Lego Rockband has “We are the Champions” by Queen…my boys don’t know anything but the chorus, yet they try to sing it anyway.

“I’ve had my share of snow kicked in my face -

But I’ve come through

We are the champions – my friends

And we’ll keep on fighting – till the end -

We are the champions -

We are the champions

No time for losers

‘Cause we are the champions – of the world”12.09snow-07

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It was a warm Friday Oklahoma summer night. The year (I believe) was 1996. My friend Treva and I were bored and looking for something to do. Oddly enough the idea that came to us was to stalk our friend Georgia while she was on a date. We loaded the camera with film and climbed into Treva’s VW hippie van. Our plan was to take pictures of Georgia and her date and them mail them anonymously to her to weird her out. Like I said, we were bored. Well, lucky for Georgia we lost them on the highway after dinner. Bored again. We had the bright idea of driving down country roads. We ended up in an Indian Cementery – don’t ask. Well as we were on that dirt road a sudden DOWNPOUR began and before we knew it the VW had sunk to its axle. We were stuck…in a cementery…in the dark. We called some guys friends (instead of our dads) for help. Our friend Sean tried so hard to help us. Nothing worked. A police officer showed up and told us we were trespassing – which WE WERE NOT! He told us we could kiss prom goodbye. Treva then pulled out her guitar and asked him if she could sing him a song she wrote. That is my friend Treva for you – singing to the cop that wanted to book us. Eventually the dads came, the tow truck pulled out the van the next day and we had to return to the cementer with shovels to fill in the holes in the road we left. Nothing like digging in a cementery. It is one of my favorite high school memories.

Many years later I went to visit Treva at her little house in the country. We had both just had babies (at least I think she had just had her firstborn). Anyway, babies were asleep and we sat down in her sunlit kitchen for a cup of coffee and conversation. Then she pulled out a beautiful cake. It was like a Norman Rockwell morning….great friend, big windows, country kitchen, sleeping babies, good coffee and chocolate cake. It has been my go to recipe ever since. I am not a cook. I don’t pretend to be a cook. BUT when I need to fake it I can whip this up and people think I am great in the kitchen. It is simple. I like simple!

Chocolate Bavarian Torte


Devil’s food cake mix (not the kind with pudding)

1 pkg 8 oz cream cheese – softened

2/3 cup packed brown sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/8 teaspoon salt

1 pint heavy whipping cream – whipped

2 T chocolate shavings or mini chocolate chips

Make the cake according to box directions. Cook in 2 round pans.


Make the cream while the cake is cooling


Whip the Heavy Whipping Cream and then set it aside

Combine the SOFTENED cream cheese, brown sugar, salt and vanilla until fluffy1.10cake-05

Fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture1.10cake-07

Cut each cake in half. String or dental floss helps with this. Layer the cake and the cream mixture.1.10cake-10

Top with chocolate shavings or mini chocolate chips. Wrap sides in plastic wrap to prevent cake from drying out. Refrigerate 8 hours before serving.1.10cake-11

If you are a nursing mom and burning crazy amounts of calories a day from feeding your baby – you can cut a piece in the morning, fix a latte and if anyone asks what you had for breakfast tell them “Coffee Cake”.  I, of course, did not do that. Well, yeah I did.1.10cake-13

Here’s a pic of Treva and I from my 30th birthday in October. Ignore my lovely hair – I just returned from my Amelia Earhart adventure! We both now have 4 kids. Crazy.


Happy New Year’s

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  • the inadvertent farmer - Well you could make a girl forget her resolutions with that recipe! I have a friend that has almost as many kids as I do…it is fun filled chaos when we all get together. Happy New Year, Kim

  • ashlee - first off thank you for enabling me to eat cake and coffee for breakfast! second i must make that cake it looks divine!!!

  • maegan - Looks delicious! Thank you for the recipe!

  • meg duerksen - that looks AWESOME!!!

  • Tess S. - what a beautiful cake. GORGEOUS! and that cake stand is loverly. i’ll have to add that one to the recipe box.

    next week i’m attempting the rainbow cake. my daughter’s 3rd birthday. i can’t wait!

  • julie - brown sugar?
    I’m in love.

  • Heather Stauffer - YUM! I want that cake stand!!!!

  • Noreen - My daughter, grandson and I were visiting a quaint old cemetary one late afternoon a couple of years ago. It was rapidly getting dark, and when we got ready to leave (now full dark), we discovered we had been locked in! After about 15 suspenseful minutes the caretaker came by and told us how to drive around and find an unlocked exit. We had thought we would be spending the night there!

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  • Charla - just made this cake tonight…for my hubby’s birthday! It was a HIT!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Tess S. - a-ha! i couldn’t remember where i saw this cake. happy to have found it again.

  • Cindy Lou - This cake ROCKS! I made it for my birthday and I seriously could have ate the whole thing in one sitting! YUM, YUM!

Earlier this week when I posted our adventures in the snow, Susie left a comment with the idea of bringing the snow in. Thanks Susie! We tried it out. Biggest Brother wasn’t much of a fan, but the other 2 sure were. It kept the 20 month old busy for nearly an hour! That is no small feat. He kept smiling at me, “Snow. Snow. Snow.” Of course, the Star Wars Lego men found their way into the tub.

When they started getting bored I introduced water bottles with colored water (food coloring). That bought me another 20 minutes!1.10tub--21.10tub--3

Yes, you can eat the yellow snow.1.10tub--4

I don’t know what the food coloring would do to grout, so be aware of that. There are tons of other things you could add to it…maybe bury treasures to find. The clean up was easy and it didn’t involve layers of clothes. Not as fun as outside for my oldest boy (and myself), but for the younger ones it was great. Typically they are so loaded down in layers they don’t really get to play in the snow, this was perfect for them….and nice for me!

Google Reader does not pick up this blog…don’t subscribe

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  • Christian @ Modobject at Home - Perfect! And, I love the colors. Your boys will remember the snowy, special event.

  • christina larsen - For the Lego guys it is an instant Ice Planet Hoth. How Fun. I may have to think about that. My son would have a blast. :)

  • the inadvertent farmer - Oh that is so cool…no pun intended..really! Too bad all we have here is rain. The kids are itching to get out in it but mama wants to stay in by the fire! Great post, Kim

  • Georgia Davis - What a great idea! My kiddos got to enjoy some Oklahoma snow at Nana’s house too. Gracie loved it and Lyla cried. You can’t win them all. Oh, thought of you yesterday…we went to IKEA!

  • ashlee - amazing idea!! i am so doing this…next time it snows…most of mine is melted

  • cassie - As soon as my husband came home for lunch I told him about this post and asked if he would help me lug all of the snow upstairs to the bathroom. My kids loved it and I have just spent the entire nap time sending photos to grandmas and grandpas and posting a blog about it myself. Thanks for the idea. It nudged me from lurker to commenter so I’ll tell you I love everything about your blog!

  • lea helmerich - what a darling blog. love it!!!!

    come visit mine for young mommies.

  • Kate - Oh what a great idea! Thank you!

  • Penny Sheehan - When the boys were smaller- now they are 25 and 27, I used koolaid and lemonade power. works great and wont stain. Also jello is good too

  • Jess - So smart! I’m gonna go round some up tomorrow and let ‘em all have at it!

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