saying goodbye…and hello?

Five years ago when I first put these on Biggest Brother they were vivid blue and in perfect condition. After a few months of learning to crawl the knees were worn pretty thin. Two years later Big Brother learned to crawl. He left the jeans with definite holes in the knees, but still “cool” looking holes. Fast forward 2 more years and Littlest Brother learned to crawl in the same pair. They are now torn all over, faded and super thin everywhere. I am not one to save everything, but I just can’t seem to throw these away. All of my boys learned to crawl in them…what to do now? I thought about framing them, but then I think visitors to our home would really think I am crazy. Maybe I’ll just frame this picture. I am so excited to have a daughter and I know she’ll be right in the middle of everything messy her brothers do, but there is a part of me that is sad to know there won’t be any more little boys crawling in the dirt outside…can you tell I am pregnant? I’m emotional over raggedy jeans!

So the jeans are being replaced with girly pink stuff…girly pink stuff. And yes Amanda, it is easier for me to think of this covered in mud (in reference to a comment Amanda left on this post).

SPEECHLESS. I got this in the mail from a friend (who has a daughter and then three boys). When I opened it the older 2 boys asked “WHAT is that?” Honestly, I have no words for this. It makes me laugh in a really great way. I just keep thinking, “what am I going to do with that?” Not because I don’t like it, but because it just seems so out of place in my house.  I just can’t picture a girl in our family…all that bedazzledness (my word) and tulle…WOW.  Thanks Angie…I can’t wait to see her in it (and get pictures of course):)

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  • Rachel - I love it!! She definitely will be miss july, well, and miss august, and miss september…….what a fabulous, outfit! As for the jeans……so many memories. You definitely need to keep them forever.

  • christina larsen - Well, it is hard to adjust and wrap your mind around something totally different then what you are used to. I had my girl first, then when I found out #2 was going to be a boy, I was sad because I didn’t know what to expect. I knew what to do with a girl. It has been an amazing journey. I wouldn’t trade my boy or girl for anything. We are getting ready to welcome another girl in the mix. I am loving all of the pink again, but am sad when my son grows out of his stuff, too. I get emotionally attached to the memories associated with the clothing (much like your jeans). I don’t think there is anything wrong with keeping special keepsakes from your kiddos. I wouldn’t think you were crazy if you had them framed. Sorry for the novel.

  • Emily Beaty - Love how all your boys learned to crawl in those jeans! So sweet… a framed photo is a must! :) What a cute girlie girl outfit, too… I love it.

  • Charissa - I can’t believe I’m crying over an old pair of jeans that don’t even belong to any of my kids!

  • bopha - what a cute outfit, it will be interesting to see how that look fits in with the rest of your boys. it will be so much fun but momma’s boys are pretty awesome!

  • amanda - You will feel so blessed to get to experience life with a girl. I think you will adjust pretty well! Her little outfit is just too cute!

  • Natasha Perryman - I Love the girly outfit. I didn’t think I would be super girly either (of couse I didn’t have 3 boys first) but still all the girl stuff is super cute!
    I do love my boy all dressed up, he looks so handsome. But the girl stuff is just precious beyond words.
    I love the splash of pink she will make in your home!
    Looking forward to your creative girly pictures.
    I may have already told you this, but my girlfriend Evie has a blog I think you would like. She always posts creative ideas that inspire me and she interviewed creative moms the week of mothers day, check it out…

  • Jeannette Swan - I love the jeans. Corban is just about to outgrow a pair of jeans that Camden and Jordan wore too, they are super faded, but not torn because they didn’t all crawl in them. Corban actually wore them in his 1 year pics you took last August. No way I’m throwing them in the trash!! And, wow on the pink outfit, I can’t imagine a baby in that much fluff, can’t wait to see it!!

  • carrie - There is so much more shopping you can do with a girl! It’s only the beginning!! My girls are very into shoes and clothes – it come naturally!! Enjoy!

  • Lesley - I love the dress and can’t wait to see your little one in it! Oh the fun she’ll have!

  • Holly Todd - If you like the outfit, please check out our website at We specialize in Handmade Baby Gifts. I can make them say whatever you like and any colors you would like. Thanks and God Bless

  • Lisa - I think framing the jeans is an adorable idea! I for one, would not think you were crazy, but just a sweet mom :-)

    Loving the girly tutu outfit! It’s adorable!! Girly stuff is too fun!


At the Zoo…

To view the post below, you will need a password. It is the same one I previously gave. If you do not have it and would like it, send me an email telling me how you found the blog. OR you can use the contact form above.

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  • Hilary - Oh my! How cute is he! I love this!

  • tracy - I found your blog through Meg’s/Whatever, and the link on Little Dresses for Africa.

Rooster Days {our annual trip to the parade}

We’ve gone to the Rooster Days Parade every year since Biggest Brother was 2 months old. It makes me feel like I live in a really small town…which I like.

…waiting patiently for us to get all our gear together so we could leave for the parade…

I find myself taking the majority of my pictures close up of the boys (like this one of Littlest Brother waiting in his stroller),

so I challenged myself to do more wide angles while at the parade…

The older boys broke it down when the band started coming their way. Big Brother really does have other shirts, he just prefers to wear this one every other day.

I gave up a long time ago trying to convince him otherwise…or trying to hide it.

Littlest Brother was mezmorized by the parade

“Look there’s Papa!” Chris’ dad tried to convince the boys to ride with him, but they were afraid of missing out on the ice cream BlueBell passes out.

BlueBell IceCream…the real reason we go to the parade every year. So much better than candy.

It started raining towards the end, so the boys hid under our blanket…they came out quickly when they realized they were missing out on candy being passed out.

We then walked home…which I am beginning to feel like is our own version of a parade for our neighbors.

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  • kelly - How fun!! Such cute pics as always. Love his Star Wars shirt!

  • melanie - We love your family! You make me smile:)

  • Lesley - Love them all! Your boys are so handsome.

  • meg duerksen - LOVE the feeling in these…everyone has good memories of parades!

    one thing i did for annie and her favorite shirt “ice cream queen” that had to worn every day…..i bought another one.
    it made it so much easier.