A few months back I contacted Little Dresses for Africa to see if they would be interested in a little website makeover. Their site was meeting all their needs, but I just had an itch to help with some changes if they were interested. They said “yes” and we set to work. I contacted ProPhoto to ask if they would consider donating a template since Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit and all donations go directly to getting dresses to those in need. ProPhoto GENEROUSLY agreed and I am excited to say the new site is live. Please go check it out and let me know what you think of the new look!

Here’s a peek at the frontpage of the old site:1009ldfaold1

And here is a peek of the frontpage of the new site:1009ldfanew1

If you are a photographer looking for a blog template I highly recommend checking out ProPhoto custom blogs. If you choose to purchase one, use the code ASHCAM473 to get $10.00 off your purchase. I obviously love my ProPhoto blog. The customer service there is top-notch and I have nothing but good to say about their product.


I also want to thank Evie Houston designs for donating time and creativity in creating new print pieces for the organziation. Thanks Evie!

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  • melanie - the website turned out great! Good job!!

  • christina larsen - Great job.

  • Camille Garrison - Ok so you are so great! I am from Utah, but am living in Africa right now for a year (with my husband’s job) and so this post hit home! I love Africa and I love that you’re helping. You’re an amazing photographer and an inspiration!

  • Rachel - as a graphic designer this inspires me to seek out other organizations to offer my services to! if there are ever any projects you would like to collaborate on for charity i would LOVE to. thanks for the inspiration and doing this!

  • denise - AWESOME Ashley!!!! Love it love it!

  • ElleBows - Ashley! The website looks amazing and it’s very easy to navigate through. I have some vintage pillowcases that would be perfect for this cause. Can’t wait to get started!

  • bopha - very cool, it’s great to see other’s generosity as well.

  • Rachel O'Neill - We are so excited about it and so grateful for the help. The comments we are getting are wonderful and a further assurance that this mission will continue to grow. Thank you Ashley for jumping in and thanks to Jared for the awesome donation. Love and gratitude, Rachel

  • Carla - it looks so wonderful!! this is such a great project to undertake, and you did amazing. well done!

  • Evie Houston - Thanks Ashley for the shout out!

  • kelly - What an awesome thing to do! It looks amazing, of course!!

  • April Whalen - how do you know evie? i’ve know her for years and her husband’s family forever. love them!

  • Kate - Oh I love the new website look! Wonderful job!

  • pamela - i knew it!!! i remember checking the site when you first began talking about it, and thought that it looked similar to most volunteer/nonprofit/grassroots/religious groups i had seen before. you all did such an amazing job! how kind of you all to do this. your photos are so intense they really lend the website beauty that conveys their mission!

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  • Jessica - I came across Little Dresses for Africa last spring and fell in love with the organization. I’ve followed your blog for a while but didn’t realize you did a site redesign for them until I searched for it. I just blogged about the organization and included your site redesign too! Keep up the good work :)


It arrived…my prize from the Amy Butler Midwest Modern contest. The fabric is super fun, but I have NO CLUE how to read patterns! So I guess I am going to be learning. The patterns I received look beautiful and the software looks amazing. The software has lots of patterns that you can customize and change digitally…oh to figure that out one day. I am stoked (to use one of my husband’s favorite words) to learn….I hope my mom is as excited to teach me:)

I originally thought I would use the fabric I won for my Craft Hope quilt, but it hadn’t arrived yet and I really needed to get started (seeing how I have never made a quilt before). I rummaged through my fabric piles and choose some that coordinated. I didn’t use all these, but they gave me a place to start. I will say I was intentional on the fabric I chose. I always thought my first quilt would be for my daughter, but I think one day she will be happier to know that my first quilt went to a child that really needed it. I didn’t want to just use fabric I had around and didn’t like so I picked specific fabrics for specific reasons. (I think about things way too much!). I chose the fabric that was used as curtains in my oldest son’s nursery, fabric from my daughter’s quilt, fabric given to me as a gift and fabric I had bought for myself because I liked it so much.1009quilt-07

I will say it is much easier to work when kids are asleep and though I do take advantage of that time, I also try to be intentional about making certain things when they are awake. I wanted my boys to be a part of making this quilt so I included them in whatever way they wanted to help. Big Brother wanted to help lay out fabric then he wanted to test it to see if it would work good for Hop Scotch – since he knew the kid getting it would want to play Hop Scotch!1009quilt-08

Littlest Brother doesn’t understand all of it, but he loves his blankets and he knows we are making a blanket as a present for another kid to keep warm.1009quilt-09

The finished top part. Obviously I am not a quilter so I chose to do a VERY simple block pattern that I made up as I went.

I really like it…I want to keep it…I can’t wait to give it away!1009quilt-10

I attempted to get some pictures of Baby Sister on it. Her brothers tried to help me get her to look at the camera. Big Brother is blowing a kazoo while pointing to the camera. It didn’t work.1009quilt-12

He kept blowing it at her and she just closed her eyes ignoring him…cracked me up, frustrated him.

I wish you could hear the loud annoying sound to appreciate how funny her response is!1009quilt-13

Turns out I had to wait until the boys took naps to get a good shot or two.


Again here I go thinking too much, but thought went into these pictures as well. My grandmother (you have to click on that link to see how cute my grandparents are) snuck me this dress a while back. It was my grandpa’s as a newborn…in 1926!!! I’ve had it for a while trying to figure out what kind of picture to do with it for him. My grandma is a tremendous quilter…she is non-stop quilting and giving those quilts away. Since this is my first quilt and one that will be given away I thought it was a perfect backdrop to use my grandpa’s dress (not sure what to call it for baby boys). I love that this picture of her has pieces of two of her great-grandparents in it. Today is also my grandma’s birthday…Happy Birthday Grandma!

Surprise Grandpa…hope you like these! Prints are coming your way.1009quilt-20

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  • Valerie - Love this post! Too cool that you won all the Amy Butler goodness, and I can’t wait to see eventually what you make with all of it. Your quilt top looks great — what a good reminder that I need to get on the ball and finish mine. And the beautiful shot of your baby made me smile, especially seeing the full-body shot that your grandpa will especially approve of. ;)

  • christina larsen - Wow. I love the fabric for the quilt and the pictures of your kiddos with the quilt. Good luck on completing it. I also love the patterns you won, congrats. It sounds like you mom will be helping you interpret them, but if you need help; I do know how to read a pattern.

  • Jeannette Swan - I don’t even know what to say. How amazing and touching!! I love the pictures and the process, you are simply amazing!!

  • Emily Beaty - I love that last one of Baby Sister in the dress, on the quilt. So special!!

  • Jenny Lynn - the last picture is precious.
    i love the quilt and i definitely think all the thought that you put into it is awesome.

  • Tess S - what a beautiful quilt! it’s so lovely. i’m looking into some fabrics to make a quilt for my daughter, and you’ve inspired me to get moving on it!
    I adore your sentiment.

  • carrie - Her patterns are pretty easy to follow. My mom has a quilt ministry here in town. She says they come together fast! Can’t wait to see them!

  • ashlee - your quilt is beautiful!!! and Amy’s patterns are fantastic! i love the new shirt/jacket/dress one…i just saw that one on her website:)

  • patti - what a beautiful first quilt! well done.

  • sheridan - such a thoughtful post and process to hear you go through! thank you for sharing and i LOVED the one of sister closing her eyes through the craziness of her brothers.

  • PamperingBeki - That fabric is YUMMY!
    But baby girl is even yummier.

    I’m a complete fabric ho and I can’t even sew. It’s pathetic!
    Doesn’t stop me from buying it though. :)

  • amber - WOW gorgeous patterns! Greta prize win! Congrats!

  • Catherine - I love that second last photo so much. Love the story behind it too – just beautiful.

  • bopha - love the quilt, another talent to add to your reportoire (sp?).

  • christi - i love this post! your quilt is beautiful. i love all the headbands you put on your daughter … do you make them or buy them?

  • Meagan - Ashley, that is so special! I’m sure your grandparents are going to LOVE those pictures! Breese looks so beautiful against that quilt (which is looking awesome BTW!)! I have picked out some of the fabric for mine, but I really need to get going on it since it’s my first too…I’m going really simple also…

  • Jaimie - I so love that quilt! I wish I could do that or sew. At all. The kids are precious.

  • Ashlee Archibald - these are gorgeous pictures! :) And I clicked to see how cute your grandparents are and I started tearing up at the second picture. Best. picture. ever.

  • joyce & Ken - What a surprise. Had no idea that I once wore a dress. Sometimes when I view pictures of by beautiful great granddaughter, I sorta get choked up.

  • ashley - Hey Ashley! Can you tell me what the name of the yellow and gray fabric is? It is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Hope you can remember!

    P.S. My name is Ashley Ann too. Smart moms,huh?

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