Wow…crazy week. I don’t have much time for posting, but wanted to share a couple of things.

#1 Spring Classes at Southern Hospitality (yes, this is just for you local readers)

I’ve shared before how much I love April and her cute store Southern Hospitality. Well during the month of March she is offering hospitality classes every Thursday night. I think this would be such a fun girls night out thing to do with friends. I imagine with April there will lots of smiles and laughing. What a great break during the week!

The classes include:

Creating new with vintage

Creating a beautiful table

Serving tea for two

Decorating ideas

Classes are every Thursday in March, 6:30-8:30pm

Cost is $25.00 for all 4 classes

Registration ends on February 28th

For more information visit the Southern Hospitality website classes page

#2 The Lovelies

Some of you noticed the new tab on the left side of my blog. Eventually that will feature all kinds of things I find lovely. For now it is just a little button leading to another website – The Lovelies (isnt’ that the greatest name for an award!). Thank you to those of you that clicked over and voted for me. Your comments are so fun to read. Thanks to you I am one of the 5 finalists in the photography category! Voting ends on the 28th (you can click here to vote), so I’ll let you know next week how that turns out. Thanks!

#3 Under the Sycamore readers….etsy sellers

If you have an etsy store please leave a comment in this post with a link to your store…for a little something I am working on! Thanks!

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All pictures below are by Evie S.

Let me introduce you to the talented Evie S…..for some of you I am sure she needs no introduction. Evie is fully of lovely ideas.

For instance how lovely is this collage of her first pregnancy?

On her blog you can also find lovely interviews with talented artists…full of more great ideas than my mind could ever process

It’s hard to find great boy clothes that you can make yourself…she has DIY tutorials for some of her creative designs. This shirt for her son being another great idea.

Picking up a paintbrush again…another lovely idea.

She also has a wedding business and sells the most lovely ring pillows…not the kind you find at most stores. Lovely idea.

Postcards for Christmas….lovely family, lovely idea.

She repurposed an old sweater into this gorgeous cardigan. Fashionable idea.

Beyond all that talent that oozes from her and on her blog is A Beautiful Idea.

Here is what Evie says about A Beautiful Idea, “As an artist, I have struggled with the “why” behind the creative urges I have – to be used for something more than myself or for profits. I have longed for a greater purpose. I know I am not the only artist that feels this way. That’s why I created A Beautiful Idea.”

A Beautiful Idea is a network of artist, creators, crafters, etc. that make, sell and donate profits for a greater cause. If you are interested in more information you can visit A Beautiful Idea website. If you get involved, let me know!

Thanks Evie for sharing such a beautiful idea.

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  • meg duerksen - very cool.
    can’t wait to spend some time checking her out!

  • evie - Thank you Ashley for the sweet compliments and for letting everyone know about A Beautiful Idea!

  • Jamie - Evie designed my wedding invitations! She was awesome! I’m so glad to be “reacquainted” with her work bc it was a true pleasure working with her in the past. Thanks for this post!

  • Robyn Farmer - Love it! Love all of her re-use of old clothing. I know after having my little one nothing really fits the way it should and I would love to bring some attention to chiffon ruffles rather than….my waistline. I am on the hunt to find some clothes to cut and dice.

  • Lisa Johnson - beautiful indeed! I’m enjoying these introductions to other creative and inspiring blogs

  • Anna Joy - Thank you for sharing this!

  • Emily Morrice - Thanks Ashley for recommending Evie.S’s blog, like yours, I love it :) So pretty and exciting to think of all the new things I need to try!!

  • Sandy - I love that pregnancy calendar! I totally want to make one too.. when the time comes, which won’t be for awhile! That repurposed cardigan is very lovely as well!

  • Madeleine Wiedemann - Hi,

    I am the production editor of a small girls magazine (pitched at ages 13-18) in Australia. We are based on biblical worldview but encouraging girls to vlaue themselves and others and providing them with hope and purpose through positive media. We love to feature craft projects and mission challenges for them. I would love to feature your next challenge as a project, we go to print for our next edition november 15th, so that’s way past the close of your current project. Could we work together on this, i think it could be mutually beneficial.



Well I had every intention on posting SnapShop dates this week, but that won’t be happening. Last fall I made a post to invite those interested to email for a heads up on dates. Well yesterday I announced dates to that list and within a couple of hours all three spring SnapShops were filled. I thought Sunday would be a slow day for checking emails! Boy, was I ever wrong. I am planning on doing a SnapShop once a month through September. I am overwhelmed with your interest and excitement. 2010 is gearing up to be a great SnapShop year. Thanks for all your support.

The Spring Dates are:

March 27 BOOKED

April 17 BOOKED


For more information on SnapShops click here

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  • Sarah - ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I wanted to come home from Waco to take this!!!! UGH!!! LOL!! I have to check this page A LOT more now!!! (I check everyday sometimes twice!!) LOL

  • kassondra - i think you should do an online class type thing you might have more time and be able to have more people join in. just a thought because I’m in Cincinnati and would not be able to take any of the SnapShops

  • Sarah - See you are now famous!! LOL I think this class is amazing and one day I will get to take it. I really was planning on coming home to do it!! It is really awesome what you are doing!

  • Abby - Long-time lurker here! YES. PLEASE consider an online workshop! I’m in N.C.!

  • Misty - I love your blog. Please consider an online workshop! I’m in NC as well!!

  • Jane - Definitely do an on-line Snap Shop! Unfortunately, travelling down your way from Canada is not an option at the moment for me.

  • Erica - Oh yes…an online Snap Shop would be incredible! I love your blog and would love to take a class as I am just getting into photography! So if your ever bored (hehe) some day, you should look into it! :)

  • Crystal - I’ve always thought an online Snap Shop would be my only way of attending and that maybe someday you’d announce that you’re having one…..please, please, please???

  • Rachel - Wow! That is amazing…oh yeah… I like the idea of an online snap shop since I live in California and you are in Oklahoma…

  • Kaitlyn - An online workshop would be awesome! I am in Texas!

  • Danielle Townsend - A shout out from Nevada for online SnapShops! Woot, woot! It would be a TON of work, though (for you)….but worth considering! 😀

  • Catie - Ughhhh! I’m so bummed! I check your website everyday in hopes of getting into a snapshots class (and because I love your blog)! I’ve been wanting to take your snapshots class for a year now…but I will wait some more! An evening announcement of snapshots would be great for me since I am a teacher and can’t check my blogs at school…just a suggestion :)

  • ashlee - im so excited about it!!!

  • Jackie - How do I get on that list!! Although, I’d like an online workshop also. But I’m only in Dallas and always up for a road trip!

  • amanda torres - Complete bummer for all those who didn’t get in, but MAN God has really blessed you with an opportunity to spend more time with your kids. Snapshots is such a great idea!

  • anne c - got your email too late….but thank you so much for the heads up even though I was slack. maybe next go ’round!

  • Kate - Congrats on the excitement. Can I get an e-mail heads up next time? I really want to come!!

  • emily anderson - i may be so out of the loop, but is this a workshop that you do?

  • heidi - i would love if you would concider an online snapshot. i am in utah and adore everything you do!