What makes a day good? I think it is the hundred little things that we stop to appreciate and recognize. Daily life is busy.

It’s nice for me to stop, grab my camera and capture the little things that make my days good.

What are the little things that make your days good?

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  • Anna Joy - what beautiful pictures! I especially like the first one of the eggs and then the last one when they are all colored. :)

  • jay - would you mind sharing how you make your photo collage… in this case do you cut every single photo square? i also love your polka dot collage. is there a program you use?

    happy day!! :)

  • Alba - funny your little “monkey” with your grandpa (i assume). What makes me smile? Spring time, the longer days, to play with my kids, to sit in front of the oven watching how my brioche or my bread grows, to have time to chat with my friends (with one little girl on my lap, I only have boys!!!),…

  • Seamingly Sarah - What makes my day good: the idea of starting our garden soon, ripe mangoes, making progress on quilts everyday, my husband taking steps toward his dream job, and there is always hope.

  • ashlee - what makes my day happy is a great cup of coffee, my francis chan book, 6 happy kids (this is a major one!), my sewing machine and a sunny warm day:)

  • Katie - I love all the fabric and pattern you decorate with. Where do you find some of that stuff? It’s all so gorgeous!

  • Holly Todd - Your blog would be one of my “happy things.” Thanks for reminding me we need to decorate Easter Eggs!!

  • Lanny Stanard - I’m new to your blog… And boy I’m smiling Thank You so much for sharing… I LOVE YOUR BLOG…

  • jessica h - thanks for sharing snaps of the happy things in your day~truly, those are the spontaneous joys in the “everyday” of life that make each day unique and make the busyness “worth it!” I find that my kids and the beauty of the Lord’s creation make it to my happy list every single day :) yay for spring, new life, and coloring eggs!!

  • Jill E. - the weekends are my times to stop and breath. lately i have been enjoying long bike rides with my boyfriend you really see so much when you are not whizzing by in a car.

  • ElleBows - you got the village frock pattern! My friend made one for Elle and it is so beautiful! can’t wait to see what you do with it :-)

  • Lisa Johnson - =) you make me smile!

  • Kate - Oh! I love the eggs!

  • Jodi - Spring makes me smile! Your pictures are beautiful, the egg transition is stunning, love the basket.

  • Elle - Your blog makes me smile!!!

  • Holly Lesue - I love this. I need to make a collage of the things around me that make me happy so I can see the good through the clutter!

  • katherinemarie - ohhh your SMILE round-up is WONDERFUL!!! Isn’t it the little things that make our hearts sing with joy? All of your “little things” are beautiful, just beautiful.

  • Emily - The little things are always the best.

    Emily @ http://456eleven.com

The first 2010 SnapShop has come and gone. When the house empties out at the end of the day Chris always asks, “So how do you think it went?” I’ll be honest, I always worry after the ladies leave if they liked it or not. I cover A LOT of material in the course of the day and I get a lot of ‘deer in the headlights’ stares, but hopefully there are a lot of ‘ah ha’ moments too. Here are some snapshots from the day:

Frosting cookies for the indoor shoot. It is so funny to me how they really don’t pay attention to all the cameras. The night before, I asked Big Brother (the one in the middle) if he was going to smile for the ladies. He said no. I asked why. His response, “It is because of my hair. The ladies will all tell me I am so cute because of my hair and I don’t want them to tell me I am cute.” So I asked the ladies not to comment on how cute he is!

But he is so cute. I told him he needed a haircut. He told me, “Mommy, Jesus had long hair and he is not a girl.” My 3 year old pulled the Jesus card on me.

For our outdoor session we had 5 gorgeous seniors. You might remember Ashlyn’s senior pictures from last year. Ashlyn and 4 of her friends were so great to model for us…the night before they left for their senior trip. It was so fun to photograph the girls. I mentioned to Ashlyn’s mom that the girls were all so beautiful and she responded by telling me that they are all just as gorgeous on the inside. I love that.

Since we did some group shots I played with the post processing a bit more than normal to make some a tad more ‘edgy’.

I used Totally Rad Actions and some Jesh De Rox textures on several.

I thought I’d share a few pictures Chris took of all of us shooting and the ‘after’ picture of what I got.

Umm yes, I am in the most awkward position ever and I look like I am making a peace sign. Actually I am just getting the girls to look at my camera.

We found a bed of clovers. I really like beds of clovers. I really like fun seniors that will endure tiny bugs jumping on their faces while we photograph them.

Doesn’t this make you wish you had pictures with your friends before heading off to college. I wish I did. Well, since I still see my high school friends regularly I could convince them to do this going down the street with all our strollers and diaper bags. Just doesn’t seem as cool. (There is a Jesh De Rox texture on this pic).

A couple of things to mention:

1. I am going to reserve some spots in an upcoming SnapShop for guys. If you are a guy (or you know one) that has wanted to attend a SnapShop, but not be a lone male…shoot me an email.

2. AWESOME reader etsy store giveaway coming this week….and it has nothing to do with kids or babies!

Google Reader is not reliable with my blog…don’t trust it to update

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  • Jeannette Swan - Absolutely beautiful pics of those girls – they are magazine worthy!! I’m sure all those in the class learned tons and are now trying to process it!!

  • bopha - wow, you are awesome and those are wonderful pictures. those girls are gorgeous and you really know how to bring it out.

  • Anna Joy - beautiful photos! I hope to attend a SnapShop class sometime in my future!

  • Rebecca Besaw - Oh, how senior photography has changed since I was in HS! I love these photos!!! I also wish I lived closer (I’m in MO) so I could take your class b/c I have the “deer in the headlights” look ALL the time when it comes to taking pics!

  • Shanalea Atchison - Your boys were great models. So wish I could do one of these. I am currently waiting for the online version.

  • Shannon - I love how big brother pulled the “Jesus card” on you! They are always too clever for their own good! He sounds like a character and full of personality! Love it!

  • christina larsen - Looks like a lot of fun!

  • Robyn Lee - Looks like so much fun! What actions do you use on Totally Rad Actions?

  • Kate - Oh my goodness, they are beautiful!!

  • nichole - I assisted my bestie Shannon P. on a shoot the summer she was pregnant. In comparison to your self-proclaimed awkward pose, I remember her lying all over the ground at 8 months to get just the right shot… must be a photographer thing šŸ˜‰ PS. Your kiddos are SO STINKIN’ CUTE!

  • Jill E. - these are really awesome. look forward to seeing the shots of your students. also these actions are very interesting thanks for the links.

  • Melanie Schall - As always – Great Job! They always seem to go effortlessly. Wish I was still in Oklahoma and could attend one. Maybe I could come back just for one… That would be AWESOME!

    BTW – Is that a lovely shootsac I see you carrying around?

  • Kara - Oh I can’t wait for u to announce the rest of ur summer dates–I am planning on taking on of the classes this summer! WOo HOo!!
    Awesome pictures! One of the girls is actually my Pastor’s daughter—such a small world!

  • chantelle - you are so inspiring!
    I think the diaper bag shot would be hilarious!
    pleeease……..think online class online class….

  • cally - THat looks like so much fun. As always, I love your photos. But right now my attention is focused on the light fixture over your table. Um, hi. I love it. Did you make that? Did you buy it? Can I please have one?

  • Rebekah Jean - I love seeing the pictures of you and all the ladies shooting. It looks like tons of fun! It also looks like your boys had a lot of fun too. These are great!

  • Kara - wow, your snapshops look amazing! I wish I lived closer so I could take one. ashley, I just love your blog… I have been reading for a few months now and I am always inspired! your photography is stinking amazing and I’m always studying your pictures, hoping to learn how to get shots like that out of my camera!! just wanted to come out of lurkerdom to say hi :)

  • Charla Lane - You take CRAZY good pics.

  • Margie - I REALLY wish I lived close enough to partake in a snap shop class…it looks like a lot of fun! Your kids are awesome…my daughter would be outta there the minute she saw the cameras coming her way :0). She also doesn’t like being called ‘cute’, but when they are SO ‘cute’ it’s hard not to say it!!

  • Katherine - I can’t wait until the 4/17 snapshots!! It looks like so much fun!

  • Ashlyn - Ashley, Thanks so much for inviting us. We had a BLAST. You captured all of our personalities so well. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Thanks again for capturing such a special time in our lives!

  • Jaymz - Thank you so much for this fun oppurtunity! I’m not the kind of girl who does this often so…. It was very exciting. :)
    Had a blast! You are very very good at what you do! God has given you a gift FOR SURE!

  • boogie. - absolutely incredible! the “road closed” sign & the last shot are my favorite. you are amazing!

  • leann wilson - Any upcoming snapshops?

    I am very interested –

    Thank you – Leann Wilson