6 years ago today:

First time daddy. Firstborn son. One of the first holds.

First day at home

First time on a beach…2 1/2 years later.

First lost tooth….6 years later.

And just for laughs….as I was going through pics I came across this one. It is one of our first family pictures. Chris thinks we look the same…we differ in that opinion.

This picture cracks me up. So many things I could say about it…it is just so funny to me. First time parents.

My 5lb 13oz boy is six today. It is a strange place…having a six year old. A wonderfully new, exciting, strange place. I have a six year old son. Pretty cool. I’ll leave it at that because you already know how crazy I am about my kids and how much I love being a mom…if I get all sappy right now I’ll start crying and there is a lot of celebrating to do today.

Happy Birthday Tough Guy….you’re awesome….and super strong…and you can run really fast…and you have killer ‘karate’ moves.

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  • meredith - Happy Birthday, buddy! :) Oh, Ashley….just wait till your YOUNGEST turns 6! UGH! It doesn’t get much sappier or more emotional than that! Have FUN today! :)

  • Rachel Ridd - very sweet! you make being a mom look amazing :) it looks like you’re a pretty darn good one too. i hope that he has a fabulous bday!

  • karen brown - my oldest turned 6 just 3 weeks ago. (funny how much older 6 seems than 5.) he sure looks like a heartbreaker!

  • Courtney Connelly - Happy Birthday C!!! I vividly remember your super excited mom calling me six years ago this morning to tell me you were here. That is a very special memory for me. You are an amazing kid and it is fun watching you grow up! Have a fun day!

  • anne c - Happy Birthday! I hope yall have a wonderful, fun celebration!

  • Samantha - Happy Birthday to Biggest Brother!

  • Alba - happy birthday mum! because you are good a part of it. and happy birthday to the handsome old brother.

  • Rachel - Happy Birthday!!! Very sweet post….

  • Rachel C - C — Wow!! You are so grown up! I hope your birthday is SUPER FUN!! You have such a tender heart — probably my favorite thing about you. Although, I do love listening to you tell stories — so very detailed and imaginative and enthusiastic. And, I agree with your Mom — you have “mad” karate skills — especially when you wear that spider man mask. Happy Birthday, STUD!

  • Erin - Happy 6th Birthday!! Wow, can’t believe that?!? Hope your day is super special and full of fun C!!

  • Megan H - Happy Birthday! I bet it has gone by so fast. Next thing you know, little sister will be turning six too!

  • Robyn Farmer - Happy Birthday big brother! I agree you look very different from the first family photo. I think when you first have a child you have this idea of what you and your children should look like and dress like. As time goes by you come into your own skin and express who you are. The last family photo represents what I think of your family, fun, loving, beautiful, unique and filled with Jesus.

  • Jesse - Happy Birthday C! You are such a big boy!!

  • Sandy - When my oldest, now 20, graduated high school and left for college a good friend spoke words to me that I wish I had heard when my first born was six years old. She, in a most sincere way, encouraged me to “Love Loosely” and then went on to explain that “Loving Loosely” means being aware that our children are only ours for a season. If we love too tightly then it really, really hurts when God has to pry our fingers off as our ‘babies’ leave the nest. OH HOW TRUE THAT WAS and oh how I wish I had heard those words of wisdom when my girls were little. My youngest of two girls graduates high school in May and because I have this truth now resting in my heart, I feel much more prepared for the days ahead.
    Enjoy your ‘big boy’! Six is such a fun age! …but remember these words, “Love Loosely” because God has a big plan for that young man and it will unfold much more rapidly than you can imagine!

  • Sandy - …by the way, I found your blog by linking through a couple others that I read; Heart to Heart with Holley and Joy’s Hope About Me. You have a beautiful family and a “happy” blog. I’ve just discovered the world of blogging and yours is one of a few favorites that I like to visit.
    Thanks for sharing your world….

  • Robyn Lee - Happy Birthday to a precious 6 year old… I love that family pic by the way!

  • Jaimie - This makes me emotional. We are in a place where we are still a very new family and it makes me happy to see the difference between being so new and where you are now!

    Happy Birthday Oldest Brother! : )

  • Shanalea - My oldest is turning 8 on the 29th. I can’t believe it. Where did the time go? All those firsts will keep coming, but I prefer the first loose tooth to the first kiss. :)

  • Jodi - Happy Birthday Oldest Brother! Hope you have a wonderful celebration!

  • ashlee - such a handsome 6 year old! happy birthday!!

  • joyce & Ken - happy birthday to a wonderful great grandson God Bless you and keep smileing g g joyce

  • Meagan - Precious!

  • Jolie - A very happy birthday biggest brother!

    (and you have changed a little – you look even cuter now! how did you do that?!?)

  • Shannon Phillips - Happy Birthday big guy! I am sure you will have lots of fun this week splashing in mud puddles or showing off all of your amazing karate skills to your mom’s camera!

  • lisa @ ellebows - Happy Birthday! Lovely post! Love the first time parent photo!

  • Anna Joy - Happy birthday Biggest brother!

  • Jeannette Swan - Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a great day! Was that picture at baby dedication – I have pics of our family sitting on those benches in front of the same plants!

  • Kate - Happy Birthday!

  • Jane - Happy Birthday biggest brother!!! My daughter is six and I too still can’t believe sometimes that I’m a mother of a six year-old.

  • Ana - Happy birthday!

  • Lesley - Happy birthday to the coolest 6 year old in the world! I remember driving to the hospital when you were born. You have grown up so much in just a short six years and you’re one incredible boy. I’m so proud to be your aunt and am excited to watch you grow to be a great man. I love you and hope you had an awesome birthday!

  • Kim - Happy Birthday, Corbie! You have blessed my sweet Regan’s life and my heart! You are a crazy ninja warrior with ridiculous skills! Remember, I’m watching you! 😀

  • ASH - Happy Birthday Biggest Brother! I think you guys look more nervous in your first family picture .. and very relaxed after having a few more kids 😉

  • Yanet - Love the b/w family pic.

  • Danielle - Even though my little guy is only 2 1/2, your post certainly brought back a lot of memories. Let me know if you find the potion to freeze time!

  • emily anderson - right there with you ashley. totally love this post.

  • Carissa Miller - Looks like our boys love all the same things…legos and light sabers. I am sure they would have an absolute blast playing together! :)

UPDATE: GOOGLE READER IS NOT RELIABLE WITH MY BLOG…..don’t follow the updates it posts. Generally I post EVERY weekday.

Did your parent’s ever tell you that your face would “freeze like that”? Mine did. Well, if that could be true, there is a good chance her face might freeze like this. It is her new CONSTANT face. Kills me everytime. Goodness. And, yes, she is crawling through the excer-saucer. She doesn’t like standing in it, but crawling under it is a big hit.

Her first time to pull herself to a standing position. Funny thing is I was unloading the dishwasher and she started messing with the door. I grabbed the camera…to get another shot about how she is into everything. It wasn’t until I put the camera up that it dawned on me that she had never pulled up to standing before! I guess that is what 4 kids does to you!

Her big brothers were at the top trying to get her to climb to them. Oh the things she is already learning.

Littlest Brother taught her how to pull things out of the pantry. Thanks again brothers.

It’s hard to get frustrated with a face like this.

Well, little girl, I am not in any way bored. Thanks for making sure of that.

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  • Jaimie - She’s sooo precious! Evan used to do a similar face around that age, but it was more of a really goofy smile.

  • Jill R - Great pictures. She is so sweet and a little spunky. I just love her!

  • Shannon Phillips - OH man! I just want to squeeze her and I could just eat up those chunky little legs. Thanks for making me smile this morning baby B!

  • Erica - I love looking at pictures of your little girl! Maybe I like them so much, because I have 2 girls of my own, one being a little older than yours…She is just to precious and looks like a lot of fun!

  • SeaminglySarah - I just love that first picture. Her scrunched up face is unbelievable. I also love how you make sure to take pictures of what would seem mundane, but are records of our children that we want to always remember. I wish I had taken more videos of the sounds my daughter used to make as a newborn. Or how she mispronounces words now.

  • Ruth - Completely relate. I regularly say to the baby– “Thank you! I was afraid I wouldn’t have something to sweep up today!” :) I totally see your smile in these pics, Ashley!

  • Megan H - Too, too, too cute! Somehow she gets more adorable every time I see her.

  • dianereeves - those are great photos and look at those chub legs-cutie!

  • Erin - That face is priceless Ash! I love how you capture all those moments that seem small but are so cute and timeless..

  • Jodi - She is absolutely too cute for words! Those expressions are priceless and those photos are going to keep happy memories stored forever!!! God bless!

  • Lesley - She’s a doll! I absolutely LOVE the scrunchy face. Cute pictures all around and I really like the spacer you added between posts :)

  • ashlee - oh that face is hysterical! i love the picture of her feet when she is standing! such an interesting angle for a significant event:)

  • Shanalea - It is amazing how much one child can do. I am ok with waiting on my fourth one to get into things. I have a feeling though it will be sooner than I want.

  • Maureen - Hi Ashley – love your blog! Noticed Google Reader didn’t pick up this post today, just an fyi.

  • Sarah S - Great photos! And I’m with Maureen – Google liked you yesterday but not today. Not cool, Google!

  • amanda torres - People used to tell me that little girls were easier than boys when they are little, but in the teenage years it switches. Well, I really don’t want the teenage years because I already have a drama queen on my hands. I have NOOOOOO idea where she got that from…Anyway, I love seeing all the pics of your little lady because it looks like she could hold her own in any battle with the boys. All she has to do is throw one of those adorably chunky thighs across ’em and they’ll be screaming, “MERCY!”

  • Teresa J - I LOVE her face in the first picture! Its oh so cute and very funny all in one.

  • Cate O'Malley - So stinkin’ cute! My now-two-year-old daughter used to climb in the dishwasher too. Her older brother never did that. Girls are definitely a wonder all to themselves.

  • Nicole - Just found your blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Your photography is so vivid. You have your hands full there with that one. Her expression is so intense in the first one. I agree with Jill R – Spunky!

  • Georgia Davis - Lyla is all about the dishwasher and pantry too. Great pics.

  • Lori Danelle - Oh so very cute!!! I wish mine were still that little!

    On completely unrelated news, Google Ready. . .Broken again? I don’t get it. It decided to find you for one day and then changed it’s mind? So crazy.

  • Bincy - She is just soo precious :)

  • emily anderson - cute. cute. cute.

  • Mary Craig - I am in the same boat! My youngest is 8 months and into EVERYTHING! With 6 and 4 yr olds as well, I am so worried to let her roam because they are not careful with the things they leave out on the floor. I’ve wondered how you deal with the lego pieces. Any tips? :)

  • maegan - too cute!

  • Jane - That scrunchie face is the best! She’s adorable!

  • Alba - well, well, well, it’s what live has, you have brothers, them teach you a lot of things, and you are young and tender and just learning everything 😉 take care of yourself

  • rachel denbow - I’m melting!
    It’s fun to imagine how Ruby will be doing these same things in a few months time. That face is the best.

  • katherinemarie - Too cute for words. :) Love those sweet cheeks!!!!!!!

  • Sarah - It’s never a dull moment in your home! Carter loves standing in the dishwasher too!! Great pics

  • Jolie - oh she is just the cutest little munchkin…I can see a decidedly mischievous twinkle in her eye too!!!

  • Kim - She is adorable, Ashley! simply the cutest little pudge around 😉

  • Heather - I know you probably hear this a hundred times a day, but she is so stinkin’ cute! All of your kids are. :)

  • annalea - yeah, i would be shocked if you had a chance to be bored. she is adorable. we used to call our daughter “all-terrain gia” when she would crawl through and over and on everything.

UPDATE: Google Reader likes me again???????? That’s the word. Thanks for letting me know it is working! Happy day to me.

This is how I feel this morning….

Why? Could it be a brain freeze from too much ice cream mixed with Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints?

Or could I be tired from the sheer number of wounds (mainly facial) that are a part of my normal day?

Nope. I’m tired because I know this is a BUSY week. This is BIRTHDAY WEEK for oldest brother! (yes, we celebrate for a week around here)

That means my house is once again taken over by primary color decorations picked out (and usually made) by my son. I’ve grown an aversion to primary colors over the years. It’s his birthday week…not mine….so I give in and let ugly his killer design sense take over!

There’s a lot of projects to be made. Desserts to be eaten. And LEGO fun to be had. I’ll share all that next week….if I’m not sleeping. Oh yea – I never get to sleep.

I have some friends that aren’t sleeping too much lately either.

They have a beautiful girly reason not to sleep a full 8 hours. Goodness do they have a cute reason! Snuggled babies make me happy.

Tiny baby girl in her daddy’s big hands makes me even happier.

Tiny baby girl sleeping…well today that just makes me jealous!

Congratulations P’s on your sweet girl…she is a treasure!

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  • Alba - these eyes will make girls completely crazy in the future.

  • Jeannette Swan - Awesome pictures of that beautiful little girl – congratulations to Mommy and Daddy!

  • Lee - Gorgeous photos (and, happy day for ME!)

  • ashlee - what fun to celebrate for a week…maybe we will try that. Im sure it makes them feel soooo special:) PLEASE tell me how those pictures on your stair landing are framed or mounted. I love the grid of pictures!!

  • ari Morris - Yes!!! You’re back on Google Reader! That makes my day exta good today!

  • Greg - Ashley, the pictures are fantastic! I can’t wait to get the rest. Thanks a million…

  • Tessa - My son turns 10 this week! Can’t even believe it. I told him I am going to blink and then he will be graduating from high school. This year went so fast.

    I was excited to see you back on Google Reader! I had to laugh because the first slew of updates are all from your blog. It must have registered them as being published all on the same day. Anyway, it is awesome news!

    That baby girl is simply adorable. I want one! :)

  • ch - YAY!!!! You’re back in my reader!!! Hallelujah!

  • Shauna - Okay, so I’ll I have to do is move to Oklahoma, become your friend, have a baby, and you’ll take a picture (that might be worth it). I love how you capture moments, I only wish I could do the same. If only I was near to you, then I would for sure sign up for one of your classes.

  • christina larsen - Glad Google can read you again, YAY!!!

  • Crystal - YAY! So glad to see your blog show up in my Google Reader this am!! Yesterday was my birthday, & I’ve decided to celebrate all week!! Happy Birthday to your son!

  • ASH - happy birthday oldest brother! :) The baby girl is adorable. I love how tiny they!

  • Jaimie - Cute baby! Ashley, your home is so pretty even covered in primary colors! Happy Birthday to oldest brother!! 6!!

  • Cosa - I am SO EXCITED you are back on the reader. Finally!!

  • christina - uhm…you don’t know me…but I’m suddenly in love with the canvas above your fireplace!? Okay – so I don’t like primary colors so much either…so I was looking at the other things in the photo…and I think I love that. Can you take a picture of that to show us full on? I think I love that idea…are they boots/shoes from your family? What a great way to remember the stage of the camo muck boots and Dora crocks we have around here!

  • Kara - Google reader must enjoy the new back ground–thats why they wanted to be friends again :)

  • abbey - So excited to see you back on my reader! Love the posts.

  • betsy - YAY!!!! Google reader picked up your blog again!!! I still love coming to the site more though. All the pretty colors. :)

  • Dick - Happy Birthday to the big boy. Really enjoy the pics.

  • Jane - Happy birthday Oldest Brother!!!

  • Jesse - Gosh Ashley, hard to believe your boy is getting so big. It is hard for me to see mine grow up. And yay your in my reader!

  • maegan - Beautiful pictures. We’re having birthday week here too! Not for a kid though, so not quite as much fun, but still fun. My husband’s birthday is on Saturday.

  • Nancy - Awesome pics!
    I would love it if you would share a larger picture of what looks like your landing in picture #5 of this post. I’d love to see that display up close because it looks awesome!
    Thanks :)

  • jessica hilliker - Baby P is precious! We rejoice with them…love the shots you got of them!