I was driving home and saw this at the top of our street:

So I unloaded the car and grabbed Littlest Brother and Big Brother to head up the street…they drove their Artic Cat and I chased behind.

Biggest Brother got left at home because he was being a grump. Not much compares to getting to play in a splash park on steroids fire hydrant!

If you follow this blog then you know Littlest Brother loves to drink out of water hoses or anything connected to running water…

Oh the joys of summer. While we were playing the home owner of where the hydrant was located came out to see what we were up to. I smiled, told him we lived down the road and just wanted to play in the water. He laughed and walked back in.

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  • amanda torres - That is so funny! Love the one of R drinking from the fire hydrant. So cute.

  • Emily Beaty - LOL – you guys are hilarious and know how to have fun! :)

  • hildegunn - Hi Ashley, I came across your blog yesterday (found the link in elleinterior.no) and I got SOOO inspired by it :-) Thank you for sharing!

  • Lisa - these pictures are too cute!

  • christina larsen - FUN!!!!!!!!!

One month. One month! She is divine and the fact that she needs me to hold her to fall asleep does not mean she is spoiled (like her daddy says)…it just means her mommy is incapable of not having her nestled close.

I do want to mention that the majority of pictures I take of her and her brothers are ‘real life’ pictures…they just don’t get posted as much for privacy reasons. Portraits are beautiful and capture what the subject looks like, but if that is all you are taking of your kids I encourage you to make sure you are capturing images that tell the story of who they are at this point in time…not just what they look like.

My girl.

I am always curious how other photographers capture certain images, so I figured I’d post a picture of what it looked like when I was taking these. Maybe it will give some of you some ideas for your pictures…diaper box holding up a boppy:)

Yes, she does open her eyes…

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  • Jesse - Such a pretty girl! Can’t believe she is already a month old.

  • pamela - aw. she is SO precious. i saw your nursery on ohdeedoh and i’m so gald i found your blog. the only problem… i want more babies!! my little girl is about the same age as ‘littlest brother’ and i just look at your boys and they seem so fun! you are a great photographer and so creative! thanks for the inspiration and the great blog!

  • melanie - She makes me smile every time I see her…whether in person or by pictures!

  • Shanalea - That was a quick month. She is just beautiful.

  • Jeannette Swan - Simply beautiful!!

  • Shannon Phillips - Sooooooo beautiful!

  • Tracey - Beautiful! And I had to laugh at the “setup”… I did something similar with my youngest… boppy on top of couch pillows, on the floor in the foyer. :)

  • Allison - Such cute pictures!

  • melissa stover - absolutely precious! and that’s how i get the photos too. propping up, hiding all the mess. it’s amazing what you don’t see in the picture.

  • christina larsen - beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  • carrie - She’s beautiful!

  • Lauren - She is so beautiful and peaceful!

  • Serena - Beautiful pictures…Good idea with the boppy on the box!

  • bopha - She is a precious. Thanks for showing how you “staged” your shoot, angle are difficult because their faces always looked squished.

  • Melissa McClure - She is gorgeous, Ashley! Question, so have you found any cute craft on how to store her hair bows and flowers? I thought for sure you probably know a cute DYI site that features an awesome bow holder . . . or maybe Martha?

  • Mandy Metcalf - She is just beautiful. Makes me want to snuggle her.

  • Lisa Keen - She is so beautiful! Time is flying by! Callie was 2 months old last week!!

  • Mara - I so love and admire your photos. I have a 15 month old and another on the way. I was wondering how you preserve your images for your children? Do you print albums every year for them? Or do you do have one family album? Thank you all of the great advice and tips you share with your readers.

***A NOTE TO MY SISTER…Lesley, do not read the post below:)

So the garden is struggling. We are at the end of the season on a lot of things and I have lost all motivation to water. Once I get kids bathed and in bed I have enough energy to make it down the stairs and collapse…as a result my garden is suffering and I pray for rain. Lately the only good watering it gets is when the boys are playing outside with the hose. Lucky for the vegetables that Littlest Brother thinks watering is super exciting.

Yes, he is watering out of a hole in the hose. I got distracted while watering one day and left the hose (it has a sprayer on the end that blocks the flow). Well I forgot the water was still on and the pressure busted the hose. Still works. I’m too cheap to buy a new one:)

My baby girl turns one month old today! Crazy….just crazy.

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  • Mandy B - What?? When did E grow up?

  • Melissa McClure - These are awesome Ashley!

  • Shannon Phillips - I love these pics! Our hose had a hole too. We fixed it with a little duct tape.

  • bopha - Rett sure does love hose water, those swim trunks look familiar. That’s one nice thing about having lots of boys, hand-me-downs.

  • Jeannette Swan - Beautiful pictures!!! Happy One Month Breese!!

  • amanda torres - Must be time for another baby! Little B is one…month that is!

  • Lesley - No worries, our tomatoes are struggling pretty bad too. Happy one month Breese!!!

  • Georgia Davis - Our Garden is also on its last leg. The tomatoe vine is so high, but no tomatoes not one. I think I’m going to dig it up this week and see if I can plant some pumpkins for the fall. Great to see you the other day.

  • Ayesha Riaz - i wish i lived closer too you i would help out…i have always wanted to grow my own vegtables and stuff what better way to start then to help a friend??? But living overseas is a problem

    Atleast the baby Bro is helping out god bless his heart hehe congrats t Breese on her 1 month