Callie {10 days old}

Over the past 2 years I had the honor of photographing Callie’s big sister, Kolbi (here’s her one year pics). It was fun to see their family again, meet Callie and watch Kolbi as a big sister. She was so content for the entire session. With this warm weather newborns don’t mind being outside, so it was fun to do a little bit outdoors.

Congrats C & L, your girls are precious!

These make me smile…sisters.  If I try a basket one with my little girl I am guessing it will only look natural if the three boys behind it are shirtless and covered in dirt.

Be on the lookout for that one:)

And for those of you thinking, “I thought she was no longer doing sessions.” I am no longer booking sessions.

I did have some from last year that booked and I am wrapping those up this week…bittersweet. Remember under the “info” tab is a listing of local photographers.

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  • christina larsen - Precious. I love the contrast of the pink bow against the white blanket in the basket.

  • Laura Helsing - BEAUTIFUL!! I am sooo sad I cannot be there! I love the pictures, though :(

  • Peggy Barney (grandma) - How absolutely beautiful and precious. Ashley Ann you will be missed. Lisa has enjoyed your pictures so much.

  • Lisa Keen - We love them (as usual!!) We will miss you! Thanks!!

  • Dana - Too sweet to ever forget! Thank you for sharing.

Clean Slate….transforming lives by transforming homes

What a weekend! Starting Thursday evening our church kicked off a Clean Slate weekend. Clean Slate is similar to Extreme Home Makeover, but on a smaller scale. Last year we did two homes on two separate weekends. This year we transformed 5 homes in one weekend…with nearly 500 volunteers from the church. We partnered with Rosa Parks Elementary school to pick the families. Following the big reveals we hosted a block party to honor the families and celebrate with neighborhors. Each home had a team…and a team photographer. Sunday morning the church media team put together some short slideshows of the homes, but I wanted to make one a bit longer for my team to enjoy. There are some sneak peek pics at first and then the slideshow is much longer with more “before” & “after” pictures….

Our family consisted of two incredibly kind parents and their four small children. They asked that the garage be made over to better ‘serve’ their kids and all the neighborhood kids that enjoy playing there….the garage got a makeover, the yard got incredible landscaping and all the rooms got a bit of a facelift…

The backyard “before” & “after”

The garage “before” & “after”

And to brag a little bit on a friend….Jeanette was in the first SnapShop class and she did family portraits for the family. She did an incredible job. This is a glimpse of some of the family pics and the family’s reaction to seeing them. (Have I mentioned that about 7 recent SnapShop grads are starting photography businesses…fun stuff.)

Slideshow below…click the very center to view. (It’s late and I can’t figure out how to center it)

Chris was super busy with the weekend, namely the celebration party at the end. Biggest Brother helped him with set-up then had the “job” of helping me with take pictures. The media team made him his own “Event Photographer” badge, he was pretty cute…and serious about it.

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  • Kari S. - Wow! What a wonderful opportunity to help others! Great job! :)

  • christina larsen - what a wonderful weekend for all of the families.

  • Trinity - AWESOME idea! I love seeing your church’s ideas! Thanks

  • kelly - Amazing!! Love what your church was able to accomplish with the help of so many volunteers!! (Corbett’s event photographer badge totally made me smile)

  • Jeannette Swan - Thank you so much, Ashley…I was hoping to see this post this morning, your pictures and the story they tell make me cry. I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to help on this house this weekend!

  • bopha - What a great post, you guys did an awesome job and everything looks great!

  • Liz - It looks like Corbett may be following in your footsteps! I love that serious look on his face! I can’t believe all that your church accomplished this weekend! That is so awesome!