Not sure about you, but I have TONS of little scraps of paper that is just too pretty to throw away. So what’s better than making a set of custom magnets instead of throwing all that cuteness away. I saw the idea here on Sei Lifestyle, her’s are super cute with sewing to boot.

I kept mine pretty fast and simple. Coffee sleeves provide the base.

Cut your coffee sleeves with a 1 1/2 inch circle punch. Do the same with various papers or stickers…use Mod Podge to glue them all together. Top it all off with a coat of Mod Podge then attach a magnet to the back.1109magnets-021109magnets-03

Add a bit of cute wrapping and you have yourself a fun stocking stuffer. I think this would be a great idea for girls to make for their friends…they would stick to lockers.


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  • Donna Rankin - Hey Ashley — after visiting ya’ll in OK, Katy was excited to show me your blog. It’s full of wonderful ideas and beautiful pictures of your kids. I used to do crafting when my kids were little too. Makes me want to get back into it. : ) Katy and I talked about trying the clothespins using recycled Christmas cards to hold next year’s cards. I’ll keep you posted on that…..

    Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Aunt Donna

  • Tonia Darge - Love this!!! I told my husband I will start this craft by going to Starbucks every day for week in order to collect enough coffee sleeves. Makes sense, right?!!!

  • Kelli - Ashley, I’d like to try this craft as I have TONS of scrap paper and have been saving coffee sleeves. I don’t have a circle punch though and I’m wondering what you’d recommend. Are there brands that make one punch with multiple sized circles or would I have to buy a separate punch for each different size of circle I’d want. I’m not sure how you respond to peoples’ comments here, but I’d greatly appreciate a response via email if you don’t mind: Thanks, Kelli Blinn

I’ve always dreamed of a cute, well-organized closet, but mine is far from that. My daughter’s, however, is shaping up quite cutely. Remember the hangers I made? Well, now there are dividers too. Necessary…probably not. Fun to make…yes. Good gift idea for your next baby shower or a Christmas present for a new mom…you bet (especially combined with the hangers)!

Supplies: paint, scrapbooking paper, Mod Podge, # stickers, wooden letter “O”s1109closetdivider-01

Paint the back. Trace onto paper. Glue paper to wood.1109closetdivider-02

Trim paper. Add stickers for the sizes. Top coat with Mod Podge.1109closetdivider-03

Step back and enjoy your cute new closet.1109closetdividers-04

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  • Jessica Payne - This was my favorite thing! I loved this idea.

  • Ann McNellis - Just wondering how you get the “o” on the rod if it is mounted in the closet already? Did you open it up somehow?

    Thanks for all the great ideas last night. I had a great time!

  • Meagan - So cute! Beautiful closet!

  • AshleyAnn - Ann – all the rods in our closets have one side that has a section cut out so you can easily remove the rod….

  • Closet Dividers « The Parents and Kids Blog - [...] Campbell over at Ashley Ann Photography Blog has another creative idea to share. She created closet dividers for her children’s closet. I [...]

  • Nina - I have a little girl due in June and I just want to thank you so much for this insanely cute idea! I love it so much! Lauren directed me to it and I am so greatful! We have been given so many things and now I am going to actually be able to sort through all of her beautiful clothes! Thank you Ashley!

  • Christy -

    Just wanted to let you know that I “borrowed” your closet divider idea and made my own. I blogged about it- and gave you a “shout out”!

    I love your blog- you give me wonderful ideas!

    Keep up the work,
    Christy from Alabama :)

  • Chuzai Living - Great ideas!! I love the colors and patterns. -Kaho

  • caddibags - Did you make the darling coat hangers, too? If so, where did you find small wooden hangers?

  • Elysia - I just made these today and LOVE them! Thanks for the great idea!

  • Hope - I know this is an older post of yours so I hope you get this! Thanks for such a cute idea :) Can you PLEASE tell me what line that scrapbook paper is from??? I’m going crazy trying to find it! Thanks

  • reyanna - Hope, those papers are Great Escape by Making Memories. :-) Those papers are double-sided, so when searching online, if you don’t see those *exact* ones, it means they’re on the “B side” of the other papers. :-) Good luck!

  • Michelle - Paper is My Minds Eye – “Pretty Please”

  • Steph @ Crafting in the Rain - Those look great. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Graphic Closet Dividers | Decor Hacks - [...] Give your closet the organization of a boutique with pretty closet dividers like the ones made by Ashley at Under the Sycamore. (Her house must be amazing  if her closets look like this.)  These dividers would be appropriate for little ones and big ones alike, and now I want to section my closet by colors, with Mod Podged dividers just like these.  For the complete tutorial, go here. [...]

  • Judy - How do you get the round closet dividers on the rod?

  • Camilla Blue - Love. Love. Love. I am so going to make these. My girls are older and share a room, so I’ll do a twist, probably dividing by clothing type…

  • deb - May I ask where you got the Wooden Os?

  • Carrie @ Half Baked - Oh, I LOVE this! I’ve been wanting to make some dividers for my daughter’s closet. You’ve inspired me to get at it!

  • Keshia - Are those baby TOMS that I see?!

  • nannykins - how did you attach the “o”s if they don’t have a break in them? do you remove the rod? and if you need to move the “o”s do you remove the entire rod with clothes again? What did I miss?

  • Ali - I love these! Where did you buy the wooden O’s?

  • AshleyAnn - Hobby Lobby!

  • Kerri - Love this idea! I used pieces of ribbon tied into knots, then wrote the sizes on the tails. It worked pretty good, but this is even better! Thank you for the idea!

  • Alyssa - I am wondering where you got the tool to trim the paper around the O’s. I can’t cut well enough to make it perfect! Thanks

  • Sarah - I found this on Pinterest and used your DIY as a guide to make my own! I also cut out a few steps and added a tie on detail. I did link back to your blog post as the original idea :-) Here’s my version:

  • Haley’s Closet Dividers {DIY} » Liz Anne Photo Blog - [...] you will find lots of things that I’ve pinned from her blog. When I saw her post about the closet dividers she made for her daughter’s closet, I knew I wanted to re-create them. It was a quick [...]

  • Clothes Dividers for Josey’s Closet | Loquacious Lady - [...] actually read the tutorial on this blog that I love, but her closet rod is the kind that lifts out, and mine is not. I needed to work [...]

  • Sarah - Alyssa-That’s an exacto knife. You can get them at craft stores & probably hardware stores too.

    Everyone asking about putting the O’s onto the curtain rod: READ THE COMMENTS! It’s been mentioned more than once that the author has removable rods. If you don’t have removable rods, you’ll have to modify this project.

  • 14 Projects for Organizing Your Life | The New Home Ec - [...] my favorite finds for you. One of the cutest (which I featured on my blog) is this collection of closet dividers by Ashley Ann Photography. Who doesn’t need closet [...]

  • Caryn - I was wondering if anyone knows of where I can find the O’s besides Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately we don’t have one near us :/

  • Kym - Thanking you for sharing. These are gorgeous. I’ve made a cardboard version that hung over the hanger but they get lost amongst the clothes. I’m also wondering though how you got them on the actual rod.

  • Sarah Lentini - What size “O” did you use? I have either found really big ones or really small ones. Was there a height listed on the package? Thanks.

  • DIY Decorating Ideas « Parenterest - [...] The Cute Closet Dividers: [...]

  • Dollar Store Crafts » Blog Archive » Shopping at Spring Cleaning Edition - [...] it easy to tell what's inside, or using them as part of other organization projects (like these DIY closet dividers from Under the Sycamore Tree), you'll have perfectly uniform letters every [...]

  • Melissa - I love this idea! found your site thru Pinterest, have a great day!

  • Tips and Tricks to Organize Baby Clothes « « flower child au blog flower child au blog - [...] the closet is large enough to accommodate all the baby stuff without having to cramp everything in, closet dividers may help. Here’s a very good tutorial on how to make cute closer [...]

  • Amber - I was wondering how I could get this on my rod. Is is screwed to the wall and it is to much trouble to remove. Thanks for any suggestions.

    P.S. Would it work if I cut a small piece of the wood ring off and slipped it on? But the wooden o rings would probably not move to slip it on and I don’t want to cut such a big hole that it will fall off. Is there something else I could use besides the wooden ring to make it work.

    Thanks again.

  • Cosas con estilo número 23 | Bebestilo - [...] a quedarse, y estamos todos con la operación “cambio de armario”, aquí os dejo un tutorial para hacer estos separadores para armarios y así organizar la ropa de vuestros hijos. ¡A mí me [...]

  • Forty Ways Waste Warriors Can Recyle CDs into Cool Treasures - 1-800-Recycling - [...] your wardrobe with closet dividers that can be personalized in myriad ways using magazine images, fabric scraps, [...]

  • DIY | Tied Up With String - [...] is a DIY for people with newborns-one year. However, I think these Closet Dividers could be used to separate other things…such as children who share a room, and therefore a [...]

  • Mary - I went to two craft stores in my town and neither one had “O” letters in the medium size range. However in the floral department they had 6″ floral craft rings that were the perfect size!

  • Zilla - Where did you buy the letter “O” I can’t find them in packages like that anywhere. Such a cute idea thanks for sharing!

  • AshleyAnn - Zilla – I got my “O” letters from Hobby Lobby

  • Kris Anne - Do these look like the right size? You can order them online:

  • Ashley's crafty closet dividers. - Mod Podge Rocks - [...] my closet by colors.  With Mod Podged dividers just like these.  For the complete tutorial, go here. /* Filed Under: Budget Crafting, Kids, Organization, Projects 12 [...]

  • Clean Out Your Kids' Clothes Closet {28 Days to De-Clutter} - Authentic Simplicity - [...] idea is way too fussy for me personally, but you can make some adorable dividers for your kids’ clothing  (this is very helpful if you have multiple kids’ clothing in the same [...]

  • DIY Closet Dividers | You Put it Up - [...] (Source) [...]

  • DIY Closet Dividers | Staging by M - [...] I just couldn’t bring myself (or allow anyone else) to pay $20 + shipping for them so I found this tutorial and made my own! I love how they turned out and, even though I don’t think of myself as a [...]

  • DIY Closet Dividers - [...] Inspiration for this project was found at Under the Sycamore. [...]

  • Jan - If your closet rod doesn’t come of. Try using the wooden letter C or G instead. I can’t wait to try this. I want to keep my short-sleeves separate from the long-sleeves, and light-weight from warmer weight.

  • 9 Organizing Products For Kids' Spaces @ Clutter Interrupted | Clutter Interrupted - […] would most likely buy plain ones so they are not limited by age or gender but then she found this SUPER cute DIY Closet Dividers tutorial on how to make your own. {Thanks, Ashley Ann at Under the Sycamore! BTW, I could get lost on your […]

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  • Cómo organizar el armario del Bebé - El Blog de - […] Instrucciones divisores de armario […]

  • DIY Baby Closet Dividers | Simply Abby - […] to my right-hand tool, Pinterest, I found this blog that outlined a process for making adorable closet dividers. Seeing as I made Maddy’s before […]

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  • lisa - I think you could also use foam board for the circle dividers, but you’d need a wood one for a pattern. If your closet rod is mounted to the wall on both sides, the foam divider could be easily slit to go over the rod. My local Dollar Tree carries the foam board in poster-size sheets.

Thankfully everyone seems to be making a switch from plastic to lasting when it comes to shopping bags, so here’s another fun little tutorial on customizing one to make it oh so cute. You might notice a lot of doilies in my recent diy projects. Since I was getting so many ready for A Christmas Gathering I used a lot of the same materials…monograms seems to be pretty popular now too. My friend Cindy called while I was working on this and suggested I just go ahead a put a “W” on it for her, I happily obligied.
Supplies: Canvas bag ($2.00 when on sale at Hobby Lobby), fabric paint, paper doily, Krylon Paper Finishes Adhesive Spray1109canvasbag-01

Step 1: Spray doily with paper spray adhesive and press down on the bag (not shown). (Using Krylon Paper Finishes adhesive allows the doily to stick in place while you paint, but it easily pulls off without leaving a sticky mess behind after you paint.)

Step 2: Gently paint over the holes – I recommend paint meant for fabric, not crafts. I first used craft paint…fabric paint will be more durable.

Step 3: Peel back doily before paint dries. The doily might tear, just peel off the pieces.1109canvasbag-03

Bag after doily is removed1109canvasbag-05

I traced on my letter and filled it in with paint. I attempted to do a ‘freezer paper’ stencil, but guessed how to do it instead of reading instructions. My way did not work because I used wax paper thinking it was the same thing. It is not.  You can find freezer paper stencil directions here. I also ironed over it to heat set it a bit.1109canvasbag-07

My finished bag….1109canvasbag-09

Here’s some ideas for using it as a Christmas gift:

For a cook: fill it with cooking supplies

For a gardner: fill it with gardening supplies

For a teacher: lots of fake wood painted apples (I’m kidding)…maybe find out an activity they enjoy and do something related to that

For your favorite blog writer: lots of creative supplies from Hobby Lobby and Starbucks gift cards

You could go on and on with ideas here

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  • Rebekah Jean - This is one of my favorites from tonight. I’ve had a few tote bag ideas that I have sadly not found on Etsy. I’m so glad you posted this, now I can make those bags!

    I have one question…will the paint eventually wear off as the bag is washed?

  • bopha - this one was my favorite because it is so simple but looks so intricate, love it!

  • Melissa Shepard - You were awesome lastnight, great job! With my four kids I have 15 school teachers, not to mention all of their mentors at church so I can’t afford gift cards for all. I love this bag and my kids and I will be making it for them.

  • Melissa Shepard - Any ideas for guy teachers?

  • Lesley - I love this one! So cute.

  • meredith - You were amazing! Such great ideas!! Just wish I had not waited till night#2 to stay for your segment….I spoke to 1000 women 2 nights in a row and called the stuff “MODGEPODGE”!!! What can I say? I’ve been wrong for YEARS! Thanks for setting me straight, Ash! :)

  • amanda torres - Love all your ideas as usual! You are too funny on the ideas for your favorite blog writer. Way to sneak that one in girl!

  • Leigh Ann - I already know how I’m making this idea for! She will be thrilled with it, so simple!

  • julie williams - this was by far by favorite idea!!!! I love it and can’t wait to make it! you were so great…and I thought you were funny!! great job!

  • julie williams - oh…and this would work great for me…i’ll fight cindy for it!! :)

  • Melissa - I LOVE this idea!!! Ok, if I had a denim bag, what color paint would you use? Also, is there any technique (bleach etc.) that you would use to jazz it up a bit?

  • Allison - What adhesive did you use, and is there a secret to applying the paint so it doesn’t seep outside of the doily creating a mess?

  • Janis - Just wanted to let you know this wonderful DIY made my Link Love this today.

    Hope you stop by to check it out.


  • AshleyAnn - I recommend paint that is intended for fabric over the craft paint for durability. On a denim bag I would go with whatever color you like and there are tons of ways to jazz it up according to your personal preference. On the spray adhesive, I used the type that is made for getting paper to stick to paper…it is sticky enough to get the doily to stay in place (once pressed down hard), but not so sticky that you can’t take the doily off once done. It is with the scrapbooking stuff…it is called Krylon Paper Finishes Adhesive Spray

  • Meagan - Really cute!

  • Claire - Love this! Would be great to use as your gift bag to house your gift(s) too!

  • natalie - so beautiful! thanks for sharing.

  • diy project: canvas doily tote | Design2o - [...] would make for such a sweet and affordable holiday gift. fill with treats and you’re golden. CLICK HERE for the full project [...]

  • Monogram doily bag « In a Minor Key - [...] doily bag By schmiecs Tutorial here, I think I need this with an [...]

  • Nic - Too cute! I hope I have time to try this one.

  • DIY {doily canvas bag} » « Netcrema – creme de la social news via digg + delicious + stumpleupon + reddit - [...] DIY {doily canvas bag} » [...]

  • Twitter Trackbacks for DIY {doily canvas bag} » [] on - [...] DIY {doily canvas bag} » – view page – cached Thankfully everyone seems to be making a switch from plastic to lasting when it comes to shopping bags, so here’s another fun little tutorial on customizing one to make it oh so cute. You might… Read moreThankfully everyone seems to be making a switch from plastic to lasting when it comes to shopping bags, so here’s another fun little tutorial on customizing one to make it oh so cute. You might notice a lot of doilies in my recent diy projects. Since I was getting so many ready for A Christmas Gathering I used a lot of the same materials…monograms seems to be pretty popular now too. My friend Cindy called while I was working on this and suggested I just go ahead a put a “W” on it for her, I happily obligied. Read less [...]

  • Mary - I guess you cannot wash this bag, though, right?

  • Taschenblog » Anleitung: Baumwollbeutel verzieren - Handtaschen, Täschchen, Taschen, Beutel und Koffer - [...] Tortenspitze in einen stylishen Baumwollbeutel (z.B. zum Verschenken) verwandelt, das erfahrt ihr in dieser Anleitung von Ashley [...]

  • Kristina R. - What a great idea. I can see that this will need to be put on my To Do list of crafts for 2010. I think I will make a bunch and use them as my “wrapping paper” for birthday and other gifts.

  • Sue - Love!
    Thank you for this idea…I’m going to use this for my teenage nieces and fill the bags with stationary I found that has their initials…brilliant! :)

  • Ann - Love this project! I’m totally going to use it for gift giving over the holidays!

  • sk - that’s great!! thank you for sharing!

  • Cat - Okay, this is now my new favorite craft. I have decided to give all of my family members tote bags stuffed with homemade canned delectables for Christmas, given that none of us has a lot of money to spend right now.

    Went to the nearest Hobby Lobby today (never been there before – wow) and here are some things I have learned that others might find helpful:

    1. Be sure to get the 12″ size doilies. I bought the 10″ size and the holes are too small.

    2. Flat or “soft” fabric paint is what you’re looking for here. I had no clue and spent awhile working that out.

    3. Be sure to buy bags large enough. I bought the Me & My Bags but the largest they had were the 13.5 x 13.5 bags which are smaller than I’d actually like.

    4. I searched on the Internet for bulk canvas bags, and found this storefront: They sell blank canvas bags. I just purchased 12 off eBay that are 15×16 with 22″ handles (good for groceries) for about $17 + $7-something shipping. When I worked out the cost per bag with shipping included it came to $2.09 per bag, pretty close to the $2 Hobby Lobby sale price.

    5. I tried washing one bag as the paint I bought says to wash fabric before painting on it. Big mistake. 100% cotton, washed in cold water, still shrunk far too much.

    6. I’m going to by Krylon adhesive for the next one I try after I get my new bags and bigger doily stencils. My first one came out a bit of a mess without it.

    Figure I should make it easy for others to learn from my rookie mistakes! :)

  • Laureb - I LOVE this bag! I love it so much that I am making all of my girl friends and relatives one for Christmas. It’s so easy to make and it looks awesome when it is done. Thank you so much! :D

  • Natalie - Wow! Love this bag..can’t wait to try it! Thanks!!!!

    I love your site, just found it.


  • Sheryl - I love the font. What is it??

  • maddy - This is amazing. I am going to make so many of these. Thanks so much.

  • Katie @ Haute Apple Pie - Adorable! I’m a sucker for monograms and this project looks so pretty and easy! Great job!

  • AshleyAnn - Sheryl – sorry I don’t remember what font that was….

  • Brooke Hammond - I would love to showcase you Tote doily bag on my website. Can you please send my your picture and link so that I can link it back to you? Thank you for your consideration.

    Brooke Hammond

  • Bridal Inquirer Blog » Blog Archive » DIY Bridesmaid Tote Bags - [...] out Ashley Ann Photography’s blog to find out how to make your very own! Cute! Share and [...]

  • Ysa - Wow it’s cool ~ i like it =)

  • K @ Prudent and Practical - Love this! The first person I thought of was Mom – she always carries a bag in addition to her purse. Thanks!

  • Pam - Very cute!

  • Very Creative Canvas Tote Idea « The Parents and Kids Blog - [...] Campbell over at Ashley Ann Photography Blog decorated a canvas tote bag using a doily. Yes, A DOILY!!!  I love this idea.  It can be made as [...]

  • Jamie - Cat – thank you for your helpful tips! Where does one find the letters? And if I’m getting this right -they’re painted on, not ironed on? Thanks!

  • Erin K - Oh gosh, now I have to do this. Love it. Great job!!

  • Canvas Doily Tote - [...] love a pretty DIY tote, and this definitely qualifies. Get the tutorial {here} seen {here}. « Upcycled Handlebar [...]

  • G - Fantastic design! If you already have craft paint, you can buy a bottle of fabric paint medium, to make the acrylic paint more durable and flexible for fabric projects. It only costs $1-$2 and you just mix it half and half with the paint.

  • Things I love this week « Meghan_E’s Blog - [...] Canvas bags, decorated with fabric paint, and not an ounce of cheesiness to be found. Instructions with photos here. [...]

  • Vert Cerise » Pêle-mêle #8 : mes coups de coeur d’octobre - [...] le tissu d’un parapluie (via threads magazine) – de peinturlurer un napperon sur mon sac (ashley ann via design*sponge), – de me créer une bracelet zippé (via cut out and [...]

  • Chaglam - It’s amazing!

  • Katie - This is gorgeous!!!

  • BookBaker - One word. AWESOME! :)

  • Every Last Detail Blog » Blog Archive » DIY Gift: Canvas Tote - [...] this pretty tote on Design*Sponge, and when I discovered that the DIY instructions were on the Ashley Ann Photography blog, I definitely had to try it [...]

  • Dana - Ashley,

    Thanks for the great DIY project. :) Made mine today and it turned out great!

    For Sheryl, the font is Californian (it’s on Microsoft Word 2007). I was just fiddling around, trying to find the font. Thankfully, C is at the beginning of the alphabet. hahaha.

  • Heidi - Cute! Also for a teacher… throw in an air freshener (like a Bath & Body Wallflower). Especially if they teach middle school…. our rooms always smell. ;)

  • Jen @ Just for Rachel - So cute!! I love it! What a great idea using the doily!

  • The Eleventh Hour, as usual… « littlegreenbums - [...] putting together a pair of tin-can stilts for Chevi & Rooney, and Esti’s getting a doily-enhanced bulletin board for her room in the new house. Did I mention I have about 6 hours to get this done? [...]

  • Jo Anne Buford - Wow! I love this! I do think you need to wash the bag first. Experience tells me the sizing needs to be washed away in order to get the paint to adhere. Sorry if this is a repeat-the print is so small.

  • migdalia - it’s beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

  • kathryn - wow! i just tried this tonight, and it worked perfectly! now that i have that spray adhesive, i see all sorts of uses for it in the future. thanks for sharing this project!

  • Sam - This s brilliant!!! simple and gorgeous!

  • » Doily Print Bag - [...] This how-to shows a technique used for printing a sophisticated everyday tote bag by using a doily as a stencil – genius! [...]

  • barbara jean - LOVE IT!!

    thank you


    barbara jean

  • brandi - Oops. I let the paint dry before I removed the doily. It left this cool distressed look, but any suggestions to get the dried paper bits off without totally ruining the paint?

  • Brandi Bradley - Oops. I let the paint dry before I removed the doily. It left this distressed look, but is there any way to get the dried paper bits off?

  • Back to civilization « littlegreenbums - [...] taking pictures of the presents I made for the Esti and Chevi. Esti’s corkboard is based on this tutorial:If I didn’t know my kid would be reading this, I’d tell you I got the [...]

  • the totes! « it's always the same constant change. - [...] iPhone quality here is terrible, and I promise to take new pictures soon. Really, I will. Thanks to Ashley for her amazing idea that saved my Christmas! (Really, every woman in the family got them and LOVED [...]

  • jenny - LOVE IT!! I hope it´s ok if i show it on my blog?

  • Camilla Fabbri - Love this idea!

  • Michelle - I made some of your these totes and they are super cute. Thanks for teh great & easy tutorial Ashley! You can see mine here:

  • Katie - I love this! Doilies are one of my favorite things to use as “stencils”, so this is right up my alley! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Andrea - I love this idea…I host a get together once a month called The Christmas Club. We make something to give away for Christmas gifts, so that at the end of the year we are prepared for the Holidays! I am going to use this idea for one of our Clubs.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Megan - Question – When you talk about the freezer paper, what did you use that for? This bag is PRECIOUS!

  • Diane-DB Impressions - That is so adorable!!! I’ve got just the bag waiting for something fun on it, and I hadn’t been able to decide what in the world to do… I know!!!! Thank you for the tutorial!

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  • Fantastic DIY Idea! « Jamaallison’s Weblog - [...] with tutorial (both photo and tutorial found here)! It takes a craft store tote and jazzes it up with a fabric paint motif and monogram. Hello [...]

  • Robyn Lee - Love this idea… I’m going to have to use it!

  • marybeth - wow, what a simple yet striking project. can’t wait to try it.

  • Allison - I loved this bag so much I made one for myself immediately! It turned out so beautifully, I just made another as a gift for a friend. I also went crazy and started stenciling tea towels and those faux-pashmina scarves that are so in style right now using the same method! Thank you so much.

  • gill - That is a lovely bag, well done on an excellent tutorial

  • 10 cool random things « thrifted. - [...] Doily Canvas Bag tutorial by Ashley Anne. Her website is kind of enthralling in a terrifying way. Terrifying in that it makes me fear for my own identity. But on the other hand, my what a pretty bag that is. [...]

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  • Ideas: Building Client Relationships « DigiLabs Pro Blog - [...] can be personalized with the couples name or initials.  You can even add your logo! I found this amazing post on a DIY project if you’re that “kind of person” or you can buy online for the MULTITUDE of vendors out [...]

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  • Aurora - Holy cow I’m going to make this right now!! Thanks for such a great idea! Oh, and I’m just going to use mine as my new purse!

  • kristi - Ashley, this was a fantastic idea! I’m using your idea and giving you the credit on my Tuesday post. My blog is:

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • DIY Canvas Bags | Pattern Hound - [...] Doily canvas bag [...]

  • Gina A. - Oh I love this! And how easy!! :) I know a new project for xmas presents!!

  • SHARON PUTMAN - Your children are wonderful and your photos are amazing…what a cute family!
    Can’t wait to try your bag!

  • Libby - I tried to do this doily technique on a painted canvas that I had transferred a photo onto with Golden gel medium but the paint soaked through the doily and it ended up looking like a big black blob, any tips? Thanks!

  • Happy Graduation & mass production « Not Lost just Undiscovered - [...] School of Wilmington!  We wanted to give them something personal and handmade.  So we used this tutorial from Ashley Ann Photography to make these awesome [...]

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  • TidyMom - Thanks for this great tutorial and idea!!…..I thought I had left a comment a while back, but I don’t see one, so I wanted to be sure to thank you for the idea, and I linked to you in my post today about the one I made!!

  • Peyton’s 3rd Birthday Party! « The Huff Family Blog - [...] party favors I got some cute colored tote bags at Michael’s. For the girls I did this, but did the whole circle of the doily with their initial inside the circle. Unfortunately I [...]

  • Tessa - What a wonderful project!! I painted my bags today and I have already received multiple compliments! I used lowercase initials with times new roman font. I am very happy with the final product! I have already shared the link to this wonderful project with many of my friends!

  • Debra - That bag just blew my mind. It’s truly amazing the simple things you can do to make something so great. Great job!

  • Nancy Ward - Hi!

    Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today on my blog, PaperFriendly.

    Nancy Ward

  • Emily - LOVE IT! I can’t wait to make one. I’m addicted to freezer paper stencils but I never thought of using a doily. I wonder where I can find those little paper doilies at?

  • 10 Handmade Christmas Gifts You Can Make Now | Feels Like Home - [...] Stewart, would work for a beloved pet or a photo of a person. I think it’s adorable. This tote bag is very simple, but striking. All you need is some paint and a paper doily. The original post give [...]

  • Michelle S - This is awesome! I’m making one and showing it at my mom’s group as one of our craft suggestions for easy gifts. And congrats on it making it to a Woman’s Day feature!!

  • JenMarie - LOVE this! Saw it in Woman’s Day and came to your blog!!

  • Sarah - Pretty! I love the idea of using it as a Christmas gift bag.

  • elizabeth johnson - [...] Go here for the step-by-step instructions. (And be sure to meander around her site a bit. She is quite possibly one of the cutest moms that I have never actually met. If that even makes sense. haha.) [...]

  • Laura - Just tried this idea yesterday and it worked perfectly! The bag is so cute. I also added a black ribbon trim to the top which is a nice touch.

    check out my blog if you get a chance:

  • Stenciling with Lace & Doilies 6: Odds and Ends | Stencil Search - [...] Bag I love this canvas bag from Ashley Ann Photography's Under the Sycamore blog. She uses a paper lace doily as a stencil, then adds a hand-painted monogram. If your hand [...]

  • Jessie - If I may make a suggestion…

    I tried this last year with disastrous results– the paint seeped right through the doily and all I had was a big circular blob on my bag. I persevered, though, and tried again this year, but with a foil doily this time- and it came out perfectly!

    So, to avoid headache and save on bags, I would recommend using foil doilies!

  • A Place For Everything « "You know, you could make that." - [...] Here’s some inspiration from Under the Sycamore, or [...]

  • Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas « The Mommypotamus - [...] Okay, I loooove this tote. It’s just right as a carryall, informal diaper bag, book knapsack or reusable grocery bag. If anyone wants to make me one I won’t stop you! Email me and I’ll send you my addy. Kidding kidding. The instructions are here. [...]

  • Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! « hobbyjunkie - [...] These tote bags from seemed a perfect addition to a couple of Christmas presents. So I made a stop at Hobby Lobby earlier in the week and raided the craft corner. [...]

  • Tracie - I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I have attempted 3 and they all look terrible. :( UGH…..
    It looks like maybe the paint bled – as the edges are not real defined.
    Such a GREAT gift idea!!!

  • Krystal - Can you tell me how you just ‘traced’ the letter on your bag, when you gaveup the stencil method?
    I tried to make some yesterday (super last minute) but I’m staying out-of-town at my husband’s parent’s house, and they don’t have an exacto knife here to make a stencil w/ freezer paper. I’m pretty good at hand painting/cutting/drawing, I just need some help on the technique you used to get the perfect font design on your bag without a stencil. I know it’s Christmas Eve, but if you have a moment to advise, that would be so helpful! So I can give these to my husband’s mom & sister tomorrow.

    Thanks so much, & you have a beautiful blog, & this was an amazing project!
    Happy Christmas :)

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  • Meghan - ooh I love this! I’m definitely going to give it a try

  • La Factoría recomienda… « La Factoría Plástica - [...] dejamos este sencillo tutorial para estampar un bolso de [...]

  • adita perez-alfaro - Espectacular el bolso y la forma de hacerlo.

  • String Cheese Smiles « growingupgrad - [...] So I mentioned that I’m off this Friday…why? Well my really good friend Meg is coming to visit!! We’re going to Girl Talk on Thursday night (so there is no way I could work Friday) she’s going to stay all weekend and it will be lovely. Her old roomie (and another amazing friend of mine) will be coming over Friday for an afternoon of….wait for it…. K&W Cafeteria!!! If you don’t know what that is, google it, that’s what I did because I’m a K&W virgin! We will also attempt to craft  this! [...]

  • Kristin Becks › Stencil Bag - [...] this great DIY project I found on designsponge. This project originally hails from a site called ashley ann photography I created these bags as gifts for fellow teachers I used to work with and they were a smashing [...]

  • Vicky - Me ha gustado mucho este proyecto

  • Mothers day | The Given Thought - [...] they make a great mothers day gift. I found two great tutorials one by Tidy mom and the other by Ashley Ann. You can personalize this gift by printing a mother quote on the other side of the bag and take [...]

  • Karen - I really enjoyed your blog! I wrote about your monogram tote bag in my blog, the given thought.
    You are welcome to read it if you like :)
    Best, wishes,

  • Modern Mouse » Blog Archive » May Craft Night: Monogrammed Doily Totebags - [...] you weren’t able to make it this month, here’s the tutorial we used; it’s a great project to do at home (older kids can craft along too!), the supplies are [...]

  • Craft: Hand Embroidered Bags | - [...] I got my inspiration for this gift idea by seeing the super cute picture of it on Pinterest (great site. I <3 it!) The original blog and the inspiration for the doily print can be found, here. [...]

  • art style canvas posters - wow great idea :) i an artist and i love fresh and beautiful concepts :) bravo great post

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  • Melisa - Making this…TODAY. I love the legos on the table in the picture above. Is this my house? hmm.

  • Clydia - Great idea! I love it…and I just might try it this weekend. XOXO

  • Personalized & Handmade Thank You! | Midwest Magnolia - [...] did a great post and tutorial on this Doily Canvas Bag.  If you like it, then check out her instructions [...]

  • State of My Union | Weddingbee - [...] {Ashley Ann Photography} [...]

  • Lisa - Thanks so much for sharing this!! I just completed 4 bags for my junior bridesmaids in less than 30 mins! Awesome, easy, and gorgeous project! :)


  • Wedding Party Gifts « For The Love Of Skinny - [...] bags online (I can’t remember where) but they were less than $5 a bag, seriously. Then I used this tutorial to paint on the design and the letter. We used black and white fabric paint to make a dark grey [...]

  • Joy - LOVE this!!!!!! I am using this as part of our craft time at my Local MOPS group tomorrow. I blogged about it over at my blog (giving you full credit). Thanks for the great idea.

  • Dani Marie - Love this! Just wanted to let you know I included it in my 2011 Ultimate Gift Guide (101 tutorials/recipes)! Check it out:

  • 5 Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts 2011 You Can Make | Homemade Christmas Gifts, Homemade Christmas Gifts Ideas - [...] This tote bag is very simple, but striking. All you need is some paint and a paper doily. The original post give suggestions for making the bag into a gift by stuffing it with themed items. [...]

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  • Anna - Love, love, love. The chicest of things really comes from the simplest of things. This proves it.

  • Dorria embroidery design - soooooo creative and lovely bag ,thank you , and I will try it and follow your projects …… thanks alot

  • Jasenda Thompson - I just created 13 of these as out of town bags for the guests at my wedding. I am so pleased with the final product and it was so easy to do! Great idea for this bride on a budget!

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  • Jennifer - Love these, pinned them and did them!! Thanks for the inspiration!
    ~Jen @

  • DIY Bridesmaid Gifts, DIY Tote, Handmade Note Cards | Diva Entertains Blog - [...] Designs.  In her post she explains how to do the letter or monogram.  For the doily imprint, the tutorial is here at Under The Sycamore.  Inexpensive canvas totes can be purchased at craft [...]

  • DIY {doily canvas bag} | whim and tonic - [...] This is the greatest idea – super simple, personalized gift. Check out the following photos to give you a run down on the steps to your finished product.  Find the original mastermind’s “how-to” here. [...]

  • crafts-projects | Pearltrees - [...] DIY {doily canvas bag} » Step 1 : Spray doily with paper spray adhesive and press down on the bag (not shown). (Using Krylon Paper Finishes adhesive allows the doily to stick in place while you paint, but it easily pulls off without leaving a sticky mess behind after you paint.) [...]

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  • Monogram Stenciled Canvas Bag « makanista - [...] you can draw/trace a letter on, and paint by hand, like Ashley did [...]

  • Ginny - What a great tutorial – it combines my loves of shopping, crafting, and being green! I like it so much, I included it on my blog…

  • DIY: Painted Tote Bag - [...] I found a quick and easy craft by Ashley Ann at Under the Sycamore (tutorial from Ashley found here).  A quick stop at Dollarama for doilies and tote bags (I was hoping for canvas ones, but could [...]

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  • Emilia - This is fabulous.

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  • Flee - Just came across this randomly, but thought it was a cool idea! I just made two of them today, for my mom and mother-in-law for mother’s day :) Turned out great!

  • célia - En français ! : C’est super génial!! et réellement magnifique!!

  • Coups de coeur de la semaine | Lagouache - [...] Source : [...]

  • Joelle - Please tell me what I am doing wrong!!! I’ve tried this 3 times now and it looks nothing like yours. Do you let the paint set a little after you’ve painted it on before pulling the doily off or do you paint and then pull the doily?!? Any help would be appreciated.

  • Silver - This is such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing it :)

  • Claire - very cool idea! i like the possibility of personalizing my things, and i really love your site design!

  • Doily Canvas Bag « that's so Pinteresting! - [...] pinterest that I do, then you’ve surely seen the adorable doily canvas bag. Originally posted on this website way back in 2009, it holds its fashionable senses and looks just easy enough to do that I think [...]

  • Amanda - Thank you for this tutorial! I used slightly different doilies but made these today for my bridesmaids and I LOVE them! I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to DIY projects and I found this one totally accessible. I am so pleased with how mine came out.

  • Crafting with Doilies and Other Things | One Girl Geek - [...] a good use for them as soon as possible. So, I did a quick search for doily crafts and came across this tutorial on how to make a simple painted bag with just a doily and some fabric paint. Here are the results: [...]

  • Tony J - My wife makes these totes by hand. She even add the names to the bags for that little bit of extra customization.

    Checkout some pictures on my Facebook page

  • {Crafty Thursdays} | babushka blondie - [...] Today I made myself a doily canvas bag with my first name initial on it! I received the idea here from Ashley Ann in her blog Under the Sycamore! It was such an amazing idea and I just had to have [...]

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  • Cybele - You could also cut out the letter from the doily before you stick it with the paper adhesive, and do all the painting at once.

  • Do You Make or Buy Your Holiday Gifts? – Simply Stated Blogs | Real Simple - [...] Personalized Doily Tote Bags from Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann [...]

  • Phoebe O. - While reading this post, I was also wondering the kind of paint that will surely not mess the project. But I saw a comment raising this issue already. Anyways, it’s really a cool stuff to be working on a DIY that considers the environment. The customization idea that you wrote here makes me think of having an “R” on my bag.

  • Sara - Where did you get the canvas bag? I’ve looked EVERYWHERE – the bags I’ve found are either too small, dyed to look like a natural canvas color (with a very unnatural result), or have pockets. I love the size, dimensions, and color of yours. I’ve been to Michael’s, hobby lobby, JoAnne’s Fabric, Walmart, and looked at several online stores. I love this idea and am looking forward to finally being able to make one!

  • With This Ring Wedding Blog - [...] you opt for the DIY route, check out the link I referenced above or this great project from Ashley Ann Photography.  She used a doily to make a custom print, which might be a little overwhelming depending on the [...]

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  • Do You Give Grandkid Presents for Mother's Day? - [...] a plain-cloth grocery bag from most dollar stores and pull out the fabric [...]

  • monkeycocoa - is it machine washable?

  • Go Green by Making Your Own Re-usable Grocery Bags | DIY - [...] Then just hand stitch it over any logo on the bags that you have. Now your bags are personalized.     Now, if you prefer, you can actually make your own grocery bags from the fabric of your [...]

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  • Ashley - Soooooo cute

  • - [...] Borsa per la spesa decorata a mano [...]

  • 13 Easy DIY Gifts for Teachers - [...]  DIY Monogram Tote Bag {Totes} ~ This is a tutorial for a super chic tote bag made for under $5.00! All you need is a canvas [...]

  • Sue - What did you use to paint the “stencil” with? I made this tonight and “dabbed” with a sponge. Areas of it look more like a psychological testing picture. This is a wonderful idea but need to try again on the reverse side to get the process down before I purchase another bag.

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  • Lydia @ The Thrifty Frugal Mom - Hi! I couldn’t find contact info for you but wanted to let you know that I loved this tutorial so much that I featured it on my blog at as part of a homemade gift ideas post. Hope it creates some traffic for you!

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  • Anita Solis - This is so adorable!! When you are at the ironing step, do you wait until the paint is fully dry? I know, silly question but I just wanted to know. And can you wash the canvas bag or not, maybe I just didn’t read all the comments?

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  • Cara - What brand Doilies did you use? I did not like the patterns of the ones at Michaels/AC moore

  • Sasha - So love this idea! Simple and so elegant. I will be giving this a go for sure :) Thanks for the post, Sasha

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  • Emma - Quite simple but looking so great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Monique Clouatre - Could the bags be done with burlap using a different Inside material to make it stronger.

    Please answer me and I like what you do.



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  • Gazco Studio 3 - I love these one…….

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