Here’s some of last year’s….

yes, littlest brother is wearing the same shirt big brother did the year before.

Yeah for clothes that survive one boy well enough to make it to another!

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  • Jeannette Swan - Awesome, as usual!! Where did you take those…just in your house?

  • Shannon Phillips - LOVE IT!!!!

  • amanda torres - now those are REAL pictures. love the comedy in everyday life!

  • christina larsen - So funny. Great way to capture your family.

  • Lori Danelle - So cute!! My trouble in passing on clothes isn’t usually the quality of the article of clothing itself, but the number of stains big sis gets on them!!! OxyClean is good, but not always good enough!

  • Sarah - I love the one where you and Breese are looking wide-eyed at each other. Too cute!

  • bopha - i love that the 2 girls stuck together, you guys are such a fun family.

  • jessica - Oh I love these so much! It’s like your own little home photo booth!

  • patti - i absolutely love it! i love when family portraits aren’t “staged” and sitting nicely with fancy dresses, etc. for us, people would be like “yea right!” – so not our style. my favorite family photo is one we had done and my hubby and i are holding the kids upside down by their ankles. very fun!

  • Tess S. - look at that big baby!!! she’s wonderful, and your boys are just about the cutest little things!

  • lesley - Love them ALL! These are so fun. I think I said this last year, but I want to do this with my kids – including Pistol!

  • Alex Telson Koch - Love love love these pictures! Did you just set your camera up on a tripod? I totally want to do this with my family….GREAT family photos.

  • Meg - How do you manage to be in the picture? I am the photographer in the family and I hardly ever get to be in them.

    Also, I love the same background for all pics.

  • Danielle - I love your family pics! Mine are rarely according to plan…

If you read my post on my current favorite books, then you saw that I am making it a goal to go through Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts over the course of this year and next. This week is crazy, so I picked one that I knew I could start and finish in less than an hour. I originally intended on making these as a baby shower gift, but I think they are going to make permanent residence in my daughter’s room. They are so easy, I’ll be making more.

What you need:

Children’s wood hangers (I got mine at IKEA, if you find somewhere else that has them let me know)

Origami or Scrapbooking paper

Mod Podge

Small paint brush


The directions are very easy: Cut the paper in the shape you want. Apply a thin amount of Mod Podge on the back of the paper, glue down to the hanger. When dry apply 2 more coats of Mod Podge over paper. Tie ribbon to top.

I traced a bird template that Martha has in the back of her book…this project is from the decoupage section of her book.

Since nearly everytime I post a DIY project someone asks how I find time to do them, here is a larger view picture. While I made the hangers the big brothers played with paper, glue, scissors and a circle punch; the littlest brother pulled all the tupperware out of the bottom kitchen drawer and baby sister slept in my baby wrap.

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  • Emily Beaty - those are SO cute!!

  • christina larsen - So cute.

  • Ashley - These are great and I love the idea of doing these as a shower gift (though I can see why you are keeping them!)

  • Jo - what a sweet gift for a baby shower! I love this Ashley!

  • Brooke - Oh, I like this craft! Quick and easy!!

  • sharon - So creative! are these hangers heavy?

  • AshleyAnn - They are heavy enough to hold a child’s coat, but I wouldn’t call them “heavy”…just a basic wooden hanger – only scaled down in size…they’d be cute hanging on a wall too…

  • stacy - love it! i’ve been looking for good/inexpensive children’s hangers… why i didn’t i think of ikea?!?

  • Kari - Ashley, is there an IKEA near BA or Tulsa?

  • AshleyAnn - The closest IKEA to Oklahoma is in Frisco, Texas…

  • evie s. - I love these! They are darling.

  • Serina - Hello there! I stumbled upon your blog while googling around for some DIY baby hanger inspiration and ideas, and it is just lovely! You take very inspiring photos.

    These are the hangers that I created taking direction from your post:

  • Amy G. - Did you mod-podge the whole thing or just over the cutout?

  • Jude from Colour Giggles - I love this idea, and can’t wait to make some of these hangers. So many options with the little images as well, thanks for some great inspiration!

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  • That Cute Little Cake - Thank you so much for this lovely idea. I made some for a friend’s daughter and they turned out beautiful !
    Come and see if you wish @
    Have a sweet day

  • Jennifer Siegel - i have tried this before and struggled with the coating on the hangers…tried the ones from Container Store. Ikea is a bit of a drag to get to for me but if I tell you the hours I tried sanding and priming and nothing worked! Ikea here I come!

  • DIY {closet dividers} » - […] but mine is far from that. My daughter’s, however, is shaping up quite cutely. Remember the hangers I made? Well, now there are dividers too. Necessary…probably not. Fun to make…yes. Good gift […]

She loves to be outside – no question about that. She’s enjoyed the shady areas at the pool several times now, but with chasing her brothers I haven’t had the chance to get any pictures. While the boys enjoyed time with their grandparents – I enjoyed a little time with my daughter. The sky was overcast and we had an umbrella to hide under when clouds parted. I’m not much for sitting by the pool (I’d rather be in it), but it was fun to sit with her….

Photo Tips: With every subject there are TONS of angles you can shoot at. Try to change up your angle and how close/far you are from your subject. These are not intended to be “portraits”, but more the story of her at the pool. The lighting never changed and neither did my settings:

50mm lens



ISO 100

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  • christina larsen - I love it.

  • Shannon Phillips - Ooh I just want to kiss her!

  • jessica - What a cutie! She is stretched out to get an even tan … :-)

  • Jeannette Swan - Beautiful, as always.

  • Sophie - So very beautiful

  • jasie - do you even bother resisting kissing those pits? love them!

  • amanda torres - So so so so so precious! Doesn’t she just melt your heart?

  • brittney hale - I have spent most of my morning “snooping” around your blog and must say “i love it”. i have 5 boys so i could relate to much of your post- im sure your new little girlie is a nice change of pace. your work is fabulous and im very inspired by u to get my act together and craft.

  • Sarah - What a Malibu Barbie!! She’s adorable!!

  • Ayesha - i cant tell you how much you rock love it expecially the bubs in between the legs xxx

  • Melissa - I feel more relaxed just looking at her

  • PamperingBeki - Oh honey, those are so completely precious!!