I was cooking dinner and heard laughter in the background. I rounded the corner to discover his big brothers found baby sister’s headband…

And then one of the big brothers decided to try it on too. He has the hair to make it look really cute – almost too cute.

…I hope our daughter has great hair like this!:)

My friend Jenn said this pic reminds her of a character off of Goonies…I can’t remember the name, but if you’ve seen it you know who I am talking about. Isn’t that a great way to start off your Monday? You have to be smiling now:)

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  • Jeannette Swan - Awesome!!

  • melanie - He does have great hair! So cute!!

  • Cindy Scorsone - That is so funny! You are right he does have great hair. I love the headband. Where did you get it?

  • bopha - I’m thinking it’s Chunk (had to consult the husband on that one). Now all he needs to learn is the Truffle Shuffle!! Your little girl is going to be so cute.

  • amanda - That is SOOOO funny! He does look like Chunk…”Hey you guuuuyyyysss!”

  • Jamie - “Chunk,” totally!!! LOL Very cute :)

  • sheridan - oh that is too funny! we’ve put a bow on our youngest and it looked so funny. His hair is awesome and I love goonies.

  • liz winsby - So cute! He really does look like Chunk! I bet they are getting really excited for their little sister to arrive. I have three brothers although I am the oldest. It was so fun growing up with all those boys!

  • carrie - Now you know, your little girl is going to be sooo cute!! See you Saturday! I am so excited.

  • meg duerksen - he totally does look like chunk on goonies.
    “hey mikey!”
    that movie is a favorite of mine!
    they look darling in those headbands. :)

  • Emily Beaty - lol.. so funny! i can’t wait to see their baby sis wear that. :)

  • Carol - How much is he going to love that picture when he is 16 and his big brothers shows his girlfriend that picture??? Love it!!

  • AshleyAnn - The bow is from Lou & Lee on etsy…

  • Jenn G. - This is one of my favorite pictures ever of Hudson!!! He is so stinkin’ cute…. even as a chubby girl. And yes, saying that he looks like Chunk in this is a compliment because Goonies is one of the best movies of all time and Chunk is my favorite character. Like Hudson, he makes me laugh. Oh, and Bopha and Amanda, your comments made me laugh out loud.

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  • Jess - Hi Ashley,
    I just found your site through another adoption site. Your family is beautiful. Are some of your posts still password protected? I would love to be able to see them.
    Jess in Wisconsin

The 80s

Three things come to mind – Great Music, Great Temperature, Big’s boom box t-shirt

On this day we were enjoying the temperature and the boom box shirt. It was so great to be outside…I LOVE HOT WEATHER!!!

This is our child who randomly falls out of chairs and constantly trips while walking…yet is all for jumping (the higher, the better)

And this is our child who thinks he is the same age as his big brothers and should get ice cream too.

Biggest Brother – the leader of the pack. He is preparing to karate chop the water. Littlest Brother can walk, but he chooses not to.

I keep telling him he’s got to get with it VERY SOON…I can’t carry two!

Biggest Brother is just like his mom – he has been impatiently waiting months now for hot weather. At one point he was running through the fountains and just started screaming and clapping he was so excited. That says a lot for a pretty introverted kid.

He got a little cold and resorted to throwing his shoe into the fountain…he started with his dad’s.

Kung-fu fountain fun

I love all the personality my home brims over with!

Nothing like gazing into the dirty Arkansas River.

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  • Lauren - You kids are so lucky! We only looked at water stuff today.

  • christina larsen - Love those pics. I would have been saying, “it’s cold”, too. They looked like they had a blast. My kiddos have been dying to go outside, as well. So ready for the rain to go away. Alas, it is here this morning again.

  • Lisa - These pictures are great! We live in the desert and it’s already 100 today. Heading on over to the splash pad at the park in just a few. Can’t wait!

  • Kari Sanchez - Happy Mother’s Day Ashley!

  • Jeannette Swan - Love it!!! Too bad it turned chilly again already. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day, you deserve it!!

  • Kelly - Hey Ashley,

    For the fountain pictures, what did you have your camera settings on and what camera did you use?! You should do a weekly “Photography for Dummies” teaching with random tips and suggestions :) Thanks and I LOVE your blog! I am totally obsessed.