UPDATE: THE CONTEST IS NOW OVER. THE LAST COUNTING COMMENT WAS JENN’S: “I would have to say something as simple as pictures of my kids… that’s what I love to look at.”



Thanks for all the super kind comments on the boys ‘very boyish’ room yesterday. You had a few questions yesterday, so here are some answers:

1. How do you get away with no ceiling fan in Oklahoma summers? When we bought the house it did not have a ceiling fan in this room. Now with bunkbeds, if we put in a ceiling fan we would risk a boy losing a limb…the fan would be over the top bunk. We use a safe floor fan during the summer.

2. Where are all the Legos? All the Legos (and all other toys) are in a separate room – which will become the playroom. Legos are banned from this room. We’ve had a few hurt feet from jumping off beds and landing on Legos.

3. Now that you have two projects done (boy’s room & table) will you start two new ones? Why “yes” of course. No, I will finish all current projects before adding to my list.

4. Is there a story behind the pencils? Nope, just a Target trip to find something cheap to fill that bucket light with!

5. What is the paint color? It is a very light gray. I am terrible at saving paint names. We used the bucket and I threw it away. Now I need to touch up places and can’t! I will say I taped several tints of gray on the wall and went for the one that didn’t have purple tones to it.

6. How big is the room? I used a wide angle lens to get everything in the picture…which makes the room look bigger. It is actually just 10ft x 13ft  with a 2 1/2ft x 4ft cut out (where the dressers are). The room basically just fits the beds…hence the reason it is only for sleeping and clothes. There is one small closet.

7. Will I be showing details of Baby Sister’s onesie I posted a glimpse of earlier? Yes…but all it is just felt flowers stitched onto a $2.00 Walmart onesie.

8. Rachel noticed the aviator shade pillows: I got the idea from Urban Outfitters, but didn’t want to spend $28.00 for something I could make (they are on sale now…buy them here). I used random white cotton to make the pillowcases. Then I free-handed the outline of the glasses…then filled it in with fabric paint (cardboard inside the pillowcase when painting).



I’m so happy with how this custom artwork turned out from Simply Create. I had each boy do three things: hand print, family portrait, watercolor painting. I love how by putting all three boy’s artwork on one poster it shows their age differences. For instance, Biggest Brother drew our family as we looked that day. Big Brother drew us in his tummy because on that day he was hungry and decided to eat us.

Now the exciting part about this post for you is that Simply Create is giving away one 11×14 print to one of you!

Here are some ideas for what you could do with a print:

Mother’s Day Gift

Father’s Day Gift – this would look great in an office

Grandparent’s Day Gift

You could do it with babies, kids, teenagers, even adults….it is going to look sharp with any of those. Don’t just think kid artwork…there are endless possiblities!

Giveaway Details:

Prize is one custom 11×14 print from Simply Create

Contest ends Monday, April 26th at 8:30pm US Central

Winner chosen at random, using Random Number Generator

One entry per person

To enter: In the comment section tell me something about the room you grew up in or a favorite work of art made by yourself or someone you know!

For those of you that can’t wait…Simply Create is offering a Buy One Get One Free on the 11×14 prints for the next three weeks. This offer expires May 12, 2010. To redeem this offer, mention Under the Sycamore in the notes to seller when making your purchase. If you want the poster to be ready in time for Mother’s Day, your order will need to be placed by Thursday, April 29th, 2010. Buy One Get One Free….keep one for you and give one as a gift….give one for Father’s Day and one for Grandparent’s Day…perfection!

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  • Katie - I had a desk in my bedroom and would always pretend my room was a classroom. Sometimes my sister would be my student but most of the time I just had imaginary students. I love the boys room and would love to win a print. What a neat idea.

  • Stephanie - Ash, I was going to comment yesterday but had craziness interrupt. LOVE LOVE LOVE the boys room. It is genius. My parents did the coolest thing in my room when I moved to a big bed by tearing out a walk-in closet and building bunkbeds in the wall so I had more floorspace to play. They made 2 small closets on either side of my window and then built a window seat (where I fell in love with reading) :) i loved that room.

  • Shannon - What a cute cute idea! I love the 3 types of pictures, I am totally gonna steal that! Love how it captures a moment of time that they had in their crazy little brains!

  • annie - I LOVED barbies growing up so my favorite item in my room was my RC shelf. It was a royal blue display shelf from a grocery store, my grandfather worked for RC and thus it became mine when I needed a “barbie dream house.” My mom found some inexpensive cardboard backgrounds and I played with that tower of fun for years until barbies were replaced with phone calls and make up. I loved it and it worked just as well as the overpriced pink palace!

  • Jodi - I love how you really personalize everything for your home. The DIY approach just makes it even more special. A fave part of my room: Well my parents would redo everyone’s room in the house but since there were 4 of us kids, somehow I fell last on the list and my rooms were never made over. (It’s okay, I wasn’t bothered by it). I used to DIY even as a young kid. I would make little models of my room and move things around and practice “decorating”. I remember how much fun I had doing this! Thanks for another great giveaway. This is really fantastic!

  • Anna Marie - My sister and I shared a room. Our parents let us pick out the carpet and border. Ha! Pink carpet with heart and ivy border. The hearts were the same shade of pink as the carpet. ugh! What was my mother thinking letting us choose. No, seriously, it made us feel big and she was a good mother to put her desires aside and let her daughters choose.

  • Mandy - my kids each painted a canvas – I love our “gallery” in our family room!

  • raychel - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this room!!! What great, creative ideas you always have. I can’t wait until I’m a mommy so I can use all of your ideas!!! :)
    My favourite art piece is a painting made by my very talented sister in law for my wedding. It’s a mix of blue and browns (the colours in my living room)…but soooo cool looking. I love it!

  • Kristin Eldridge - I like the photos my sister takes. :)

  • Simply Create - Ashley–this is such fun! Your notes on the drawings are great…I hope that you have recorded those on the sticker that came with this poster. Those are the types of things you never want to forget! Kids are so priceless!!! Can’t wait to see who the winner is :-)

  • Adele Chalker - I shared a room with my older sister for most of my childhood, I’m one of 3 girls and I shared with my middle sister. I remember at one point we had the room completely divided using our furniture and sheets so it became 2 ridiculously small bedrooms….you know all that sisterly love! NOT

  • Hollie - I love this room!!!! When I was little, my mom made me a Holly Hobby wall hanging – since my name is Hollie. I still remember it, and I had a canopy bed which made me feel like a rock star. I would love to win a print like this! My son needs it in his room, because – after all – I’m copying your room. :)

  • Elizabeth - My parents let us do whatever we wanted to our rooms..we could decorate it in our own creative style…I loved all the different teenage heartthrobs…so I glued..using toothpaste (did you ever try that trick????)!….magazine pictures over EVERY INCH of that room!!!!

  • kim - I used to think that i coudl draw.. and drew a bubble gum machine, of course i used a plate to make the circle perfect, and a quarter for the gumb balls.. but i loved it, and had it on my wall forever.. and i had a poster of dopey (one of the 7 dwarfs) that i loved too..

  • amanda torres - My favorite pieces of art in my house are the ones my sweet friend, Natasha, made. They are beautiful watercolors that say my children’s first and middle names along with the meanings. I absolutely love them, and it reminds me of the legacy that we had in mind when choosing their names.

  • Kristi - I love their room! I love how it is so simple, but the small details make it look awesome! I am not sure if you call it artwork but while I was in college I picked out a prayer and picture for my mom to crosstich for me. It was very detailed and took her awhile to finish it. I cherish it now because after she had breast cancer she got edema in her arm and it is always swollen and she can not do one of her favorite hobbies.

  • ashlee - i have my kids paint on canvas about every 6 months, so i have collages of paintings by them all over my house. i remember when i was in college my roommate and i covered our walls with pages from magazines…noy celebrities but ads, i LOVE the artwork in advertisements. Anyway we went home for the weekend but left our window open and wasps decided to make their home behind the magazine pages on our wall. So we had to take them all down while dodging the wasps…sad day:(

  • Yuliana - I love your decorating style!
    ps: I am ordering the print (with atrworks from 8 grandkids) for my mother in law.

  • Samantha - Oh my goodness! I love the room! And the chance to win a free custom poster?! Amazing! One memory I have of my room growing up was getting to choose the paint color once I {finally} got to have my own room… and, being in the 7th grade at the time,I chose, you guessed it: HOT PINK. My parents were so cool!

  • Natalie - We moved around a lot, so I had many bedrooms growing up. My favorite was the bedroom I had for almost 2 years when I was 6: for my birthday my parents arranged for an artist to paint two very large Smurfs on the wall (Papa Smurf and Smurfette – of course!). I wish one day to create a bedroom for my kids that they will love and remember well into adulthood.

  • Asha - I would love this for my son, he has some unique artwork that I’ve been trying to come up with a way to display it!

  • jessibee08 - We had a huge art easel in our room growing up! My sister and I loved it! We spent endless hours painting, drawing and doing fun “crafts”. My mom swears she doesnt know where we got our “gift of art”. but its because SHE allowed it to blossom! She let us get paint everywhere, clay in the rug…etc. Now my sister is a fashion apparel design major and I am doing endless sewing, art, crafts as a mother!!!

  • Rachel Ridd - I have a sister who is 12 years younger than me. I would use this giveaway for her artwork!

    Or, I would frame one of my brother’s pieces of art that he gave to my mother when he was a child.

  • kellyt - I can’t remember much about the room I grew up in as far as how it looked; the one most vivid memory I have is of laying in bed at night, watching the car lights from the nearby country road move across my walls until it passed by. I would lay there and stare at these until I fell asleep.

  • Kristina H. - I would have to say my favorite works of art were drawn by my children….they both are very creative!!

  • Nicole - Love everything you did in their room! So creative. My favorite thing about my oo when I was little was that my dad got me the lavender carpet I begged for! Yes. Lavender carpet!

  • Holly - My mom let me paint my room bright pink, and it was bright! I loved it! But not enough to put it in my house…

  • anne c - we used to move just about every year when I was as child..I always made sure my room was perfect in each house so that it felt like home..it was “my special place”. In one particular room I had 4 wooden doors..my friends and I would draw on them with chalk (it wiped right off with a wet rag) and everyone that would come to my house would sign my doors and leave messages. It was so cool to me. Before we moved I took pictures of the doors…I still look back at those pics!

  • Karla - My littlest sister made a pencil drawing of her and my oldest daughter. It’s been framed and is resting on my mantel – I love it!

  • Erica - When we moved into our house when I was in Kindergarten, my dad put up wallpaper with rainbows on it. The thing I remember most about it, though, was how fun I thought it was a few years later to tear it all down. I even invited a friend over to help me. My dad then painted it peach, which I thought was very grown up. :)

  • karen davis - my favorite thing about my room growing up, is that my mother let me decorate it from “top” to “bottom”… I do feel bad now, because I had asked for pink carpet (this is the 80’s of course!) and she actually installed some for me! Pink is no longer anywhere close to being my favorite color now!

  • Britney - My sister and I shared a room until I was 16. We had trundle beds that we would push together at night. As we got older (and heavier!) the trundle would sometimes collapse in the middle of the night which we thought was so scary but hilarious at the same time!

  • colleen - The room i remember most from childhood was lavender. i remember lavender dotted swiss curtains and a rocking chair where my mom would rock my sister and me and sing songs to us that she wrote about us. Now i sing the same songs to my children, i just put their names in, instead of mine and my sisters!

  • Yanet - Wow! I had no idea when I read your post yesterday that that was a personalized poster!! I just assumed it was from some kind of art event they had in your neck of the woods. I LOVE it!!! I absolutely love, love, love personalized things like that! Thank you so much for writing a follow-up post.

  • kribss - when i was really little, my sister and i shared a room. i remember picking out the wall paper of little girls dressed in petticoats and lace up boots. my favorite to this day!

  • colleen - The room i remember was lavender. It had lavender dotted swiss curtains and a rocking chair that my mom used to rocek my sister and me in while she sang songs that she wrote about us! Now i sing the same songs to my children, i just put their names in instead!

  • Rachel C - My favorite piece of artwork was given to me by my best friend in high school. She drew a portrait of me using pencil. The reason I love it so much is because I know it took so much time. Time to me is special. That picture is special.

  • Charla - My room was Elvis….Pink and Elvis. I look back and wonder WHAT made a 12 year old girl want an ELVIS room?!?!

  • Kristina - I remember when my cousin was in high school…maybe jr high…I’m not sure…she did a comic strip with raindrops as her main characters. I thought it was the cutest!!

  • Candy Foster - For the last few years, my favorite “art” pieces have been three 24×24 inch canvas prints of my kids that my husband photographed. Our youngest was just a few weeks old! Everyday they make me smile!

  • Meredith - My room growing up was always a replication of the phase that I was in and my parents always let me make my own decorating decisions (some better than others :) I really appreciate them letting me decorate how I wanted too and show my own style! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Sarah - My favorite art work was a book I made in 5th grade (wrote and illustrated) and won an award for, I thought I was the coolest.

  • Tara - The biggest thing I remember about my bedroom growing up was the Precious Moments wallpaper. I didn’t love it…but my sister and I (we shared a room) spent countless hours staring at it while in bed deciding who got to be each Precious Moment. It also helped us indicate where the line was in our bed to make sure we didn’t cross over onto each others side…we shared a bed too. Love the boys room and GREAT giveaway!

  • Jessica - I LOVE the room and LOVE the print from Simply Create! I bought a picture ledge and a bunch of colorful cheap frames from Ikea that my kids display their art in…it is definately my favorite!

  • Megan Taylor - My favorite piece of art work is my four year old’s drawing of our family. She included a baby boy in the picture, which we have two girls, so I think she is trying to tell us something! That and the fact that she prays for TWO baby brothers every night, oh ya, and a rainbow!

  • Christine - My favorite pieces of art are the ones my children make for me :)

  • sarah - I had Strawberry Shortcake bed sheets. I loved them. The rest of what I remember of that room is wood paneling, not so lovely.

  • Jill R - When I was really little my favorite thing in my room was a Raggedy Ann & Andy table and chairs that I sat at to color, do puzzles, etc. Years later my room was covered with New Kids On the Block posters. That memory really makes me laugh now! I wish I had pictures of it.

  • Stephanie - One year for Christmas, all I wanted was a table and chairs for my room. I grew up with boys and didn’t have dolls or anything. I would lug that table into the living room and invite friends over for a tea party, then we played dress up. I think dress up is art, too.

  • Kim - My elementary room had a wicker vanity and New Kids on The Block posters (that’s all I remember). My preteen room had sponge painted blue walls, a water bed, a poster of a howling wolf (hahaha), and Jonathan Taylor Thomas pictures plastered everywhere! In high school I had really dark blue walls, tons of posters, an antique bed and dresser, a white shag rug, a lava lamp, a big stereo, and pictures of my friends taped to my closet door. My mom let me decorate my room however I wanted. I don’t know if I’m going to be that generous. :) My husband is amazing at charcoal drawings. I wish he would do it more! We have a picture framed that he drew in high school or an Iraqi girl that he saw in a national geographic magazine. I love it!

  • MayDae - Thank you SO much for answering my question from yesterday! You have definitely inspired me to get into my kids’ room and try some new things!

  • Martina - Thanks for answering my question! :) I LOVE your blog. Thanks for posting everyday – it’s always a treat!

  • Shawna - I shared a room with my brother until middle school. We had bunk beds and a huge dresser that covered one whole wall. I remember the room being really big. My parents live in the same house…now I see the room as being small.

  • Lea - well i have 2 favorite memories from my room and they probably are not the normal favorites for a little girl. i loved the song “heard it through the grape vine” so one of my favorites were cross stitches that my grandmother made of the california raisins! and my second favorite was my teenage mutant ninja turtle sheets….because i was not a prissy girl but definitely more of a tom boy! as you can tell my room was quite a hodge podge of decorations……nothing as pulled together as your sons’ room!

  • jody - My favorite artwork is from my kids (of course). I love all the bright colors they use, the way they view the world & the attention to detail they see…it’s amazing!!

  • bopha - my mother-in-law just gave me a painting that my husband did when he was in 2nd grade with sharks and orcas. it’s so cute and i can’t wait to hang it in the boys’ room.

  • Kate A - My favorite piece of art is the stained glass lamp my dad made for me the Christmas before he suddenly passed away. It’s mostly blue and green with three bright orange/pink hibiscus flowers – I kept it in my college dorm, then in my studio at home and now it’s in my baby girl’s nursery. It’s a constant reminder of his love for me and for doing what you’re passionate about!

  • Jamie - My favorite bedroom growing up was when it was soft blue with rainbow wallpaper on one wall. It was totally ’80s, but so cool, to me, at the time :)

  • joeyhoffman - my favorite piece of art work as a kid growing up was my bulletin board. I changed it regularly with pictures of my friends and the many boy band loves of my life…NKOTB Joey MacIntire to name one! LOL! Pictures are still my favorite piece of art! My house is full of them!

  • Dena - My current favorite is my little man’s picture that is on display at his school for tonight’s Fine Arts Night. He’s the only kindergartener to have done a piece so I’m pretty proud of him. It’s a simple color pencil drawing with grass, sky, birds, clouds a tree and two people, and I love it 😉

  • Anna Joy - My favorite thing in my room was the hideaway I made in my closet. It had a tiny light and lots of blankets and pillows and in there I could read, write, draw, and dream. It also was a place of refuge from my little brother! For a little kid, it was very magical. :)

  • Sara - My mom painted huge strawberry’s on trees for my sister and I since we loved Strawberry Shortcake. It was my favorite room growing up, then when I was 18, my now husband painted a 10ft by 5ft mural of a M&M package on my wall and it became my favorite.

  • Laura Casey - I love this give away! My favorite room memory was when I was 5 we lived in a really old house with a smaller cubby room off of my bedroom. We played house in there and school – so many great memories. I almost built one into my kids rooms, just so they could have the same experience.

  • Jaclyn - For the longest time I had a unicorn room. I had a unicorn border and peach sheets that matched the colors of the border. I collected unicorns so those were on my shelves and all over my room. I loved it until junior high then I wanted a black and white room, LOL!

  • Elle - I had a framed poem in my room growing up that was about adoption. I was adopted but didn’t know it ’til I was 10. The poem was always there but I never “got” it.

  • heidi - ever since you posted yesterday i have been dreaming about what i would put in my simply create poster.
    so excited that now there is a giveaway and a buy one get one!
    my favorite thing about my room growing up was my closet. i have been a cloths finatic from the get-go and would spend countless hours playing dress up!

  • Megan H - Love the boys room Ashley!
    Two things I loved about the room I grew up in: the sign above my light switch that said “I know I’m somebody, cause God don’t make no junk.” (Now hanging in my kids room) AND the antique coffee pot turned lamp with the pink lamp shade.

  • emily - What a great idea to memorialize their little drawings. My boys are in love with drawing and we have far too many to display. I love the idea of having a print made of their work.

    A favorite from my room growing up was the big fluffy bed my sister and I shared. Many nights were spent giggling and becoming best friends. Our boys now share a room {with two sets of bunks} in the hopes that they too will have sweet memories of their night times together.

  • BriBedell - My dad is a police officer so I grew up in a few different rooms (due to moving) My first room I shared with my older step sister who hated me! We had bunk beds and I remember playing tigger with her threw the space in the wall and they top bunk fell on top of her! LOL She was alright :) My second room had rainbow paint wall to celiing to the other all. Whoa. Then my parents had my little sister (10 years apart) who slept with me. My third room was all my own. It was full and messy and all mine. Did I mention that before :)

  • Katrina - My favorite work of art that I did was a painting I did in high school. The teacher really helped my to perfect my texture and it ended up looking like the picture in my head. It was of a peaceful stream winding through a large field of wildflowers. I would love to find that place one day.

  • Jess - Growing up in the 80’s, my mom was all about the themed bedrooms. My brother had teddy bears, and balloons and I had hearts, rainbows and clouds. My Mom was so dedicated, she painted huge murals on our walls, made mobiles to hang over our beds, poles to hang out stuffed animals from and comforters to match our entire room. Even though I was really young, I will always remember that bedroom and how hard she worked!

  • Michelle - I had a poster of Switzerland in my room. It was so beautiful. Still on my list of things to do!

  • Celeste - Growing up, my little sister and I had a craft table my dad built for our room. It was so nice to have the support from our parents to pursue our interest in art. Although that craft table soon became what my mom called the “crap table” due to the fact we never cleaned up after ourselves.

  • Amber - My favorite piece of art that I ever did was a tissue paper collage that I made in 6th grade art class. I made a gold cross in the middle and surrounded it by other torn off pieces of colorful tissue paper. It ended up looking like stained glass. 12 years later, I still have it!

  • Christina - My favorite work of art is a collage that my two year old did by tearing and gluing paper!

  • Layna Fuller - I love this room! We had quilts in our room growing up that I loved. I still have mine.

  • Jill - When my children were first born I did a small dessert sized plate at the paint it yourself pottery studio with them. They paint the plate and then I put their handprint over the top of it. I did one every year from the year they were born until their hand got too big to fit on the plate. Now they make up a mosaic on my kitchen wall. I LOVE them…bright, colorful, and so sentimental. We joke that one day when they’re all gone off to college and life my husband will come home and find me crying, a slice of pie on each plate stacked all around me saying, ‘my babies, my babies are all gone.’ lol

  • sarah - I’ll never forget the “tear paper” art I made in 4th grade. It was so challenging to tear paper and not use scissors! But the challenge payed off! I remember making my paper 3-D and was so proud of the complexity! It was even entered into an art show…I remember how honored I was that my art was valued. Thanks Ashley for the giveaway to value children’s art!

  • Jenn - Oh boy…when I was a little girl I made a poster that said “make new FrieNds” with little paper dolls dressed in ethnic clothes holding hands around a world :) I entered it into the state fair…with a BIG BACKWARDS “N” (my mom thought it was cute and didn’t want to burst my bubble). Funny thing was that the judges loved my backwards “N” and I won :)


  • Mim - From the time I was 14 until I went away to college, my room had a wall that was 2/3 corkboard tiles and 1/3 mirror tiles. I loved it! I could happily add or change my posters, clippings, papers, etc.

  • Karen - My sister and I shared a room until she was 13 and I was 10. It was at the other end of the house from our parents and it had a big picture window looking out to the front yard. One Easter we were playing in our room and found our presents from the Easter bunny that were hid under our bed. When the Easter bunny found out that we had found them early and had been playing with them, she gave them to our cousins! I always wondered why the Easter Bunny hid them in our room.

  • Melanie - I was in 7th grade (its now 12 years later) I had to draw a picture with all strate lines. It was on a massive sheet of paper and had a woman sitting at a computer typing. my mother loved it so much she had it framed, and still has it hanging in her office. :O) It makes me happy that your displaying your childrens art work!

  • amy - love my kids artwork. its so fun to watch them go from scribbles to making people with just a head and arms and legs coming out and then finally things start looking right! love how all kids seem to start drawing the same way!

  • Whitney Benson - We had a very tiny room shared between two sisters. Bunk beds, teeny closet, clothes EVERYWHERE…hence my obsession with walk-in closets!

  • ae - My room growing up had horrendous thick green shag carpeting (think Oscar the Grouch green). It may have looked terrible, but I remember it being pretty nice when my brother and I jumped from his bunk down onto the floor!

  • LaurenS - every christmas my mom would hang this santa art thing i made when i was little. it was basically some construction paper with cotton balls as santa’s beard. it hung each christmas in my room for years and i loved it!

  • Christian T - In HS pottery class I made all kinds of bowls because they were easy and I enjoyed glazing them more than using that spinning machine thing(can you tell I haven’t done pottery since HS?)… Anyway, I still find them every now and then packed away or holding pens and I think they are more pretty now than they were 12 years ago.

  • Brittany - When I was little, my bedroom had the ugliest wood paneling on the walls, by the time I was in 5th grade I was so embarassed and appalled by these walls that I used about 4 reams of computer paper to cover them up. I taped each piece of paper up until I had the coveted white walls that I longed for.

  • Kathleen K - I loved re-arranging my room as a kid. I would shut the door and just go for it, moving everything around, cleaning and organizing. I still have the cleaning and organizing bug most of the time but we live in a tiny house without many options for furniture re-arrangement.

  • Gevay - I took an art class in high school and my mom has several of my pieces framed and hanging in her house. It gives me warm fuzzies when I see them. I love my Mom!

  • Alice Sears - I grew up in the same room from year 0 to when I graduated from High School. I loved it. One wall out of the 4 was completely made up of windows and I had a great view. I was always rearranging my room and decorating it up in new ways.

  • Kristin - I love the poster with the boys’ artwork. My favorite artwork is the first watercolor paintings by twins did when they were 18 mo. old. I have them framed and sitting in their bedrooms now (age 4).

  • Donna - The pillow cases are my favorite part!
    I always had to share a room and a bed with my sister. She was always messy and I was/am a neat freak. Not a good combo!

  • Jen - i used to have a barbie jukebox in my room…it was portable so I guess it could have gone anywhere (but it was always in my room)…I loved it and would sing to my double sided tape all day long!


  • Rachael - I grew up sharing a room with my two sisters! Boy, do I know about sharing a room hahaha! It was quite crowded and a bit dramatic with three girls in one room! Of course our room was never as amazing as the room you have designed for your boys! It looks amazing!!

  • natalie - Love the poster it is such a wonderful keepstake of your kids artwork. When I was little we had kites hung from the ceiling in my room. Great way to add color.

  • amber mershawn - What?! Yay! I want one of these.
    I grew up in a pale blue room with precious moments wallpaper. Because I was precious? Ha! I also had a really long window with a huge blue, fluffy curtain that my mom made. My bed was my favorite, it felt so big. It was from my Grandaddy & Naw. Now, I’m off to shop the buy one get one sale. I never win these. :)

  • chantelle - ooo….your play by play was wonderful just as I’m preparing to turn our little boy “baby room” into a toddler 2+ room! A poster would be the perfect start to a new age!

  • jessica h - oh, I just love what you did with the boys’ room!! wow! It was such an awesome “big reveal”–bet you are glad to check that one off the list :) It is so cool that the three of them are sharing one room!

    my room I grew up in was ALWAYS changing…my parents let me do whatever I wanted to it, so I was re-arranging, re-creating pieces, painting, hanging stuff everywhere–I think that helped stir my creative side. My kiddos are too young for that right now, but I am inspired by your ideas to display their creativeness in “neat” little ways!

  • Tracey - My boys would love that room! So adorable! And, I also have an Everett 😉 Although we call him E.J.

  • Noelle - My favorite work of art is a picture my daughter drew of two hearts filled with hearts. The caption says “dyr mom I love you wear ever i go.” It is precious to me!

  • Kellyk - I had white furniture. It was that kind that all the details were accented with faux gold? The bed was a canopy bed and I also had a vanity with a little wire chair and the cushion was gold faux velvet. Oh and my chest of drawers was tall and skinny with like 8 drawers…and the feet were curlicues…and now I am off to google “furniture from the 70’s/80’s” to see if I can find it because know wha? that was AWESOME furniture…well made and could totally have been painted and refurbished 1,000 different ways. – wow I really rambled. Sorry!

  • kassondra - as a teenager I had to share my room with my 3 year old sister and one year for her birthday I agreed to let her decided on what to decorate our room with. she picked PowerPuff Girls! so we painted every wall a different shade of girlie pastel colors and put up pictures of Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup. I didn’t really mind since I was hardly at home with work, school, friends and a boyfriend. my sister thought I was the coolest sister ever for letting her choose.

  • Jenn McQuate - Kinda of funny but when I was 5 years old I got the chicken pox really bad. My mom kept me in bed and to entertain me she painted my room the most awesome color of purple. A dream come true for a little girl!

  • Faith - The desk in my room as a child was made by my dad. It wasn’t fancy, but I always appreciated that he made it for me.

  • Jess - I have a yearly favorite art piece from my daughter. My mom is an elementary school art teacher and is involved in Square 1 Art. So each year we make sure my babe gets to do a piece of work and then we can purchase various items it is printed on. Awesome! :)

  • Karen - The room I grew up in was actually the dining room. Great window, no closet and the door to the kitchen was always open!

  • Katherine - Wow. The boys room is so cool. I’m with the boys… I LOVE the orange!! My favorite art project was my 3rd’s birth announcement. I had my older two children draw a picture of their new baby sister. The front of the announcement card had the pictures they drew… titled with “baby name, by big sis”. When you opened the card, there was a photograph of the baby, titled “baby name, by Mom and Dad”.
    Thanks for sharing the boys room!

  • Beatrice Killam - Ah yes, my childhood room. I was a child of the seventies so my room featured orange carpet. Tee hee! Lots of fond memories of that room, though. I still dream about it sometimes too.
    Great giveaway, I’ve seen those posters before and LOOOOOOVE them, what an awesome idea.

  • Laura - Wow, I had so many favorite things growing up. We were a Navy family, so I got to switch it up a lot. I requested a pink and green one time, so my mom found pink and green plaid wallpaper. It was so cute! I had a gorgeous blue bedroom in high school with white eyelet trimmed bedding, which I loved. I had cool iron beds that were painted to look like wood grain – I still have them and will use them with my daughter.

  • Jenni - One of my favorite things I made was a clay mug with a face on it! I misplaced it and I wish I could find it now!

  • Grace - I love this idea! I think I might have to order one if I don’t win. This room is simply adorable and I love everything about it. You are so creative. I wish I had more creativity. I can’t really remember a favorite piece of my artwork but I still love to color!

  • Shauna - I had a lot of floral in my room, when I was a little girl. I love your boys room. You are very talented!

  • stephanie - oh gosh…i loved my childhood room. it had 1970’s retro flower wallpaper in orange, yellow and avocado green.

  • Kelsey - The room I grew up in had cantaloupe orange walls with bright red, pink, yellow, and orange striped bedding. I loved it. Now I hate it :) and so glad it’s a pretty blue!

  • Stacey - I never quite know what to do with my boys artwork…this is a great idea….my room was brown and yellow back in the day…got to pick out all the “stuff” and loved it!

  • emmylou - I think your pillowcases turned out much cuter!

  • Jill A. J. - When I was in 8th grade, I finally got my own room. I was up late one Saturday night, and I looked around and thought, “Why do I have all of these stupid stuffed animals and tchotchkes?” That is the first time I ever remember de-cluttering. I haven’t looked back! :)

  • Sarah - I remember arranging and rearranging my room often while growing up. My mom actually had my room when she was a child and assured me that there was only one way to arrange mine and my sister’s beds…I had to prove her wrong. To this day I love to decorate!

  • Suzanne - one of my favorite things from my room growing up was my matching red Strawberry Shortcake bedspread and curtains. My aunt made them for me, and I thought they were the greatest thing ever – and they matched my red carpet :)

  • Angela - My sister has always been a talented artist. While in high school she took a photo of a lego man in the grass and then drew it with prismacolor pencils. We’re constantly asking, offering money to purchase that picture. It is beautifully done. I’d love to have that in my home.

  • Karen Giddings - Wow! Love the idea with the kids artwork! My first room all to myself was bright orange, yellow carpet and jellybean green and orange flowers. So 70’s. 😀

  • Kate - My Grandpa made the headboard of my bed for my mom and now my daughter uses it… I love that I have something that he made.

  • Linda - Love the boys’ room! When I was a kid, I had the 80’s shag carpet in a lovely shade of turqoise with pink, blue, and turqoise wallpaper…let’s just say that my taste has evolved since then.

  • Samantha - My room was bright orange growing up with photographs everywhere and I loved it.

  • Cricket - My parents let me choose all the stuff for my room as a ten-year-old. I had hot pink shag carpet, hot pink and white velvet brocade patterned wallpaper, and white trim. It was so awesome!

  • Ashley Joy - I had a saharan african themed room when I was in jr. high because my favorite animal was a giraffe. it was the bomb.com

  • melissa tichy - love your decorating and craft projects…thanks

  • amy jupin - i love the blog by thatartistwoman. she’s amazing. and i have made so many of her ideas with my kids. i treasure them.

  • Rachael B - My favorite piece of artwork is the picture my sister drew me while she was at a knowledge competition in Washington D.C. last spring. At the National Gallery of Art in D.C. they have have an art station and she filled a 2ft x 2ft canvas with an adorable picture of the neighborhood we grew up on! It hangs in my bedroom now…how she got it home, I have no idea!

  • Kim Inge - My favorite artwork made by someone I know is of a place in England where my hubby broke his arm. It’s kind of funny to think about, but super cool!

  • Natalie M. - In my 3rd grade art class we were allowed to paint anything, I painted a huge owl on a branch. Everyone thought it was really weird, I think I was just ahead of my time. Owls are so cool now! My step-dad still has it hanging in his office.

  • meg duerksen - i love this. i need it. :)

  • Michelle Gray - My favorite artwork was a Christmas ornament made by my little brother – it was a dough ornament shaped like a gingerbread man w/ my brother’s picture on it…a good old Sunday school project. The best part of it was that he bit the hand off of it…he was probably in 1st grade. He is now 23 and it still hangs on my parent’s Christmas tree. We laugh every time we see the handless gingerbread man.

  • Kara - my favorite art work is the first finger painting my son did for me. Me and my best friend bought stretched canvas boards for our children, stripped them down to their diapers, and let em go!! It was a week before he turned 1 and now he is getting ready to turn 3 and I still have it hanging in my living room. We are buying a new house this week and it has a fire place and that will be the main decor for our mantle!!

  • Amber - During my early childhood years, three of us kids shared a room. We had bunk beds, which my dad made, and they had orange blankets/bedspreads remarkably similar to the orange blankets on your kids’ beds. And we had this carpet that looked like wood flooring. Ha!

  • Shanalea Atchison - I am most proud of my birch trees that I have put up in the boys room. Growing up my room was always changing due to moves so I can’t really remember.

  • Ali Richardson - My twin sister and I shared a room growing up. We actually shared a roomm for 20 years and then went on to share several apartments after that. As kids, we had very different styles. My sis was super girly and in to Laura Ashley type stuff. I was more into geometric patterns like polka dots and stripes. It made for one heck of an interesting bedroom to have two twin beds side by side with these different styles. Luckily my parents let us make our “space” our own. Matchy matchy wasn’t really for us, and that was ok :)

  • Amber - We moved a lot so I never had the same room growing up, it was always changing. For awhile I was a disney fanatic… but after that I started to make interest in making my room really mine. I used my favorite colors, sewed my own bedding and framed my own pictures. I loved that room, it was me.

  • shelly - For both of my son’s rooms, I painted a mural on the wall–love them. Growing up was just lots of flavor of the month pics :) Love love the boys’ room!

  • giozi - I love the idea of drawings picture. I got it 😉

  • Jeannette Swan - Perfect room! The thing I remember most about my room as a little girl is the Canopy bed – I loved it – I felt like a princess! You did such a good job making the boys room something they like, but you can live with. That is hard with kids room because our taste is not always the same!

  • Susan - My favorite piece of artwork is a painting my daughter did at the age of 4 of her 2 cows-lol.

  • lifeologia - When I was little my mom brought home this painting that was going to be thrown out by her friend. I took interest in it (it was a painting of a little girl) and I thought to myself (at 12 or so) I will keep this for my daughter one day…. now I have a daughter – and she looks very close to the girl in the painting – dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am so happy when I look at it. To me, it’s a portrait of my daughter.

  • Jill - I LOVE the boys room! Coming from a mom of all girls (and very girly girls!) a room for three boys sounds like a fun project! Okay, and onto my favorite thing from my childhood bedroom (the first thing that came to my mind when thinking of what I loved most at that time) was my waterbed! Yes, I grew up in the 80’s and that was the coolest thing. :)

  • purejoy - i shared a bedroom with my sister who was 9 years older than me. when she graduated from high school, i was in the second grade. we slept in a double bed. she used to complain i scratched her legs with my toenails in the night. what can i say? i’m a cuddler! i used to wake up in the middle of the night (probably around midnite, but for a 8 year old, it was late) and my sister would let me have some mister salty pretzel sticks that she was eating in bed. (the memory of that makes me form cavities just thinking about it!) i was probably the only 8 year old that was a huge greg allman fan or could sing every crosby, stills, nash and young song by heart.

  • Margie - My favorite work of art was a painting my almost 5 year old daughter made for her daddy. He was away on a business trip and she wanted to do a painting for his home coming. She painted them hugging one another and asked me how to spell ‘I love you’ so she could paint it on her picture. It was so cute and her daddy loved it!

  • Melissa - When I was a kid we lived in a turn-of-the-century house in Central America – the old colonial style with wrap around verandas. My room was bigger than what I have now and it had huge shuttered doors on each wall so that the rooms could all open up on each other (pre A/C days). The doors were cool and came in handy when I was a teenager and wanted to be a little sneaky.

  • Abby - In my childhood room I had all my American Girl doll stuff set up. It was like they had their own little room. I loved it! I also had an alcove above my bed, and my mom let me put up those glow in the dark stars. So fun!

  • Danielle - My favorite art has to be the daily masterpieces my little guy makes. He’s only 18 months, but he absolutely loves to doodle. He insists that you draw balls and kitty cats for him and then he colors all over them. I love it!

  • Kathy Reid - I had my own bedroom until I was 8 years old. Then my sister was born and I had to share a room. Sharing with someone so much younger was tough, but we made it work.

  • Kara - My room growing up was bright turquoise and I had pictures hanging EVERYWHERE!I was that girl who always had her camera ( I wish I was better at this now!) so every square inch of my room had pictures of all my friends. It was such fun to wake up every morning surrounded by the people who love me!

  • Denette - I put a bulletin board in our playroom and try to switch out my kiddos artwork every week or so. Some of my favorites are the ones they make at church on Sunday, because there is usually a great lesson they learned behind their masterpieces!

  • Andrea - I was constantly redecorating the room I grew up in. I love any artwork that my children create!

  • susan - My mother let me design my room when I was three year’s old. It had a mahagony canopy bed, red and white floral bedding (canopy and all), matching curtains, and red and orange shag carpeting! I thought the room was fabulous!

  • Sarah - Our dad built our house (and its no shack!) and my mom “decorated”. Our room was very pink. The walls were pale pink…our bunkbeds had matching pale pink bedding which matched the curtains…and our towels, I don’t know what my mom was thinking. I hated pink for a very very long time.

  • Jill - I shared a room with my younger brother so we had a curtain down the middle and I had posters of teenage boys all over my side – I loved Tiger Beat and the like!

  • Ruthy T. - Hello Ashley…….cool room! What I always remember about my room growing up (actually until I was 23 years old – when I got married) is that I shared it with my little sis (3 1/2 yrs younger than me). We had this old tape player radio thingy and she would play movie soundtracks (like the Thin Red Line) at night that would creep me out! So many fun memories. Oh and we bought shabby chic style stick-on-linoleum-tiles for our floor when we were teenagers(yeah Fancy!!) 😉

  • Amanda Fuentes - I had to share a room with my 2 sisters until my older 2 brothers FINALLY moved out. :) I was 14 when I finally got my own room and it was the best! I painted, decorated, rearranged furniture, everything I had been planning for the past 7 years or so. I thankfully thought to take some pictures of my room when I was a teenager, and love those memories.

  • Tess Davis - I’m so in love with your blog! And my childhood bedroom? I wanted pink. Pink. Pink. Pink. It needed new carpet. My parents assured me that the modelled orange and yellow shag would work with pink. Then I was given a garage sale comforter with huge orange and yellow and green flowers. It will go with pink, I was assured. Guess what. Never did get much pink. Hmmmm. Long live the 70s!

  • Kim - My favorite artwork is a drawing a friend of mine from college did. There were four of us girls who were (and still are) best friends. We were/are all animal trainers/zookeepers – we each have a speciality. The drawing featured each of us with our respective specialty in a stylized way. Mine had my arms reached toward the sky with birds flying. It was beautiful and came together perfectly.

  • Kristen - growing up, I was obsessed with rearranging the furniture in my bedroom…my inability to commit to a simple furniture arrangement meant that my mom refrained from letting me pick a theme/paint color to decorate with. She didn’t want me changing my mind every other week!

  • Kara - My roommate, Sha, at OBU was an art major! She would make beautiful paintings. Her work was always a favorite.

  • Christie - I love Disney and there was a good span of my life when I thought I was going to be a Disney artist. I always got a Disney movie calendar every year, and I started tracing the pictures. Eventually I moved to doing it by eye. My very first picture I ever did by eye was a still of Ariel from the Little Mermaid when she was picking flower petals doing “he loves me, he loves me not”. I was SO proud of myself and keep the picture with my other artwork from those days.

  • Carly - At some point growing up I decided I wanted my entire room to be all primary colors. I wanted every piece of furniture to be a different color and my parents even let me paint my walls sunshine yellow! Little did I know that my lovely design would also have me up in the morning with the sun. So I most enjoyed the freedom my parents allowed me over the space.

  • Andrea C - The way you did your boys room is so cute – gives me hope for redecorating my kids’ room (a boy and girl that share). My favorite part of bedroom growing up was two dormer windows where I would pile all of my pillows to make a reading nook (on top of my dresser) and I would cuddle up and read for hours. Wish I had something like that in my house for my little girl.

  • stacey b - My childhood bedroom had this awesome net that hung from the ceiling in the corner. It held all my stuffed animals (friends:)). I loved that little net.

  • Marya Woldridge - My parents are art teachers/artist and they always seem to amaze me with their talent. One of my favorite pieces was a big abstract painting my Mom made with a ribbon twisting through the entire picture. She then cut the painting into 4 quarters and framed each one. When you put them together you could see they all were part of one painting but when separate they looked equally fantastic. She gave me and my husband one, one to each of my older brothers and their wife’s and kept one for her. It’s very sentimental because we all live in different cities.

  • Heather King - The thing I remember most about my room is my love for all things Carebears… followed by my love for Barbie… Your boys love for Legos has nothing on me :)

  • Jane - My favourite artwork currently are the hand and foot casts I had done when my son was born. I have one of just his newborn feet at 5 days old and one of his hand and his sister’s hand. Each frame holds the cast as well as a photo. I can’t believe how tiny they were!

  • Holly - My favorite childhood room was yellow and green with a Holly Hobby theme. I remember my dad painting that room and hanging wallpaper. I couldn’t wait to “move in” and sleep in my canopy bed. So cool.

  • Ana - My grandmother cross-stitched a “child madonna” for each of her granddaughters, a lovely, girly Mary, with the Baby in her arm and a Christmas tree full of candles, toys and candy behind her. It was and still is my favorite work of art ever. Now it hangs over my little boys bed in my parents’ home.

  • maegan - My room had many phases. My mom is an artist so she was great about being open to what we wanted. At one point I wanted a moon, sun, and stars. And then, after returning from a mission trip to Kenya, I wanted it all African….

  • Kimberly Corbino - Cute room. I love Ikea and orange, 2 of my favorite. I am enjoying my nephews art work right now. Being 5 and 6 years old, their art work is very freestyle and colorful. I would love to have a framed version of their collection.

  • Darcy - Another great idea from Ashley! My childhood room – well, there were many because we moved a lot. And most of them were shared with my younger sister, something I wasn’t usually excited about because she was MESSY! :) I was 12 when I had my own room for the first time and oh, was that fun to decorate! So much space to set out my horse collection, and rock collection, and bird nest collection… and even space for a reading nook. And it was clean! Bliss.

  • keely - my sister and i shared a room for years while our grandmother lived with us. i remember most vividly our bunk beds. we would hook pinkies and say our bedtime prayers every night.

  • Jennifer - PINK, very pink. My mom had even painted a picket fence pink and attached that to my wall to corral my quilted fabric animals that hung on my wall. I had a hanging wicker chair shaped like an egg near my window for reading and a green pleather bean bag chair my dog. The 70’s were so cool.

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I can still remember the pink ballerina bedspread I had as a little girl…in polyester. I love that everything handmade and carefree is chic now. Love the poster.

  • Emily Fisher - This would make a wonderful gift for my brother and his wife! My nephew has a ton of art from pre-school, and it would be neat to turn it into a poster!

  • Brooke - I have a self portrait I water colored for my parents of myself when I was about 8 years old is has to be one of my favorites! My parents still have it on display in their family room!

    I Love this room…now I have some awesome ideas for my sons room which I’m in the middle of re-doing! Thanks!

  • Kellie - Wow, what an amazing site you have! I love the prints, too. When I was a kid, my was bright yellow. As a result, yellow on walls makes me sick. Sad, cuz I sure love yellow on everything else!

  • Rachel - I WISH I had a room like this growing up! {only for a girl} :) I’d love to have the opportunity to display some of my girls’ art work on the walls of their room…they are ALWAYS drawing!

  • susie whyte - the room i grew up in was about 9×7, and i shared it with my 2 sisters(bunk beds a crib, small dresser and a coat closet sized storage closet for everything.)needless to say, it was a tight fit. i remember a lot of “tricks” off the top bunk. my favorite was flipping over from the top bunk to the ground like i was flipping over a trapeze net. awesome. :) the only thing “decorative” in our space were our blankets…a little country girl on one and a boy on another. my mom originally made them for my sister and brother during the time they shared the room.

    you mentioned taking ap classes freshmen year. were you in an art program at all? my mom was an art teacher back in the days before me–lots of paintings at our house. nothing cool like paper mache men. haha. :)

  • Traci - my room growing up had light green blinds, which was better than the bright pink and yellow blinds my sisters had!

  • Mariah - We just moved our two boys into the same room. Thanks for the ideas!

  • Allison - I did an art project with pastels and ripping paper. I titled it “colorful clouds”. My mom had it framed for me and it hung in my room! I still have it to this day!

  • becca g - my favorite artwork is my son’s “action pictures”. he starts with a few characters and then shots are fired, bombs are dropped, explosions. by the time he’s finished you can’t tell what in the world it is but the process is SO entertaining!

  • monique - Amazing room – you are such an inspiration! my room growing up had a ton of my parents books in it – I always found interesting things to read and learn!

  • Carolyn - I LOVE these posters!

  • Rachel - I shared a room with my little sister growing up. We had a trundle bed and she slept on the trundle part. When I had to go to school in the morning and she got to sleep in ’cause she had afternoon kindergarten, I’d stomp across her bed right next to her head. It was an entirely pink and purple room because that’s what we wanted. Fabulous.

  • kristen - the very first thing i ever drew was a picture of my jack purcells (shoes) in my 7th grade art class. it was the first drawing that i thought, “hmmm… i’m actually kind of good at drawing!”

  • mandi - well- it had to be the time in kindergarten when i won the rodeo art contest (i’m texan-as if that needs explaining! i mean come on- rodeo art!?!). it was a drawing of a bucking bronco in the middle of the arena with lots of round little faces looking on. i won a big ol’ blue ribbon, i’ll never forget it!
    i should add- my art skills have not progressed much since then.

  • Christina G - I had a yellow canopy bed in my room growning up. I loved that bed, until I broke the post playing She Ra by swinging on the posts and launching myself across the room. I ended up with a broken bed, a huge knot on my forehead, and 2 black eyes. :(

  • paige rodriguez - i remember my room as a little girl so well. it had a huge bay window, with a giant window seat and I’d play dolls sitting there for hours!! I’d love to win, thank you!!

  • Jana - Love the room. Love the print. Pick me.

  • valerie - I love your blog and Ilove the simply create stuff…what a simple yet wonderful way to save these masterpieces! I wouldl voe to win one!

  • Lauren Roberts - I used to have this neighbor. She was pretty cool. She has always made some of the most amazing artistic pieces, wether it was on canvas, or photography, or through fabrics. She was phenomenonal! I wonder whatever happened to her….

  • Tessa - I grew up in a Raggedy Ann room until my baby sister was born and then I shared a room with my younger sister. We had a room with primary colors and a kite on the ceiling that my Mom made. We had bunk beds with solid yellow comforters on them. When I got my own room again, I got to pick out the decor and chose rose pink! I wanted stripes and florals, and that is what I got … how I wish I had pics of all the details of those rooms! It is amazing how much you forget.

    BTW … love the boys’ room!

  • Amy - Every year for my husband’s birthday I have made a print of our firstborn’s hand on canvas for him (glue ribbon around the edge of the canvas for a “finished” look). She was 4 months old for the first one. It tackled a couple of things…being able to hold onto a little piece of her for each year of her life and it’s not an expensive gift at all (I stay at home so we’re always on a budget)!!! One month after his last birthday we welcomed twins into our family. I look forward to starting the tradition with them this year as well!

  • Crystal - My oldest son drew a picture of me-a round stick figure- with the words “I love and an arrow to the stick figure”. The best part is, that it’s written on one square of toilet paper. He does artwork in every possible place he can! I LOVE it! I keep it tucked in my Bible and it makes me smile ALL the time. Thanks bud.

  • Kari Sanchez - I loved oil painting when I was younger…my grandma would take me to her painting lessons and I had several paintings in my room!

  • Karen DeMamiel - I have to say that my favorite thing I have made is my daughters dresser.. well I didn’t make it , but I remade it with some help. We painted it turquoise and put glass knobs on it.. oh it is my new favorite item!

  • Zoë - the thing I most remember about my room growing up stems from when I was very ill as an eleven year old and my dad went out and bought me a new duvet cover and matching curtains as I had to spend so much time in bed. At the time matching duvet and curtains was SO POSH!! In fact those curtains (26 years on) are hanging in a spare room at my parents house and they are still referred to as the “new curtains”!!

  • Julie - I always wished that my mom would have let me paint my room…but she never did. I did get to pick out the stuff for my bed. So I’ve taken that and let my kids pick a color for their walls. We painted the wall that their beds were on and the other walls are neutral but not white. My son chose red-true red and my daughter chose a deep bright purple. I let them put whatever they want on the walls-posters, drawing, anything. Discovering what they like has been one of the best parts of being a mom. I have no ill feelings towards my own mother for never letting paint the walls and she loves that I can be so flexible with my own!

  • Jessica - One of my favorite works of art I had in my room growing up was a drawing of a seal my babysitter did for me. She is the one who taught me to draw and was the one who helped me become the artist I am today.

  • Kristi - I had an older sister and I was always so jealous becuase she got the BIG room. SO, I was so excited when she finally went to college and I got to move in to her room! It was an AWFUL green with a wallpaper border, but it did have a REALLY BIG closest! :)

  • robyn - My room was pink and purple. One wall was hot pink with a big purple burlap covered square bulletin board and a pink shelf going the complete length of the wall at the top. My dresser drawer fronts were pink and purple. My dressing table skirt, curtains and bedskirts were bright green with pink and purple dahlia or zinnia flowers. Oh yea, purple shag carpet! Best room ever with lots of fun details.

  • Crystal - Until I was 13, I think, I always shared a room with an older sister. Her side was always cleaner than mine because I was always a pack rat…I keep everything!

  • Stacy Jean - My favorite art currently hanging in our house is a colored pencil drawing my daughter did reflecting her version of “American Gothic” ~ it’s just so sweet and pretty darn cute too. We also have my son’s version of the Mona Lisa he did that he said, “It ended up getting a little over worked and she started to look like Abraham Lincoln. Then I just decided to add a hat.” So funny and just precious too!

  • Kristin Reiswig - I had my grandmothers old chest of drawers with a big mirror on top of it. I also had yellowish orange shag carpet that was rockin’! My favorite piece of art that I made was a collage about myself. I love making collages.

  • Amber - I shared a room with my older sister until i was 16. My favorite thing was our bed. An antique 4-poster from an auction.

  • Jen - the possibilities are actually endless since you can customize it. what a great gift that would make!


  • amy - i framed a blue ribbon winning 4-h water color i did in 3rd grade . . .
    still one of my favorites!

  • Savannah - My room was always filled with tons of Barbies, all the accessories, and my best friend Aimee who I could always count on to play with me!

  • Jenn G. - I would have to say something as simple as pictures of my kids… that’s what I love to look at.

I am finally done with the boy’s room. I’d say it was a labor of love, but really it was just more labor…not much fun. The boys had their strong opinions and I wasn’t crazy with most of them. All and all it is their room, so we worked together to do something we all liked. The boys (ages 2, 4, & 6) all share one room for sleeping, clothes and books. A playroom is in the works in another room. Growing up my parents let my sister and I do whatever we wanted in our rooms. Lesley painted her walls black and hot glued all kinds of things all over them. My room was a hodge podge of Waverly fabric.

I wanted the boys to have a room they liked. They wanted an orange room with airplanes. I’m not huge on transportation, but they aren’t huge on doilies so they won that one. We compromised and used orange as an accent instead of painting the walls orange. They were very clear that they did not want it to look ‘girly’.

Planes. Orange. Not Girly. Their room.

The painting was a family portrait by Biggest Brother…two years ago. The wood portrait of Biggest Brother was done by my grandpa on his scroll saw, 4 years ago. The climbing guy was one of my 9th grade art projects. It is a paper mache. My mom gave it to the boys and they wanted it displayed. Bummer. He is really wonky.


The curtains are hiding two dressers that don’t match and are missing knobs!

Big Brother (4 years old) gets to pick the pictures that go on his clipboards. I love that he wanted one of his baby sister.

Biggest Brother wanted to tape Lego Star Wars characters on the wall. We compromised by making a little paper banner with his cutouts.For those that are wondering:

Beds: IKEA

Polka Dot Sheets: Target, discontinued

Orange blankets: Pottery Barn kids

Curtain: Made from IKEA fabric, white shower curtain, ‘newsprint’ fabric

Shades: Roller shades from Lowes, Happy Tape on the bottom

Paper Airplane Decals: Uppercase Living (thanks Carrie…I finally finished!)

Custom “Retrospective” Artwork: Simply Create

Pendant Lamp: IKEA

3 Piece Airplane painting: I made this with a paint pen. I don’t really like it, but there are other things I want to do before messing with it again.


I am SO EXCITED to start on the playroom. The boys don’t care it if is ‘girly’ or not since Baby Sister will be playing in there too. That means free creative license for me. I have fought the urge to work on it and forced myself to finish the boys room before I could begin the playroom. YEAH….no more orange airplanes!!!!

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  • Anna Marie - It is fantastic! Great job! I love your innovation with the roller shades and happy tape. I would have never thought of something like that. Have a fabulous day, Ashley!

  • Jodi - Ashley, this is absolutely, positively, my favorite boy room ever!! This is Ohdeedoh bound for sure. You have an amazing gift and eye for design. Congrats on the finish. Definitely motivating me to finish my playroom and big girls room!

  • Cate O'Malley - omg, it is amazing! you need to start consulting because i’m about the start the kids’ room and would love serious inspiration. love how you incorporated the color orange. my master bedroom used to be this wonderful shade of orange, changing hues during the day based on outside light. such a great happy color to wake up to.

  • bopha27@yahoo.com - the room is great and i love the airplane painting. also especially love the retrospective art, thanks for the good ideas.

  • Jackie - Love ALL of it!! How do you get away with no ceiling fan in Oklahoma summers? I would love to put cute light fixtures in my kids room but feel stuck with ceiling fans…ugh!

  • Shannon Phillips - I absolutely love that you put all 3 boys together in one room. Most American families think that when they have more children they need a bigger house with more rooms and more stuff. I love that your family embraces sharing and time together so much more than the typical “bigger, better, mine mine mine” attitude. Truly, you all are a breath of fresh air. P.S. Tell H that he made my day for choosing a couple of the photos that I took of you all.

  • Shannon Phillips - Oh and I forgot to state the obvious, the room looks AWESOME!!

  • Yanet - I love it!! I love that you put the orange pencil’s in the Ikea lamp. I think you did a marvelous job with the airplane painting. Lucky boys!!

  • Margie - I love it! The retrospective print is awesome!

  • Johanna - This is really amazing–so original, and just plain cool! One question—WHERE are all the legos??? I know your boys love them, as does mine…and they tend to TAKE over the bedroom!!

  • ashlee - i love their room! my son walked by and said i would like an orange room like that:)

  • amanda torres - The room looks awesome. The 3 pc airplane art is my favorite piece in the room!

  • Jaimie - This room is way cooler than you think. Gives me a lot to think about. We will be moving soon, so I will have a blank slate, probably with WHITE walls too, so color is necessary.

  • Andy - oh my goodness. i love love love this room. you did a marvelous job. love that they wanted airplanes and orange. it’s all great together. my 2 year old loves airplanes right now but we aren’t doing is room again any time soon. :) can’t wait to see the play room

  • Seamingly Sarah - This is awesome, such detail and coordination. So now that you have two projects done (boys room and table) will you take on 2 new ones? It helps me to live vicariously through you. I’m planning on taking a mini break after my two quilts are done this weekend, even though I have a laundry list of things I want to make.

  • Skylee - Is there a story behind the pencils? that’s a lot of pencils..

  • Kizzy - Ashley– I love, love love the boys room! Having 3 boys of my own, I gain so many creative ideas! I hope you don’t mind some of us copying your creative originality! Thanks for always sharing! By the way, I love the orange…

  • Liene - Looks really great the boy´s room! Really love the measuring tape (I’m Dutch I don’t think that the correct word for it). We are almost done reconstructing the attic into two rooms for the two oldest boys, and your pictures are very inspiring! I think the paper mache climbing guy is very cool!

  • Liene - P.S. sorry for the bad English!

  • shelly - It’s an awesome boys’ room! Love it! Can’t wait to see the play room!

  • Anna Joy - This room is AWESOME! Gavin’s room looks similar in the fact that I have paper airplanes all over the place. I love that you can tell it’s a boy’s room but it’s not too over the top with cars, legos, Star Wars, sports memorabilia, etc. I think it’s the perfect touch..and orange is GREAT for boys! A great change from blue or green! Good job, mama!

  • Shanalea - It looks great. Not girly at all. I love the tee-pee in the corner. We have a similar one from my parents.

  • Barbara - LOVE this room! As a “boy mom,” I appreciate the inspiration.

  • Rachel Ridd - I’ve been waiting for you to share :) You’re kids have hands-down the coolest rooms ever!!

  • rachel denbow - I’m pretty sure you will always have interior design as a career option should you ever want it. I’d be your first customer. I love how easily all of your detailed, thoughtful elements work together rather than being distracting. There is so much attention to detail and creativity in design in there! And I love the color story and that you have aviator pillow cases on the floor bed! I think I might pee my pants when you reveal the playroom, though. It just keeps getting better and better!

  • kellyt - LOVE this room! Can’t believe how relevant it is for me right now. I am contemplating re-doing my son’s room and he has an orange quilt. As you probably found out, orange is not an easy color to match! I want to do the walls in a light gray and it looks like you did the same thing. (Is it a gray or a blue?) In any event, can you tell me what the paint color is? Also, I found an artist who displayed kids’ art in a similar way but was bummed out by the $1,100 price tag (no, that’s NOT a typo!). I’m very excited that there is another option on etsy!

  • Patricia Teo - I LOVE what you did! I’d never have thought to add orange accent instead of flooding the room with orange paint… but that’s just me!

  • Hollie - I’m copying every idea for my son’s room. I hope you don’t mind! I love everything about the room, especially the simple roller shades. You make simple details look great! Thank you for sharing!

  • jenny - fabulous. i was stumped for ideas on how to make my son’s room have a little spunk. thanks for the ideas!!!

  • Emily - Such a cute room. It is a great boys room, they will love growing up in there.

    Emily @ http://456eleven.com

  • Emily - Such a cute room, your boys will love growing up in there.

  • Heather - i think the room is fantastic! it can be so hard to create a unique boyish space and you did a great job. really inspiring…as always. :)

  • Martina - I love it!! Awesome job! And I really like the 3 part airplane painting! How big is the room? I love that you could put 3 kids all in one room and give them a playroom too.

  • Ashley Ann - Just found your site! Love the photos, love the name!

  • lifeologia - I love it! This room makes we want to have a boy! It’s great that you have all 3 boys in one room and you made it work so well. Great Job.

  • Lisa Johnson - love it!! Wow- you are making me want to re-do my entire house. I can’t get enough! My favorite thing? I can’t begin to choose, but I love all the details, and those pencils in the lamp! Amazing. Can’t wait to see the playroom. Hooray for Ashley!

  • kate o. - the paper airplanes are great!

    and too funny, i have the same bed, same orange blankets, and a transportation “look” for my boys, too. except my creativity stopped when i splurged on dwell studio’s transportation duvet cover.

    love the room.

  • meg duerksen - GORGEOUS!!!!
    love everything about it.

  • Crystal - OK! Now I want a room with airplanes! This is great!!!

  • Trina - Crazy cool room. Can you please tell me where you got the road rug? My son would love it

  • Carla - WOW. so very very impressed and inspired. it’s artwork!

  • Nancy - AWESOME room! It’s funny I have 3 girls and I love to see little boys rooms…so different from the girly stuff I’m used to. Any chance you’ll be sharing your little girls shirt details you showed a picture of in your projects post?

  • Kate A - This is BEYOND AWESOME. Seriously. The details you come up with…you have pure creativity pumping through your veins!!!

  • Darcy - Super cute. I have those same planes from Uppercase living in my son’s room!

  • Casey - every inch is so creative! I love how you’ve hidden the mismatched dressers, the hanging paper airplanes are awesome! and I really like the pencils around the lamp

  • Gevay - You did a great job! It’s perfect-not commercialized! I love it and I am sure they will too!

  • MayDae - Weird question: Do you know what the dimensions of your boys’ room are? I have that exact same IKEA bed AND bunk beds in my kid’s room, and I’m thinking your room must be larger. Thanks!

    Stephanie @ http://www.maydae.com

  • Alisa - Oh my I LOVE IT. I love the grey and orange together. You have wonderful vision… I am working on my kids rooms this year (we rent so cant go to crazy) but this is inspiring.

  • Benay - Thank you for the inspiration! I have a boys’ room that desperately needs an upgrade. I love your ideas!

  • Dee - Love, love, love this room! My two boys share a room and we are planning a makeover soon. This is so inspirational!

  • Kate - Oh WOW! Perfect!

  • Kae - loooooove it! Thanks for the inspiration…now you make me want to redo my room! haha!

  • Dianne J. Gralnick - I LOVE the orange!!

  • Jane - The room looks amazing! You are so creative and talented!

  • Carrie Sowell - Their room looks AWESOME! Can you come help me figure out what to do in the my boys room? I want to do a barn/tractor theme. I don’t want green/yellow. I want a rustic feel, but not sure where to begin!!! HELP ME!!!

  • jessica h - AWESOME!!!

  • Karli - OK, I can keep quiet no longer. Your pictures are amazing, your blog is amazing…and this bedroom??!! The coolest thing I think I have ever seen. I love the colors, the artwork ideas, everything. Your kids are SOOO lucky!! :-) It looks fantastic!!

  • katherinemarie - BEYOND MARVELOUS! Only you could make a room this FANTASTICALLY CREATIVE & FUN!!!! I am in love with the clipboard art.

  • dianereeves - I am seriously inspired. I love ALL the details and thought you put into their room. I can’t wait to see the playroom when it is finished.

  • emily anderson - looks so great ashley! our boys room has taken me MUCH longer than anticipated…partly cause i didn’t have free reign to do whatever i liked 😛
    hope to have it done soon…

  • Elissa - truly you are just incredibly talented… an eye for everything and how DO you get things done with 4 little babes running around???? my house is in SHAMBLES, ok well clutter shambles, and i can’t even manage to get small things sewn or painted! ack!

  • maegan - Looks great! Such great details. I can’t wait to see the playroom.

  • mandi - love the clip boards! i think i’m stealing that one!!!

  • jody - OMG!!! Cool as HECK!!!!

  • deb meyers - This is exceptional! Love it! You hit all the right buttons, a treat to view.

    Here from Modobjectathome

    deb meyers

  • Stacy@RedDoorHome - This is fantastic.

    I just finished up a room redo for my daughter. (revealing the photos over the next few weeks) I completely understand the give and take in the design. The kids have definite opinions of what they want – which is not always what you have in mind. I tried to compromise but in the end I had to remember that it is her room. I didn’t want her thinking that her ideas didn’t matter. Love what you did!

  • Abby - Woah. This is just about the coolest boys room I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Wow.

  • Kerry - Found you from the feature over at 6th Street Design School! Love this room – you did a fantastic job. So many great details, I really love your climbing man scaling the shelves! They must be thrilled with their room!

  • pamela - You are so talented!!!!

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  • chereemoore - when I have kids, I hope I can create creative spaces for them – you are truly an inspiration!!!

  • alison - I love love love this room. my oldest son saw it and asked if he could have it! :)

  • Ashley Ann Photography « - […] that she’s obliged. Her taste and creative talent is unreal, so be sure to check her blog and her post about the boy’s room to get more info and description. And of course, you must become a fan of her blog! Her daughter’s room is coming up soon, so […]

  • Laura - Love your style! So inspiring!

  • Megan - I LOVE this room! Same colors I’m using in my little boys room. PLEASE tell me where you got the orange & white polka dot pillow?? I love it and it’s perfect for my room!

  • Sue - love,love the grey walls. I am really into grey and thinking of changing my grey green walls in my kitchen to a Behr’s ‘castle path’… Enjoyed all your ideas! I’m now into grand baby stage, so will have to plan a ‘fun’ room for them someday. :)

  • Sue - love the grey walls!

  • Rebecca - Don’t sell yourself short…The 3 piece airplane painting is one of my favorite things! Fun room.

  • Shari Hamann - You are so talented and are very inspiring!! Thanks for inspiring me to use orange more. Love the gray walls too!!!Keep going and don’t stop with all your creativity.

  • Christi {Jealous Hands} - This room is great – perfect for little boys! Would you mind sharing how you made the paper airplane mobile?

  • Ashley Ann Photography | Grey Likes Baby - […] that she’s obliged. Her taste and creative talent is unreal, so be sure to check her blog and her post about the boy’s room to get more info and description. And of course, you must become a fan of her blog! Her daughter’s room is coming up soon, so […]

  • Leah - I love this room! I am doing my son’s “big boy” room and I will be painting it grey. What color did you use? Thanks,

  • Tamra - I am in LOVE with this room! I guess the boys have a knack for style just like you! I am lookin on IKEA website for the little bed and…I cant find it! Booo Hoooo Do you have any further details on that bed?! Thanks, again, awesome room!!

  • Allisonnyc - Love it all! Question: What is the paint color/brand?
    (I have many yards of that awesome Ikea fabric in a closet… now it will be the color scheme for boys room!)

  • allison - What’s the paint color?

  • amanda - I love this room! Where did you get the large dot orange fabric for the pillows on the bed?

  • Julie H. - Do you know the name of the single/twin IKEA bed? Absolutely love that bed but can’t find it now.

  • Kristol Faucheux - L.O.V.E. the room!!! I have two little boys 2 & 4, who share a room, and we are needing to move the youngest into a bed and out of the crib. Who do you have on the top bunk? I would love to do bunk beds, but am worried about putting my 4 year old up there.

  • anny - Ashley, you are really really talented! This is one of the most beautiful rooms I have seen designed for boys. Your boys must be really proud of it, and of you. :)

  • megan - I mentioned you in my post today about my boy’s bedroom makeover because I always had the awesome room you created for your boys in the back of my mind. You did SUCH a great job. My favorite thing? The pencils inside the pendant!
    In case you’re curious to see my boy’s room, here’s the link…
    Blessings to you, Ashley Ann!

  • Tamra - Ok so the bed is the “Tolga” model and I do not see it on IKEA under Canada, US, or Germany. But it is available on Ebay and even through Craigslist! Hope that helps!! I loved the bed to and HAD to find it! LOL Now for the paint color….Anyone know what it is!?

  • Thread Design - Wish we had ikea in NZ!!!! love the oranges coming through, similar to the new ranges we have coming out soon!!

  • Eli | The Lettered Cottage - […] about an orange-accented room like Ashley Ann put together for her boys, […]

  • Kristen - I love this room and am using it as inspiration for my son’s room. Do you mind sharing the paint color you used on the walls?

  • Michelle Oryl - Can you tell me the name and color of the paint used for this room please?

  • Råkult gutterom med orange detaljer! | Foreldremanualen - Inspirasjon for deg med barn! - […] flere bilder fra gutterommet inne hos Ashley Ann, som akkurat nå holder på med neste prosjekt – lekerommet! 😀 […]

  • Kylie Lamb - Hi, just cruising the internet for inspiration for my boys aeroplane room, and found your blog! I have 4 boys (and one girl!) and my 2 youngest boys are in a room together, we have one boy who loves bright green colour and the other boy loves orange, and they both love aeroplanes! Loving what you did with your boys rooms, and hope I can come up with something just as amazing as yours!

  • Boys Bedroom Inspiration | Design Par Deux - […] seems to be a very popular color among boys bedrooms lately. This shared bedroom is very creative and not to mention space saving.  We’re really torn between pairing red […]

  • Brittany - Love the orange. re-doing my sons room in orange and lime green. also love the paper airplane decals. going to look at the link now.

  • Tegan - Just saw your cute post on pinterest. I LOVE..love..LoVe.. The “SOAR” letters. Where did you get them??? Did they come orange or did you stain them?? I would love to know.. thanks so much.

  • Sarah - Love it! What brand and color is the wall paint? It’s just perfect!

  • Jenn - This is quite possibly the coolest boys’ bedroom I have ever seen. Nice job! :)

  • Erin - love your boys’ room! I know others have asked, but I didn’t see the answer posted- what paint color did you use for your orange? It’s great!

  • Phoebe - So cute and clever…I love it! You’ve given me some inspiration for my son’s room – he wants a “Science” room. I’m stealing some of your ideas. Thank you so much for sharing – I’ll have to share some photos too when we’re done.

  • Andrea - What are the room demensions? I have three little guys and we have been tossing around the idea of putting them all in the same room and doing something very similar with beds and such and just trying to get a visual. Thank you for sharing your inspiring room!

  • Brittany - We have been looking all over for a slatted bed frame like in this room. Where is it from?? I thought Ikea had them but I can’t find it on their website.

  • Maribeth - Thank you for the inspiration! I have three boys (Asher 5, Emerson 2 and Jonas 9mo). I’m working on a shared space for them as well. I love that you didn’t go overboard with theme. Very well put together!


  • Keisa - I love this room! It’s absolutely wonderful. What is the paint color and brand?

  • Britney {Jesse's Girl} - Love this room! The “SOAR” is too cute! Awesome job!

  • Jo Appleton - I love the look you’ve created here! I would have never thought to use orange as an accent colour but it looks fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • Jessi - Hi Ashley! Do you remember the paint color on the walls in the boys bedroom?


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  • LaurenR - The custom 3 piece airplane is the best part! Don’t change it :)

  • Maca - Love this room! Please tell us the details of the color you used for the walls. Thanks.

  • Nivedita - Hi there,

    Love the decor! Can you please let us know what color is on the walls? Its tough to find a Gray that works!

  • Ariane - Nice room! I am using this as inspiration for my 6 yr old’s room, although we are blending some other themes in. I too would LOVE to know the wall color. It’s a good grey without being drab. Thanks!

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  • Candace Barbee - Where did you get the platform bed?

  • Taryn - Love this room. Would you mind sharing the paint color for the walls?

  • Roxanne - I absolutely love this color combo! I’m curious to know what kind of dresser/chest that you used to match the room decor??? Thx!!!

  • Tristan - LOVE IT! Doing an orange and navy airplane room for my son too. Where did you find the orange letters that read “SOAR”???

  • AshleyAnn - Tristan – they were gold from Hobby Lobby and I painted them!

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  • Tre Cavil - Very cute room. I really like the colors!

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  • Dawny Guthrie - question what color grey did you use and what brand. You may have stated it on here and I missed it?

    Thanks I love this room and colorsplash

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  • Brittany Shaw - Do you recall the name of the single bed in the room? Have browsed the ikea site and can’t find it anywhere

  • AshleyAnn - Brittany – I don’t, but I know they no longer make it.

  • Top Tips for Decorating Kids’ Rooms & Studio 5 | House of Jade Interiors Blog - […] very one note and flat.  Now let’s take this room as an example: photo via Under the Sycamore You get the overall feel that these kids love airplanes but it’s much more interesting […]

UPDATE: I do not have a tutorial on the table…I didn’t make it. You could hound Tim and Kara on her blog asking for one though!



This is a two part post…

Part One: My new kitchen table! We used the old base and Tim built a new concrete top for it. I LOVE IT. It cleans so easily, there are no longer little places for food & playdoh to get stuck in. It is shiny and pretty. It is just perfect for us! Thanks Tim & Kara!

While I was taking pictures of the top of the table this is what was happening underneath it.

Part Two: He smiles a lot.

You know how every now and then you can get a song or commercial stuck in your head. It has been several months since I first saw this commercial, but I think about it daily. Watch it here:

I know this is just a commercial and not a true story, but man it haunts me. It haunts me in a good way. How I dream that my kids would describe me that way….”My mom. She smiles a lot.” I think about it when I say, “just a minute, let me finish this email.” instead of saying, “I’d love to play legos with you.” I think about it when I’m worn out and easily frustrated by my kids. I think about when I am just trying to get everything checked off my ‘to do’ list instead of engaging my kids. When they grow up and look back at their years with me…I want them to remember I smiled and laughed a lot.

After all, I have more than enough to be smiling about.

My friend Jeanette took the pic of us when we were on a Zoo field trip. Thanks Jeaneatte!

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  • Melanie - Love the new tabletop!

  • Shannon - Oh dear, that picture of you and your baby boy. It’s just too much. His face is priceless, you said he was four? I have a four yr old boy too, and they are just the life of the party!

    And as always, little sister is the most adorable thing ever!

    A very good message to share too, it’s so hard to remember to smile through our “pain” but it is so worth it for the kiddos!

  • Rachel Ridd - It looks like the table turned out really well. I love how practical you’re with your home, but also how unique it is!

  • anne c - love the tabletop! hope there will be a tutorial of some sort in the future! I would love to do that to our table..its very similar to yours. Have a great day full of smiles! :)

  • Jeannette Swan - Ohhh, I love the table – it is so great!!! Cute pic at the end!!

  • Alba - every single day I try my best, but very few days I go to bed thinking I have been a good mum (too many things to do and few hours). I’ll keep in mind because they are my sunshine of my life.

  • BriBedell - That table it to die for. I want my girls to say I was always there for them. Not just the fact that I am home. But that I was there to answer, hug, hold, kiss, play and snuggle with whenever they needed it! I am young and I get a lot of the “oh you didn’t finish college, what a shame” type looks. But for me school will always be there, but my ladies will not always be this little!! I love your blog, I want to take pictures, but I am sticking with my sewing for now. (Those cameras are expensive!)

  • Jodi - That table is amazing and your baby girl just puts a smile on everyone’s faces!

  • Stephanie - Love that table
    LOVE those tulips even more!

  • ashlee - first your tabletop is amazing! you should have them do a d.i.y! second, smiling and laughing is something i am really working on. it sounds silly but i know i dont do it enough. i feel it on the inside but i dont always show it on the outside:)

  • Krystina - I haven’t seen that commercial before, but now that I have it shall haunt me too. Thanks! LOL

  • Lisa Johnson - That table! I love it! What could be better for a busy house? I love finding ways to blend practicality and style. Great idea!
    That video is exactly what I needed to see today. Some days I’m afraid that all my kids will remember is my constant instructions and griping. My prayer is that they will know how much I love them and that I will take the time to enjoy them. I’m going to start by smiling!

  • Kristen - The table looks awesome! And I like that commercial too! In other news…I was floating around the blogosphere and found a blog that was featuring YOUR baby girl’s room! She found it on apartment therapy I guess… I told her it was yours and to check out your sweet blog! Anywhere, here is your feature that you didn’t even know about I don’t think… http://adiaryoflovely.blogspot.com/

  • patti - love the table! i’m a sucker for concrete surfaces. we just got concrete counter tops last fall in our kitchen and i adore them! enjoy your day!

  • Sarah - my little man makes me laugh everyday..i know there will be days in the near future where it won’t always be like this but as a full time working mom i try VERY hard to give him my all when we’re together. and YES! DIY PLEASE…

  • Helena - Gorgeous! and what a family you have!! beautiful

  • Trina - Oh oh – the video has been removed! What is the commercial for – I”ll see if I can find it elsewhere.

    Good sentiments, by the way. We all have to stop and remind ourselves during the craziness of the day!

  • chantelle - what a great reminder! I know there will be a day when my little boy would rather play with his friends than Mommy-that what makes me stop and play legos! ( I am 34 and my Dad still drops everything to hit s few garage sales or thrift stores with me! :)!)

  • Jill - love, love, LOVE the table!!!

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I’ve got more than enough to smile about as well. Thank you for the reminder.

  • Emily - I am dying at his cutest face in that picture.

    Love the table top and the cute face underneath it!

  • Kara - this is a great reminder! It is so easy to say “just a minute” when I really need to be putting down what I am doing and playing w my son! Thanks! And I LoVE the table!

  • Jaimie - cool tabletop. i like that coaster and my son has that star wars shirt, though i think he has outgrown it. inspirational post.

  • sarah - Love how it turned out! BTW…did you know your flatbed idea is on domesticease.com? just thought you’d like to know you’re goodness is spreading all over!

  • Ang - Great post. I like your bag in the zoo picture. I have the same one! =)

  • Yanet - Gorgeous table!

  • elizabeth c. - wow…i really didn’t think that a concrete table would look good…this looks great! and i love the ‘under’ photo :) what was the commercial? i tried to find it but can’t

  • maegan - The tabletop looks great. I love concrete for tabletops and countertops. I’ve also seriously considered a stainless steel tabletop for the same practical reasons. Maybe later. Too many projects right now.

  • Cara - I just stumbled across your blog and love it!
    Can I ask where you got your orange dining room chairs from? I love them