The winner (chosen at random) of the HeartSmiles hat is Crystal who wrote: “My husband and I are high school sweethearts. Our very first Valentine’s day, at the ripe old age of 16, he decided to leave me a treat…as s surprise. My favorites, Dr. Pepper and Kit Kat bars. Unfortunately, he left them on the ground by mailbox. He called me when he got back home and told me to look outside. When I found my treat, I discovered the ants found them first. No matter that I did not get to enjoy them, I was hooked from then on out.:)

I looked back at Crystal’s other comments and she is pregnant with a baby girl! Yeah for baby girls in cute hats!

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  • Crystal - Wow!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And the winner (chosen at random) of a poster from The Wheatfield is Lindsay who wrote, “Love You Are My Sunshine!….and Breathe and Smile, Home Sweet HOme…etc. But You Are My Sunshine is #1.”

Speaking of Sunshine….I love this video from a former SnapShop attendee. You can visit her blog here for loads of adorable pictures of her kids….BUT you really need to click ‘play’ below to see the sweetest little video. Her little girl is cuter than should be allowed.

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  • Jodi - Congratulations to the winner! I am still ordering that LOVE Haiti poster! I just LOVE it so much. :)

  • Melissa - Thank you so much for sharing this adorable video! 21 month old Lily & I watched it twice we loved it so much! She clapped her hands, was grinning ear to ear, and did the “more” sign when it was over!

  • Lesley - That’s adorable!

  • Rachel - I am right there with Melissa… my 18 month old loves this video. We have watched it twice, and he keeps signing baby! I think we will probably watch it a few more times.

  • Jackie - What an adorable video and the music is perfect. Definately UTube worthy!

UPDATE: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. The last counting comment is Anna Marie’s.

Well I was recently informed that I don’t post enough pictures of Baby Sister. And I know you are thinking: What? She posts pictures all the time…its the boys that are left out. Well according to my grandpa (her Great Grandpa) there just aren’t enough pictures of her to keep him satisfied! He reads my blog!:)

So Grandpa I’ll start today’s post off just for you. Here she is in her new Valentine’s Day hat…looking cute for her Great Grandpa!

Chris is home! He has some amazing stories and pictures….I’m talking him into doing a guest post next week. A friend of ours recently said to a few thousand people that blogs are ‘yesterday’ and they bore him. He said Twitter is the new thing. Even though you could read Chris’ Twitter account of his time in Haiti, I have a feeling you will enjoy a blog post more. And quite frankly I think my friend is just grumpy because no one reads his blog.:)

One of the things I had planned to post on Monday was a listing of some of the most popular posts out of my first 500. Well it is Friday and I am now getting to that. Many of you (in fact about 90% of you) started reading this blog in the last year….many more in the last couple of months. So here is a little list of some posts that have had the most popular page visits. I am going to add a category tab for this eventually so new readers can find highlights without having to read through all the Archives. So drumroll please…..a few highlights from the first 500 posts (in no particular order):

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And to end this week’s giveaways I am finishing how I started…with super cute baby/kid hats. This time it is from a local gal that has the etsy shop HeartSmiles, but sorry there aren’t any boy hats in the store. You know I can’t resist a crocheted hat with a flower!

Contest Details:

Prize is one item from HeartSmiles

Contest ends Saturday, February 13th at 9:00pm

Winner chosen at random

In the comment box tell me a Valentine’s memory…could be great, funny, sad, I hate Valentines….whatever!

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  • Jennifer Williams - The very first Valentine’s that my husband and I celebrated together he got me tennis shoes! Not very romantic, but a true testament to who he is. I needed a new pair so he got me a new pair. I’ve never let him live it down, but I love the way he takes care of me! Have a wonderful Valentine’s weekend Ashley!

  • Karla - My first kiss with my husband happened on Valentine’s Day. Out on a pier, at night, in the freezing cold. It was lovely.

  • Alba - just to say that babysister looks so funny, and I love to see a pic from you both. No boys hats? well, there will be another time. All your posts are great, but I’ll keep My Son, The Goat Whisperer as my fav. I hate Valentines too 😉

  • Elizabeth - My children always make homemade Valentine’s Day cards for my husband and I….We love looking back at all the years of memories and love….they always makes us laugh and smile!

  • anne c - before I was married, I used to wear all black on Valentine’s Day…I just don’t like commercialized holidays. To me they aren’t special or thoughtful. But…now that I am married…to a sensitive, romantic man..I am learning to at least acknowledge the day :) Flowers, little notes, and other surprises are better out of the blue than when expected. just my opinion :) however, I do wish/hope everyone has a very HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!

  • cassie - We celebrated Valentines yesterday with three of my kids friends and their mom’s. We made cupcakes and your crayon wax paper heart garland. After seeing that post I knew we had to have a party and let the kids try it out. My kids said it was their favorite party and wanted to know when it is Valentines again.

  • annalea - as a little girl, i loved the anticipation of knowing my dad was going to surprise my sister and i with gifts. always made me feel so special to have a valentine who loved me so much. :)

  • Ruthy T. - Ah Valentine’s! What a crappy Holiday! I like it better when I’m told that I’m loved, when I don’t expect it. It’s the most loving feeling!

  • Margie - My favorite Valentine memory is from MANY years ago when my brother and I were little kids. My mother sent us cards as a ‘secret admirer’, in my brothers card she wrote ‘to my brown eyed hunk, from your secret admirer’, and my brother (sweet little guy that he was) wondered aloud ‘who would know that I have brown eyes’! This still makes me laugh.

  • Christine - One of my favorite memories is when my dad would always make sure his daughters were included Valentines day be taking us out to eat or just simply buying us a carnation! Now since he has passed he has left us with great memories and a great lesson so now we make sure to always make sure our momo is included.

  • Beth - I can honestly say there is nothing about Valentine’s day that stands out in my mind as a memory. Good, bad or indifferent. As you can probably tell Valentine’s Day isn’t the most exciting of holidays around my house…

  • Jo - Actually you don’t post enough pictures with you and the kiddos!!! It’s nice to see ya sometimes too! :) I do love that hat of baby sisters, she is soo precious. I love her facial expressions!!

  • Christy H - My favorite Valentine’s memory is always getting handmade Valentine’s from my Mom Mom Lydia., she cut out pictures from magazines and glued them to lil paper doilies. They were the sweetest thing ever. I have one that I managed to save and use as a bookmarker. Now that I’m a mom, I want to make handmade valentines with my daughter just like my mom mom did :)

  • Kari - My husband and I had the greatest Valentine’s Day in 2004. After five and half years of trying to conceive a child, God answered our prayers…coincidentally, it snowed that year too! :) That might be more information than you wanted to know, haha, but coming from someone who longed for a child for so long, I think it’s the greatest gift ever!

  • Lindsay - My husband and I started a tradition on our first Valentines Day that we always have a pizza with pepperoni placed in a heart shape. It may just be a frozen pizza but as they say it’s the thought that counts. :)

  • Tracy - I enjoy valentines…usually my husband and i get a movie and he brings me flowers! Low key but enjoyable…just another excuse to have a date and spend time with my man!!

    Enjoy your valentines with your man! Thanks for all the great giveaways and having a truly inspiring blog!!

  • ashlee - my husband says valentines day is a holiday created by Hallmark to generate sales…but he never fails to buy me my favorite chocolata and my favorite flowers every year:) btw that hat is sooo cute!!

  • Karen - Every Valentine’s day my dad bought me and my sister each a heart shaped box of candy. It was awesome. I can’t remember what he got my brothers, but I remember them stealing all my candy!

  • Kristi - I dont really have a special memory about valentines day. I am not really the romantic kind so it doesn’t bother me. I do have a gift I got from my husband the very first year we were together. Well he got me a few gifts but with them was this beany pillow from bath and body works in the shape of a heart. I still sleep with it everynight since then and that was 5 years ago. It kinda has lost it shape…but then again so have I! haha

  • Jeannette Swan - I don’t really remember Valentine’s growing up – so I guess it was average! I love it now with my kids – we make our valentine’s each year. My oldest was trying to remember what we did his last several years in school (he is 4th grade this year). He even said last night that he likes that we make ours and not just buy cards – makes me feel good! I also like to do something special for the kids on Valentine’s – I got them each a little mail box that I put a little treat in – they also got a little bigger gift that won’t fit – so I will put a note so they can go find it. I also love the little class parties and just how excited the kids are to get the valentines and treats. Ok – that was too much – sorry!

  • amanda torres - I’ve never been much of a Valentine’s person, but one year I will never forget. I had a student who put a Valentine in my sack that said, “Mrs. Torres I love you.” I didn’t think too much about it because you get a lot of those as a teacher. But, when he came up to me after the party, he asked if I got his. I said yes, and that I loved him too. The reponse was classic! He said, “Yessssss, I knew you did. My mom said you wouldn’t marry me, but now that I know you love me too we can get married!” Too funny! Especially because this was a 4th grader!

  • Alison R - One of my favorite valentines memories was from when I was little. My mother helped me decorate a card box for our school Valentines Party. I remember it wasn’t a traditional red and pink box with hearts on it. It was a pretty butterfly themed box and I won first place! The best part was having my mother’s undivided attention for a little while (there were 5 of us at the time)! That hat is too cute on your little one!

  • Abby - My husband and I celebrated our first Valentines Day as a married couple with a “fancy” meal we made at home. Andy had plans to grill lobster tails on the grill–well, it snowed a ton, but he still wanted to make the lobster as planned. I can still see him falling down in a huge drift on the way out to his grill!

  • Sherry - My funniest valentines memory is the first valentines day I had with my husband when we first started dating. I started a new job on February 11th and I had orientations I had to go to. When I got back there was a bouquet of flowers on my desk and I thought that my boss got them for me. I’m just glad I didn’t tell him I thought they were from him. After I thought this up in my head and kept my mouth shut he told me my “boyfriend” dropped them off.

  • Samantha - Yep… my first Valentine’s Day with my hubby {back when we were dating}, he gave me a Thank You note as my VDay card. He had forgotten to buy one and when he went to buy one {ON VDay}, the store was out. Needless to say, every year since then, the running joke has been that I get two cards: a thank you note AND a VDay card.

  • Meagan - I just discovered her shop the other day and LOVED her stuff! Hope I win!!! My favorite Valentine memory is our first Valentine’s day as a married couple. I decided to surprise my hubby with a big, fancy Italian dinner! I borrowed fancy dishes, glasses, and a tablecloth from my grandma and finished the table with some fresh red roses. For dinner, I made chicken alfredo, and for dessert, a cheesecake with raspberry sauce! I cooked all evening! He ended up getting home late from work, but it was fine since dinner was running late also! Time management has never been my strength! I came accross the photos from that night last week!

  • becky - Valentine’s Day, 2001. Thought I was getting engaged, but ended up just being dinner. I hated Valentines day. Got engaged the next day in the Bailey Business parking lot at OBU right before he left out of town for a baseball trip :-)

  • Robyn Farmer - One Valentine’s when my husband and I were newly married we both worked a few jobs to pay the bills while finishing school so I worked at a floral shop for the v-day week. It was crazy, crazy, crazy and it made me realize how silly the holiday was. It made me thankful to feel so loved each and every day by my husband and not hopeful of affections only one day out of the year.

  • Kelley - My favorite valentine memory is from 5 years ago. We always have a family dinner then the kids go on a scavenger hunt to find their valentines. All the while we were doing this, I was getting ready to go into the hospital early the next morning to be induced to have our third son. He will turn 5 on Feb 15th. That year will always be my favorite!

  • Jana - I really do not like Valentines Day. I think you need to show the one you love how special they are EVERY day and not wait for that 1 day a year. You never have been promised a tomorrow.

  • Jill - last valentines day my boyfriend and i went to one of our favorite restaurant ready for a romantic dinner. they do not take reservations so we waited about a half an hour to be seated and then once we were seated it was like we were sitting with 10 other couple all trying to be on their own romantic dinner.

  • Rebecca - Before hubs and I were married, in fact, the first Valentine’s Day we had as a couple-Matt walks out of his truck holding a rosebush. I immediately thought “Oh golly-this guy is GOOD. Not just roses but roses that bloom EVERY YEAR!” I went to kiss him and thank him for the flowers and he pulled them back and said “Oh these?! I got these for your MOM.” Then he handed me a bunch of (what I like to call) gas-station flowers. Carnations and maybe a half-dead daisy in there. He swears he didn’t get them at the gas station…but….that hardly helped. :-)

  • Amber - I think that this Valentine Day may be my favorite. My 2 year old understands the meaning and is loving making and giving valentines. I love watching her light up when she gives something to someone.

  • Stacy - My favourite Valentine’s memory actually happens year after year. My dad has always brought me one rose on Valentine’s day and once my daughter was born, he started to bring her one too. It’s a tradition that’s gone on for many years now and he always still manages to surprise me with it, even after all this time. I love surprises and it’s a nice one to kind of forget about and then remember all over again every year :)

  • Cate O'Malley - Love her expressions – too cute for words!

  • Mary - My first love was Ty. I’ve had my heart broken in the past; by Ty. My valentine after 20 years, is still Ty. God just meant us to be together.

  • Kate A - Last Valentine’s day my husband and I gave each other tickets to see Flight of the Conchords in Chicago – hilarious! We had also just recently found out I was pregnant with our first baby so we had sparkling grape juice instead of champagne :)

  • Julie B. - One year we forgot to make reservations and when we got to the restaurant, they told us the wait was a good hour and a half. So, after a couple of tries at other restaurants, we ended up at Chick-fil-A… they had table cloths, chocolates, the lights were dimmed and everything. It was interesting:)

  • Miranda - I love Valentine’s Day!! Esp this year, my man of 8 years surprised me with 2 dozen roses! So beautiful! Hope everyone has an awesome Valentine’s Day too!! <3

  • Shawn Maddox - We have never had very big Valentine’s celebrations..but just the chance to have some time together is always great!

  • Lindy - My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is from grade school…I always made sure that when I passed out valentines that any boy I didn’t like got a crappy one…Kind of mean right?

  • Liz E - We stole this idea from another fab blogger, but we write what we love about each other on construction paper hearts and tape it all around our dining area. Our dining room is filled with pink and red hearts telling of wonderful (and funny!) stuff about each other!

  • Stacy - What a fun give away! I hope I win, the hats are adorable!! I love Valentines day. My mom used to leave cute things by mine and my siblings beds on Valentines day morning. I loved waking up to it. Even if it was silly little things… it all said “I love you.”

  • jenn G. - I made my one and only DIY project ever… a mod podge frame for Larsee with homemade cookies that spelled out I love you… where has the romance gone? :)

  • Shannon - While I was never ‘into’ V-Day, my dad always bought my mom and I each a box of candy from Fannie Mae. And he always got my favorite- turtles! I wish he still did that for me as an adult. It was the only time anyone ever bought me a box of candy! :)

  • Kaleena - I loved getting flowers from my little man last year. Daddy brought him to my work and he toddled in with some flowers for mommy. So sweet!

  • Amanda - My favorite Valentine’s day was when my husband gave me an Oprah magazine. At first I thought, “Thanks, a magazine subscription. Is there any Chocolate?” Then I looked through it. He had inserted work bubbles by Oprah as if she were talking to me. She “told me” lots about Chicago, and eventually by the last page said she was “excited to see me soon at her show!” He scored tickets and we went that April.

  • ae - One of my favorites is when I was across the country on Valentine’s, and my boyfriend sent me gingerbread cookies he made using his mom’s recipe. I’m pretty sure it was the first time ever that he baked.

  • April - What a cute blog. Hmmmm… Valentines Day should be celebrated every day!! Just my opinion! :-) But after 4 sons I do enjoy Valentines Day with all the cute dress, tights, shoes and hair things!! My daughter looks so cute in RED!

  • Lucy - When my husband and I were dating I told him I didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day, to take the pressure off. The Friday before Valentine’s Day he brought me a bouquet of roses. He said it was just because he loved me, not for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, he’s pretty perfect.

  • amy jupin - valentine’s day is the same day as my sister’s birthday. so when i think of valentine’s day, i think of her!

  • Cheri - My favorite V-Day memory is the first one I spent with my husband (then boyfriend). We were just two young kids. He surprised me with flowers, candles (I had a thing for candles), and a fancy dinner. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing, but man was he sweet.

  • Abigail - I’ll never forget the first valentine I received from my husband before we ever started to date. I was in class and he was a part of a ‘singing valentine’ group. The four guys came into our class and stood in front of me. I’m sure my face was red with embarassment. They sang their song (which was sung so well) and quickly exited the classroom to avoid more focus on me. It was a sweet thing to do but I’m not the kind of person who likes to be the center of attention:)

  • Erin - All I have to say is this post is sooooo stinkin’ cute!! Love, love it! I’ll keep the remarks about Valentines day to myself 😉

  • Laura - Well, my favorite memory is a brand new one! This year my hubby let the kids and I pick out a doggy to adopt for Valentines Day. We found the perfect doggy, and he has a perfect little heart on his chest. We named him Joey Valentine :)

  • Colette Amey - I don’t really get into Valentine’s Day like some, but I do remember one Valentine’s Day when my husband (then boyfriend) injured his ankle playing basketball. We spent the evening at the hospital getting x-rays — and he spent the next few weeks on crutches during the middle of winter in Iowa (icy sidewalks are tricky with crutches!) I am one who started reading your blog in the past year and I really enjoy it. Thanks for posting!!

  • Hollie - My memory is waiting to be made….It is the one where my overdue daughter is born on Valentines day! As in this coming Sunday :) She was due on the 1st but my whole pregnancy I said it would be so neat if she was born on Valentines day! Here’s to hoping I get what I asked for! (Little did I know what waiting 2 extra weeks would mean!!…..obviously I’m a first timer in that department!) I love your blog and can’t wait to make the vintage glasses onesie for my own girly!

  • Kim B. - Not really a fan of Valentines Day.

  • Jennifer - My best Valentine’s Day memory was the day my husband proposed. I was shocked and elated! It was awesome!

  • christina larsen - Valentine’s Day is Valentine’s Day. I try to get excited about it every year, but every year, it’s the same. My husband and I usually do something together or get each other something. I get the kids something yummy (like choc or small gifts) and that’s it. I do like the colors that seem to make their appearance around Valentine’s Day. To me, it means that Spring is on it’s way. I LOVE SPRING!!!!

  • Meg - My first Valentine’s as a married woman…it just was so fun. We didn’t do anything unusual…out to dinner and some sweet gifts from my man. I can remember what I wore that day…10 years ago.

  • meg duerksen - in fourth grade i got a valentine that said You are ugly i hate you. i cried and cried ad cried. :)
    i remember it clear as a bell.

  • Crystal - My husband and I are high school sweethearts. Our very first Valentine’s day, at the ripe old age of 16, he decided to leave me a treat…as s surprise. My favorites, Dr. Pepper and Kit Kat bars. Unfortunately, he left them on the ground by mailbox. He called me when he got back home and told me to look outside. When I found my treat, I discovered the ants found them first. No matter that I did not get to enjoy them, I was hooked from then on out. :)

  • dena - The last 4 years our family has had an additional valentine to love on.. for this I am thankful… But this year may be our last with a new addition.. number 4 is rocking my world… but I love him to pieces.

  • ash - This year will be my first as a married woman. Last year my (then) fiance surprised me with flowers and we watched the movie Fireproof. Not totally romantic but a good reminder for married couples. I might just watch it again this year. :)

  • Chelsea - My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, since our anniversary is Jan 29. We don’t have any kids yet, but I would love to give this hat to one of our friends who is having their first child (a girl!) in a few weeks!

  • Shanalea - Well, Valentines may be one of my favorite days but really because my birthday is the next day…I think one of my favorite is when my then fiance gave me a pair of beautiful earrings. I have no idea where they are now, but they were one of the best gifts ever.

  • Ali Richardson - When my husband and I were dating, he wanted to surprise me on V-day. He knew I loved eating in front of a fireplace and since he didn’t have one in his house at the time, he got creative. He ordered one of those videos of a crackling fireplace (sound effects and all) and moved the dining room table into the living room in front of the tv. When I got there, the crackling fire was roaring in front of a romantic dinner that he had cooked. No wonder I married that guy!!!

  • Ingrid - probably my most strong valentines memory is a singles picnic i went on – it was a group of us that didn’t have a valentine getting together to eat yummy food and enjoy hanging out :)

  • Donna - I got a tatoo on the Valentine’s Day I was 17. Ugh. What was I thinking?

  • Leisha - My favorite memory is a general one. My mom made us the most original valentines every year. They were always homemade and I loved getting them. She was always careful to sign them Love, Dad and Mom. I remember thinking that was cool to put my dad first and it is something that I write on my kids’ valentines to this day.

  • maegan - Nothing really stands out to me….except for today when we arrived home to see a tall, skinny rectangular box left on the porch from the FedEx man. The whole time I was opening it I could not come up with any ideas as to what might be in there. It was a 5 foot tall rose! With an included 4 foot tall vase. For some reason it makes me laugh every time I see it!

  • Amanda - The other day, my husband and I were discussing how commercialized Valentine’s Day is and how hard it is to want to go out to celebrate it because it’s SO CRAZY! Then my husband said “Why do I have to have just ONE day to celebrate my love for you? Why can’t it be celebrated every day?” I have mixed feelings about this statement. On one hand it’s very cute and thoughtful, on the other, I like Valentine’s Day! All in all, I have the best husband ever and am very lucky to have him! Since he is working every night all weekend I think I’ll make a fun breakfast for him on Sunday morning. And this is our first year with our daughter who we also love very much! So I think it’s time to get some fun traditions going.

  • Britney B - Valentine’s day never seemed like a big deal in my house growing up, but every year, my mom somehow always surprised us with a nice card and a little gift before we left to school. It was such a nice treat and made me feel so special and loved!

  • Charity - Growing up, Valentine’s Day wasn’t celebrated huge at our house. But now being married…why not…I’ll take some pampering!

  • Teresa J - While dating, my then bowfried left a rose for me in my school locker (I don’t know how it got there), I then proceeded to find them everywhere; in my car after work, on my desk at home, etc. It all ended with him giving me the 12th rose in person along with a beautiful letter for wrote for me.

    He’s such a great valentine :)

  • Jodi - It’s Valentine’s Day everyday! The best one was last year, the 4 of us as a family celebrated together with a huge Valentine’s breakfast and special treats. I love having little girls and being able to dress them up in coordinating Valentine’s outfits!

  • Jenny - My birthday is February 13th so we always celebrate a day early. Fine by me! We miss the crowds and it’s just as romantic. :)

  • mrs doodle - My husband has always been awesome on every holiday but he is extra awesome on Valentine’s Day:) He ALWAYS sends me flowers and makes sure to get me a mushy card. I love that:)

  • Lildudesmama - The year my husband and I were engaged, we got matching tattoos on Valentine’s Day, of our own Zodiac signs. It sounds wildly trashy, I know. But it was sweet and sentimental and the right thing for us. Now, we have a 2year old daughter, and we view the holiday in a more traditional way. :)

  • Meredith - For 4 years in Elementary School I was sick (strep throat) EVERY SINGLE Valentine’s Party at school. I missed 4 in a row…Not an issue any more, in fact I just got back from my daughters first pre-school valentine’s party! FUN and LOTS of sugar! :) Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • jody - Making a HUGE heart with my 2 year old out of tons of tissue paper!! so colorful & so fun.

  • Jami Schoettler - The Valentines day that I was pregnant with my 1st baby and gaining weight, my sister was losing weight by not eating. I worked at a grocery store and bought 3 huge boxes of candy for a buck each after it was reduced. I brought them to her knowing she couldn’t resist. And she ate every little piece. A box of chocolate cover fortune cookies, a box and truffles shaped like seashells, and a heart box of your regular valentine chocolate variety. ?

  • Lesley - I love Valentine’s Day! My husband’s aunt and grandma always host a “love feast” complete with heart-shaped hamburgers, love gifts, a love dance and everyone has to say at least one thing they love about someone else.

  • Holly - My favorite thing about Valentines day is the card I get from my dad, it always make me feel special.

  • Jaclyn - I love helping my kids make Valentine’s cards! I remember it being so fun when I was a kid and I now I get to share that with them.

  • jill - love valentines day. i love all of the weddings we go to on that day. we have one this sunday!

  • Cindy - I love Valentines Day… just makes me happy! My 1st son was born the day after Valentines Day & my favortie Valentines memory is being big and pregant and meeting my husband at the park for lunch and fun with out oldest child. My Son will be 5 Feb 15th, hard to believe!!!

  • Megan H - One year I elected to have foot surgery on Valentines Day. I figured since I didn’t have a significant other I shouldn’t have to endure the holiday. Now I love sharing the day with my husband. Love the pictures of you and baby sister!

  • robyn - i went to visit my son’s preschool on valentines day. i found it to be the most overwhelming thing EVER with all the hand made crafts and valentines from all the kids… it scared me. now, he’s almost 4, and today was his valentines party at school and it was SO cute and he had so much fun putting his valentines in all the bags for his friends!
    but i think valentines is a hallmark holiday that makes people without hubbies/boyfriends/partners sad.

  • Mandy - I just love the candy – mmmmmm!! This year we’re getting our kids balloons, and I hope that will become tradion – – LOVE the hats!!

  • laura - dressing up and going downtown to watch “an affair to remember” at the old theater with my incredible husband.

  • Abby - Your great grandpa reads your blog!! OMG that rocks!! I can’t even get my inlaws to turn on the pc we gave em *sigh*. I wish I had a valentines memory so I could enter to win one of these cuties but I’m drawing a blank!!

  • Ang - For our first Valentine’s day as a couple (before we were married or even engaged), Ryan gave me my gift via a friend (Kay) in a Victoria Secret bag. What?! I don’t remember what the gift was, but it definitely was NOT something from Victoria Secret.

  • Natalie M. - My husband decided that instead of celebrating valentine’s day he would just do random sweet things all year long, it lasted one year:) ( he still does sweet things just not the v-day type stuff)

  • Becca - Hi Ashley! I’m a new reader to your blog and have quickly become addicted to it! Your children are absolutely beautiful and you are an amazing photographer! I absolutely LOVE your crafty side too!

    I am due to deliver our second child (little girl) in the next two weeks so I am STOKED about this giveaway! I’ve been dying to add one of these cute hats to her wardrobe.

    Hmm, my favorite valentine’s memory…the one that is coming to mind right now is two years ago. Our son was only about two weeks old and while I was laying in bed nursing him my husband came strolling in with a yummy breakfast-in-bed platter (including my favorite pink sprinkled donuts)! Melted my heart!

  • Julia - That hat is too cute! My hubby and I don’t make as big of deal about V-day. We try to celebrate our anniversary with the most pizazz! But thinking about my favorite Valentine’s memory made me think of just three years ago, my Best Friend who I love so very much finally said “I do.” We had prayed and prayed for so many years together for her Prince Charming and we finally realized that God was just growing him up. She met and married Mr. Right who just happened to be 7 years younger than us. It was absolutely beautiful. Definitely one of my favorite Valentine’s Day!

  • Shauna - my husband+me=slackers Valitines is hard because you have to think ahead. You need to get a babysitter and dinner reservations way in advanced. So, Valentine’s day is hard for me and my hubby. Usually we just do something as a family, play games during nap time, and then watch a romantic movie at night. Good thing we like being together!

  • Beatrice Killam - Really, who COULD resist a cute hat with a flower on it? I know I couldn’t, especially since I have a little girl at home.

  • paige - hi ashley! I have been hooked on your blog for a few months now (I emailed you about your backgrounds, THANK YOU by the way for the response, I should have known you created them!). 😉 I can’t get enough of your photos, and unique style of craftyness! Plus, I have always dreamed of having 3 boys, and 1 girl – you are SO blessed!

    ok, giveaway… maybe if I win I’ll hold onto it for “my girl.” V-day memory: the movie theatre is a huge treat & distant memory these days, so I’m wishing for the days when we would see a cute little romantic comedy. I think the Valentine’s Day movie looks clever! Happy Weekend!

  • Denette - My hubby always says, “valentines day is a made up holiday to sale more cards!” But, despite his ill feelings for the holiday, he always tries to make it special for me. I love him lots and lots!

  • Lauren Roberts - This Valentine’s Day will not be on my favorite list. It happens to fall on the Daytona 500, which my husband is a HUGE fan of. No special plans here except racing.

  • Savannah - Every valentine I spend with my Husband is the best Valentine’s!

  • Kristina H. - My favorite memory would be the first Valentine’s Day with my husband (he was my boyfriend at the time). He surprised me with roses and chocolates!!! We always tell each other “I love you” every day and we have been married for 18 wonderful years!!

  • Julie - I was set up on a blind date with a brother of a fellow teacher. Our first date was the night before our school Valentine’s party. This guy knew the school and so he showed up at my classroom during the party with roses. I was mortified! I barely knew this guy and I don’t love attention plus it got all my kids and their parents talking. Needless to say it didn’t exactly work out between us, but I did enjoy the flowers!:)

  • Stacey b - I’m nt crazy about Valentines BUT I loved it when I was little. My dad would always get me a box of chocolate, sweet card and a stuffed animal! Good memories.

  • Suzanne - This Valentine’s Day is the first time my hubby has ever sent me flowers. Very pretty and unexpected!

  • Amber - Hmm well the one that stands out the most was about 8 years ago, and was my first “date” with my husband and my close friend with her now husband. We wore cowboy hats and celebrated Mexican style with a pinata and everything. It was fun, and the beginning of something really special for the 4 of us!

  • Michele V. - I don’t have any Valentine’s memories that stick out. I did
    get a beautiful bouquet of miniture roses today with over 100 roses. I love them!

  • JennyB - The first V day my husband and I were together he gave me a carpet steamer! LOL-let’s just say I never got “household” presents again on any major holidays.

  • Rachel - I can’t decide between all the funny Valentine’s I spent with my friends before I was married, or all the sweet Valentine’s I’ve spent with my husband… so many to choose from! :)

  • miss r - A couple years ago, my fiance gave me flowers, a Slim Jim, candy, and a thoughtful card. I called it the Walgreen’s Vday. He corrected me though, “It was CVS.”

  • Amnah - I mostly remember the Valentine parties at school. Class parties were the highlight of the school year if you ask me. 😉

  • Lisa - A few years ago I decided to surprise my hubby with a Valentine’s Date night in. I put our three small children to bed. I got on a cute little outfit, did my hair and make-up… and had our dinner waiting to pop in the oven as I got the kids to bed. We ate a delicious dinner in front of the fireplace. We had chocolate covered strawberries in the hot tub… and, of course, I had a few surprises (including a complete playlist of our favorite country songs playing in our candle-lit bedroom) for dessert. It was one of the very best dates we have ever had. We had an entire night of great conversation and food and fun – at home. It was such a blessing!

  • Alicia - Best Valentine’s Day…dozen HUGE pink roses at work. It was a Wed so we were waiting to celebrate until Saturday. On Sat I got engaged! That was 9 years ago this week. =)

  • Caitlin - My husband got out of work very early today and came home and cleaned our house spotless for my present. That is my new valentines memory. What good are roses in a dirty house?

  • Faith - I’m not much on Valentine’s Day. But I had a funtastic time today making cards with my 2 year old and a potato stamp!

  • ashlee - mmmm. was LIVID with my boyfriend for being late to pick me up on Valentine’s. Only to realize he and my roommate had been hatching a plan to surprise me. Ugh. Boyfriend? Now husband.

  • Amber - I don’t really have good Valentine’s Day memories…except this year. I’m a single mom. So no real date. But my 2 year old daughter tells me “Mommy, you’re my Valentine.” I think I have the best/sweetest date ever this year! :)

  • Erica Finnan - Never big on Valentines day…but I do remember in grade school, making our neat little valetines boxes. What fun that was to be creative and make our boxes into anything we wanted! Otherwise…now I really don’t pay much attention to valentines day!

  • Melissa - My husband started a Valentine tradition 2 years ago when I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter. He made “reservations” at Chick-fil-A! They actually had a special restaurant night where they put white linen cloths, flowers, balloons, & candles on the table, had live music, guest portraits made, & a menu to choose from! We went after “couples night” at my Moms-to-Be water aeorbic class, which he gladly participated in. :) It made a perfect, fun, no pressure night with a little romance and tons of fun memories! Last year, we took our daughter with us, as a 9 month old, & she loved it! We plan on making it a family Vday tradition from now on!

  • Taylor - I had gotten dumped the month before Valentines Day and my mom brought me flowers at work and then had my favorite meal from my favorite restaurant when i got home. It helped me remember that it’s not just about people who love you romantically.

  • Sharee Ann - i remember exchanging valentines as a kid at school and making special “mailboxes” for them and saying “EW” to the boy ones:)

  • Lisa @ ElleBows - I remember in the 6th grade a boy that had a crush on me snuck into my backpack a box of chocolates (which melted all over the inside of the bag) and a porcelain cow (why a cow, I am still clueless).

  • Rachel - I hate that they raise the price of flowers on and around Valentine’s Day so I told me husband when we first started dating that I never wanted him to give in and waste his money on high priced flowers. He loves that I let him off the hook! He does always get me a beautiful card though!

  • Ashley - Okay this is a funny/sad memory. I really liked this boy named Doug my Junior year of high school and he had asked me to the winter formal which happened to be the weekend of valentine’s day so I expected him to get me something or at least ask me to go “steady” for v-day. Boy did I get my signals all wrong! haha! I recieved nothing but a “hey, what color is your dress again?” I was utterly crushed. We are still good friends and I am happily married (to a different ‘boy’) but I still remember that and it makes me chuckle now. :)

  • Kate - I like sweet nothings! Little notes, a daisy, a smile.. it works for me!

  • Maggie Miller - My first Valentine’s Day with my husband (before we were married) I vowed to make him a home cooked meal. The meal was good…dessert on the other hand, BURNT! Alas, my cooking has gotten much better over the years!

  • Rebecca - Ohhh, well it seems that many of my days have been spent alone with my husband deployed. So, some of my greatest memories are spending the special day with my great girlfriends, trying not to be sad about our husbands being away!

  • Nicole - My favorite Valentine’s day ever is going to be this one, the first one with both of my sweet daughters. The older one has made me about 42 valentines so far and the baby has given me at least that many snuggles. That, combined with the fact that their daddy is the love of my life and an amazing husband, makes this Valentine’s day perfect!

  • Autumn - My favorite valentine’s day is when I was in India for the holiday. We went out to Pizza Hut for Valentine’s eve and we had heart-shaped pizzas!

  • Trinity - When we first got the girls, we surprised them with a fun dinner…we put the table in the living room, decorated it nice, got out the good dishes, and had a nice “grown up” dinner….so fun!

  • Joann E - My best Valentine’s Day was when my son made me a Valentine :)

  • Angela - One year my husband gave me a bread maker. On Valentine’s Day. It’s a good thing he told me to look inside. Otherwise I may never have found that necklace he got for me!

  • Rachel - My favorite valentines day memory has to be from last year when we took my kids to the snow. It was my son’s first time and it was so neat seeing him experience the feel and taste of snow for the first time….

  • Jenny - I don’t have one special Valentine’s Day that sticks out but growing up my Mom and Dad would always give my sister and I a fun little package and that always made our day!

  • Teresa - My favorite ice cream flavor is peppermint from Braums. Well my husband wanted to bring some home for Valentine’s day and went to several locations to try and find a gallon of peppermint ice cream to buy. Well everyone was sold out, then one of the Braum’s locations offered to sell a box of peppermint ice cream (this is the box that is out in the store that they dip from). Well the sweet husband that I have was not coming home without peppermint ice cream. He bought the box of ice cream and surprised me with it. The sad thing was that the box would not fit in our freezer. I love him!!!

  • Jamie Herring - One day when I was about fourteen, my mom told all of us kids to dress up and come to dinner.
    We all dressed in our nicest clothes and came down to a beautiful, candle lit table.
    The atmosphere was pretty casual, but it is still one of my favorite memories from my childhood.

  • Sarah - I do not like receiving flowers. The first year my husband sent me flowers I made it abundantly clear that I don’t like flowers (or so I thought). Well…Valentines Day came around the next year and low and behold I got flowers. I am a teacher and my husband sent myself, my co-teacher, and my entire class flowers. To this day he says I never told him about my dislike for flowers. I am waiting to see if flowers show up at our house tomorrow.

  • Suzanne - Thank you for sharing the highlights links. I have been reading for a few months, and I am totally taken with your craftiness and creativity.

    I was reading through some on my normal blog reads yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised to see your doily table runner on an Inspired By post on Frenchie and Flea

    Have and great day, and thank you for sharing!

  • Renee - Before I married my husband, I was very jaded about love. I have the fondest memories of my 21st Valentine’s Day where a friend and I changed the lyrics to love songs to be not so love songs. We called our group Jaded and said we were going on a world tour against love. It’s still one of my best Valentine’s Day memories because we laughed until we cried (joyous tears) and filled our day with the love of friendship!

  • Callie B - My favorite Valentine’s Days have been since I had kids….heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and some crafty fun later in the day.

  • perches - So adorable (hat and baby)!!

  • Melanie Schall - The very first Valentines Day with my husband (boyfriend at the time) we had a really romantic evening planned. But that week he got really sick. So we missed Valentines day. The following day he was feeling much better so he surprised me at work with flowers and chocolates, took me home to an outfit he bought for me and took me out on the town. Wouldn’t have been as wonderful if things had gone to plan. Shows what great things can come from missing set plans.

  • Ashley SP - My husband and I spent our first valentine’s day together…not being together. We were trying to be “Just Friends”. That didn’t work out, obviously!

    I think we watched terrible movies and probably ate some terrible food. Pewee’s Big Adventure and White Castles if I remember correctly. Yuck.

  • Amber - My Mom always made it a fun family day with heart shaped toast, jelly, etc for breakfast and conversation hearts in with lunch, and some special little gift when I was little. I hope to repeat that with my little one.

  • Anna Marie - My first kiss happened on Valentine’s Day weekend. And I married that man…yes I did! 😉

  • emmylou - When I was in college I was dating a guy & agreed to go to a valentine’s dance with him. He set up his brother with my friend & we had a few other couples we were going bowling with afterwards. By the time the dance came around I couldn’t stand the guy anymore but couldn’t really back out because of my friend. He was one of those guys who seemed to think men were much smarter than women. It was miserable having to dance & smile when I really didn’t like the guy. I was SO glad when that night was over.

  • Tanya M - My most memorable Valentine’s are from when I was dating my husband. He’s always show up with the best flowers! I just loved being in love.