Probably a picture only a mom can love, but oh how I love those little toes and Tow Mater bum…


Things I never thought I’d say…

Me: “Is that a head under the oven?”, Them: “No. It’s a person.”

Me: “No, Indiana Jones does not want to go for a ride in your underwear.”

Me: “If I step on one more body part I’m taking off everyone’s hands and you’re not getting them back.”

Me: “Why is Dr. Raley in my coffee?”, Them: “He wanted to taste and see if he liked it.”

Me: “Do not put Dr. Raley in your mouth. Spit him out now.”

All in reference to the 100s of legos hiding out in my house. I recently purchased some reeds for $1.00 at Target, the boys thought I bought them for their Lego men. By the way, Dr. Raley is the kids’ pediatrician…they named the Sean Connery lego man ‘Dr.Raley’. Funny.


Biggest Brother: “What is THAT?”

Me: “It is my lego girl. She is drinking coffee and chasing the bad guys on her jet ski.”

Biggest Brother: “She can’t drive and drink coffee.”

Me: “Yes she can. She is a woman and women can multitask.”

Biggest Brother: “Multi what?”

Me: “Multitask.”

Biggest Brother: “Can men do that”

Me: “No. Just women.”


So the clues are related to my sycamore tree, the image with the 8 on it, our ‘shoe’ picture, and rebuilding something…remember I did say it isn’t a big deal – you guys have some BIG project guesses…think smaller and something you will enjoy too.  Check back next week…enjoy the long weekend!

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  • Shannon Phillips - You crack me up. I love the multitasking lego lady!

  • Melissa Davis - Are you going to have a new kitchen table made from sycamore that can seat 8 people? Is this table going to be outdoors under hte sycamore tree?

  • Kari - Okay, this guessing game is not easy. How about a tire swing? That’s as small as I can think…but you mentioned something we will enjoy too- how bout an Ashley Ann Photography University in your backyard!? That’s most definately something for us to enjoy too! I’d make the 3 hr. commute! :) Have a good weekend!

  • Sarah - Gazebo? Treehouse?

  • sheridan - Oh my goodness don’t you love life w/ boys! I wondered what our neighbors think about my non clothed children all summer long as well. We aren’t into lego men but army men or cars here. I’m so glad you wrote down all the conversations between you and the boys…one day we will forget. One last guess you are going to give us a diy of a new table for your family outside?

  • Jo - I have to make this comment because it’s cute! :)
    I can tell that you have kiddos because your lego girl drinking coffee has bite marks on her head and arms ;) what a great memory!

  • AshleyAnn - Jo – I love that you noticed the bite marks!

  • Allison - Dr. Raley is a great pediatrician! I hope he has seen this post….he would LOVE it!!! ;-)

  • Shanalea - I think my boys would hang out in underwear all day if I let them. They do for a good majority of the day anyway. Our littlest brother stays in his diaper much of the day. The joys of raising men.

  • Amber Lee - So funny! I love that little lego people make unexpected appearances everywhere, including IN your coffee.

  • Sophie - Are you building a storage system from the sucamore tree that can hold 8 pairs of shoes?

  • LoRae - I nearly spit MY coffee out with your lego girl conversation, funny and true. Your posts this past summer have made me miss the heat of OK. Crazy, I know.

  • christina larsen - I give up. I have no idea. But I am sure it will be fabulous.

  • Liz - that is funny!! We use Dr. Raley too. Love him!! My kids love him. My youngest says that when she grows up she is going to be a Doctor and work for Dr. Raley but she will not give kids shots!!LOL!

  • amanda torres - I am so proud of you teaching your boys correctly. Women are the only people who can multitask efficiently! Good for you! Pretty funny post. Love the Mater undies. And, I’m still totally lost on what you’re doing. I don’t know how you can keep this so quiet all week long. I spill the beans on my surprises all the time!

  • Stephanie May* - Okay, I have two guesses. Don’t kill me, but you are having another baby?! You know, family tree, 8 months from now, more family shoes, rebuilding something…: )
    My next guess is that you are re-doing your website with tree and shoe images and it will be ready in 8 days…or weeks. Wow, I’m really reaching on both of these – can’t wait to find out what it is!

  • Beatrice Killam - Love the toes and bum, too! As a mama, I do love it so!!!

    As to a guess, are you renewing your vows under your sycamore tree, wearing the shoes in the picture?

  • Melissa Davis - I like Beatrice’s guess the best!

  • Carrie - tire swing?

  • Sarah - Rebuilding a fireplace/mantle??

  • Jesse - Hilarious! I love a character bum too! I’ll be sad when those bum’s grow up!

  • Stephanie - It must be a shoe tree project?

  • pamela - oh, oh, i think i know what the project is… you’re giving away something… a picture of the sycamore maybe? and you’re giving away 8 of them? : )

  • tanya - this sooo made me laugh bc i can so relate. mom moments (“mom”ents–love ‘em.

  • lamadredenico - I laughed so laud with your lego girl conversation. really funny, and so true. great!

So about 2 years ago…about the time we moved in…I started hinting to my hubby some changes I wanted to do in the kitchen. 2 years later he finally came around. Before he could change his mind I scheduled a kitchen remodel on his calendar – our weekends fill up too fast I knew I had to get it on the calendar. He isn’t so much a huge fan of DIY projects so to butter him up a bit before the weekend hit I made him a little treat. The idea is basically like my craft organizers…same concept…sweeter rewards:)

Hopefully my ‘sweet’ reminder will help soften the blow when he starts tearing out countertops….we’ll see…

I used the same label as I did on yesterday’s project because I just like it so much.


A close up of what the label looked like:


On a separate note: Baby sister finally fits in these shoes…simply adorable!

By the way – no correct guesses yet. Some are picking up on my clues, but no one is even close to what they mean. I’ll be more obvious tomorrow:)

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  • rachel denbow - This is SUCH a great idea. I’m sure he appreciates the thoughtfulness, too. My next questions is where did you get that soda? It looks yummy at 11:45 p.m.!

    P.S. I still need your mailing address!!!

  • Jeannette Swan - My jaw drops at how cute and creative EVERYTHING you do is!! Can’t wait to see the kitchen.

  • Kari - I’m throwing out another guess on your upcoming project…how about a screened in back porch, or maybe a greenhouse…oh, I give up! I’ll just keep checking each day!! :)

  • christina larsen - Wow, you truly think of everything. Maybe I need to do that and my man will be more helpful around the house; jk, he is helpful. Although, he does love m&m’s.

  • Shannon Phillips - How adorable and creative! I can’t wait to see the kitchen when it is done!

  • Amy - My guess: You’re planning a big party.

  • meg duerksen - you are so funny.
    it seems like you both enjoy each others company at least so if nothing else you will have each other (and a really big mess)
    have fun.
    you should watch The Money Pit just for fun the night before you start. :)

  • sheridan - Oh I’m still so curious…I’m guessing something that you are building by the tree that has to do w/ the number 8. Oh I just get so excited to see what could it be!



  • Faith Buss - Nice. My hubby just finished a laundry room renovation. Think I’d adapt this and make it a thank you! Or maybe a Save-the-Date for the next project on my list. ;)

  • melanie - Love it! So glad my husband doesn’t read this blog! No guesses and its killing me not knowing what you’re up to…:)


  • patti - i just love this idea. i’m totally stealing it for the yard remodeling we’re doing this weekend! thanks for sharing!!

  • amy stamm - you are a nutt!! Love it!!! Love it!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • alex - How did you make the caddy carrier (the box)? I love this idea for my husband….he loves candy!

  • Melissa - I don’t know how you do it girl! Wish I had more time for all these fun crafts. They look awesome!

  • Damaris @Kitchen Corners - What a brilliant idea. I love having fizze drinks at my parties because it’s so colorful but this is even more so.

  • Michelle - I wanted to let you know I posted about this…and made one myself (a few months ago)! It was a bit hit w/ my hubby!

    Thanks for the idea!

  • Kendra - This is ADORABLE!! I have a friend who is pregnant and almost due, i thought this would be a cuute little gift for her after she gives birth. Question though; How did you change the box from pink to that woody cork looking color??? LOL i am so not crafty ;)

  • lisa - How did you get the caps back on? When I open bottles, they usually bend.

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  • Cindy - How do you get the bottle caps back on so good?

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  • vicki poynter - I’m new to this. How did you get the bottle caps back on the bottles once the candy is in?

  • Budget Father’s Day gift ideas. | HerCanberra - [...] These candy bottles are for save-the-date wedding flavours, but would work just as well for your sweet tooth Dad. [...]

  • Melissa Schraiber - Thanks for the inspiration. It’s great that you have come up with an idea and that it is so easy that others can enjoy it too! I <3 it!

  • Pamela - Hi! Awesome idea! But i´ve got a couple of questions:

    how did you remove the lid from the bottle without damaged it? and how did you put it on again?

    Thanks for the help!

    (I´m from Peru… so sorry for the bad english :( )

  • Stephanie - I’ve made something similar using the Starbucks bottles, but I would LOVE to know how you got the “lids” back on the soda bottles since they have to be opened/removed with a bottle opener.
    Thanks bunches!

  • Jennifer - It’s a pretty great idea to treat him with some candy. He’s probably much more willing to help since you didn’t just run to the supermarket to buy something but prepared these candy bottles yourself. Love it!

  • Stacey - Love this, but how did you get the bottle tops back on? Mine always bend! :)

  • Laura Riner - Can you please step by step tell me how it’s all done? I love the idea

  • Ruth Tramison - I have seen several comments where about how to get the bottle caps back on. Can you explain this please? Also, what kind of paper did you use?

The sunflowers were looking a bit scary so we had a couple of options: mow them down, harvest the seeds for eating, harvest the seeds for planting. I chose to harvest them, but they were a bit too small for eating so I went the harvesting for planting route.

I looked up online when and how to harvest…here they are drying out inside so the birds didn’t beat us to the seeds. And the seeds…901seedpackets-2

Since we didn’t need all the seeds I thought they’d make cute gifts to go on Christmas presents this year. As I thought of ways to make the seed packets I remembered some Save the Date templates I have (for brides & grooms to send out). One looked a little country to me – which Sunflowers are a lot country – so I tweaked it to fit my needs. I love how it came out. You could decorate your seed packets with labels, stickers, pictures, drawings, etc….limitless possiblities.

My label901seedpackets-2a

I printed my labels on ‘Full Label’ printer paper, got brown bags from Micheals and some twine & ribbon to hold them shut901seedpackets-2b

Labels on. A handful of seeds in each packet.901seedpackets-3

Seriously Cute.901seedpackets-4901seedpackets-5

Now I want to harvest all the seeds in my garden, but the reality is it took me 2 days just to finish this project! For a person without 4 kids running between their legs or in their arms you could finish this in under an hour. Very simple and easy.

There was a guess that my ‘project’ is to build a picnic table. Sorry to say we already have one in the backyard under the sycamore tree…we do pretty much everything under the shade of that tree…including eating lots of meals. Keep guessing.

UPDATE: Here are some free downloadable labels you could use for seed packets:

Floral label from Vale Designs found via iDIY

Birdseed Packets from Tricia-Rennea found via One Pretty Thing

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  • Amy - Ashley, you are super woman! I don’t know how you have time to be so creative with 4 kids, but its great! Cool idea!!

  • amanda torres - Is it some kind of invitation or card service? The last two posts have had an ‘announcement’ looking card, and then in all caps on the first clue post it said “OH MY WORD”…cards have words on them. That would be my only guess. This is really driving me crazy. I don’t like confusion (and I am confused)!!!!

  • pamela - i LOVE this idea! i’m definitely doing it for our purple cone flowers(echinecea). i love handmade gifts that people can really use and this is definitely one of them. as for your surprise….hm. are you announcing an adoption? : )

  • rachel - So cute! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • rachel - So cute! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Melanie Ann - This is such a great idea. I found your blog and have been going through it little by little. I have no idea how you manage to be so creative and successful with so much to look after. I love it and admire it though. Thanks for making my day a little brighter.

  • christina larsen - super cute.

  • Faith Buss - Good grief! That’s the cutest idea ever!

  • Sandy - OK, how about a Gazebo?????

  • Morgan - Will you be taking time off from the blog to work our your many on-going projects?

  • eric - Forgot to check the blog yesterday; of all days your anniversary! Sorry I missed such an important day. Congrats to the happy couple. Oh yeah, how about a bird house?

  • Ellen - I love all the photos and the crafts you did! Can you tell me what printer do you use?
    I am planning my wedding and want to buy a printer for making the crafts for my wedding. Like, jam labels and save the date card…

  • jenny - I just harvested a bunch of sunflower and radish seeds, and was wondering if I could make seed packets! I’ve tried putting in brown bags before, but they were just so overly big for the amount I have. And they were just sloppily folded over for closure. I love the ribbon idea, and the cute label. I can cut the bag down to size! Thanks!

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