Google Reader is still not working on my site…sorry if you have thought I ceased to exist in the blogging world…I’m still here, but Google doesn’t know it! I’ve tried what I can if anyone knows the president of Google please ask him to fix his Reader so my site shows up again!

Secondly, totally random but I saw online somewhere a stocking made out of layers of scalloped white felt…anyone know where that was?

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I am guest blogging over at Smile and Wave again today…for those wondering she just welcomed a precious baby girl into her family and has invited several guests to blog in her place for a couple of weeks. She’ll be returning to regular blogging soon…yeah!

My post over there is a little something about these: 1109quiltv2-11109quiltv2-21109quiltv2-31109quiltv2-99-cards1109quiltv2-7

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  • christina larsen - Love the ornament idea. I have kids and dogs and every year we seem to lose at least one ornament in a tragic ending. That would be a fun project to do. Not on the radar this year, but maybe next. Thanks.

  • pamela - Very Nice! i’ve been meaning to ask you about your eames rocker, is it the real thing? i saw one on for cheaper and i just love it. but i’m not sure about the quality. thanks!

  • Allison - Loved, loved your post today. I adore that ornament! I also found you today from the little things blog. Thanks for the fabulous inspiration, glad I found you!

  • Kate - Oh so cute! ::Smiles and Waves::

  • AshleyAnn - Pamela – Mine is from modernica…who bought the original Eames molds…great quality

  • Tammy Sue Evans - So excited about coming across your blog! Just wish I had before Christmas…..but there’s always Christmas 2010! The closet dividers are my favorite! And the bandana aprons! And….well, they are all my favorite!

One of the hard things about having 4 small kids is not getting to always go to the hospital to visit friends who have just had a baby. I was bummed to miss out meeting Trace when he first arrived, but was so excited to get to stop by his house and meet him this week…just shy of 2 weeks old. His parents are great friends of ours and were actually some of the very first friends to step out and ask me to photograph them when I was just starting out. They are also the type of friends that have always shown genuine interest in my boys and usually smile (or laugh) we they see me and my rowdy crew in the church hallways. T & A, thanks for letting me come over and meet Trace. He is so handsome and I know some older boys who will love to teach him all about legos and wrestling in the future!

Had to get one of their first son…1109trace-081109trace-09

Can you believe he was awake the whole time and I never heard a cry out of him…he squeaked when I touched him with my cold hands, but that was it. So tiny…1109trace-10

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  • Charity - Yay! I love these two (well I guess thee now) as well! And I haven’t got to see little Trace. Thank you for photographing and sharing the beautiful family!

  • a pocket full of posies - Precious!!! and the one with the “first son” – priceless!

  • Courtney Connelly - T & A, Trace is just precious! Enjoy every minute with him!

  • Rachel - He is so handsome! Can’t wait to meet him in person. What a beautiful family.

  • Lesley - He’s so handsome!!

  • Jamie - Amber, y’all are such a sweet family and these pics reflect that. Beautiful! (I especially like the shot with Cider. LOL) Trace is a doll :)

  • bopha - He is gorgeous and definitely looks like a Dearman. Congrats, A & T, he is perfect and worth that long wait.

  • Julia Leinen - what a beautiful little boy! and he is so blessed to have such amazing parents. thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

  • Julie Beam - T & A, he is absolutely adorable!

  • Aunt Jenn - What a handsome little guy!!! You all are a BEAUTIFUL family and look so happy. We are thrilled to finally have our nephew here. Ash, once again, you rock!!! These are amazing.

  • Amber Dearman - Oh my!! I know we’re biased and think our son is pretty darn cute, but Ashley, you are so good at what you do!!! THANK YOU for capturing our lil man!

  • Sandy Robion - Ashley,
    The pictures of Trace are wonderful. They are a beautiful family.Thank you so much for taking them. Oh, by the way I am Trace’s Nana.

  • Sonja Billingsley - He is precious, cherish every moment. Love to you all. Sonja

  • Jeannette Swan - Amber – you look beautiful! Trace is beautiful too! I can’t wait to be able to spend some time with you guys. Great job as usual, Ashley!

  • Judy - Amber and Todd Trace is adorable I can’t wait to get to see him. Those are the most beautiful pictures. Tell Trace his aunt Judy loves him.

  • Freda - Beautiful baby boy!! Great pictures!

  • PamperingBeki - Ohmygoodness, he’s yummy!

    Those are goreous, Ashley.