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  • Debbie Schaefer - Love the photos, ideas and blog. ADORABLE children!

They wanted cookies. I wanted cookies. We made cookies. Good times.

He sat down and said, “Ahh…warm sun.”

Yep, warm sun and chocolate chip cookie dough. He’s his mother’s son. (Um, yes, I haven’t cleaned that door since the last SnapShop)

They were getting impatient waiting for the cookies to bake. Little did they know that was my plan. As they talked about how hungry they were for cookies, I began to talk to them about others that are really hungry. My kids don’t know true hunger. Many kids do. We talked about what it must be like to never have chocolate chip cookies…or cheerios…or lunch.

Then the cookies were done. As we ate them, we talked about how the mailman is coming this weekend to collect food for people that don’t have any.

The last bites were gone and we filled a bag to set out by the mailbox.

Tomorrow the US Postal Service will be collecting can goods and non-perishable food items for local food pantries.

To find out more information, visit the Stamp Out Hunger site by clicking the logo below:

*Big Brother knows I write something called a blog and that I share stories on the computer. I told him we were going to take some pictures of our bag early for the blog and then put the bag out for real on Saturday morning. I know some of you were wondering about that!

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  • Melanie - I was thinking that very thought, but I knew you would have it all under control! Great job teaching the about life and how to be a part of the solution to people’s suffering! Love you guys!

  • Jodi - Great post. It gave me the chills, I don’t like hearing that people are hungry. I love that you are working hard to make your kids understand these things. We are already participating! Our bags are packed and ready to go!

  • Jodi - You inspired me to throw up a quick post! I linked up! Love your inspiration.

  • Sarah - Thanks for this post! I had no idea this was even going on. I’m forwarding this info along to everyone in my address book. I’ll be sure to leave a bag at my mailbox tomorrow. Thanks again!

  • Anna Joy - Thank you for letting us know! I’m gathering my canned goods right now for tomorrow! :)

  • Kara - I awesome! I had no idea this was happening–thanks for the heads up. Its great to hear how u incorporate these things in ur everyday life with ur children. My son is still too young to understand but its great to get some ideas on how to bring things up! Smart woman u are!!!

  • the inadvertent farmer - We just did the same thing…a great way to teach our little ones. Gratitude for what we have and empathy for those that don’t are lessons that will help the stand up in a world that often cares for neither…

    Great post, thanks. Kim

  • Heather - i’m so glad you posted about this. i had heard of it, but wasn’t sure how it worked. such a simple way to help and involve the whole family!

    thanks again for your email. i’ve been having some issues with my outgoing messages not being sent so please let me know if you didn’t receive my return email. have a happy weekend!

  • Kristine - Just wanted to say that I love the picture of your little boy almost snuggled up against the door with the beater. :) He looks completely content.

  • Kara - I actually just got back from the store buying our bag for Stamp Out Hunger!!

  • holly - Awesome job including the kids in this good deed! But after reading Lesley’s post on you having the best chocolate chip cookies in Tulsa, they have been constantly on my mind. Now you have this little teaser that is actually causing my mouth to water as I look at your children enjoying the famous cookies dough. Is there a recipe you could share or is it your secret family recipe? Either way I’m jealous!!

  • Brooke - Thank you for sharing I didn’t know either! I am off to gather some stuff now! :)

  • Carley - Cute cute entry! I’ve been following you for several months now- thought Id let you know what a big fan I am! Love your blog/photography- so fun!

  • miss r - What a responsible thing to teach your young children. Also, thanks for the reminder!

  • Amy - I too appreciate your desire to teach your children about such important life concepts! And this is a perfect example of how our role as moms can be used in such meaningful and effective ways to bring up our children in truth. Thank you for the practical example of how to effectively inform little ones about the world outside our homes :)

  • Jamie - On a side note, chocolate chip cookies are our favorite! However, despite all the cooking/baking I do, I just can’t seem to get a good recipe. If your recipe’s not a secret, would you please share it with us? I’d love to try it! But, if it’s a secret, I totally understand. Thanks for this post either way!

  • MelissaM - You are so inspiring, Ashley! As soon as my little ones are old enough to comprehend these wonderful moral life lessons, I am so copying all your ideas!!! :)

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh look! There is that precious cake stand I love! I was just dreaming about it last night….

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  • Alba - I’ve been out due to a work trip, and I really missed your posts. Please, tell Chris he is an amazing photographer, really. Men do not read our minds, they have never done it and they will never do, and this is not a criticism, it’s just a fact. So, we have to learn(I relly have to learn 😉 to not get mad at them and be quite especific about everything you want them to do it “your” (my) way. And even I have learned a lot and I try to be really especific, I have my chalckboard door in my kitchen to write everything down and have the family running when I’m away 😆 once again, beautiful pics Chris!