So here is the post I know many of you have been waiting for….new SnapShop dates. I am only announcing two new dates at this time. There are only 10 slots available for each one and it is a first to email me ( gets the slots. Please email me your first choice date, but if that date is booked and you are open to another date please indicate that in your email…drumroll please….the dates are:

September 26th BOOKED

October 24th BOOKED

Plan on the SnapShops lasting all day, more information on registration and when payment of $199.00 is due will be mailed to those who email me to reserve the spots. For more detailed information on SnapShops look under the “info” tab for the SnapShop page or visit my website.

I do plan on doing several in the spring. Since part of the SnapShop includes an outdoor mini-shoot, there will not be any during the winter months. I am considering doing a SnapShop on a Friday or a weekday. If you would be interested in that leave me a comment or send an email.

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  • Stacey Zahn - I would be interested in a weekday class! Please let me know if anything opens up this fall!

Funny that just yesterday I posted about how the session side of my photography business is on hold and then today I post a session. Figures it would work that way. I have been anxiously awaiting when I could post this session. We did it in May, but had to wait until after the wedding to post some. Christi was my first bride to opt for a downtown setting…we did some at a park too. It was so much fun – ideal setting, great lighting, a fun & gorgeous bride. Almost makes me want to start booking weddings again…almost, but not quite:)

Congratulations Christi (& Shane)!

Christi wanted a bit of a vintage look to the post processing – did I say how great she was! This first one she ordered a large gallery wrap canvas of. It was stunning.


What you don’t see in the picture above is the strange man sitting on stairs behind me making comments about how gorgeous Christi was…we left that spot pretty quickly. Christi, I bet you won’t forget that part of the session:)

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  • Kari - Great job Ashley, as always! I have a cousin who could pass as this young lady’s twin, especially the last photograph!

  • Shannon Phillips - I was wondering if you were going to post this one. I remember seeing you that day. These are just stunning Ashley!

  • christina larsen - Beautiful as ALWAYS!

  • Liz - these are beautiful!!

  • Jill J - I especially like the 2nd one down with the tree rows behind her. And her flowers are gorgeous!

  • Melanie Ann - Simply gorgeous. I love them especially the vintage feel. Great job!

  • meg duerksen - BEautiful!!!

  • Rebekah Jean - Fantastic…I bet she loved these! The new blog theme is amazing too… the look and the concept!

  • Kristin White - Looking at these pictures makes me want to get married again (to my husband of course) just to have you take our pictures! Love the new website too!

  • Leisha - Your blog is beautiful! I can’t get over the wonderful pictures of the family at the top. (The bride was gorgeous too) Very creative photos-I’m loving it.

  • Christi Bjornberg - Ashley, I have fallen in love with the pictures all over again! Thank you so much! They are just BEAUTIFUL!

    Christi Bjornberg

  • Angie - Beautiful! I’m so blessed to have Christi as my sister-in-law!


So you all had some pretty creative guesses on what I had in the works. Many of them made me laugh…pregnant, adopting, renewing wedding vows…those are BIG things. A blog makeover is a pretty SMALL thing! It was fun to read what you wrote, I think I’ll have to do something like that again. If you are wondering why the change…well it was just time. Over the course of the last year this blog has changed so much. What used to be a place to post sneak peeks for clients has become more of all inclusive creative outlet for me. I guess I am a blogger now:)For those wondering about my photography business – it is still on hold. Right now I am enjoying teaching SnapShops and I don’t forsee starting up sessions again anytime in the near future. Life is good at home with 4 kids and I just can’t juggle the demands of what sessions include right now. The blog content won’t be changing much – I was just ready to remove the “photography” part of the blog name. I am contemplating adding some small advertisements at the bottom. You can see a couple there now. I did a new “About Me” page and “SnapShop” page under the “info” tab. If you are interested in advertising, let me know. I have a lot of details to work out on that.

So…what do you think of the new makeover? Are the slideshow pictures slow to load? Comments please!

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  • Lisa - Oh, I love it! I think the slideshow at top is the perfect speed. It loaded right away for me.

  • Meagan - Love it! Of course, I am obsessed with birds right now, so of course I love it!

  • Shanalea - first off, i love the brothers “wrastlin” in the yard. I hope and pray that mine will continue to love each other and “play” together their whole lives. The blog makeover looks great too.

  • Cath - I love the makeover =) Looks great! Although I don’t comment very often I go to your blog everyday and I love your photos! You’re such an inspiration!

  • amanda m - I love the makeover!! I am a loyal blog stalker of yours. And the makeover couldn’t be better. The slideshow pictures aren’t slow at all. Eveything looks perfect.
    Keep the DIY’s coming…I enjoy those the most!

  • Kari - Love it!!!! You did great!

  • amanda torres - Love it! Looks great!

  • Jeannette Swan - Awesome!!

  • lesley - Great job & love it! I still don’t get the clues though – I’m going to have to go back through those :)

  • Melissa - I think it’s lovely – what a perfect name.

  • christina larsen - I love it. I guess our guesses were a little too big, but it was fun guessing.

  • Lauren Roberts - I love it Ash! It’s wonderful!

  • sheridan - Looks great! I love it all…pictures load great, loved your about me section, but mostly love littlest brothers face in all these photos!

  • Sara - Very fun blog makeover. I love your photography style and am so inspired by your work. I would enjoy an Advanced Class/SnapShop if you ever offer it. And I enjoy all your DIY posts. Thanks for sharing.

  • Shannon Phillips - Just STUNNING! Great use of the alphabet bling. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life…an inspiration to us all.

  • becky - Love it! I really enjoy the family pics – reminds me of my boys and we’ve just been blessed with a little girl too. I love the DIY…very inspiring. Hopefully I’ll be in town sometime when you’re doing a snap shop!

  • kelly - Love it!! It looks fantastic (of course!).

  • pamela - it looks so great! i’m happy you are a “blogger” and have recomended you to many of my friends. especially ones with kids. your creativity and positive attitude are infectious!

  • grace - Yes, I too love the changes! I would also be interested in ad space on your blog so if you could contact me with some pricing info I’d love it! email:

  • Sarah - Precious! Just love the idea!

  • Mandy B - I liked your updated “about me” section…however, I would like to know the 10 songs you have playing in your head.

  • Saundra Fowler - Absolutely love it!!! Your blog has been one of my favorite blogs to read!

  • Lindsey P - Love it!! You are so talented. I clicked on your blog one day just surfing around on the internet, and now I check it almost daily! You have a beautiful family :)

  • erin conrad - so great! nicely done.

  • bren - The new design is beautiful! The banner photos set the perfect tone for the site and the new tabs make it so easy to find things. I love the newest photos of your boys too!