SnapShops {some from our practice shoots}

snap-shopI thought I would share some pictures from some of the girls that attended the first SnapShop. These were all taken during our practice shoots. Keep in mind they had to juggle with 10 other women while shooting and it was the first time they shot changing all the modes on their camera. I think they did an incredible job. I have seen what a few of them have been shooting since, it is pretty cool! Later I’ll share some more links related to SnapShops if you want to see more.

Great job ladies!

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  • Lauren Roberts - These turned out great! I like the one of her feet.

  • Chris Campbell - Great job girls! Very impressive… You do have a great teacher
    From the Food Boy

  • Emily Lusk - Those are some great pics of her! You can tell you are a good teacher! I would like to offer up my children for people to practice on!!! :)

  • Jeannette Swan - We did have a great teacher and “food boy”!

  • Lesley - It’s so neat to see everyone’s different shots. I like the feet a lot too. Thanks again Ash, the class was great! Thanks for being the food boy, Chris.

Promote Oklahoma Adoption {the blog}

Wow…yesterday was crazy for me with SnapShop sign-ups. My email went crazy and kept shutting down, so frustrating! Tomorrow, I hope to post some pictures that some of the girls from the last SnapShop took. Until then, check out this blog


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  • Courtney Connelly - Ash,
    So glad you posted this link on your blog. It is a site with lots of wonderful information that needs to ‘get out’ to all of us in Oklahoma! :)

  • melanie - Thanks for posting this, Ash. This is a great easy way for ALL of us to get involved!

  • Molly (Murphy) Shockley - Hey Ashley! Do you remember me from OBU? I have watched your photography stuff through Courtney and my sister emailed to me that you posted our new blog on yours. I clicked on the link and you popped up! Thank you for adding this and giving us some of your readers! We appreciate the prayers and the support! Good to see you!

  • Trinity - I am so glad you posted this. I can’t wait to see things changed and more people involved!

SnapShop {April, May & June dates}


So here is the post I know many of you have been waiting for….new SnapShop dates. I am only announcing two new dates at this time, but one spot has opened up for the April 4th date. I hope to do some in the fall, but this will be it for the summer. I’ll be too busy snuggling my sweet baby girl! There are only 10 slots available for each one and it is a first to email me ( gets the slots. Please email me your first choice date, but if that date is booked and you are open to another date please indicate that in your email…drumroll please….the dates are:

April 4 – one spot BOOKED

May 16 – BOOKED

June 20 – BOOKED

Plan on the SnapShops lasting all day, more information on registration and when payment of $199.00 is due will be mailed to those who email me to reserve the spots. For more detailed information on SnapShops, visit my website.

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  • Marina - Wooohooo! Rachel and Misty are already SOOOOO excited!!!

  • Leslie Bercher - Hey, Ashley!
    I would love the one spot if it is left in April. If not, May 16th would be great!!! Please sign me up. I will get the payment to you as soon as you let me know where to send it.
    Thanks so much!
    Leslie Bercher

  • Heather Stauffer - YAY! I am SO excited!!! Kyle is already jealous :)

  • jenny paul - i always seem to check too late. i see there’s still one opening in june, but i think we will have moved by then (or be in the process). bummer.

  • Mandy - I totally feel like I know someone famous…I can’t believe your shops have filled up so fast!! I can’t wait for April!!

  • Lauren Roberts - OMG! You’re quite the celebrity!

  • carrie - Thanks!!! You made my day!

  • Stephanie - I am SOOOO excited too! CANNOT wait to learn!

  • Charissa - I can’t believe it! You’re booked all the way to June!!? :( Sigh. If someone cancels please let me know. Gosh, you are popular, girl!