909sensor-02909sensor-03909sensor-04Well I am STILL having server issues….emails still with error codes and still unable to upload. My free Photobucket account is getting full, so I am waiting to post vacation pictures until my hosting company gets my account back up. So until that wonderful day, I’ll just wait for big photo posts…

I shoot fully manual 99.9% of the time. I also tend to shoot wide open (small f-stop #, open aperture). Shooting at a small f-stop number means that dirt on my sensor doesn’t always show up. Well during our vacation the boys were playing in full sun and my light meter was acting funny so I switched to full automatic. When I got my pics on my computer and looked through them I realized just how nasty dirty my sensor is. How did I know this? Well if you look at the pictures below you will see spots in the same location on every photo…see below:


Every time you change your lens on a dslr camera you let dust into the camera, which can settle on the sensor. Some people avoid this by never changing lenses. I change my lenses all the time. I try to be fast and point my camera down when changing lenses, but dust inevitably will still get in. I clean my sensor myself because it gets expensive at a camera store…though I am trying to get into the habit of taking my camera in for a professional cleaning once a year. You can find info for cleaning your sensor by doing a Google search. Many of the new dslr cameras come with built-in automatic sensor cleaning. Here’s some steps for checking how dirty your sensor is:

1. Set the aperture to f/16 or larger

2. Take a picture of something plain white (ceiling, wall, posterboard). You might need your flash on for this.

3. Look for grey spots…that is probably dust on your sensor

Just curious…are posts like this helpful?

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  • Ryan - Of course they are! :)

  • Serena Lowe - I love post like this. I was just wondering how often I shound take my camera in to be cleaned. I try to change my lens fast and carefully, but I know those little particles can creap in there! Thanks for the tip….!

  • crystal - Very helpful! I need all the help I can get!

  • Mandy B - Hello, YES this is helpful….I am always thankful for advise from the expert!!

  • Becca - I love posts like this!! thanks for sharing!

  • Lauren Roberts - I’m SO HAPPY you did this post! I’ve been debating on taking my camera in to be cleaned. I’ll try this first. Thanks Ash~

  • Heather - YES! this post was very helpful! I always appreciate your tips! Thank you!!

  • Sara - Definitely! Thanks for the info.

  • Elizabeth - Very helpful!! I was just thinking about this yesterday and couldn’t remember what the camera store told me. This helps a ton! Thanks!

  • Jenny Lynn - YES! Being a new dslr owner i need all the tips i can get :) thanks!!

  • meg duerksen - i assumed the spots would from my lens…interesting.
    yes. helpful.

  • Nikki - I am a “lurker” on your blog, but I have seen the issues you have been having with your server. I am a website designer and I use godaddy.com to host every site. In 8 years we have never had an issue. Another thought – use flickr.com. When you upload photos you can send them directly to your blog pre-formatted. It is so easy, and a great place to store your photos. E-mail me if you need any assistance, always happy to help out. My husband, Mickel, says he was your intern in youth group. He is friends with John. I stumbled on your blog through a blog when you posted your “slat” daybed. Anyway, let me know if I can help. It is crazy that they have left you hanging so long!

  • jo - very helpful, thank you so much!

  • Rachel - Definitely helpful….It’s also really helpful when you show us what settings you took your pics on.

  • Trinity - Posts like this are SO VERY HELPFUL! I love getting tips from you.

  • Angie - Very helpful! I love your tips!

  • Stacey Zahn - SO HELPFUL!!! Thanks so much!

  • Jurga - Hello Ashley,

    Would you mind reminding us what company did you use for camera cleaning? I am trying to find someone and haven’t had any great luck.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond!

    Jurga :)

  • AshleyAnn - Jurga – I used Tulsa Camera Clinic


The photo above is my favorite one out all of all the 100s I took on our vacation. It sums up Littlest Brother and our vacation to me.  His sole objective in life right now is to play with his brothers and do what they do.  If it is playing ping pong he doesn’t let a little thing like being shorter than the table stop him.

As I thought about this picture and how much I love it, I also thought how often we miss pictures like this because we get so focused on faces. So, I thought I’d do a post about our vacation from that perspective. I have other pics with faces I’ll share later.

A sans-face version of the story of our vacation:


She basically lives in this wrap, so why not hike in the cold rain in it too?


That is an entire Indiana Jones story board…no he hasn’t seen the movie, only the LEGO wii version.


If I only look at this picture I can dream we were back living in Hawaii…instead of a sandy Oklahoma lake beach…


I wonder at what age my boy’s feet will stop being so cute to me? Probably when they get hairy toes.


That is a real caterpillar crawling on the LEGO man, not a LEGO size coon-skin hat.


Do you think my daughter will have an obsession with all things creepy and crawly too? I hope not, I need someone on my team.


Look closely and you will see Indiana Jones running through the Temple of Doom


Best Friends


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  • Jeannette Swan - What a great story these pictures tell! Love it!

  • keely steger - Great pictures! I always get flack from my family when I take “artsy” photos and cut off my boys’ heads or focus on something else- so I’ll send them your way and you can explain the reasoning! ;)

  • Susan - Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  • Kari - These photographs are so neat!

  • Lacy - I love this! So beautiful!

  • christina larsen - great pics.

  • Trinity - I LOVE these pictures! Of course I love face shots too, but these kinds of pictures tell the details of the story we often miss……LOVE IT! I just love the picture of the two boys….best friends….it makes me happy to think my girls are best friends too!

  • bopha - those are my favorite kind of pics, your pictures are awesome as always!

  • Becca - What an adorable/great post and idea! I love everything about it!

  • Amy - I love your wrap!!! Is it a woven? (I loved my moby but once E hit about 15 pounds, it was just too stretchy and we were delegated to the mei tai only.) Where did you get it? I must know for whenever I get pregnant again! :)

  • Rachel - I love that ping pong picture. Looks like a great vacation….creepy crawlies, legos, temple of doom…..a little (and big) boy paradise. Let me know when little sister is ready to go to the spa….I’m totally in on that vacation! :)

  • grace - hi ashley!

    i’m trying to contact you about featuring your before & after project in a book i’m working on. could you drop me a line when you get a chance? i tried your email but it bounced back…



  • andy - love all the pics
    they are so great
    you take really good pics
    i love the one of you little boy standing on the platform with one shoe off and one shoe on

  • amanda torres - How fun! Love Biggest Bro running through the Temple of Doom. Sooooooooo brave!

  • Susan - I tried to email you back… Let me know if you didn’t get it. thanks.

  • brittany - I loved this post – I got a little teary… the fact that mine are getting bigger has been hitting me hard lately. You do good work girl!

  • lesley - There are so many things I love about this post, the first pick of Rhett, the coonskin lego hat and temple of doom…how fun!

  • Jennifer Campo - I love the last one! You should get a poster size canvas of it and hang it in their room!

  • elisa - I mean really….how do you come up with such a creative way to take pictures? Love your blog. Have a great day.

Poor Chris…he has watched me for the last week as I’ve dealt with the server/hosting issues. Tonight he came home and I was still unable to upload photos and had not heard a thing from the company (I am choosing to take the high road right now and not name them…that is not what this blog is about). Anyway, Chris suggested I look into free image hosting for the time being until my account is back to normal. So I signed up for a PhotoBucket account – which was super easy. So thank you PhotoBucket – I can post again!

I’m still working on details for the kitchen. I wanted a new light fixture and saw these online at Anthropologie. I loved the wire look, but hated the pricetag and they were too small. So I decided I’d make my own.


I headed to Lowes and bought a spool of wire and tried forming one…it wasn’t working so well for me. In the midst of trying to decide how to get the wire to work I found myself rocking my daughter in her room. As we rocked I looked down and noticed the BLACK WIRE BASKET holding her toys (see it in the bottom right corner of the pic below). Bingo! Along with the basket I bought some spray paint, a metal outlet cover (to connect to the pendant) and a pendant light.

Step 1: Cut off basket handles and bottom middle wire (to center pendant)

Step 2: Spray paint basket and outlet cover. My basket had a bit of red on it.

Step 3: Adhere outlet cover to bottom inside of basket. I used Liquid Nails, but any strong glue would work. Since the outlet cover is on the inside of the basket the glue will not be used for strength just keeping the cover and basket in place.


Step 4: Turn basket over for glue to dry

Step 5: Add weight on top of outlet cover while glue drys

Step 6: Spray paint it all

909light-3Step 7: Connect it to the pendant light (which is already hanging…I don’t have instructions for that. You can follow the ones that come with the light)

Ta Da….my ‘Big Lots budget’ Anthropologie light:)



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  • Kari - …so I thought I’d check to see if you had a post up yet before I went to bed- LOVE THE NEW LIGHT! It’s awesome and so clever! You never cease to amaze me!!

  • ashlee - LOVE it!!

  • Rebekah Jean - Wow….absolutely genious! I love it!

  • Meagan - That looks super cute, Ashley!

  • rachel denbow - Hey, I e-mailed you tonight. Wanted to make sure you knew in case your e-mail is still being funny. ALSO, I love your ingenuity!!!

  • Sophie - Wow, Ashley, it looks amazing!
    I never would have thought that something so simple could look so good.

    Great work.

  • Sarah - What are you going to do for a toy box?! LOL Adorable!! I would have never thought of that!!

  • julie w - I love yours better!

  • Michele V. - Love it. The scallop look makes it look more feminine.

  • trish - that’s it!!!! you are officially the most CREATIVE person i know. if i only lived closer to you… :)

  • Andy - so creative
    i love it

  • karen brown - Fabulous! You are beyond creative!

    I would love to see some pics of your entire home sometime. We get snipits and the place looks adorable (like the pegs in the boys’ room), but a “tour” would be awesome! (In your spare time…I know.) ;)

  • Casey - fabulous!!

  • Aunt Sandy - I swear you need to have your own show on HGTV. Your ideas put some of their’s to shame. Love it.

  • Linda - Really? Is that all it takes. You are amazing!

  • rachel thomas - your ideas never seize to amaze me! thank you for your continued inspiration.

  • julie - Adopt me.

  • wynzia - i completely love this idea. thanks for sharing. off to pilfer through the wire baskets collecting dust in the basement…

  • suzanne - brilliant…!

    i love the tip of using a metal outlet cover as a base …. Thanks!

    also….i’m dreaming of raised beds for some first-time vegetable gardening this spring…I’m going to read your tips a little more closely…and dream a bit more…and hopefully build some!
    Thank you, Thank you for the inspiration… :)

  • jo - very cool <3 can't wait to make one for my new place!

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  • cally - Agh! So easy and fantastic!!

  • Jess @ Frugal w/a Flourish - Love it!!! Fantastic!

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  • Julia - You mind works in wonderful ways.

    First time on your blog. Bookmarked.

  • cynthia - this is AWESOME! i almost fell over when i saw that you had a tutorial…

    your creativity is amazing!
    i blogged about this wonderful post and your beautiful photos this morning!

    i’ve added you to my favorites, so i’ll be back again and again!

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  • amy - Take a look at HGTV’s new “dream home” give away.


    Check out the light fixture above the dining table. They took it a step further and made a cover for their wire basket.

    I just adore yours too!!! Well done.

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  • Lori - This is amazing. I’m in love. Thank you so much for a great – and extremely doable – tutorial. BTW, love your site as well.

  • Adventures in Dressmaking - That is so great, and of course you can just use a switchplate, how genius!

  • jensen - This is ridiculously awesome. Definitely borrowing the idea when I need new light fixtures!

  • brittany - I prefer yours…holds its own where the anthropologie ones look a bit too tiny-i’m not sure where you would be able to put theirs without it looking ‘floaty’. Well done!

  • Lisa - I wouldn’t give Anthropology anywhere near that amount of money for those, but I’d pay that for yours! Your lamp turned out much better. LOVE the basket idea.
    Very creative and inspiring.

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  • Rachel - I can’t believe I missed this before Ashley! I’ve seen it all over the last two days. Congratulations!

  • Amy - I love this idea! I have an old basket very similar to this. I have been trying to think of something creative to do with it. I may try this!

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  • geek+nerd - Your light fixture came out beautifully! I love the idea, thank you for sharing!

  • sewtara - wow that’s great!! so nice.
    but nevermind the lamp, that’s your daughter’s room!?! i love it too!! :)

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  • Michelle - Oh it looks so good! I have been itching to make a light myself for a while and now I am really going to have to do it!

  • Sarah - I love your brilliant idea. I wish I had a place to do this. We live in AZ and a fan is a necessity in each room. Maybe I could do it in our laundry room. YES!!

  • Melissa E. - This is INGENIUS! I love your idea. Maybe someday I’ll be able to use it in a kitchen someday. You’re so inspiring!

  • Roeshel@The DIY Show Off - I love it! It’s super cute. Fantastic job!

  • Amanda - This is a great idea but I am a bit disappointed that you did not reveal where you bought the basket! Good tutorial and photos, however!

  • Jen Rizzo sanctuary art - Umm.. I totally love it and am going to copy it!!!

  • Flannery @ Three Sisterz - Love, love, love this!!!

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  • Christinebyhand - I love this post, and linked it on my own blog. =) Great instructions and pics!

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  • Brittany (aka Pretty Handy Girl) - Love this tutorial! I actually just bought a minnow trap at a thrift store for $5! If I separate the trap I can make two hanging pendant lights. Can’t wait to make it, and your tutorial gave me some great tips.


  • stephanie - I bet the mean comment about your DIY pendant lamp was from the person who designed the pendents for Anthropologie. If I designed something and it was being sold in stores I would google up what people said and about it. You were able to use a found object and make a similar look for much less, also yours is larger, making a bigger statement in the room. That probably made him/her upset. I wouldn’t worry about it at all. In fact my only (original) comment is that I think it might be fun to weave in a ribbon towards the bottom and finish it off with a simple bow for various holidays.

  • Telefony - This is very interesting. I actually enjoy your writing style and your word choice more than anything Smile

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    Your feature will appear in the main Craft Gossip RSS feed, on the main home page and can be found directly here

    If you would like a “featured by” button, you can grab one here!

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  • Diane - Great job and so much better!

  • Rhonda - Can you add fabric to the anthropology pendant lamp?

  • karen - Love it….you could use rice paper on it to soften the light and the wire outline would still show beatifully . Also could use water color in orange for color pop too!! :0)

  • Claudia Cayne - If I tell you how many ways I have considered doing this, all of which were way to complicated. You in 3 steps made it fabulous.

  • Diane - Love, love, love your pendant light. I am giving your website address to my design students to check out.

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  • Shalon - I love this. I love it so much I posted a link to your site on my blog. I am on the search for the right pendants for my kitchen. I’ll keep my blog updated on the progress and will let you know if I make these. Very inspiring.

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  • Michelle - I love this! I have a perfect industrial basket to make it!

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  • Mel - great idea…I have a wire magazine basket from the 60′s thats going to be doing the same thing..thankyou for such a great idea.:-)

  • Lindsey @ A Pear to Remember - Ooooooooooooooh my goodness, the moment we move from our apartment (three or so months from now), this is my first priority.

    As a cook, I’ve also envisioned something with lights through vintage box graters. Any thoughts??

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  • funkytime - love it, now i have to find the right basket!

  • AnnaS - Wow! I just found your blog. You are one of the most creative souls on the web. You have shown that recycling & re-purposing items can be beautiful & does not have to look tacky at all. All the items you make look chic & beautiful, yet effortless. Thank you for sharing your ideas & inspiration!

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  • Lis - THis is one of the cleverest projects I have seen in blogs – and so very easy to do. I have been thinking about changing out my ceiling light and now am surely going to! Thanks so much for sharing. Lis
    Could you tell us where you bought the basket as it is so pretty with the wavy sections in the center!

  • Lauren - This is a great idea. Have you seen the new eco friendly bulbs that instead of the spiral tubes that make up the light bulb shape, they are twisted into artistic shapes? They have brightly colored wires too. A variation on this would look great with that – but with exposed wire, since the wiring is so bright.

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  • frank - I like how this looks, the use of a toy basket was genius! was is difficult to cut the wires of the basket and do you remember where you purchased the basket?

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  • Erin - this may be a silly question, but is the light ever too bright without some sort of shade? know what i mean? is it a blaring light or nice?
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this and would love to try it in my home. :)
    erincyoung (at) yahoo.com

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  • ashlee - Hi,
    I am lookin to make a wire basket light and googled it to get a basic idea of what to do and found you. The only thing I am wondering is the amount of light it creates. I am wanting to put it in my living room where it will be the only light source. Do you think this produces a lot of light?

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  • Paula - I saw your post a while back. When my daughter moved into an older home with a low ceiling in the bedroom, the glass cover on the ceiling light kept getting knocked when making the bed. I bought a wire basket at Hobby Lobby and we just spread the bottom wires a little and it fit over the existing ceiling fixture base. Looks so cute! Thanks for this idea!!

  • Lindsey Nord - Where did you get your basket?

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  • Jess@UC&R:MyUpcycled&RepurposedLife - Hi,
    Awesome job girl!! I have been wanting to do this for sometime now in my house!! I absolutely love it!! Just Fabulous!!!

    — Jess :)

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  • Judy Piland - Where did you get the basket? I want one.

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  • Rebecca - before I go any crazier searching…could you please tell me where you found your wire basket from?!?!? thank you so very much!!

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  • Tracey - I am wondering WHERE you purchased your wire basket that once held your daughter’s books? I am wanting to make a light like you did, but I cannot find a wire basket that even comes close to being as cute as the one you used in your photos! Please help me find one! Looking forward to hearing back from you!!

  • AshleyAnn - Tracey – I bought it at Hobby Lobby 5 years ago

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