Here’s a few from those that attended the September SnapShop. I narrowed them down to 2-3…and a few of the students haven’t emailed me any…you can see more by visiting the Ashley Ann Photography SnapShops flickr group


Remember girls to send me a disk to give our models! Great job!

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  • Brittney Davis - These are really cool! Everyone did such a great job! I had a blast! :)

  • Susan - Thanks again for the great class!

I had to share of few pictures from our family session with Shannon. We had all kinds of ideas for location and finally ended up doing them around our house and neighbors. Funny…I wanted something really fun and different and turns out we found it in our own backyard. I told Shannon I was not looking for a picture where we were all cute and smiling and sitting still looking at the camera. That would not reflect my family in the slightest. I told her I just wanted to capture a glimpse of what we are like at this stage in life, she did exactly that. We did also incorporate 30 balloons in some of the shots…to celebrate my 30th birthday. I was so uncomfortable when she was taking them, but I think one day I’ll look back grateful I have pictures marking my 30th. Chris asked if I am going to do it with 60 balloons when I am 60. I told him I just might:)

I couldn’t be happier with all that Shannon did…thanks Shannon for working hard to ‘freeze’ this stage of life for me. I love them and am so grateful!

Notice Big Brother is hanging from poles…he is not standing in grass! Typical.

This one cracks me up. Biggest Brother running circles around us while Big Brother is hiding behind us.campbell-12campbell-16

I wanted to find some big rainbow lolipops, but never did. About 1 hour before the session I found sprinkle covered caramel apples. I think it is fun how they turned out…a bit of fall. The apples tasted nasty though and notice 2 of the boys already lost their shoes.campbell-19

I only picked a few to post here – leaving some of my favorites on her blog so you have to go visit to see the rest! Obviously, she does a great job with families, but she is phenomenal at weddings. If you are planning a wedding or want some great couple shots you should book her soon before her 2010 calendar is full.

Shannon at Imago Vita Photography

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  • Holly Todd - I’m digging the cowgirl boots, your my kind of girl. I wore them in our family pictures this summer.

  • bopha - All of the pictures are great! Love the ones of you and Chris. You guys are lucky to have such a wonderful and stinkin cute family.

  • Lesley - Love them all! Shannon did such a great job.

  • Courtney Connelly - The photos capture the love and personality of you all so well! Great work Shannon!

  • Heather Stauffer - LOVE them all! And I LOVE your outfit with boots!!! I can’t wait until she does our pics here in a couple of weeks!!! :)

  • amanda torres - WOW! The pictures are so GREAT. I don’t know why you don’t like being in front of the camera because you are gorgeous.

  • christina larsen - Those are great! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jeannette Swan - Perfect!!

  • Sophie - Ashley, you have such a beautiful family. And Breese is now looking so much like the littlest brother!

  • Melissa Wagner - LOVE the boots, girl! :) Such sweet family photos, love them! :)

  • Kenna S - These are adorable pics. I love how you kept it simple and real. What a fun family you have!

  • dana - very cute. great location. cute dress/boots you have on. adorable family!

  • Jill R - 30 has never looked better!!

  • Rachel - Oh Ashley, you look BEAUTIFUL! These pictures are so great. I love the one of Hudson hanging….that is awesome.

  • karolynah - What a wonderful family and real, fresh, sweet set of photos!

  • meg duerksen - so so great.
    i love them all!!!

  • Alina - love your dress in the last couple pictures. these photos are inclreadible!

So this is a bit of a random post. I realized I only got my camera out twice this week – TWICE.

That’s like only brushing your teeth twice in a week.  Tells you a bit about my week!

Baby sister got a new hat – which I totally love.  It accents her cheeks which combined with the fun design and colors just makes it perfect!

I was on my hands and knees scrubbing syrup off the kitchen floor (just call me Cinderella) and was complaining about the constant mess Littlest Brother creates.  In the midst of the scrubbing and complaining I looked up and saw this:

As I looked at how his legs fill the chair I also thought of how soon those legs will dangle over the side and feet will tap the ground. So I stopped scrubbing and captured that sight. And then I stood on the kitchen table and asked him to give me a kiss. (then I got down and went back to the scrubbing)

In honor of this weekends football games I thought I’d share a pic of a onesie I made some friends for their newborn son. They are BIG TIME OU fans and I thought my creation was hilarious. That is what happens if you are my close friend….you get stuck with iron-on onesies that reflect my odd sense of humor.  Thankfully for me my friends at least pretend to like my random gifts:)

So a little while back I entered this contest:


With this picture:

And guess what…I got news this week I was one of the ten winners! What do I win you ask…fat quarters of the Midwest Modern fabric line, Amy’s new patterns and a signed copy of her new Softwares program. Amy picked the winners and I’ll admit to being quite excited that she saw a picture of something I made with her fabric – and liked what she saw! I’m looking forward to that package of fabric, but I’ve never read a pattern. Guess I have a new learning challenge ahead. At least I’ll have some fun fabric to learn on! You can see the other entries here.

By the way….we did get to do our family pictures and boy did we make Shannon work hard…I hope she still wants more kids! I’m a big dork in pictures. It was SO HARD for me to be in front of the camera instead of behind it. I wanted to schedule the session close to my birthday…my way of celebrating. Let’s just say I had 30 balloons in some of the pictures (only a little time left in my 20s, but that is a whole other post). Told you I am a dork. Thanks Shannon!

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  • Carissa - I am going to need you to stop posting such cute pictures of your precious baby girl…it is making me want to have another little girl!!! Gosh, she is SO stinkin’ cute with those cheeks. I am so glad you finally got your girl. :)

  • amanda torres - I have been waiting and waiting to see pics of your family on Shannon’s blog. I guess it may be borderline stalking.

  • julie williams - Can I get an adult version of that onesie?? Love it!!! :)

  • Shanalea - I’m there with you on the messes, but you’re right. As I watched my baby sleep last night I thought, they grow up too fast. (sigh and some tears) At least I have one more to let me love on him a little longer. (only 10 days left till the due date :))

  • Casey - Congrats on being a winner! that pillow is awesome!

  • Jeannette Swan - Congrats on the prize, no one deserves it more than you! I’m so excited you got pictures, now you know how we feel when you have taken pictures of our families – it’s crazy! But, so worth it. I can’t wait to see some. How do you do the onesies?

  • lesley - Great pictures and I love the onesie, very funny. Super congrats on the Amy butler contest! You deserve it.

  • Sara - Congrats on winning! Love the baby shots! Too cute. Shannon’s site is amazing and it will be neat to see how she did with your family.

  • Shannon Phillips - Ash, you are so funny. Photographing your family made my baby itch come back. I had just gotten rid of it and boom, one evening with your big family and it’s back! You guys were a blast. I LOVE the Bob Stoops onesie, I should make a shirt like that for Keegs. Nathan would crack up. Congrats on winning the contest. I am not a bit surprised.

  • rachel denbow - Congratulations on the win! That’s so exciting and well deserved. And I appreciate your sentiment about scrubbing floors and then realizing we’ll miss these days.

    Now I need to go clean up a messy lunch table.

  • dana - oh wow. I just found your blog. I’m in love. IN love.
    Thank you for sharing such beauty.

  • Meagan - Her hat is so cute! Did you get it at Gap? My daughter, Evelyn has the matching tights! I love that pattern too! That’s awesome you won that contest!!! Evy’s room is done in Amy Butler fabric too but I went with all of the pink colorways (I actually haven’t received it yet–it’s still being made but here’s a link to what it will look like! I’m so jealous you will get all of those fabrics! Did you just recently add that ruffle on your pillow? I don’t remember seeing it before…It’s super cute…I need that pillow for my living room…Wow! That was a lot of rambling, sorry!

  • bopha - i can’t believe how much older Rett looks with longer hair. very cool, about having the AMY BUTLER pick your pillow, very impressive.

  • Georgia Davis - Love the hat! The minute it drops below 75 degrees I start putting hats on my girls.

  • dana - hi again.
    not to play “thank you tag” or anything but thanks for stopping by MADE :). Girl’s are an inspiration for sewing, that’s for sure! I’m glad you have a reason now to sew all sorts of girly dresses. And cool that you just got your first sewing machine! With your creative mind and eye for style, I’m sure you’re going to go far. I’ll be checking back on your blog. It’s already on my google reader!
    Have a great weekend :)

  • Tiffany - Every post is so inspiring, even multiple inspirations in one single post!!! I adore your blog! Thanks for your sweet comments.

  • rachel - Congrats on winning the contest….I love your pillow! And your family pics turned out amazing…what a beautiful family you have!

  • pamela - the pillow is AMAZING!! if you have some time it would be so cool to post a tutorial on how to make the ruffles. i was trying but can’t figure out how you did the edges. i don’t have a serger do you?

  • Rachel - Wow! Congratulations on winning! I can’t wait to see what you can whip up once you learn how to use patterns….I’m on the edge of my seat. Also, that Bob Stoops onesie is AWESOME….you should totally patent it….you could make millions! :)

  • julie - Ha!!! I thought that I recognized that pillow and that chair. Adore it. You totally deserved to be in the top ten. I sooo wished my pretty. messy. flowers would be picked… SO jealous of your fab new fabric.