Osborn Wedding {the bride}

Jeff and Tabbee’s wedding took place in the evening inside, so before the sun went down we rushed to get the final beautiful light coming in for some images just of the bride….I’m thinking Jeff is going to like these.

If all goes as planned, come back Monday for the wedding post….

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  • Ari - These are beautiful pictures, Ashley! And congrats on a baby girl!

  • Emily Beaty - Beautiful!!

  • Rachel - Wow! Georgous, georgous, georgous pictures!! The first picture really took my breath away. Would it be creepy if I wanted to dig out my veil and wedding dress and pretend like I was getting married again, so you could take my pictures?

  • Lauren Roberts - Absolutely beautiful!

  • Shannon Phillips - So Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the whole wedding!

  • AshleyAnn - Rachel wins for my favorite blog comments! Not creepy at all Rach (though that cracked me up), I think we should do it!

  • bopha - Rachel, you are hilarious, please do it, we won’t judge you! :)

  • Katie H. - AMAZING pics! Your work makes me wish I could do it all again and have you as our photographer.

  • Terri - Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see the rest of my “baby” and new son!

  • Jesse Reich - Ashley, Way to start the year. The images look wonderful, as expected. Great job!

Gage {9 days}

So I have been missing newborn sessions a bit (but loving the added time with my boys) – then it dawned on me a friend had just had a baby. I sent a quick email asking her if she’d stop by with him this week so I could play with my camera…and here you go….

Sidenote: Lost fans what did you think last night? What happened to Aaron? It’s getting good!

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  • Courtney Connelly - Carrie, He is precious! The second picture is just beautiful. As always, great job Ash!

  • bopha - Carrie, he is gorgeous, congrats! I was just thinking about you all the other day. I love his blue eyes.

  • Carrie Sowell - Thank you, thank you, thank you for asking me over! These are precious and I can’t wait to see the rest!

  • sheridan - Wow he is so pretty! I know we aren’t suppose to call boys pretty but he really is. That yummy skin and eyes just so precious. You always capture such great shots and those blankets look so cozy on this cold day. I’m not into lost so I can’t help you out on that one.

  • Jennie Frake - Congrats Carrie! Gage is so cute, I want to hold him. Great job Ashley!

  • Shannon Phillips - Ahhh, he is even more adorable with his eyes open. Congrats Carrie, he is amazing. Ash, thank God for all your awesome friends with beautiful babies to photograph when you get the itch.

  • Sarah Vaughn-Friend - Awwwww….He’s sooo tiny and so precious! Congrats again Carrie! And beautiful work as always Ashley! If by chance you have something come free sometime early Oct….I’d love to have you photograph our new arrival!

  • Rachel - Carrie — what a sweet littie guy….can’t wait to meet him in person!

  • meg duerksen - Lost was so good. we watched it on thursday at 11:00 PM. it was the last commercial break and i turned to craig and said “i know it’s late but i really wish this was two hour Lost.” What happened to Ben? Oh it was crazy! and did you like the line about God? “We’re all convinced sooner or later jack.” yes we are ben.
    i think that show is the best!

    those wedding pictures are so beautiful…love her hair!

Our coming daughter…

So with our announcement that #4 is on the way, I have gotten all kinds of comments and questions. Some make me laugh, some make me cry, some make me excited, some (to be honest) make me mad (but I won’t go there). However, there are 2 questions that seem to be asked quite a bit…both make me smile

Q: Do you watch “John and Kate plus 8?”

A: You do realize we will only have 4 kids not 8, right? We don’t have time for tv, much less cable so the answer is “no”. Based on the number of people that have asked this question though, I’m thinking we must need to buy the dvd set for some reason…we have seen one episode while at a hotel and laughed the whole time.

Q: Are you pregnant or adopting?

A: This makes me smile because it has only been asked by those that know us fairly well…and know our passion for orphan care (which for our family we hope leads adoption one day). To fully answer this question – I will share my son’s version of me. I try not to take it too personally:

Just a disclaimer: the walls are painted with chalkboard paint

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  • Mandy - You will have to be sure to include these one day in the lessons you teach him about what not to say to your wife when she’s pregnant.

  • Lauren Roberts - I think you look amazing for being a soon-to-be mommy of four!

  • Rachel - You know, I would be far less concerned about size in that picture, and much more concerned about that patch of hair on your forehead. :) Just kidding! What a great pic!

  • AshleyAnn - Too funny Rachel, I’ll be smiling all day thinking of that. Just to clarify…that patch is my forehead – he draws foreheads on everyone…

  • Terri - Priceless! You are such a wonderful mommy already — and you will continue to be so with your new darling. I bet she’ll be a bit of a tomboy with 3 older brothers! And very protected! What a lucky little girl!

  • yvonne - That picture has me in stitches!! I was wondering about that patch….also where would one find chalkboard paint? We’ve been battling from pen to paper to wall, entertainment center, bookshelves….etc. etc. Also….what about posting a real picture sometime?? If it’s too personal….totally understand!! But I remember someone there that is a great “picture taker”–LOL!

  • meg duerksen - you look great!
    nice and round like a mama should look. :)
    i am so happy for you with #4. everyone will say “you know how this happened right?” or “you do know how to prevent babies right?” or “there is a way to stop this” i just get sick of it.
    no one has as many adventures as big families. (that’s what i tell myself anyway…ha!)

  • Lesley - Too funny! I love it.

  • Jennifer Campo - Oh my, that mad me smile. I was wondering the answer to this very question and trying to figure it out from your blog. Although from the most recent pictures you posted of you with the boys I still couldn’t tell if you were pregnant or not. Congratulations! She will no doubt be a beautiful and very loved little girl.

  • Carrie Sowell - Pregnancy thru the eyes of a child is priceless! And yes, you must get a dvd set of John & Kate Plus 8. She will make you feel normal……I am like her in many ways and it makes me feel better!! :-)

  • ashley green - I think this will be one of the most blessed little girls in the world! Take it from me. It’s a blast being from a big family. Love you guys!

  • Jeannette Swan - This is hilarious!! I love it!! This baby girl will have many fun times we 3 older brothers. Noble only has 2 older brothers, but she adores them. And, she is little mommy to Corban! I made sure from day one that she would be girly – so far it’s working, she even loves shopping for new shoes. Although Kelly tries to tell her that baseball is better than shopping, I have to make sure he doesn’t brainwash her.

  • Sarah - Ashley, I love John & Kate plus 8 – it is a great show. I think you will like it as well. Children are a blessing and a gift… whether you have 1 or 10, whether they are spaced 3 years apart or 9 months apart. It doesn’t matter – don’t let anyone steal your joy! I think you and Chris have a beautiful, wonderful family and this little girl is going to be so blessed to be a part of it!