Now I admit this DIY tutorial is more of a joke than for serious purposes, but HEY I figured there are others of you out there that would like to rock it with a bit of glam. We recently became the owners of RockBand and I like to pretend I can sing – which I totally can’t. AND singing is more fun when the mic has a bit of sparkle. The boys think it is funny and “gross”. The bigger deal they make out of it only encourages me more – one day they’ll figure that out. So here’s to you Carrie!

My inspiration:


Step 1: Cut your fabric to size. I didn’t use actual measurements…

Step 2: Sew the long edges together

Step 3: Put it on your arm and rock it 80s style


Step 4: Sew down one of the shorter edges. Probably better to use matching thread, but I didn’t have any on hand.

Step 5: Measure how long it needs to be to overlap with velcro

Step 6: Sew down the other edge (don’t judge my master sewing skills)


Step 7: Take a break and laugh at your son trying to teach his baby sister how to sing in the mic. There is about a foot clearance between her crib and the sewing machine.


Step 8: Sew down a strip of velcro on the under side

Step 9: Sew down the opposite velcro on the top side. This piece will be sewn on a bit diagonally if the mic is wider at the top and narrow at bottom

Step 10: Make sure it all fits together


You can tell by the coloring of the pictures that this tutorial didn’t just happen in 5 mintues (though it should have). I got about 1 step done at a time over 3 days…hence the daylight and night flash pictures. Oh the joys of creating with 4 kids in the mix! And there you go…a glam RockBand mic cover.


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  • Kari Sanchez - LOVE IT! My daughter received a microphone for Christmas and loves Carrie Underwood- this is great! She loves to sing in church…haha, Baptist Church meets Rock Star microphones!!! Thanks Ashley!

  • Jeannette Swan - You are hilarious!! Rock on!!

  • Erin - That’s awesome, Carrie Underwood better watch out!

  • Lesley - Too funny! I think I need one of these for my mic now :)

  • christina larsen - Thanks for the laugh this morning. :)

  • Amber Zimmerman - Haha. . .I love this! My fave tutorial of the year. ;-) For my next karaoke performance maybe? ;-)

  • Rachel - Oh my gosh, so funny! Love it!

  • Kara - totally brightened my day! Thanks!

  • amanda torres - Girl, you are one HOT Rock Star!

  • ashlee - you are too funny!!!

  • the inadvertent farmer - You are one rockin’ mama…great job! Kim

  • Jess - I am totally going to have to make one of those for my mom! She would love it!

  • Lacey McKay - You are too cute!

Green Country (the area of the state I live in) was under a blizzard warning on Christmas Eve…the 3rd blizzard warning in recorded state history. All that wind and snow meant we’d have to dig out winter garb to go outside. I used to like the snow, but now trying to get so many little kids bundled up only to have them last a few minutes outside – well, it just doesn’t seem worth it. I might like it again when they can dress themselves. We’ll see. Nonetheless, we had our snow and our fun 10 minutes (then the tears started from snow in the face). Now it can melt and not come back until next winter. I miss you summer.

Once dressed he couldn’t move and just fell backwards….all the padding kept him from hurting himself.12.09snow-04

See…he kind of thought it was funny.12.09snow-03

I know it looks like the greatest day…a white Christmas. However, the fun was so short lived and we had chicken tacos at home instead of turkey at Nana’s. Are you tired of me complaining? I’ll stop now. They do look pretty cute in that beautiful snow.12.09snow-05b12.09snow-06

I understand. I understand. Let’s go in. You can have some hot chocolate and I’ll have a caramel latte.12.09snow-08

Oh, so you like it now that you realize you can eat it? I love you.12.09snow-09

Here’s some marshmallows…and a side of hot chocolate.12.09snow-10

Then a few days later it warmed up a bit and I admit to having nearly 30 minutes of fun outside with only one little boy crying due to snow in his face. I won major “coolest mom” ever points with the older boys when I single handedly built a rather large snow fort. My body will be paying me back in the days to come.

12.09xmas2-0412.09xmas2-02I was ready to get the house back to normal and the pretty much dead Christmas tree out the door. I would have just thrown it on the side of the house, but Chris and the boys had other plans.


Google Reader does not pick up this blog…don’t subscribe

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  • Alba - my kids would love to have tones of snow around the house. We just had a really wet xmas. But I do understand you, laundy staff is boring and tyring (since I follow your blog I always have wondered how many washing machines are you doing (i don’t know the exact word for it) every single day? we are only four, and it really annoys me).

  • Shannon Phillips - So fun. When the snow started falling I thought to myself “Oooo, I can’t wait to see Ashley Ann’s photos of her kids playing in the snow.” Thanks for always giving us blog readers something beautiful to look forward to. ;) We don’t mind the complaining.

  • Carissa - This is cracking me up because I just posted something similar on my blog about the incredible amount of time it took to bundle my kids up in their millions of layers of clothes to take them sledding. I said the same thing….I AM READY FOR SUMMER. Swimsuits are so much easier!

  • Trina - tee hee … try living in Canada

  • christina larsen - I enjoyed my white Christmas, but am seriously ready for all of it to be gone; and wait, did you hear? More snow today!!! Ugh! :)

  • susie whyte - break out some large mixing bowls or rubbermaids, pile the snow in and dump it in your bath tub. we use to do that when we were little. great photo fun.

  • Anna Marie - Seriously…I strongly dislike having this much snow. We live in Missouri and haven’t had this much snow before Christmas in a long, long time. My husband and I agree that if we ever move it will be south. Even 45 minutes north of us gets a ton more snow and ice.

  • Lisa Johnson - I love the snow in the bathtub idea! I wish I had thought of that when I had a houseful of little ones. I totally feel your pain. I always felt guilty for my inner groaning, but snow can be a serious pain when you have lots of little ones. All that effort for such a tiny amount of joy.
    I love the bathing suit picture. I had one year when my kids were 5 and under when no one wore anything except bathing suits for the entire summer. It was great because I could fit 5 kids worth of clothes in one drawer and almost no laundry. I love to read your blog! It brings back sweet memories. I just wish I could go back in time and do it with as much style as you do!

  • Lesley - This post makes me think of the country song, “Some Beach.” And, I love the snowman!!!

  • Shanalea - I must admit I am a Cali girl now and love the snow when I can go and visit it. If it is in the 50s I am freezing and pull out the heavy coat. Yes, I am a wimp when it comes to being cold.

  • chantelle - love your blog…..we are from snowy Canada (prairies, snow from november till march or april! ug!) and I can top your getting 3 toddlers ready with many tales of 20-30 kindergartens to get dressed 4 times a day! ahhh-even though I am on mat leave right your stories ring close to home! It gets better when they can get themselves ready, you are right!
    …..I like to use the “Santa only visits those who can do up their own coats…in moments of desperation!
    Your stories are great and ideas the most creative I have come across in along time! I must add you tomy lis tof favs right now!!!!!!!

  • Ashley C - I love that Christmas tree in the snowy yard…my mom would put ours on the porch until it just couldn’t go any longer…she was cool like that too!

  • Amanda Mc - I love the pic of littlest brother falling over from all the clothes! Hahahaha!! It reminded me of the little brother on the movie “The Christmas Story”.

  • bopha - looks like hudson passed the old lightning mcqueen boots down to rett, can’t get rid of them, can you :)

  • the inadvertent farmer - Hubby and I spent last night…after our first snowfall of the year…on the internet looking for places to live in Hawaii when we retire, I kids you not.

    I am soooooooooooo with you on loving summer! Kim

  • Darcy - Fantastic photos and good fun with your boys – as usual, even when you don’t like snow. You’re such an inspiration. Someday I wanna travel down to OK and take one of your classes. I just did my first senior photo shoot – for free of course! :) I’ve been learning more from the settings you label your photos with. If you have time, please stop by and tell me what you think. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and adorable family!

  • becky - I thought I didn’t miss the snow until we just got to play in it for the first time in the 8 years I’ve been living in California. Just drove back home – snowing in Oklahoma to 68 in Cali. I actually miss the snow!

Well we sure had our white Christmas. The snow and ice were fun for about 5 minutes.  The large amounts of time together as a family made up for the craziness outside. If you are wondering about all the mattresses in the living room…well every Christmas Eve Eve we all sleep under the Christmas tree (got that idea from our friend Mary). The boys basically wrestle all night. I am pretty sure Christmas Eve Eve living room wrestling matches will be a big part of their childhood Christmas memories.

Here’s a few peeks at our Christmas (no crazy ice will keep my dad from grilling the Christmas ham):


I do want to point out one of Baby Sister’s Christmas presents. 3 of her cousins (girls 9, 11, 11) worked together to make her this hat. So thoughtful of them and I am pretty impressed by it. Thanks girls!


On Christmas Eve blizzard conditions hit our state. I left my parent’s and headed home with the kids. Chris headed to the church for our Christmas Eve service. After the service ended he called to say he was headed home. At this point it was dark out, windy and snowing hard. About 5 minutes later he called to say he slid off the road, was stuck and the tow company said due to the weather it would be at least 8 hours before they could help him. (Both of our cars decided to stop working last week, he was in my grandparent’s SUV and I was left without a way to get to him). Did I mention this was Christmas Eve? He hung up in order to save his phone battery and I gathered the boys. We prayed and asked God for someone to be kind enough to stop and help daddy get home. Fifteen minutes later the phone rang again. “Jim” saw Chris stranded, pulled his truck over, unwrapped a brand new tow cable and helped Chris get back on the road. I told the boys what happened and Biggest Brother exclaimed, “God answered our prayer! He sent an angel named Jim!” So to Jim and his family – thank you for getting out in a blizzard to help my guy get home. Thanks for being a little late to celebrate the evening with your family, so that my family could be together. Thank you Jim.

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  • Shannon Phillips - I am so glad that you were able to be together on Christmas eve. What an amazing God we have. I love your sweet 16 Christmas photos. I did the same exact thing for tomorrows post with the circles! Tell your Dad that I would love some of that ham. :)

  • Brooke - Just wanted to say thank you for the comment on my blog, and your children are precious! I love little sister’s hat! What a wonderful gift. So glad to know you were all safe and able to be together Christmas Eve!

  • christina larsen - What a wonderful story. We slid all the way home on Christmas eve, too. Was wanting a white Christmas, not an icy Christmas.

  • Emily - So glad to hear how God took care of Chris & got him home safely! I love your Christmas collage, and Baby Sister’s hat is just precious!! Her cousins did such a great job!

  • Kate - Yeah, Jim!

  • amanda torres - Love the mattress idea, and your Christmas Eve miracle!

  • Steph - Very sweet! Last year Utah was hit with a huge storm on Christmas Day. As nice as it is to have a white Christmas it sure makes traveling anywhere a complete nightmare!
    I’m so glad your hubby made it home quickly & safely!
    It looks like you & your family had a wonderful Christmas.

  • Georgia - I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I check it every few days if not daily, and it is a little treat for my day. You have a craft project which I love seeing or a great story and/or pictures about your precious children. Thanks for taking the time to share your life.

  • Georgia - PS We had a Christmas Eve miracle, too. We left that morning to drive to my parents’ house in West Texas. Four hours later we were back home after a round trip to Oklahoma City. (the first miracle, we were so thankful to make it home safely) We weren’t going to be able to pick up our dog until Saturday because the vet had closed at noon, 1 hour before we got back. But since we drive right by there, I decided to try. It was dark, no one visible but I knocked on the door anyway. Josie’s sweet vet, Dr. Hooley poked his head out of the other door, and let me in to get our mutt. He had come up that moment to check the doors before leaving for the day. I know it seems dumb to want your dog at home, but it meant so much to us and just a little “hug” from the heavenly Father.

  • Lisa - Wow, I have goosebumps. Thank heaven for Jim!!! What a scary 15 minutes you must have had, but everything turned out ok :-)

  • ashlee - Isn’t God so good!!!

  • Charla Lane - I was @ the Christmas Gathering and have been following your blog. You take the most extraordinary pictures. I was especially excited to see your pirate patches, then noticed the Christmas pic with the pirate hat and patch, I have two boys they are both into pirates, one is having a pirate b-day and I wanted to know where you got the hat it is EXTRA cute.