A beautiful family

There are so many things I love about photography, but probably the biggest is getting to meet incredible families and individuals….and getting to do special things for them. I met Trinity back in college. We actually were suite mates my sophomore year, but hadn’t seen eachother since. A year or so ago we ran into eachother at a pumpkin patch. Long story short it was my honor to photograph Trinity, her sister and their daughters. I can’t do justice to the story, so I asked Trinity to tell it briefly…..BEAUTIFUL!

“Autumn and I started out to do foster care and foster care only.  We were 2 single girls who love kids and we didn’t want to wait to get married to start to make a difference in the world.  We got M first and the goal was to get her back with her sisters and parents.  Our job, whether we had her for a day or a year, was to equip her with the tools to survive when she went back home.  Circumstances changed and through the next 2 1/2 years, we got M’s sisters one by one….H, A, and S  The state also changed the goal to adoption.  It wasn’t just that we got attached to the girls, but the Lord changed our hearts.  He told us clearly that our job was not to just equip them for the next home, but to make our home their “forever home”.  We also got the privlege to have 7 other children in our home….some for 24 hours and some for 11 months.  People say that our girls are so lucky to have us, but we are the truly blessed ones.  As you can imagine, with a house full of 6 girls, we have the most fun…tea parties when we want, manicures when we want, dresses, dance parties in the kitchen, lots of shopping…as well as the most mood swings EVER!   Two single people can’t adopt together, so we each adopted 2.  To answer the question that everyone is thinking….what happens if you get married?……..WE DON’T KNOW!  What we DO know is…the Lord didn’t bring us this far to just drop us off!  This is what obedience means for us right now, and He is totally in control of our future! “

Because it makes me laugh…an “outtake”

I want to thank the D family for letting me come out to their beautiful land for this special session….THANK YOU!

On a similar note, I would love to point anyone interested to a blog related to Orphan care/adoption/foster care….

This is the blog header….notice the 3 cute guys on the right (an old pic)


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  • Marina - Awesome pics Ashley. Trin and Autumn…you truly ARE blessed. Your daughters are gorgeous and the Father shines through them!!! I can’t wait to meet them!!!

  • Natasha Perryman - You know one of my favorite things in the world is seeing a unique family. All families are only built by the Lord and I love it when He breaks away from what people consider “normal” and builds a beautiful family!!!
    Thank you for letting them share their story. What precious girls (and I loved their dresses).
    I also checked out the blog and added it to my google reader. I know the Horton family and they never cease to inspire. I look forward to watching their little video on the blog. And everything else adoption-wise the blog has to share.
    Have a creative day! : )

  • Shanalea - Autumn and Trinity, amazing!!! I love to see how God has used you to show God’s love to 4 little girls who needed to see that. WOW!

  • Charissa - That story and those pictures have me in tears. I LOVE people like this!! Thank God for people like this!! I’m so glad you shared it. Thanks for putting a link to the Adopt(ed) page. I’d love to share their story on their as well if that’s OK.

  • Shannon Phillips - How incredibly beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this story. Trinity and Autumn thank you for being faithful and bringing a little bit of heaven to earth with your love.

  • Christina Larsen - What a beautiful family. I love that story; may God continue to bless them as those beautiful girls grow up to be wonderful women like the women who adopted them. Thanks for sharing this story.

  • Trinity - Ashley….Thank you SO MUCH! I was at camp all morning and didn’t check your blog til just now. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pictures. I am still in awe of God’s love and that he chose Autumn and I for these girls! THANK YOU! I hope this helps people get involved in foster/adoption/orphan care in any way!

  • Molly (Murphy) Shockley - Seriously Ashley! These are incredible pictures and it makes me want you to photograph our family so bad! The story is incredible and I thank you for yet again being a positive voice and reminder for adoption!

  • Trinity - I love the adopt(ed) blog…add it to my favorites. It is so amazing to see different stories of adoption. Yes, charissa, it is fine to share our story…let me know if I need to do anything.

  • Kara - Thanks for posting! I told Trin a few months back that someone HAD to tell their story…it was just too good to go untold! Thank you!

  • Jamie Dickerson - As an adoptive mama, this greatly blessed my heart. Every adoption story is unique and beautiful and this one is truly sweet. As someone who had the privilege to know Trinity and Autumn for a short time, I am not even the least bit surprised at the direction God has taken them in life. Ashley, thanks for sharing their story.

  • Jeannette Swan - Oh my, what an amazing family and story…I love it. And, what beautiful pictures of all those girls!!


  • bopha - What a great story and what great pictures. Those girls are beautiful!

  • Valerie - Could you share where to find the Adopt(ed) t-shirts? My son is from Guatemala, and my husband and I would love to get all three of us t-shirts!

  • Rachel - What an amazing family! I love the how adoption is such a picture of what Christ does for all of us.

Password for Personal Posts

Over the past few weeks I know I’ve gained a lot of new readers, so I wanted to point out that some of my more family related posts are password protected. If you would like the password just send me a note via the blog contact form and let me know how you found the blog (if you remember!). For those with the password, it never changes so keep it…

Just because it makes me smile…my boys camping in their “tent”:

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  • Jamie Dickerson - Hey Ashley, more of your cute posts? I can’t pass it up. Not sure if you remember me…I went to OBU with you. McAdoo was my maiden name. Anyway, I found the blog through Ari Gilger and Samantha Akers…

  • sheena - i’m a new blurker of yours. love reading your blog! hope you don’t mind.

  • Kara - That is the cutest picture! Your boys seem like the most interesting characters! :D

  • amanda m - Hi Ashley,
    I’m a new blog lurker. I can’t remember where I found you…one favorite blog led to another that led to your blog…? Anyway, I have two boys and a little girl myself. EVERYTHING changes when that baby girl comes along. Just you wait!

  • efrat - I can’t really remember but I have so much fun discovering new ideas for my home and for my little boy…great blog keep on posting!

  • Pamela-Marie - I found you through Lifeologie blog and I love your posts, I am a christian,mum of 4 (plus 1 in heaven) and 1 grand daughter. I am getting so many ideas from you. I home schooled all my children who are now 28,23,18 and 15. My only son ,15 has ADHD . I coped pretty well with home educating him but now due to my health “challenges” I have had to put him in school. Where, Thank the Lord he is doing well.I would like a password for your posts, if you are all right with that. I live in London UK .I am looking forward to using some of your ideas with my toddler grand daughter!

  • Allyson - Hi Ashley!
    I found you through Kara Paslay’s blog…your style reminds me of my photography-guru cousin, so it’s been so fun to catch up on your postings:) I looove your sense of humor and your creativity is out of this world! Whenever I become a mother, I only HOPE I am as successful as you:)
    P.S. The fact that you can enjoy “boys being boys” so effortlessly gives me the hope that if I end up having all boys, everything will be okay. All that said, I’m still in 2009 postings and would love the password if that is still in effect.
    Keep up the inspiring work!

  • Avenlea - Hey, Ashley! I enjoy reading older blog posts. May I have the password please? I found the blog through a friend’s blog.