When I found out that we were expecting a girl I ordered the cutest little pair of booties off of etsy from the seller Gracious May. Those booties were used in this picture that we announced our coming girl with and that same picture is a large canvas in my living room.  I recently had the opportunity to do a little designer session with some of Gracious May’s popular booties. I thought I’d share a little peek from this session….


I think I might have to make this a canvas too!1.10may-7

You probably noticed the buttons on the bottom of the blog, I just wanted to let you know those buttons are sites, stores, individuals, etc. that I like. They are not paid sponsor buttons, just places I wanted to promote. Gracious May has been one of those.

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  • Rachel Ridd - If I had a little girl, I would buy those this second! Seriously :)

  • Jeannette Swan - Very fun! So, are you taking pictures for them to use on their site?

  • kelly - ADORABLE!! If you don’t get a canvas of that last one, you are crazy. It’s the cutest thing EVER.

  • Rachel - Adorable…that last one is absolutely canvas worthy!

  • beth - Yup, go with the canvas. How could you not?!

  • Lauren Roberts - LOVE IT!

  • Lauren Roberts - I’m sad my daughter has already outgrown all of her sizes :( Cursed big feet.

  • amy jupin - oh my goodness gracious. you are KILLING me with these pictures!
    (i bought a pair of those shoes as a gift a few years ago and almost couldn’t bring myself to give them away!)

  • amanda torres - Hmmmm…I”m sure all those cute little toes didn’t belong to any of your darlings! So precious, and of course, a job well done!

  • Nicole - Hi, Ashley. Whenever I’ve been having a rough day or something along those lines, it’s nice to come to your blog and just forget about me for a little bit and read about what’s going on in your life. So, thank’s for that :).

  • Grace - they look so great, ashley! THANK YOU!

  • Kate - Oh, so precious!

  • Alba - fantastic pics, as always. the shoes are just great. the last pic, I’ll make it bigger, and place it in one the wall of your daughte`’s room.

  • Christy - I love it!! I definatly think the last picture would make a great canvas!

  • ashlee - that picture is adorable! i have wanted some of those shoes for Mercy for awhile, but how do you decide?? they are all so cute!

  • Heather - that last picture should definitely be on a canvas!

  • Tiffany - Oh my goodness! Those are the cutest little shoes (and feet) I’ve ever seen! Your pictures are always so beautiful and fun to look at!

  • Jesse - I love that last photo!

  • ellebows - these are the sweetest little shoes. i have a list of must buys if we are ever blessed with a 2nd baby and these are so on that list (hope it’s a girl, haha).

  • luis - me encantaria saber si en new jersey hay alguna tienda o si tienen algun telefono para llamar y si tienen promocione sy cuando tiehne otrosmodelos gracias ,estan hermosos

6 months already. It has been a good, full, living in the moment and relishing it 6 months. I am thankful and overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for my baby girl.

For all of you that ask for warnings when I post baby pictures….let this be your warning! Baby Sister turned 6 months old and we took some new pictures to mark it. She’s been living in fleece pjs, so it was fun to actually put something else on her for a few pics. However, I am still in love with her little rolls so I opted for sweet, soft baby skin on most of the pics.

I know I am her mom, but you gotta admit…she is a cutie CUTIE! I am going to have a hard time picking which ones to print.

I am thinking of doing one really big in her room…which one would you make BIG?


I’m not sure why I like this one, there is just something about it.1.10sixmonths-03

She has a really LONG tongue…she has also started this high pitched squeal noise. The boys always grunted…she squeals. She’s developed a fake cry that has a bit of a high pitch and pathetic face to go with it – now she’s starting to seem different than the boys. I can’t wait until the spring to get her in a mud puddle:)


I like this one because there is the newborn picture of her in the background all sweet and asleep…and then her now. She is every bit as active as any of her brothers at this age. She is scooting from room to room and gets anywhere she wants to go. In this particular picture she was scooting herself right off the bed.1.10sixmonths-05

Since I was tired of chasing her I emptied the toys out of her bucket and stuck her in it. Much easier on me.1.10sixmonths-061.10sixmonths-07

Me and my big blue eyes are coming to get you…


Chris took a few of me with her….I think he did a pretty great job. On a sidenote, when we put together her room, I intentionally placed the pallet bed opposite the window so we could get good light on it for pictures like this.1.10sixmonths-081.10sixmonths-09

A while back I saw a photograph of a baby with a HUGE flower on her head. Not the big ones that some kids wear everyday, but HUGE as in obviously a photo prop. The photograph was beautiful, it seemed timeless and elegant. I wanted to try to recreate it, but couldn’t remember where I had seen it, so I winged it.  I bought the biggest flower I could find at Hobby Lobby and turned it into a clip. As funny as these pictures are, there is still something about them that I kind of like…


My attempt wasn’t what I was going for. Chris and I had some good laughs over though. He said, “All she needs is a banana.” What? I asked. “You know the Chiquita Banana Lady.”fruit

Well it just so happens we have plastic toy fruit.


If the Monday blues get to you today just close your eyes and picture my daughter with plastic fruit on her head!

Happy Monday!

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  • Jill R - So sweet! I love the picture peeking out of the bucket. And the one in the sweater….and the one in the pink shirt….but I also really like the one in the green dress. (She reminds me of a little baby Scarlet O’Hara in that one.) I’m no help….

  • Christy - Adorable! Such a cutie! Love the pictures of her in the bucket

  • Ryan - Soo cute! I’d print the one of her in the bucket with her big blue eyes peaking out. That’s my favorite. :)

  • Alba - Ja,ja,ja. The plastic fruits were a little bit too much. I like the bucket and the one that her and her blue eyes are coming… Lovely, lovely rolls, so yummy.

  • christina larsen - The plastic fruit made me laugh. So cute. I really like the ones in the bucket. Either one would look wonderful big. However, they would all look good big, but those were my favs. :)

  • Sarah - They are ALL adorable. I say the first bucket picture or the pink shirt picture where she is looking right at you or the sweater picture…. ok nevermind print them all. Give her a collage of herself in her room :)

  • Mary - I like the ones with the flower on her head. It captures her blue eyes and her belly rolls. But also from a decorating standpoint, the colors in it could match any room decor you decide to go with. They’re all precious.

  • Kari S - Love the green dress pic, the one where she is sitting against the wall, on the bed with big blue eyes and the bucket pics! I say wallpaper a wall in her room with all your precious pics!!! She is a doll!

  • Susan - LOVE the black and white one where she’s against the wall in her sweater…such dainty little features and she’s deep in “thought”-:0)

  • Kara P - I am pretty sure I could never choose just one of these to blow up!!!! So cute!!!!

  • amanda torres - Absolutely wonderful! I love the one with the big flower on her booty. Definitely my favorite one.

  • Jennie Frake - I love the b/w ones in the bucket. She’s so cute!

  • Misty - The first bucket pic would be my choice! I love the second one too though….it is DARLING!!

  • bopha - she is absolutely adorable! so, maybe a girl wouldn’t be so bad :)

  • Sarah - Just beautiful… and thanks for encouraging my baby fever even more than normal today! :)

  • Christian T - I think you should print the one with her in the bucket with just her eyes peaking out. Love it!

  • lorae - Hands down the shot in the bucket with her peeking over. I immediately thought of Carmen Miranda, aka Chiquita Banana Lady, on the large flower shot. Funny stuff.

  • Trina - absolute favourite is the one with just little eyes peeking over the bucket.

  • Sarah GM - One of the bucket ones!

  • ashlee - that last one is so funny! i love them! please tell me about the blanket in the background of the pic where she is wearing he pretty messy flower. I love it! my fav is the one of her peaking over the edge of the bucket.

  • the inadvertent farmer - Thanks for the warning…I ignored and peeked anyway, oh my goodness gracious is that one darling little girl you’ve got there! I see you dilemma I love them all, could not choose which to print. And yes the fruit made me smile! Kim

  • Rachel C - Absolutely irresistible! I love, love the pic with her big eyes peeking over the bucket. What a great picture!

  • katherinemarie - oh my oh my! What a darling! Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was looking at your beautiful belly shots? She really can’t be six months… no way! And that fruit hat— heheheheheh… I actually made my son one of those (he is 13 now) when he was 9 months….I should bring that photo out just to make him blush.


  • rachel denbow - Love them all! Especially the one from the bucket and the two of her on her quilt (1 week and 6 months). ENLARGE THEM ALL!!!

  • Jeannette Swan - I looked anyway, even with the warning…how could I not! Oh, she is beyond cute!! I continue to be so jealous of all your amazing pictures. The ones in the bucket are priceless, but I also really like the one in the pink shirt sitting against the wall.

  • kelly - LOVE them. She is so precious. I love the ‘blue eyes coming to get you’ shot.

  • maegan - LOVE all the pictures! But I have to agree that the ones in the bucket would look great big- especially the one of her peeking out. Too cute!

  • kat - I love the one of her peeking out of the bucket, and the one where she is sitting against the wall wearing the pink shirt. All of these are magnificent! That flower and fruit headband is quite a laugh!

  • Amanda Mc - Oh Ashley, she’s so beautiful! I love all the pics. Maybe you should use that number generator thing to make this decision too :D

  • Amber - I love the one of her peeking out of the bucket. She is so adorable. I am the one who introduced myself to you at baby Gap on Saturday. I was a little embarrassed and almost didn’t say anything but am glad I did. Hope you found some cute stuff.

  • AshleyG - HAHAHAHA that seriously made me laugh so hard.

  • Griswold Fun - Laughed out loud!!

  • ellebows - My absolute favorite of this bunch of photos is the one in the bed with the newborn photo in the background. Beautiful! I love her little expression and pose :-)

  • Kristen - Geesh, I have been really missing out while the darn google reader thinks you last posted months ago. Now I have so many post to look at! These pictures are gorgeous, just beautiful!

  • Andy - I loved your blog, the children are very cute and that photo with the fruits has a few of the my country! I live at Brazil.

    Congratulation, your children are wonderfull, I’m sorry my worst English.

    strong hug

First let me say how much fun it was to see who all you would choose to give the hat to. I loved that so many of you took the time to enter the contest on behalf of someone else. Isn’t it fun to think of people we could do unexpected kind things for?  For those of you that didn’t win…I recommend just going ahead and purchasing a hat for the person you had hoped to give it to.  I received and unexpected gift on Saturday and haven’t stopped smiling. Not just because of the gift, but because of the thoughtfulness that went into it. Now I am trying to think of who I can give an unexpected gift to!

Well I just loved seeing who won the cute hat from Friday’s post. It is none other than my friend and fellow mom of a brood of boys….SHANALEA! We each have 4 kids all about the same age…only her youngest is boy #4. How funny that a mom of 4 boy’s would win the cute girl hat! At least we know she won’t be sneaky and try to keep it for herself. Shanalea, feel free to put in on your youngest boy just to try it out (you know that is what I would do)! Congratulations to you and your sister-in-law…shoot me an email and I’ll get the hat to you!

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  • ashlee - fyi…she has this hat on sale 2 for $25…so those of you with girls can do the same as Ashley. Buy one for yourself and give one away:)

  • Shanalea - I can’t believe it!!!! At least I get to make other little girls look cute. I will definitely try it out on one of the boys.