Well my computer never went flying through the window nor did I throw it at any humans living with me. I did, however, get the buttons to work. So I think. You have to access them from the tab on the left side of the blog. Once I got them working Chris informed me that the text is much too small. Thanks hon, that advice would have been nice before I saved and uploaded them all. Maybe one day I’ll get around to making more with larger text. Until then hopefully the pictures are enticing enough:)


I’d love to know if you put one on your blog and which ones are your favorite….please leave a comment letting me know!

Also on the likely chance they don’t work…let me know that too!

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  • karen davis - I grabbed one of your buttons! It’s the 2nd one from the bottom! LOVE it, they turned out great. I still have to shrink mine, in order for it to become an “acceptable” button!

  • Lindsay - WooHoo!
    Had to use the shoe button. I’m in love with that photo.
    You’re awesome.

  • Linda - Love them…I used the butterflies!

  • lifeologia - I grabbed one of your buttons – the one with LOVE on the bottle. I’ve been visiting your blog a lot in the last few months and I have to THANK YOU for cheering me up so many times with your great shots and all the neat things you do. You were so inspiring when I was facing an illness to pull myself through and you helped me appreciate the little beautiful things in my daily life. (I’m new at this blogging thing – and you’re my first button 😉

  • Jodi - Once I change over to the new site…I am grabbing the shoe button! Awesome. ps…the text is fine..the pictures are what grabs people’s attention!

  • Margie - I used the button with the photo of the bottles on the mantle, love it! Your button is the only one I have on my blog….I simply had to share Under the Sycamore with my friends and family since you bring me so much inspiration!

  • susie whyte - shoes button here!

  • Colette Amey - I grabbed the shoes too!

  • Christen - I used one of your buttons, the one with the “love” bottle. I love them! I love your blog also, great pictures and crafty DIY stuff! I wish you had some open spots or more snapshops classes!! I would love to learn some of your stuff!!

  • Lisa @ ElleBows - Yay for working buttons! I’m using the one with the Love bottle!

  • Melissa - I grabbed one of your buttons and put it on my blog. I love looking at all of your pictures…the one with the baby swing…I love, we were just at the park today and I should have played more with different angles.

    And I have an etsy shop too…check it out:

    Enjoy your blog…and your pictures!

“Please, just one more picture.”

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  • Sharon Manning - Priceless – I LOVE IT!

  • the inadvertent farmer - Sometimes when my family sees my camera they run…

  • JanJan - Hello – I’ve been lurking for a little bit. Just thought I’d finally post a comment and say that I think this picture is lovely and hilarious, and I love the gray dress!!

  • Corey Moortgat - Oh,could you please share where you got the little dress? Adorable!! I’ve got a seven-month old baby girl who would love it!
    I don’t know if I’ve commented before, but I love your blog! Like I mentioned, I’ve got a baby girl (after 2 boys), so it’s so fun to see the parallels in our lives. And I’m continually inspired by your photographs of your kids. With babies the same age, I get ideas from you constantly!

  • Melissa - HAHAHAHAAAAAA… I’m glad I’m not the only one

  • SeaminglySarah - Love it! Please tell me that Littlest Brother’s pants have acquired that chic worn look by being passed down from the previous 2 brothers. I love the worn in look. =)

  • AshleyAnn - The dress is from Baby Gap…Littlest Brother’s jeans are chic worn from his two big brothers!

  • Robyn Lee - hahahaha!! this too cute!

  • kassondra - i always get cross eyes or no smiles anymore when i try to get pictures

  • lisa @ ellebows - lol! i think we can all relate to this picture :-)

  • Dick - This is great! My grandkids feel like this alot.

  • Cate O'Malley - Love the picture, real life. My two year old gives me one smile for a picture and after that, I’m on my own.

  • kate o. - love the drama. such a great blog and all your posts and pictures are getting me even more excited for our baby girl to be born after having two boys. i almost picked that dress up, too. such a great color.

  • Jo - Thanks Ashley! :)

    I love this picture. Chris seems so WILLING to do it!!!

Reminder: The Guilded Bee giveaway is going on until Monday (see yesterday’s post to enter)

It has been birthday week for Littlest Brother….which doesn’t mean much because he doesn’t really understand it. The best part of his birthday week has been some unintentional, unplanned one on one time with him. It just worked out that I would get a few breaks in the week to have undistracted time with my birthday boy.

One afternoon I needed to iron, but he wanted to paint. I avoid ironing at all costs. In fact, the ironing board has been set up in my living room for 2 days now as an attempt to make me do it (since clutter and messes drive me crazy I thought it would motivate me – it didn’t). Secretly I am hoping the Laundry Fairy will swoop down and iron for me.

With a laundry pile and ironing board in the background reminding me of household chores, I opted to ignore the background and paint with my boy.

I like to laugh. My kids make me laugh daily. However, no one in my 30s years of life has ever made me laugh more than this little guy. He doesn’t need anything but himself to have a party. Goodness life is fun with him in it.

Have a great weekend!

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  • ashlee - i think the same thing about my 2yo Lucas. he is the funniest kid i have ever met…he brings me so much joy! i love the pictures of your little guy and thanks for the reminder to act on the memories that will last, because the housework will always be there, but you wont remember it…painting with your boy you will remember forever!

  • Margie - He is so cute! I would choose to hang with my boy over ironing any day…it is so much more rewarding than unwrinkled clothing :0).

  • Celia - Happy Birthday, cutie! Boys are such a blessing. Who cares about ironing… these memories will be priceless!! Have a good weekend!

  • Kara - so cute! Good for u for taking time out to hang with him, Ironing is so old news! ha

  • Robyn Lee - what a fun time! I remember my mom doing this with me when I was younger. Now, I sell paintings for a living. lol!

  • Christian T - I love to iron, but hate to fold! Lucky for me, my mother in law loves to fold! When she comes over she always asks if I have laundry for her… I always do! :)

  • Jill R - This post comes at a good time. I have been in a house cleaning frenzy this week. Bring on the paint!

  • Jodie - I’d opt for the painting over the ironing any day too…
    Cute pics… :)

  • Alisa - OMG what lovely photos. Your blog inspires me so much, to make the most of the moment and even better take photos of it.

    Your children are truly devine..

    Have a wonderful birthday week

  • Liene - Very beautiful pictures! Your littlest one looks like her youngest brother, same eyes. If I see correctly you do not use a table cloth to protect your table when the kids paint. Same here, they should just enjoy painting!

  • Anna Joy - He is so adorable. His belly reminds me of my son’s! :) Happy birthday to him!

  • j cole - He wrinkles his nose just like sister. I love the pictures of your kids. I go back and look at the latest sister pictures everyday because they make me laugh!

  • chantelle - so fun! my little boy will be 2 in may. this morning he brought me my clothes item by item while I lay in bed (he showers with daddy every am!) he made me laugh so hard aas he named each item he faithfully dragged to me….. 1st he brought me my gocks (socks) then my geeens (jeans) my irt (shirt) and lastly, my bxxbies (my bra!) it si so nice to hear your positive loving words about children……reminds me to laugh more and iron less!

  • annalea - happy birthday to him! sounds like a great way to spend your time. one of my boys had a birthday this week too. and its funny, i always say that no one has ever made me laugh as much as my daughter. i get giddy thinking about her as an adult and having that same effect on me. :)

  • Amber - Something strange happened in my last comment, for the contest. just wanted to see if it happened again here…. I hate ironing too. We have a steamer, I like using it much more!

  • jessica h - yay! paint!! Happy Birthday week, littlest Brother :)

  • Johanna - OMGoodness–you KNOW I just love this…perfect for the memories :-) You have a wonderful way of reminding all of us moms to do the IMPORTANT things first! When I pulled out an iron not too long ago–my daughter looked at it, then me–then covered her ears and said, “is it loud mommy??” Now how’s that for keeping up with the laundry?!?!

    Oh, and I am in awe that he is working with acrylics…looks like a new area where I need to “let go!” Sure looks good!