Things to note about this blog as we enter the warm seasons:

1. You will see LOTS of swimsuits. No, all the pictures are not from the same day. Yes, my boys wear swimsuits 90% of the time when it is warm. We basically live outside and we hose off before going in the house. Swimsuits are practical and make my laundry pile small (well that is a relative statement).

2. You will see LOTS of totally random things I do with my boys in an effort to keep 2, 4 & 6 year olds occupied and outside. They are bundles of never ending adventure and energy….I attempt to wear them down as much as humanly possible so when evening arrives they crash. It is a mutual benefitting relationship.

A basket of beautifully dyed Easter Eggs:

The eggs can’t stay in the basket forever. My solution to occupying the boys for a bit.

They had more fun throwing the eggs than they did dyeing them. Next year I am going to dye all the eggs by myself in all kinds of beautiful colors…

Happy Monday! If it is rough, go home and toss some eggs at a bucket.

Update: OOOPS! I accidentally published this early…no post on Monday.

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  • Anna Joy - Boys and their love for throwing things :)

  • Kate - Awesome!!

  • Liz Pray - Adam suggested that we throw ours off of our balcony to the Egyptians below…I told him it wasn’t a good idea :)!!

  • jenn - I found the BEST solution for kids and dying eggs- go to the dollar store and buy a handful of wisks… put the eggs in the wisk and dye away! My girls LOVED it this way- they can easily check the color of the egg without the pain of the tiny little spoon. They were way more into it this year!!

  • Karla - This post made me laugh! I just posted yesterday on what we do with our eggs – egg fights!! (Hopefully you can see the video, it’s my first time posting one.)

  • Kara - such a fun idea! I love the warm weather bc my son wears himself out!

  • amanda torres - Oh man, I can smell the eggs from here!

  • Jill E. - great photos. you can never underestimate the amount of fun kids will having throwing things at other things. always amazes me. looks fun! also i feel the swim suites is totally valid. quick dry and clean themselves in water, what more can you ask for?

  • Deb O - how fun! that would be some good ole stress relief!

  • Barbara - Here’s a fun way to color eggs that I’ve used several times while teaching preschool. Get a few sheets of colored tissue paper (make sure it is the kind that “bleeds” when wet). If you are OCD like me, take out all the dark colors like black and brown. Then let the kids tear the paper into smaller pieces. When you have a small pile…you don’t actually need very much paper…let the kids stick the paper to the eggs with water. Then let the eggs dry. A hair dryer will speed this up. Then peel the paper off and you have beautiful eggs with a “tie dye” look to them. The kids will get the colors on their hands, but that happens with regular dye too.

  • meg duerksen - you know….next time i feel frustrated…i am going to go throw hard boiled eggs.
    i think it would help. :)
    and i will wear my swimsuit to do it!

  • jessica h - it’s been a rough week around here…maybe we’ll give egg-throwing a try :)

  • stylefyles - I love this!

    And I’m kind of jealous. I want a tub of eggs to throw at things.

  • Celia - Random question: Do you homeschool? Or are your boys in school and you manage to get all of these activities in after they get home?

  • rachel denbow - My boys played egg ball in the backyard. You know, just like baseball but messier. Sebastian loved it.

And the winner of the Jackie Rueda photograph is: Jana Rogers! I read all the comments you all post and I remember reading her’s early on in the contest.

The winner is chosen using Random Number Generator. Here is what Jana wrote,

“I could see myself cleaning house in a dress with pearls….Now really who does that????”


That is funny. Another funny thing is how much a haircut changes the look of my son! It was time for the backyard spring haircut.

I do prefer his shaggy look, but it is getting hot and that shag was getting sweaty. Sweaty boys stink.

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  • Sophie - Aww, he looks so adorable!
    I too love the longer hair on him, but sometimes it’s just not practical, is it?
    He seems to have a very angelic expression in the second picture (:

  • Susanne - We just got my son’s (2 1/2 yrs) hair cut for the summer… he looks six now :::sigh:::

  • jessica h - both of those faces make me smile! so cute!!

I enjoying sharing with you what the SnapShop attendees shoot the day of the workshop. I picked two from each attendee (from the May class) that sent me some to post today. Remember these ladies are shooting in full manual mode (many for the very first time) while trying to listen to me holler out things and work around 10 other photographers. I am pretty proud of them.

I also wanted to share a few things some past SnapShop attendees have written me….

“It really was great.  I learned so, so much.  I had no idea what my camera could do.  It’s kind of like taking your first math class after you get a calculator. I’ve been practicing a lot, and that is definitely the key to getting better after your lessons!” Jill Ridener

“I really liked the organization and the flow of the sessions.  They were very easy to understand and then apply.  I am a very visual person, so the examples of the basic rules of composition were very helpful.  I also liked the hands time, it was great to be able to apply what we were learning as the day progressed.” Serena Lowe

“It helped dramatically to have you tell us where you would stand in a shoot and what angles to try while we were out.  Also, during our lessons it helped for you to show good AND bad composition of similar pictures and why.  (plus showing me chopped off hands made me feel like you ARE actually human too and silly shots happen to everyone!)” Andrea Jett

“I loved being able to go outside and practice shooting. I think I learn the most when I am able to practice what I have learned in an environment where I can still ask questions. I didn’t have a least favorite part, I enjoyed the entire day!” Amy Finney


by Sarah D.


by Suzanne G.


by Kendra H. (she sent me a pre-made collage…overachiever!:))


by Amie H.


by Amy K.


by Tanya R.

Finally I thought I’d share a little before and after of what a difference a little post processing can make. This is Suzanne’s picture. I think she got a great shot. Sometimes we all shoot a photo that is a little overexposed (too bright) or a little underexposed (too dark). If you have basic photo editing software you can tweak it a bit. On this picture I adjusted the Curves, increased the contrast and did a web sharpening. Kaboom.

The next 2010 SnapShop is next weekend…wow that seemed to sneak up on me fast! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  • Alba - If your teacher is good in all senses, you have great students.

  • ashlee - these snap shop posts make me so excited for the May class!! i can’t wait to see what my camera can do:)

  • Sarah - Thank you for posting the before and after. I love seeing how you adjusted the picture.

  • Ruth@GraceLaced - I’m sure the artistic energy of being with other aspiring photographers is so encouraging. Wanna come to the Southwest?

  • jay - would you mind sharing your secret to good collage. the ones you make and ones that are here. thank you for your time! happy day!

  • Patty - Wow those shots have such amazing clarity!

  • Kate - Oh, amazing pictures! Great job everyone!

  • Melanie S - I’m sure they had a blast learning from you. And thanks for posting the tip on the whole post processing!

  • christina - Great photos and blog! I am so hooked!
    Any ideas where that white dress with the orange flowers is from?

  • Crystal - I had the same question as Christina. That white dress is almost as beautiful as the model wearing it! Wish I knew where to buy it…