Just a quick note to my faithful blog readers…we wrapped up the Christmas Gathering tonight and now the blog is slammed with tutorials below. Chris took a couple shots of the night and me presenting. The tutorials begin after this post.


It was this full both nights…gathering2-03

From what I hear Denise and I made a lot of faces at each other. Sadly I cannot hide my thoughts – my face always says what I am thinking. Did it say “I love Denise.”? Because I do…gathering2-04

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  • Jessica Payne - You did a great job last night. I loved all the ideas, and you and Denise were too cute.

  • ashlee - i laughed sooo hard all night, that denise is one FuNNy lady! You did an amazing job, i was taking notes as fast as i could write!

  • Kara P - Hey Lovely Lady,
    I just wanted to say that you inspire me greatly!!!! And if I had a blog award it would definitely go to you!!! Your ideas and photos are incredible!

  • Shannon Phillips - Way to go girl! I could have listened to your ideas all night long! Plus you looked super hot and young! ;)

  • Lisa Johnson - Thank you again Ashley for the tickets. Rebekah and I had a great time and were very inspired by all your DIY projects. The spray adhesive has already been out today, and a big jar of ModPodge is on the shopping list. We are determined to have some homemade goodies under the tree this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Sammi - Your blog is so amazing!! Your craft ideas are awesome!!!

    Beautiful photography. I am quite envious of you. :)

  • Allison - How fun would it have been to be there! Thanks so much for posting all the tutorials, i seriously cannot wait to start some of them!

  • Shanalea - OK so I went to Ikea (the joy of living in So Cal) and got some supplies from JoAnn’s (no Hobby Lobby, the sad part of lving in So Cal) and I am going to see what I can create.

  • Meagan - Looks like you did a great job! I wish I could have come!

  • Cindy Scorsone - I loved all your ideas! I was so happy to see you at the Gathering this year! I started following you two years ago after the Gathering in 2007. You are such a cool girl! I can’t wait to try some of your ideas!

  • Mique - Hi Ashley,
    Just got your comment on 30days. Thanks! I’m sorry- I meant to comment and let you know how AMAZING I think your blog is. I love it. LOVE it. :-)
    Your photography is amazing and I love that you share DIY and tutorials. Fantastic. Thanks so much.
    I added you to my reader. Stop by 30days anytime.

  • Flea - Y’all did an awesome job. I’m here now looking for your crafts so I can shop the sales for supplies. Thanks so much for the great ideas!

Please Note: Google Reader is no longer picking up my blog…I am still updating.

Well the Christmas Gathering is over…so now I am posting tutorials for most of my projects. If you attended the Gathering there are a couple of ways to find the project you are looking for:

1. Direct link below

2. Scroll through the blog

3. Use the “search” feature at the top right corner

4. Go to the Categories tab>Be creative and scroll around

Here is a listing of most of the projects (click on the title for more info):

Cork Dry Erase board & Clipboard Apron

Bandana Apron

Clothespin Magnets

Scrap Paper Magnets

Small custom notebooks

Custom Cards & Notepads

Craft Caddy

Candy Caddy

Seed Packets

Garden Tags

Closet Dividers


Felt Flower Headband

Flapper Flower Pin

Canvas Bag

YUM Trivets & Bird Trivet

Ruffle Tea Towels


Cork Coasters

Frame Tray

Round wood tray

Decoupage bowl

Window Dry Erase board

Chalkboard Frame – I’m working on getting an after pic of this


I’d love to know which projects you like the most, so please leave some comments on those posts! Have fun crafting…

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  • Shanalea - Where would you suggest looking for such a large frame. I have been wanting to a do a chalkboard frame for awhile, but haven’t found a frame large enough.

  • Christin - Love all the ideas! My favorite has to be the tote bag. I think that will be such a cute christmas gift for my son’s teacher & he can help make it! Thank you for taking the time to post all these tutorials on the blog for all of us that couldn’t make it to the Gathering.

  • a pocket full of posies - OH MY GOODNESS!!!! LOOOOVE them ALL!!! AMAZING!

  • Tess S - i would have been shaking in my boots! i’m not good in front of a crowd.

    shanalea- i was just at the thrift store and saw some really darling frames attached to some questionable art pieces for well under $10. i’m sure you could always knock out the print and work from there.

  • my kidz rock - WOW! God has really blessed you with some talents! Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic ideas! I attended the Gathering, and now my daughter and I are making clipboards for all of her friends for Christmas (we just bought the scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby). Please post the instructions – when I click on the top link it’s only the cork boards. Thanks so much!

  • Kate - I really like the round wood tray – I L-O-V-E your idea of using the shadows to trace!

  • nikki - I am looking fo the clipboard in structions and any advice on where to buy blank ones? I had a blask last night and I ready to crank out some crafts. I have a ton of craft supplies and always need new ideas.

  • christina larsen - I loved all of your ideas. Three of my favorites were the frappacino box/caddy, notepads covered in paper, and the cake plates. I hope I can find time to make these.

  • Mara - I adore all of your craft ideas. Your site if by far my favorite for crafts and photography! I am so inspired and I am going to attempt the Bandana Apron and gift them as gifts. Hopefully, I can make it to IKEA so I can tryout the Cork Coasters and Round Wooden Tray.

  • the inadvertent farmer - Can’t wait to look through them all…what a great list! Thanks, Kim

  • Nikki - Really enjoyed your crafts. I have bought the stuff to do the clipboards, but cant find instructions

  • Alice - I am trying to make that 12 days of Christmas deal like you showed. Can you send me the link to that project? And give me some ideas of what to put on it. My kids are 9 (boy) & 10 (girl).

  • Lynnette - I am in love with all your DIY! What a great find your site is today.

  • Suzan - wow,
    I really think your site is awsome. there’s not much I wouldn’t make my self. I read the post of the nasty comment. the old grouch must not know what real crafting is.
    I will link your site on my blog.

A quick and easy fix up for a basic notebook. I think it would be cute in a stocking or in a little gift basket with other things…

Supplies: Scrapbooking paper, ribbon, decorative tape, notebook (mine were a pack of 3 for $2.99 from Target), stickers, Mod Podge if you want to seal it1109ntebooks-01

Step 1: Measure scrapbooking paper to fit the cover and a bit on the inside

Step 2: Use spray adhesive to adhere the paper to the notebook (if you want to cover with Mod Podge you could)

Step 3: Hot glue ribbon to the top back of the journal

Step 4: Cover where the tape connects with decorative tape, label or sticker1109ntebooks-02

I added a few stickers with the initials of the recipients. Cute stuff.1109ntebooks-03

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  • Lora Grim - Ashley,

    I am curious about the spine of these notebooks. Do you put adhesive or mod podge on these or do you leave them untouched so they will be flexible when opening?

    Thanks for all the great ideas. Lora

  • AshleyAnn - I ended up not using Mod Podge, but I think you could do a thin coat and it would still be flexible

  • ari Morris - i’ve been missing your posts…they havent’ come through my Reader since Nov 5…so sad! But now i’m up to date.


  • Mindy Howard - I tried this with Mod Podge twice and both times he paper wrinkled up and it looked terrible. What can I do?

  • Nicolle S - I can’t believe there are only 4 comments on this post! I love this DIY idea so much and I can’t wait to recreate it. I’m a new fan and I’ve been reading through all your posts. I love your blog!

  • cara - love it i cant wate to get home n try it a perfict pressie for my sisters kids.and so fun to do.. thank you for the insperation..

  • Shannon Quinn - Very cute!

  • Susan - i would love to get updates from your craft site please

  • Wendy - These are great!

  • Tammie Hash - I love this idea! Thank you!

  • Linda Bates - These look like grest gifts to give as Jornals and Diaries too if those words were added to the front of the book. Such a pretty inexpensive gift.

  • Dawn - Ideas like this are wonderful. I belong to a craft group in my community and we’re always looking for quick, easy crafts. Thanks, so much

  • Susan - Daughter & son-in-law both Teachers. Am making/giving these for Xmas. Thanks for GREAT GIFT IDEA!

  • Florence Horan - This is a really neat idea – I am looking for ideas like this for fund raiser. I can probably get the notebooks at a dollar store

  • Abbey - Can you tell me what scrapbook paper this is? It’s really pretty!