I enjoying sharing with you what the SnapShop attendees shoot the day of the workshop. I picked two from each attendee (from the May class) that sent me some to post today. Remember these ladies are shooting in full manual mode (many for the very first time) while trying to listen to me holler out things and work around 10 other photographers. I am pretty proud of them.

I also wanted to share a few things some past SnapShop attendees have written me….

“It really was great.  I learned so, so much.  I had no idea what my camera could do.  It’s kind of like taking your first math class after you get a calculator. I’ve been practicing a lot, and that is definitely the key to getting better after your lessons!” Jill Ridener

“I really liked the organization and the flow of the sessions.  They were very easy to understand and then apply.  I am a very visual person, so the examples of the basic rules of composition were very helpful.  I also liked the hands time, it was great to be able to apply what we were learning as the day progressed.” Serena Lowe

“It helped dramatically to have you tell us where you would stand in a shoot and what angles to try while we were out.  Also, during our lessons it helped for you to show good AND bad composition of similar pictures and why.  (plus showing me chopped off hands made me feel like you ARE actually human too and silly shots happen to everyone!)” Andrea Jett

“I loved being able to go outside and practice shooting. I think I learn the most when I am able to practice what I have learned in an environment where I can still ask questions. I didn’t have a least favorite part, I enjoyed the entire day!” Amy Finney


by Sarah D.


by Suzanne G.


by Kendra H. (she sent me a pre-made collage…overachiever!:))


by Amie H.


by Amy K.


by Tanya R.

Finally I thought I’d share a little before and after of what a difference a little post processing can make. This is Suzanne’s picture. I think she got a great shot. Sometimes we all shoot a photo that is a little overexposed (too bright) or a little underexposed (too dark). If you have basic photo editing software you can tweak it a bit. On this picture I adjusted the Curves, increased the contrast and did a web sharpening. Kaboom.

The next 2010 SnapShop is next weekend…wow that seemed to sneak up on me fast! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  • Alba - If your teacher is good in all senses, you have great students.

  • ashlee - these snap shop posts make me so excited for the May class!! i can’t wait to see what my camera can do:)

  • Sarah - Thank you for posting the before and after. I love seeing how you adjusted the picture.

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I’m sure the artistic energy of being with other aspiring photographers is so encouraging. Wanna come to the Southwest?

  • jay - would you mind sharing your secret to good collage. the ones you make and ones that are here. thank you for your time! happy day!

  • Patty - Wow those shots have such amazing clarity!

  • Kate - Oh, amazing pictures! Great job everyone!

  • Melanie S - I’m sure they had a blast learning from you. And thanks for posting the tip on the whole post processing!

  • christina - Great photos and blog! I am so hooked!
    Any ideas where that white dress with the orange flowers is from?

  • Crystal - I had the same question as Christina. That white dress is almost as beautiful as the model wearing it! Wish I knew where to buy it…

Just a note….I am WAY behind on answering questions in the comment section and emails. I will catch up on emails, but probably not the comment section questions.

If it is pressing, send me an email.

Growing up I had contests with my grandpa over who could eat the most blueberry muffins. Back in the day this girl could eat her weight in those things. Looks like my daughter might follow in her mommy’s footsteps. It also looks like one batch of blueberry muffins will no longer feed my kids. The boys easily finish a pan of 12…my food bill is starting to get scary.

She had been eyeing her brother’s muffins and then saw me approaching her with one.

After she finished the first one she started looking for the second….but she got butternut squash instead.

PHOTO TIP: Well I am not sure how much of a tip this is, but I wanted to point out she doesn’t have a bib on. For special occasions…like her first blueberry muffin….I deal with the extra mess on the clothes to have cuter pictures. Bibs can be cute, but I like the look without them.

Update: To answer Heidi’s question in the comments….”Yes” I am standing on the table for one.

Reminder: Google Reader isn’t reliable with my blog…it won’t show updates.

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  • Alba - Unbeliable! I always wonder how you can catch those faces 😉 Lovely!

  • Heidi - Cute!
    Are you standing on the table, too?

  • Sarah - too cute! it doesn’t look like she made much of a mess with it. that muffin must have been goooood!!

  • amanda torres - You need a second photo tip on here. Tip #2-Have a cute baby. The End.

  • Yuliana - I agree with Amanda!!!
    She is beautiful!

  • raychel - She is just soooo adorable!!!

  • Anna Joy - she is so beautiful! i love her wrinkly nose smile!

  • Rachel Ridd - a agree with amanda! she is such a cutie!

  • Lindsay - I love her! She is just beautiful – those eyes! Thanks for showing these. Something as simple as getting on the table to get a different view really makes a huge difference. Thanks for your tips! They really help!

  • Jaimie - So precious! I prefer no bibs too. There really is nothing better than “first food experience” photos.

  • ashlee - i love the look on her face…she would fight you for that muffin!! great point with the no bib…then again im bad to remember to put a bib on anyway. it would probably help tremendously with the stains:) she is such a cutie!

  • Shanalea Atchison - I am learning that one of anything is not going to work for much longer. When #4 starts eating real food it will be scary. Boys eat alot even when they are small.

  • jessica h - the first pic was my favorite…that face is so cute!! thanks for explaining the bib thing, I saw it but I didn’t NOTICE it :)

  • Martina - I love her expressions! That first photo melts my heart! And your perspectives are so interesting. I love the shot from overhead where you can see muffin that landed on the ground and the shot of her feet in the high chair. Your photography is so inspiring! (And your kids are adorable!)

  • Cate O'Malley - i am begging you. no more pictures with that adorably cute little nose scrunch. can’t stand it much longer.

  • Lindsey - Oh i love her faces! Too cute for words! I also love love love that onesie!

  • holly - Is that your new concrete table? I am dying to see it and hear all about it!!

  • Jodi - I love the look of “why are you way up there mommy”? She is adorable.

  • Liene - She is so cute!

  • kristen - oh this is adorable. my little girl is just about 10 months and i can totally relate! we can’t do bibs at our house because two seconds after i put them on her they are immediately on the floor. she’s tricky.

  • katherinemarie - Priceless!!! I’m with you– I often find myself standing on my table and kitchen counters to get just the right shot… can you imgine if someone walked in? They would think we were nuts! I think your sweetie looks so much like your hubs. Do you have a pic of him at this age?

  • Amanda Ware - I am a stalker and I gave you an award! I LOVE your blog!

  • Alisa - so cute… you totally inspire me to get in there and document the normal day to day stuff….. :)

  • Kate - Sooo beautiful!

  • jay - muffin-approaching face is priceless! :) happy day!

  • j cole - I LOVE this child! Too precious!

  • Andrea - so cute! i love babies!

  • robyn - the picture of her toes in the high chair (my 1 year old always sits like that- and i have a baby feet “thing”)… what were your settings to get the background so blurry. i could do it if i played around a LONG time but to get it in the moment im not fast enough… help!

  • Taryn Smith - She is ADORABLE!

  • Katie H - I have been looking at your blog for sometime, but have never commented. I love all of your photography work. I recently got a dslr and am loving it, but struggling to really grasp everything (common feeling I am sure). I am curious, what lens did you use on the third picture, and what were your camera settings? Thanks! Love it!

  • Elle - I’m sure I’ve commented this before BUT… she is SO animated. I love all her little facial expressions.

  • Jen - So CUTE! I love babies that love to eat! I have a 3y/o boy and a 2y/o girl who will eat their weight in apples. Evelyn my youngest is 8 1/2M and its looking like she is going to be Lumber Jack #3. I fear for my grocery bill come their teen years.

UPDATE:  The contest is now closed. The last counting comment is Melissa’s, “I wanted to be a physical therapist or occupational therapist, possibly married and having children later in life. All came true except for the type of therapist I became: a mental health therapist instead! I am married, and at age 34, I’m having my 2nd child two months after my daughter turns 2 years old!”

As a teenager I had this idea of what my adult life would look like….

I pictured myself very career driven in my 20s & 30s.

I assumed I’d get married around 30 and start having kids as I approached my 40s.

When I pictured myself with kids it was always in the kitchen with a bunch of teenage boys surrounding homeade cookies.

Well everything about that idea of my adult life is totally off except the plate of chocolate chip cookies. When I saw the picture from yesterday’s post in Jackie Rueda’s etsy store (one of my reader’s stores) it seemed a perfect fit for me. I loved how it looked a bit vintage, but fresh and happy at the same time. Once it arrived in the mail I tossed around several ideas of how I could display it…and landed on the shadow box display I posted yesterday.

WE EAT A LOT OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS COOKIES AROUND HERE! If only I had a cute pink bowl like the one in Jackie’s photo.

Instead my boys prefer to eat their cookies in their dirt/mud trunks swimtrunks while dancing on the picnic table in the backyard.

Dancing boys is a cute picture, but I prefer Jackie’s in my shadowbox.

To get your started on your own artwork…in a shadowbox or not, Jackie is giving one print away to one of you!

Giveaway Details:

Prize is one print from Jackie Rueda

Winner chosen at random, One entry per person

Contest ends Saturday, April 10th at 8:30pm

To enter answer this question in the comment section: When you were (or are) a teenager, what was something you pictured your adult life to be like?

Here’s a glimpse at some of Jackie’s other prints (the cherry blossoms were what first caught my eye)

Check out more from Jackie on her website, flickr, blog, and facebook!

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  • karen davis - Always pictured myself traveling the world… never knew I would do it as a military spouse!!

  • Sophie - Well, I’m only seventeen at the moment and I live in London, but when I’m older I want to be a teacher in the USA. You know, those sweet, young teachers at elementary schools that all the kids love? I really want to be one of them. And then, when I’m around 27 or 28 I’ll get married and start having kids. I’m not ashame,d even at this age, to say that I want a big family. At least five children. A house isn’t a home without children and a loving mommmy to take care of them. (:

  • allison - My imaginings almost always centered around my future wardrobe – gray wool skirts, lots of burgundy and navy silk tops. It cracks me up because I am such a jeans and t-shirt girl!

  • Karla - I thought I would be swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii and living in an old shack on the beach…it’s still my dream. Maybe after the kids go to college?

  • Heidi - I always thought I’d have 12 kids. I even had the names picked out. 😉 So far we have no kids and the thought of 12 is really scary. What was I thinking?

  • Hannah - Like Sophie, I am seventeen. Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted to be a mom, I always carried around my little baby doll. I still want to be a mom, but I also want to be a mom to those who don’t have a mom. I’m still trying to figure our what I want to do with my life, if I want to be a missionary in Africa, or if I want to work in the inner city. Whatever is in store I’m excited for the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Zoë - I imagined a sharp suit, city living, doing the power business woman thing by day, the fairy cakes and hand painting by weekend (with the kids, obviously!)…….I suppose I did the first bit in my twenties and then decided once I had kids that I didn’t want to just eat cake and do painting at the weekend…:) One other thing I NEVER imagined was that I would be SO tired!!!

  • Sarah V. - Oh, how funny it is to look back and think that we had our life planned out. Don’t you think sometimes God looks are us with a big smirk because he knows the plan he has to us!? When I was 17 I thought I would get a job in my home town, get married and have kids. Now I am 1,200 miles from home!

  • haley - I pictured my life really the way it is- all my kids before I was 30 and happily married-ahhh to LIFE!

  • Noelle - I used to imagine myself with sons…I have three daughters now! :)

  • Jana Rogers - I could see myself cleaning house in a dress with pearls….Now really who does that????

  • Heather - I was just thinking about this the other day.. I always pictured myself as a mom and a wife… I also always wanted a little girl. Here I am with two boys and one on the way. Motherhood has not come easy for me and it’s been way harder than I ever imagined. I still feel guilty about that… I guess it’s always how we perceive things. I’m only ever doing the best I can with what I have. And what I have is a blessing.
    The photos are gorgeous and I love what you did with the shadow box!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Heather King - I thought I would travel the world, see everything there was to see and then start seeing it all again…

  • rachel - i always saw myself surrounded by a house full of daughters!
    i have one daughter already (and a baby on the way whose gender is unknown
    at the moment…but i’m thinking GIRL!).

    beautiful prints :)

  • Kristin - I always thought I would be a happily married, stay at home mom. I am a stay at home mom, but I never imagined that I would be a widow…

  • laura - filled with music. a husband and kids. with lots of laughter. so far, i’ve gotten my dream:).

  • Anna Marie - I always knew that I wanted to get married and be a mommy. So far so good. The career part was iffy…vet, teacher, nurse. I went the teacher route as far as college goes but as soon as I knew I was pregnant I never had a desire to teach. Perhaps I will homeschool someday 😉 (Sorry that was kinda long.)

  • Jill R - I thought my life would be consumed by my career, possibly getting married late 30s or 40s. Kids were never even in the picture, and I certainly wasn’t going to be a stay at home mom. Ha! My life now is almost a complete opposite of this picture, and I couldn’t be more happy. Thank you God for saving me from myself! And now you have made me want cookies even more than yesterday!

  • Sarah - I imagined going to college, living, and working in the design world in NYC. I wanted so badly to leave my small town life for the big city world. I never thought I would meet my soul mate my senior year of high school! I traded city life for a college only 3 hours away; got my degree in design all while in a long distance relationship with my now husband. We are still in the town we grew up in and rasing our now 1 year old son. Life couldn’t be any better!

  • Abbey Sparks - As a teenager I pictured myself without kids — I remember my dad being angry with me saying that I didn’t want children. Now I am blessed with two! Thank goodness we don’t always get what we think we want 😉

  • Mara - Corporate life with no kids. Now I am married and a stay at home mommy of two. I love life’s surprises.

  • danielle - i always pictured myself as a mom but i didn’t think about the part where i am juggling being a mom, working and taking care of my house. i wouldn’t trade anything though – i’m very happy with how my life is turning out!

  • Seamingly Sarah - I thought I’d be a marine biologist, living on a boat and rocking to the ocean waves. I’d be at seas for months at a time, alone in solitude and studying and researching.

    I’m a transportation planner (far from my original environmental science degree) and have found a passion for sewing and my husband and daughter.

  • Margie - I thought I would be a fabulously driven career woman with no husband and no children. Thankfully God had a better plan in mind for me…a husband and two beautiful children (hopefully more in the future) later I am the happiest i’ve ever been!

  • Absurdouée - When I was a kid, I was thinking I’ll be a woman with black eyes and dark hair, a kind of rebel (but polite), with the unconditional love of my parents. I was also thinking I will have children early in life.
    I’m almost 30, my eyes are still blue, I’m not a mother, I have done things I never thought, I haven’t done some others, I have met great people, seen great places, I’m enjoying life everyday. I’m not exactly the one I dreamed to be, but it’s better : I’m me !

  • Alba - JAJAJAJA! Superwoman with a fantastic career, no kids, no marriage, no house, living abroad and dangerous 😉 A kind of career, two kids, one husband, our home, living in the same place I was born. I would love to have a bigger house, but for the rest, I wouldn’t change my actual life a bit.

  • Isabel - I thought I would be an actress and I would live in New York City

  • Sara W - In high school I had a plan all mapped out – I don’t rememeber all the details but I do remember they included marriage, career, dog, etc. I never imagined my life could be so full – I love being married and being a mom.

  • Becky - Since I was married in my mid teens I pictured as it is now working mom with kids and a traveler

  • Kristina - I’m like you…I pictured myself very into my career in my 20’s & 30’s…soooo didn’t happen that way!! I love your shadow box in the previous post…a lot!

  • LaurenS - i imagined going to college, which i did (go bison!), and getting married, which i did (love you will!), and having a job, which i do (love what i do). i also pictured having kids some day, which we haven’t yet but will someday!

  • amanda torres - I thought I’d marry someone from college, teach forever, and have kids. Well, I ended up marrying my HS sweetheart, I taught, and I have kids. Life is better this way! I can’t imagine marrying or even dating any of the boys that I went to college with!

  • Christy - Great topic! I pictured myself working on a cruise ship traveling the world meeting new people. Marrying somebody from an island somewhere and having a bunch of babies living in a hut on a beach somewhere. Watching my kids play in the water and each fresh fruit… whew.. I must have watched entirely too much blue lagoon.

    I ended up becoming a travel agent instead.. ha ha And marrying my high school sweetheart… funny

  • Julie - I always knew I would get married and have kids- I just never thought I would be having my 4th child at 27! I thought I would be singing somewhere and did not think I would be in OK! I love where my life is and I don’t think anyone thought that I would be settled down and a family gal!

  • Sara - I pictured myself with the perfect life, the perfect husband and cute little kids. I did not however picture myself with a job. I do have the perfect husband, a good job and a were working on those cute little babies….soon hopefully.

  • Laura - What nice post!
    When I was a child, dreamed of being an astronaut… today I am MOM, graphic designer and waitress !!

  • Michele V. - I always had dreams of traveling. I’ve done some but would really like to do more. The scenery around us has God’s handprint all over it.

  • Jessica - When I was a teenager I thought I was going to be a doctor but I changed my mind went to college for design. I am now currently a Graphic Designer, very different from being a doctor. I also thought I would end up on the west coast but am currently in Minneapolis. Maybe someday my husband and I will move since we are only 25.

  • Kari S. - I just knew that I would be married at in my early 20’s, have 3 or 4 children and be a successful law enforcement officer! That was a joke needless to say…I did get married in early 20’s, just have one child and no job!

  • Lauren Roberts - I imagined meeting the man of my dreams, and never having kids. It’s ironic how life turns out. I’m glad God’s dreams for me are far greater than my own, otherwise I wouldn’t have my little sweeties.

  • Maria C - When I was a teen, I really thought I’d have a work that required travelling a lot, single and no kids. I imagined myself living in another country. But the reality is that I am working in what I love (and I loved) but actually I travel less than I’d want to. :-( I think my future will be that way, cause I want to create a great family! Great post!! :-*

  • Rachel C - I’m not sure what I thought I would be — but I definitely did NOT think I would be a lawyer. I love how life is always crazy like that.

  • Jaclyn - Actually for the longest time I didn’t want to have kids. I thought I would go off to college and then roam around for awhile before I settled down. Well I did go off to college where I met the man of my dreams and now we have 3 kids together :)

  • Sarah S - I always thought I would get married right out of college and have a few kids before I was 30. I married my best friend the year after we graduated college. I’ll be 30 next year, so “a few kids” is likely out, but we’re praying to get pregnant soon!

  • ashlee - really, my life is pretty much what i pictured. i knew i would be married young and i wanted 10 kids:) i am more than halfway there! i wasn’t really focused on my career because although doing hair was fun, i just wanted to be a mom. I love, love that cherry blossom print!!

  • kt - I always thought I would have it figured out by now!! But now I know that life is all about embracing the constant changes.

  • Carolina Burgos - I always pictured myself being a Mom with my children and family around enjoying good times together. : )

  • Tara - When I was a teenager I thought I would be married young and have lots of babies! Well, I got married at 24 and have two little girls…with definite plans to add more!

  • Whitney - I pictured trekking through the Amazon with my missionary husband, telling tribes about Jesus. :) I still want to grow up and do that someday!

  • Kelly - I read your question and here’s what came into my head: I totally thought I would have really cool office supplies at some fancy job.

    Forgive me I haven’t had coffee yet.

  • Jessica M - I thought I would be an unmarried veterinarian with a house full of animals. Well, I am married to the most amazing man, not a veterinarian and do not have animals. I wouldn’t change my life for anything!!

  • Melissa - As a teenager I wanted to get married young and have kids young. Well, I did get married at 20 to my best friend. As far as the kids go, God has different plans – better than my own.

  • Callie - I pictured myself with a bunch of kids living in a house out in the country.

  • Libertad Leal - When I was a teenager I always dreamed of having a family. A regular family with a mom and dad and a couple of kids (my parents amicably divorced when I was little). I am delighted to say that this dream came true and I could not be any happier! :)

    Also, I LOVE Jackie’s work. She is awesome.

  • Melissa - As a teenager, I pictured myself as a successful corporate type, maybe a lawyer; married with a couple of kids by 30; and definitely globe trotting. Instead, I’m a non-profit designer and photographer, single with no kids. But God has blessed me with a great sense of humor to appreciate all of that!

  • joeyhoffman - as a teenager i pictured myself living in hawaii being a marine biologist. i always dreamed of swimming with dolphins and other marine life. as life went on my dreams changed…and as i stare at my 2 beautiful children i feel like all my dreams that i didn’t realize when i was a teenager have come true!

  • Tracy - mine is quite similiar…thought i would be teaching grade 2 till my late 20`s and get married around 28-30 and then have babies and be a stay at home mom…well i met my man at age 18 married at age 20 (people thought we were crazy…we were crazy in love!!) had my first baby at 22 and a stay at home mom…i love the way my life turned out….God always has greater palns for our lives!!!

  • susie whyte - it changed between teen years…first i wanted to be a physical therapist–i helped my dad through a lot of therapy, so i thought i wanted to do that, too. then my mom told me how much math and science was involved in that degree. switched real quick. i always helped with kids at church, so i thought i’d be a kindergarten teacher or something close. i actually went to MCC to be a children’s minister. that wasn’t it, either. now i’m entering the world of photography, with emphasis on taking photos for people who can’t afford them…for free. i’m currently looking into helping with photos at world impact here in wichita.

  • jody - I always thought I’d be living in the mountains w lots of dogs & horses….

    I live in the city now & have two cats…

    The dream will happen someday!!

  • andy - filled with lots of kido’s and love. we are on kido #2 so and there is plenty of love so things are looking good. :)

  • Celia - I always hoped I’d be right where I am now. A wife and stay at home mom. I wasn’t sure it would go as planned, but I’m glad it did. The Lord has blessed me so!!!

  • Shanalea Atchison - I always thought I would be raising kids overseas while my husband and I ministered to wherever we were. Some dreams change and some dreams align with where God wants you to be.

  • Anna Joy - I had pictured a very driven career living in Europe…wow, life had plans of its own! :)

  • Jamie - When I was a teenager I pictured my life pretty much the same as you. And, like you, ended up differently. (I have 3 girls & 1 boy). I’m so glad things turned out differently than I pictured as a teenager.

    Great giveaway, btw. I love her work!

  • Katie H. - I imagined myself being a horse vet, have my pre-vet degree but my job is TOTALLY unrelated. Maybe one day……

  • Kelly K. - I pictured myself having outside jobs (whitewater raft guide, backcountry ranger) until ready to marry in my early 30’s. Then kids at 40. I’m 28 now and work at a computer all day. I’m getting married this year and ready to have kids in the next few years.

  • Stephanie - I pictured having babies really young. Like 23, 24. I’m 26 with no plans for babies any time soon

  • kassondra - i always pictured being happy and living a simple life with my husband and kids sitting on the front porch swing watching the grass grow.

  • Becca - Ha! So fun, I thought the same thing as you…well, minus the whole career driven part (never really cared that much about a career)…but the kitchen full of teenage boys around food (not necessarily chocolate chip cookies). We now have one boy and one girl…we will see if more boys come along! 😉

    Great new sponsor! I love her Magnolia print…it would look great in my daughter’s nursery!

  • Lindsay - I pictured one career…not 3 (so far). I certainly didn’t picture step-children or falling in love with a man 14 years my senior. But that’s the greatest thing about life. We can’t figure it out when we are 16. We continue to figure it out one day at a time.

  • patti - i always pictured myself with a little girl when i was younger – and now i’ve been blessed with two!

  • Ashley H. - (I love these prints!!!) I pictured myself married with kids and oddly in a house with blue (blech) carpet :) All true except the blue carpet.

  • Rachel Ridd - When I was a teen, I had absolutely NO idea what I wanted to do with my life. I really didn’t until like three years into college. Now, I have finished graduate school and I kind of feel like I want to raise babies! haha

  • Amaranta - Well I pictured myself married at 25, first child at 28…
    Writing books, and taking pictures.
    Well.. I am 27, lovely boyfriend in panic of becoming a lovely husband. No pregnancy jet… and I do write and take pictures, only on a blogger and flickr scale. Anyways I am completely happy, what did I know at 7!?

  • Molly - I always thought I would get married right out of college and have 4 babies by the time I was 30. All I’ve ever wanted to be is a mamma and a wife. Well, I’m 30 now and none of those things have happened, but God’s plan is so much better for me than I could have imagined! I’m daing the man of my dreams and I know that we’ll be spending our life together and that one day, we will have kids-in God’s timing!

  • marie - Love these pictures! I pictured myself married, not living in California, with my kids being all boys! But I have to say I love being married and living in California and I am pregnant with a little girl due end of August. Hope I win!!

  • JessicaF - I really assumed I’d have all boys and become a nurse… I have all girls and I am a stay at home/homeschool mom!!! Never would have thought it possible!

  • Heather - i try hard to not compare what i thought and what is, but i know that my life is so much better then anything i ever could have imagined it to be. and i love all of jackie’s prints!!

  • Lisa - I always thought I’d get married during medical school and live in a great place in the city of Chicago with my man… eventually, I’d get my practice off the ground and we’d have two kids and live in the burbs. I surely never imagined being an at-home-mama to 5 children under age 6, homeschooling, adoring making things from food to blankets from scratch and loving country living as much as I do. Praise God He directs our steps cuz I feel more “me” than ever. :)

  • sarah - As a teenager…I prayed for that special husband. I always imagined myself marrying someone like my father. (We are so much alike it’s almost scary.) Well, fortunately for me, God had the perfect husband in mind…and what do you know? He is the perfect compliment for me! I wouldn’t know what to do if I married a guy like myself :) Thanks God for knowing me better than I know myself.

  • Asun - When I was a teenager I used to think that I would marry in a black dress and my husband would be an old friend who became a doctor. Now… I´m thinking about a simple white dress and… the doctor has become an old friend! (We have been togheter for eleven ¡11! years) Maybe my children come with me to the chapel!!

  • María - When I was a teen, I really thought I’d have a job that required travelling a lot. I imagined myself living in another country, married with a foreign man and always young. But the reality is that I am living and working in the same city.

  • Chelsea - When I was a teenager, I was already dating my (now) husband… so I dreamed about being a mom after teaching elementary school for a few years. I am currently in my third year teaching and am ready to start having babies :)

  • Ali Richardson - I thought my twin sister and I would have a double wedding to twin guys, be pregnant and have our babies at the same time, and we would be living next door to eachother. Reality: I’ve been married for 7 years, we have 2 kids, and my sister who just got engaged last month is now starting her family and adventure :)

  • Teresa J - In 9th/10th grade, I thought I’d graduate from college quickly after high school and start my career climbing the corporate ladder. Success and no need for a man was what I thought I’d obtain. Though the reality is I married my wonderful husband at the ripe old age of 18 :)

  • Chelsea - I always thought I would have a wonderful husband and four kids…I have the wonderful husband part, but no kids yet :)

  • Meredith - I imagined myself a stay-at-home-mom…pretty much how life turned out.

  • Carolina - When I was a child a wanted to be a teacher. Then when I grew up and became a teenager I wanted to be a journalist, get married and have babies. Well, I became a journalist, married when I was 21 and now I have two beautiful babies, one 20 years old and the other is 10 years old. Not so bad, I think.

  • Elissa - oh her photos are gorgeous! i think as a teenager i imagined my adult life to be rather like it is now: married, kids (only 4 instead of 3), staying at home. all rather peachy. only i am SURE i pictured myself having more money. 😉

  • BriBedell - I pictured my adult life to be spent first at college getting my Dental Hygiene degree, then getting married and then having children. Didn’t really happen in that order and I am waiting to go back to school until my girls get bigger!

  • Jaimie - I never thought I’d have kids. I thought I would be extremely successful by 25, living the rich life.. not so much. Haha

  • ae - Frankly, I’m not sure how much thought I gave to the future when I was a teenager. But I think I probably thought I’d be an author, or working for a magazine somewhere…

  • Megan H - I imagined being married with 2 kids, driving a mini van. Have everything but the mini van and I am okay with that.

  • Chelsea - Such pretty pictures! Love, love! I imagined my life with lots of traveling, a wonderful husband and cute babies :)

  • sarah - I wanted to be an investigative journalist. But I ended up being an English teacher…. For now, at least!

  • Kristen - I pictured I would finish college and then head straight to grad school for my DPT and eventually get married after that, turns out I got married straight out of college and now I’m going back for my RN. I prefer the way it turned out :)

  • Kat - I’m only fifteen right now, but all I really want to be is a mom. Sometimes my friends talk about it, and they all say they want two or three kids tops, but I know I want a lot. And I kind of want to live a life like yours, or at least in a gorgeous house like yours 😛

  • Christina G - I was sure that I would go to college, become a teacher, then maybe get married and have a few kids, but probably be a stay at home mom once I did. Instead, I went straight to work, moved down to Uruguay with a man that I fell madly in love with, got married, had 2 babies, got a divorce, got remarried to an incredible man and am now pregnant with our first child together. I am a mom working full time at a cable company doing tech support, which I never would have imagined myself doing. But I have to say, I love my life and wouldn’t change anything about where I am now, which is with a wonderful man and 3 beautiful children.

  • Shannon J - When I was a teenager I thought I was going to be on BROADWAY when I grew up :). I even majored in dance and theater in college to achieve that. Little did I know that God had a VERY different plan! I now work in a marketing department for a sports team and live 5 minutes from my parents. Not at all what I pictures but loving it nonetheless.

  • Macy Dawn - When I was younger I always yearned for the independence I thought you gained from being an adult. I always imagined being a hip, single mom with a cool apartment (and of course this was all acted out with my barbie in her dollhouse). Its funny to think how the idea of being a single mom seemed like the ultimate independent persona. Being happily married, I couldn’t imagine my life differently!

  • Cristina C. - Always pictured myself married with 3 or 4 kids and a part time nurse…..For now im just a nurse!

  • Crystal - I’ve always wanted to have a big house with an even bigger yard. I’ve dreamed of having a beautiful backyard garden.

  • evalina miller - i think i’ve always pictured myself as a wife and mother. 7 weeks ago God blessed us with our first child and i love motherhood so far. i also love being a wife and feel so blessed.
    i would love to win this gift card and use it to buy a graduation gift for my best friend who just graduated from nurses training.

  • Jo Wyrosdick - I dreamed of being a dress designer. And live in a big city. I never thought I would marry and move back to my hometown.

  • Caitlin - I totally thought I would be a lawyer or dr in big city. Now that I am older, all I want to do is take photos, stay home with my son, and live in the country. : )

  • Karen - I pictured myself married to my boyfriend, a successful professional, maybe thinking of adoption in my 30s. I am a 28-year-old SAHM, with my second daughter due in June. I am married to that boyfriend, though!

  • renee - i always thought i would live in a city, not the rural area of north dakota that i call home. i still long for a chance to live a city life, but probably not for a few years yet. i like the safety of rearing my children here.

  • Holly - I always wanted to be a stay at home mom with about eight kids, doing crafts, playing outside, and doing fun experiments all day. I just didn’t realize that I would also be cleaning up after all these fun activities!

  • Laura - I envisioned myself as a suburban soccer mom….married with a son and a daughter. In reality-I’m a married work at home mom to two young daughters…living in the suburbs and driving to dance class instead of soccer. And loving it.

    Thanks for sharing Jackie’s etsy store, she has some beautiful prints!

  • Katie - I thought I would be teaching in the classroom (which I did for a little while and loved), but now I am teaching at home.

  • Jana - My plans included a perfect, non-messy life…married in my early twenties, right out of college. Travel the globe and work and enjoy the honeymoon phase with my Mr. Right. Build a life, add kids and a white picket fence. Reality: at 32, I married a single dad with a 7, 9 an 12 year old. Talk about blowing “non-messy life” right out of the water. Then after 5 years we added two more kids. And now at 41, I am also a grandma. Life is funny. God is faithful. And He definitely has a sense of humor!

  • Erin B - Happy wife and mother to a broad of children… instead I am approaching 30 and just loving my life with my husband and our dog. Just starting to think about a life with children in the photo. : )

  • Kirsten - Somehow, as a teenager, I could never picture myself with kids, although I always assumed I would have them. I also never pictured myself on the East Coast (I grew up in Seattle), or raising an autistic child (but he is such a sweetie and I wouldn’t trade him for anything), or that our family would be spending years in the adoption process. But I am blessed beyond measure…as different as my life is from what I envisioned at 17, I wouldn’t trade it!

  • Jill E. - i did not image that much about my future though i did make a quite hilarious list when i was about 15 of rules on how i was going to be a good parent. some of the rules included allowing my kid to pierce or tattoo their body anyway they liked as well as no curfew. i have to say i still do not have kids yet but i am not sure if i can abide by my own rules.

  • Martina - When I was an early teenager I imagined I wouldn’t get married until my mid twenties at least and then probably have kids soon after. I was terribly shy and awkward around cute boys in middle school and the beginning of high school. Much to my surprise, I feel in love in 10th grade and ended up marrying my sweetheart shortly after high school. I’m so glad I was wrong! Now I’m in my mid twenties and we’re hoping to have kids soon.

  • Ashley Joy - When I was a teennager, I pictured myself as a the Soccer mom who had everything together… with the perfect husband, four kids, and a nice house.

  • Stacey - I was going to sing on Broadway….now I sing my girls to sleep!

  • kaki - I always imagined that I’d have a peaceful life, that I’d always be in charge and that I’d be stylishly turned out every day. ha!

  • Rachel - When I was a teenager, I imagined my life to be exactly what it is now…married to a wonderful husband, a mom to two beautiful children and getting to stay home with them everyday and take care of my family. I feel so blessed to truly be living my dream…

  • Mrs. Dunbar - I figured I’d be in the corporate world. With $400 pumps and the bag to match… boy was I off… way off.

    Now I’m off to bake some cookies for my boys as well.

  • Kara - I always imagined that I would be driving a van full of kids to baseball practice! the dream still lives! 😀

  • Elisa B. - I imagined myself an actress – now I play every day with my 4 month old son, and my photography business!

  • amber mershawn - I always wanted to be a wife & mom. I am that…but it means so much more to live it than to dream it:). Even when your 2 year old doesn’t take a nap or says your name 100 times in a 5 minute period…

  • stacey B - I pictured myself married and working on a family….things don’t always end the way we imagined:)

  • Karla - I always imagined myself like a diplomatic. Working for people, and trying to help someone. Also is my actually dream. I really want to be a diplomatic, to go to a country that need help. Also if I would not be a diplomatic, I really belive that one day i will be in some place helping kids or someone that needs a hand

  • Jessica - I thought I would be a missionary in another country, single until my 30s too-what was with that:) Instead I am a mother of 2 and living a missional life, right here in the good ole’ USA. I get to disciple my daughters and love on Oklahoma with the love of Jesus. Pretty good if you ask me!

  • Kate - As a teenager… I pictured myself as a stay at home mom… 😉

  • robyn - A long, long, long time ago when I was a teenager, before boys as husbands were a real possibility… my best friends and I would dream of getting a split-level apartment in big Tulsa and having great secretary jobs and wear really cool clothes. Ha! All of us married young, worked a little in the real world and had babies and ended up in our small hometown. I’m not even “secretary material”… Fun question. Fun blog.

  • Ashleigh Ewing - When I was a teenager I pictured my life way differently then it has turned out. I pictured myself traveling a lot with a career in architecture and teaching yoga on the side. I pictured myself NEVER getting married or ever having kids. I pictured myself as a very liberal minded person.
    Now I am a follower of Christ, married and well I am more open to the whole baby thing.
    Funny how life works out!

  • rachel - I think I imagined my life like in the movies… reality was, I got married at 19 and had a baby 2 years later, then another, then another. My life is still not at all what I expected… different, but good :) (Karate Kid quote, my favorite movie!)

  • Jeannette Swan - A stay at home mom of 4 kids by the time I was 30. I got the 4 kids – but not by the time I was 30. I stay home, but never thought first I would be a CPA working in the corporate world!!

  • Michelle - ohhh. . .i love her pictures. I pictured myself having kids as soon as I got married (which was supposed to be right after college). We got married right after college, but kids are coming years later.

  • Cath - Right now I’m in college, but I’ve been dreaming a lot about traveling and get to know other people, not sure why. One thing I’d love to do is to have kids young but honestly it’ll depend on my money and partner 😉
    I’ve to say: I dream in being a mix of you, pioneerwoman and other talented women who I admire.

  • Katie - I don’t think I ever shared this with anyone, but I imagined myself in some high-powered corporate job, living it up in the big city. I’m currently a mom to one, working during the day as an insurance claims adjuster, living in the suburbs, and loving it.

    I checked out Jackie Rueda’s shop yesterday and love everything!! It would be so difficult to pick if I were to win!

  • Amber - I was very career oriented as a teenager. I dreamed of going to Harvard Law School. Now, at 24, I’m a mommy to a beautiful 2 year old girl and I’m still working on my college degree. It’s funny how things don’t always happen how we imagine. But I wouldn’t trade any of it. :)

  • Beth - I pictured myself married and in love. And I always pictured myself having a few kiddos. I’ve got the love and marriage…kids are still in my future! :)

  • Amber - I wanted to get married at 21 have my first child by 23, and be a missionary some where. Funny thing is that it all actually happened, I got married at 21 (young I know but I have never regretted it) had my son at 23 (2 days before my 24th birthday ha ha) and I live in Mexico where I am a missionary…

  • Amanda - I’ve always wanted to be an elementary school teacher, so I guess I always kind of thought I would be doing that right now. Instead,I’m a stay-at-home-mom (which is also something I always wanted) with the hopes of one day owning and operating my own preschool out of my house. Something that I can do while still home with my own kids, because they come first!

  • Tiffany - I imagined myself trekking through the mountains of Tibet building relationships with the people and sharing the love of God with them. We’ll see where God takes us!
    I just started reading a couple months ago and I Love hearing about your learning process with photography and teaching your kids!

  • Susan - I always wanted to be a mom!

  • Alisa - I had many a passing dream but always always a mother and wife, i pictured myself with a big family (6+ kids) one girl and the rest boys… I always seen myself parenting boys.

    NOW… hmmm single mother to three (two boys one girl). I got the mother bit but the wife…. not as easy to achieve… still time though… you never know whats just around the corner.

  • Suzanne - I wanted to design spacecraft for NASA and a family was pretty much an afterthought. Now I am happily married with two little girls, and I work nowhere near NASA! Love the pics – thanks for the chance!

  • Megan LaBelle - I definitely pictured myself with a great husband and kids, and it looks like I’m on my way. :)

  • chantelle - as a teen there was NO WAY I was ever going to be around snotty nosed little kids (I was always the baby of the family!) Little did I know I would end up teaching Kindergarten for 10 years that’s A LOT of noses! AND welcome my own little sometimes runny nosed bundle of joy-with hope fully more runny noses to follow!

  • Tanya B - I pictured myself living in a condo on the beach, a BMW in my underground parking garage, working hard at a job and NO kids!! LOL … my life is so far from that picture. When I met my husband at 25, I had the BMW and was saving for the condo, but kids changed everything. :) I’m happy with my life!!

  • Megan - When I was a teenager, I pictured myself as a math teacher… 10 years later I am teaching 80 14 year olds how to conquer the world :)

  • Heidi - I always thought I would get married right out of college and probably never leave my great home of Oklahoma. And I didn’t really ever want to leave Oklahoma. I’m only 24 and only been out of school for a few years, but not married and not in Oklahoma. I’m living in China for a year teaching English to college students. Life is full of surprises!

  • Sharee Ann - I remember thinking I wanted to be an at-home mom with three kids- about to have my third next month:)

  • krista - i always wanted to be pregnant.. i loved how beautiiful pregnant women were! i just had my daughter 5 months ago, and i miss my belly.. but then i just look at my awesome daughter and feel ok :)

  • melanie - I pictured myself unmarried, with no children, and being able to travel all over the world with a great job. I did that until I was 28, and then I got much richer in mind & spirit.. I met a wonderful man, got married, and had 2 beautiful boys.I would not trade my life today for 10 million dollars, nor do I miss the old one. :)
    Oh, and I am a huge fan of Jackie’s photos!

  • Emily - I always thought I’d be married, living in my hometown, teaching kindergarten with two kids and a dog.

    Now: I’m married, live 3 hours from “home”, teach pre-K and have 0 kids (for now) and 2 dogs!!

  • Ashley Cangelosi - When I was a teenager I saw myself married young and us traveling the world…with a clean and simple home near a creek…we got the traveling part…moved to 22 different homes in our first 11 years of marriage. Our home base was near a creek, but with 5 children it was neither clean nor simple. hm….

  • Stacy - I always pictured myself amommy with lots of kids and being home and loving it. I only have one so far, but its a start. I love the prints. So fresh and happy.

  • Tia - I pictured twins, one boy and one girl by the time I was 25 :) didn’t work out that way but I’m happy with the one kid I have so far!

  • Melanie Schall - I thought I would be career driven as well. Thought I would get married in my late 20s early 30s and start my way to having 4-6 kids. I got married in my early 20s and starting to be career driven. Now I think 2 or 3 kids would be nice and not until my early 30s maybe. Who knows.

  • Ang - I thought I’d either be teaching or living overseas. I’ve done both, but am not doing either at the moment!

  • Lacey McKay - I’ve always wanted a ton of kids, like ten. But now that I have two and see how hard being a parent can be, I’m pretty happy with the two I have. I might have just one more. I imagined myself being a stay at home mom, which I am, but I also run a photography business, mostly for fun. It keeps me sane. Oh, and I really hope I win this contest because I have to have that candy cane print!

  • Mollie - As a teenager, I thought I would persue a modeling career. I also wanted to go to law school and then become a CIA agent. Fortunately, it was all fantasy…I am a stay at home mommy of four little munchkins and love my life. Couldn’t imagine it any differently!

  • Cristina Camarena - When I was a teenager I always pictured myself travelling around the world. So far, I’ve travelled a bit, but I hope I can still make my dream come true and travel to many other places that I wish I could visit.
    I love Jackie’s pictures, BTW :))

  • Tess S. - i wanted to be an artisit. i loved to create. i imagined having a few kids eventually. but art was my passion. today i’m a budding photographer with 2 amazing children. now i love watching THEM create and shape the world. being a mom is way better than anything i had ever imagined.

  • alamama - Gosh there are many things that I wanted to be. I was always changing. In the long run, I am doing what I wanted to do the most…be a wife and a mom. Thanks for the chance!

  • lifeologia - I thought I’d be a magazine editor or even have my own magazine and have a big family – things haven’t turned out exactly but I have my blog and my daughter – so it’s a little slice of the pie. I also never though an illness could come into the picture and that is one scary part of life that no one ever prepares for.

  • Esther N - As a teenager I always assumed I would be a successful and driven business woman. As an adult, I am successful and driven but less in the business world and more in the mom world.

  • Melissa Shepard - I dreamed of serving in ministry with my husband and having a big family. I’m living that dream, not like I’d pictured, but God knows best. Just yesterday I made a batch of choc.chip cookies and they were devoured by my kiddos in no time!

  • Kate - I thought I would be a trial lawyer but somewhere along the way I realized I hate debates. I get physically sick when I am debating and questioning people. So thankful my parents encouraged me to try all kinds of different things.

  • jessica h - first off, I’m all about gorgeous cherry blossoms~I love that print!! secondly, I had to laugh at your teenage idea of what “life would be like” b/c I had mine, too, and it is NOTHING like my life now….and I couldn’t be more thankful :) I pictured living in a loft apartment in NewYork with a boyfriend doing design work and driving a yellow VW bug; I didn’t want any kids…ugh!!! Instead, I’m married to an awesome man & I stay at home with my two precious kiddos, not to mention we live in the mountains! all I can say about that is that GOD IS SO GOOD and HE KNOW BEST…

  • Allison - I always pictured myself being one of two things…..a mom, or an actress! I think I picked the right one…..being a mom is so fulfilling and rewarding! I loved my twenties and will soon enter my thirties! 😉

  • Alice Sears - Having grown up in Hong Kong and traveled to many places in Asia (I am American though), I always pictured myself married to someone who had lived in Asia for a little bit or at least had been there before. Of course I feel in love with someone who did not and was from California. Oh well, we have since traveled there together and were married in HK.

  • Christie - When I was a teenager, I didn’t think I’d get married or have kids. What a high expectation! When I ‘grew up’ I expected to be more aware of what I wanted in life, have a career in photography or writing, and travel to all the places I’ve dreamed of seeing.

  • Robyn Lee - As a teenager, I pictured myself being a famous architect….. not anymore! Now, that I had a taste of what being an architect was like…No thank you!

  • Rosie - My dream as a teenager (when I ran summer music/drama camps in my small town) was to grow up, find a barn, and set up an art/music/drama cooperative in it! No barn yet…

  • Jodi - I told my mom that I wanted to be a corporate lawyer and raise thoroughbred horses. I was a cowgirl at heart, through and through. Although I am not doing any of those things….I still am a cowgirl at heart. Nothing better than listening to country music in the suburbs of Jersey.

  • Amanda G - I thought for sure I’d be married, living in the suburbs, being a stay at home Mom of at least one kid….instead of I’m {almost} single again….with no kids…..and am getting ready to move into an apartment. And you know what? I’m surprisingly happy – and pretty content with my life just the way it is.

  • Crispula - As a teenager i thought i was going to life all around the world…and i doing my best…

  • Kristin S - Her photos are amazing!

    I KNEW I’d be a wife and mother of many. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be 39 and single. I’m thankful to many friends for allowing me to be a part of their families’ lives. It means the world to me.

  • Danielle - When I was a teenager (not so very long ago) I thought I would be married in my 20s (check), travel to Europe (check), and be a professional flutist (uhhh….)

    Yeah, the flute thing didn’t work out so great. :)

  • emily anderson - i’m 28…is that even considered an adult yet?
    well, back in the day i would have said NO. but the fact that i have 4 children, makes me say YES.

    i don’t know what i pictured my life like as an adult, but i don’t think it was this.
    ha…but i love it.

  • Savannah - I pictured myself married with 2 kids and a job I loved. Now I am married to the man of my dreams with a baby on the way and love my crazy job!

  • Macy English - I thought I was going to be a math teacher and have 4 kids :). I’m now in sales and am married with no children… yet :)

  • Steph - Wow, her photos are gorgeous!
    In high school I wrote a paper for a class on what I thought my life would be like in my 20’s and 30’s. I found that paper not too long ago and it couldn’t be more off!
    It was fun to go back & read though.

  • Amber - There was a span of time in which I was just sure I would become a single missionary. Not sure why I didn’t imagine myself married. But I was content with that thought at the time. Now I am more than content with my reality – the wife of a pastor and a mother of two really sweet (add in lots of other sappy adjectives)kids.

  • Brittany - I always thought I’d be a Kindergarten teacher following in my Mama’s footsteps. Now I’m going to be a Marriage & Family Counselor just like my daddy and couldn’t be happier!

  • jessica - Well, although I’m only 22, I never pictured myself finding my soul mate by now and hoping and praying so desperately that he’ll ask me to be his bride soon. I always pictured myself getting married at a late twenty-something age after making sure I had graduated from college, had a successful career and travelled much of the world. Still in school, I’m just a girl who has found love and wants to be the helpmeet for one awesome dude. The question I ask myself lately: “Just when and how did this happen?” :)

  • sherry - Oddly enough, I think I pictured my life just as it is. Three kids, great husband, teacher, blessed life.

  • Elise - I took a photography class in high school (and loved it), so I guess I pictured myself making a career of it. Hasn’t really happened and that’s ok because the other thing I pictured was being happy and that did happen. Life is good!

  • Shauna - I am going to go back further…When I was a little girl I remember thinking that I wanted to be the Mom so that I could be the boss. Now I that I am the boss, I realize how much cleaning the boss does.

  • Luisina - My english is awful but I can try answer that. When I was a teen I dream i was going to life all around the world 😀 Just love Jackie photography

  • Kristi - I always pictured myself being a stay at home mom to a crew of kids!! So far there is only one…but sure is a ball of fun!

  • Allison - Well, I don’t really recall what I pictured my adult life looking like then. But, in my early 20s I pictured myself married with about 5 kids and my ‘images’ always include being in the kitchen. I’m 27 now and not yet married. I still picture being in the kitchen but with 4 kids now. I ‘knocked off’ the 5th kid to make room for my kid’s friends who need a ‘second mom’ or a stable, happy home to be around.

  • sarah - I can’t seem to remember what I thought I’d be. I don’t think I had it pinned down. I do remember wanting to travel and live in a hip loft type place down town. Now I could care less about any of those. I have my house that’s a constant work in progress, not too hip (yet), 3 kids, barely make it out of the city and I love every minute of it.

  • Erin - I wanted to be an architect. My mom and I would sneak into unfinished houses in our hometown and I’d love to run around dreaming about how I’d design the space. I also started drawing house designs. I took one day of drafting class in high school and the assignment was drawing some kind of machine… I immediately changed to a theatre class and abandoned my future in architecture. But who knows what’s to come… :)

  • Jen - I was thinking about that as I was reading how you pictured yourself…I have NO recollection of what I thought my life would be like. I can remember envisioning college but not really my life after that…I think I thought I would graduate, become a pharmaceutical rep and be a Young Life leader forever…annnnd probably get married and have babies someday.

    PICK ME!!

  • Beatrice Killam - Well, I imagined I would have 5 kids (2 boys and 3 girls) and I had their names all picked out. Ha!! I can’t believe I ever thought I’d have that many kids. I have two and they’re all I can handle most days. But they are worth it all. And hey – I even ended up using one of the names from the list (Joshua) for my son.

  • Carrie Elliott - I was going to be Nurse Hathaway on ER and run the L.A. county Emergency Dept. Now here I am with 5 beautiful children and coffee stains on my t-shirt, that I have now worn for two days. Life is good. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  • Jocelyn - When I was a teenager I pictured myself traveling the nations and serving God in whatever way He showed me. I now live in Germany and serve God in, well, raising a family! :)

  • Julie - I don’t really remember what my life would be as an adult. But I am know married and have a beautiful baby boy.

  • Amanda Fuentes - I pictured myself in the Air Force and did go on to join right after high school. 4 years was enough, by then I’d met and married my husband and separated from the military just 30 days before my oldest daughter was born. I now have 3 girls and love every minute of it. (usually.. :) )

  • chrissy - I thought I was going to be designing high end fashion and live in a brown stone in Boston… However, I’m a homemaker of two amazing children and married to a loving husband who is an arts pastor. Life is good and couldn’t imagine it any other way now!!!!

  • Chiara Mancuso - I think I would Like my life to have a bit of all the artists i have met.
    but the way I imagine it is like the life of Geninne, A very talented Artist living in mexico : ) though instead I will live in Montreal (no, I’m not Joking! I really want to like there!).

  • tara furnas - I pictured my self with a little white house in the country and married, but no kids.

  • Melissa - I wanted to be a physical therapist or occupational therapist, possibly married and having children later in life. All came true except for the type of therapist I became: a mental health therapist instead! I am married, and at age 34, I’m having my 2nd child two months after my daughter turns 2 years old!

  • Caty - I saw myself as a magician :)