I wanted to share some pictures from the April SnapShop that a few of the students sent…

This first one is by Stacy B., I love how she captured Littlest Brother. The indoor practice session is all about capturing a story.

It can be quite a challenge with so many photographers in one small space. Stacy did a great job with this shot!

Photos by Stacy B.

I wanted to share these by Kim B. They both show another side of SnapShops….practicing manual settings on eachother in different light conditions and our “Food Guy”. Chris makes SnapShops possible. Seriously IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT HIM.

Photos by Wanda L., I think she was quite fond of these two boys.

Photos by Katherine M….hello gorgeous baby eyes!

I have not announced any Summer or Fall SnapShop dates….maybe more info on that later this week.

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  • Linda - Every time you post about snapshops, I’m so envious of those who get to experience your talent so up close and personal. I do hope you will offer an online class some time in the future. Your photography and blog is amazing!

  • Jane - Ooooooh…I can’t wait to find out what dates you’ll be running your Snap Shops. I just had to submit my availability for June-September at work, but I could still maybe tweek it.

  • Kristen D - Quote from my almost 5 year old son, “Oh! They look so horrible*!”



Yes, I am no longer doing portrait sessions…I have ‘quit’ that side of photography for the time being.

Yes, if you want to finance a large in-ground pool in my backyard, I will be happy to do whatever session you want.

Yes, you will be seeing a few portrait sessions on the blog in the coming weeks….but none of them are financing my dream of a pool.

Yes, this post is a portrait session.

Yes, I wish there was an easy way for me to trade hair with her. Jealous.

Yes, I LOVED shooting Rebekah’s senior pictures. It was fun to be ‘back in the game’ for an evening. It was wonderful not to be chasing a moving subject.  She is a talented photographer – which made me nervous! Rebekah wanted a field that still had high grass. I thought, “we haven’t mowed in a year a while.” So we did the session around our house and our neighbors. It was a perfect evening. This is a LONG post. I am so used to my doing pictures of kids that I had a terribly hard time narrowing down my favorite pictures to share here…and there are still so many more!

Thank you Rebekah for spending the evening with me. It was my honor. You are stunning.

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  • Kristin @ Domestic Ease - Just stumbled upon your blog–it is utterly L*O*V*E*L*Y!! I will be bookmarking it–your photos are terrific! I am in Fort Worth, and am a yearbook adviser by day ( editor by night!), and if we were a bit closer I would send my students up to you for their senior portraits!

    Keep up the inspiring work–I’m off to read more of your blog! 😉


  • Kristin @ Domestic Ease - By the way–I am redoing my daughter’s room this summer and your kids’ rooms are GREAT inspiration!!! Beautiful! 😉

  • Taryn Smith - I love the picture of her with just her face in the grass, beautiful eyes. great job!

  • Shannon - Stunning! You did a wonderful job, what great photos for her to have for the rest of her life!

    And I LOVE her shoes with the blue dress, I saw some at TJMaxx and I was considering getting them, her cute outfit may have inspired me!!

  • chantelle - wowzers-fab pics, all of them-the outfits and props speak to her personality so well…and I don’t even know this pretty gal! 😉

  • Hollie - I love the fact that her necklace is also reflected in the actual balloons. Would she be willing to say where she bought the necklace? I’d love to purchase that for my daughter :) thanks!

  • Jeannette Swan - Absolutely Gorgeous!

  • Jeannette Swan - I meant to ask – what time of evening was this?

  • Rebekah Jean - Thanks so much Ashley!! I love them! You are incredible as usual…and your field was perfect! I had a great time and it was a great honor to watch you work…even if I had to be in front of the camera! :)

    The necklace is from Etsy ( but I don’t know if she’s making the necklace any more. I got it around Christmas so it’s been a while.

  • christina larsen - Just beautiful.

  • Emily Lusk - Well if I could finance a pool for you I totally would!! The pictures you took of my son are still some of my favorites! I love all of these pics, what a great idea to use balloons.

  • Charla - you take the most amazing pics.

  • the inadvertent farmer - I love her beautiful coloring…the contrast in the clover is stunning! Kim

  • Sarah - Absolutely amazing portraits. I really enjoy your work.

  • Grace - These are amazing! I would die for her hair too!

  • Elle - She’s gorgeous and the pictures are wonderful. The balloons are so fun!

  • jessica h - i love the one with her behind the camera! GREAT JOB–they’re ALL lovely!

  • Brooke - These are SO great! You are her favorite so she was so excited that you could take these! They turned out so wonderful!! Thank you!!

  • bopha - so, if a bunch of us go in on a pool, would you take all of our pictures, i mean, just a thought. your pictures are worth every penny!!!

  • stylefyles - these photos are beautiful.

  • Heather - wow! she is stunning. and your photos are really swell, too. :)

  • lorae - Are you kidding me!?! Aren’t Senior pictures supposed to be awkward and something you want to hide afterwards? Usually done by a grumpy man that would rather be having his nose hairs plucked than taking Sr. photos. Also to be done in an old smelly gym and EVERYONE wearing the same sweaty, smelly, cap and gown? No, maybe that was just mine. Excuse me while my green with envy self gnaws on some more sour grapes over here:).

  • patti - stunning!

  • Sarah Morgan - OMG! Her eyes are just stunning! that dress totally brings them out even more!

  • maegan - Beautiful!

  • Kate - Oh my goodness!!! Beauty!

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I so love these pics. And to think this is your backyard! I’m loving that early evening lighting!

  • Lisa @ ElleBows - amazing, amazing, amazing. love them all!

  • Jennie Frake - Ashley, these are so good! Makes me want a senior pic do-over. Mine were so cheesy. Rebekah, you are so pretty! The 3rd one is my fav!

  • Anna Joy - amazing pictures! i also looked at her site…wow, is she really only 18?? she’s so talented!

  • Allison - Beautiful Lady, Beautiful Photos

  • becca g - no wonder you had a hard time narrowing them down! love the balloons!

  • Carrie - Beautiful! You know the day you start back to taking pics…. you better call. I’ll ask Scott about the pool. You never know!!

  • Melissa - LOVE these photos! Beautiful work, beautiful girl, and beautiful camera! I’m got a few oldies on display in my family room. :) Great job on the shoot! :)

  • lifeologia - Beautiful photoshoot as always! I want to get back to photography so bad when I look at your photos – I also ‘quit’ for the time being…. for health reasons though in my case. You are such an inspiration.

  • Yanet - What beautiful eyes!!

  • jeanne - What an inspiration she is to my daughter who’ll be a sophomore this year. I think her biggest want, besides some school clothes right this minute, is a nice camera. She loves photography. I think she will really enjoy this post and this young ladie’s website.

  • Amie - Mmm mmm mmm…..


I used to try to get some alone time in the morning before anyone else woke up…Big Brother never lets that happen. Instead of being grumpy about it (which I was) I am learning to enjoy our early mornings together. Often we are out in the field as the sun rises – watering the garden. I know one day he’ll be gone and I’ll be up with the sun watering the garden and I’ll miss my little morning buddy. I wonder if he’ll always be an early riser? Will he water the garden with me as a teenager? I think I would surely love that.

Gardening has become a family activity and joy for us. The boys love digging and planting…and eating. I love all that the boys have learned from gardening…lessons beyond how a seed becomes a plant.

Have you heard about Kim’s Kinder Gardens? It is a gardening contest with kids!

This is what Kim wrote about it:

“This contest will be a way for us to purposely plan a way to involve kids in the garden.  Whether it be giving kids their own raised bed to plant or helping them to grow a sunflower house. You can design for your own kids, your grand kids or even a garden space for the neighborhood children…any kids that would love to learn to garden with a caring adult!

So start thinking about some creative ways to include children in the garden.  Make it fun, make it edible, make it all theirs, and get ready to share!”

Isn’t that a great idea! I am so honored and thrilled to be serving as one of the judges.

You don’t need a garden to participate…visit Kim’s blog & the Kinder Gardens Contest Details to find out more and to see what others are doing!

On a side note, Kim has a llama – I am not sure why that is so funny and cool to me. At least visit her blog to see that!

Kim just reminded me about her camel…how did I forget that? A Camel and llama…she takes some super funny pictures of the camel…go see him too!

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  • the inadvertent farmer - LOL…usually people comment on the camel! The llamas will be glad that for once they caught someone’s eye…or funny bone!

    We are lucky to have you as a judge…thanks!

    Oh and yes you will miss him. Even though I still have little ones at home I surely miss the big ones…sigh. Kim

  • Rebekah Jean - Love the picture of your boy! It’s also way cool that she has a llama and camel; there are some people down the road from us who have llamas but not a camel! Amazing!

    and that contest is an amazing idea! I have great memories of working with my mom in the garden.

  • Jodi - We are big gardeners. Although my 2 babies are still little we are going to participate! Thanks for the info again. I just have to say that your blog is truly inspirational.

  • rachel denbow - Ashley,
    Are you having any problems with birds getting to your berries? I’ve never gotten so angry at nature so quickly as when I saw what those squirrels and birds had done to our garden!

  • Brandi - I just found your site via The Inadvertent Farmer…love it! I, too, am an Oklahoman. Your kids are precious!

  • maegan - How fun. Those are surely sweet mornings to be treasured. I used to get so upset in the mornings also….didn’t matter what time I woke up- the kids would somehow know I was awake- and they’d be up too.

  • Julie - My oldest always gets up early. When he was younger I dreaded it but at 7 it is great! It’s our special time together and I know I will blink and he’ll be grown. Now my 1st daughter loves to sleep in…just like her mama and I love that too!