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First, let me say ‘thank you’ to those of you that left comments here and on Evie’s blog yesterday. Next time I am having a rough day I am so going to pull up those comments and feel encouraged. By the way…the picture Evie used, my friend Shannon took that. I never look that put together!



It is a very rare occasion that all my boys are sitting with me. Monumentally rare, in fact. So rare that it seems completely obvious that a picture should be taken. After a long, active day outside all the boys cuddled on the couch with me. I said to Chris, “You know my camera is on the table.”

Chris: “Okay.”

Me: “Could you pick it up and take a picture of this?”

Chris: “Oh…sure.”

What seems obvious to me is not always obvious to Chris. I have learned not to wait and expect him to ‘capture’ a moment. If I want a picture of something, I specifically ask. It used to frustrate me, but I have learned to get over that. (why do my children feel the need to always have a hand/finger/lego in their mouths?)

Littlest Brother wasn’t feeling so good so I carried him to my bed and just held him. The room was dark and he fell asleep in my arms….another VERY rare occasion. I kept waiting and hoping Chris would come in…and I did the loud whisper thing trying to get his attention. He came in and I had him open all the windows. Then I told him what angles I wanted…”stand on the bed over us, get a close up of his head in my hand, get a shot to show his length in comparison to me”. I had my eyes open at first, but it looked corny. I like this better. He did a GREAT job and these are moments captured I will always treasure.

I have learned to be very specific about what I want Chris to take a picture of. If I am not specfic he just takes a picture and is done with it and I am usually frustrated it wasn’t what I was wanting.  If I am specific he is usually more than willing to capture what I am wanting and we both leave happy. “Will you take a picture of us?” doesn’t work. “Will you stand on the bed and take a close up picture of his head in my hand?” Usually works much better.

*I let Chris read this before I posted it and he would like it noted that he thinks I am using too much creative license in my retelling of these events. He would also like me to give him more credit for the creativity in these pictures…he feels like I am not doing him justice. So I would like you all to know CHRIS IS AN AMAZINGLY CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHER:)(he really did get some great shots…as you can obviously see)

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  • raychel - beautiful pictures!! What precious moments! Way to help capture them Chris!

  • Mariah - Good job Daddy! I am not in any of our family’s pictures either. I’m phantom Mom… I think I need to delegate!

  • Katy O - First, I love this post because it’s a good lesson in how to communicate to my husband. Also, I just love your “My Lovelies” tab. It’s very exciting to see what you put on there. Thank you!

  • Andy - they really are great
    love them all but especaially love the first with you and all the boys.

  • Kim - You are right! Chris is also quite talented. You guys are a double whammy!

    Thanks for the tip. Just this week I was getting frustrated because I am never in photos. When I am, well … they just aren’t what I am wanting to capture (remember).

    I’m inspired by your photography every time I look at your site. Thanks for that.

  • Sophie - Such wonderful pictures Ashley, and I must say that Chris is becoming quite the photographer himself!

    It’s great to see you in some photos for once (:

  • Anna Marie - Fabulous job Chris! She has taught you well 😉

  • amanda torres - My heart is melting! All the boys just curled up on you. However, I have assessed the situation and concluded that you need to gain around 50 lbs so the kids all fit on your lap. There are far too many to sit on that itty-bitty space. Yep, 50 lbs should do it. Er-Baby Sister isn’t there…try 75 lbs…Big girls need love too.

  • Kelly - Those are the moments that make up our days as moms that will be gone so fast! I’m sending a link to this post to my husband. :)

  • Gevay - Good job Daddy Chris! A beautiful subject always helps!

  • Shannon - What a precious set of moments captured in time! I, too, am learning that I can’t get my husband to read my mind, haha! After 8 1/2 years of marriage I still forget that sometimes I just have to TELL him what I want, instead of hoping my Jedi mind tricks will be enough ;). Chris did a wonderful job!

  • Elena - So emotional and sweet photos… Great Work and so cute family!

  • Margie - Great pictures! I MUST have my husband read this post…I do the same thing to him, he will be amused to know it’s not just his wife who directs photo opps!

  • ashlee - the part about Chris at the end made me laugh:) I never think to tell my hubby to grab the camera…thanks for that!

  • christy - Awesome shots, love the b&w ones

  • Ellen - This post addresses an issue in my family. I get frustrated at my husband because he never thinks to pick up the camera. I am going to take your advice and make photo capturing a better experience for the whole family.

  • KellyK - GREAT job Chris!!

  • evie s. - Haha! My husband and I have the same discussions (I’m always the one behind the camera), he’s gotten better at taking photos of my son and I though so I have to give him credit!

  • karen davis - these are great shots!! My husband is the same way!!

  • chantelle - that is so cute, the pics are fab!- I bought a red camera bag just so my hubby could find my camera upon request! I like how you described just what you wanted-that is a great hubby photo tip!

  • Casey - Those are really great pictures! I think I should do like you just said because my hubs does pretty much the same thing, takes the picture and is done. I don’t usually get what I want.

  • Anna Joy - These are great!!!!!!! Ben is the same way…when I ask for a picture, it’s usually very blurry or someone’s head is cut off. Maybe I should ask for specifically…but then he might be annoyed. He’s not big on pictures :( I’m glad your husband is willing to at least try to capture those special moments!!!

  • Yanet - Kidos to Chris for following your instructions to a T!!! He did do a great job. Of course it helps he had too good models to work with. :) I can completely relate to capturing moments and having to instruct husband to capture them. The picture of yall on the couch captures a terrific day-to-day kind of perfectness. Make sense?

  • Yanet - Oops! I meant KUDOS to Chris. Not kIdos. Just that kids are always in the brain. Forgive a tired mother, will ya?!

  • Lisa Johnson - those pictures are treasures! Coming from a mom whose babies are almost all taller than she is, you will absolutely treasure these someday! In my mind, one of the greatest things about photography is that it keeps you mindful of those precious moments in everyday life. When I had a houseful of little ones, I was often so busy meeting needs that I sometimes neglected the intention of enjoying those treasured moments. I know I had them and soaked them up at the time, but I would love to have some images beyond my own memory to treasure. Enjoying your photography brings back lots of fond memories for me. It makes me wish I could go back in time for just a little while (can you tell my oldest is graduating this week and I’m just a tad bit emotional and sentimental 😉

  • Sarah - This is so precious. You have such a beautiful family.

  • Kristi - Those pictures are priceless! How do you not want to print and hang EVERY picture you take up in your house? Do you make all the pillows on your couch and the bed? They are so pretty!

  • the inadvertent farmer - Lol…my hubby takes my re-telling of the stories on my blog are not quite the way he remembers either!

    Tell him he did a bang-up job on those photos! Kim

  • rachel denbow - THese are so sweet and I think your brood of little men is such a treasure. Oh, to have such tender moments with our boys while they are willing to allow them!

    Good job, Chris!

  • Liene - Beautiful pictures! Littlest brother is still so tiny ….

  • Kayla - I feel the same way with my husband!! I’m glad I’m not the only one that has to remind myself to be patient and explain better. :)

  • June P - oh, so it’s okay to be be specific when asking to be photographed by your husband? :) i’ll do that from this day forward!

    great blog, Ashley. what a wonderful way to share yourself.

  • lifeologia - Oh I’m so glad you posted this. I thought I was the only one in the world that had to do the loud whisper and say grab the camera. My husband never ‘sees the moment’ but then when he looks through our photos he appreciates the extra effort that goes into making an ok shot better – or so I think 😉
    Chris you did very well! Looks like your Mother’s day gift is all done… no wait… where’s the shoot with little sister?

  • Linda - So true! I can identify; I have these same types of moments.

  • meg duerksen - i am glad to know that i am not the only photo/mom who does this. :)
    good job chris.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Great pictures! So special!

  • Beth - LOVE the photos! I have two boys, so boys just melt my heart, no matter who they belong to! :-)

    And I must ask, WHERE did those pillows on your bed come from? I LOVE the fabric! Did you make them? Do you have a post that features your bedroom somewhere?

  • Susanne - I laughed out loud because most of the time I have to ask my husband to take pictures of me with my son too when it’s just hanging around the house shots.

  • jessica h - i love it :) thanks for the advice…I am always frustrated for the same reasons, b/c I truly treasure special moments and seem to always want a photo to “document” them. Chris’ pics are super sweet–great job!

  • katherinemarie - I have to agree that your hubs is an AMAZINGLY creative photographer!!!! And he has some amazingly beautiful subjects!

  • AshleyG - Oh my gosh, this could have been my husband and I in this scenario. Thanks for this, as I too, get so frustrated sometimes wanting my husband to capture the moment, I don’t even care if it’s perfect, I just want it capured!!! lol. Thanks for this “realness” it really helped me see some perspective in myself!

  • alison - Hi! I just found your blog and I love it! I too have 3 boys and always enjoy seeing other mothers with their boys! I am usually the one taking all the pics too and not always in them. Good idea on being specific to the hubs!

  • Melissa - Ok, can I just say I almost started lactating looking at these precious photos???? Every mommy hormone and vibe went bezerk in me!!! My 2 yr old wasn’t feeling well either last weekend and she actually took a nap on my lap in a rocking chair for an hour!! She hasn’t done that since she was a newborn. Of course, my husand did take a pic, upon my request, and of course, it was the standard point shoot. Oh well. I’ll be more specific next time. :) LOVE those treasured, “capture in your heart” moments that last a lifetime. :)

  • Shannon - I just discovered your blog in the last couple weeks and have been just soaking it in. I feel like I can relate to so much of what you post, being a mom of almost 4 (next month), photographer, creative person. You have really encouraged me in your perspective on the whole mom/photographer thing. The bigger family we have the less photography I find myself able to do and after reading your blog, it dawned on me that it’s OK to quit if I need to. I am still mulling that one over. This post so hits the nail on the head – while Rich (my hus) is a photographer as well, most of the time we have 2 totally different pictures in mind when I ask him to take a picture – ending up with me being annoyed that i didn’t get what I wanted. I guess I just need to be more detailed in my requests. Great post!

  • Sarah - 1st, I had to laugh at how funny your hubby is in wanting more credit for the creative photos. That is sooo like my dear hubby too. :)

    2nd, beautiful photos! & Finally, thank you for this post. I do try to ask for others to take our pictures, however, I rarely if ever ask for something specific. I think I always think, well, at least I have a picture. But, I really do want to have those more beautiful moments/creative type photos of me with my kids. I’ve always been a little afraid to ask! So, I’m going to be braver next time around, thanks to reading this. Thank you!


  • susan - Beautiful pictures! I love the light. I am impressed that Chris even knows how to use your camera. If my camera isn’t on automatic, my husband can’t take a picture.

  • Christianne @ Little Page Turners - :) My husband sees any “tips” I give him as bossing him around! So worth it to get pictures of me and my girls, though. He’s actually really pretty good if he gets into it. I just need a brighter house – this 1930’s home is way to dark for natural light photos.

    Thanks again for this post – It’s an inspiration!

  • Kristen Duke - This post is awesome! I was just directed to it because I posted on the same thing here:

    I am a BIG advocate of mom’s getting in pictures, and I am often asking my husband to do the same things! Laughed at you loudly whispering to him, with the specific angles–I do the same thing! Love how you explained it all:)

    Kristen Duke

  • Stephanie - Thanks SO much for this post! On the rare occasions that my husband picks up the camera, he always says, “Everyone look over here! Smile!” I hate that those are the only kinds of pictures I’m in – you’d think I never just hung out with my kids. Thanks for the insight that I can actually tell him what kind of pictures I’d like! (Maybe a funny thing to have to be told, but I feel all liberated and inspired reading this post!!)

  • Clickin Moms Memebership Special | TidyMom - […] *I signed up for a year! While we’re talking photography and mom’s…….PLEASE go read this post and be inspired to include yourself in your pictures with your kids!We as mom’s just don’t do it often enough. Tips for “getting in the picture” […]

Evie asked me to do an interview on her blog in honor of Mother’s Day this week. Honestly I feel like a big dork among the moms and artists she has interviewed. They are all in a league of their own. Evie has such a classy eye for design, she’s hugely talented and I love what she is doing with A Beautiful Idea. It is an honor to be a part of her Creative Moms series. The interview hasn’t posted yet, but when it does click on over to her site and feel free to leave a comment telling me I am not nearly the nerd I think I am!….Yes, Brad Paisley…I am so much cooler online.

I know lots of you check in first thing in the morning, so this is your note to say I will link up to the interview once Evie posts it……until then go on over to her site and read yesterday’s interview with the talented Arian Armstrong.


The interview is posted now. Click below:

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  • Anna Joy - Can’t wait to read your interview!!

  • susie whyte - oh, that brad paisley bit cracked me up! thanks for the link to arian. love her page!!

  • Tonia - The interview has posted and it is great!!! Nerd? I think not! :)

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Awesome job!!

  • Katy O - I just love your wealth of wisdom!

  • Tess S. - great interview!

  • Sarah - No nerd here! Great interview!

  • Jill R - Inspiring and insightful interview. I know you are always asked how you “do it all” and your interview really helped me see how I can incorporate some things into my day for me while also including my boys. This makes me happier and them happier! I’m really excited about trying some new things. Thank you! I am now certain that you really are super mom. 😉

  • molly - Loved your interview! I’m dreaming of a picnic in a field too :)

  • Heather - if that’s nerdy then sign me up! i adored your interview.

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - Interviews are the best because there are more sides to a person’s life than just what you see sometimes. I love how your attitude towards life is the most resounding thing about your interview. Testifying to God’s greatness with your life…

  • Mandy - You’re wonderful. Simply said.

  • emily anderson - loved your interview…

UPDATE: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. The last counting comments is Jamie’s: “I am going to date my hubby”

A little while back when I did a mini makeover on this blog I added the My Lovelies tab. One of the first things I listed on that tab was a Boppy cover made out of vintage sheets. I found it in one of my reader’s etsy stores, For Love of Joy. Well very shortly after I listed it, Anna emailed to let me know it sold quickly and that she would love to offer one up as a giveaway to one of my readers…and send one for my sister. I jumped on that offer.

When the package arrived, I opened it to find more than one cutely packaged envelope…instead of just one for the Boppy Cover. Sweet.

(For those that don’t know what a Boppy is – it is a C-shaped pillow used for all kinds of baby stuff).

With a note that said, “Happy Mother’s Day” – Anna sweetly sent me this adorable gift. It is already hanging on my kitchen wall.

(Just fyi: She has a few more varieties in her shop, but if you want one in time for Mother’s Day you have to place the order today.)

Then I opened the Boppy cover. I am jealous my sister gets this. I am trying to think of a way to keep it, but since I have already told Lesley all about it…and since I am not the one having a newborn…I’ll pass it on. My Boppy is an ugly fake denim.

Since my niece isn’t here yet I figured I’d take some cute pictures of Baby Sister with the Boppy for this post…to show off the cute Boppy cover.

My daughter doesn’t exactly sit still…EVER. This is why Boppys are for newborns.

I pulled out the reserves…Biggest Brother said it was like a lion’s mane.

Not sure what he thought it was.

He just wanted to copy his brothers.

I got him to lay on it…since Baby Sister wasn’t helping me any.

Once she saw her brothers playing with it, she decided she wanted it afterall.

So it turns out I did get a couple of cute ones of her with the Boppy.

Not only is it super cute, but do you notice the little pocket with the deer. The pocket can hold a pacifier. Genius. I opted for the deer because my brother-in-law likes to hunt them….so maybe he’ll like the new Boppy cover too.

Happy Mother’s Day week to all the moms reading this. I am kicking off Mother’s Day week with a Boppy Cover giveaway from For the Love of Joy.

For the Love of Joy is also offering my readers a 10% discount off your order until May 15th…just mention my blog in the notes to seller.

Giveaway Details:

Prize is winner’s choice of a Boppy pillow cover from For the Love of Joy

Winner chosen at random

One entry per person

Contest ends Thursday, May 6th 10:30pm US Central

To enter: Just leave a comment on this post (it is late and I can’t think of a creative question!) Tell me something happy you are going to do this week

Remember if you want an order in time for Mother’s Day it needs to be placed TODAY.

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  • tami - Would love this for my new niece!

  • Jill R - I am going to spend this week doing fun things with my two boys – what greater happiness? 😉

  • jani - hmmm something happy i am going to do this week. my husband and i are having my side of the family over for dinner. it is my dad’s birthday, so it is a very happy time.

  • Colleen C - I am cooking dinner for the mommy (and daddy!) that I would love to win this for! She is soo very pregnant and I can’t imagine cooking in that state!

  • Andy - something happy: on thursday i have a dr apt and i will get to hear my daughters heart beat again. i am 34 weeks pregnant. :)

  • Kristin Eldridge - Lovely!

  • elaine - an old college kindred spirit is coming in mid-week and we plan on catching up over cups of warm drinks while she meets her “nephew”, my newborn.

  • Christian @ Modobject at Home - This week I’m going to nurse and nurse and nurse my newborn on my old (but clean) bare naked Boppy… oh how I would LOVE to have a beautiful, cheery cover to cover it!

  • Amber - this week i will get to take some newborn photos!! yea!

  • Melissa - I am taking two days off works so that I can tear up two bedrooms in our house and put them back together. One is moving my 5 year old to a bigger bedroom, painting the walls a delightful purple, doing some tissue paper flowers to hang from the ceiling, make a bookshelf into a dollhouse…and lots of other fun things. It won’t all happen in those two days (I wish) but it will be a start. And since all of this will be while she is at school, it will leave time later in the day to have “Mommy & Me” time becuase we just don’t get enough of that. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • kassondra - Im going to be doing a load of dishes in my very first, brand new dishwasher!!!

  • chantelle - wow, my old boppy looks tired after looking at that sweet yellow one! This week I will share my love of bloggign at a local teachers conference and……….sew for 1 hour each day and………play playdoh for 15minutes each day(thats a given!):) happw week to you too ashley!

  • Lesley - Let me first say, I LOVE the boppy cover!! It’s adorable and I love the cute little dear. Thank you SO MUCH!! My happy thing for the week is putting the baby girl’s crib together and setting up the nursery!! ACK.

  • Patti - My nieces husband is serving our country in Iraq. This Thursday I get to be her support as she delivers baby no.3. What an honor.

  • karen davis - I am going to help out my neighbor with her little ones, and blow lots and lots of bubbles and draw with sidewalk chalk!! I have an excuse to do these things, because the lil ones will be tagging along with me on Wednesday!

  • sarah - Have dinner with a good friend I haven’t seen in ages!

  • Mariah - A dear friend is going to come over to my house and have coffee with me! This may not sound like much, but with 5 boys between us, and another on the way (I’m due early August) it is a much needed rarity!

  • Rebecca C - We are going to pick strawberries and then make some freezer jam!!

  • Andrea Jett - Watch LOST! Hopefully… its a new episode this week, right? Oh please be new.

  • Beth Phillips - I am going to let my husband finish painting our bedroom tonight so that we can put all of the various pieces of our bedroom back where it belongs…no longer strung out across my living room, and kitchen, and office and the list goes on.

  • Liene - My sister is going to help me sew a happy birthday dress for my one year old, with very cute fabrics (see: http://twitpic.com/1iu9g9) that is surely going te make me happy this week!

  • jessibee08 - I am going to cuddle my 2 girls, and enjoy them!! Sometimes I get so caught up in what needs to get done that I miss the special times I can just smell my newborn daughter, or kiss my toddler’s sticky cheeks!!! So here’s to taking every moment in with them this week! :)

  • Robyn Farmer - I’m thinking I will go to the San Marcus outlet mall and that should make me happy.

  • Jamie - I am getting my hair done for the first time in a very long time! (This is the cutest Boppy cover I have ever, ever seen!)

  • Britney - my best friend (and mom!!) is coming into town this week and we are going to celebrate her birthday and mother’s day!

  • carrie - This week, my two little girls and I are going to my 35 week check up to listen to “blueberry’s” heartbeat. We can’t wait to meet him/her.

  • Alisa - I am going to enjoy the week with my kiddos…park, walks, zoo, & playing are on our agenda ? Would love to cover my drab denim Boppy with a new adorable cover!

  • Deanna - I’m going to my daughter’s band concert….and finish re-decorating our spare bedroom into an office for my husband who’s coming home from Iraq next month!

  • Brandi - Something happy? I’m going to shop for my wonderful mother and mother-in-law and be so blessed to do so. I’m surrounded by amazing women. <3

  • Sarah Marie - My fun item for the week is celebrating my best friends birthday. She is the sweetest thing ever!

  • keely - I don’t know that I need a new Boppy cover (kind of out of that stage…forever?) but I have friends who are pregnant and I’d love to give this away! This week is going to be SUPER happy because my husband is on vacation starting Wednesday! We have no extra cash to do something super fun, but just being home together is going to be wonderful!!!

  • Donna - I am going to spend some time with my mom! She’s been in FL since early January, and I really miss her :) So that will be a happy time for me. The boppy cover is really cute….I love my boppy pillow!!

  • Dianne - This week I am going to move out of my apartment! (well, mostly, anyway) I’m excited to move on to the next stage of my life… If I’m really lucky, I might experience the happy moment of hearing that the house I’m trying to buy has gone through!

  • ashlee - this week I get to talk with a young mom who wants to homeschool but is facing discouragement on all sides:)

  • sarah b in VA - this week i am going on a date with my husband! these are way too rare, and with a 2-year-old at home and a newborn coming in 5-6 weeks, we need to fit in lots of sweet dates! :)

  • Megan - One happy thing I am doing this week is celebrating Cinco De Mayo with my college family, who are some of the coolest people EVER!

  • Renee - I’ll be scouring antique malls to find some vintage pieces for my mom’s kitchen. I haven’t had in any luck yet, but I have faith I’ll find something by Sunday!

  • irene - i would love that!! today I feel like redecorating the whole house!! I’ll move some furniture around!!! please!! pick me?

  • Kim Cawley - The boppy covers are absolutely lovely! Something happy this week: my husband has the week off before he begins a new job in Tulsa :)

  • bopha - i love the cover! i am going to be making a dinner for lots of deserving moms this week with lots of other great ladies.

  • Bethany - Ohhh!! Love love love!! Something happy? I am wrapping up my last session this week before we have our next little love! I plan to spend lots of time lovin’ on my littles and just being – not getting caught up in the everyday stuff that tends to bog us down!

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  • joeyhoffman - I will watch my little brother graduate from college! I am such a proud big sister!!

  • Angela G - This week I will be celebrating my birthday with my family! I would love this cover to refresh my current blah one when baby number 3 arrives this fall.

  • Heather King - This is a fantastic week for us… busy, but fantastic… I turned 28 today, and this weekend I get to introduce my brother to his newest nephew for the first time and celebrate my husbands graduation from college!! So Exciting :)

  • Jerri-Rae - Friday we are having our 18 Week ultrasound (our first baby) and have invited our siblings to go and share in the ultrasound experience, so they can see what their nephew is up to in there :)

  • Faith - I am going to turn 30!

  • mindy t - I’ll be making a quilt for a friend and that always makes me happy.

  • Rachel - Contemplating a Mother’s Day outing with my husband and our 21 month old son. Something restful for my 30 week pregnant belly.

  • Tara - My happy thing is I am leaving a job that I didn’t love to start one that I will! I can’t wait!!!

  • lindsey - my church is launching an intro to christianity course (alpha) tonight what will be held at a local bar! my husband and i are hosting it and super excited :)

  • katie - I’m meeting my girlfriends for coffee! I would love this for my sister who is having a baby!! Thanks! :)

  • Katie H. - Two words….ROOSTER DAYS!!

  • Megan H - On Wednesday I am celebrating my baby boys 1st birthday – what a year!! Love him, love him!

  • Becca - What a beautiful boppy cover! I totally need one of these for my boppy pillow…haven’t had time to sew one for myself since our new little girl came along (her middle name is Joy)!

    Hmm…something happy I am going to do this week…starting to plan my hubby’s 30th birthday party…I love planning parties so this totally makes me happy!

  • Sarah - Hopefully I will be giving birth to our first little one this week!! May 5th is D-day but we will see!

  • Rachel J - I’m heading to Mommy group on Tuesday! :) This is probably one of the highlights of my week other than church on Sundays & lunch w/ my Mom + brothers on Friday! Love the boppy cover! So cute!

  • Jenny - This week I am going to visit my sister who is due on wednesday with her second baby girl. Can’t wait to hold a sweet warm newborn baby!

  • Heidi - One happy thing I will be doing is celebrating my birthday! Let the birthday week begin!

  • Casey - This week I am going to be crocheting a couple pot holders for my mom for Mother’s Day

  • rachel - taking my daughter to her first set of swim lessons!

    looooove that cover :)

  • Rachel C - I have a GREAT dinner menu in store for this week. If you’re hungry this week, come on over! :)

  • Jessica - I am getting a haircut this week! Sad to say my last cut was a few weeks before my daughter was born. And she’s six months old. Where did the time go?

  • Tess S. - this weekend i was having complications in my third pregnancy. this morning i had an emergency ultrasound and found out that everything is going to be fine. how about THAT for a happy event.

    other than that it’s outside spring crafting week for the tots.

  • Greta - I’m picking out tile for our long overdue kitchen remodel!

  • Katie - I am having a baby girl in September so I would love to have this! This week I get to go to the park with my little boy because we are FINALLY having sunny weather!!

  • Jami - Going to the park with my kiddos!! I would love one of these covers. I love my boppy!!

  • Callie B - Beautiful! I’m going to shop for a few much needed summer tops…always makes me happy!

  • evalina miller - something happy this week? only one thing? i plan to do several. 1) my husband is going to take me out for my birthday. we may leave our baby with gram for the first time…not sure if that’s happy or not, but a date with the husband most definitely is. 2) go to PA (where i grew up) and see my whole family and my friends. 3) show off my baby in PA for the first time

  • Callie - This is just beautiful. This week I’m going finish reading a favorite series of books with my six year old boy.

  • Jessica - This week I will graduate with my Masters Degree!

  • Christina G - This week I am going on a mini road trip with my sister, mother, and children in honor of my father’s birthday. He passed away 9 months ago, and we are trying to do something fun to celebrate his life instead of mourning the lose of it.

  • Michelle Gray - I am going to take my little one to the pool…it’s finally open and the pool always makes it feel like summer.

  • LaurenS - well my 27th birthday is on wednesday so i will be doing happy things all week!!! gifts, eating out, you know the fun birthday stuff!

  • Sara M - I am going outlet shopping with my sister!

  • raychel - I am going to visit my very good friend, her husband and NEW BABY BOY, who was born this morning at 5:30am, Noah James tonight!!!! Now that is VERY happy!!!

  • Rachel - This week I’m going to make time to take a walk!

  • mandi - OH! that is soooooooo cute!
    We are going to do a melanoma walk with my mother in law. She is in remission from a melanoma, and we can’t wait to go celebrate this with her, in THIS way!

  • Katie - Gorgeous stuff!!! This week I’m beginning to prep for my little girl’s second burthday. We’ve having a Charlie & Lola inspired party so I’m off to make some bunting to hang!

  • Bree - We are going to get our nursery painted this week. We still dont know if its a boy or girl yet but we want to get a jump on things so its not put off till the last minute.

  • Shanalea Atchison - I am going to have a good friend live with us for a little while and that makes me very happy.

  • heidi - My BFF and her brand new baby are coming to visit this week. I am happily going to entertain while living vicariously.

  • Ashley H. - Go camping with the fam in Moab, Utah!

  • Jenny - This week I am going to celebrate turning 31!

  • Taylor Roberts - Wow so beautiful! My baby girl would love a new boppy cover!

    Oh and my happy thing is I’m moving this week! I know, you would think it isn’t happy but trust me, it is.

  • Noelle - This week I get to go to my four year old’s spring sing at her preschool. It will be fun and maybe even funny!

  • Lise C - I am furiously trying to finish a 22 page research paper and study for finals, all while cleaning my house and paitently waiting for my wonderful mother-in-law to come into town, so we can baptize my 2nd born on Mothers Day. No better present then to give my precious child to the Lord!! What a special day :)

  • Michele V. - Cutest boppy I’ve seen. I plan on spending Mother’s Day with
    my three kiddos. I’m so thankful for them.

  • Julie - i am going shopping for a new dress! since having a baby & nursing i have discovered cleavage! :) now, my former dress do not fit anymore!

  • Jaimie - This week I am going to a lot of garage sales!

  • kate m. - love this!

  • Anna Marie - I am going to visit a friend that I haven’t spent time with since my sophomore year of college (6 years ago).

  • Ali Richardson - I am going to an organic strawberry farm with my kids and mother-in-law on Wednesday ( I got lucky in the mother-in-law department, she’s the best!). I’ve never picked my own berries (in CA, the opportunities are limited). Can’t wait!! And, my sis is going to try to get preggo soon and she would LOVE this beautiful boppy cover!!!

  • Lauren M - I am going to cook a great meal this week!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Something Happy… Celebrating my daughter (turning 10!) and son’s (turning 7!) birthdays!

  • Kirra Sue - Happy time: Bible study tomorroow night at our place. Love the moments with our church body. And love getting to cook for em. These are way too cute- would love to win one for my friend who’s expecting! Love your blog!

  • Denette - I am going to meet with my Bible Study gals as we continue our study on the book of Ruth!

  • Stephanie - I’m going to a shower for my sweet new baby girl…we’ll be meeting her at the end of the month!

  • Amy T. - Just found out that I’m having a baby girl after 3 boys so I’m going to scour my attic for my grandma’s vintage hankies to recreate the frame in your nursery. Love it!

  • Dawn Nikol - That boppy cover is awesome! I love, love, love my boppy. It’s the best thing in the world for breast feeding.

    My happy thing is that after nearly 7 years of being together, my husband & I are taking our 6 month old daughter on our very first vacation. ever.

  • Heather - That is simply the most gorgeous cover ever! Being 8 months pregnant I would LOVE that. I am going to spend my husband’s birthday with just him for one full day.. shopping and sushi. No kids just us.

  • haley - I am going to spend the week enjoying the sun with my family!!!

  • Bethany - I’m going out of town with my hubby to celebrate our 8th anniversary! Yeah for Moms! (Mine is watching our girls so we can leave.) :)

  • Shannon - My daughter has her Kinder field day this week, and I can’t wait to go and cheer her on! It’s crazy how big they get in just one year of school.

    Those boppy’s are precious!

  • Christian T - If “this” week is today to next Monday, I am going to hear my new babies heartbeat for the first time. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!! :)

  • nichole - Buy an old dresser and actually refurbish it… this time :)

  • katie - Celebrating 9 years of being married to my best friend tomorrow! 😀

  • BriBedell - This might not sound happy to other people but I am going to workout! To get my body back in shape after having two babies!

  • Kara - O my this is adorable!! I am starting to plan my Moms 5oth surprise party!

  • Elisa B. - I have a couple of friends who just had babies – so I am doing life in twos this week. Shopped in two grocery stores. Baked two batches of blueberry muffins, two sets of dinner rolls, assembled two salads, and two quiches! For the love of two babies. :)

  • Grace - This week I will be teaching 2 year olds at our new parents day out program at church. Fun and exciting! I will also be spending time with my 2 boys that I love so much!

  • Erin Kirby - i am going to paint my nursery! we just found out that our baby #1 is actually a baby #1 AND a baby #2! i will most definitely need a cute boppy cover! :)

  • Stephanie - I am going to take an evening stroll with my husband and our two dogs!

  • Nicole W. - I, too, have an ugly fake denim boppy. With a new baby coming in August, I would love to win!

  • amy - I’m going to have an at-home, backyard picnic with my husband & daughter!

  • Lindy - I am finishing my first year of college on Wednesday…Then I will be FREE to enjoy summer!

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I’m going to think of something unexpected to make for the moms for Mother’s Day!

  • Jess - This week I will finally be done with all of my senior shoots! Business can take a quick breather! Woohoo! Is it sad that that makes me happy?? :)

  • Brittany - I am graduating from college on Saturday! And it’s going to make me very, very happy.

  • Sara - I am starting my Babymoon trip with my hubby to California!

  • Ashleigh Ewing - This week I will be celebrating my 2nd anniversary, and my 25th birthday. I hope the weather hold for us to all celebrate outside, fingers crossed!
    By the way, this boppy cover is AMAZING.

  • Heather King - This is a busy fantastic week for us… I turned 28 today and this weekend I get to introduce my brother to his newest nephew for the first time ever… plus on Saturday we get to celebrate my husband’s graduation from college!! Exciting stuff :)

  • celine - going to go see my sister in san francisco and meet her newborn twins!

  • Kristine - I’m excited about making my little boy (3 months) laugh for more times to come. :)

  • Haylee - Okay so I’m going to cheat and tell you something happy that happened last week. We found out we are having a baby BOY! Yay, I definitely need a new boppy cover :) I’m crossing my fingers for this one.

  • Olivia - I am working on sewing some gifts for my twin sister who is having her first baby this fall! I would love to include this adorable boppy cover in with her gifts! I love the little pocket, what a great idea!

  • stylefyles - I’m excited to play soccer this week!!! (times four!)

  • Nancy - I am going to finish getting everything ready for baby #3, who arrives next week. Can’t wait to meet him!!

  • Ashley SP - I’m going to drink several chai lattes courtesy of a loving husband and a gift card. That, my friends, is happiness.

  • Amber Mershawn - Happy. Tomorrow is my house cleaning day- that always makes me happy…after. But really the happy happened today…my husband had the day off, so we’ve all been together all day & we all got naps! So fun. To a mom, that’s big fun:). And Wednesday our sweet boy will be 5 months old. He’s so cute & getting too big. Can’t wait to win this….hehe….I really hope so!!

  • Brooke - Well…it hasn’t been the happiest week…but I have my momma here and I am going to travel to Minnesota to see my grandma. So despite some tough times, who can deny that there is lots of joy in spending time with two generations of moms??

  • Shauna - My husband has been unemployed for several months, and I stay home with my two little girls. Well, after a long wait, many interviews, and many more prayers, my husband has started his new and amazing job today. So, this week I’ll be counting my many blessings.

  • Stacey - I have A LOT of happy going on this week. I am wrapping up my student teaching and graduating from college on saturday. then on sunday i am celebrating my first mother’s day with my 10 month old daughter and my husband.

    bring on the happy! <3

  • emily - having a picnic tomorrow downtown with family and kids – happiness!

  • Amber - I am going to enjoy the great warm summer weather (finally) by going to the beach eating fresh fruit and maybe a little ice cream.

  • Rachel - Lovely cover! We’re getting ready for my husband’s medical school graduation this week. It’s been a long time coming!!!

  • Gillian - The boppy cover is beautiful! This Wednesday, I’m flying across the country with my husband and son to see my mom and dad… we can’t wait to see Grammie and Papa!!

  • Heidi - I think your last post was for me. So I am super excited to spend this weekend with my cousin Amy (who hooked me up with your blog in the first place!). We are surrounded by friends having babies though so this would be a fun gift for someone. :)

  • Sarah - I get to go to my son’s Mother’s Day tea at school. I can’t wait to see them perform their songs!!

  • robyn - spending some MUCH needed time with my boys after running a fund raiser at my childs school that took up much of my time and raised close to $40,000 for the kids!!!!!! so QT for the boys and celebrating a success for the school :)

  • Kim - What an awesome idea! …my husband is back from mission work in India and sharing his story at church this week… that makes me happy!!

  • Becca G - I’m super excited to take a financial planning class at church this week. I love that our Lord cares enough about us to give us instructions in daily living.

  • Amber McIntyre - I am celebrating my very first mother’s day as a mommy!!!

  • Jane - I am excited to finish a photobook for my Dad. Can’t wait to give it to him!

  • Lesley - I’m going to spend time with my baby girl and do something crafty. :)

  • meg duerksen - something happy?
    hmmm…..i hope i am going to have a happy mother’s day? we’ll see.
    i will be planning scott’s birthday.
    that is always happy.

  • Angela - I am watching my husband recieve his masters on my birthday this saturday! I am very proud of him!

  • Savannah - I am going to my Nieces first t-ball game!

  • Catie - happy, happy, happily planning my sister-in-laws baby shower for me niece…this would be a great gift!

  • Allison - I am going to be a mother soon and would love a boppy cover! Something happy I’m going to do this week is take my friends maternity pictures for her!

  • Jeannette Swan - I’m loving the Boppy cover – my 2 1/2 year old sleeps on his Boppy now – how cute would it be to have a cover that matched his room?? Today I was happy going on a field trip with my first grader – it was outside and a beautiful day!

  • Abby - This week I am taking a watercolor class–makes me so happy to paint!

  • Allison - I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day with my “adopted mom”. I do not have a relationship with my real mother. My “adopted mom” and I have chosen each other… Her daughter was my best friend and died of Cystic Fibrosis 5 years ago. During our friendship and her death, her mother and I became very close and became ‘mother and daughter’… the ways God hand works in such creative ways blows me away.

  • Rebekah VA - I am going shopping for a new shower curtain! :) I’m looking for something feminine and flirty for our newly redone bathroom.

  • Kayla - I’m going to cuddle on the couch all night with my hubby and wish I never had to go to bed.

  • Ang - I’m having a Little Dresses for Africa party! P.S. I LOVE Little Sister’s shirt!

  • Beth - We are taking out our new boat! After 4 years of searching we finally found my husband’s dream (in our price range) boat! So happy for him!!

  • Camille Garrison - I am going to celebrate my 24th birthday! And my first official Mother’s Day since we’re having a baby in 2 months! I would love this Boppy!

  • Andrea - This week I am preparing for a visit from my dad! This is the first time he will get to meet his first granddaughter :)

  • Zoe C - I am taking part in my first triathlon to raise money for Arthritis Research. Looking forward to having a great day with 4 girlfriends in aid of a fabulous cause!

  • Ruthy T. - I am going to be making breakfast Saturday morning for all the mothers at my church!

  • Suzanne - This week I am going out to dinner with friends today and getting ready for my vacation next week!!! I am so looking forward to it that I don’t even mind running around like crazy trying to get everything done!

  • Allison - We are going to help a lifelong friend celebrate his wedding this weekend!

  • Danielle M. - happiness is: making mini pinwheels for my best friends wedding shower & spending my first mothers day with our baby girl (who is currently asleep next to me in her lime green boppy! we could use a nice splash of spring in this house!!)

  • Melissa W. - This week we have SO many happy things going on! I have my math final tonight and then I am officially done with the semester, YAY! We’re going out to dinner with the kids on Friday to Red Robin, YAY! And we’re finalizing some ideas to move back home to Oregon, triple best-feeling-in-the-world YAY! :) Thanks for the entry, I LOVE the blog and always enjoy reading it!

  • Danielle - I love your blog! In addition to continuing to read your blog daily this week, I’m going to cooking school for tips and recipes on making some “do-ahead crowd pleasers.” As an event/party planner, I’m hoping the ideas come in handy! Have a great week.

  • Mary - Such a cute bobby cover!! I am buying a plane ticket to visit old friends this summer!

  • Julie - This weekend is my daughters first dance recital. I can’t wait for the special time we will share together doing girly things and putting on make-up. I think that the most wonderful thing happened yesterday- My daughter climbed the tree in the backyard before her older brother. She was so happy to have done it first and even though she skinned her knee and her side getting down she didn’t cry once and she did it in a dress! I love the person she is at this very moment and every day the person she is becoming. So I am really looking forward to some more backyard time and monkey watching!

  • Lea - well, the best thing about this week…..i found out i am pregnant! so i am a mom to be!

  • Nicole - I’m purchasing ‘Day out with Thomas’ tickets for our two boys as a fun little ‘before Baby Sister arrives’ family outing (and as a little break from the remodeling that has gone along with putting together their ‘big boy’ room and the baby’s nursery!)

  • Candy Foster - I’m going to spend the weekend w/ my family, my parents, my grandma, my brother, and his girlfriend.

  • denise. - that cover is adorable :) you make have kids look so fun ashley, it’s unbelieveable.

    as for my something fun this week:
    two years ago today my husband asked me to marry him. we were in the middle of my grandparents driveway and though i was in sweat pants, it felt perfect. tonight we’re going to my grandparents to celebrate (like we do every year), we stand in the driveway with them and toast to another great year!

  • Brooke - This week we have my son’s first T-Ball game ever! So we are very happy and excited about that! :)

  • Beyza - I will go to the beach for a beautiful picnic- breakfast this weekend with my husband.
    Have FUN!

  • Tonia - We are having fun guessing if baby #5 will be a boy or girl! And how fun would that bobby cover be?!!

  • Rebecca - This week we are going to go spend time with my in-laws doing a garage sell and hopefully making enough money to buy a new car seat for the boy. He is finally out growing his old one. :)

  • Amber - I am going to spend the week studying for finals…Chem 2 and Calc 2. Jealous? Ew, no. Oh, and I will also be taking care of my 2 year old AND working. Whew.

  • joy - i am keeping my 2 year old niece for the week. watching her and my own 1 1/2 year old daughter entertain one another is a whole other degree of happiness!

  • Emily - So sweet, I just love that! This week I’m cleaning out our guest bedroom to make room for our first baby!

  • Kristin - I get to cook dinner for my brand new in-laws and grandparent-in-laws in our new apartment for the first time since my hubby and I got married!

  • stephanie - I’m going to SLEEP!!! =D

  • Janica - In honor of the great moms of my son’s friends, I am watching one of his buddies every day this week; so their moms can have a couple of hours to get something done:) Makes them happy & makes me happy to see darling 5-yr-olds play together!

  • Laura - Happy is planning gifts for my mom and mother-in-law. That’s my happy – shopping for Mother’s Day gifts!

  • Ashley - I am happy to go maternity dress shopping this afternoon – Need to find something for my shower that’s next weekend! Yikes! :)

  • Lynne - This week I am going to enjoy the beautiful weather with my family!

  • Rachel Ridd - Tonight, I am going to grill steaks with my hubby and watch my favorite show – LOST!

  • Amy - Push my daughter on her favorite swing!

  • Ashley Joy - I am moving from my college housing to live with my Grandma for the summer! I move in this afternoon. She is so sweet and I am so excited to live with her!

  • Crystal - I’m going to the library & making my Mom’s Mother’s Day gift!

  • brittany - I am getting ready to go to Honduras with my kids for the first time.

  • Jes - I just found your blog via your interview with evie s. Your blog is fantastic! I love your photos. This week I am going to pull out my sewing machine and make a blanket or two for my babies.

  • Julia - we have the same flip flops! : )
    Something fun I’m going to do this week….tea party with my three year old tomorrow at school- can’t wait! : )

  • Carrie Morton - We are headed to Texas from our home in Portland, Or. to visit family and meet the newest member…my nephew:) We are flying with a two year old, and I am 22 weeks pregnant, so I don’t know how “happy” that part makes me, but I will try and keep a smile on my face because that always helps..right?

  • Laura Beth - I love this sweet boppy cover! Getting ready for my baby’s 2nd birthday! and getting him ready for a big boy room.

  • Julie - With five kids under eight, one a newborn, I have not a minute to myself. But this week I’m going to buy every magazine my heart desires and spend an entire evening reading in bed. With icecream.

  • tia - having the great grandmother’s play come to babysit so i can try to clean the house!

  • Alicia - I am packing my bag for the hospital and working on Baby Sister’s room!! Since my current boppy is blue, this would be a perfect solution! 😉

  • Dick - I drove to Collinsville,OK on Monday to get my daughter and her 2 kids and take them back to Ohio to visit for a couple weeks. My daughter is 4 months pregnant with a boy and could use a Boppy.

  • kaite - this week i’m going to try to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the warm new england sun and celebrate what a wonderful mother and mother-in-law i have.

  • Angela - First of all.. I big fat puffy heart your blog! And secondly- I’m going to a STOMP concert with my hubby for a much needed date night!

  • Alyssa - Spending lots of time rocking my sweet 12 day old baby girl.

  • Crystal Oliver - Well…i am officially off of work waiting for the baby to arrive. Since I am not use to the down time, I have been thinking of ways to be creative and add to the nursery. This week is an attempt to sew which is not going quite so well…..

  • Katherine - I’m going to snuggle up with my new baby and toddler. No worrying about laundry or dishes, I’ll forget about chores for a few days, and just enjoy these precious moments.

  • Angela - I have sick kiddos right now, but we still do lots of happy things: suggle on the couch, read books, nurse the baby, paint, work in our art journals and (hopefully) experiment with a new chocolate chip cookie recipe I found.

  • Sara - Is celebrating Cinco De Mayo with my neighbors. They are like my grandparent.

  • holly - At Galveston Beach!! Glad I checked my favorite blog before this great giveaway was over.

  • Sarah M - These are just too cute! I am not currently using my boppy, but my SIL is, and I know* she would love to cover up those stains…. :)
    Sarah M

  • Lizbeth - That is such a pretty cover!!! It would be amazing!!! Wish I had one for my first daughter…

  • Megan - I am going to study for law school :)

  • Mary - Make Dirt pies with Avery. Yummmy! I asked her who taught her to cook such delicious foods and she said she is just talented indeed.

  • Sarah - I am going to find out if we are having a boy or girl!!!

  • Lacy - I’m making a floral wreath for my mother-in-law!

    What a breautiful Etsy store–thanks for sharing!

  • lifeologia - This is great. My sister is a 1st time mom and nursing with my old boppy with NO slipcover – this would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift for her.
    Happy this week? I just went to Niagara Falls with my daughter and my sister and we stayed at my mom’s home close to the falls. That was a ‘happy’ getaway.

  • Rebecca - This week I am going to feel my amazing baby kick inside of me. This sensation is absolutely breathtaking. I am anxiously awaiting her due date of 6/6/10…

  • Desiree - I am going to take my daughter to a tour of a fire station, then on Friday I am going out to dinner for my birthday!!!

  • Beth - This week, my husband and I will be moving into our very first house together. :)

  • jessica h - We are going on a picnic in the mountains for Mother’s Day…I can’t wait :)

  • Samantha - Hmmm… I’m going to make cookies with my Little One!

  • Jen - i don’t have any babes (yet) but my girlfriends are all starting to. I would love to win & share!!

    simply adorable. can i grown woman lay on a boppy covered in precious vintage sheets? say yes.

  • Amanda - This week I get to attend my husbands college graduation! Woo hoo! And my daughter and I are going to have a girl’s shopping day with my mom and my little sister.

  • Raechel - I’m going to make my guest room/sewing room become a real, big girl sewing room!! Yay!!

  • melissa stover - that is beautiful! i love the colors.
    i am hosting ladies’ bible study at my house friday night so my goal is to have the house clean!

  • Laura Kelley - I am going on a date with the hubs and doing some painting with my kiddos for their Grammy and Nene.

  • Michelle - I would love to have this for my sweet babe on the way. Tomorrow I am going to visit some garage sales and hopefully find a dresser to make over- that makes me happy!

  • Jamie - I am going to date my hubby

  • Katy - This week I am going to happily observe my daughter at her school. She is 3 and just started montessori last month…