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Over the past few weeks I know I’ve gained a lot of new readers, so I wanted to point out that some of my more family related posts are password protected. If you would like the password just send me a note via the blog contact form and let me know how you found the blog (if you remember!). For those with the password, it never changes so keep it…

Just because it makes me smile…my boys camping in their “tent”:

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  • Jamie Dickerson - Hey Ashley, more of your cute posts? I can’t pass it up. Not sure if you remember me…I went to OBU with you. McAdoo was my maiden name. Anyway, I found the blog through Ari Gilger and Samantha Akers…

  • sheena - i’m a new blurker of yours. love reading your blog! hope you don’t mind.

  • Kara - That is the cutest picture! Your boys seem like the most interesting characters! :D

  • amanda m - Hi Ashley,
    I’m a new blog lurker. I can’t remember where I found you…one favorite blog led to another that led to your blog…? Anyway, I have two boys and a little girl myself. EVERYTHING changes when that baby girl comes along. Just you wait!

  • efrat - I can’t really remember but I have so much fun discovering new ideas for my home and for my little boy…great blog keep on posting!

  • Pamela-Marie - I found you through Lifeologie blog and I love your posts, I am a christian,mum of 4 (plus 1 in heaven) and 1 grand daughter. I am getting so many ideas from you. I home schooled all my children who are now 28,23,18 and 15. My only son ,15 has ADHD . I coped pretty well with home educating him but now due to my health “challenges” I have had to put him in school. Where, Thank the Lord he is doing well.I would like a password for your posts, if you are all right with that. I live in London UK .I am looking forward to using some of your ideas with my toddler grand daughter!

  • Allyson - Hi Ashley!
    I found you through Kara Paslay’s blog…your style reminds me of my photography-guru cousin, so it’s been so fun to catch up on your postings:) I looove your sense of humor and your creativity is out of this world! Whenever I become a mother, I only HOPE I am as successful as you:)
    P.S. The fact that you can enjoy “boys being boys” so effortlessly gives me the hope that if I end up having all boys, everything will be okay. All that said, I’m still in 2009 postings and would love the password if that is still in effect.
    Keep up the inspiring work!

  • Avenlea - Hey, Ashley! I enjoy reading older blog posts. May I have the password please? I found the blog through a friend’s blog.

handy man in training

The boys have grown up around all my “projects” and usually want to be involved in the process. My parents always let my sister and I do ‘construction work’ and one of my fondest childhood memories is of playing on the floor in my grandpa’s workshop…I still love the smell of pine sawdust. Biggest Brother, especially, likes to help me…

Helping sand the paint on his sister’s floor (more pics of that later)

While Chris was gone I worked a bit on a bed for our daughter’s room. While I was sanding he said, “Mommy, that is hard work you should let me do it.” So I did and he used an electric palm sander by himself for the first time. Later in the week he helped my dad begin tearing out brick in their kitchen. One day his wife is going to be very grateful to me:)

Once the brick in my parent’s kitchen really started tumbling the boys sat on the floor to watch their pappy go to town on it.

Can you guess which son is our handful right now? Have I ever mentioned he is just like his Aunt Lesley?

I love Biggest Brother’s face in the last one…”no big deal, that’s normal”

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  • Christina Larsen - Wow, your sons’ wives’ will definitely appreciate you one day. Looks like it is non-stop adventure in your house. Fun Stuff, can’t wait to see the after pics.

  • Shanalea - Again, I can’t help but see the similarities between our boys. We are coming out this summer and definitely need to get them together. The last three are so my boys. Middle child buggin the younger. Older child saying “Oh brothers”