Lots of questions about where I got my daughter’s hat and headband. They are all from Etsy.com (of course). The felt flower headband was from a seller called Lou and Lee – they are no longer selling. The pink & orange hat was a gift but bought on etsy. Sorry I don’t know the seller. The white flower hat was from the seller Banner Boutique on Etsy.

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  • Carly - The Lou and Lee shop is planning to open back up at the end of the month. She had a baby and needed to stop things for a few months. Just an fyi for your readers.

  • Rachel - The pink & orange hat came from Zoe Lynn Designs on Etsy.

  • pamela - i have SO many headbands from lou and lee! they are great, but acutally quite simple to make yourself. all you have to do is cut a band from a pair of old nylons (opaque work best!) cut out some fet flowers/petals and either sew or hot glue them on! voila!

  • pamela - felt that is!

  • Sara - Thanks SO SO Much!

  • Megan - Hi Ashley!
    I love your nursery!! Speaking of “where did you find that”??…Where did you get the vintage looking print with the bird that has a b…ball, etc.?? I love that. You are so creative.

  • AshleyAnn - Megan, I got the bird print from a random seller on etsy. There was only one. You can do a search on etsy for vintage alphabet cards…that’s what I did. I bought it before we had picked a name b/c I liked the bird…just worked that we picked a “B” name too!

Like I said yesterday, over the course of 10 days all 4 of our kids got sick…each at different times. We wrapped up last weekend with the last kiddo throwing up. It was a long 10 days. When the weekend hit and we still had one sick I decided instead of playing the “Whoa is me” card, I would take pictures of things that made me smile…thus taking my focus off the eaten lunch that was now on the carpet:)

I also snuck away to my favorite ‘flea market’ shops on Main Street while everyone was taking naps (& dad was home)…that really cheered me up. Just fyi the “Resolve” picture only mildly makes me happy. On one hand I am happy it cleaned up the mess on the carpet – on the other hand I am bummed it worked so well (maybe I would have gotten to rip up carpet and put in wood). There’s always next time.


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  • christina larsen - Where is this flea market on main street? I would love to go and cruise it and look for treasures. Such a nice way to “reframe” the negative and turn it into something positive.

  • Melissa McClure - This is great! Reminds me of the Sound of Music, “My Favorite Things.” :0)

  • AshleyAnn - I like the Hitching Post at 91st & Main, Southern Hospitality (they are moving this weekend and won’t be open for a few months). Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow near 71st & Main sometimes has good stuff. When Southern Hospitality relocates it will be next door to The Hitching Post…yeah!

  • Shannon Phillips - There is something so good about visual therapy. I love all of the pics and I as specially love Breese’s cute little toesies. I pray that you all are feeling much better soon.


Like many parents I am keenly aware of how my boys are influenced by their friends. Right now they are at an age where I pretty much have control over who they are around…and thankfully there are a lot of really great kids in my circle of friends. As I consider how they are affected by the friends coming into their lives I am reminded how I am shaped in many ways by the company that I keep. I am so grateful that I can look around at the women that I spend most of my time with and see things in each of them that I hope will rub off on me – making me more of the woman I want to be. I am surrounded by some amazing women and am so grateful that they put up with me!

Last week we batted 4 for 4 in the area of our kids getting a virus…the pediatrician might as well give us reserved parking. On one of the oh so fun days of sickness, I called Chris at work to report that Big Brother was STILL throwing up. He asked what he could do to help and I replied, “Figure out a way to build a Starbucks in our kitchen.” About an hour later two friends showed up at my house with the largest Caramel Macchiato I have ever had. Despite the craziness of their schedules and their combined 5 kids they brought me coffee. I hope and pray my boys and girl grow up surrounded by incredible friends like I have. Thanks girls.809friends

(sick Big Brother laying on couch in background)

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  • Rachel - What a wonderful story of friends standing in the gap for each other. I know we couldn’t have made it through the past 3 weeks if it weren’t for our friends. Praise the Lord for great friends!

  • Lisa - It is such a blessing to be surrounded by good friends!!

  • Jill J - Ooh, don’t you just love that! Friends come through in the greatest ways sometimes… And it seems like your husband did too!

  • Shelley - Poor little guy! I hope he gets better soon! Sounds like you have got some really great friends!

  • Sarah - I know that feeling!!! Not long after the big loss in our family Jon was out of town and I was by myself on a Saturday with the kids, one of my friends brought me a venti Cinnamon Dolche Latte and I said I don’t want to get out of bed today, and she said “Ok I am here to lay here with you until you are ready to get up.” It was healing and precious and I was so grateful just to have someone that let me talk, sleep, cry whatever I needed to do THAT day. God sends special people in His time and it provides such a relief. HE is so good.

  • Jeannette Swan - I would bring you Starbucks anytime!!

  • Jeannette Swan - After I posted that, it sounded like I was one of the ones that brought you Starbucks…I wasn’t…just wanted you to know I would do it for you!

  • Courtney Connelly - Friends are such a blessing in our lives, thanks for the reminder! Can’t believe it is 11 years ago this week that we began our friendship on good ole’ Bison Hill. Wow! :)

  • Stephanie May* - Thank you God for Starbucks! My family and friends also know that bringing me a Grande Caramel Macchiato will always fill me with glee….I’ve never attempted a Venti one though – kudos!

  • christina larsen - How awesome to have friends like that. Makes me want to be a better friend. Thanks for sharing.