MayFest 2009 {Kid’s Art Zone}

I think MayFest is one of the best outdoor local festivals…there is always great weather and ART everywhere.

We took the boys to the Kid’s Zone this year and they LOVED it.

Who can’t appreciate a downtown that encourages young kids to learn the art of grafitti?:)

There were easels set up with rolling paint markers.

The art focus wasn’t just on the visual arts, but music as well. The boys especially liked the drums (I’m not a musician I know there is another name for these)….

There were also fabric markers and stuffed bears for the kids to color. This is what I got when I asked Big Brother to pose with his bear…figures.

Oh, look – one of our kids doesn’t have shoes on…shocker!

I LOVE this picture. Everything about it makes me smile…Rett’s tippy toes, his hug and reach for Chris, Chris’ hands around his waist..all of it.

It will be one that I look back on in the years to come and just smile.

Of course, if you are downtown you are bound to run into Spiderman shooting his webs from building to building.

He is serious when it comes to shooting webs.

Too bad MayFest can’t happen every month…I didn’t even get a funnel cake this year…I missed the funnel cakes at Rooster Days too.

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  • Lesley - What a great post! I cracked up at Hudson eating the bear, Corbett could be a double for Spiderman and Hudson and Chris’ pic is awesome! Looks like you all had a good time.

  • christina larsen - I love that spidey is shooting his webs. Great Fun. As far as the drums, they look like some type of african drum they might be called bongos, but they might not.

  • meg duerksen - this makes me want to get out of my house and have some fun!
    it looks so fun.

  • Jesse - Gosh the boys are getting big! How exciting that they soon will have a little sis. Looks like you guys had fun.

  • Jenn G. - The picture of Rett and Chris is super cute but I had to look at it several times because I thought Chris was licking Rett’s neck… a little weird.. then I realized it was Rett’s ear, not Chris’ tongue…. pretty funny. Oh, and you didn’t miss much with the funnel cake, they weren’t great this year.

  • Yvonne Jacobson - I love those pictures… year I will taking my little miss to Mayfest! As for the drum the little guys are playing, they are called–”African Congas”!! Sometimes being the wife of a musician/drummer it actually pays off at times to pay attention to what he tells me! LOL!

Elliot {6 months}

Wow – my little “nephew” is already 6 months old. Crazy…it seems like I just met him at the hospital and now he is sitting, smiling, laughing and cutting teeth. He is still incredibly cute and totally adores his parents (and his real aunt who came along for his pictures, but he likes me too…see the smiles!).

Here he is as a newborn:

An now a whopping 6 months old:

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  • keely steger - My goodness, he’s still such a sweet blend of his parents! What a sweet smile! I was Mere’s roommate in college, so I love seeing these latest pics!

  • Marsue - Beautiful pictures, Ashley! Beautiful baby, Courtney and Blake!

  • Rachel - Elliot is so handsome! I love the laughing picture where you can see all of those teeth….what a perfect picture to display this stage in his life. Great job, Ash.

  • bopha - He is so adorable! He is really starting to look a lot like his dad. Love the way his blue eyes sparkle.

  • Katie H. - Okay….can you say Blake? It’s like a mini-me (in my opinion). What a doll the pics say it all. Nice job!

  • Courtney Connelly - Ash, these capture Elliot exactly like he is right now and I love that! Thank you, it mean so very much to us!

  • Metcalfs - I love them! Ash, great job! They are amazing as always! Blake and Court, you guys have a very handsome little guy!

  • Jenn G. - Court, He is sooooo cute. I LOVE all the smiles and those incredible eyes. Ash, what sweet pics.

  • Elliot Blake - Once again Aunt Ashley you are incredible! I did not even realize how cute I am, and you always make Mommy so happy! Thanks for meeting me at the park :)

SnapShops {tulsa photography class}

Another SnapShop has come and gone…one more before the little one arrives! I had a great time over the weekend with some truly fantastic women. Despite a lot of “deer in the headlights” looks I think by the end of the day everyone left with a better understanding of their cameras and photography – at least that is what I am telling myself!:)

We had two incredibly beautiful models for our outdoor practice shoot: Kat & Anna.  They were so fun to photograph and quite fun to watch them interact with eachother as well. Thanks girls – YOU ARE AWESOME MODELS.

Anna & Kat

I asked the girls to start walking and they held hands on their own. I am pretty confident that is a girl thing because I have to BEG my boys to hold hands.

I played with some textures on this one…

Some behind the scenes shots

I thought I’d post a few shots of me taking a picture and then the outcome…so here I am with Anna

and the outcome:

Another one of me…this time with Kat

and the outcome:

I think it is so fun that they came together…I would have loved to do something like this with a good friend when I was this age.

I played with textures again on this one.

As we were wrapping up the girls wanted some action shots of them dancing & jumping…I was in the wrong place for these, but hopefully some of the ladies got some too.

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  • Lauren - Glad to see another one went well!

  • Sara - So fun! Such gorgeous girls and images. I especially love the images with textures. I hope to experiment and learn more about that editing style.

  • Stephanie - Ash it was SOOO great! I have been replying it all in my head over and over and feel like I am STILL learning! :) Your pics are amazing as always! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and your home! It was wonderful!

  • Jeannette Swan - I’m always excited for the girls that get to attend your class – so much fun and so much learning! Great models!!

  • Amy - Looks like fun! Great pics and great models!!

  • sheridan - Ashley the class was wonderful! I can’t begin to tell you how much more sense it made. Having taking a previous photography class from a good studio, your information, experience, ideas and then the time with you in an actual photo shots was leaps above my other experience. THANK YOU so very much! Thank you also to your family for sharing you with us for the whole day. You was awesome and I’m so thankful you are offering your time and advice to us! Sheridan

  • bopha - What cute girls!! Another great weekend class, I’m sure.

  • Charissa - I especially love the holding-hands photo. I love little girls!

  • Carrie - It was fun and a lot of help!!! Did I miss your email and how to send you the pics??

  • Leslie B - Ashley, I was so inspired this weekend! I went and bought a new lens and I am so excited to get to use it! Thanks for opening your home and pouring out your knowledge on us! It was awesome!