Her great-grandma’s quilt

Yep, more pictures of my daughter. I know I said I wouldn’t be posting much, but I am taking way too many pictures these days. Since I don’t think wallpapering my house with pictures of B and her brothers is a great idea, I will share them here. What can I say, I am having fun with a newborn. There are benefits of photographing your own newborn verses a client’s. First, you can pick the best time for the baby and the light. Second, you have tons of time and don’t have to leave. However, the downfall is you have to be fast so as to avoid the big brothers that want in every pictures too. I love this first picture. She by far has the darkest hair of any of our kids. I hope it stays dark…like her daddy’s.

Yes, she does open her eyes….mainly between the hours of 9pm-12am….

She did “break in” the quilt her great-grandma made during these pictures (if you know what I mean).

And here’s a few of what was really happening between all the sweet photos above:

Don’t you just want to smother her in kisses…I do. I pretty much never put her down. She is either in my arms or in my baby wrap – I don’t think you can hold a newborn too much. I don’t mind if she needs to be held to fall asleep. These days will pass all too quickly and I just can’t get enough of her sweet smelling self.

My 15 month old’s hands gained about a pound each in the last week…

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  • Beth - I don’t think anyone will mind all the pictures! She’s adorable, and they give everyone else out there with a baby on the way ideas for when they’re taking pics of their own. :-)

  • Charissa - I had to chuckle at the cars being held in one of the photos. She is absolutely precious Ashley, I don’t blame you for not putting her down! I would do the same!

  • lesley - She’s just gorgeous. I first pics my fave and man o man does Rett look like Hud in the one where he’s kissing her head! Love them all.

  • Emily Beaty - How sweet! I love that quilt, especially with such a beautiful baby on it. Your sons are so sweet to her, too. Love these! :)

  • amanda torres - So precious!

  • Carissa - Ashley she is SO precious. You are making me want another girl…STOP it! :)

  • Trinity - I LOVE seeing pictures of her……..so cute! I love those pictures with the quilt.

  • meg duerksen - i want one.
    so bad.

    she is just yummy.

  • Samantha - I would have a hard time putting her {and my camera} down too! She’s darling, the boys are too cute, and I love each and every photo! Your photos make me even more excited for little Miss Ellie to get here!

  • bopha - I love the pictures and I don’t think you can cuddle them too much. Now that I am back at work I am getting nothing done because I just want to hold him and squeeze his chubby cheeks.

  • Kari - Love all the sweet pictures! The first one is my favorite- she looks like a sweet lil’ angel! (Congrats to Bopha too!)

  • Shannon Phillips - Oh Ash, these are so sweet! I can’t wait to meet her! I love all of these photos and I as specially love that quilt.

  • Amy - She is so precious! I LOVE the quilt!

  • Serena - Keep this pictures coming! I love them…and the quilt too!

  • patti - beautiful baby. beautiful photos. that’s all there is to it! thanks for sharing with all of us!

  • amy stamm - TOTALLY PRECIOUS!!!!! OMG love the PICS!! Bring em on!!!
    ENJOY that sweet little girl. Love the pics with the boys –I can only imagine!!!!!

  • Jeannette Swan - You are giving me baby fever!!

  • christina larsen - Just precious. Thank you for showing off your new girl; she is beautiful. Newborns are great.

  • Sarah - This will sound cliche, but the pictures you’ve been posting literally take my breath away. There is just something so special and captivating about your daughter, Ashley! She is such a blessing and so peaceful in her love-filled home and family. I really hope to meet all your kids in person some day (maybe Hawaii!) :)

  • Emily Lusk - The pictures of her are great!! You can never take to many picures! Sounds like she has already learned how to deal with her big brothers– just sleep until they go to bed! :)

  • Julia Leinen - She’s beautiful! I love her little rolls on her belly in the pic with her eyes open. Hope you are recovering well!

  • Liz - Precious!!

  • Juliann Brenner - I found your blog through my friend, Megan Duerksen. I love your pictures! Congrats on your little girl. My oldest are 15mos. apart; boy, then girl. So hard, but so worth it! They are the best of friends now at 5 and 4.

  • stephanie - Love the picture where your youngest boy was giving her a kiss on the head.

    Babies are absolutely precious, and my heart is actually aching a little bit because I miss my baby being a newborn…she just turned 7 months.

  • Lisa Keen - those pictures are great! They remind me of Kolbi trying to attack her baby sister! Gotta be quick :)

  • Kenna S - Breese is so precious. She makes me realize how much my little Kate has grown in the past 5 1/2 months. Seeing pics of her already makes me want another newborn to cuddle and hold. That time is so very precious and so very fleeting. So hold her as much as you can and take in that sweet newborn smell! I always say that someone should learn how to bottle their sweet smell.

  • Leigh Ann - Ashley, congrats. I missed two weeks of posts and wow your baby girl arrived. I’m so happy for you guys.She’s a doll and that name is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Love it.

  • wendy - She is adorably beautifully sweet! Congratulations!

  • ashlee - so darn sweet!! i agree that the time passes so quickly so hold her as much as you can:)

  • Christine - Found you on Ooh Dee Doh. Beautiful website! I adore the quilt your grandmother made! Any chance you can relay where she got all the gorgeous fabric? Many thanks…

the brothers….and a wheatgrass jungle

We’ve had a lot of questions about how the boys are doing….the answer is”GREAT!!!!”  Really we couldn’t ask for them to adjust any better. We were pretty concerned about our youngest…considering the day they met he did nothing but yell at her (and anyone holding her). He is now crazy about the “baby”. Yesterday was my first day alone with all four. I didn’t want to just “survive” the day and since last week life was on hold for the boys – I gave myself two goals:

1. Get a picture of her with each of her brothers

2. Help the boys make their ‘Indiana Jones Lego Jungle’ (AKA plant wheat grass for them to hide lego men in)

Here she is with each of her brothers:

E loves to touch her hair and bring her blankets (yes, that is a scab on his nose…facial wounds are common around here)

H is our most affectionate kid. He is the most adoring of her and asks throughout the day where she is and if he can hold her.

Once in his arms he kisses her over and over.

C isn’t too interested in her when she is asleep, but once her eyes open he is trying to entertain her or hold her hand. He’s pretty proud of her…

Remember my Herb Garden…well evidently you need to actually water plants for them to stay alive. Since my herbs are all now of the dried variety I decided to reuse the pots. The boys have been wanting a “jungle” for their Indiana Jones Lego men (yes, they do actually look like Harrison Ford and Sean Connery) to play in. I figured wheatgrass would be durable and easy, so we are going to try it out. The boys each planted a pot and I planted some in a larger container.

Since my container didn’t have drainage holes, I filled the bottom with charcoal, then the dirt, then the seeds…

Here it is after the seeds are added and paper towels on top (I planted according to the directions on the seed bag)

Now they will all sit inside and begin growing. I’ll be sure to post pics of Indiana Jones in his jungle…I know you all are so anxious to see those!

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  • Jill R - Happy to see the boys with their new baby sister. Love the pictures! Also anxious to see the new “jungle”….. ;) BTW – HOW do you do it all???

  • christina larsen - Well, it looks like you did more than survive!!! Looks like everyone had fun. We love Indiana Jones legos at our house, too. Can’t wait to see the jungle, we may have to be doing that, too. Have fun with your new bundle.

  • Jolene - oh my…I’m going to have to go and beat my uterus back into submission after all that new baby goodness!
    Can’t wait to see the Indiana Jones jungle grass experiment…that sounds just like what we need around here!

  • amanda torres - It will be so fun to see how the boys each develop a relationship with their sister. You are blessed!

  • Brooke Turney - Breese is adorable! And can I tell you how much I LOVE that name?! Glad to see her brothers are enjoying her! Love reading your blog, and I can’t believe you’re still able to post with how busy you are. I only have one little one and It’s hard for me to keep up! ;)

  • Sophie - Those pictures of the boys with Breese are so beautiful, especially the last one! (:

  • rachel denbow - Hey, Mama! So good to know you’re feeling good enough to be outside with the boys and have the energy to get online and share it all with us. It’s such a happy spot in my day! Every time.

    You and Chris make beautiful babies, that’s for sure.

  • Wiebke - Dear Ashley, I am a brand new fan of your beautiful work and blog ( I wish you visit some day Germany and makes some lovely pictures from my girls) … I wish you love, happiness and healthiness for you and your family …

  • Jeannette Swan - I thought you weren’t going to post much for awhile, but I’m afraid I might miss something if I don’t check your blog. The pics of the boys with Breese are priceless!!

  • Jesse - Precious! Rhett was a sweetie like Hudson and kissed all on “his babies”.

  • vicki spradlin - I just discovered your blog and the naming of your precious little girl. I sent up a little prayer that she would be just like her name sake, and know how loved she is. I can relate to the wonders of a world of boys! I grew up with brothers (she will hate their protectiveness but love them unconditionally)and then God sent me sons to raise. He knew what I needed (or could handle). Then he sent me two of the most precious gifts– granddaughters. They are now 3 and 1, and my wonderful daughter-in-law lets me take care of them daily. (I retired just to be able to do that!) Enjoy every moment with your little brood, they’re adorable.

first couple days at home

I am motivated only to do two things:

1. Hold her 24/7

2. Take as many pictures as possible to capture these first few days

She’s sleeping a lot…which I know won’t last long,

so I am enjoying cuddling and smelling her…I enjoy cuddling the boys, but not smelling them

Because I am only motivated to cuddle her and take pictures, I am soon going to lose her in the piles of laundry taking over the house

She is truly ours….LOVES being outside in the Oklahoma summer heat

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  • Jesse - She is so precious! Congrats! Love the name too!

  • amanda torres - I love the last pic. So stretched out. So peaceful. So like she doesn’t have 3 brothers awaiting in the wings. Maybe she’s already got the Jedi mind trick down.

  • Lauren - I’m glad to see the last picture, since I was there. Love it. I also love her amongst the laundry. Sometimes I wish I could hide in my laundry…perferably clean laundry!

  • trish - she is SUCH a doll baby! did your boys have hair this dark?

  • Sophie - Oh, Ashley, she is aboslutely stunning. Such a perfect little bundle of love.
    And those are some beautiful pictures you took of her, too (:

  • Stephanie - SOOOO precious! And I adore the name. She is such a doll! Cannot wait to see her in person.

  • monique - ohhhh sweet! Congratulations! She is absolutely adorable!

  • Emily Lusk - What great pics of her! Hard to get motivated to do anything else when there is such a cute baby around to look at! :) Enjoy this time!

  • christina larsen - So precious and look at all of her hair. Did your boys have that much hair when they were born? Have fun cuddling the bundle, they grow sooooo fast.

  • barbara - what a beauty! congrats to you and your family :)

  • amy stamm - soooo sweet! ENJOY~!

  • Kenna S - I love the pic of her laying on the laundry. After 5 months, I can tell you that it won’t be much better. Just love on her and everything else will fall into place!

  • sheridan - Those are the greatest things you can be doing right now! So happy for you all!

  • Shannon Phillips - Ooooh, I can only imagine how sweet she must smell! There is nothing better than the scent of a brand new baby girl.

  • Emily Beaty - Congratulations!! Breese is such a pretty name – I LOVE the first and last images of this set. So sweet. :)

  • stephanie - she is beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Heath - I love, love, LOVE these pictures. The one of her sprawled on the blanket is so fun. What a beautiful baby girl!

  • Jeannette Swan - No baby of mine would love to be outside unless leaves or snow is on the ground! She is precious – enjoy her and just ignore the laundry piles.

  • Katherine Marie - What an absolute doll!! A huge and heartfelt congrats as you welcome your new little sweetheart into your family. Her innocence is breathtaking. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. I hope you enjoy these first glorious days together!!!

  • Jill J - Oh, what a wonderful time you must be having! I know what you mean about smelling boys. They have a “dirty dog” smell straight from the shower. :)

  • melanie - She is so beautiful Ash! I get teary-eyed looking at her!

  • Jennifer K. - I love the last pic of her outside! That is great! She really must be comfortable to be all stretched out like that!!