Contest is now closed…the last counting comment was Brooke’s.

Baby it’s cold outside…so let’s keep busy inside. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been doing…

I’m working on a surprise for a friend who is far from home right now…more of this little project will come next week.1.10bored-001

Lots of Lego buildings. They built a fort out of dominos and wanted pictures of it. Yes, I am proud of the angle he is getting:)1.10bored-01

Always one to antagonize his big brother….hand in front of the camera, notice Biggest Brother’s obvious frustration.1.10bored-02

Rocking it out on Lego Rockband (wii) with me. I was actually singing Summer of 69 while taking this pic…I got my first real six string, bought it at the five and dime1.10bored-03

After my incredible vocal performance I began taking off fabric on the curtains. Who knew that sun tans burlap instead of bleaching it? Yes, the light part is where the fabric covered the burlap, the dark part was the burlap exposed to the sun. Huh.1.10bored-3b

The little ones reading.1.10bored-04

We also stay busy licking eachother’s heads while watching Word Girl.1.10bored-05

And crack up at ourselves because it is just SO FUNNY to lick eachother’s heads!1.10bored-06

Then we see if Baby Sister looks like Indiana Jones with the black cowboy hat on. We determined she doesn’t.1.10bored-07

Now, what really entertains me in the cold is opening packages. For some reason, the past few days the mailman has been getting really cold delievering boxes to my door. Sometimes I wish I lived back when email didn’t exist. I love mail (real mail, not junk and ads). Unexpected packages are even better.

This one arrived with a doily label, I couldn’t cut the doily so I opened it from the bottom of the box. So much vintage goodness. Thanks Rachel!1.10bored-08

A gift passed on to me from my husband, from a sweet woman I am looking forward to meeting.1.10bored-12

Fabric from Mimi’s Fabric and More (etsy)…possibly for the playroom and a blanket.


And I saved the best for last. On her 6 month birthday, Baby Sister’s new hat arrived (here’s the story of her first hat). Yes, I ordered it in Nov., but sadly the first order that was shipped got lost in the mail. I checked on it last week and Zoe Lynn Designs got my order to me so quickly. I was so sad to hear that 2 hats got lost in the mail – so much time and talent goes into making these.  Baby Sister was happy to have her much loved hat too!1.10bored-16

If you remember from that previous post, I decided to respond to someone taking her hat by giving one away. So I ordered two hats from Zoe Lynn Designs: one for my girl and one of the same colors in size 12-24 months. I am tempted to keep it, but it will be more fun to give it away. I’ll just order her a new one when she needs a bigger size. So here’s the twist to the giveaway. In the comment section, tell me who you’d like to give the hat to. It can be anyone other than your daughter…so if you want your daughter to get it you’ll have to convince a friend or relative to try to win it for you! I think it will be fun for me to give it to you so you can give it to someone you love.


Giveaway details:

1 Zoe Lynn Designs hat in Shrimp & Hot Pink size 12-24 months

Please only leave one comment stating who you would give the hat to (multiple entries will be deleted, cannot be your own daughter)

Every comment is considered as an entry

Contest ends Sunday, Jan. 10th at 12:00pm central time (US)

Winner will be chosen at random using Random Number Generator (

Contest is now closed…the last counting comment was Brooke’s.

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  • Jennifer Williams - I would love to give this hat to some dear friends. One of my closest friends from college passed away a few years ago from a very short battle with cancer. Her husband has remarried to a wonderful woman who also lost her husband to a battle with cancer. They are expecting a baby girl in March and it will be S’s first. We are all so excited for them both!

  • raychel - I would just love to give the hat to my neice who is truly a miracle. After 5 years of trying my older brother and his wife finally conceived!!! No fertility drugs – just lots of prayer and patience from God!!! She is now 3 months and just the most beautiful thing in the world :)

  • Alba - no daughter, no hat. well, actually I have a nice but my sister-in-law, but we don’t have the same taste for hats. I would love this one for me but I think my head is too big for that jajaja she looks lovely

  • Christina - I would love to give this hat to my neice Jadyn who is 2 months old. Being a 1st time aunt – I love being able to spoil her rotten :).

  • ashlee - I would love to win this for my best friend bethany. she has 2 sweet girls, one who is the perfect size for this. the dear has very little pale blonde hair so this would be perfect!

  • Stephanie - My friend just had a little baby girl. She would love this!

  • Anna Marie - Wowzers! We have to wait till November 10th to find out who won?!? (That’s my birthday and I am not ready to be older yet!) Teehee! I would give it to my friend’s little girl. I don’t have any nieces right now…only nephews…or it would go to one of them.

  • Elizabeth - I would love to give this to my 3 year old daughter’s “best friend” who is almost 1 1/2 years old…..

  • Becca - I would love to have that hat for my niece, Margaret. She is a 6 month old who has a HEAD full of hair that often needs taming……see example here:
    PS- I really don’t know you but love your blog….got it from Meg (Whatever). I don’t know her either! But I love photography which is probably how I stumbled on here. Anyways, I really enjoy it and think you are a great mom!

  • Suzanne - This would be perfect for my best friend’s daughter, Julia. She would look so adorable in such a beautiful hat!

  • Trinity - Great idea for the giveaway! I love it that you challenge us to think of others! I would like for my friend Stacy to have the hat. After years of wanting a baby, she just found out that it is 99% that she can adopt the baby girl she has been fostering! She is so sweet and has been very selfless in the whole situation, not thinking of her want for a baby, but the best for the baby!

  • Erin - I’d give it to my friend’s baby Lana who turns the big 2 in April!

  • Christian @ Modobject at Home - I would happily give it to my friend’s baby girl — she was a preemie but is big enough to wear it now!! And then I would happily order another on for my own little baby on the way.

  • Meredith - I would LOVE to give this little hat to my college friend who had a rough first marriage and was a single mother for 4 years. She has now married a wonderful man and they are expecting a baby girl in May – I would love to give her this hat for baby Alivia. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • ang - I would give this adorable hat to my brother’s daughter, to be born in February. She would look adorable!!

  • Shay - I would love to give this to my friend’s daughtewr who undergoing treatment for leukemia. My son is finishing 39 months of chemo for treatment of leukemia and we met this beautiful family during one of our many hospital stays.

  • anne c - I have plenty of friends that have little baby girls who would love the hat…it is beautiful! So I am not sure which one I would give it to?? I would rather give it to a little girl who NEEDS it…so I would most likely take it to the women’s shelter here in town instead.

  • Kara - I would give it to Amelia, my friend’s little girl, for her first birthday this month. When I hold Amelia, I feel like she is having an entire conversation with me just with facial expressions! adorable!

  • Lily - I would give this to my baby niece! She’s too cute and that hat’s too cute… it would all just be too cute!

  • Katie - I would give it to my friend who just got pregnant and who I KNOW is having a girl!

    I would be very tempted to keep it for myself but seeing as how I have two boys, that would be wishful thinking for the future!

  • Autumn - I would to give it to my friend Stacy who is fostering (and hopefuly eventually adopting) the sweetest little girl. Stacy would LOVE to have a hat like that to put on her little girl.

  • Ashley C. - OOOOH! The second I saw that little hat of sweetness, I thought it would be perfect for my new niece. She’s due in May and I’m trying to collect handmade pretties to start her out on the right foot! Thanks for the giveaway!! Love it!

  • Jessica - I would give it to my brand new niece, Gretchen. Living in a chilly climate, her little pumpkin head needs to stay warm. :-)

  • Tenille B - I would give it to my baby girl neice, Reese! :)

  • Shari Herron - I would give the hat to one of my daughter’s college directors. They have adopted a hispanic little girl from CA and thought everything was closed and ok. Now they may lose her and pray everyday that God will grant them the continuation of being her parents. She is a precious little girl and this couple have been unable to have children. You can check them out at

  • Kathy - I would give it to my niece.

  • Robyn - my god daughter- macy! she has the most perfect blue eyes on earth and would look stunning in this :)

  • Shanalea - I have two people in mind, but I will go with my sister-in-law. She got married in September and pregnant in October. I can hardly believe that I will be an aunt and even though we don’t know what she is having I am sure it is a girl.

  • Tiffany - My sister is having a baby girl and it would be a PERFECT gift for her! It is adorable!

  • Martina - I would give the hat to my friend for her baby girl Etana who is due this spring.

  • Marita M - I would give it to my wonderful sister who is due Feb.14th with her 3rd baby girl.

  • Shannon Brooke - Darling. Would be perfect for my best friends little girl Ella. They live up in Spokane, Wa where it can be pretty cold and of course Ella looks just so cute in hates :)

  • Deanna - I’d like to give it to my follicular challenged niece so she can keep her cute little head warm in this cold Kansas weather.

  • Yuliana - I would love to give the hat to my cute niece, Jillian

  • Erica - My friends are expecting their first baby next week. They are exiled in Kentucky (they’re both Californians) where he just finished seminary. I’d love to send their baby girl the perfect hat to greet spring with once all the pesky snow goes away.

  • Meg - One of my best friends just had a little girl yesterday! I would love to give it to little Susana.

  • Mary - If I won I would give it to my new niece, Rory. She’s almost 4 months old, so she might have to wait a little bit to wear it. But she would be so cute in it.

  • Sara Rose - I know a girl who has been through a lot. I think she needs something to make her feel pretty and comfortable after all she has been through. She had a liver transplant a year ago and just now her body is starting to reject it. I think she needs a cute hat and a cute pic before things get worse.

  • jenni - i would love to give this cute hat to my niece, Rori!! and i’m sure her mom would love it just as much :)

  • Dick Felumlee - I would give this hat to my grand daughter Elizabeth. She is 6
    months old and looks adorable in hats.

  • Nancy - I would give it to Katie, the new daughter of our old babysitters and now dear friends. They’re like our little brother and sister, and now they’re all grown up with a family!

  • Christian T - I would love to win a hat for my friend who is having her first baby girl in April. She would LOVE it! Thanks for the giveaway….

  • katherinemarie - This lovely would go to a friends baby girl due NEXT MONTH!!!

  • Nikki - ahhh!! that hat is so adorable. I was just talking to my BFF this morning about making hats for my new niece or nephew (to be born in March). If I won this hat I would give it to my brother for my new niece – or if they happen to have a boy – I would give it to my friend Andrea’s little girl Lily – who I also have knit cute little hats for. Check ‘em out on my blog! Thanks so much for the giveaway. I enjoy your blog everyday! ~Nikki

  • Brooke Bauman - I’m going to give this rockin hat to my friend Orley’s daughter, Brianna. She has been graciously born into a world of hand me downs and needs a new little hat of her own! :o)

  • Katy O - I would give the hat to my niece, Ruby. My sister-in-law was scared out of her mind to a. have a baby, and b. that it would be a girl. But, she soon has discovered how much fun it is to dress her up. She even started making clothes for her! The only dilemma- her hubby is not a fan of “head decorations” so her amount of bows and cute hats are limited. All in all, I just think Ruby needs this. :)

  • Lindy - I would give the hat to my sister who expecting sweet baby Adeline in April. This is girl number two for her. She really wanted a boy, but I’m glad it’s a girl because they are more fun to shop for :)

  • Donna - My little neice, Lainey would look so cute in this~

  • Sarah - I would give it to my friend Kim at church. She and her husband tried for years and years to have a baby without success. Two years ago, she finally became pregnant but sadly miscarried halfway through the pregnancy. They stopped trying and then… God blessed them with a little miracle! They don’t have a lot of fancy things for their daughter, but she is so loved by her parents and everyone at our church. I know that baby Maryanna would look so lovely in this hat.

  • Rachel - Oh dang — I’d love to give it to my daughter. But if that’s the rule then I’d LOVE to give it to my niece.

  • Callie - It’s stinkin’ adorable! I’d give it to my friend whose due with a baby girl in June….and then I’ll just have to order my daughter one!

    I recently found your blog and am loving everything about it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tina Kelly - I would love this hat for my friends baby girl on the way – what a precious little hat!

  • chantelle - So cute! You share the best finds! I would give that sweet hat to my sister’s baby girl Rylee-it would be perfect for the weather in Vancouver this time of year and she would instantly become the trendy-ist baby on the block and be the envy of her two, two year old twin big brothers who protect her like brother bears! Interesting fact: my big sis is a breast cancer survivor who was told she’d never have kids without help…soooo…..she got the dr’s help, had the twins and THEN had baby Rylee WITHOUT dr’s help! Baby Rylee is made of pure love and is very special to our family!

  • Lisa - I would love to give this to my niece who will be turning 1 in May. :)

  • Jamie - I just found out today my best friend is having a baby girl. I would love to give the hat to her:)

  • Jessica - I would give this hat to my very best friend. We met in 2nd grade and have stayed BFFs since. She and I have been pregnant together both times, and last time even had our kids on the same day!! No, no inductions, just good old fashioned gifts from the Lord. Neway. This time she is pregnant with her 1st girl!! She is the word “girly” and would love this hat for her little girl. :) So here’s to Michelle; Miesh!

  • Alisha - What a super cute family AND hat! I would definitely give the hat to my goddaughter/adopted niece! I’m an only child with no kids/nieces/nephews…so my bestie was kind enough to let me “adopt” her little girl for spoiling purposes!! =)

  • ElleBows - That hat is just so beautiful I can’t stand it! Orange is so her color too!

    I would gift this to my aunt who just adopted a baby girl!

  • Stephanie - i would send it to our friends 1 year old daughter who was just diagnoised with kawasaki’s disease and is in the hospital…a little sunshine for her in a sweet little hat.

  • jeny - i came across your blog only yesterday and have read the entire thing! i am in love. your photography is beautiful and your children are as well … i live in kansas city and want to sign up for a snapshot class this summer, i’m so excited! i have added you to may favs and will check on your family daily. thank you. j

  • Bren - I love this hat! I would give it to my dear friend who is expecting her first, a baby girl, in April.

  • Michele V. - I would love to give it to my niece’s little girl. She lives in Seattle.

  • amanda torres - We volunteer at our kids check-in at Church on the Move. I think I may save that hat for one of those precious 12-24 month babies being checked in.

  • andy - i would give the hat to my husbands cousin. she has a baby girl named Grace that would look adoreable in it.

  • Christi Bjornberg - Ohh, that hat is too cute! So is that darling baby girl! Well, I have the most wonderful sister in the world… After many, many years of trying to have a baby, I now have a beautiful niece! So precious… I think that hat would be beautiful on her! It matches her wonderful personality!

  • Ang - My adorable niece would fit this hat perfectly. But if I don’t win, I think Jessica should =)

  • Ayesha - Ashley you are fab…if i could give this hat to anyone it would be to my sister…..we have never been that close but since the birth of my niece we have become best friends so if anyone should have it…i think my niece Gigi should xxx

  • Crystal - I would give the hat to my sister who is expecting her first child, a little girl due in a few weeks. She already has a closet full of clothes, but no hats. This could be her first, although she’d have to wait a while to wear it.

  • Jeannette Swan - I think I would give it to the new daughter of a couple in our community group. Both of their kids are miracle babies, but they for sure didn’t think they would have a second one and God so blessed them with a beautiful daughter!

  • Lisa - I would love to give the hat to my best friend (of 18 years!) who just found out she is expecting a little girl in May. She lives in St. Louis (me in CA) so she would definitely use it!

  • stella - I would love to be able to give this hat to a good friend of mine, Winnie. She and her husband are expecting their second child, due in May. They just found out this morning (Friday, 01/08) that it’s going to be a girl! This hat would be so perfect for the baby, and I know mom would love it too!

  • christina larsen - My neice Bailey she will be 6 months old in a couple of weeks. She would look precious in it.

  • Rachel - I would give that adorable little hat to my niece Emma who is just so kissable with all or her cute little baby rolls…oh and I love singing Summer of 69 on Wii Lego Rockband!!! (I didn’t say I had a good voice, I just like to sing)

  • Sarah - Hi Ashley – I was at Battle Creek for the Christmas Gathering in November and I got on your blog the second (seriously, the SECOND) I got home. Since then, I have visited every day, recovered journals in scrapbook paper for gifts, made Rainbow Cake for New Year’s Eve, *almost* bought a wood burning tool four times (still nervous that I wouldn’t do a good job!), and the chocolate torte is in the fridge as we speak for my birthday party tomorrow. To say you are an inspiration to me is a laughable understatement. On top of all that, I am into photography as well and am DYING to go to one of your workshops!! I’ve done a few shoots “professionally,” but still feel like I need someone to teach me something (all I have is my own experimentation). My husband even got me a sewing machine for my birthday and I’m going to attempt the microphone cover as my first project! It really saddens me that some people feel the need to be hateful. I hope you realize that the people who sit and drool over your projects (and the beautiful pictures of them) far outnumber the haters. :)

  • Michelle Berman - I would give this beauty to my friend Laura’s daughter, Skye. She has the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen, and I cannot imagine saving it long enough to have a daughter of my own. :)

  • Ashley - I would love to give it to my beautiful niece Emma.

  • Jasie - I don’t have a daughter, so it’s definitely not for me. lol But my friend Leah is having her first girl. She has two boys already. So, like you, she is entering the girl world and has been scared of pink! I think she’s starting to embrace it, but I’m trying to help her any way I can. I can’t wait to meet her little Addison Grace!

  • Alisa - I would love to share this hat with my goddaughter, Jaylah. She is 3 months older than my daughter & she gives my daughter ALL her hand-me-downs. My daughter & I would love to be able to share something “up” to her…and besides, she looks adorable in hats!

  • Anna - My friend Katie has a darling 18 month-old, Brooklyn. She would look precious in this hat! She’s my 9-month-old’s future wife, they just doesn’t know it yet. Ha!

  • Kate - I would LOVE to give this to my best friend Jen’s little girl – Katie! They live in frigid DC and could use some cuteness for the cold!

  • Tisha F - Adorable hat! Good thing I only have little boys! It would look so cute on my friend’s precious baby, Halleigh!! She will be turning one next month.

  • Ashley - I LOVE this idea! If I win I would love to give the hat to a good friend from high school who is pregnant with her first (a GIRL!). They don’t have much and something fun and girly for their precious little one would be so wonderful for her to recieve.
    Thanks Ashley!

  • betsy - My best friend in the whole wide world is having her first child, girl of course, next week. Because we live so far away from each other I cannot afford to make the trip. I would love to send this to her. Even if I don’t win, I will be purchasing this super cute hat for baby Stella! ;)

  • Brooke in WI - I would give this to my ‘niece’. I say niece even though she is my cousin’s daughter. My cousin and I are like sisters, so I will always be Auntie Brookie to Lena. What a cute hat!

  • Ben & Noel - Can I get it for a baby not yet conceived? I want to give it to my sister-in-law’s future baby. She trusts that the Lord will give her a baby.

  • candace - hmmm, a few choices.

    Addie Laine – our niece, her birthday is next month
    Izzy – going through chemo and needs caps (may be too small)
    R & R – having a girl in March

  • Teresa - I would love to give it to Sami Duffield’s new baby girl, Jesi. I have Sami’s little boy Jaxson in my preschool class at Rejoice. This is the sweetest family. Sami has had a high risk pregnancy the entire time. Jesi was born on Friday at 7:28 at St. Johns. The Duffield Family is the sweetest family that always thinks of others before themselves.

  • Kelley - I would love to give it to my niece. She would look so cute in it!!

  • Rachel Bardgett - I would love to give it away to my dear cousin, Jessica. She and I both have had a terrible time getting pregnant and keeping the pregnancies. She is now expecting a beautiful baby girl and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Her baby girl is the answer to many prayers.

  • anna f. - I’d love to give it to my friend Ashlee who is always so giving and plus I’d get to see it on her baby girl every once in awhile and I’d love that!

  • Mara - I’d give it to my friends daughter with Down Syndrome who always looks darling in pink hats.

  • Amber - I actually don’t have any friends that have little girls but I work at an orphanage in Mexico and there are many beautiful and deserving little baby girls who can use the hat, from the orphanage cuna (nursery).

  • Kathleen - I would love to give it to my nieces’ daughter, Brooke. Thanks for your generosity, and entertaining blog.

  • Ali Richardson - I would LOVE to give this adorable hat to my Friend Ashley’s little girl Zoie. They live far away and I never get to see her. Babies change so much so fast, it breaks my heart that they’re away :(

  • whitney freeman - that has to be the cutest hat on the cutest baby girl! definitely putting a bookmark on that site!

  • Courtney H - The oldest girl of my best friend (who is about 18 months). She is getting ready to have a new baby sister any day and I know she will be so confused with the addition of a new one. It would be nice to have a gift for big sister too!

  • Kristin S - My best friend’s daughter Audrey. She’s a redhead so the colors would be darling!

  • Lisa - I would like to give this adorable hat to my best friend’s daughter. You see, my best friend has spent the 5 years doing endless amounts of fertility treatments and God has led them to adopt. They recently found out a birth mom has chosen them and they’re sweetness is due to arrive in February! I think this would make for a super-awesome baby gift! :) My friend has been having some blues lately as her mom died when she was a freshman in high school… I can’t imagine not havin’ my own mom around for advice when I brought home our first baby… Anyway, I’d send it as a surprise to brighten her day … a bit of sunshine in the mail. :)

  • Jill R - I would give this adorable hat to my adorable niece!!

  • Nicole - What an adorable hat! I would love to give it to my sweet friend – her mother is very ill and I think if I sent this cute hat for her 18 month old sweet pea it would brighten my friend’s day a tiny bit!

  • Ashley SP - I want you to give this hat to my friend, Michelle, who is absolutely crazy about her baby girl, Susannah, and who is also quite a bit headband and bow crazy as well. Susannah is definitely poised to be a girly-girl, even with a dinosaur loving big brother!

  • angela - I would give it to my baby who just had a baby girl today. I want to get him a hoto session as a gift. Maybe, Thanks.

  • Brittaney - My neice Isla would look absolutely gorgeous in this hat. Plus organge is her favorite color. :)

  • Heidi - I cant wait to see what the surprise for your friend is!
    I would love to give a beautiful flower hat to my friend’s little girl Isabelle. She is the only little girl in a family of boys. Two brothers and 10 cousins, all boys (she came home from the hospital in a Michael Jordan hat..). She reminds me of my niece who is now 4. Surrounded by a family of little boys. She’s gonna need some bright pretty flowers in her life!
    I’m so glad little sister has her hat back!

  • Becka - Oooo Made it just under the wire! I would ADORE this hat to give to my good friend Stefanie. She is due in March and she and her husband are just going to be the cutest parents. They weren’t expecting to be parents so young (SURPRISE!) :) so the adjustment is a bit difficult and they just found out they won’t be able to move from their tiny 1/1 before Lucy (their daughter, named for the Beatles song) is born so they’ll be sharing it with each other, a newborn, a big siberian husky, and two cats. Stef is a bit flustered and hasn’t even gotten anything for the baby yet because she just doesn’t know where to put it. I’ve been trying to plan a baby shower for her because she’s just been so overwhelmed by the whole living situation that she hasn’t really started to have fun shopping for Lucy. This is adorable and completely Stef’s style and I know she’d love all the time and talent that went into making it. Thanks! :)

    xo, Becka

  • Brooke - I have a 18 month old son, his “girlfriend” as we like to call her will be turning one soon. Since it is his only playmate, we thought this would be a cute gift that Daycen could give to her specifically from him. :)

    Your daughter looks gorgeous in her hat. hands down.

Littlest Brother was in need of a haircut. I don’t know the technical way to cut hair, but with 3 boys I am learning to wing it. I barely have time to get my own haircut, nonetheless try to make appointments for the boys! So if you are skilled at cutting hair (Jesse, Natasha) please don’t judge too harshly! Trying to wrangle him long enough to cut off all that hair was a workout. The bathroom, the boy and the mom were all covered in hair. There was crying, screaming, spitting, wiggling and angry faces involved (and that was mostly just me). In the end he got a haircut…it is wonky and wild, but a little hairspray covers a multitude of mistakes!

He is not a laid back, sit still kind of guy. In fact last night around 2am he came downstairs and crawled in our bed, then the 3 year old came down with wet underwear. I went upstairs to take care of the wet mess and ended up sleeping with the 3 year old, while this guy took my place in my bed. At 6:30am I hear the baby waking and little feet pitter pattering in her room. This guy was in there checking on her. Since the lights were on downstairs I assumed he was up with his dad….nope evidently he got up, pushed chairs to all the light switches and turned on all the lights, fixed a bowl of cheerios (no milk), pulled out art supplies and was having a little alone crafting time on the kitchen table in the wee hours of the morning. He requires as much attention as the other 3 COMBINED. I called my sister later in the day to tell her I was dropping him off for a few hours to keep her running crazy entertain her. I didn’t.

I introduced him to a water bottle with a straw to get him to sit down for a few pics. I think the new cut suits him perfectly.1.10haircut-031.10haircut-04

Yeah, he’s pretty cute….and a HANDFUL!

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  • emily anderson - next time you cut a little persons hair…give them a sucker so they sit still!
    works everytime for us :)

  • keely steger - Great shots! I’m wondering what I can give my 3 1/2 year old to get him to sit still long enough (and actually acknowledge the camera) to get some good ones of him sometime soon…

  • tiny twig - oh man, i have 2 boys–and their hair grows so stinkin fast its EXPENSIVE to get their hair cut!! plus, they were both born with a full head of hair–so we’ve been getting haircuts since 5 months…eek! anyway, i’d much rather spend that money doing something fun, so i cut my boys’ hair, too. i’m not an expert, but i DID watch tutorials on youtube. :) yay for a youtube education. i think it looks great, p.s.

  • AshleyAnn - I tried the sucker before…it was a sticky disaster for us! I’m impressed you can get it to work!

  • Jeannette Swan - I’m impressed you are cutting their hair yourself! Wow, I could never do that. I drive all the way to BA to get my kids hair cut – that was yesterday – even that is a lot of work to get 4 cut at the same time, but I can’t imagine doing it myself! Fortunately, Corban loves haircuts, he would sit there for 1/2 an hour if needed.

  • karen brown - I can’t bear the cost either! For my little guy, I strap him in the high chair, throw a movie in and go to town as fast as I can. I try to do it when my hubby is home so if need be, he can hold his head for a minute for the around the ear trims. And they always need a bath after…so itchy he tells me! Super Spiker covers a multitude of sins.

    LOVE the fauxhawk!

  • Melissa - I didn’t think your little guy could get any cuter – but I have to say I was wrong. His haircut is simply ADORABLE! I know from experience what a hard thing that is to do. Great job Mom!

  • Martina - What an adorable little boy!! Love the hair cut. :) Good job, mom. I love the pictures, too!

  • Rachel - Oh my goodness — he looks so grown up! VERY CUTE haircut! I love the faux hawk.

  • Heidi - He’s adorable! Love the new do!

  • christina larsen - What a cutie.

  • ashlee - that last pic is so cute! he reminds me of my 2 year old…poison control has heard from me more than once during his lifetime:) i try to cut his hair in the high chair, preferably outside during acceptable weather, but sometimes that dosent even work, thats why I leave it long:)

  • Shanalea - You just described my night. My one year is way more work than the others and is into EVERYTHING. We have nicknamed him, Basher and the undoer. He too likes to be up at the crack of dawn and would prefer breakfast right away. Today I had opened the fridge for something and he pulled out a yogurt for his breakfast. He definitely keeps me on my toes. BTW giving him a haircut is the exact same. My other two would sit still and calm. It takes both Adam and I to get the other one and we just use the clippers.

  • Julie - This little guy’s crack of dawn crafting session just made my day.

  • Allison - SO cute! I’d say you DO know how to cut hair. The times I’ve tried I’ve had to take them in to get it fixed because no amount of hairspray, gel, or hair glue could fix it.

  • rachel denbow - I love that he got out the art supplies on his own. And you did a great job on that cut!

  • meg duerksen - i give my kids haircuts too! that was what we did on monday.
    he’s CUTE!!!

  • mindy - Just saw the post about your chalkboard on ohdeedoh.. Wasnt sure if you had seen it yet.

  • candace - too cute! my husband is 30 and has NEVER had a haircut that his mother didn’t give him. she cuts mine now too!

  • Jill Tracy - Ahhhh–Ashley–I think it looks cute. Man–he is a doll!!!

  • Kara P - Oh Ashley, your little ones almost make me want to have kids.. . .Oh wait I forgot about the 3 am clean up session. Yeah I good for a couple more years! :)

  • Kara P - opps, I meant “I am” good. so much for proofreading

  • diane - I’ve been cutting my boy’s hair too. Invest in a Wahl trimmer. They have little plastic guides you snap on so you can cut different lengths. I let him turn it on and it makes a click and buzzes… what more could a boy ask for. Another tip: give him a match box or some small toy to entertain himself with while trimming. Yet another tip: go outside when the weather’s warm, the hair’s a breeze to clean up :)

    Cute photos!

  • Christian T - You did a great job!

  • emily anderson - oh, the sucker is for sure a sticky disaster for us…but we always stick them in the bath (or hose them off) right after anyways, so it works :)
    good luck!

  • Sarah M - Love his haircut–you did an awesome job! I love giving my Bug haircuts, too, although he’s not a fan quite yet!
    I linked your “bring the snow in” on a post I did about Cabin Fever! Love your site!!

    Sarah M

  • Carrie Sowell - He’s a doll! I have to get some hair cutting lessons from you. I’ve been trying to cut my boys hair too. As for dropping kids off at their aunts…I fully support it! My girls spend alot of time with their aunts. Haile came back addicted to Facebook (which I shut down quickly) and McKinley addicted to coffee, but I still love they get time with their Aunt Jennie before her little baby girl comes next month!

  • Jaimie - his hair looks really good. i might even use that photo as inspiration for my little’s next haircut. though i will not be doing the cutting. i would never. i’m too scared. a week ago my bf cut a triangle in his bangs. never again.

  • Sarah - Dear Ashley, I’ve never commented on a blog before…. A friend linked to your post about the goats a while back and I was hooked. You inspire me! Your pictures/family/outlook are gorgeous. I want to see the way you do; I want to take pictures like yours. Over the months and months of reading your blog, I found that not only do you have a phenomenal talent but you also instill this confidence in others…. Finally this week, I bought a used dslr. I’m so excited to start learning. I’m not a mom yet, but I’m determined to be as cool and fearless as you. I’ve been more crafty, and therefore more happy lately, and I definitely chalk that up in large part to reading your blog everyday and getting wind of your whimsy! Thanks–Sarah (Annapolis, MD)

  • the sister - I love the hair and the story and, if I wasn’t at work, I would’ve loved to play with him. Not sure the dropping him off for days would be a good idea because it might scare this baby to stay in here forever ;)

  • Natasha Perryman - HA HA! Thanks for giving me props on the haircuts… I will say that, without a doubt, that cutting children’s hair is the worst. I do it for my own family and a few very very select kids.
    I refer to doing those haircuts as Tae Bo. With that many arm movements and moving around it takes me back to the college days of Billy Blanks. You hit the nail on the head, it is a workout.
    He does look SO handsome and hairspray does cover a multitude of hair sins. (Thank goodness even on my own hair!)
    For your future haircutting… I LOVE “Oster” brand with the guard set (0-10) and the “Oster Finisher” for cleaning the edges- neck and sideburns (this does make ALL the difference!) AND NOT TO MENTION ALL THE SAVINGS! I have been cutting Adam’s hair for 12 years, think of those savings! Natasha

  • maegan - I cut my 3 year olds hair and have yet to figure out how to get him to sit still. Let me know if you figure something out! Oh, and great job, I know what went into it!

  • Jesse - LOL! I think his hair is super cute! You are more brave than I would be if I didn’t do it for a living. I make mine all get their haircut at the same time and then off to the bath. Jude is definitely my one that used to fight me, but thankfully not anymore.

  • Melissa - How old is littlest brother? I cannot imagine my 20 month old daughter being so independent! We are stressing over putting her downstairs from us when our 2nd baby comes in a bout 5 1/2 months to make room for the new baby. It sounds like your little man does just fine?! Way cute haircut, by the way. You did great!

  • Cindy - Little E looks all grown up with his cute new haircut! Haircuts always turn into a wrestling match with my boys…. I caved and took them somewhere recently and the hairdresser asked if my littlest had cut his own hair because it was such a mess!!!

  • kelly - ADORABLE! He looks so cute and grown up. My husband cuts boy hair in our house cause I wouldn’t even know where to start. You look like a pro! :)

    And LOL about the independence. It’s something about the 3rd one I am telling you. Mine is a maniac. Funny, but CRAZY!

  • Evelina - Lovely pictures!

  • Misty - I love the new haircut! I cut both of my boy’s and my husbands hair. My husband and oldest have wiry thick hair that has to be cut short so that’s pretty easy…….the littlest is another story. I deal with the crying, wrestling, screaming, hair everywhere too. Ahh…but look at the $$ we save… can be spent on goodies for the girls hair! ;)

  • Melissa - The new haircut is adorable!! My little man needs one too, but I’m so scared to take him in! I don’t want to part with his cute curls in the back!

    Your kids are beyond adorable! :)

Just had to say “thank you” for all your kind comments on the previous post. If I knew you all were going to leave me so many sweet comments (and flat out h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s) I would have shared that comment earlier! Gotta admit the one suggesting it was the same person that stole my daughter’s hat at Hobby Lobby probably made me laugh the hardest. On a serious note, I do appreciate your comments and sharing why you love this blog. I know everything I post or do in my home is not for everyone. It would be a pretty boring world if we all liked the same things and did the same things. I could go on and on about this, but I’ll stop. The temperature is dropping as I speak write and I know most of the nation is in artic weather right now. The weather guy is forecasting the coldest wind chill temps here in 14 years. You know that has me so excited to wake up in the morning (that is sarcasm)! In an effort not to dwell on the negative, I remind myself that once I get everyone bundled up I get to see this vision in pink. She’s just so snuggly in it…SO SNUGGLY!!! That makes me smile.


By the way, next time I have a rough day I am just going to fix a latte and read your comment over and over and over again…while the boys are playing the wii with the “mom discretionary minutes”!

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  • Lauren Roberts - We love you :)

  • Carrie - I just read the mean post. Seriously, that person needs Jesus! Sorry about that. I love your blog and you are wonderful!

  • Leanne - i just have to say that i thought i was funny when thinking it was the same person that took the hat in hobby lobby, so i’m glad you got a chuckle out of it too. i’m the girl that emailed last week and asked for advice on a self promo ad. and as it turns out, i thought of an idea all on my own and it turned out great! keep the posts comin!

  • Charissa - Ha, now you have me going back looking for the basket! You’re amazing Ashley, don’t let anybody keep you from crafting!

  • Alba - It always amaze me why people makes the effort to left stupid comments in webs/blogs. What a waste of time, for them, and also for you. Keep posting please, I (we) love it. Once again, thanks for sharing with us. Petonets,