Last Friday Apartment Therapy’s Kitchn department did a little feature on our kitchen remodel! Below are the pictures that are on their site and a couple others, but if you want to read more about the remodel and kitchen related things you can click over to read the interview. I was so flattered when she said I had “charming design sense” – I usually think of my design sense as “I like it so I’ll nail it to the wall”. “Charming” sounds so much better. Thanks Faith!





For instructions on how to make a similar pendant light click here


For instructions on installing a yardstick backsplash click hereac-kitchen-8ac-kitchen-9

I have gotten a few emails asking me to post pictures of a home tour…problem with that is there is always one room under construction. We are moving all the boys into one bedroom for sleeping and then making another room a playroom – I’ll post pictures when it is done, which will probably be in their teen years.

Google Reader is still not picking up my blog

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  • Christina - I love it. It is so light and airy. Question: was it hard to refinish your cabinets and paint them?

  • Lauren Roberts - WOW!!!! That turned out great! I love how it makes your kitchen look so light and airy. Good job! Love the globes.

  • Shannon Phillips - LOVE it! Congrats on another great Apartment Therapy feature. You are amazing. I love how you pull off all of the vintage with the new. It is just one of the many gifts that you have.

  • Allison - Of course it’s fabulous!

  • Sarah M - ::drool:: I love how simple and clean cut your kitchen is with the new colors, SO beautiful! You guys did a great job! I esp. LOVE that slate/blue color on your walls & your corner of plates & utensils on the wall. Beautiful!
    Sarah M

  • Lisa Johnson - lovely! Absolutely lovely! I adore the warmth and comforting feel of the vintage accessories and butcher block combined with the light and airy feel of the room. I completely agree with Apartment Therapy- you most definitely have a charming design sense!
    I’m in the midst of an ongoing kitchen remodel. You have inspired me to get out my paintbrush and keep going. I can’t wait to be done and enjoy the finished product!

  • diane - Thanks for sharing these photos. I love your kitchen! Where are your favorite places to go thrifting in Tulsa? Also, did you make your table runner? and if so would you be willing to do one of your fabulous tutorials?

  • meg duerksen - NO WAY!!! two months ago…i began my globe collection for….the top of kitchen cupboards! can you believe that?!

    i love it.
    it looks great….you rock. :)

  • pamela - SUCH a huge difference!! it looks great. i redid my kitchen this summer and used similar colors. white just makes everything more bright and cheery! oh, how do you get featured on apartment therapy? do they approach you or do you send them the pictures?

  • Christian T - Ashley – Where do you keep and store all of your kid’s toys? Are they all in their bedrooms? I ask because I have toys ALL OVER my house and it drives me crazy. I have ONE kid and my home doesn’t look nearly as put together as yours. Thanks!!

  • Anita B - Ashley, i love every single project you had done! I watch with interest your blog every day! It´s so beautiful. You´re my example for photographing (i´m a beginner) and be a mother and creator. And sister in Christ!
    (sorry for my bad english)

  • AshleyAnn - Christina: The cabinets weren’t hard to paint, but it did take time to do the coats and not be sloppy about it. Diane: I love The Hitching Post (BA), Southern Hospitality (BA) and the Rivercity Trading Post (Jenks). There are more out there, but I don’t have time to visit them. Yes, I’ll do a tutorial on the doily runner soon. Christian: My kids toys are hidden in baskets in the living room and the rest are in their bedrooms. I am constantly picking up and so are the boys. Right now there are army men in playdoh on the kitchen table, cars on the stairs and lego men in the Christmas tree…we have our share of messes!

  • Jaimie - um i am obsessed with your globes. obsessed. major inspiration. it’s beautiful. : )

  • Jill R - LOVE the table runner! Love it all, but especially that table runner. ;)

  • Ingrid - Wow, you are such an inspiration!!! Love it all, you are so creative and clever – well done!!

  • maegan - I’ve been waiting for those kitchen pictures ever since the backsplash tutorial. I love it!

  • Casey - I adore that doiley table runner! The whole kitchen is fantastic

  • Melissa - How lovely – I am so inspired with what you did on such a small budget – I’m planning a kitchen facelift and have so many great ideas now. Nice work.

  • Robyn - where did you find the “you are my sunshine” frame… i sing that song to both our boys all the time and it has great sentiment. i must have that.
    thanks so much! beautiful home!

  • the inadvertent farmer - Well I must say this is an amazing re-do…so cheery and light! Great job and great use of $500! Kim

  • krista - Where did you get the coffee mug rack? I love it and have never seen anything like it. What a wonderful space!!!

  • krista - Well….I just answered my own question by scrolling, haha! Great idea!

  • Katie - Just discovered your blog. I love what you’ve done with your kitchen! Absolutely fantastic. I’ll stop by again soon.

  • vanessa - Oh~your kitchen is gorgeous, I find your babygirl’s room in apartmentthreapy,then I spent all morning visiting your blog.can you tell me how to hang those beautiful reiplate on the wall? I want to remodal my kitchen wall too, however this is just a rent aprtment. Thank you :)

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  • Abby - Love your blog, photos, and DIY projects! Man, I need to get busy! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • Kerry - I’m slowly creeping through your blog – so glad I stumbled across it. You really do have such incredibly charming design sense! :) The kitchen is fantastic (especially the pendant light!)

  • maria - Holy cow, I am blown away and utterly speechless by your talent!! I am gobbling up every bit of your blog and will be following. im especially in love with what you did in your kiddos room, total geniusness!!!

  • Dawn - Ashley, we are going to paint our cabinets & were hoping to get some tips before we start. Can you tell me how you did it? What steps did you take & which products did you use for painting? Any advice would be awesome!

    P.S.: I heart your blog!


  • Adrienne - Love your kitchen redo. A question… what kind of rack did you use to hang your teacups on? I am looking to do something similar with some monogrammed teacups that are for use and decoration. I am still trying to figure out a creative way to display them other than the old mug tree. Thanks!

  • Serg - Love your kitchen great info thanks

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  • Rachel- Wildflower Photography - adore your kitchen! lovely job! :)

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  • Ran Daniels - Your kitchen is really good. The best i like about your kitchen is its so light loads of natural light love it.

  • Chris Teisher - Hi Ashley I have the same counters- are they from Ikea? It looks like yours are sealed? Did you seal them with Poly? Or the same stuff you used for your backsplash? I have just oiled mine and would like to do something more permanent- Thanks for any tips or advice you can give-
    I love your kitchen!

  • Jennifer - Ashley if it isn’t too much of a pain to find, do you know the color you painted your kitchen? I love it! and want to do the same!

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  • Wei - Hi, where did you get your dinning table? I love it. In fact I love your site!!! You are very creative!

  • Buffie - Can you tell me where you bought the dining chairs? (orange) I’ve been seeing this a lot in the blog world but can’t figure out where to buy. Thanks! :)

  • Amy - Could you share what color you painted those walls – I love the tone and shade!

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  • Lauren - I love those countertops. The kitchen came out really nice!

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  • Nicole - I’m so excited to find this! I have a kitchen aid mixer and a corner just like yours and I have the hardest time figuring out how I want to angle it!

  • Amanda - Thats it. I am painting my kitchen blue. :) thanks for the push.

  • Jenny Morris - Hi Ashley Ann! I found your blog yesterday from ABM and have since logged on to Under the Sycamore about 10 times. I love it! Do you know the name of the blue paint? Thanks!

  • AshleyAnn - Jenny – it is called “Stillness”.Thanks for reading :)

  • Maynard - Take this simple DIY project a step further by also updating your lighting fixtures.
    Remodeling is usually a good idea and especially if it’s your kitchen which is involved. The cost of your project will be significantly affected by your decisions in this area.

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More kitchen pictures to come soon, but until then here’s a little before & after. I love the look of open cupboards but it just isn’t practical for my family. So this is my small version. I bought the old drying rack at a flea market for a couple of dollars.

And another ornament:
Biggest Brother wanted his sister’s first Christmas ornament to be made of pink legos, so I helped him create it. Yeah for spray paint.  I think one day she’ll see it as ‘just perfect’.12.09pinklego

So I thought I’d do another round of Etsy buys.  This time it is for a baby girl – can’t imagine who I was pretend shopping for:)

I will note that each time I create one of these it deletes my old one. You’ll be able to click on the shops until next Friday. After that the picture won’t link to the sites, you’ll have to search on etsy for the items I feature.


Google Reader is still not picking up my blog

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  • Christina - Can’t wait to see more kitchen pics. I love the color on the wall.

  • Rachel C - I LOVE that pink ornament. I have a feeling that will be sister’s favorite ornament for the rest of her life. Can you just imagine her hanging that on her tree when she is 30 explaining to her kids that her big brother made that ornament just for her? Sweet….tears.

  • Lesley - love how you used the drying rack and that pink lego ornament is awesome! and truly one-of-a-kind! Super cute girly stuff.

  • a pocket full of posies - Love the new- re-purpose! and sweet little ornament! :)

  • Christy - Love the ornament, such a cute idea

  • maegan - I love those Lou and Lee headbands too. And I think that pink lego ornament is so cute. I bet she will feel so loved.

  • haley - just saw your Kitchen on AT!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Sara - I love the ornament, it’s such a beautiful tradition for a family. I think I will steal it from you! Great blog, I’be been following for a couple of weeks!

I mentioned a bit back that I got a new ornament that I just adore…well here it is.  The first giveaway I ever did was a gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs and you all loved it. I am not much of a jewelry girl, but I love Lisa’s designs….and then I saw her Christmas ornaments. The leaf just seemed perfect for our family this year. I changed the blog name to Under the Sycamore, we added a new branch to the family tree, the font reminds me of an old typewriter…perfect. I couldn’t decide what to write on it. I considered our daughter’s name or something more traditional. All of our names wouldn’t fit. I asked Lisa if she could fit “the campbells * a party of six” – and she did and I love it. Thanks Lisa.

There are about a billion ideas for ornaments out there, but I thought I’d add a few more to the mix. Each year as we take down our stockings we place a note inside each one that lists our hopes, dreams, goals, etc. for that year. Then the following year when we unpack the stockings to display them again we get to reach in and read what we wrote the year before. When the boys were babies we wrote the notes for them, now they are getting older and can help us write out things. I got the idea from a friend at church. Well this ornament is a spin on that idea. It is a basic glass ball but on the inside are notes folded tightly and tied with a string (tying them helps them come out easier). You could write new goals, dreams, hopes, etc on several pieces at the end of each Christmas and then enjoy opening them the next year.  I used Martha Stewart’s glue that is designed for glitter to make the letter. It isn’t as runny as normal glue. This could also be a cute gift…we did one for a baby shower and wrote hopes for that baby’s first year. I’m a fan of meaningful traditions and decorations.12.09ornament-05

So far I have made one wreath out of cleaner sacks and I am working on a few more. I thought they would make a cute ornament too. I used clear bags, but you could probably reuse plastic bags and it would still look good. I cut mine about an inch wide and 5 inches long…you could make yours bigger or smaller depending on the size you want your ornament. The more strips you use the more fluffy your ornament. I just stacked the strips, tied a ribbon around the middle, trimmed the ends to make them even and then pulled the strips apart to fluff it. If you gather the strips while tying the ribbon instead of leaving it in a neat stack, they pull apart better.12.09ornament-08

And the last one is for those of you like me that find a few broken ornaments a season…that is why I buy all mine after Christmas for cheap. Instead of tossing the broken glass this year I am going to scoop it all up, break it finer and pour it into another ornament. I think after a few more broken ornaments when it starts getting fuller it will be quite beautiful!12.09ornament-11

And just because I can’t show projects without giving credit to my current crafting partner.12.09ornament-12

Today is also my dad’s birthday…Happy Birthday Dad!

Google Reader is still not picking up my blog…

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  • Jesse - I love the one with the notes inside. When the twins were about to be born I wrote my oldest a note and sealed it and put it in his baby book. We’ll open it some day.

  • Anna Joy - great idea about the stockings…my family will be doing that this year! yay for another wonderful tradition!

  • Shanalea - So I see the card board things(for lack of a better word) are you doing the snowflake from the family fun magazine? Beautiful ornaments. I am going to have to try a few. Although I have other things bought (after a trip to Ikea) and haven’t accomplished that either.

  • Allison - We love ornaments that you can just throw stuff inside! Using the broken ornaments is brilliant!

  • diane - the leaf ornaments it beautiful!

  • Mandy B - Great, I’m going to have to go back to Hobby Lobby now, thanks Ash. I think I might have to ground myself from your blog until after Christmas is over.

  • Natasha Perryman - Hi,
    I would love to send you guys a Christmas card this year… I do not have your address. Maybe I will run into you at TLC! Or if you get a chance you could email me- I know you said email was better for you. ( I am bummed that my google reader will not follow your blog. It is the weirdest thing. Do you know why?? I have followed you for a long time, then poof- you are on my list, but your posts do not come through. All the other subscriptions still do. Internet- I love you and I’m confused by you! Have a beautiful weekend. Natasha -p.s. the holiday weekend at TCABC looks like a blast, hoping to attend next year.

  • Kim-Erin - great ideas…cutie baby pictures are always appreciated too!

  • Jaimie - I’m making ornaments for family this year and I was going to do handprints, but my little man won’t hold his hand still. Thanks for the ideas! : )

  • Rebekah Jean - I LOVE what you did with the broken ornaments. Very clever…we’ll be doing that this year for sure!

  • maegan - I love the Lisa Leonard ornament. Such brilliant words to have put on there.

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