I decided to stop messing with this before my computer goes flying through the window. The code box is not working. I have followed 500 thousand tutorials online, but something in WordPress keeps changing my code once I enter it. I am sure I am messing something up. Until I find the patience to try again…here are some button images and the url addresses where you can snag them. I think you could just enter the url for the image location and then link the image to my blog. Someday I will make it easier. I seriously want to punch something really hard…we do have a punching bag in the garage, but it is too cold. I will settle for catching up on an episode of LOST….which will probably make me even crazier!

My 150×150 button images

(the button on the sidebar isn’t working and my template isn’t letting me change that)














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  • Shannon - Cute! I was browsing past posts, drooling (once again) over the pallet bed, and then these popped up! Such a fun way to get to your blog since reader is all messed up! Your blog is amazing by the way, you are so inspiring, and I look forward to checking your new posts every day!

  • Chris - Hello there! First of all…I’m sooooo glad that I found your site! You are so creative and I’ve had such fun looking at so many of your posts! I tried to grab a button tonight for my blog but there weren’t working:( maybe I did something wrong? not sure but I really want one on my site!

  • Chris - Okay so it looks like maybe only the first button listed is working! No worries though I’m so happy I have one! Thanks!

  • Jo - Where do I go on blogger to add this button, does anyone know?!

  • Anna Joy - just added your button!

  • Rachel - I love the buttons, but they don’t seem to be coming up on my blog…am I the only one…is anyone else having problems? Cute buttons though!!!

  • Anna Joy - ok, i added it but it didn’t show up!! i tried button 5 first and then button 1 but both aren’t working.

  • pamela - Jo-if you go into the edit layout section of your blog you can select “Add a Gadget” click on this. when you get there there will be options one of them is “html/java script”. click on this and then copy paste what ashley has for her buttons into this section. then save it. it should appear on your blog then. however as chris commented before, i could only get the first one to work on blogger. not sure if it’s just us or if there is something wrong. they are all so adorable though!! hope this helps : )

  • Celia - I tried two different buttons and they didn’t work. :(

  • meg duerksen - i like the bottom one!!

  • Christian T - I couldn’t get the button to work either… :(

  • Lacey McKay - I like the last one the best! Now I just need to find a tutorial to tell me how to add it to my sidebar!

  • Lisa - I tried a few times, they’re not working for me either. :(

  • Lacey McKay - Well, I found several tutorials that all say the same thing, but I still can’t get the button to work. It looks like I’m not the only one struggling with this though, so that makes me feel a little better!

  • ElleBows - Cute buttons!! Codes aren’t working, but looks like you already know. I think the image source might be wrong, but I’m no html expert so I can’t say for sure 😉

  • Lacey McKay - I got it to work by taking out two spaces in the code. I kept wondering if that was the problem, but hadn’t tried it until later this evening and it worked! I just copied and pasted the code, then hit backspace where it looked like there was too much space.

  • julie - If you were super good at code too…
    that would not be okay.

    love the buttons.
    all of them.

  • ninie - i wanted to leave a comment like julie…;it’s not fair…even the buttons are so cute…! read u everyday…i love your blog…i’m going to put your button…i don’t know WP very well but i think u should look for something like “edit the html littteraly”…in fact, your code is “translating” the code u write…
    thanx so much for sharing with us…


Some of you have asked how we keep her away from the 1000s of Legos in our house. Well, one way is her jumper.

She usually likes the jumper. The one time she doesn’t like it….when her brothers are playing Legos. She wants down and in the middle of it all.

She gets a bit upset with us if we confine her to the jumper when the Legos are out.

That is until she sees someone coming up the stairs. If that someone is Daddy…she thinks she’ll be rescued.

Daddy makes her happy…even when she is confined away from her brother’s Legos.

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  • Cate O'Malley - love the nose crinkles! serious baby lust going on here!

  • Jill R - Oh my gosh, those expressions are priceless! Why do you keep taunting us with your adorable sweet baby girl?!?! I think we are looking at America’s next top baby model. 😉

  • Andy - that is to cute
    i love her faces

  • Anna Marie - I love how she wrinkles her nose and forehead. She is such a little ham isn’t she?!?

  • Seamingly Sarah - I just love that face! I would spend all day staring at her and trying to get her to smile and laugh if I was her mom. How do you ever get anything done with such beautiful faces to look at all da? =)

  • Tracy - Oh my…she is sooo cute…LOVE her facial expressions!!!

  • ashlee - that crinkled nose is sooo cute!!!

  • Kari S. - What a cutie!!! Ashley, your ruffle onesie is featured on One Pretty Thing!!

  • Mary Craig - Her little face. Oh my word. SO CUTE. And the pudgy legs. Delish. Blythe likes her exersaucer most of the time, so I put her in that when my older ones are playing with little toys, but they’re just not very good at checking for tiny pieces lying around!

  • Anna Joy - I love her nose wrinkles! She is too cute.

  • Holly Lesue - Her little legs and toes are just to die for.

  • rachel denbow - I bet he loves that.

  • Ingrid - oh m goodness, i love these photos – she really is too cute!

  • Kara - The faces she makes are so ADORABLE!!

  • amy jupin - that first pic is laugh-out-loud-funny!! i love it!

  • Melissa - O my stinkin’ gosh!!!! These pics are hilarious!!! I love it!

  • Heather - My daughter makes a crinkly face just like that, but with a bit more squint. I have to smile every time she does it.

  • peta - aah, another mystery of legos explained! she is sooo cute!

    can I ask how you store all your 1000’s of legos? they are slowly beginning to take over my house …

  • pamela - my little zoe LOVED this thing! it was great during dinner time!! she is SO adorable

  • jessica hilliker - what a cutie :) she makes me laugh every time I see her sweet face!

  • Jennifer - I love her facial expressions! She so adorable.

  • Jolie - that little nose-wrinkling cheeky smile gets me every time!!!

  • Asha - She is so stinkin’ cute!!!

  • Sarah - She is too cute :)

Jill emailed me to let me know Baby Sister’s feet made it to the front page of etsy this morning! How I missed it, I am not sure….etsy is my homepage.

She is modeling her sweet Gracious May shoes.

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  • Sarah - This is too funny. i got on Etsy this morning and saw this FP and thought how they looked like baby sisters feet! i can’t believe it is her feet:)

  • Jolie - can’t think of sweeter feet to grace the first page! How cool…from another etsy homepager!

  • Jodi - That strawberry rhubarb jam is making my mouth water. I am so looking forward to making my own batches this summer!

  • Kate - Oh, so sweet! Hello baby sisters feet!