changing it up a bit {password protected posts}

As most of you know my business has been going through some major changes in the last few months…namely I am making the switch from offering sessions to focusing on teaching photography basics (SnapShops). With that change, my blog is changing from providing sneak peeks of sessions to including more personal posts along with photography tips and other creative ideas.

In order to provide my family with a bit of added protection as I share about my boys on my blog, occasionally posts will be made “protected”….meaning you will need a password. I am doing my best to email that password to those of you that I know follow the blog. HOWEVER, there are so many of you that I don’t know are following and many of you that I am just forgetting….and you are probably bummed to hear this. PLEASE email me and I’ll get you the password. If you think I might have your email, check your inbox and your spam filters before emailing me. Also, if you are friends with my hubby on Facebook, check his facebook page under “info”>”personal information” to find the password. No, I am not on Facebook – that is a whole different post which trust me you don’t want to read!

Many of you are friends of friends of friends….email me and I’ll get you the password, don’t feel funny about it!


ashley at ashleyannphotography[dot]com


And just because posts are better with pictures…his brothers are teaching him well.

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  • Christina Larsen - Ashley,
    I would love to follow your blog. I completely understand about privacy. I have a blog that is password protected, as well. If you would like to follow my blog and our adoption from Korea, I will share with you as well. Thanks so much.
    Christina Larsen

  • Brooke Turney - Hi Ashley! I love to check your blog daily to see what neat photography tips you have posted! Hoping to maybe make it to a SnapShop sometime but in the meantime I would love to have the password to be able to continue to follow your blog. :)

  • Cindy Scorsone - Hello Ashely I have been following your blog since you were at the Christmas Gathering a couple of years ago. I love seeing your photos and getting fun ideas from your blog. I am saving to get a dslr camera so when I get it I am interested in snap shops. I would love to still lurk at your blog. I think you are an amazing mom and photographer.

    Cindy Scorsone

  • jenny egnor - i enjoy your blog. i recently got a slr and love the great tips!

  • Letisha - Hi Ashley!
    I have been following your blog for awhile, and LOVE all the great photo tips, decorating ideas and great activities you do with your boys. I have one little guy (2 yrs old) and i admire your energy and creativity you have for your boys. You inspire me to be a better photographer and mom. I would love to continue to follow your blog!

  • Mirys - Hi Ashley:

    As I could read this post…. I´m not sure if the password is still necessary.

    Though, after I discover your blog I´m a little bit addicted to it! So… I think its better to ask for the password, just in case.

    Kiss your gorgeous boys and your darling princess for me.


big brother’s 3rd Birthday week

Chris thinks I am setting a standard that can’t be maintained, but I like to celebrate “birthday week” with the boys….a little something special each day in honor of the birthday boy. Here’s just a few from last week…

He woke up EARLY the morning of his birthday asking for doughnuts. I told him we didn’t have any. His response, “Mommy, it’s MY birthday. I am three and it would make me so happy to have a doughnut.” In my non-awake, full morning glory I went to the doughnut store and bought the stinkin’ doughnut…what’s a mom to do?

We aren’t big fans of cake, but cookies OH YEAH! His birthday cookie…

The boys get to pick what is for dinner on their birthdays. His choice for dinner – PB&J….I tried to make it a little cuter than normal.

He had a little party with 2 friends Lightning McQueen style of course. This time his cookies had ice cream in the middle instead of frosting.

And as we all know every boy needs to hold a stick while opening presents.

I made a game for the boys where they hid small items in a water bottle and filled it with colorful sand (that I got from taking these pictures)

Then they raced to find the items inside.

The race lasted for one item and then they resorted to just throwing sand at themselves and eachother.

What kids birthday party is complete without a fashionable uncle digging in the garden?

Introducing my brother-in-law Eric.

(Thanks for the garden)

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  • Sarah - Happy birthday, Hudson! I love his birthday doughnut request. Thanks again for the pictures of the sand (and other items), Ashley. We’ve received great comments!

  • amanda - I laughed so hard at the last picture. I’m sure your brother-in-law is so happy you posted that!

  • bopha - Very fun! do you all have to eat the dinner of choice, not that pb&j’s aren’t dinner worthy.

  • Jeannette - Those are awesome pictures and great birthday memories. You are mom of the year for going to get the donut. Today is Camden’s birthday and I thought Kelly should take him to Merritt’s for breakfast, but then realized all the other sugar he would have today (and it is testing week at school) and decided that biscuits would have to do. I’m cracking up at the picture of your brother-in-law – that is totally how my husband would dress if he were working outside.

  • Lesley - So, I can honestly say Eric was not embarrassed by the photo, although, I can’t say the same for myself! This was his response when I told him his fashionable socks are on the internet, “have you asked her how the garden looks?”

  • Lauren Roberts - You totally rock at capturing sand in flight to the boys’ face. Reminded me of another one of your pictures from Hawaii :)

  • Carrie Sowell - Wow! I can’t believe he’s 3! I love the idea about the birthday week! (Alot of extra work, but it’s all about memories huh!)

  • Cindy Scorsone - Happy birthday to your little man! It looks like he had a lot of fun. I love the birthday week idea.

DIY {Apartment Therapy’s Refrigerator Art Book}

In a conversation with a friend last night I remembered this idea I had saved to post a while back. I’d say 98% of my kids artwork ends up in the trash – not because it isn’t great and I’m not proud of them, but when they draw 15 pictures of rocketships a day what am I going to do with all that? So here is a genius idea I found on Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh….

Create a MyPublisher album from scanned images of your kids artwork. The pictures below were taken from the Apartment Therapy site.

Genius, pure genius.


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  • amanda - Such a precious idea! Thanks for posting.

  • Courtney Connelly - Thanks for this idea! I even think that I could do this with Elliot’s artwork when the time comes and I am another of your very non-DIY friends! :)