I enjoy displaying vintage items in my home…especially my kitchen. I’m not sure what it is I love about retro kitchen stuff, maybe how it reminds me of my grandmas kitchens and the times I have spent with them there.

My friend Jamie had sent me a link to these shadow box frames on Martha Stewart….I thought it would be a fun way to display some vintage items. The shadow box displays on Martha’s site are by Darcy Miller. They are beautiful. I wish I had the wall space to create tons of them, but I don’t….you really should go check them out.

Here’s a little tutorial for you on how I made mine:

Supplies: (frame from Hobby Lobby, picture from Jackie Rueda, other items from antique stores)

Step 1: Cover the velvet background with scrapbooking paper…if you get a 12×12 frame, the 12×12 paper is a perfect fit

Step 2: Using masking tape, tape down vintage trim. You could pin it down too. (a sweet reader informed me that masking tape could cause damage over time…so you might try something else if you want it to last a long time…maybe acid free scrapbooking squares)

Step 3: Pin the corners of the photo to the trim and backing

Step 4: Set the frame upright and place your items inside. Fasten back of frame.

Don’t you love fast and easy projects!

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  • Jill R - This project really makes me want a cookie!

  • Shannon - Ashley, that is really lovely! I love how it’s bright and airy, yet vintage at the same time. Very nice, I can’t wait to try it, and will surely be looking for some great stuff to put in my own shadow box!

  • Colleen C - I love this idea! I’m trying to find ways to decorate my kitchen now, so fun!

  • Anna Marie - Oh gosh Ashley, you are good. I love it all but I just don’t know if I have the eye for it. I may try that. I too LOVE vintage and love displaying it!

  • ashlee - oh i really like this project. it would work well for vintage baby stuff as well.

  • danielle - i just love that i found your blog! Your ideas are so great and so much like the stuff I love to make (but can’t always come up w/ the ideas on my own). it’s funny b/c I have this article from Martha Stewarts magazine torn out and in a book waiting for me to get started. We are buying a new house and there is one wall that I plan to do a whole bunch of these – I can’t wait!!
    Yours came out so cute too, I love the vintage stuff.

  • Sara - I love this idea. It matches your dining room decor really well!

  • Kara P - I do love fast and easy projects! Let me know when TIm and I can come over and pour the concrete tabletop!

  • Stephanie - This is such a great idea. It is going on my craft project to do list!

  • Jessica/littlepumpkingrace - LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may have to copycat a bit with some of my vintage cupcake stuff!! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  • emmylou - Very cute! What did you use to hang the plate?

  • Katie M. - What a great idea!!! Love it!

  • Martina - Very cute! Love this idea! I have to warn you though … masking tape is very acidic and it will dry up in a few years. It also might do some damage to your antiques – particularly paper. But if this is a temporary change out frequently kind of thing, I’m sure it will be fine.

  • Zoë - I have done one of these for each of my children with the outfit (baby or slightly bigger) that most evokes the memories of that child (well, ok I have done two and am going to get round to the others soon…!) (it was supposed to be a way of choosing what clothes to keep and what can go but that didn’t really work;;;!) I also plan to do one with each of their doudous (their favourite comforter – teddy or thing) once they don’t need them any more- but we are not there yet!

  • Anna Joy - I love it!!! It’s too cute :)

  • Heather - so fresh and fun! i love the modern photo against the other items. great job!!

  • Sara - I love you DIY!!! I am going to have to give this one a shot. Thanks so much for all the fun project ideas.

  • chantelle - so fun-kinda remind me of di-aramas! Ijsut whippe done up yesterday for party theme for a gal pal

  • lifeologia - I love this idea. Where did you get this tiny little vintage cook book? – so cool.
    By the way, I just got some doilies the other day – thinking of you 😉
    I don’t know what to do with them yet…

  • Jamie - This looks so great!!!! So many possibilities. I can’t wait to get our “new” house so I can start doing all these fun ideas.

  • meg duerksen - that is awesome!!!

  • Jill E. - Super cute. i love the cook book.

  • Kate - Cutest EVER!!

  • patti - love love LOVE this!

  • Kat - Hi. I found you from Design Sponge and just love your site. You have the most wonderful projects. I think I clicked on all of them to check them out. I’ve bookmarked several to come back to when time permits. The changing pictures at the top of the page is just an awesome idea. I would love to know how you did it!

  • Casey - I want one EXACTLY like this! I wish I could find all that stuff around here to do it

  • Amnah - Oh my, I love it.

    I adored Darcy Miller’s scrapboxes. I posted about it here: http://lifeofmineblogged.blogspot.com/2010/01/preserving-memories.html

  • Lene - This is absolutly fantastic ! Love your photo’s, but I also love the idea…

  • Julie - I love your DIY’s! They are so inspiring and always set my mind racing to all the things I could do! I too love old kitchen stuff. Thankfully my mom is not as sentimental to my grandmothers old plates and things as I am and she has given me most of them.

  • Jessica - this is absolutely adorable, and makes me want to do something like this in MY kitchen too. I too love the vintage feel. :)

  • Allison - LOVE this!! WAY cute.

  • Melanie Schall - Seriously Ashley – YOU could be the next Martha Stewart. I just love seeing all the great creative ideas you put together. Looks like something easy I can try. Can’t wait to get busy.

  • Roianne - Where did you get your canisters from. I love them and have been looking for something like these!

  • katherinemarie - SENSATIONAL!!!! I agree with ashlee above— this would be sweet for VINTAGE baby gear… anything really! Thanks for the idea!

  • almalu - I just linked this on my blog!so easy to do and just amazing!

  • Brooke - Oh gracious I LOVE this… I love your style of decorating. I wish I had the creativeness (totally not a word) that you have and could think of doing cute things like this to decorate my new house with.

  • Angela - When I win the lotto, can I pay you to come decorate for me? I love/hate your craftiness. Hate=Jealous

  • Lili - waouh !! ce que c’est beau !!! bravo ! j’adore !

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  • Nancy - Love your site and great fast (the operable word for me) DIY projects – this is lovely and I can’t wait to make my own. I just was in Brimfield for antiquing heaven and love vintage kitchen stuff, too,

  • Yvonne - This is such a good idea! I’ve made some shadow boxes for the children but never thought of one for the kitchen! Thank you for posting this idea!

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  • Andrea - Love this! I just bought a shadow box today from Goodwill with the intention of taking out what’s in it and putting my touches on it. I like your vintage kitchen items idea. Love vintage! It gives me ideas for my vintage wedding. Thanks.

  • Katherine - This shadow box looks great, thanks for the idea! Can’t wait to try out different themes around the house :)

  • DIY Kitchen Art « alli.peter.photography - […] Finished Product …… Here is the Link to Ashely Ann’s finished product […]

  • TracyMB - LOVE this…. as soon as Halloween is put away I’m all over this baby! Thanks!!

  • Karla - LOVE this! I’ve always loved shadow boxes because they’re so versatile. I actually have two of those exact scoops that were my grandmother’s but I use them!

  • Fun Shadow Box - this is a really yummy shadow box project!

  • Dianna - I have that book! This is such a great idea. Thanks

  • evelyn little - I have a technique question–how is the plate hung? I do not see any clips on the front of the plate to indicate that it was hung with a plate hanger.
    Love your site!

  • susan - What a great idea! I got interested in dollhouse miniatures years ago. My interest has waned, but have some treasures created by friends and family—a small(8″ by 8″), pieced(!) quilt and pillow sham made by an aunt and several 2″ original paintings done by a dear friend. What a great way to display these tiny treasures. Thanks.

Her Nana (my mom) made her first Easter dress. The boys have never got a special outfit for Easter. Since they have spring birthdays their birthday shirts are their Easter shirts. Not the case for little miss. Yes, she is stylin’. (I bought the pattern here, the polka dot fabric is a vintage gift from Rachel)

Just for laughs here are a couple of pics from a few years ago.

And onto this year. We usually do a delicious BIG ham dinner with at my grandparent’s house…and boy was it good this year. My grandma always filled the eggs with change…Lesley & I hunted eggs until Biggest Brother was old enough to take over. In college those egg hunts funded my once a month trip to Sonic for a slush. Grandma passed away 2 years ago, but we keep her tradition going strong. This time there were a couple of chocolate coins in the eggs. Once Littlest Brother discovered the chocolate he attempted to take a bite out of all the coins. Bummer for him.

(see what I mean on the shirts…birthday picture shirts….Easter shirts…we are good to go in swim trunks the rest of spring and summer)

I’m not sure why I always try to get one with all their eyes open. It pretty much never happens.

I stuck her Pretty. Messy. Flower. on her basket.

Nana made the Easter dress and I made the shoes. My friend Ashley gave me the pattern…super easy…takes about 30 minutes. You can do a search on etsy for Baby Booties. If you don’t sew, you should buy these. I started them at 8:30pm the night before Easter…because that is when it dawned on me that she didn’t have any shoes that would remotely match her new dress. I had to move the sewing machine to the kitchen table (it is usually in her room). So I am sitting in the house at dusk sewing baby shoes and I look out the window to see Chris on his dad’s tractor. I felt so country. We aren’t so country (well I guess that is relative), but I felt so country. A little country, but it’s nice.

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  • Cindy - i love how you have pics from the year before… so fun to see how everyone has changed! Love the dress and the shoes… super cute! Brad would feel so manly to have a tracker like Chris…

  • Stephanie - You have made the comment before that you do not sew well but those shoes are awesome!!!

  • Patricia Teo - nice shoes! and i think the group pic is really really really nice!

  • Jill E. - to cute!

  • Jenny L. - She is so adorable! I love the way she just knows she is one of the boys (who are also adorable).

  • Lisa @ ElleBows - The dress turned out perfect!!!!

  • Alba - I’m late. I’ve found fantastic your idea of how to tell pre-schoolers about Easter time (quite difficult). I love her dress and the shoes (did you really made it???). Good pics as always. It’s really funny how Littlest Brother resembles Little Brother on 2007 picture.

  • stephanie - she is beautiful!! Look at those eyes!!

    love the pattern — i actually looked for them after your last post about “Fave things”….unfortunately, all sold out

  • Jodi - There is nothing better or sweeter than country and baby girls in home sewn shoes. Amazing. The dress is adorable! I am starting to not buy your I don’t sew comments, you pretty much do now!!!

  • stephanie - a VERY popular dress this easter! my two girls recieved their easter dresses from their grandma, too. isn’t it the most precious gift?

  • Kara - so cute! I dont think u have aged one bit over the years!!!

  • Katherine - Love the Easter dress! I’ve been eying that pattern. :)
    Looks like ya’ll had a fabulous Easter!

  • ashlee - her dress is lovely:) im off to make some of those shoes for Mercy

  • chantelle - you may feel like country but you are a rock and roll Mommy! great ideas! love your pics-I am ready for a new lense for my canon 30D/park tote-along rebel-I have a 50mm that I like-what would be next? (thanks, I know you answer questions when you have time-I’ll ready you daily so will check back if you can ever do a lense tutorial-PLEASE do an online snaps for this little Canadian gal! Pretty please!)

  • Melanie Schall - Sisters outfit is just so adorable! I LOVE the first pic of her. Glad your family had such a nice Easter.

  • kelly - LOVE her dress!! So cute! Happy Easter to all of you!

  • Anna Joy - The Easter dress is so cute and the shoes as well! I love feeling country…I wish I could truly live in the country to feel that way all the time :)

  • jessica h - tractors and pretty baby girl booties…you are blessed indeed :)

  • Jenni - Your little girl is the luckiest little one in the world to have all those big brothers! So is the shoe pattern you used found on Etsy? I have searched, but was wondering which one exactly you used. They are adorable!

  • Kate - Oh, I love the shoes!! Happy Easter

  • Seamingly Sarah - I love the shoes!

  • Holly - If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…
    “She’s country, from cowboy boots to her down home roots” I LOVE IT!!

The winner of the Kove giveaway is Carrie S. who wrote, “You and your sis are the two of the most itty bitty preggo’s I know! Get ready for having a niece! Being an aunt is the funnest thing ever! Lesley, you are beautiful!!!”

She won because she said I am itty bitty when pregnant and told my sister how beautiful she is…I’m kidding I use a random number generator. Congrats Carrie!


Remember kove is also offering a 10% discount to my readers. Just leave a message in the “notes to seller” mentioning this blog when you check out. The 10% will be refunded via PayPal after your purchase. Have fun shopping.

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  • Kate - Congratulation!