I use Random Number Generator to determine the winner.

Winner of the Zoe Lynn Designs Giveaway…..

Kaitlyn, who wrote: “I don’t comment much but I have followed along with your blog for a while now! I have to say this is my favorite post: http://ashleyannphotography.com/blog/2010/01/11/gracious-may-designer-feature-session/ because I just love that last picture of all their little feet!
This one would have to be a close second because it is just so fun and cute: http://ashleyannphotography.com/blog/2009/07/20/my-life/
LOVE those new pictures of your daughter… she is just beautiful!”

I loved reading all those…thanks! It was fun to see which posts stuck out to you all – so many different ones!

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UPDATE: This is a 24×36 print from White House Custom Color. If you aren’t a professional photographer, I recommend Mpix.com. The print is frame in a basic poster frame from Hobby Lobby ($10.00 at 50% off).

A peek for him while he is still out of the country

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  • Trinity - how cute! she looks like she is doing push-ups!

  • Kaitlyn - Oh I just LOVE that picture (I was referring to the one of her in the bucket, but I love the one of her in front of her picture also)! :)

  • Tracy - Oh i love the blown up pic!! I also love that she is doing pushups ;p

  • amanda torres - Yeah, now you’re gonna have to make a large print of this picture to put in his office. That is just too stinkin’ cute!

  • Lisa Johnson - I gasped at the utter cuteness!

  • Anna Joy - i love it!!!!

  • linda geertsen - Don’t be freaked…but, I LOVE baby sister. I see my little one in her in this particular photo. The chubby pouch on the top of her foot, the cute miniature pudgey hands, the just-enough-to-mess-up head of hair, and that focused eye for every little everything & anything on the floor. I LOVE being a mom and THANK YOU so Much for all that you do to make my life as a mom a happier one!

  • Alison R - The picture is amazing! I love what you did with it! She is so cute doing her little push-ups!

  • Nicole - Hi Ashley,

    Is the large print a canvas or mounted print or ??? May I ask where you ordered it from? It’s adorable and sure to bring many smiles from those who see it in your husband’s office!

  • Tess S. - EVERY time my baby sees a picture of your baby. he squeals with delight. i love it. just thought you’d like to know!

  • Jill R - love, love, love!

  • ashlee - that is my favorite one from your post!! simply stunning!!

  • Erin - Ash this is priceless!! She’s trying to let those big bros know she can hold her own! :)

  • Patricia Teo - Your blog always make me smile :-) I was so lost over the weekend when your blog was down!

  • Shannon Phillips - WOW WOW WOW!!!! I love it. I also love that your daughter is already doing her push ups. Go Breese!

  • jay - she’s doing push-ups or pushdowns? release a fit-baby photo book :) please!!!

  • Lesley - LOVE IT!!!

  • Jesse - I adore this photo!

  • the inadvertent farmer - I go away for a few days and come back here and she is up on her toes??? Stop that little one you are growing too fast…sigh…darn kids. Kim

  • Sarah - WAY TO CUTE! Your ideas on new ways to shoot photos amazes me!

  • Michelle - ah, that is too cute! where do you get your pictures blown up & mounted? that is stunning!

  • Amanda L. - SO adorable! How old is she? My 6 month old does the same thing. She pushes herself up into a plank, but then can’t figure out where to go from there.

  • peta - that is adorable! i am sure her daddy will think she has grown a heap since he’s been away.

    since you are in an ‘answering questions’ kind of mode, can i ask where you got your boys spotty sheets from them? i likeeeeeee.


UPDATE: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. The last counting comment is Courtney’s “a blank canvas~a painted canvas~friends and their creativity”. Winner to be announced.

First, let me say “Yes!” I read all your comments. I love reading them and really enjoyed seeing what posts stood out to each of you. Thanks for sharing that. Secondly, I want to point out that the baby pictures yesterday were of Baby Sister. There seemed to be some confusion on that from more than one person. In fact her daddy called from Haiti and commented that she had “thinned out” while he was gone. The truth is he has my 50mm lens, my 85mm lens was too narrow for the crib, so I used my 28mm lens…it distorts a little.

One of the things I enjoy about having a blog is I have a place to share random pictures that I have fun taking, but won’t necessarily frame on my living room wall. So in honor of that, here are some pretty little things I’ve enjoyed lately….

My daughter is a pretty little thing. Her thighs are pretty…not so much little. She has watched her brothers flip around on the floor too many times. The big thing in the background is a painting I did several years ago, I still like it but can’t figure out what to do with it. It’s a big pretty thing.2.10prettylittle-01

Scraps of old sheets people used to sleep on Reclaimed Bed Linens from Whimsie Dots. I want to make a quilt like this.


My sweet friend. She is a pretty little thing…she has a pretty huge heart.2.10prettylittle-03

Pink Legos…now life is as it should be in our home. Pink Legos….PINK LEGOS! The boys are loving them, which cracks me up. Baby Sister will thank Grandma one day.2.10prettylittle-04

Pretty little watercolors. I advise against sitting your coffee next to the watercolor water. If you accidentally dip your paint brush in your coffee instead of the water you are forced to decide between drinking the contaminated coffee or taking the effort to make another perfect cup. Watercolor paints don’t have lead in them, do they? Guess I’ll find out.

I am making too many pillows these days. They are just so fast and easy and we are kind of fond of pillow fights around here. This one is too pretty for fighting with though.2.10prettylittle-05

Count down for Daddy’s return on the chalkboard wall. Sometimes countdowns make it seem longer…2.10prettylittle-06

Sweet handmade card from this gorgeous girl.2.10prettylittle-07

The local fabric store had a 50% off everything sale. It started at 7:00am, but I couldn’t go since Chris is gone. My mom went with me a few days earlier to see what I liked. She and my aunt started the line outside the store at 6:00am! Thanks mom for my fun new fabric! Paint by number fabric….love it!2.10prettylittle-09

Sand that just makes me happy from Daisy Days.2.10prettylittle-10

And today’s giveaway is your choice of posters from PaperRelish on etsy….seller of my Pretty Little Things poster in Baby Sister’s nursery!

It does not have to be the Pretty Little Things poster, go check out her other items. Aren’t you so excited?


Contest Details:
One entry per person
Ends at 9:00pm Central US, Wednesday, February 10th
Prize is 1 store credit to Paper Relish
In the comment section tell me some of the pretty little things you enjoy in life.

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  • Andy - looking at my 2 year old son’s face.
    planning on how to decorate my baby girl room. i’m 23 weeks pregnant and can’t wait to meet her.
    the curtins in our room.
    and the scrapbook that i made for my son

  • Heather King - My favorite pretty little thing right now is my son who is pretending I can’t see him even though he’s standing right in front of me… ahhh 2 year olds :)

  • ErikaKay - The earth and all its bounty is so pretty! Especially now when we have fluffy white snow coming down!

  • Alison R - Love all of your gorgeous photos! I especially love that pillow! I am loving my pretty little 18 month old even though I’m not particularly digging her already terrible two attitude!

  • Kathy - My favorite pretty little thing is the red bird in my back yard sitting on my bird feeder as I type this.

  • Alba - the morning hug between brothers, the good morning kiss from my little and his “bidiamama” (bon dia mama/ good morning mum). The “good morning mum, no kisses” mama from the older one every single morning ;-)

  • ashlee - my sweet Mercy’s smile, old Amy Butler fabric, and a vintage chenielle bedspread. I love the colors in that painting!

  • Jenny - Today, the pretty little thing that I am enjoying is the delicate snowflakes falling all around and my babies standing at the windows taking it all in.

  • Ashley C. - My favorite pretty little thing is my new studio (ok, reclaimed bedroom) where I’ve created some (I think) amazing things. My brain comes to life in this room and I love it!

  • mrs doodle - OMG why can’t you be my neighbor or best friend – ha or both! :) I know we would be friends, great ones:) he he Anyways… I am smiling so big on this post. I love that little one trying to do a flip – that reminds me of my little girl when she was that age. I swear she would rather be upside down than right side up and still is that way at 2! And those pink legos. Somehow I have missed those. My husband has a plastic STORAGE bin FULL of legos that he can’t wait to take out to play with our daughter. (let’s just say your boys would be in HEAVEN if they saw that bin!) We might have to add some pink to all those primary colored legos very soon! I need to make one of those ruffled pillows, very soon! And I am so jealous you scored that paint by number fabric!!! Lucky you! And last but certainly not least – girl that nursery – I want to live in that room! For reals!

    I am enjoying my pretty little 2 year old daughter!!! Dreaming about what her little sister is going to be like when she arrives in April. Pretty little girls;0)

  • annie - staring into the eyes of my three kids and the wonder behind them
    watching a rose unfurl into a bloom
    a beautiful handwritten note
    taking a blank canvas and tubes of paint and making perfect piece of art for a child’s room

  • Mandy - I am currently redecorating our entire house for one little sofa. It started in the living room and then I went crazy. But how fun is it to pick out paint for my girls ages 7,8, 10. So far we have blue, lime green and lots of chalkboard paint. Very pretty things! And PaperRelish has plenty of things I want!!

  • Kari S - My daughter! And I love your new blog header of pictures, I especially love the one of all your kids standing up showing their bare feet- PRICELESS!!!

  • laura - my baby boy’s eyes….although my husband might prefer i call them “handsome” over “pretty little things.” handmade valentines. little girl laughs. paper white lilies.

  • Diana - Although we have snow EVERYWHERE right now, ohh how I love a fresh vase of huge sunflowers in the summertime from our local farmers market! One of my other favorite pretty things is our sweet baby girls fiercely curly (think Shirley Temple)hair! Oh what I wouldn’t give to have beautiful hair like hers.

    Thank you for continuing to post wonderful projects! I am a huge fan of your blog!

  • Jo - Ashley,

    You are something awesome! Like I say everytime I post.. I love coming to your blog in the mornings, they always make me smile even when I don’t wanna ;)

    Pretty little house
    Pretty little family
    Pretty little fabric
    Pretty little babies
    Pretty little love
    Pretty (not)little relationship


    THANK YOU!!!!

  • Jo - OH!!! And the mix up of your daughter, the lens difference made a HUGEEEE change in baby. When I saw her yesterday I thought… um, is that the baby baby!?!?!!? She did look very thin!!!

  • Charity - I love the emerging personality of my child. She’s such a pretty little thing!

  • Elizabeth - My pretty little things include…all my children, and husband, my pets…all my paintings and murals….my crafts….the joy on my childrens faces when they are creating….and learning..and loving….

  • Christine - The pretty little things I enjoy are my children.

  • Meredith - My favorite pretty little things right now: my adorable son who looks more like a boy and less like a baby every day, striking red cardinals on the snow, a freshly organized pantry (yay), and daffodils trying to come up through the hard frozen ground.

  • Brooke - Ohhhh, I love the pretty little things poster! I also love the one about PB&J in PaperRelish’s store. Some of the pretty things in my life right now is all of the snow that just hit! It’s a pain in the butt but it sure makes the trees look nice.

  • amanda torres - I stay home with my nephew (15 months), son(3), and daughter (15 months). The prettiest little thing that melts my heart is when my nephew arrives in the morning, the kids always hug each other before playing. Gets me everytime!

  • Meg - 3 little boys…while they object to being called pretty little things…they are handsome dudes that I am so in love with!

  • Kate - My favorite pretty little thing right now is every piece of completed adoption paperwork. It means we are one step closer!!

  • Katie - My 19 months old smiles, and his “happy dance” he does when he gets really excited about something. And big brothers jokes.

  • kribss - memories, pretty caligraphy, fresh fallen snow+ great friends are some of my pretty little things i am enjoying

  • Beth - My shoes today are pretty little things. Pretty little things that will probably give me blisters by days end but they’re pretty none-the-less.

  • Courtney H - Gonna have to go with precious little newborns. My best friend just had a new baby girl and I can’t help but fall in love with that little baby every time I see a picture of her.

  • karen brown - my “baby” girl turns 6 tomorrow…definitely my pretty little thing!

  • Stephanie - My son, a new project on the knitting needles, thrifted pillowcases that will soon be dresses for my nieces!

  • meredith - OK….hearing my oldest sing my youngest to sleep, watching my tough little boys hold hands, hot chocolate mustaches, little painted toenails, listening to the faith-filled prayers of my child….good to be reminded that as they get BIGGER there are still so many pretty little things!! :)

  • Meredith - My favorite pretty little things? My kiddos dimples…I really do love them!

  • Jessica - My favorite pretty little thing is my 3 month old daughter; her chubby cheeks have a pearly pink glow and they dimple when she breaks into a big smile. So sweet!

  • Niki - As cliche as it sounds, I really try to find the beauty in it all. There are pretty little things all around me. LIFE is pretty!

  • Amanda Mc - My pretty little thing is a BIG miracle named Maddie :)

  • raychel - pretty little fresh snow, pretty little new crafts, pretty little neices and nephews…i could go on and on…

  • Trinity - I have four pretty little things…..the prettiest I think…Mirieh, Hannah, Amanda, and Stephanie!

  • Britney B - My daughters beautiful blue eyes that she didn’t get from me! I love them and could stare at them all day.

  • haley - pretty little things surround me all day.. my 2 year old has a lot to say these day.. and really, she makes everything sound “PRETTY”, that and her beautiful face!!!!

  • kristen - my girls laughing at each other in their room when they’re supposed to be taking a nap. ;)

  • kelly - The bulldogs pink tongue hanging out, my two year olds blue eyes, the color of The King from Cars – I so want to paint my bathroom that blue color, a fresh cup of coffee…random I know.

  • sarah - A reversible apron I just made for a friend :)

  • Kara - My favorite pretty thing is my sweet baby girl…and your website. I just love your site, it’s awesome!

  • christina larsen - the thought of horses running in a field, the picture of my little girl in Korea on our refrigerator that we can’t wait to bring home, snuggles on the sofa with my kiddos and dogs, and fresh tulips in a vase.

  • jody - “Pretty” (rather cute) little things….four pairs of toes peeking out of blankies as my boys sit watching winnie the pooh on the couch right now.

    the snow falling down right now….even tho it’s feb & I’M READY for spring – the snow is still so pretty…

  • bopha - My favorite “pretty” little things are my boys- boys can be pretty too right?

  • Kristi - The pretty little thing I enjoy most in life is my 20 month old sweet baby girl! I wonder every day what I did before I had her in my life.

  • Karla - My favorite pretty little things: my daughters in sweet little braids, my son’s long and lovely eyelashes, my bowl of bright orange clementines, the snowflakes falling out the window, the latest pillow I made, my daughter’s finger knitting, and all the lovely Valentine’s laying around the house.

  • kelly - My favorite little thing, wow so many… having my husband back after a 6 month deployment,, having my 2 girls enjoy him in all their little girl plays. And having him back so i can smell him. that to me is all it matters, getting to smell him and hug him.

  • Megan H - My favorite pretty little thing is the pictures I have of my 7 month old who we are adopting…I love her lips, the curve of her face, her fingers, her long soft curls – I can’t wait to meet her.

  • jade - well i’d planned on getting the pretty little things print off of etsy any day now, might as well give it a shot here. thanks!

  • keely - my boy’s green eyes, their daddy’s brown ones. the fields behind our house that provide amazing views of the sunsets. the afternoon light in our living room.

  • Celia - I adore my 18 month old little boy. He’s a gorgeous little thing… but not sure he wants to hear he’s pretty! :) And flowers… I love pretty flowers.

  • Cassie - My pretty little things are currently pretending to be puppies playing fetch with each other.

  • kelley - I love to see my 3 y.o. daughter when she dresses “like a princess”. With 3 older brothers it is nice to have some girly stuff around. I also love to watch her playing with her babies and to see her brothers playing with her!

  • Robyn Farmer - I love my pretty little 9 month old girls chunky monkey legs.

  • Lindy - I love photographing pretty little newborn babies!

  • Rachel Ridd - I would love to win the pretty little things poster.


  • ellen - my pretty little things: toddler giggles, tights for little girls (preferably striped or dotted), conversations about the weather with a seven-year-old. Oh, and camelias! The camelias are blooming where I live and they are just lovely.

  • Jackie - My daughters dimple…can’t get enough of it!

  • allison waken - I love painting, the colors on my walls make me happy every morning. I also love reading the cute little stories and illustrations my boys bring home from school. I want to frame them all!

  • Cherish Stockdale - watching the rain through the window, a perfect cup of coffee, and my children’s laughter

  • laura arens - my pretty little thing is my son who will turn 1 year in 4 days!

  • Michele V. - A pretty new painted bathroom in my new house.

  • Jenna - Pretty little things in the Daniel House this morning:

    -Flavored creamer in my morning coffee is a beautiful thing this morning! It’s definitely a rainy, french vanilla kind of morning!

    -A napping 14 month old wild man. Whew!

    -A stack of laundry sitting next to me. The pretty part of it is that IT. CAN. WAIT!

    -Starting The Love Dare all over again. Can’t ever love on that hubby too much!

    Thanks for sharing your life with us! So happy you’re back up and running!

  • Christy H - My own set of chunky 20mo thighs and puffy feet! and my new curtains I am working on in Heather Bailey fabric.

    p.s. love the paint by numbers fabric. Curious, Whicha going to make with that ?

  • Ashley Cangelosi - oh….pretty little things…my fav!

  • Stephanie - My favorite pretty little thing is hearing my husband laugh really hard in the other room. He would probably roll his eyes if he knew I called that a pretty little thing.

  • Allison - Like most moms, my pretty little….boys! Since I don’t have girls, I think it is ok to say my boys are pretty little things….especially their beautiful blue eyes that I love to take pictures of!

  • Cara L - the pretty little things i am loving right now are the sweet comments i receive from my students. i teach 3rd grade and absolutely love coming to work everyday thanks to my great kiddos!

  • Katie H. - The rays of sun that are blinding me in my office as I am supposed to be working, but instead I am reading your Blog. Sunshine…Oh how I miss thee!

  • Lisa Johnson - My favorite pretty little thing today is the gorgeous rays of sun actually shining into my kitchen. It has been too long since I’ve seen the sun!

  • Janica - My CURRENT favorite ‘pretty little thing’ are homemade vALentIneS! I love the crooked hearts cut by my 4-yr-old! They are beautiful!!!

  • Mara - Pretty little things I adore: the baby growing inside me, my new 50 mm 1.4 lens, my daughter’s sweet chubby cheeks, and homemade Valentine cards ready to be sent out!

  • Shanalea - In my boy world there a very few pretty little things, but at the current moment I love my gardenia plant growing in my turned to see garden. We planted it a year ago and had assumed it was not going to grow, but after several days of rain, a little flower is springing from the ground. It makes me happy to see things grow.

  • Nicole - my current favorite pretty little thing right now is watching my 2 year old son steam roll his sisters…it’s fun to see the difference between boys and girls…

  • Susan - Pretty little eyes! I love the happiness, joys, and mischief that I can see in my kiddos eyes!

  • Jaclyn - My kids are my favorite pretty little things. I also enjoy my pretty little coffee cup every morning and my favorite perfect tshirt.

  • Martina - I can’t wait for the trees to start blossoming at the start of spring!! I suppose I have lots of pretty little things in my home but the fresh snow on the ground is making me crave warmer weather!

  • dena - pretty little things… 4 sets of very pretty eyes and 4 sets of even prettier eye lashes (thanks to one very easy on the eyes daddy).

  • Lori Danelle - We just got prints from a photo session we had back in October—I couldn’t make up my mind!! They are so gorgeous!! Now I just need to find a moment when my pretty little girls aren’t asleep or vying for my attention to get them hung on the wall!

  • Jennifer Ross - To be honest, lately I’ve been a web stalker to you and a few others to look at pretty little things. I almost think it’s a sin because ya’ll make everything look so pretty and so easy, and I’m not that savvy. So, to stay focused, I’ve limited my stalking to once a day during my lunch break (I am a high school teacher).
    Other pretty little things I love lately:
    *my kids artwork, specifically the Valentine’s heart cut-outs with fuzzy balls on them.
    *Also, my 5 year old and I made the wax paper crayon hearts that you posted a few weeks ago (while 3 year old was asleep). I love the way it looks!
    *my 3 year old son’s face when he’s listening to music. He really jams out. And he is so pretty!
    *my daughter’s sweet eyes and giggles when we read Junie B. Jones together.
    *the mountains (small but still called mountains) in my town. Today there is a little snow falling on them. Really pretty to see God’s handiwork in such a natural state.

    The pretty blog(s) stalker

  • Irene - Oh I love that store! I really enjoy talking to my mom on the phone (she lives in Spain), receiving text messages from my husband and a good full diaper from my 4 month old baby (it means he’s healthy and strong:)

  • Nicole - My favorite pretty little things? My two daughters! And all of their pretty little dresses and sparkle shoes and fairy wings!

    I also love every inch of my local Anthropologie store!

  • AMS - the pretty little things in my life are my baby’s hands and my older son’s eyes… makes my heart miss a beat!

  • Jessica - I am going to be an aunt for the first time in May. So my favorite pretty little thing right now is the baby sweater I am knitting for my soon to be nephew! :)

  • kristi - chocolate, smiles, bubbles, emails.

  • Seamingly Sarah - Did I already mention the post about your daughter’s room make over was my favorite!!! What fun to see it again.

  • BriBedell - My two pretty little ladies :)My pretty sweater pillows I am working on. My drawings of flower girl dresses I am going to attempt to sew…(wish me luck)!!

  • janene micheletti - This morning for the very first time, my 24-month-old daughter signed “good morning, mummy” in sign language. It is such the prettiest little thing to see her to express in her little hands!!!

  • Meg - The stillness of a city covered in a foot of snow…so white and pretty!

  • Kirsten - I’m not sure any of my boys would enjoy being referred to as a pretty little thing but my current fave is my 2 year old strutting around the house in a diaper and his hand-me-down boots. Also, granny squares.

  • Hollie - Currently I am enjoying the “pretty little things” in my soon-to-arrive daughters nursery! I am now 8 days overdue and just can’t wait to meet her! She will be out first! and of course, once she’s here, she’ll be my “pretty little thing!”

  • KTMerl - I would have to say as of recently my sis-in-law and my nephew that is coming in less than 8 weeks…so so sweet (: And the sunshine!

  • patti - my favorite pretty little thing(s) in my life right now is my two little girls (2 1/2 and 5) arguing with each other over a doll. it’s my favorite because they are healthy and lucky to have a doll to fight over. love them so much! ;)

  • Jamie - One of my pretty little things right now is my two-year-old daughter’s chubby painted toenails! The paint’s all chipped but tiny toes just melt me :)

  • Amanda - I am lucky enough to have 2 pretty little things in my life… my daughter – she’s almost 8 months old and she is the most amazing little creature I’ve ever laid my eyes on. She amazed me every day, and I can’t remember life without her. My other pretty little thing is my Great Grandmother – she will be 90 next month and is the sweetest most wonderful person I could ever imagine. She’s just over the moon about my baby SK, so the two of them together practically make my heart explode.

  • Heather - The pretty thing I see right now is my kitchen table top because I finally dug my way out of pile city. Ahhh, so nice to see you my old friend.

  • Carin - My daughter, fun fabric, decoupage letters and the new snow!

  • Kristina - The snow this morning when the sun was coming out. My daughter noticed the snow was “sparkling”.

  • heidi - my favorite pretty thing right now is my copy-cat fire place that we hung our tv over. it makes me smile everytime i see it.

  • mindy t - The huge smile that my 4 month old baby girl gives me every morning!

  • heidi - my favorite pretty little thing right now is my copy-cat fire place. We hung our TV over it and i love it. i smile everytime i walk in the room.

  • Suzanne - One of my pretty little things is the sun!!! After making it thru the ice storm the end of January and not having power for 10 days I am really loving the sun and electricity!

  • Margie - My pretty little 4 year old daughter always…..but most especially when she dresses up in crazy outfits! My pretty,handsome little son who smiles all day long! Pretty fabric, pretty colors, pretty blogs :0), pretty view from my kitchen window, pretty amazing friends……just a pretty life in general!

  • Melissa - My kids.. i love them..
    The snow falling right now..

    Your blog!..

    THanks for the giveaway!

  • Maggie - I’m looking at some pretty little snowflakes falling outside right now during a pretty little snow day!

  • becky - sweet little giggles and squishy baby cheeks!

  • Julie Beam - My pretty little thing is my little girl (especially when she’s in pigtails like today!).

  • Christian T - Can boys be pretty? If so, my son! I think he’s pretty AND handsome!

  • Jen - pretty little things i love:
    1. that poster…please pick me
    2. dainty, girly, inexpensive jewelry
    3. lace
    4. imperial trellis {on anything}
    5. mismatched china {especially tea cups}
    6. when my toe nails are painted perfectly
    7. perfect weather {which doesn’t exist here in KY this winter}


  • anne c - the prettiest little thing in my life right now is Kate…she is the sweetest little baby girl and when she smiles at me with her two teeth…I MELT!

  • Rachel - My son’s curly hair….it’s pretty, but not very little.

  • MLC - seeing my daughter’s smile in old pictures of me when i was her age.

  • Margie - My pretty little daughter always, but most of all when she dresses up in crazy outfits! My pretty, handsome little son who smiles all day long! Pretty fabrics, pretty blogs :0), pretty amazing friends, the pretty view from my kitchen window, just my pretty life in general!

  • melissa tichy - my pretty little thing to share is a snow day when everyone is home–even dad!!!!

  • Christina - My favorite pretty little thing is my back porch with a creek running behind it. We have been waiting to close on this house for 3 months and it is finally ours!!

  • ashley - my lucy and fritz, belle, and roscoe (dogs and cats), blue skies, flowers, miniature anything.

  • Anna H - Right now it would be colorful felt! And yarn. SOooooooo pretty! Thanks!

  • Holly Todd - I have a pretty little girl, Anna Claire, and my new pretty little waxing poetic neclace I got from my hubby for christmas! I LOVE IT, check them out…http://www.waxingpoetic.net/cat.php

  • Courtney - oh, my favorite pretty little thing at the moment is my precious almost two week old girl named Harper! That poster would be awesome in her nursery!

  • Cath - After all the exams, now I’m finally having some time to myself, to craft, to knit, to read, and it’s what I’m thankful these days. Walk around the city without too many worries today was just amazing. And I love the feeling of having something in my mailbox :)
    For material stuff I love my disk (praxe), my journal and something I cross stitched that I just think it’s so inspirational!

  • franzi - -my lovely little daughter (9 months)
    -her two teeth
    - wet kisses from her
    -my husbands curly hair i just looove it :)
    -your blog (found it a couple of days after your daughter was born and love it since then, i check on it daily :) )

  • Michelle - I love my little boy’s dimple on his cheek!

  • Ashley - I absolutely adore reading your blog & seeing all of your projects! My pretty little thing is my sweet baby that’s just a growing right now – first baby due in July. Can’t wait! :)

  • jenni - the pretty little things i enjoy are moments with my mom, hearing my niece say my name, and all the lovely fabric that has taken over my dining room this last week.

  • Sara Green - Oh yay. Love these!


  • Kara P - I love a pretty little bouquet of flowers in an old mason jar!

  • Kara - my almost one year olds laugh and the look in his eye when he is up to something.
    seeing the sun FINALLY (fellow T-town girl)
    cuddling w my hubby and son early in the morning

  • Shelly - I love your photos and your blog. My favorite pretty little things are my daughter and son.

  • Mandi Smith - Loving my children and the new things they do everyday. Even when my two year old son says embarrassing things in public :)

  • Kara - o and please share the local fabric shop!!

  • annalea - making pillows for more pillow fights? sure. . . but they’re awfully pretty too look at too. :)

    my pretty little things – three chubby cheeked kiddos, one very handsome fella, a bright cheerful house (and newly painted kitchen), homemade valentines, sleeping beauty and belle playing in the castle and so much more.

  • Jodi - Well, the prettiest things are easy…..my 2 little daughters. They are just the joy of my day, everyday. I love beautiful fabrics, a warm cup of soup, sewing for fun! These are just a few to name! Thanks for another amazing giveaway!

  • marie - I enjoy pretty pillows too! They are my favorite! I think if I had all the money in the world I would by a million pillows! I also love pretty little pictures from Paper Relish…I’m having a baby soon, so this giveaway I would love to win!!

  • Kristin Eldridge - My 14 week old baby boy and his sweet smiles.

  • Amber - Definitely the faces of my kiddos. Particularly the dimples they are both graced with. Their little feet. Especially when my daughter’s little toe nails are painted pink. Colored baths. The warm sun streaming through a window. Flickering candle light.

  • Jen - My favorite pretty little thing(s) has to be my niece and nephew. A haven’t-see-you-in-three-years hug every time I see them (about 2x a week!) just makes my world go round!

  • Crystal - My favorite pretty thing right now is the small little kick I feel every few moments are so from my baby girl. I think she wants to make sure I never take my mind off of her. :)

  • Becca - Today my two favorite pretty little things are my lovely 17-month old and fresh eggs from the farm. You can’t beat those gorgeous yellow yolks!

  • Cassie - So I found your blog a couple weeks ago while clicking around and I am in LOVE! Your style just makes my heart pound.

    Right now, my ‘pretty little thing’ is my 28-week baby belly–I could stare at the little flutters and kicks all day long, just daydreaming about the pretty little thing that’s going to pop out in May!

  • Ang - 7-week old Gretchen Ruth is my most favorite pretty little thing right now!

  • Jennifer - My pretty little 8 month old sweetly sleeping. How peaceful and beautiful!

  • Tracy - A few of my favorite “pretty” things are rainbows after a good rain, sunsets, my two beautiful children that the Lord has blessed me with!!

  • Kristina H. - My pretty little things: Two beautiful daughters who amaze me with their talents and zest for life; the sight of tiny babies with tiny feet, hands, and wondrous eyes, whom I am blessed to care for in the NICU; black and white photography; the color red; sock yarn; freckles; and the silly smiles of my children!!

  • stacey B - some pretty little things i’m enjoying right now include my mother’s sewing machine from 1969 (that I recently dusted off to learn how to sew), new paper I got 75% off in fabulous colors, a delicious and pretty Indian-curry stew I made this weekend to feast on through this week!

  • Stephanie - My current favorite pretty little thing is the wedding band of a dear family friend, which ended up with me after she passed away. It’s a daily reminder of one of the sweetest and most generous people I’ve ever known.

  • Tracy - Some pretty things that i am loving:

    Pretty fabric
    scrapbook paper
    my two beautiful children
    Sunny days
    Your blog!!

  • Rebekah Jean - Some of my favorite pretty things:
    balloos, crayons, flowers, Valentine’s day cards. :)

  • Denette - My kids (5, 3, & 1) are my favorite three “pretty little things!” One of my favorite times of day is when they are fresh out of the bath, with their clean-smelling jammies on, and we cuddle up on the couch and relax!

  • Nicole - Pretty little snowflakes…though I’m ready for spring!

  • Lindsay - Color, ruffles, bows and of course, my daughter. :)

  • emily - some pretty little things…
    colored pencils
    a fresh drawing pad
    a picnic in the grass (we live in phoenix)
    sibling love
    a pretty little day

  • Beatrice Killam - YAY, the blog is back!!
    That’s one of the pretty little things I enjoy. And the other major one is my daughter Emma.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • Jaimie - I really super duper enjoy yarn. I just think it’s cute.

  • Crystal - My sister just had a baby girl today {her 1st}, so, of course, I’m going to say my new little niece!!

  • Caitlin - My sweet baby boy, who isn’t a baby anymore, weekends at the cottage, summer days, inspirational photos….

  • Beth - My pretty little things: slipping into my pajamas as soon as I get home, spending the entire day crafting, and making dinner with my husband.

  • Karen - My favorite pretty little thing is my sweet 7 month old foster daughter- our time with her is most likely coming to an end and though our hearts are breaking that we don’t get to adopt her we are relishing every moment we can snuggling her and kissing her sweet face.

  • Shannon - My pretty little things of today

    -morning cup of coffee

  • Andrea - the falling snow outside our window, Mardi Gras beads that we will catch on our trip down there this weekend (don’t worry-not planning on visiting Bourbon Street-most of the parades are very family friendly), and my sweet little boy!

  • Ali Richardson - SO many pretty things in my world!
    V-Day decorations, my favorite!!!
    Baby sister dressed in pink (we call our baby girl baby sister too, just like you).
    Rain falling from the CA sky (yep, it rains here sometimes, crazy I know).
    Brand spankin’ new carpet, YUM!
    SO SO many, too many to list. Life is sweet!!!

  • Jill - My pretty little things are pretty obvious….my three pretty little girls. :)

  • Jill R - My pretty little things are my baby boys with their chubby cheeks!

  • Sherry - Some of the pretty little things in my life are: my husband, my vintage sheet collection, and my baby blanket.

  • Amanda - A few of my pretty little things are freshly baked sweets, sweet time spent with the roommates, and clean, warm, freshly laundered bed sheets! :)

  • Sarah - I have a pretty(I don’t know if it is little) Magnolia in a vase canvas painting hanging over my couch and everytime we walk in the apartment it makes me feel I have made this place home for now, until God shows us the home we are going to buy in Waco.

  • sherry - my favorite pretty little thing right now is the beautiful amaryllis that bloomed today.

  • betsy - My pretty little things are my new windshield wipers! They are black and shiny and work WONDERS in all this rain we are having in the south! “Pretty” is in the eye of the beholder right? :)

  • Erica W - My pretty little things are a nice cup of tea and my little baby’s smiles.

  • Dick - My favorite little things are my grandkids, 3 in OK and 5 in OH.
    I can’t get enough of them.

  • Lori Kroh - I think my pretty little things are my stretchmarks from my pregancies. I was told I wouldn’t have children…that I was in menopause. I used to hate them…but I have two beautiful children and now I think of them as clear tatoos put there by the Master of creation…

  • Sarah VG - sending pretty little love notes to people in the mail :)

  • Neha - Pretty little things to me are

    the sound of birds chirping in the early morning.
    the feel of sand escaping under your feet at the beach (after the wave)
    silly giggles of cute little girls
    orange polka dots ribbons
    a beautiful vase of yellow tulips…
    and ….a cup of jasmine lemon tea.

  • Amy - Smiles and giggles from by boys!

  • Kara - My pretty little thing that I love the most is 2 and usually covered with dirt, markers, snot, food anything he can make a mess with. Most people wouldn’t consider him little, but to me he is still my baby. His name is Corbin and no matter what mess he makes during the day there is nothing prettier or sweeter than watching that little boy sleeping in his bed curled up with his blanket and “baby”. That moment makes my day worth it no matter how big the mess I had to clean up.

  • Meagan - The prettiest thing in my life is my sweet Evelyn! She makes my heart flutter every time I look at her! My boys are pretty too-especially when they are sleeping! ;) Fabric! I am obsessed with fabric and can spend hours looking, whether it be on etsy or at the fabric store! (BTW, what local fabric store did you get those fabrics at?) Pretty flowers in my garden! I can’t wait for spring!!!

  • Julie - I love my new camera that gives me pretty little pictures!

  • Christina - As I write my 90lb lab stuck in my 10 lb Yorkie’s crate walking around banging into the walls becasue she hid her cookie in there.

  • rachel - hmmm…. pretty little things… definitely all the rooms my husband has redone in our home. He is a master painter and has a good eye for color, so all the rooms he’s touched are awesome! Also the amazing little football Rice Krispie treats I made on Sunday, they turned out so cute and everyone loved them. Yay!

  • Amber - Some of my pretty little things are
    - my son and the new baby to come
    - the smiles of sweet kids faces that great me every morning when I go to work
    - chocolate on a stressful day
    - pancakes with strawberries and cream for supper (it doesn’t hurt once and a awhile)

  • Suzanne - My two pretty little daughters. We have been stuck in the house for the past 5 days due to the snow on the East coast, but they are still wonderful!

  • kat - The pretty little smiles I see when it gets sunny in February (today), the pretty little noises that babies make when they are happy, the pretty little sounds of my favourite music, the pretty little posters by Paper Relish :), the pretty little signs all over my Vancouver, BC telling Olympic athletes that they should bring their own snow. Well, that last one was a funny little thing. But it counts, right?

  • Natalie M. - I am loving pretty little leg warmers and knee socks for my 3 little girls. Wanting to learn how to make some myself for them.

  • Kaitlyn - The one that comes to mind right now is the kids I nanny for (I just got home). They are adorable (just turned two):
    Plus all my friends and family of course ;)

  • Tessa - Pretty little things … snow falling outside my window … little girl’s shoes … splashes of color everywhere … a sunset … fresh fruit … watching my son grow up to an amazing person … giggles and laughter … I could go on forever!

  • miss r - That flip attempt is so precious!

    When my niece and nephew hug, it is just the prettiest little thing.

  • maegan - Lots of pretty little things in our world. My 3 wonderful children. One of those being the happiest, most smiley baby I’ve ever seen. Beautiful and bright snow. Pretty fabrics that are being used for some fun projects. Fun packages in the mail…..I could go on and on. I have so much to be thankful for!

  • Lisa - I have many pretty little things around me, but I’m excited by all the pretty-little-thing potential my latest antique-store-find has!Thanks for a pretty-little-blog, Ashley!

  • Cindy - Right now for me…my daughters love of creative expression regaurdless the audiance, my sons sweet voice singing his favorite songs, and my 3 yr old calling me to the bath room because he finally did it all by himself! Sweet, Sweet, Sweet!!!

  • Erin Kirby - Some pretty little things…..

    ***snow on the mountains above my house
    ***low flying clouds
    ***pink sunsets
    ***green lights!

    (and that was just on my ride home from work today!)

    thanks! :)

  • Melissa - Easy question-My most favorite would have to be my 21 month old daughter’s gorgeous huge baby blue eyes that she got from her great grandmother, whom we named her after. Other pretty little things would be fabric, fresh flowers, garden vegetables, a huge selection of gourmet chocolates, morning sunrise, evening sunset, baby girl clothes and accessories, other pregnant mommies (but not me, not feeling so pretty these days!), great photography likes yours and my friend, Kelly’s. Great photos always make me smile. :)

  • Jill - Clean, folded, put away laundry. Meraingues. New fabric being made into a picnic blanket. New paint waiting to be brushed onto an old piece of furniture.

  • Alicia - When my 19 month old boy says, “smooch” and plants a big one on my lips.

  • Ann - 1. falling asleep on my husband’s chest
    2. chocolate-covered caramels from Trader Joe’s
    3. my sister’s genuine laugh
    4. sunday afternoon naps

  • Sharee Ann - Right now I love my 2 yr. old’s dimple smile, amy butler fabric on an old ladder, newly done scrapbook pages, my Kelly Rae book mark in my Bible, my family photo wall, teal bowls and wooden mushrooms in my kitchen, kids grins as they sled down the fresh snowy hills, vintage window framing colorful fav. photos that make me grin, all colors of rainbow ribbon jumbled up in jars and yummy chicken parmesean with homemade wine sauce:)

  • Holly - I get to share my life with two pretty little things – red haired little girls who make me giggle and drive me crazy, all at the same time!

  • lauren b. - pretty little things i love: a handwritten letter in the mail, my morning 5-minute phone call with my dad, early morning runs under the stars, licking the bowl after baking a batch of brownies … oh, and lovely little blogs like yours. (truly!)

  • Olivia - you take the best pictures of everything in your life!! they are amazing!!

    my favorite little things are watching my kids at school when they finally understand something, or when they come in each morning with something new to tell me and cant hardly wait!

  • Kim - The pictures of my kids!

  • Sara W - I’m enjoying the sunflower craft my son made in kindergarten. Definitely a bright spot in this dreary winter weather.

  • candace - CLOUDS – they simply amaze me
    a smile on a student’s face
    coffee first thing in the morning
    my husband’s name on the phone calling

    i like this game, kind of a reverse q&a :)

  • ang - My pretty little things…my twelve year old with braces, seriously, he even makes braces look good. My daughter who often acts like her mom. Yikes! And finally a 5 1/2 year old who keeps us all guessing. Love you blog and pics.

  • candace - CLOUDs – they simply amaze me
    my husband’s name on the phone calling
    a smile on a student’s face
    coffee first thing in the morning (literally first)

    i like this game, kind of a reverse q&a :)

  • Mandy B - Blonde curls on the head of my little girl.

  • Amber - Right now to 2 prettiest things in my life are my daughters. They are 2 and 9 months and I love to gaze at their pretty little faces.

  • Jessica - Pretty little things…the snow falling outside, the snow day tomorrow (keeping our fingers crossed), and the extra time that I will get to spend with my 3 pretty little kids as a result.

    PS…Love your blog!!

  • Yanet - My three boys’ smile and laughter. Just lights up my mood every time. Also, a beautiful fireplace mantel I found in a local antique store (which reminds me a lot of yours) but I haven’t purchase on the hopes that the price goes down.

    P.S. How do you keep the floors in Baby Girl’s room so clean? Or do you give the floors the quick once over before picture taking??

  • Faith - My pretty little kiddos….2 and 9 months.
    And the pretty sunshine today! More please!

  • Amber - my pretty little things…my daughter’s big blue eyes, my sheets, my new owl necklace :)

  • Melissa Davis - The pretty little thing in my life is the check marks on my never-ending, but shrinking to-list. The wonderful feeling of completion.

  • Brooke - Oh goodness, I want the white pillow you made for my bed. You should totally sell it to me. :)

  • Rachel - A few of my favorite pretty little things…your blog (which I can’t go a day without reading), my sweet baby boy who is going to be 2 in 2 weeks and my pretty little thing of a daughter laughing and smiling…life is just plain pretty to me these days!

  • Sarah K - I love my multi-color ceramic cereal bowls from Anthropologie. I think I have almost every color in the rainbow. Unloading the dishwasher has never been so fun!

  • Emily Shoup - When my very busy 2-year-old stops what he is doing, says, “Mommy!” for no reason, and runs to give me a hug or kiss. You can’t get a ‘prettier’ memory than that!

  • StacyD - My new 85mm prime and my baby girls little toesies! Joy!

  • Raechel - I’m loving all the pretty little things I’ve been making for our baby girl (due in just over 4 weeks!). Having a girl is so different from having our boy – there are so many pretty little things to do!!

  • Lilly Bekele Piper - pretty little thing(s) = all my 4 kids, asleep.

  • Carrie Elliott - I LOVED the picture of Melanie. And I just have to say as the proud mama, that is my sweet Mykah Elizabeth with her and Moses. Melanie is an amazing woman! I am blessed to call her “friend”. She walked the road into and out of Africa with me and I long to have her home with those little ones. Still clinging to our BIG GOD to do BIG THINGS!!! She is in my prayers as I know she is in yours.

  • Zoe C - My flowery mug full of hot tea on this freezing morning in my studio, my husband and my cheeky little nephews!

  • stacey B - A few of my favortie pretty little things are the red birds and robins that sing in my front yard!

  • Teresa Johnson - I am in love with our pretty, vintage items like our TV from the 70′s, our old racord player and the numerous book scattered about our pretty little house.

    My love of pretty little things will have the ultimate opportunity when our precious little baby comes and I get to decorate a nursery with pretty little things. We don’t know when, but he/she will be coming from the Congo sometime between June and September :)

  • Lesley - I enjoy pictures of my pretty little niece! I’m also fond of my pretty little furry child, Duncan and my pretty little house.

  • Rachel - My favorite pretty little thing is the baby girl kicking around in my belly. She’s not due for another month but I know she will be pretty sweet… and PRETTY active if she keeps on kicking outside of the womb!

  • Jenny - There are so many lovely things in the world, but right now I’m enjoying my sweet little 10 week old daughter, my adorable puppy dog and the (early) flower bulbs bursting through the soil.

  • Danielle - the pretty little things in my life are my kiddos! they are boys so i guess they are more handsome than pretty…but, people have asked if both were girls while they were in the newborn stage :)

  • Mindy - Pretty little things… the blanket of snow covering the ground, sleep!!!, Valentine’s goodies :)

  • Teresa - I get frustrated but enjoy the potty training stage. I love my pretty little daughter coming up to me laughing and saying “Mommy I went potty on princess”. Frustrating but her face is priceless!

  • Lildudesmama - Pretty little things … are the sweet vintage things I own. The old, cream-colored beaded handbag that belonged to my Great-Grandmother. The crazy quilt she made. The chair from my husband’s aunt, my metal birdcage, my old soda bottle collection. They are all pretty to me because they tell stories (and keep secrets!).

  • Sarah M - ah! Soo many pretty little quiet blogs, photos and of course, making some memories of my own. Oatmeal with brown sugar in a quiet house, hot chocolate, and new yarn.
    Sarah M

  • Megan - my favorite pretty thing?
    the group of 100 (not so little I guess :P)lovely ladies I live with in our school’s dorms

  • Beth Hooper - My pretty things-
    learning to appreciate the hell my body is going through for our first child, watching my husband shave,home cooked meals, quilts from my mamaw-kee,(i think i could go on and on) true creativity and inspiration-THANKS!

  • Savannah - My new favorite little thing is daydreaming about our little one who is on the way!

  • Holly Lesue - My three little girls are my pretty little things in my life. Their smiles and laughter, their hugs and kisses. I am so blessed to be their Mom.

  • Courtney - a blank canvas~a painted canvas~friends and their creativity

  • Brooke - Well, I’m too late. BUt I am commenting anyway. Just to say…that your blog is very much a part of my pretty things. (Seriously, the bed in the picture…love it. Your white hardwoods? So pretty. Your fireplace logs (I want to do it)) Does God consider it coveting if I think it is beautiful in his creation?
    Anyway. Thanks for being so kind. And I wish the person who wins this adorable print lots of sweet luck. They probably read the directions to see that it didn’t close for TWO days. I’m a second grade teacher. I read the fine print very well (insert sarcasm).
    Good night to you!

  • Sarah - I am sorry. But I MUST ask. . . Just how many followers do you have? Over 241 comments in a post! You ROCK Ashley!

  • Alex - Too late for this! Bummer, because the “pretty little things” poster is my favorite pretty little thing! I’ve been reading your blog for a year now and just decided to comment. When I get out of my dingy, roommate infested college house, I hope to have a home and family as beautiful as yours!