UPDATE: Giveaway is now closed…Sarah’s is the last counting comment

Let me preface this post with an apology to all the boy moms out there…why are all the fun etsy things always seem to be for girls?! I know. I have 3 boys. I apologize that this is another one for the girls. Next Friday is all about the boys (at least that is the plan right now!)

It is no secret I am a fan of etsy…here’s why I like it:

1. Supporting individuals who are making a living doing things they love

2. I can shop in my pjs

3. I can shop without loading, unloading, reloading, re-unloading 4 kids…and all the seatbelts involved with that

4. Unique items

5. Great prices

6. I can find things quickly (like fabric) that local stores don’t carry

7. An abundance of inspiration for my own projects

8. Supporting individuals who are making a living doing things they love – did I repeat that one? Yep, it’s worth repeating.

I’ve had fun doing these little etsy shopping lists on Fridays….shopping without buying can still be fun. Well this week etsy dealer Simply Couture Boutique would like to give two sets of bows  and a crayon roll away to three of my readers! I have debated doing giveaways on here, but for now you all seem to enjoy it and I like highlighting Etsy and helping people do what they love…so that is that for now. Since the giveaway is related to little girl hair, I thought I’d do an etsy highlight of hair accessories for big and small girls! I thought about posting some of my favorite sessions with little girls in bows, but that would take too long and 3 boys with Legos need someone to be the princess to save! Notice the baby on the bottom row…isn’t she a cute one?


new EtsyNameSpace.Mini(5792879, ‘favorites’,’gallery’,4,4).renderIframe();
// ]]>

And now for the giveaway – the prizes are:

1 Set of Large Purple Bows (like pictured, headband not included)

1 Set of Small Purple Bows (like pictured, headband not included)

1 LadyBug Crayon Roll (like pictured)



Giveaway Details:

Contest ends Sunday, January 17th 12:00pm US Central

3 Winners

Only one entry per person (additional entries will be deleted)

All comments are considered an entry

Winner will be chosen at random, using a Random Number Generator. 1st winner – Large Bows, 2nd Winner – Small bows, 3rd – Crayon Roll

In the comment section answer: “If you could make anything as a career, what would you make?” (ex: bows, clothes, cakes, etc…)

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  • Jennifer Williams - There are too many things to choose from! I just like to try different things, maybe I just haven’t found THE thing yet!

  • amanda torres - Dinners for families.

  • Lucy - I make block prints and the plan is to one day sell them. But for now I am just making plans and trying to stay sane.

  • Kelly - Oh I love, love, love the crayon roll. Too cute. Unfortunately I am not overly crafty. But maybe a photographer. I love black and white photography and how it takes away all the distractions and just focuses on the true emotion of the individual being photograhed. Here’s hoping I win!

  • Heather - I love the bows and the crayon roll. So cute!

  • Stephanie - I would make toys. Since having my son, that’s my favorite thing to make. I love that he plays with Mama-made things!

  • Kari S - Anything involving photographs! I enjoy capturing life as it is and being able to have a picture to look back and cherish the memories! During Christmas I printed some of my favorite pics on vellum paper, cut them out, rolled and stuck them inside a clear glass ornament. Everyone loved them.

  • Michele - A photographer!

  • christina larsen - Desserts. I love to bake. If I could make a living out of baking for others and not have to eat ALL of my creations that would be a fabulous thing for me and my jeans. :)

  • Jodi - Photographer….or interior decorator….or wedding/party planner…….hehe. I don’t know, I am still having trouble deciding what I want to be when I grow up! I have 2 little girlies and those would be super cute in their hair!!

  • Katie - Well I’ve already kind of started with my cupcake business. It would either be that or starting my own ministry or some sort.

  • Robyn - makes me want a girl! boys are no fun to shop for!

  • Rachel - Blankets…whether I sew them or crochet them, I just really like seeing a finished blanket!

  • Susan - I love what I do, but it’s so much fun to surprise people with a photograph gift of their kiddo(s)…something to do with photography gifts!

  • hillary - weddings :)

  • Shasta - I have just found your blog last week…and am totally in love with it! You have a lovely family and great pictures!

  • becky - Desserts! I love to bake (and eat) almost any dessert :-)

  • Kara - I would be a photographer! I have no kids, but I love trying to win. I can find a cute little girl to give them too!!

  • Faith Buss - No way I could choose one thing… I’ll just be in the business of making “stuff”.
    Making people has turned out to be a fun career though. I’m sure you can relate!

  • Yuliana - memories, anything to do with scrapbooking and photos.

  • Jeannette Swan - You have gotten me hooked on checking out Etsy when I need (or just want) something. I told you, I got the cutest camera strap slipcover from Etsy – I love it! I had the same thought about supporting people making a living doing something they love to do!! If I could make anything for a living, it would be, I don’t know, I like to make a lot of things, but not an expert on anything! I wish I could sew and make things like curtains and pillows!

  • Michele V. - I would love to be a photographer (but just for friends and family). Thanks for doing the giveaways.

  • Stephanie May* - Definitely clothes! :)

  • ashlee - cloth diapers! the kind they wear not spit up on. i love them and i love making them. oh and quilts:) i love a pretty and unique quilt:)

  • Megan H - Cakes. I love cake decorating. “Cakes by Megan.”

  • Dick - I would continue to make what I am making right now: Purses,mini quilts,fabric postcards,kids balls, monsters,hats,coffee cozies, etc. I just love sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, making buttons out of polymer clay or homemade flour and salt dough that has been baked, painted and decoupaged. I lose sleep over creating ideas.

  • Deb - The above comment is from Deb, Dick’s wife, I keep forgetting to change his name to mine when I comment. Sorry.

  • Lindy - I would love to be able to quit my job and take on my photography business full time!

  • Anna Marie - Clothes and fun little things for little girls.

  • Trinity - I would decorate cakes…I’ve never actually done this, but think it looks like fun, and in my dream world, I’m really good at it and someone else always cleans the mess!

  • Martina - wedding invitations!

  • Mara - Beautiful images of children for parents that can’t afford to hire a photographer.

  • Christian T - I agree about the boy thing!! Although, I did find a nice Monster Truck Tee yesterday from an Etsy Vendor.
    If I could make anything as a career it would be – way too much to list! Ideally, pretty parties! Photos are a close second. Paper products third. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Mandy B - I love photography, but I especially wish that I could use my skills to help families with babies in the hospital document their journey.

  • andeehans - I would love to be a great photographer and design scrapbook paper. I’m actually thinking about going back to school, I think I finally know what I want to do when I grow up! Design

  • Lisa - handstamped jewelry

  • Lynne Comunale - I think I could spend all day browsing through Etsy- a little dangerous!

  • Jen - I would love to be able to knit warm and cozy things for people. (Probably have to figure out how to do more than a chain stitch though..) Just found your site and I love it – Thanks!!

  • Robyn Lee - I love the Ladybug (or as I’ve called them since I was little- “Laderbugz”) crayon roll! How precious!

  • Donna - I would paint pictures!

  • Alicia Thompson - I would not be able to maintain a career if it involved making anything! However, I could probably make a career out of supporting those who make cute, trendy things.

  • Katherine - I would make charming, and sometimes hilarious, little boy clothes and *things*… because you’re right- it is so hard to find cute boy stuff! Thanks for blogging. Very enjoyable and inspiring.

  • Aja - I would make baked goods: cookies, cupcakes, etc.

  • Katie - I have an etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ladykatie86) store that I just started, but I’ve been crafting and sewing for years! I love making things that use what I have, or can be made beautiful using really thrifty materials!! I love making bags, baby things, curtains, reupholstering, clothes and anything crochet!

  • Dena - I would love to make a living doing crafts……any…. so I could spend more time with my kids! Have a great weekend!

  • Heather Stauffer - Can shopping be a career??? I think I could be a pro 😉 Ummm if it was something I had to MAKE, I’d say little girls clothing :) But I’d have to learn how to use my sewing machine first…hehe! Details!

  • Jesse M - I’d make snow cones and serve them out of a refurbished vintage camper!

  • Holly Todd - Go Etsy!!!

  • Rachel - I would make clothes for little girls and their mommies… and maybe boys and their daddies but I’m not as skilled with tailoring for men! Great giveaway!

  • Jamie - Thanks for the opportunity.

  • angela - i would make custom picture frames.

  • dori - I would love to refinish and repurpose used furniture.

  • Kim Roach - I would love to teach children craft projects! I love to see their faces light up when they have created something themselves!

  • Bekah - I would make art for people’s homes. Paintings, unique wall art, unique furniture…just everything! That’s the dream…

  • Meagan - Cool Ashley! I would and DO make art, especially nursery art, and, since having a baby girl, hair accessories! Actually, you are the one who introduced me to the felt flowers that I now make! My sister told me about the one you had on Breese in the hospital and I have adored them ever since! I have liked etsy for some time now, but somehow had never seen the felt headbands! Thank you for feeding my etsy obsession!!! I would love to do more sewing too—Just can’t seem to find the time…Look for my shop to open soon TheSleepyPoppy.etsy.com

  • Christina - I would love to be a photography – full time!!

  • katherinemarie - #8! #8!— I so love that your #8! I think that is why I fell in love with etsy so long ago!

    THANKS for this give-a-way!

    If I could make anything a career: Being a MOM. NO doubt, the most FANTASTIC career in the world!

  • Mrs. Dunbar - I would make toys, that kids would actually play with.

    And I know the perfect little girl, who would be the recipient of these lovely things… my sister-in-law is in the hospital as I write this, in labor.

  • Deanna - I would figure out a way to make beautiful music to sell!

  • Savannah - If I could make anything my career it would be traveling the world with my husband and the little one on the way!

  • Jen C - I’ve always wanted to make a business out of handmade wedding invitations!

  • Ashley Cangelosi - My little girl loves to get mail, pretty bows, and new ‘gadgets’…I want to start selling pretty, girly, re-purposed items…I have a plan in the works…

  • Alisa - anything involving photography or designing announcements/invitations

  • Jasie - i would make aprons. i made a super cute one for a christmas gift this year. btw, where did you get the cute headband that you attach the bows to? did you make it out of tights?

  • Lauren Roberts - I would love to make cakes and pastries, and share a diner with my husband. Maybe one day…..

  • Melissa Davis - I’m still not sure what I want to be as a career. I do love making/capturing visual memories of children for their parents with photography. Your perspective on photographing kids, Ashley, has impacted and inspired me. I’ve got a beautiful niece that would look adorable with either bow and a nephew that will begin coloring very soon.

  • Jodi - I am a mom, and I love it. It’s the only career I want!

  • Danielle Townsend - Are you ready for the list? I would make furniture, books/journals (writing and binding), PHOTOGRAPHS (I’m obsessed with photoblogs), pillows, wedding plans, etc, etc. BUT really, I’m just thrilled I get to make it through this life with my sweet hubby. I’m pretty good at that. The rest, well, I have some learning to do.

  • Amanda Mc - Hard to pick one thing, so here are two. Photography and I’d love to learn to grow organic fruits and vegetables.

  • patricia - I would make a career of creating pleasant rooms for others. Finding things at yard sales, thrift shops, clearance sales combing that with my love for sewing. Thanks for a beautiful website! I love the music, what/who is it?

  • Natalie M. - I would love to make pottery as a career. I am always in awe of some of the hand made creations people make from a lump of clay, water and a wheel. Maybe someday I will learn:)

  • Shanalea - It doesn’t hurt to try again. This is a hard question. I was trying to think about what I am good at and could turn into a career. It would have to be in education. I think I am leaning towards beig a resource for parents who are either homeschooling their children or helping students who are struggling in private or public school.

  • Shauna - I love good fabric. Sometimes when I am surfing te web I will go to one of my favorite online sewing stores and start dreaming. So, if I was going to make anything it would be beautiful fabric. P.S. Your blog inspires me in so many ways. Thank you.

  • Ali Richardson - I absolutely LOVE your adorable blog!! I found you through “Whatever” another one of my faves!! Anyway, if I could make one type of thing for my career and be in total Heaven, it would have to be shabby chic home decor. I love to be be crafty and flea marketing is my most favorite thing to do. To have a shabby chic upcycle shop would be AMAZING!!!! O.k., that’s it 😉

  • rachel - desserts~!

  • Emma - Portrait photography – not that I am any good at it yet, but I just love all the different faces/stories

  • Jennifer - Scrabble with my great grandmother!

  • Jeanne - I am expecting a new grandchild in March, don’t know the sex,but the bows would be lovely on a girl and the crayon keeper is adorable!

  • Kati - these are so cute! If only I had the talent to make them!!

  • Kristi - I would do photography. I am not that good at it yet. But I am trying to learn! I love that ladybug crayon holder! I buy ladybug everything for my little one!

  • Dick - I would love to be good enough at photography to make a living taking pictures of all types.

  • Rebekah Jean - wow…besides making pictures I would love to design vintage-inspired kitchen appliances. Or make journals/sketchbooks out of old books like I’ve seen on Etsy.

  • Sarah M - I love being a stay-at-home-mom for my “career” but if I was to make a HOBBY into a job–it would have to be all things crafty. I love to knit/sew/photograph/random crafts…I would love to have my etsy shop up again someday !!
    Sarah M

  • Heather King - If I could make anything as a career I would make beautiful photographs to make everyone’s house feel like a home… whether it be of my children for my home, of others children for their home or of piles of dirt… things to make them smile :)

  • Natasha Perryman - Well, hummm. I think its a tie between food (sweets, nuts, cakes, meals, anything!) and watercolors (baby names, scriptures, etc). So many things in between that bring my life such joy, but I will leave it at that. I have never sat down and really looked through Etsy, but I do love fabrics and am sewing more often so I will take a look. Thanks for posting ways to help Haiti. And I enjoyed the adoption meeting at church : )

  • Kim - anything with my hands. I love variety!!!

  • Stephanie - I would design beautiful fonts… not that I even have a clue as to how that is done :)

  • Emily - Love your site, Ashley! Your pictures should be in magazines. TO answer your question, I’d make writing a career, if given the option.

  • Mindy S. - Hi there Ashley! I was turned on to your blog by a crafty friend of mine and I.Love.It. Seriously. So many great ideas! I’ve actually recreated your canvas bird art for my mom’s upcoming birthday. Thanks for the great idea! To answer your question, in my imaginary world I would LOVE to make baby carriers (rings slings and wraps like the Moby or Snuggly)because I LOVE babywearing. Sewing bedding would be fun too
    (custom crib bumpers, blankets, hanging wall quilts, curtains, etc.)

  • Sarah - I would probably make cards or wedding invitations; I used to make cute handmade cards all the time but now I don’t have the time.

UPDATE:  For a tutorial on my doily table runner click here

Well I guess this is turning into Baby Sister week on this blog…she does have 3 older brothers…they just move too fast…and I am tired of LEGO pictures. So I’ve been putting off giving Baby Sister her first meal that wasn’t supplied by me. I mean I already: prepare 13 plates of food a day, clean up those 13 plates, wash 9 faces and 18 hands a day . I was not wanting to add anymore hands, faces or dishes to the mix. Well not only did she turn 6 months old, but she was also turning into a goat – trying to eat everything in sight. So I grudgingly accepted that it was time to introduce cereal. Now this process was delayed a bit. Breakfast time is crazy, Chris is gone at lunch and it is dark when Chris gets home. All that just means the only time there is natural light and a husband around to help was on the weekend. So Goat Girl had to wait until the weekend for her first cereal meal, so her mommy didn’t have to use her flash. Just letting you know.

My goat is cuter than Grandpa’s

Hello! Do you see that tongue?!1.10cereal-03

Well the big day came and we sat the bowl on the table. Littlest Brother started to get into it, so I moved it out of the way. While I was getting the camera ready, big boys snacks and teaching Biggest Brother how to record video….this hungry girl somehow grabbed the spoon and just started feeding herself. I went to get the spoon to start feeding her and realized she already had it!1.10cereal-04

We re-adjusted…and took the team approach. I had the camera, Biggest Brother on video (our video camera died, so we had to use the p&s), Daddy feeding.1.10cereal-05

She did not spit one bite out. If you have ever introduced food to a baby you know it is pretty common for them to spit some just because they are trying to figure things out. Not my girl. She did still get it all over her face due to trying to grab the spoon with every bite to feed herself.1.10cereal-061.10cereal-071.10cereal-08

Again with the long tongue.1.10cereal-09

And then she was finished and daddy walked away. What can I say, she likes food and was sad to see it leave. I understand baby…I feel the same way.1.10cereal-10

Then Biggest Brother showed her the Cheezit box. I told him that was mean. You’d think by this face she knew what Cheezits were!1.10cereal-11

She has since slowed down and is in the normal baby routine of spitting out most of what she eats….bummer.

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  • Alba - I’ve two boys, the oldest had his first meal(banana) when he was 5 months old, I’d to go back to work, and since then he has not stop eating solid food, even I continue breastfeding him until he was 22 months old. He was delighted to try everything. The second one was the quiet man, did not try solid food until 6 months and had the first meal around 10 months, once again because I had to go back to work. Both of them eat fantastically til now, well, let’s face it, it is cheaper to buy them a book than invite them for dinner ;-)(I can not imagine the bill in the supermarket in few years).
    So if Baby Sister is not interested in food anymore, give her your supply ;-), it’s cleaner, cheaper and quite more easy (at least for me). And the quality of the food 😉 … the best.

  • Jeannette Swan - I am not even a remote fan of feeding babies food – I stick to milk from mommy as long as possible! She is as cute as can be though!!

  • Lauren Roberts - I remember you poking a little fun at me when I tended to take aLOT of pictures of our littlest sister. I was starting to notice the same trend here :) You just can’t help it!

  • christina larsen - Cute and messy; the way a first meal should be.

  • chantelle - you pics are too cute……I want another baby!

  • Lauren - I understand the “putting off the first meal that wasn’t supplied by me” feeling. I have a daughter who was born in June and the whole feeding thing has added a new realm of complication to my life!
    I love this blog by the way – I just found it and it is really inspiring!

  • Jamie - New blog reader here… That Baby Girl is simply adorable! I love those cereal photos. Precious…

  • Dick - Where did you get that adorable green chair that your baby is sitting in? Who makes it? My husband and I have a 6 month old grandaughter and your baby reminds us so much of her. Beautiful, of course.

  • Amanda Fuentes - Aww, my youngest daughter is only a week younger than yours, we started cereal at 5 mos. b/c she was watching every move we’d make during dinner, she also ate EVERY bite of her first cereal didn’t spit it out at all. We tried peas for the 1st time yesterday… the pic will be on my blog later this evening, lol!

  • Amanda Fuentes - Oops, gave the wrong blog address, its not blogger anymore its blogspot.

  • Dick - I just posted a comment from Dick. My name is Deb, I’m Dick’s wife. He reads your blog almost every day if not every day, and now, I have to check it out. I never knew what people found in reading blogs, but now I’m hooked. Thanks for the inspiration. I would love to follow you around to see how your day goes and how you get done what you get done. Be Blessed. Deb

  • Sarah - I LOVE that last picture with her Michelin rolls showing!! SOOO CUTE!!

  • the inadvertent farmer - Ahh those first sweet moments! My last one showed no interest in solids till 8 months and I was not sad in one bit! Great shots, Kim

  • Jill R - I’m with Deb. How you get this all done is one of life’s great mysteries. I love the rolls on your sweet baby girl!! She is a doll.

  • tiny twig - she is adorable. precious! i sometimes dread the starting of solid foods–because its just extra mess and another mouth to clean, etc.

  • Nancy - Wow, cutest baby ever! Beautiful photos :)

  • ellebows - oh, i just love her! beautiful pictures! yay for these special milestones :-)

  • Asha - So relieved I’m not the only one who held out until 6 months but I did it because I read food is bad for their intestines before then. People made me feel like I was doing something wrong holding out.
    Your kids are so beautiful!!!!!

  • Emily - She is adorable! (So are your boys). We actually have a little girl almost a month older than her. Aren’t they fun?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes there are just too many creative things I want to try. I’ve wanted to try TtV photography for a long time, but just never got around to it. Mainly I would see it online somewhere, love it…then I’d forget about it. Well this week Rachel posted her first experience and it was just the little shove I needed. There are lots of great online tutorials, Rachel shared this one on Hula Seventy. If you don’t have an old camera to use, you can fake TtV using Photoshop. Just Google instructions and there are tons out there.  Looking at other sites, I am obviously doing something wrong because everyone else’s does not have the square corners in their shots…just perfect little black trim on the edges.  I also didn’t clean my old camera AT ALL – so I am going to do that too. Finally I noticed the little strap on top of my Brownie Hawkeye kept getting in my shots – one more thing to remedy. I’ll have to figure all that out and post more next week. Feel free to give me pointers if you are experienced with TtV! Until then, here is my very first attempts at TtV…it was fun!

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  • Jeannette Swan - I don’t even understand what you are doing!

  • Michele V. - I’m right there with you Jeannette…. what are you doing?

  • Allison - I’ve been meaning to try since I bought the perfect camera to do it with. I always seem to forget and then run out of light! I’m going to try and do it this week though. I love how yours turned out! Are the square corners specific to the type of camera you used maybe?

  • Stephanie - Ok. This is a really silly question, so please don’t judge me on it, but I’m interested in testing out TtV photography…does the old/vintage camera need to be in working condition? or are you just utilizing the viewfinder?

  • Sandy - I too had to go look up what Ttv was, guess I am not alone. I have to say, it’s really pretty cool. I really like the last one of the window. The shadow effects around it and the black boarder makes the pic look old. I like it.

  • Anna Marie - Stephanie your old camera does not have to work. You just need it to have the lenses. I bought a Kodak Duaflex at a local antique store to try it out but once I got it home and tried it the first time I realized that the top corner of the lens was cracked so I couldn’t get the four perfectly rounded corners :( I am on the look out for another. I am wondering if those square corner things in your picture is because those are on your brownie lens??? I have heard that the Duaflex is the best way to go for the TtV shots. But I could be wrong. There are some awesome TtV Flickr groups out there.

  • susie whyte - i saw this on rachel’s blog, too!! i love it!!

  • Asha - I’ve seen Ruby from Cakies and Rachael from Smile and Wave do this and I think it’s great but did you know you could just use a simple mask in photoshop without the complicated contraption menthod? There are a ton of them on flickr.