And the winner of the Jackie Rueda photograph is: Jana Rogers! I read all the comments you all post and I remember reading her’s early on in the contest.

The winner is chosen using Random Number Generator. Here is what Jana wrote,

“I could see myself cleaning house in a dress with pearls….Now really who does that????”


That is funny. Another funny thing is how much a haircut changes the look of my son! It was time for the backyard spring haircut.

I do prefer his shaggy look, but it is getting hot and that shag was getting sweaty. Sweaty boys stink.

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  • Sophie - Aww, he looks so adorable!
    I too love the longer hair on him, but sometimes it’s just not practical, is it?
    He seems to have a very angelic expression in the second picture (:

  • Susanne - We just got my son’s (2 1/2 yrs) hair cut for the summer… he looks six now :::sigh:::

  • jessica h - both of those faces make me smile! so cute!!

I enjoying sharing with you what the SnapShop attendees shoot the day of the workshop. I picked two from each attendee (from the May class) that sent me some to post today. Remember these ladies are shooting in full manual mode (many for the very first time) while trying to listen to me holler out things and work around 10 other photographers. I am pretty proud of them.

I also wanted to share a few things some past SnapShop attendees have written me….

“It really was great.  I learned so, so much.  I had no idea what my camera could do.  It’s kind of like taking your first math class after you get a calculator. I’ve been practicing a lot, and that is definitely the key to getting better after your lessons!” Jill Ridener

“I really liked the organization and the flow of the sessions.  They were very easy to understand and then apply.  I am a very visual person, so the examples of the basic rules of composition were very helpful.  I also liked the hands time, it was great to be able to apply what we were learning as the day progressed.” Serena Lowe

“It helped dramatically to have you tell us where you would stand in a shoot and what angles to try while we were out.  Also, during our lessons it helped for you to show good AND bad composition of similar pictures and why.  (plus showing me chopped off hands made me feel like you ARE actually human too and silly shots happen to everyone!)” Andrea Jett

“I loved being able to go outside and practice shooting. I think I learn the most when I am able to practice what I have learned in an environment where I can still ask questions. I didn’t have a least favorite part, I enjoyed the entire day!” Amy Finney


by Sarah D.


by Suzanne G.


by Kendra H. (she sent me a pre-made collage…overachiever!:))


by Amie H.


by Amy K.


by Tanya R.

Finally I thought I’d share a little before and after of what a difference a little post processing can make. This is Suzanne’s picture. I think she got a great shot. Sometimes we all shoot a photo that is a little overexposed (too bright) or a little underexposed (too dark). If you have basic photo editing software you can tweak it a bit. On this picture I adjusted the Curves, increased the contrast and did a web sharpening. Kaboom.

The next 2010 SnapShop is next weekend…wow that seemed to sneak up on me fast! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  • Alba - If your teacher is good in all senses, you have great students.

  • ashlee - these snap shop posts make me so excited for the May class!! i can’t wait to see what my camera can do:)

  • Sarah - Thank you for posting the before and after. I love seeing how you adjusted the picture.

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I’m sure the artistic energy of being with other aspiring photographers is so encouraging. Wanna come to the Southwest?

  • jay - would you mind sharing your secret to good collage. the ones you make and ones that are here. thank you for your time! happy day!

  • Patty - Wow those shots have such amazing clarity!

  • Kate - Oh, amazing pictures! Great job everyone!

  • Melanie S - I’m sure they had a blast learning from you. And thanks for posting the tip on the whole post processing!

  • christina - Great photos and blog! I am so hooked!
    Any ideas where that white dress with the orange flowers is from?

  • Crystal - I had the same question as Christina. That white dress is almost as beautiful as the model wearing it! Wish I knew where to buy it…

Just a note….I am WAY behind on answering questions in the comment section and emails. I will catch up on emails, but probably not the comment section questions.

If it is pressing, send me an email.

Growing up I had contests with my grandpa over who could eat the most blueberry muffins. Back in the day this girl could eat her weight in those things. Looks like my daughter might follow in her mommy’s footsteps. It also looks like one batch of blueberry muffins will no longer feed my kids. The boys easily finish a pan of 12…my food bill is starting to get scary.

She had been eyeing her brother’s muffins and then saw me approaching her with one.

After she finished the first one she started looking for the second….but she got butternut squash instead.

PHOTO TIP: Well I am not sure how much of a tip this is, but I wanted to point out she doesn’t have a bib on. For special occasions…like her first blueberry muffin….I deal with the extra mess on the clothes to have cuter pictures. Bibs can be cute, but I like the look without them.

Update: To answer Heidi’s question in the comments….”Yes” I am standing on the table for one.

Reminder: Google Reader isn’t reliable with my blog…it won’t show updates.

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  • Alba - Unbeliable! I always wonder how you can catch those faces 😉 Lovely!

  • Heidi - Cute!
    Are you standing on the table, too?

  • Sarah - too cute! it doesn’t look like she made much of a mess with it. that muffin must have been goooood!!

  • amanda torres - You need a second photo tip on here. Tip #2-Have a cute baby. The End.

  • Yuliana - I agree with Amanda!!!
    She is beautiful!

  • raychel - She is just soooo adorable!!!

  • Anna Joy - she is so beautiful! i love her wrinkly nose smile!

  • Rachel Ridd - a agree with amanda! she is such a cutie!

  • Lindsay - I love her! She is just beautiful – those eyes! Thanks for showing these. Something as simple as getting on the table to get a different view really makes a huge difference. Thanks for your tips! They really help!

  • Jaimie - So precious! I prefer no bibs too. There really is nothing better than “first food experience” photos.

  • ashlee - i love the look on her face…she would fight you for that muffin!! great point with the no bib…then again im bad to remember to put a bib on anyway. it would probably help tremendously with the stains:) she is such a cutie!

  • Shanalea Atchison - I am learning that one of anything is not going to work for much longer. When #4 starts eating real food it will be scary. Boys eat alot even when they are small.

  • jessica h - the first pic was my favorite…that face is so cute!! thanks for explaining the bib thing, I saw it but I didn’t NOTICE it :)

  • Martina - I love her expressions! That first photo melts my heart! And your perspectives are so interesting. I love the shot from overhead where you can see muffin that landed on the ground and the shot of her feet in the high chair. Your photography is so inspiring! (And your kids are adorable!)

  • Cate O'Malley - i am begging you. no more pictures with that adorably cute little nose scrunch. can’t stand it much longer.

  • Lindsey - Oh i love her faces! Too cute for words! I also love love love that onesie!

  • holly - Is that your new concrete table? I am dying to see it and hear all about it!!

  • Jodi - I love the look of “why are you way up there mommy”? She is adorable.

  • Liene - She is so cute!

  • kristen - oh this is adorable. my little girl is just about 10 months and i can totally relate! we can’t do bibs at our house because two seconds after i put them on her they are immediately on the floor. she’s tricky.

  • katherinemarie - Priceless!!! I’m with you– I often find myself standing on my table and kitchen counters to get just the right shot… can you imgine if someone walked in? They would think we were nuts! I think your sweetie looks so much like your hubs. Do you have a pic of him at this age?

  • Amanda Ware - I am a stalker and I gave you an award! I LOVE your blog!

  • Alisa - so cute… you totally inspire me to get in there and document the normal day to day stuff….. :)

  • Kate - Sooo beautiful!

  • jay - muffin-approaching face is priceless! :) happy day!

  • j cole - I LOVE this child! Too precious!

  • Andrea - so cute! i love babies!

  • robyn - the picture of her toes in the high chair (my 1 year old always sits like that- and i have a baby feet “thing”)… what were your settings to get the background so blurry. i could do it if i played around a LONG time but to get it in the moment im not fast enough… help!

  • Taryn Smith - She is ADORABLE!

  • Katie H - I have been looking at your blog for sometime, but have never commented. I love all of your photography work. I recently got a dslr and am loving it, but struggling to really grasp everything (common feeling I am sure). I am curious, what lens did you use on the third picture, and what were your camera settings? Thanks! Love it!

  • Elle - I’m sure I’ve commented this before BUT… she is SO animated. I love all her little facial expressions.

  • Jen - So CUTE! I love babies that love to eat! I have a 3y/o boy and a 2y/o girl who will eat their weight in apples. Evelyn my youngest is 8 1/2M and its looking like she is going to be Lumber Jack #3. I fear for my grocery bill come their teen years.