Littlest Brother was in need of a haircut. I don’t know the technical way to cut hair, but with 3 boys I am learning to wing it. I barely have time to get my own haircut, nonetheless try to make appointments for the boys! So if you are skilled at cutting hair (Jesse, Natasha) please don’t judge too harshly! Trying to wrangle him long enough to cut off all that hair was a workout. The bathroom, the boy and the mom were all covered in hair. There was crying, screaming, spitting, wiggling and angry faces involved (and that was mostly just me). In the end he got a haircut…it is wonky and wild, but a little hairspray covers a multitude of mistakes!

He is not a laid back, sit still kind of guy. In fact last night around 2am he came downstairs and crawled in our bed, then the 3 year old came down with wet underwear. I went upstairs to take care of the wet mess and ended up sleeping with the 3 year old, while this guy took my place in my bed. At 6:30am I hear the baby waking and little feet pitter pattering in her room. This guy was in there checking on her. Since the lights were on downstairs I assumed he was up with his dad….nope evidently he got up, pushed chairs to all the light switches and turned on all the lights, fixed a bowl of cheerios (no milk), pulled out art supplies and was having a little alone crafting time on the kitchen table in the wee hours of the morning. He requires as much attention as the other 3 COMBINED. I called my sister later in the day to tell her I was dropping him off for a few hours to keep her running crazy entertain her. I didn’t.

I introduced him to a water bottle with a straw to get him to sit down for a few pics. I think the new cut suits him perfectly.1.10haircut-031.10haircut-04

Yeah, he’s pretty cute….and a HANDFUL!

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  • emily anderson - next time you cut a little persons hair…give them a sucker so they sit still!
    works everytime for us :)

  • keely steger - Great shots! I’m wondering what I can give my 3 1/2 year old to get him to sit still long enough (and actually acknowledge the camera) to get some good ones of him sometime soon…

  • tiny twig - oh man, i have 2 boys–and their hair grows so stinkin fast its EXPENSIVE to get their hair cut!! plus, they were both born with a full head of hair–so we’ve been getting haircuts since 5 months…eek! anyway, i’d much rather spend that money doing something fun, so i cut my boys’ hair, too. i’m not an expert, but i DID watch tutorials on youtube. :) yay for a youtube education. i think it looks great, p.s.

  • AshleyAnn - I tried the sucker before…it was a sticky disaster for us! I’m impressed you can get it to work!

  • Jeannette Swan - I’m impressed you are cutting their hair yourself! Wow, I could never do that. I drive all the way to BA to get my kids hair cut – that was yesterday – even that is a lot of work to get 4 cut at the same time, but I can’t imagine doing it myself! Fortunately, Corban loves haircuts, he would sit there for 1/2 an hour if needed.

  • karen brown - I can’t bear the cost either! For my little guy, I strap him in the high chair, throw a movie in and go to town as fast as I can. I try to do it when my hubby is home so if need be, he can hold his head for a minute for the around the ear trims. And they always need a bath after…so itchy he tells me! Super Spiker covers a multitude of sins.

    LOVE the fauxhawk!

  • Melissa - I didn’t think your little guy could get any cuter – but I have to say I was wrong. His haircut is simply ADORABLE! I know from experience what a hard thing that is to do. Great job Mom!

  • Martina - What an adorable little boy!! Love the hair cut. :) Good job, mom. I love the pictures, too!

  • Rachel - Oh my goodness — he looks so grown up! VERY CUTE haircut! I love the faux hawk.

  • Heidi - He’s adorable! Love the new do!

  • christina larsen - What a cutie.

  • ashlee - that last pic is so cute! he reminds me of my 2 year old…poison control has heard from me more than once during his lifetime:) i try to cut his hair in the high chair, preferably outside during acceptable weather, but sometimes that dosent even work, thats why I leave it long:)

  • Shanalea - You just described my night. My one year is way more work than the others and is into EVERYTHING. We have nicknamed him, Basher and the undoer. He too likes to be up at the crack of dawn and would prefer breakfast right away. Today I had opened the fridge for something and he pulled out a yogurt for his breakfast. He definitely keeps me on my toes. BTW giving him a haircut is the exact same. My other two would sit still and calm. It takes both Adam and I to get the other one and we just use the clippers.

  • Julie - This little guy’s crack of dawn crafting session just made my day.

  • Allison - SO cute! I’d say you DO know how to cut hair. The times I’ve tried I’ve had to take them in to get it fixed because no amount of hairspray, gel, or hair glue could fix it.

  • rachel denbow - I love that he got out the art supplies on his own. And you did a great job on that cut!

  • meg duerksen - i give my kids haircuts too! that was what we did on monday.
    he’s CUTE!!!

  • mindy - Just saw the post about your chalkboard on ohdeedoh.. Wasnt sure if you had seen it yet.

  • candace - too cute! my husband is 30 and has NEVER had a haircut that his mother didn’t give him. she cuts mine now too!

  • Jill Tracy - Ahhhh–Ashley–I think it looks cute. Man–he is a doll!!!

  • Kara P - Oh Ashley, your little ones almost make me want to have kids.. . .Oh wait I forgot about the 3 am clean up session. Yeah I good for a couple more years! :)

  • Kara P - opps, I meant “I am” good. so much for proofreading

  • diane - I’ve been cutting my boy’s hair too. Invest in a Wahl trimmer. They have little plastic guides you snap on so you can cut different lengths. I let him turn it on and it makes a click and buzzes… what more could a boy ask for. Another tip: give him a match box or some small toy to entertain himself with while trimming. Yet another tip: go outside when the weather’s warm, the hair’s a breeze to clean up :)

    Cute photos!

  • Christian T - You did a great job!

  • emily anderson - oh, the sucker is for sure a sticky disaster for us…but we always stick them in the bath (or hose them off) right after anyways, so it works :)
    good luck!

  • Sarah M - Love his haircut–you did an awesome job! I love giving my Bug haircuts, too, although he’s not a fan quite yet!
    I linked your “bring the snow in” on a post I did about Cabin Fever! Love your site!!

    Sarah M

  • Carrie Sowell - He’s a doll! I have to get some hair cutting lessons from you. I’ve been trying to cut my boys hair too. As for dropping kids off at their aunts…I fully support it! My girls spend alot of time with their aunts. Haile came back addicted to Facebook (which I shut down quickly) and McKinley addicted to coffee, but I still love they get time with their Aunt Jennie before her little baby girl comes next month!

  • Jaimie - his hair looks really good. i might even use that photo as inspiration for my little’s next haircut. though i will not be doing the cutting. i would never. i’m too scared. a week ago my bf cut a triangle in his bangs. never again.

  • Sarah - Dear Ashley, I’ve never commented on a blog before…. A friend linked to your post about the goats a while back and I was hooked. You inspire me! Your pictures/family/outlook are gorgeous. I want to see the way you do; I want to take pictures like yours. Over the months and months of reading your blog, I found that not only do you have a phenomenal talent but you also instill this confidence in others…. Finally this week, I bought a used dslr. I’m so excited to start learning. I’m not a mom yet, but I’m determined to be as cool and fearless as you. I’ve been more crafty, and therefore more happy lately, and I definitely chalk that up in large part to reading your blog everyday and getting wind of your whimsy! Thanks–Sarah (Annapolis, MD)

  • the sister - I love the hair and the story and, if I wasn’t at work, I would’ve loved to play with him. Not sure the dropping him off for days would be a good idea because it might scare this baby to stay in here forever ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Natasha Perryman - HA HA! Thanks for giving me props on the haircuts… I will say that, without a doubt, that cutting children’s hair is the worst. I do it for my own family and a few very very select kids.
    I refer to doing those haircuts as Tae Bo. With that many arm movements and moving around it takes me back to the college days of Billy Blanks. You hit the nail on the head, it is a workout.
    He does look SO handsome and hairspray does cover a multitude of hair sins. (Thank goodness even on my own hair!)
    For your future haircutting… I LOVE “Oster” brand with the guard set (0-10) and the “Oster Finisher” for cleaning the edges- neck and sideburns (this does make ALL the difference!) AND NOT TO MENTION ALL THE SAVINGS! I have been cutting Adam’s hair for 12 years, think of those savings! Natasha

  • maegan - I cut my 3 year olds hair and have yet to figure out how to get him to sit still. Let me know if you figure something out! Oh, and great job, I know what went into it!

  • Jesse - LOL! I think his hair is super cute! You are more brave than I would be if I didn’t do it for a living. I make mine all get their haircut at the same time and then off to the bath. Jude is definitely my one that used to fight me, but thankfully not anymore.

  • Melissa - How old is littlest brother? I cannot imagine my 20 month old daughter being so independent! We are stressing over putting her downstairs from us when our 2nd baby comes in a bout 5 1/2 months to make room for the new baby. It sounds like your little man does just fine?! Way cute haircut, by the way. You did great!

  • Cindy - Little E looks all grown up with his cute new haircut! Haircuts always turn into a wrestling match with my boys…. I caved and took them somewhere recently and the hairdresser asked if my littlest had cut his own hair because it was such a mess!!!

  • kelly - ADORABLE! He looks so cute and grown up. My husband cuts boy hair in our house cause I wouldn’t even know where to start. You look like a pro! :)

    And LOL about the independence. It’s something about the 3rd one I am telling you. Mine is a maniac. Funny, but CRAZY!

  • Evelina - Lovely pictures!

  • Misty - I love the new haircut! I cut both of my boy’s and my husbands hair. My husband and oldest have wiry thick hair that has to be cut short so that’s pretty easy…….the littlest is another story. I deal with the crying, wrestling, screaming, hair everywhere too. Ahh…but look at the $$ we save… can be spent on goodies for the girls hair! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Melissa - The new haircut is adorable!! My little man needs one too, but I’m so scared to take him in! I don’t want to part with his cute curls in the back!

    Your kids are beyond adorable! :)

Just had to say “thank you” for all your kind comments on the previous post. If I knew you all were going to leave me so many sweet comments (and flat out h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s) I would have shared that comment earlier! Gotta admit the one suggesting it was the same person that stole my daughter’s hat at Hobby Lobby probably made me laugh the hardest. On a serious note, I do appreciate your comments and sharing why you love this blog. I know everything I post or do in my home is not for everyone. It would be a pretty boring world if we all liked the same things and did the same things. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll stop. The temperature is dropping as I speak write and I know most of the nation is in artic weather right now. The weather guy is forecasting the coldest wind chill temps here in 14 years. You know that has me so excited to wake up in the morning (that is sarcasm)! In an effort not to dwell on the negative, I remind myself that once I get everyone bundled up I get to see this vision in pink. She’s just so snuggly in it…SO SNUGGLY!!! That makes me smile.


By the way, next time I have a rough day I am just going to fix a latte and read your comment over and over and over again…while the boys are playing the wii with the “mom discretionary minutes”!

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  • Lauren Roberts - We love you :)

  • Carrie - I just read the mean post. Seriously, that person needs Jesus! Sorry about that. I love your blog and you are wonderful!

  • Leanne - i just have to say that i thought i was funny when thinking it was the same person that took the hat in hobby lobby, so i’m glad you got a chuckle out of it too. i’m the girl that emailed last week and asked for advice on a self promo ad. and as it turns out, i thought of an idea all on my own and it turned out great! keep the posts comin!

  • Charissa - Ha, now you have me going back looking for the basket! You’re amazing Ashley, don’t let anybody keep you from crafting!

  • Alba - It always amaze me why people makes the effort to left stupid comments in webs/blogs. What a waste of time, for them, and also for you. Keep posting please, I (we) love it. Once again, thanks for sharing with us. Petonets,

So I’ve mentioned recently that we now own a Wii. I fought it as long as I could and finally caved into the big boys and Chris. I am viewing it as our “winter sport”. It became obvious to me pretty quickly that the boys needed something visual to understand how much time they are allowed to play. So I made a Wii minute board. Really I was just looking for an excuse to use some of the Amy Butler paper my sister got me for Christmas.

I made each of the older boys “Wii minute” cards. I also made myself 4. Once the boys use up their minutes for the week, that is it until the next week. However, I have 4 cards to give out at my discretion for whatever reason I want (like a desperate need to be alone with coffee and the sewing machine). Chris asked if he got any minutes to pass out…nope. The whole point is to limit Wii time! To make the cards, I cut out strips of paper, rounded the edges, tied a ribbon to the top, and stamped the initials on the front.1.10wiiboard-02

Then I took a clipboard (that I had previously painted in chalkboard paint) and glued paper to it using Mod Podge.1.10wiiboard-03

Then I glued 3 envelopes to the clipboard. 1 for each boy and 1 that is “Mom’s” that the used minutes go in. The 4 discretionary minutes are clipped to the top. I also used chalk at the bottom to write the days of the week and check them off…there is no such thing as “wii rollover minutes”. Granted, this is quite girly looking, but the boys could care less. They are more concerned about how many little cards they have left than they are over what paper the cards are made of. I could have done some boyish paper – like balls or transportation – but I want to enjoy looking at it!1.10wiiboard-04

As I was making this project I thought of a comment that was recently left on this blog. I deleted it because it was very mean spirited and it is my blog, so I can delete comments if I want! The comment said, “You have GOT to be kidding. Next time you get these urges drink something alcoholic until they pass. That wire basket ceiling fixture is indescribably ugly, and the backsplash should effectively get you laughed off the web, which considering all the other ‘loving hands at home’ projects around, is no small feat. Please don’t ‘craft’ anymore, unless you want to see such comments as mine.”

So here’s to you – mean, grumpy man…another craft by Ashley Ann….next time you get the urge to visit my blog drink some prune juice and wait for the urge to pass.

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  • pamela - eeeeeewwwwwwww! what a jerk! although, i’ve read on other popular blogs that you know you’ve made it big when people start disliking your blog. not that that makes it better. i mean if people really don’t like your stuff, then why even bother wasting your time reading it!? so weird. in any case i love the Wii board and all of the other stuff you make! you’re inspirational : )

  • Katie L. - I visit your blog every day and have only left one comment. I’m more of a stalker than a participant! :) However, I simply had to let you know that I think your craft ideas are fabulous! I made more than one Christmas present (as did several of my close friends) based on ideas from this lovely blog. Keep crafting, keep blogging and please, please, please, keep taking those gorgeous photographs!

  • amanda torres - I cannot even imagine someone going to the lengths to make a comment like that. Obviously he had to be into the blog to read the whole post and check out all those pictures associated with that post. That poor guy must really hate many aspects of life if he felt it necessary to take his precious time to leave a comment. Crazy!

  • Lindsay - people can be so mean! i love love love your blog and look at it everyday – even though google reader can’t figure out how to work itself. i don’t have a wii or kids, but i want to make the stinking wii board! i love it! keep on crafting and blogging about it my friend. you have plenty of people reading who love your stuff and that outweighs the bad a million times over.

  • Jenny - What a meanie. I LOVE that remodel. In fact, that is how I found your blog and now I visit every day. I really enjoy the pictures of your beautiful children. Especially the oldest one. The girls are really gonna like him when he gets to dating age. Keep up the good work and try to ignore comments like that.

  • Rachel Ridd - oh my! I can’t believe someone would even write that. People are crazy haha. I LOVE you kitchen. Well really every picture of the house that I see. I actually bought a wire basket at Home Goods the other day because your blog inspired me to make my own basket fixture. Thanks for all your creative ideas and inspiration.


  • Jeannette Swan - You Rock!!! God has given you a talent that a lot of us try not to be envious of…I can’t imagine not having your amazing blog with amazing ideas and pictures to inspire me to at least try to be crafty!! We love you!!

  • Ryan - Mean people stink. Keep on keepin’ on – that’s the best way to handle these sort of things.

  • Lauren Roberts - Obviously this person has no better talents than to put rude comments out there. Ashley, we love all YOUR craftineess. Keep on crafting girl!

  • Aunt Sandy - Love your site, love your crafts, Love your family, Love your comments, Love, love your spunk (not just saying that because you are my niece). So with all that said, I have one last thing to say: YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!

  • raychel - NEVER let a comment like that ever get you down!! I come on here daily just to see what you’re crafting!!! As for this one – I wish i had little kidlets just to make one! You think my husband would mind if I just gave him minutes?! :) All God’s Blessings! Keep using your AMAZING talents!

  • jenni - oh my. that’s horrible! i can’t believe someone would say that to you. or to anyone! if you can’t say something nice, then dont say anything at all. i personally loved your basket fixture and the kitchen backsplash. if i owned my own house, i would definetly copy your backsplash idea! keep up the cute crafts!

  • Andrea Jett - Oh my, I am positive that he must have mis-spoke! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here is what I think he meant: “You have GOT to be kidding me. Why have I not seen this blog before?? Next time (if ever) you get an urge to NOT post something, drink some coffee and recuperate until the feeling passes! That wire basket thing is so indescribably creative, and the backsplash, along with your hilarious and endearing commentary, should effectively get you laughed right off the web and ONTO YOUR OWN TV SHOW. Which considering all the other ‘loving hands at home’ projects around, it is no small feat to be such an inspirational and admired leader. Please don’t ever stop! Unless you want to be inundated with comments begging your return.”

    Yes yes. I am sure that is what he meant to say, but the prune juice had clouded his vision and he missed some keys on the keyboard. Mr. Prune Juice, don’t mess with Ashley! She is a God-given gift to many.

  • kelly - Holy Mean Comment! I come here every morning to see what you have done next and I steal I mean use your ideas all the time! This is agreat one! I have one two year old and I want a Wii for myself to excercise and I have debated about it and the headache that comes from limiting the game time. This is a GREAT suggestion!! I am also thinking I could turn this idea into some sort of potty training/rewards chart – because really who want to look at a Thomas the Train potty chart everytime they go to the bathroom!

  • Leanne - maybe the guy that left that comment was the same one that stole your little one’s hat in hobby lobby. love the idea…will be passing it along to my friends that got a wii from santa this year and deal with the same issues. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mique - Ashley! Oh my gosh- I can’t believe someone wrote that!?! The nerve. AND so not true- it’d be one thing if it were true. But not at all.
    I love this project! LOVE! And I laughed when you put you wanted an excuse to use your AB paper- that’s my kind of girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I will be linking on 30days! So cute. Thanks.

  • Trinity - I love the idea of the wii time cards. We are always looking for good ideas for things like that. Here is my question. How much time do they get for each card, or is that specified?

  • Mary - I visit your blog everyday. I seldom leave messages because I’m at work and if I left a message on every blog I visited I would get fired. But I love to take a break from work throughout the day to read some of my favorite blogs, and you’re definately at the top of my list. I love your house and all your cool ideas. I don’t have a crafty bone in my body. If I did, I would copy your ideas. Thanks for sharing your fun home with everyone.

  • Jo - People are so rude and so blunt these days its UNREAL! :) Keep on makin’ your stuffies!!! They are awesome! So awesome they make me want to leave work and go home to craft! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rachel - Oh no he did-n’t. Picture me saying that while snapping my fingers with a very sassy look on my face. I LOVE the Wii minutes idea. I can’t wait until my guy is old enough for those!

  • Emily - Ashley, I LOVE your projects – keep ’em coming!!! :)

  • Anna Joy - Ashley, your crafts are incredible! Don’t listen to a man who probably does not have an ounce of creativity in his body. Keep creating, PLEASE!!!

  • Patti Robertson - I read your blog everyday and look forward to it. God Bless you for being able to just hit the delete button. You have been very blessed with you talents and this person is just jealous.

  • courtney - SOMETHING good came out of that ridiculous & meanspirited (not to mention WRONG) comment — it’s forcing ME to comment. I’m very bad about lurking and silently enjoying the blogs that I love so much and never even saying thank you. So…thank you! I really enjoy your projects and lovely photos.

  • ashlee - mean people stink! I love love love your blog! your crafts are awesome…like this one. we just got a wii for christmas and i too needed a way to regulate their time. I will be making this today! thanks:)

  • dena - I LOVE your crafts.. I copy them… ALOT. :)
    How long is a WII card session? Trying to figure out how to let my boys play without it taking over their entire day!

  • Lisa - I think this is an awesome idea I should do something like this, I happen to like your blog and your crafts. Some people just don’t have any taste and to much time on their hands so they have to fill their day being miserable. Idle hands are the devil playground as they say. keep up the good work and ignore the grumpy people. Hugs.

  • Carol - The man is obviously suffering some type of mental problems.

  • Jamie - How mean!!! If you don’t have anything nice to say,…well, you know. Well, it got me to comment anyway. I’ve just recently found your blog & I love it! And funny, I’ve been showing all my friends & family that light. I think it’s genious!

    The Wii minutes is a great idea & you made it cute too!

  • Valerie - I, too, want to know how much time each card represents. I’m thinking I’m going to need to copy this idea for TV time at our house! :)

  • Elizabeth - Okay..I love it…but do you need another envelope for the “used” minutes??? Where do they go???????

  • AshleyAnn - You all are cracking me up with some of your comments today! Thanks for all the sweet ones too. To answer some questions: The “used” minutes go in the “m” envelope. Each card represents 30 minutes. They get 7 total…so if they want to play with dad on the weekend, they have to save a few up. I also reserve the right to say “no” to the wii anytime I want.

  • Kara - It might have been funny if you had left the comment up…your faithful readers would have jumped all over that! ๐Ÿ˜€ (like we have today!)

  • christina larsen - I think it is a wonderful idea. BTW, hasn’t Mr. Grumpy man ever heard the saying, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Really, how rude could you be. Don’t listen to him, you are amazing.

  • lorae - I agree 100% with Ms. Jett’s comment about said grouch. More importantly, AMY BUTLER HAS PAPER!!?? I’m trying to limit craft consumption and now I am tempted with this. I promised to use what I already have(and it is a lot!) for upcoming crafts. I’ll be fine no really I’ll somehow make it without those wonderful, beautiful papers in my life. Who am I kiddin I’ll have that goodness in my hands by nightfall:).

  • the inadvertent farmer - ROFL…yes prune juice is in order, as they say ‘mean people suck’. I hope you never quite crafting because I so enjoy your projects.

    Good luck on the video game thing…have three now college age sons and I will hold my tongue on the subject! No video games during finals week are NOT a good idea!

    Great clipboard project, Kim

  • Jill R - The anonymity of the internet makes people unafraid to be themselves. In some people this is jealousy and downright ugliness, and in others, like you, it is a bright ray of sunshine in the middle of this horrible winter! Thanks for sharing your light with us every day.

  • Kristi - I cant believe someone would say that to you! I love reading your blog and dont find anything distasteful about any of it. I could seriously look at your pictures forever!

  • Ayesha - are fantastic and i am glad you posted the diy project….jerks like that are too full of themseves xxx

  • Megan H - Ha ha…well said. For the record, I LOVED your back splash. The kitchen in my new house is in desperate need of a makeover. Reading your blog and seeing the creative things you come up is one of the highlights of my day!

  • ElleBows - oh my gosh. ewww, what a yucky comment! so far from the truth too!!! Weirdo alert!

    I love this idea! You are too clever!

  • tiny twig - LOVE your response to mr. grinchy pants! and i actually love your little light fixture. too bad those people are often even more miserable in real life than they are online. booooo grinchy pants.

  • Rachel - i know i am just one of the many to add my horror at such a comment but i just felt it was needed! i love your blog and the inspiration that i pull from it each day, thank you for taking time from your very very busy life to share with all of us! and for the record i am a professional graphic designer working for an architecture firm, and for what it’s worth from a “professional” standpoint, your remodel and projects are both elegant, timely, inventive and beautiful!

  • Jill J - Well, your wii board is MUCH cuter than mine. Our “wii tickets” (as we call them) are contained in 3 envelopes on the refrigerator. Oh well. Maybe when I grow up and become as crafty as you are, I’ll make a cute one too! (sticking tongue out at grumpy man troll.)

  • Cheree - Wow. Whatever happened to “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Especially if the comment is completely WRONG and UNCALLED for. You have a lovely blog and awesome ideas for crafts. Keep it up!

  • Ingrid - what a miserable person to go out their way to be so mean! your blog is my favorite – i love your photos and most of all your craft ideas! you are an inspiration!! thanks for blogging and sharing your ideas with us!!

  • Melissa - Wow.. The nerve of some people.. Why would they even bother reading your blog then?? I think you are super creative and look forward to reader your blog often.. I love being inspired by you as a woman, crafter and mostly a mom! Keep up the greatness!

  • Jen - this person OBVIOUSLY reads your blog everyday (like the rest of us!) and gets inspired. apparently, they are just not as talented as you so they are taking it out on you. it’s just sad. but WE all love your blog! what an inspiration to us all :) thank you for blogging!! XO

  • Rachel - Well I *love* this idea! We need one of these in my house! Thanks so much for yet another wonderful and BEAUTIFUL project. I’ll be linking.

  • Casey - that’s a really good idea, such a pretty way to keep track of time spent on the Wii! and I can’t believe the comment you received, if you have nothing nice to say or type, don’t do it, sorry you had to ever read it :(

  • Dee - I have never commented…also would be classified as a “blog stalker”…but I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! Your crafts, your humor, your photography…it’s the BEST!!! Keep it up!!

  • Allison - Yep, you know you’ve made it when the poor, sorry, lonlies come out and waste time. You should take it as a compliment! Cute idea, gets my wheels turning about a chore chart…

  • Bonnie P - very impressed with how you handled that grumpy man. and dont ever think for a second that you should quit crafting…you’re AMAZINGLY TALENTED!!

  • Brooke - Oh my goodness. I am obsessed with Amy Butler! I keep taping paper down on everything in my classroom. My second graders don’t love it…but if I have to look at it all day….

    Seriously, I cannot believe someone would be so mean to write something like that! I’m glad you didn’t leave it up. People like that shouldn’t have the right to computers. Dramatic? I don’t think so.

    Keep up the adorable crafts. No need to drink. :)

  • beth - I think sometimes people forget that design is personal. What appeals to you may not appeal to me, and vice versa. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong or ugly or anything. “Mean Guy” needs to remember he’s not the measuring stick (that’s my nod to your kitchen) for everyone.

  • Meagan - Okay first of all, awesome idea! My 4 y/o likes to go down to my Mom’s and play her WII.. He gets really obsessed with playing; He screams and fusses when we tell him it’s time to leave. (In fact, he’s begging to go down there right now…) Maybe if he had a visual que…

    That comment makes me mad and laugh at the same time. Obviously someone with major mental problems… You HAVE to know that you’re awesome; an awesome mom; an awesome crafter; an AWESOME photographer. Enough said.

  • Katie - I just discovered your blog recently, but have devoured all your DIY posts in the archives and just can’t get enough! I think your crafts are fantastic and you do a great job explaining so that even a not-so-crafty momma can figure them out. Thank you for sharing your talent and beautiful family!

  • Renita - I really enjoy your blog..keep up the great work…

  • Rachel - We just got a Wii is so fun, but my kids are still young enough that they would rather be doing something else than playing Wii all day…I’m the one who needs the Wii minute board….I could play Lego Rockband forever!!! Anyways, I love your blog so much…it is one of the few things that I look forward to are amazing in so many ways and do it all with 4 kiddos to take care of too…you go girl!! xoxo

  • Valerie - Just wanted to add a big congrats for being featured on Apartment Therapy Nusery again! Saw the adorable chalkboard on there!

  • Donna - Mean people suck! I love, love, love your blog and your crafts. Pretty sure that person has other issues that have nothing to do with you (except they chose you to take it out on.)Please make more crafts, please, please, please! (And keep deleting those nasty comments.)
    PS I making the pirate patches for my kiddos for Valentine’s Day!

  • Natasha Perryman - Well geez… that is awful. I must say the only thing I don’t like is that I cannot steal your pics to put in my “Natasha Loves” folder. I put all cute stuff I find in there for future inspiration. I have always loved all your things and like everyone else whose a reader, tries not to be jealous! See you…

  • Kristin S - What a great idea! And that person is a total, rude dork.

  • Bren - I love your blog– it is one of the few that I make sure to check every day. I LOVE your photography, stories, and all your DIY projects and have found lots of inspiration here. The minute cards is such a great idea. Please keep crafting, making, and sharing! You are so talented.:)

  • betsy - I, as many others have written, love your blog. I haven’t left a comment until now but it wont be the last time. I love your crafts and every photo. I have already made the pirate eye patches and the bandanna aprons. Keep up the wonderful work.

  • maegan - Way to implement a great idea in a totally cute way! I have used that same exact paper on several projects lately- love it! I love all your crafts and photographs and DIY tutorials. Keep them up!

  • angie - I agree – kudos to you for deleting it. I love your blog, but have to admit – a little jealous of all you get down with 4 kids…..

  • Jen - SOOOOOOO Super CUTE!

  • meg duerksen - we’ll have to talk about deleting comments sometime. :) it is bold but necessary. it is 100% ok to guard your heart.
    he sounds like a nut!

  • Amanda Mc - Maybe somewhere along the way he got rejected by a really hot crafty girl… He’s been bitter ever since! Love your blog Ashley!!

  • Kate A - Hi Ashley – Like my mother always said: if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Apparently not everyone abides by that phrase! Just wanted to let you know yours is the first blog I check every day. I am so inspired by your fun, creative, loving home and aspire to create the same environment for my own baby girl. Keep on being exactly who you are making exactly what you make – there are so many of us that love what you do! Thanks for all the ideas and the motivation to be the best mom I can be! Kate

  • rachel denbow - I like to consider the rude comments a mark that you’ve done something well enough for long enough to get you the kind of attention that gets you noticed by those outside the crafting/family circles. An achievement and a curse, huh. He did exert a good amount of energy on that comment. Someone must’ve told him he wasn’t good at something before and he’s not quite over it.

    Anyways, you handled that well, Ashley! You’re classy. I’m sure I would’ve tweeted something angry about it if it had happened to me. I’ve got a wire basket lamp, too!

  • Theresa - I came across your blog from the photography aspect and when I discovered all the other FUN stuff you post I was hooked! I check your blog everyday and I think it is FABULOUS… just like you!! Don’t let some ignorant fuddy duddy bring you down!!!

  • ellen - I haven’t ever commented before (AND I’m a day late), but I’m going to join everyone else and say that I am loving your blog. I’m a newish reader. One of my favorite things about your kitchen remodel was the light fixture. It seems like you value making personal and unique design decisions. Those are the kind I love! I want to see the person in their house, not something cookie cutter.

  • katherinemarie - I totally agree with Rachel D.

    You are out-of-this world wonderful!!! AND I’m glad you didn’t let that ridiculous comment get to you. The fantastic thing about YOUR blog is that it’s 100% b e a u t i f u l you!

    Keep up the crazy wondeful work you do! :):):)

  • kassondra - i just wanted to say i love your blog the snow in the bathtub was a perfect idea!!! i -like you- hate the cold!!!! so when i found that i was soooo excited to try it out my daughter would love it sooo much and i get to stay warm! and you house is sooo pretty! i just wish i could actually find the time to do something like that

  • Shannon Staker - Ashley—
    I have got mean comments like that too… People really have a nerve… I think your projects are darling…so craft away girl!!!

  • Linda - I think you should just ignore these people and do what makes you happy. No one is forcing them to read blogs! I got a rude comment in person about my blog (that I was a mean blogger!) I was so upset I took my blog off and restarted one by invitation only…but I feel like that gave the mean person too much power over me…
    Anywy, your crafts are great and I love the Wii idea, I might make it Webkinz time for my daughter. Keep it up! And don’t be afraid to ask for bloggy love- it makes me stop lurking!

  • kt - … i just wanted to you know that i only recently stumbled across your blog. stumbled across it because i LOVED the picture of your kitchen, yard stick back splash included! i’ve continued to enjoy reading your blog and love your pictures and posts. thanks for sharing with us all!

  • Shelley - What a super idea! I’m trying really hard to not be difficult about the Wii boundries. We’ve limited it to weekends only but then thats ALL the boys want to do. They run for a book to “earn” more minutes but I love the idea of when your minutes are up, they’re up. Do you mind me asking how many minutes each ticket’s worth?
    As for the mean comment…really some people just need to try and make others feel bad to feel better themselves~just like Junior High. They were wrong and we know it. Thanks for a super great idea!

  • Twitter Trackbacks for DIY {Wii minutes board} ยป [] on - […] DIY {Wii minutes board} ยป – view page – cached Under the Sycamore […]

  • Sarah - Ashley, you’re famous! You’re going to be the next Julie and Julia – just look at all these comments. Impressed. Well, I’m a day late posting a comment, but it goes without saying that even though I’m NOT a crafter (not a talented bone in my body), I LOVE your blog. Aside from my daily latte, I look forward to reading your blog and catching up on your family… and it always makes me laugh. Half the time I drag Travis in to show him the funny new thing one of your kids said or did. Keep up the good work girl! I’m proud of you!

  • Kelly W - If One Pretty Thing features you then you must be something special. You must be pretty awesome to have a troll on your blog. They don’t bother with the little guys but please do delete their comments because the rest of us don’t really want to read that trash. Now I am going to check out the rest of your blog and see what other great things you have.

  • Emily - Just wanted to de-lurk myself & say I think your projects are great! Mean, mean, mean. Glad to see your other blog readers have set that person straight!

  • Jennifer - Love this idea!!! My 4 year old is obsessed and really has no concept of how much time he really spendsing playing. This is such an effecitive, visual tool for kids of all ages. Hmmmm, maybe I need to include my husband on there too.

    Sorry that someone posted such an awful comment on your blog. I just stumbled across it and already love your ideas!

  • Elizabeth B - That person who left that ugly comment doesn’t know what is good or bad obviously! I love your blog and your creations! Keep it up!!


  • heidi jo - i love your reaction to grumpy man as much as i like your CUTE crafts. some people are hurting for attention. grumps like that ruin a lot of creativity for a lot of people… i’m SO glad it didn’t hurt you. guess that guy uses his ‘creativity’ to find new cruel and unusual ways to harass people. don’t you feel just a tiny bit sorry for him? he must be a sad sad man… pitiful really… puny, tiny, small… just a sad small mess of a person.

    there, don’t you feel better? ha! :) keep crafting – it’s good for the soul. that’s more important than whether or not people like our ideas or not.

  • Kelli - Please tell me that each of those tags represents more than one minute. . . I need help on the timing issue.

  • Katie - I am so sorry someone would say that!!! Don’t be disheartened, keep up the crafting!! Keep expressing your creativity in ways that you think are beautiful, we are greatly enjoying it!!!

  • emmylou - I just found your blog via 30days. Such a wonderful idea! I will have to do this! Right now I limit mine to 30 min on school nights & 1 hour on weekends, but only if their room & the family room is clean. When I’m sewing I tend to lose track of time & they end up playing way too much!! It looks like you are like me 3 boys & a girl! I just wish I could take beautiful pictures like you to document their lives. Oh & hat beanie was too cute, so I ordered a couple for my daughter.

  • Ashley - The reason I come onto your blog, (and has, in turn, become my very favorite) is because your loving and caring presence exudes out of these words and pictures of your daily life. Your values in God, family and church reflect in everything you do whether it is pleasure or business and I find myself drawn to this aspiring to balance my own new and growing family the same way. I don’t normally post comments a whole lot because I am browsing while breastfeeding and that usually takes most of my mobility away from typing, lol, but I wanted to say: THANK YOU FOR YOUR BLOG. It’s an inspiration to a new mom ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Heather - Why do people have to be so nasty?? For the record, your light fixture is amazing, your backsplash is completely inspiring, and your crafts are something I look forward to each time I check your blog. Boo to you Mr. Nasty! Didn’t your mama ever teach you- “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”

    P.S. I don’t have a Wii, but I love that board and I think I might make one up to control tv time. thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Becka - I just wanted to say that I adored the backsplash. I love seeing something different and with your cute kids and fits so perfectly. And the lamp…. I am addicted to Anthro and have actually stood in the store with those open Edison lamps in my hands multiple times and want one so bad but they are expensive. I got so excited to see the one you made and now I’m thinking that I might actually be able to make my own as well. It was so exciting. So screw the mean commenter. They have nothing better to do with their time than be mean? You’re so much better, (and busier) than them anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • sarah - Oh man, what a cranky person, and if I do say, very incorrect. I find your crafts and ideas very inspiring. I do believe it’s very easy to sit and judge from behind our glowing screens in the comfort of our own homes. I’d like to think it’s this comfort that allows people to be so hurtful. That they may actually never say this if we really knew them.

    I’m sure those words are still hurtful, but please know that you are very much adored for the work you do. Many of us out here wish we were as resourceful or as creative as you. Keep doing what you do!

  • Laurel - I just made them today! We’re calling them technology tickets and am trying to include TV with it! I’ll get it up on my blog soon. Thanks – keep these ideas coming, despite what grouchy people might comment!

  • Maggie - B Intrepidatious…:D….

  • Sheri - Mean people suck. And you have cute ideas.

  • Jennifer - I LOVE that you replied to the loser who left that comment. I love that you deleted it and I LOVE THIS IDEA. I deal with the same struggle with my kids and a reward system really helps. Makem earn it!

  • Karla - THIS is genius! Seriously…genius. I will be making this. My boys will hate it. But I will love it :)

    Thanks for posting it!!

    ~Karla @ It’s The Little Things…

  • karen - your blog rocks! you are so amazing!

  • Nicole - I actually loved the wire basket light…and I agree – mean people suck.

  • Jen - Fuhget about it… That person was a total jerk… Your clipboard is a perfect marriage of form and function… and your lampshade was on Readymade, right? I love Readymade… They’re actually what sent me your way…

  • SB - Personally I think you’re a genius and that you have been incredibly blessed with an inspiring, creative mind. Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us so we can have a go too! Have a great day with your lovely family.

  • My New Favorite | - […] :: :: :: Wii Minutes Board by Ashley Ann Photography {I don’t want to make this for the Wii, but I love the idea as a […]

  • Emily W. - This is amazingly cute. You are so talented and creative, I’m always inspired when I come look at your blog. I definitely plan to create one of these for myself :) I don’t know what I’ll use it for, but I can come up with something I’m sure!

  • Nakesha - That’s actually funny that they said that! Must not have any style ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I first saw a picture of your dining room I actually thought that was from anthro and I was jealous! Then I saw that you CREATED IT YOURSELF for VERY little money and I was so inspired! Good job!

  • Jodi - I just read this and it made me very sad, thinking that maybe now when you look at your light fixture and backsplash, that you can’t help but think of this comment. Please don’t let this person steal your joy. You are incredibly inspired, and you inspire many. Maybe pray for the guy every time you see these items, instead. He obviously needs prayer. So yah, never doubt your talent, you definitely have it. :*)

  • Mod Podge Amy - I love this so! And ugly commenters can kiss it. I don’t get that.

  • Debs - Hiya
    I have just found your blog and I am amazed at that horrid little person who left you that message….I personally (like many others by the look of it) think your stuff is just amazing! I am definitely going to be a regular reader of yours :)
    Hope you have a happy weekend.

  • jody - There is a mental illness involved when a person takes the time to be nasty about taking time to look at things they do not like to begin with? Do not let it hurt your feelings, it sounds like this person needs to let off steam and just happened to pick you to do so. It gives him or her pleasure if they can hurt someone. The old addage, ….” misery loves company” comes to mind.

    Please keep up your wonderful work that gives so many of us pleasure ;o)

  • Jessica Gabriel - Great project. I am wondering if I have the discipline follow throug with it… I need coffee and alone time too often! haha As for Mean Guy… I know it is hard not to take it personally, we are all so vulnerable and our creative projects are pieces of our soul, but I always feel sorry for these people – I mean, if your form of ‘creativity’ is whitty put-downs you’ve got a sad, sad little heart and your life probably reflects as much. Whenever I get one of those comments on my blog, I actually leave them there – they say more about Mean Guy than they do about me! Keep crafting and sharing!

  • Angie - I love your blog!! I have just started following it. I look at it everyday and am very inspired by your creativity and pics. Please don’t be deterred. You have effected so many others’ lives in a positive way. Keep craftin’ girlfriend!

  • Leslie - I just came over from Pinterest! I’m so sorry about the mean comment you received, I know they hurt! I say, it’s your blog, your home, your taste, so stay true to you:) The only comment I have is tooky about could care less vs. couldn’t care less. If you could care less, that means you do care and therefore could care less. If you don’t care what something looks like, then you couldn’t care less. Sorry, I’m finished! Very cute paper by the way!

  • Elizabeth - Thank you so much for posting this lovely & fabulous idea! I found it on Pinterest.
    My three little girls can use the tickets for TV watching or Hobby Lobby $ (like you they love crafts and art projects).
    Also, I am going to give out extra tickets for practicing the piano!
    Thank you for this inspirational activity. As a stay at home mom, I am always desperately searching for fun creative ideas!
    your new fan and follower,

  • Katie - thanks for dreaming this up! I just finished my clipboard today!

  • Michelle G. - Wonderful idea we have a crew of six between the two of us. We will definetly make this i will let them pick out the paper. Bold move on my pary. Great website for inspiration. Great Ideas

  • Suzanne - This is a delightful craft. I love it for so many reasons. It will be a perfect tool for me to use with our wii.

    As for the comment that was left, I am glad you have thick skin. I don’t know if I would be so calm about it, even later.

  • Mae - I love it! I have a question: Where do you put the tickets when they are redeemed? Do you just put them in your envelope?

  • cassandra - I think it is a wonderful creative Idea. will use this at my Job for students

  • Kara - I love this idea! It is summer now and this is perfect for my family. Thanks for the great idea. (BTW- I love the cute paper:)

  • Shirlie - Clicked onto this post via pinterest and saw the mean comment at the end! It’s not really a very manly sounding comment!!

    I thought I should have a look around your blog and see if he was right! Well, he’s not! I noticed a few of the things from your blog which I’ve re-pinned and while it’s not all to my style, I love your kitchen splashback and the doily table runner is gorgeous!! It has me looking for lovely doilies to do the same!

    Reusing a American saying ‘Haters gonna hate’. There’s always going to be people who don’t like what you do but you seem to have loads loving what you do, including me!

  • Joanne - This is an awesome idea!! going to make tomorrow while kiddos are in school :) where would I find these type of envelopes though???????

  • stephani - I love your site, story, and photography!! I’m going to make this for my son as he’s getting a Wii for Christmas, but I must ask, how many minutes is each card worth? Thanks!!

  • Regina - I was curious how long the minute cards are for. Also, they would be ADORABLE as bookmarks.

    Such a GREAT IDEA! I might make something similar to put up next to my chore chart on the fridge!

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