Just curious if Google Reader is doing crazy things for anyone else? It seems to be picking up comments and not posts for me.

I think what has happened is somewhere in an old post there is a ‘bad’ character due to me writing a post in Word and then copying and pasting it into WordPress. If anyone knows how I would go about locating this ‘bad’ character, please leave a comment or shoot me an email. Thanks!

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  • Lori Danelle - Google Reader was just picking up comments for me too. . . .But no idea how to find bad characters. Whenever I have to write code (which is nearly never) I just cross my fingers and hope I didn’t screw anything up!!

  • monique - I read you through Bloglines and after you got your blog back up I was unable to ever see your photos through bloglines.

  • Carissa Miller - I can’t help but can I just say that I am frustrated FOR YOU! I hate computer crap. Of course, I am sure you are much more patient then me. I just freak out and want to throw stuff at the computer. Ok, Ok…so maybe I HAVE actually thrown stuff at the computer a few times. Especially lately since I have been trying to get my website up and running and have no idea what I am doing. UGH! Good luck. Hope you get it fixed.

  • patti - I do know that if you use Word to create your posts and don’t copy/paste it into something like Notepad first, WordPress will adopt all the formatting from Word, but it won’t come over to WordPress correctly. Unfortunately the only way I know to correct this is to hunt and peck through the post in WordPress to look for said ‘bad’ character and remove it. Trust me, I feel your pain. I’ve done it a few times myself. I’ve learned my lesson enough times now to always draft in Notepad and paste it from there into WordPress and format my posts in WordPress directly.

  • Meredith - I follow you thru a feed reader (windows live mail) and ever since your blog has been back up all it shows is the titles of your posts. No pictures, no post! :(

  • Heather - I follow you through Google Friend Connect (which I think is linked to Blogger) and it only shows posts up through your I Believe post 3 months ago. It doesn’t seem to find updates after that. I keep your addy in there so I can just click to your site from my list, but it doesn’t show anything new. Sorry I don’t have anything more then that. Have a great weekend.

  • tiny twig - i read through bloglines and it only shows your post title…no pics, no text. that has only been since you changed the blog, though.

    man, tech stuff drives me nuts sometimes! i’m like lori…when i change something i always just cross my fingers and hope it shows up like i’ve intended! :)

  • emily anderson - man, i’m so ticked at google reader…i totally forget to come and read your blog (cause i read everything through google reader)…and then when i remember, you’ve posted like 10 times! dang it! i missed all the fun give-a-ways. curses to google reader.

Guess who the Random Number Generator pick to win the Gussy….

Brooke – who wrote, ” memory cards, fine point sharpie, mini striped planner, fiber one bar.
I have been so mad, both of the past two nights I have checked about 15 minutes too late to enter. So I made it tonight:)

Glad you made that entry in time Brooke! Everyone else…go buy a Gussy and make yourself happy.

Or show your special someone this post and ask them to buy you a Gussy!

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  • Brooke - No way, I don’t make you sound better than you are. I think that if we lived in the same place and we were friends, I would probably be one of those ‘overbearing friends’ who thinks you’re so cool that they won’t leave you alone :) You really do all the great things I want to do. Deny all you want, but you are adorable.
    Oh, and thanks again for the gussy.

It was fun reading all that you listed for your pretty little things. I wanted to list some of the things you wrote….but I don’t have time! So with that said, you should read the comments – they’ll make you smile and brighten your day. And the winner of the PaperRelish giveaway is:

Jill R., who wrote: “My pretty little things are my baby boys with their chubby cheeks!”

I love that a mom of boys won…just because you have boys in the house doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a pretty little poster in your house too. Congrats Jill!

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  • Sarah - Your Doily project made it onto Style Me Pretty: http://www.stylemepretty.com/2010/02/11/valentines-day-inspiration/

    So Cool, Congrats!

  • Erin Nantois - Hi Ashley
    I follow your blog religiously and yesterday I was sitting at the Dallas airport and I saw this guy and I thought it looked like your husband just from seeing pics on your blog. And then I saw you and your precious family waiting for him at the airport. I almost came over to you guys but my husband said that was kind of “stalker” :) Anyway so glad to hear and see your sweet family all together.

  • Jill R - Thanks Ashley! I don’t think I’ve won anything since the 3rd grade. And we have NOTHING on our walls right now, so this is just perfect. So excited!

  • AshleyG - oh fun! Congrats! And Ashley…that poster size pic w/littlest brother eyeing it is to die for!