Entering the Girl World {shopping & the nursery}

A few boy mom observations of the girl shopping world:

1. The girl’s section is a minimum of 3x as large as the boy’s section in every store

2. The women shopping in the girl’s section tend to squeal and hold up items they find especially cute – this is opposed to those shopping in the boy’s section who just throw things in the cart with a face that says “this will do”

3. Every item in the girl’s section has something to coordinate with it – they do make accessories for newborns

4. There are over 100 shades of pink

5. Any and all of the 100 shades of pink can be combined into a single outfit. Pink matches pink (and red) no matter what shade.

6. Little girls (even toddler girls) shopping with their moms appear to have strong opinions on the clothes being purchased…as opposed to my boys who have a strong opinion on wearing no clothes.

Needless to say, store shopping has been overwhelming instead of exciting. If I stick to etsy.com for a while I think I’ll be good. I really think I am going to have to very slowly ease myself into it. On the other hand I am having tons of fun thinking about the nursery. Finally – I get to pick out whatever I want for a room and not have to think “Is this too feminine?” I have a good idea of what I am going to do, but to start things off my super talented aunt is making a quilt for me. And of course, it is going to be an Amy Butler covered nursery (small picture from amybutlerdesign.com).

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  • Jeannette Swan - Girl shopping is much different. I like to shop before the next season starts because I get tired of the kids clothes and am ready for something fresh. So, I’ve been picking up Spring things for the kids lately…I had to stop myself last week when I realized Noble probably has more than she can wear and I know I will find more I can’t resist. When Noble came along, I realized kids stores like Gymboree and Baby Gap had “lines” of clothes – an infinite # of combinations of cute outfits. They have “lines” for boys too, but, like you said, it doesn’t matter because any shirt will do and will go with jeans! Corban has quite a few items for Spring because it’s still fun to shop for them when they are that little. But, the bigger boys…I think have a total of 3 new shirts between the 2 of them!! The nursery will be awesome – love the patterns and colors!!

  • Jamie - What would life be like without Amy Butler (and Sonic Happy Hour)?!? I have yards of retired AB fabric that I have never been able to bring myself to cut bc it’s too pretty! Your nursery will be beautiful!

  • trinity - This is so fun watching you enter the girl world! Welcome! Here is your warning: stay away from the shoes……they have the PERFECT shoes for EVERY outfit and shoes are so fun! Much of my money has gone to shoes!

  • sheridan - I love your comment on how boy moms just throw the clothes in the cart…so very true. I can’t wait to see all girl stuff you show to us.

  • Carrie - Girls stuff is so fun!!! Enjoy!

  • Carol - You will go shopping with me. We will shop, have lunch and you will let your Mom squeal over cute pink girlie things. Corbett picked out some cute pink shoes yesterday with flowers on them for “his girl”!!

  • meg duerksen - i love all of that. you are funny…overwhelmed? you don’t need all that stuff. everyone will just give it to you anyway.
    this is your first girl. she will be showered with girlie things by everyone.
    i just pick things i like…i dont’ look at the extras.
    in target i just look through and then pick on thing.
    try no to make it a big decision.
    because like you said….it all goes together.
    it is ALL cute together.
    you can’t go wrong. i think your nursery is going to be fab-u-lous!

  • yvonne - have fun with it….just know by the time she gets here…there will be a bunch of NEW things to choose from!!!!! it’ll get easier and you’ll enjoy it more & more. however…doing it online does help with the insanity that is average store!!! can’t wait to see the nursery!!!

  • bopha - I have nothing to say about the girl stuff except I’m jealous but I’m glad that you are getting to enjoy yourself. I love all your fabric, is there a store here in town that carries it or did you order it all?

  • Lesley - You crack me up! I’m excited to see the quilt and so excited for the little girl!!! She’ll be a cutie!

  • amanda torres - I completely sympathized with you while reading this, but I tried to magnify what I experienced times 3. I really can’t fathom how overwhelmed you are after 3 boys when I freaked after just one. I was in absolute shock when I found out Addison was a girl. I would try to shop, but just like you, I would leave stores FRUSTRATED b/c there were TOO many choices. I’ve got the hang of it now…but it took time. Lots of time…you’ll find your groove.

  • Aunt Sandy - WOW. Thanks for the Super Talented Aunt comment. I guess I better live up to the challange. Just to let you know, her (sounds funny saying her instead of his) baby quilt is finished, and, I can’t wait to show it to you. Now I am ready to hit the gound running on the Amy Butler quilt. Just hope I can live up to the name. Aunt Sandy aka Granny Sandy

Cuppies & joe

Chris and I had the chance to make a little overnight trip to OKC. While there we visited Cuppies & Joe. It was recently opened by some friends of ours from college. We stopped by after lunch and stayed for about an hour – the entire time there was a line from the door. Now the lined moved fast, so the wait wasn’t long and it was well worth it. While we were in line we overheard a man behind us say, “I work with 3 pregnant women. Everytime I come to the city I have to stop to get a box of cupcakes for them. Recently they came here for lunch – they only serve coffee and cupcakes here.” In my fully-pregnant glory I smiled…they were pretty darn good.


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  • Courtney Connelly - I agree, Cuppies and Joe is a fantastic place with the most delicious cupcakes! Definetly a must when in OKC.

  • Lesley - Thanks for posting, Ashley. I checked this when I got to work…I’m hungry for cuppies now.

  • meg duerksen - oh that looks sooooo good! we have “The Sugar Sisters” here. it is so cute and yummy. every time i go i tell the girls working “i love this place”.

SnapShops {March 14th}

Yesterday I sent out the registration packets for the first 10 participants in a SnapShop! I am so excited!

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  • sheridan - Those look great! I can’t wait to get to one!

  • Shannon Phillips - Oh Ash, those are so pretty! I could just look at them all day long. Thanks for the eye candy on this cloudy morning.

  • Kari - You have to be the most creative person ever! I can’t wait to meet you in April! So excited!

  • bopha - very impressive, even your registrations are cute.

  • carrie - I saw the words Snap Shot and my heart stopped. I’m ready to sign up!!!! I’m just waiting!! :)

  • Heather Stauffer - You are just rubbing salt in my wounds aren’t you!??!?! I am watching like a hawk for any type of opening here!!! Those ARE adorable by the way!

  • Jeannette Swan - I was very impressed with the registration packet – so cute – I expect nothing less though!!

  • Serena - They are so cute! I can’t wait! :)