My oldest two

Seldom do I get pics of my oldest two when they aren’t covered in markers or dirt. It is a very rare occasion that I am able to get a somewhat ‘normal’ picture of Biggest Brother…he actually enjoyed letting me take his picture this time. Big Brother will let me take his picture all day long, as long as he gets to hold his cars. I know I am completely partial, but I sure do think these are two handsome boys. I have a feeling our daughter’s friends are going to want to hang out at our house a lot – ya know, with three good looking older brothers in the house and all their friends. T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Photo Tip: For these pictures they are sitting facing our front window and I am between the window and the boys. The sun was over our house, not directly shining in…

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  • melanie - You do have adorable boys!!

  • grandma campbell - Look at what God has blessed us with, handsome and oh so cute, want copies for my wall

  • Lauren Roberts - I think your right about the trouble! Those boys are too cute!

  • trinity - They ARE handsome boys! Too cute!

  • bopha - They are so cute and getting so big. She’ll be very proud of her handsome big brothers.

  • sheridan - What great pictures! I love their smiles, so joyful and so content.

  • amy stamm - awe precious little boys!!

  • Carrie Sowell - You do have some pretty good lookin boys! We can’t wait to see what they do with a sister! I think they’ll be confused at first and then she’ll have all of them (includig Chris) wrapped around her precious finger!

  • meg duerksen - they are so cute! what handsome little men. great pictures…encouraging me to take some of my olders too. :)

  • Carol - Truly, the most handsome 4 and 2 yr olds I have ever seen. I will be needing prints!!

  • Jeannette Swan - They are precious and handsome as can be!! You have suggested that tip before…put them facing the window with you between the window and them…I have tried it several times now…the other day I got more good pictures of Noble. I printed 4 of them at (another suggestion of yours)on mat board. I love them!!

  • Katie H. - Pretty darn cute! Apparently I had the same problem….(Rachel)!

The Osborns {wedding day}

Jeff and Tabitha’s wedding took place the evening before Valentines at The Church at BattleCreek. The day went so smoothly and Tabitha was the picture of calmness. It was fun for me to ‘get back in the game’ of wedding photography. This is a long post….I’ll start with some pictures from throughout the day and end with a slideshow for those of you that want to see more.

Getting ready at Ulta…

With her niece…also the flower girl. Way back in the day (like 16 months or so ago) I did her newborn pictures.

I just really like her face in this one….

Just minutes before the ceremony started…

Squeezing in a few couple shots before heading to the reception…

First dance as husband and wife… (to give credit where it’s due. – this is Chris’ shot:))

Earlier in the morning Jeff wrote a beautiful song for Tabitha and surprised her with a performance at the reception. Here she is listening with her mom…

And the slideshow…the reception took place in the Kids Club Theatre…

To begin the slideshow click on the white button in the middle (it’s a bit hard to see)

Thanks for asking us to be a part of your incredible day! – Chris & Ashley

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  • Jeannette Swan - How awesome!! These pictures are priceless. I’m crying just looking at them.

  • Sarah - Ashley, these are beautiful pictures. I want to have another wedding with Travis just so you can take our pictures!

  • Lauren Roberts - These are so beautiful. The bride was stunning!

  • bopha - What a beautiful wedding, they look hopelessly in love. Congrats, and I’m sorry that we couldn’t make it.

  • Terri - Oh goodness. I can tell already I’m going to have a hard time picking my favs for the mom book that I want to get! Isn’t it funny how few guys were there for the garter throw as compared to the girls for the bouquet? ;-) I never did find out who caught it.

  • Lesley - These are all so pretty.

  • Susan Cloer - Ashley, you are radiant! I haven’t seen such a gorgeous bridal gown other than on a hollywood star! What a lovely wedding it must have been. I am so happy for both of you.


  • Marcia - You look hot, Tabitha! What a beautiful wedding! God bless you both!

Osborn Wedding {the bride}

Jeff and Tabbee’s wedding took place in the evening inside, so before the sun went down we rushed to get the final beautiful light coming in for some images just of the bride….I’m thinking Jeff is going to like these.

If all goes as planned, come back Monday for the wedding post….

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  • Ari - These are beautiful pictures, Ashley! And congrats on a baby girl!

  • Emily Beaty - Beautiful!!

  • Rachel - Wow! Georgous, georgous, georgous pictures!! The first picture really took my breath away. Would it be creepy if I wanted to dig out my veil and wedding dress and pretend like I was getting married again, so you could take my pictures?

  • Lauren Roberts - Absolutely beautiful!

  • Shannon Phillips - So Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the whole wedding!

  • AshleyAnn - Rachel wins for my favorite blog comments! Not creepy at all Rach (though that cracked me up), I think we should do it!

  • bopha - Rachel, you are hilarious, please do it, we won’t judge you! :)

  • Katie H. - AMAZING pics! Your work makes me wish I could do it all again and have you as our photographer.

  • Terri - Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see the rest of my “baby” and new son!

  • Jesse Reich - Ashley, Way to start the year. The images look wonderful, as expected. Great job!