographer looking for a blog template I highly recommend checking out ProPhoto custom blogs. If you choose to purchase one, use the code ASHCAM473 to get $10.00 off your purchase. I obviously love my ProPhoto blog. The customer service there is top-notch and I have nothing but good to say about their product.


I also want to thank Evie Houston designs for donating time and creativity in creating new print pieces for the organziation. Thanks Evie!

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  • melanie - the website turned out great! Good job!!

  • christina larsen - Great job.

  • Camille Garrison - Ok so you are so great! I am from Utah, but am living in Africa right now for a year (with my husband’s job) and so this post hit home! I love Africa and I love that you’re helping. You’re an amazing photographer and an inspiration!

  • Rachel - as a graphic designer this inspires me to seek out other organizations to offer my services to! if there are ever any projects you would like to collaborate on for charity i would LOVE to. thanks for the inspiration and doing this!

  • denise - AWESOME Ashley!!!! Love it love it!

  • ElleBows - Ashley! The website looks amazing and it’s very easy to navigate through. I have some vintage pillowcases that would be perfect for this cause. Can’t wait to get started!

  • bopha - very cool, it’s great to see other’s generosity as well.

  • Rachel O'Neill - We are so excited about it and so grateful for the help. The comments we are getting are wonderful and a further assurance that this mission will continue to grow. Thank you Ashley for jumping in and thanks to Jared for the awesome donation. Love and gratitude, Rachel

  • Carla - it looks so wonderful!! this is such a great project to undertake, and you did amazing. well done!

  • Evie Houston - Thanks Ashley for the shout out!

  • kelly - What an awesome thing to do! It looks amazing, of course!!

  • April Whalen - how do you know evie? i’ve know her for years and her husband’s family forever. love them!

  • Kate - Oh I love the new website look! Wonderful job!

  • pamela - i knew it!!! i remember checking the site when you first began talking about it, and thought that it looked similar to most volunteer/nonprofit/grassroots/religious groups i had seen before. you all did such an amazing job! how kind of you all to do this. your photos are so intense they really lend the website beauty that conveys their mission!

  • Sew for a Good Cause? « Like Old, Like New - [...] I follow on my Google reader redesigned their website for them last year. Check out her post on it here. I came across this organization last spring and became really excited about what they’re [...]

  • Jessica - I came across Little Dresses for Africa last spring and fell in love with the organization. I’ve followed your blog for a while but didn’t realize you did a site redesign for them until I searched for it. I just blogged about the organization and included your site redesign too! Keep up the good work :)