So the first night of the Christmas Gathering has come and gone and I survived. Not sure how it went, but I’ll pretend everyone loved my segment and try to forget all the blank stares I felt like I got! If you are coming here today to find directions for all my projects…those will be posted Saturday morning (so we don’t ruin the surprise for the Friday night crowd). Here’s a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the night…

The empty room a few minutes prior to the doors opening (this was my view during my segment…well with people in the chairs that is)gathering-01

This is where I wish I could have spoke from…hiding behind Meredith’s creative stuffgathering-02

And the doors opened…over 1.000 womengathering-03

I’m usually running around crazy trying to photograph the event, but this year my friend Mandy took over. I just shot a few for the good ole’ blog.


This is the hallway where I wanted to throw up before going on stage.gathering-08

And when it was all said and done, I found myself in the Green Room alone with meat & cheese that had been sitting out for hours…which if you know me well you know that I don’t believe in meat or dairy being outside of the refrigerator for longer than about 4 minutes. This also made want to throw up:)gathering-09

(I will clarify that my friend Beth did an AWESOME job decking the Green Room out for us and the meat and cheese was wonderful at the start of the night. Thanks Beth!)

One night down, one to go.

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  • rachel denbow - Go get ‘em! Wish I could be there!!!

  • Mandy B - You may be THE AshleyAnn, from THE but I am not afraid to pay you back.

  • Shannon Phillips - So excited for tonight! I can bring you some anti-nausea medicine if you’d like. Ha ha. I am sure you were fantastic, creative, inspiring, beautiful, funny…the list goes on and on. You probably made everyone else want to throw up as they were wishing they had just a sliver of your creative genius. ;)

  • Linda Dunbar - Hi Ashley,
    Where did you buy your clipboards? I loved them and my head is spinning with ideas.

  • Jeannette Swan - I made sure I was in there for your segment and HELLO – awesome!! The blank stares may have been how some people expressed awe and amazement. I am always so inspired by your ideas. I wanted to get up right then and go to Hobby Lobby. But since they were closed and I had work to do, it will have to wait until the weekend! Thank you for all the time and energy you put into doing a great job. P.S. your hair looked super cute!

  • Erin - You did an awesome job!! Everything looked great and YOU WERE FUNNY!! P.S. Super cute hair, was that a DIY too? ;)

  • Katie - Ashley, I loved your segment last night. Blank stares were only amazement! I am so inspired to start trying your ideas and seeing if I can wow my family. :) Cannot wait till you update your blog on Saturday!!

  • christina larsen - You were great. I loved all of your ideas. I can’t wait to try some of them. I am sure I will have questions. I agree with Jeannette, if you felt like you got blank stares; it was probably because people were amazed by your creativity. As I am on a daily basis. You Rock!!!

  • Rachel C - You were brilliant, just brilliant! I loved the chemistry between you and Denise — very funny.

  • AshleyAnn - thanks…Linda the clipboards are from Walmart…

  • Kara - Can’t wait to see all your goodies tonight!!!! I LOVE YOUR STYLE!

  • bopha - you were wonderful! i made sure that i was in there for at least your segment. i’m glad you didn’t throw up, get ready for round 2.

  • sheridan - You were awesome! I loved it all! I’m especially excited about the wood burning stuff-a little scared but I think I can get the hang of it after messing up. Where did you get the cork stuff?

  • LoRae - I wish I could have attended but the 1700+(one-way) commute would be too much. I know I would have found you funny and inspiring! I’m a little glad to know that I am not the only person that is grossed out at food sitting for long periods of time. Can’t wait to see what you came up with!

  • Dee - Hey – Just needed to pop by and say what a wonderful job you did tonight – very inspiring and I am soooo glad I have now discovered your blog! Dee x

  • julie williams - ashley…you were wonderful and i heard so many wonderful things about you!!! (i thought you were funny!)

  • Kelli Thompson - I loved the clipboards with scrapbook paper modgepodged on them. I didn’t find these on the blog. Can you tell me how many coats, do I need to seal them or sand them, etc,?
    I loved all of your ideas. Thank you for sharing them.

Google Reader is still not working on my site…sorry if you have thought I ceased to exist in the blogging world…I’m still here, but Google doesn’t know it! I’ve tried what I can if anyone knows the president of Google please ask him to fix his Reader so my site shows up again!

Secondly, totally random but I saw online somewhere a stocking made out of layers of scalloped white felt…anyone know where that was?

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I am guest blogging over at Smile and Wave again today…for those wondering she just welcomed a precious baby girl into her family and has invited several guests to blog in her place for a couple of weeks. She’ll be returning to regular blogging soon…yeah!

My post over there is a little something about these: 1109quiltv2-11109quiltv2-21109quiltv2-31109quiltv2-99-cards1109quiltv2-7

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  • christina larsen - Love the ornament idea. I have kids and dogs and every year we seem to lose at least one ornament in a tragic ending. That would be a fun project to do. Not on the radar this year, but maybe next. Thanks.

  • pamela - Very Nice! i’ve been meaning to ask you about your eames rocker, is it the real thing? i saw one on for cheaper and i just love it. but i’m not sure about the quality. thanks!

  • Allison - Loved, loved your post today. I adore that ornament! I also found you today from the little things blog. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration, glad I found you!

  • Kate - Oh so cute! ::Smiles and Waves::

  • AshleyAnn - Pamela – Mine is from modernica…who bought the original Eames molds…great quality

  • Tammy Sue Evans - So excited about coming across your blog! Just wish I had before Christmas…..but there’s always Christmas 2010! The closet dividers are my favorite! And the bandana aprons! And….well, they are all my favorite!