Well as promised here are the ‘outtakes’ from yesterday’s post. I do love so many of yesterday’s pictures, but honestly I love these pictures probably just as much. Yesterday you got a great idea of what my kids look like at ages 2, 3 1/2, 6 & 8 months…and maybe just a bit of their personalities. Today….well you’ll see a lot of their personalities!

Camera on the ground of the dirty warehouse…propped up by a random cable…on the self timer….whatever works. Guess it is the girls this time not looking.

While we were eating (outside) there was a group of teenage boys extreme streetwalking (flips and stuff over the concrete walls). My boys soaked it in and then went off to try their own. Later that night Biggest Brother said to his great grandma, “Grandma, do you want to see my awesome moves? Because if you want to see them – I’ll show you. They are AWESOME!” He then proceeded to randomly throw himself around on the ground. Awesome moves son. Awesome moves.

When I am driving and look in the rearview mirror…this is the face he flashes at me. He also uses it when he gets in trouble…to make me laugh. It works everytime.

Here are some answers to questions you asked yesterday:

1. Littlest Brother’s outfit: Shirt – BabyGap, Jeans – passed down from both of his older brothers (I like the natural worn look), Flipflops – Target

2. Warehouse location: Ummmm….a few blocks northwest of Myriad Gardens. We just drove around and I don’t know any streets. Sorry.

3. Camera Settings on the picture of the kids: I posted these above the photo, so look at yesterday’s post.

4. An online DSLR class: Yes, I am hoping to do some next year…that is a bit of a wait, but hopefully it will be worth it

5. How to connect with kids when they aren’t yours (for photos): talk about what they like! Be more interested in what they are saying than trying to get a pose. Listen and show them you are listening. Say silly things about what they are telling you….”So is Darth Vadar the one that wears the pink dress or the purple dress?” “Did Cinderella wear rolling skates to the ball?” For the preschool crowd – animal noises are bit hit…so is my off key singing….and whispering.

Gilded Bee Winners: to be announced soon

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  • Cate O'Malley - Love that last family shot – too cute! And the pouty lips. And the boy band pictures. Outtakes are always my favorite!

  • Margie - The posed shots from yesterday are great, but these one’s take the cake! They are so precious and funny, I love to see a lot of personality in photo’s!!! Yay for online classes…I have been searching all over to find classes locally given by a photographer with a similar style to yours and it’s just not happening…so I can wait patiently until next year!!!!

  • Grace - I would love to take an online class. Can’t wait to find out the dates!

  • Jodi - The pulling the hair one with your middle boy sticking his tongue out is my favorite!!! And the boys doing karaoke is hilarious. Thanks for letting us in on your camera settings. I would take an online class in a heartbeat! A million more questions about your camera settings…Do you shoot in AV? Do you have your exposure comp setting right in the middle or do you tend to lean in one direction? What do you set your picture style at? Do you have a white balance preference? AF mode? Drive mode? AF point selection. Sorry, I am going crazy. But I just love your pictures so much. I am such a beginner…most of the time I have to just shoot in automatic because I haven’t been getting the right shots in manual. But I am practicing! Thanks for the motivation and if you don’t have time to do all of my questions, no worries.

    I just reread my post……I know crazy! Too much caffeine this morning…..:)

  • Alba - fantastic, fantastic pics. really, Little Brother has too much personality for a 3 1/2 years boy (he steals the show from the rest!

  • ashlee - i love the one of the boys singing…esp the one on the right:) your kiddos have a TON of personality…i love that you capture that in photograph.

  • Samantha - I love the outakes just as much as the posed ones! :) And, I have to say, I’m TOTALLY impressed that you two were able to do pull off this photo shoot without someone else there to help you wrangle the kiddos! Ben and I would need someone there with us and we’ve only got TWO!

  • jay - these are so much more fun that the posed ones!!!!! these show the true personalities of the people in the photos!!!! I looooooooooooove it!!

  • Kristen - sooo cute! I would also be interested in taking the online class!!

  • jessica h - these were good ones, too :) Baby Sister is happy in all of them! I can totally relate to “pulling big brother’s hair”…and I can’t help but laugh every time, isn’t that awful?! I, too, love all of the kids’ outfits; my little 2yo has the same Target flipflops as Littlest Brother! who doesn’t love Target??
    [I SO EXCITED over the prospect of an online DSLR class!! I’m in NC now and wish I’d done Snapshots with you when I was back in Tulsa…but it has been your blog and your fun kids that have inspired me to “take the leap” into the world of photography! I want to capture every precious moment, expression, and interest…thank you, thank you Ashley!!!]

  • Jill E. - i love the first group shot. something about the goofiness of everyone and then the vast amount of “white” space makes it so interesting. also, thanks for answering my question. these are great suggestions. i sometimes forget how to talk to kids but i know i have the off key singing down.

  • Abby - I loved this post…. so much fun in such a little space!! We also have the throw yourself around in strange poses of awesomeness happening in our house lately with the “Watch this mama…too cool huh!!” and the mini-me copying his biggest bro….so adorable! thanx for sharing!

  • Kate - Sooo cute! Your family is so beautiful! Go Ashley!

  • Amy - I love these too! You are so good at capturing such natural pictures!!

  • Anna Joy - beautiful photos! love them all. the one of Baby Sister pulling Littlest brother’s hair made me laugh. :)

  • Sarah - Your photos have so much life in them. I just have to say when I looked today I couldn’t get enough! Your family is beautiful and I LOVED the out takes!!! Priceless!

  • Jolie - Your family makes me smile! And I just saw you answered my question about DSLR classes. Yay – I feel like a mini celebrity!!! lol. Next year sounds great – I might even be able to learn a little before then, hahaha!

My kids are very used to my camera. They don’t mind it. In fact, they usually have ideas of what they want me to photograph or what they want to photograph. If we do something fun and I don’t have my camera out they usually ask about it. They don’t mind the camera….unless I want “nice posed” shots. 99% of the time I don’t want the posed stuff, but there is that 1% of the time I want it. I like having a few shots that just capture what they look like. So, once a year (around their birthdays) I convince them to let me do a more traditional photo session with them. In the past I have done one kid at a time, but this year I decided to do all the boys at once.


Originally I was going to do it near the Riverwalk in OKC (I bribed them by taking them to the Lego Store – thanks Grandma for the gift certificates), but when we arrived it was crazy busy. There were sports fans everywhere – noted by the vast array of team logos and jerseys. Being the huge sports fans we are, it took us a bit to realize March Madness games were being played nearby. So we drove around and found an old (dirty and dusty) abandoned warehouse – the boys were in love.

Biggest Brother – 6 years old

Littlest Brother – 2 years old

The one on the left reminds me of someone that has had too many face lifts:)

I took some of Big Brother (3 years old), but will post those later. I will say this picture of him is the very first one I took of him that day. If this were your kid and you had hired a professional photographer to photograph him – you probably would have never seen this picture. If you notice the areas that are VERY white – they are overexposed. I didn’t have my camera settings correct, but as a mom this is a definite keeper to me!

Just the boys. Littlest Brother loves to mimic his oldest brother.

Can you guess which one of our boys has more personality than he knows what to do with?

This is my favorite shot of the day. If you have ever tried getting a picture of all your kids (whether it is 2 or 10) you know how unlikely it is to get them all looking and smiling. This picture makes me very happy….even in all its perfect posed goodness. I love that my girl is growing up with 3 big brothers.

UPDATE: Camera Settings are ISO 250, 1/100, f/4.0, 85mm

The kids faces are all on the same plane (about the same distance from my camera). If two were in the back my f-stop (the f/4.0) would have had to be bigger (for instance f/5.6) to get all the faces in focus. In this pictures Littlest Brother actually isn’t quite as sharp as the other 3, but it is so subtle that a little post processing can tweak it in regards to sharpness. To take a group shot with a smaller f-stop you need the faces to be an equal distance from the lens.

To counter balance all this cute posed stuff, I will post outtakes of the day tomorrow. I have a feeling you will enjoy that post more!

The day after these shorts and flipflops pics it snowed several inches….thus canceling Littlest Brother’s birthday festivities.

Thankfully he didn’t understand to be disappointed, we’ll do it later…in the sun without snow I hope.

Happy Monday!

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  • Jill R - Cute cute cute kids!! The last picture of you and littlest brother is super sweet! I love his little expression.

  • Lindsay - fantastic shots. your kids are so incredibly adorable. i want 4 kids right this very second.

  • Lindsay - the above comment was NOT sarcastic! i re-read it and realized, those who don’t know me could totally take that the wrong way. i REALLY DO want 4 kids right this very second!

  • Cate O'Malley - So many adorable pictures! I love a little girl growing up with a big brother (whether it’s 3 or 1) – too cute!

  • Margie - great pictures! I am amazed at the picture with all four of them smiling and looking at the camera…I have a hard time getting a posed shot with only 2 children. Can’t wait to see the out takes, I bet they will be fun!

  • amanda torres - Wow! They are all so cute. I would love to take H home with me. He would fit in my zoo just perfectly!

  • Sarah - Just beautiful! i can’t wait to see the outtakes!

  • Katie - Umh, could you please tell us where you got those flip flops, they are adorable! And while you’re at it, maybe baby brothers shirt too : ) Thanks!

  • Jeannette Swan - Just jealous as usual :) I want a picture of all my kids looking adorable! I think the only one I ever got – you took!! Got to love brothers!! Can you tell me about the picture of all the kids, just for learning purposes – I still have trouble getting all of them in focus – when they are together.

  • Erica - You have to have some of the cutest kids ever! I love the pictures! :)

  • Jenny L. - They are all so cute and you are a wonderful photographer! I love the outfit on littlest brother – he looks so rough and ready. And sister looks like she is loving having all those brothers. You can really see the results of the great parenting you and your husband give your children.

  • ashlee - getting all four looking and smiling IS a major accomplishment! they are amazingly cute kids!!

  • Christy - oh my! so cute! That group shot of everyone is adoreable! That’s canvas material.

  • bopha - they are too cute!! and i love your hair, don’t know how new the cut is but very cute.

  • Rachel - Wonderful pictures and I second the request about the settings you used when the whole crew is in focus. I always struggle with this too!

  • Jill E. - its so funny when kids become aware of the camera. biggest brother has some great poses. i was wondering if you have any recommendation on how to connect with kids, when they are not yours, when you are photographing them?

  • Kristen - You quite possibly have the cutest kiddos I’ve ever seen! :)

  • chantelle - what beautiful moments…you inspire me! (I only have one boy……now I want more more more!)

  • Miranda - Love the pictures and their outfits! They wear the most cutest clothing!

  • Jesse - You are so blessed! I was talking to a friend of mine and found out she went to your church’s christmas gathering and saw you speak. Maybe I’ll get to go this year.

  • Jodi - You are such an amazing photographer, very, very talented. If I lived near you and if you were still working, I would hire you on the spot to photography my family. Beautiful family Ashley! Happy birthday to your littlest boy.

  • Kara - so cute! The one with the boys against the blue wall is priceless!

  • Jolie - jeans and flipflops on little boy feet…it’s my favourite combination! Love love love it!!!
    (and btw, have you ever considered teaching a beginner’s guide to DSLR course online? I would be in like Flynn on that!)

  • jessica h - I love your “posed” shots…the kiddos’ personalities really shine through! The three amigos against the blue brick wall is just AWESOME, definitely my fave! Can’t wait to see the outtakes tomorrow :)

  • Kate - Oh, great picutres!!

  • Melanie Schall - Your family is just too cute. And littlest brother looks just SO happy in that last picture. Cant wait to see the outtakes. :-)

  • Cricket - Your family is adorable! I love reading your blog…you help remind me to slow down and enjoy the basic everyday joys that we can just forget to embrace. So, thanks!

  • Whitney H - Oh my gosh, your kids are seriously adorable! LOVE the first photo of Littlest Brother…totally looks like a tiny model!

  • Shannon - Okay, you have to tell WHERE the hidden/abandoned warehouse is… I shoot downtown all the time and obviously have never shot there. I love it! Please share! I have two boys that would think that place is super cool!

  • Kenna - You have some of the most adorable kiddos!

  • raychel - Ashley, your children are just absolutely ADORABLE. I love the posts – they truly make me laugh out loud! So much personality and spunk! I’m usually pretty biased with my own neices and nephews, but yours are some of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen!! Great post! Happy birthday to littlest brother!

  • Amy - Love these pics!!

  • Moriah - your family is absolutely gorgeous! seeing that you are able to have that many children, and still have a huge smile on your face inspires me! we really want to eventually have 4-5 kids, but friends and family keep trying to persuade us not to. looking at your photos gives me hope that we can handle it! haha you are such a super mom!

Well my computer never went flying through the window nor did I throw it at any humans living with me. I did, however, get the buttons to work. So I think. You have to access them from the tab on the left side of the blog. Once I got them working Chris informed me that the text is much too small. Thanks hon, that advice would have been nice before I saved and uploaded them all. Maybe one day I’ll get around to making more with larger text. Until then hopefully the pictures are enticing enough:)


I’d love to know if you put one on your blog and which ones are your favorite….please leave a comment letting me know!

Also on the likely chance they don’t work…let me know that too!

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  • karen davis - I grabbed one of your buttons! It’s the 2nd one from the bottom! LOVE it, they turned out great. I still have to shrink mine, in order for it to become an “acceptable” button!

  • Lindsay - WooHoo!
    Had to use the shoe button. I’m in love with that photo.
    You’re awesome.

  • Linda - Love them…I used the butterflies!

  • lifeologia - I grabbed one of your buttons – the one with LOVE on the bottle. I’ve been visiting your blog a lot in the last few months and I have to THANK YOU for cheering me up so many times with your great shots and all the neat things you do. You were so inspiring when I was facing an illness to pull myself through and you helped me appreciate the little beautiful things in my daily life. (I’m new at this blogging thing – and you’re my first button 😉

  • Jodi - Once I change over to the new site…I am grabbing the shoe button! Awesome. ps…the text is fine..the pictures are what grabs people’s attention!

  • Margie - I used the button with the photo of the bottles on the mantle, love it! Your button is the only one I have on my blog….I simply had to share Under the Sycamore with my friends and family since you bring me so much inspiration!

  • susie whyte - shoes button here!

  • Colette Amey - I grabbed the shoes too!

  • Christen - I used one of your buttons, the one with the “love” bottle. I love them! I love your blog also, great pictures and crafty DIY stuff! I wish you had some open spots or more snapshops classes!! I would love to learn some of your stuff!!

  • Lisa @ ElleBows - Yay for working buttons! I’m using the one with the Love bottle!

  • Melissa - I grabbed one of your buttons and put it on my blog. I love looking at all of your pictures…the one with the baby swing…I love, we were just at the park today and I should have played more with different angles.

    And I have an etsy shop too…check it out:

    Enjoy your blog…and your pictures!