Remember this post….their family is together at home now!

Complete family pictures to come….once we get together to take them!

Congratulations Jeremy & Melanie –  a family of 8 looks good on you.

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  • Shannon Phillips - Goosebumps and tears as I view these photos. I do not know this family but I am overjoyed for them and the life they will be giving their new children. Thanks for posting these photos. Prayers going out to Jeremy and Melanie and all of their children in this transition time.

  • Stephanie - Oh. Love these so much. So neat to see God come through BIG TIME as always. Love Love Love that they are home. THANKS for sharing Ash!

  • emily anderson - oh my gosh!!!! you know how much i love these photos :) so excited for this family that i don’t even know!

  • Christina Larsen - Beautiful. We are coming home from Korea on Wednesday at 10:43 pm. FYI.

  • Liz - The picture are wonderful… I love the look on Melanie’s face… such sheer joy!

  • Stefunkc - So glad you were able to take picture for the family like me that couldn’t be there!

  • Kimberly - You made this cousin’s day!! I was at a workshop all day and was so sad to miss this amazing moment! Abby and I loved these pictures. Thank you so much for capturing this special reunion!! Tears of joy are flowing.

  • Ang - I can’t hold back the tears

  • Patsy - You truly captured the spirit and love of this once-in-a-lifetime event. Watching you at work that morning, I knew this
    precious time was going to be beautifully recorded through
    your eyes. Thank you so much!

  • Amanda - Thanks so much for capturing this moment so beautifully for our dear sweet friends! I am once again reduced to tears! So happy for them!

  • Os Tartarouchos - What a special moment!

Thanks for all the comments on my trip to Seattle and odd way of entertaining myself in the airport. For those wondering the SkyBridge we were on was a more remote one that only led to a few gates. For that reason it was basically empty unless a plane landed. I sat my camera on the ground – with no one around. I did also sit it on the SkyWalk. Those things are meant to speed you up when you are walking. If you are standing still they move rather slowly so I had plenty of time to take timer pictures without reaching the end.

Here’s another outdoor summer activity.


My disclaimer: This requires very attentive adult supervision and responsible kids that are obedient and good listeners.



Water Guns

Water bottle that can do a light mist spray

Solid color t-shirt (I got mine at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off…costing me $1.50 each. Score.)

Freezer paper

Rubber gloves (for you and the kids)

Using freezer paper cut out your letter or design. Iron the paper securely onto the shirts. Hang the shirts outside with a piece of cardboard on the inside.

Put on rubber gloves. Fill the water bottle and water guns with bleach. Using the fine mist setting on the water bottle spray around the letter. Then let the kids use the water guns to squirt more bleach randomly on the shirt front and back. This is where the adult supervision is crucial…you don’t want them shooting the gun at anything but the shirts. In the sun it doesn’t take long (just a minute or two) for the bleach to start changing the shirt color. Once it is as light as you want, rinse the shirt…then wash it. You can buy chemicals that further stop the bleaching process, but they cost more than your $1.50 shirt. You don’t want to leave the bleach on too long or it will begin eating the shirt. My friend tried this with a hot pink shirt and it came out super cute.

He should be wearing a rubber glove…the cheap water guns leak a little.

It is Big Brother’s current favorite shirt. It reminds me of the 80s, but 80s is back in style – right? If you notice on the “h” I didn’t get the freezer paper ironed on securely enough. I kind of like the effect it made. The brown parts of the shirt had the bleach on the least amount of time, the gray parts the longest. (yes he got a haircut in between the day we bleached the shirts and the day I took these pics)

Biggest Brother was hanging around when I was trying to get a picture of the shirt. He decided to try to leap over the cooler. Can you guess how that ended up for him?

And after all that fun of making your own shirt, you can curl up on the couch with your legos…snuggling Luke Skywalker & his lightsaber…for a summer nap.

In other news…next week I am going to be a part of the Blogger’s Guide to Summer at Blessed Little Nest. There will be several posts each day and giveaways each day. Some of my very favorite bloggers will be guest posting during the week too…be sure to check it out….just don’t enter any of the giveaways I would kind of like to win them all!


It has been a while since I posted any diy projects…next week I will be posting one….

UPDATE 6.16.10: My friend Jamie emailed me the day I originally posted this. The night before I posted this, she had done a similar thing to a onesie for a gift. It is so cute! I asked her if I could share it with you! Thanks Jamie!

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  • Jeannette Swan - Another great idea!

  • meg duerksen - i wanted to do this this summer too.
    or tye dye with spray bottles instead of the usual stuff.
    we will see what i get accomplished.

    and how have i never done freezer paper?! what is the matter with me!

  • Kelly - I love freezer paper and my boys love helping make their own shirts! I’m adding this to the endless summer to-do’s for sure! I often notice your boys are wearing the same clothes that are in my boys closets…you must frequent Target.:) I noticed the awesome multi-colored Chewie shirt today. My middle boy has that one and for some reason it makes me laugh every single time he wears it. :)

  • Amy - I made these using contact paper for my daughter’s sleep over. I put a peace sign on the back of the shirt and they were adorable. Thanks for all your awesome ideas..

  • Anna Joy - this is soooo awesome! im making one this weekend!!! :)

  • Carla - the shirt turned out so cute! i think 25 year olds could still wear shirts like this… so maybe i have an activity for my husband and i this weekend. maybe even a cute doggie one.

    love all of your ideas. and especially your photography tips. i’m find new angles every day because of you!

  • Sara - I love this idea! I am wondering if Hydrogen Peroxide would work as a safer alternative to the bleach? I use it in my laundry for whites to brighten them. Anyone know if it would be worth a shot?

  • ellen - I love this one so very, very much. Look at how excited Big Brother is to wear it. The joy on his little, scrunched face is too much. This is going on my must copy list!

  • chantelle - ok, you are now officially the coolest mom I know/in the world. I am now runningout to buy shirts and water guns and bleach. wow are you cool.

  • Kaylene - these look wonderful. It’s summer so my man cub is looking for “projects”. We just finished finger printing w/ ed emberley’s book. looking forward to doing these.

  • gardenmama - How cute!!
    Your photos are beautiful, what sweet little ones : )

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  • Alison - I LOVE LOVE LOVE that idea and am definitely going to have to try it with my kids. So happy to have found your fabulous blog!

  • giozi - I love it. I’m going to try it on pink 😀

  • Os Tartarouchos - Oh, my! this is a great idea!! And the results are so cool!
    Love your blog, and your photos!

  • Casey - I love this!! definitely going to try this on a shirt for my guy

  • Ez - Oh my word! What a fantastic DIY idea! I love it. And the applications for your technique could be applied to so many things (dinner napkins, throw pillow covers, etc). Thanks for the inspiration! xo Ez

  • tara - I tried this on a t shit but couldn’t keep the bleach from soaking through where I had the letters ironed on… any tips?

  • Brinn - LOVE this and love your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity. I made a halloween version if you want to check it out:

  • Heather - I LOVE bleaching shirts :) Actually, after the bleaching process, I’ll throw the garment in the washing machine on the rinse cycle with about a cup of plain white vinegar. Vinegar (super cheap!) neutralizes bleach. Once your level of “bleachiness” is achieved – throw it in the vinegar water solution and the bleach will not continue to eat away at the fibers – you can wash it over and over again normally and not have to worry about holes!

  • Ashley - i just did this today with my three boys…we did their initials on three shirts, and then did some halloween themed ones. it worked great…thanks for the excellent idea!

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  • Lanell Stahlberg - Something is up with your rss subscription. Any ideas?

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  • glow in the dark » My Blog - […] store buying the paint and jars, I also picked him up a package of grey and black t shirts to do this project, but since they were laying there on the counter, (he refuses to wear shirts while at home) […]

  • Cricket Whitman - Thanks so much for this great idea. We made our own as well! You so totally rock at everything!

  • Kristal - Awesome idea!! Hydrogen Peroxide stops the bleach chemical reaction and it’s cheap. :)

  • Joanna - I tried this(too rushed I admit) yesterday and I basically completely screwed up a simple thing! I guess I must not have gotten the freezer paper on well enough because only the top part of the A came out. Secondly it’s brown =( not white. Too much bleach?? The bottle I got (because I couldn’t find my old one that I knew did fine spray) puts out quite a lot. Help?

  • Custom Bleached T-shirt | You Frill Me - […] he was here in SF.  So to celebrate the day, I wore this custom-bleached tee, which I made using Ashley Ann’s amazing freezer paper stencil idea, which I originally saw on her blog, but was reminded of it in an issue of Fresh Style magazine.  […]

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  • nana - As a grandmother I am afraid of the bleach for little ones … too dangerous maybe bleach pen but even that is just poison for kiddos and the earth !!! IT LOOKS CUTE and sweet to.spend time together but you really must know a tiny accident could be devistating with chemicals. It also would give the impression it is alright to touch bleach at another time . I hate to be ugly but I do know acidents that have happened and an adult that burned their lungs breathing bleach and caused pneumonia. Thanks for reading and so sorry to sound rude !!

  • Christine Hutchings - Does she sell these? I would definitely buy them :)

  • DIY: Bleach Stencilling « brdse - […] came across this post awhile back and I have always wanted to stencil a tshirt so it seemed like the perfect thing to […]

  • Becca - I tried this, but the bleach only turned the black material orange, not white…anything I should have done differently?

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  • design your own t-shirt - Wonderful stuff. Bundle of thanks!!!

  • Custom Tee Shirts - USABeading - Fantastic blog, Thanks for sharing. Keep posting like this.

  • Clarissa - Hi! I like the way your shirts turned out. They’re real neat. I love the onesies too! What a cute idea. I’m interested in doing the same type of thing, only I can’t use bleach or have it used on my clothes. Is there a way of doing the same thing using hydrogen peroxide?

    Thank you!

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  • Báró Júlia - Fun! It is great to create something by playing a game like this :)

This is part two of yesterday’s post

So we had a 3 hour layover to busy ourselves with. Since she hadn’t slept a wink on the plane I thought I’d find somewhere quiet and attempt to get her to crash. She is extremely social, so I had to find a place that was basically empty of people before she’d even consider closing her eyes. Thank you DFW for your SkyBridge!

It took about 10 minutes of riding the SkyWalk over and over and over again….and then she was out.

I was not about to risk changing locations and waking her up. So stuck on the SkyBridge was I.

What is a mom, exhausted from traveling with a squirming baby to do?

Well…the SkyBridge did have AMAZING natural light flooding in all those windows and very few people around. So out came the camera to distract me.

That took about 10 minutes. I thought about the security guards watching me on all the cameras…figured they must see stranger than a mom taking random photos of herself with a sleeping baby in a stroller. Then again, maybe they haven’t. While I was taking the picture below Chris called to tell me my place was delayed for additional 2 hours.

I hung up the phone and she woke up. 10 minutes all day. 10 minutes is all she gave me. What baby goes 14 hours with only 10 minutes of sleep?

Baby Sister will now be known as Firecracker on this blog.

After eating dinner and showing off her wrinkled nose smile to other travelers we headed back to the SkyBridge for more photo entertainment.

She liked the SkyBridge. I liked the natural light.

After enjoying a little soy milk she thought it would be fun to throw the bottle and watch it roll.

I thought it would be fun to see how long I could balance it on her head. We were bored. So very bored.

So, so, so very bored.

I showed Chris these pictures and told him I wondered what the security guards thought watching me on those cameras. I got lots of ‘crazy lady’ stares from other travelers, but did I mention she slept 10 minutes over 12 hours at that point….I was beyond caring what anyone thought. Chris said it reminded him of something, but it took him a few minutes to remember….then he did.

Tom Hanks in The Terminal. Yeah, I’m feeling it too Tom.

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  • Cate O'Malley - So many awesome pictures, too hard to pick a favorite! We used to fly to DFW a lot when my grandmother was alive – you’ve now painted it in a whole new light (no pun intended). :)

  • Alba - in certain pictures Firecracker resembles a lot Big Brother, same faces! I would have been one of the security guards, I would have pop out to see what were you doing, for sure. What baby goes 14 hours with only 10 minutes of sleep? My oldest, until he was 18 months, then he started to sleep the whole night, but never during the day.

  • Kari S. - Oh Ashley, those pictures are priceless. I wish I would have had your cell phone number and knew about the circumstances, I would have drove to DFW, picked you guys up and drove you home! It would have took 5 hrs to get you home via my vehicle too, but I bet Firecracker would have snoozed most of the way! My husband leaves Wednesday for Malawi, Africa on a mission trip! I’ll be scanning your DIY ideas to keep myself and my daughter (5) busy!

  • Anna Joy - Sorry you were stuck at DFW Airport! You could’ve came over! If only you knew that my house was 10 minutes away :) At least you got stuck in the pretty part of the airport. All the other terminals are gray and dark with hardly any windows. You always end up in the best places to get great pictures!

  • karen davis - these photos crack me up!! But that natural light is awesome… loved the photo of little sister with her eyebrow raised on the “walk fast”way.

  • bopha - okay, that is hilarious, but where in the world were all the other people in the airport?

  • ashlee - love it! my favorite are the ones where you can see her reflection in the glass…oh and your backpack is almost as big as you!

  • Jill R - I love the picture with the arched eyebrow. Oh my. That baby sister is loaded with personality!

  • Kara P - It looks like baby sister has been watching big brother! I love the photo with her one eyebrow cocked and that half smile!! :)

  • Amy - oh, not fun, that’s a long, long day! i love those skywalk pictures though, wonderful light and what a sweet, wrinkle-nosed baby. just gearing up for the all-nighters she’ll be pulling in college i guess! : )

  • Alina - Love the picture of the baby sister with the raised eyebrow. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Good morning! You poor thing! Ugh. Your pictures ~ even when you are bored are SO lovely!

  • Sophie - I want to go to the skybridge! The light in there is amazing (:
    And your little lady is so adorable and seems like a very willing photography subject!

  • kristiina - I’ll be ‘channeling’ you this weekend as I fly with my two toddlers to Austin….at least I only have a 3.5 hour flight (and kids who will watch a dvd player) :)

    I feel for you–it’s bad enough having a layover..much less with a baby. Great shots, though!

  • jo - ashley-
    i just returned yesterday from a trip with my 14 month old to hawaii…from washington d.c. it was madness! our 14 hour flight out he slept for a total of 2 hours but was happy thanks to a constant barrage of snacks, books and songs. our red eye home he slept for a total of 5 hours with bouts of loud crying every 30 minutes. i didn’t sleep for 28 hours straight. i totally get what you mean by having endurance as a mom! and the funny thing is, when i got home i just wanted to collapse in bed (or in front of the tv) and not do anything for days. but i SPECIFICALLY thought of you and said “ashley, with her 4 kids and in all her amazingness, wouldn’t just sit around being lazy so get to it! :)
    glad you are home safe and sound!

  • Kara - o girl that sounds like a story to remember…good thing u got pics! haha Or maybe u want to forget that day! U are truly SUPERWOMAN!

  • susie whyte - those pics made my day. i wish i could have seen that in person…hilarious!

  • Amber Mershawn - She’s so precious! I could just squeeze her….

  • lifeologia - Tom had it way easier. He didn’t have a little munchkin to worry about 😉

  • georgia - Oh girl, I live about 15 minutes from DFW Airport. You should have called me and I would have been more than happy to come get you and little firecracker could have taken a nap in our crib. Great Pics!

  • stylefyles - Firecracker’s personality is poppin! That sassy-faced photo is fantastic. Can I ask you how you took those photos? Was the terminal empty enough that you felt safe distancing yourself from your camera to snap those on self-timer? And was the camera just chilling on the rolling walkway (no fear of it getting caught up at the end of it?). Just wondering!

  • Holly - I remember the days of traveling with a little person all too well. A+ for entertaining yourself, the pictures are wonderful. That little Firecracker is AHHHHH-dorable! I love her expressions, so happy for only 10 minutes of sleep!

  • devon spec - this is SOOO funny! I LOVE THESE PICS. made me smile at the end of a long day. :) your baby is adorable.

  • meg duerksen - oh i feel ya!!!
    i have no patience for airports. it is THE most boring place.
    i was like tom in the london airport.
    sprawled out all over.
    makes me tense just thinking about it.
    and i had many many trips with my babies over the years doing just what you did.

  • the inadvertent farmer - I would not wish that on anyone but…since you were there already I am so very glad you took those wonderful photos to share with us! Kim

  • Jeannette Swan - I’m laughing out loud! I’m sure it wasn’t funny at the time, but just provided some entertainment for all of us!! That baby sister is too much cute!!

  • giozi - I love of all them. Oh my, they are awesome.
    The first are really funny, and baby’s pics are lovelies. Thannnnnnnnnnnnnks for sharing.

  • ASH - your photos are so funny. love the one where she watches the bottle roll away.

  • robyn - these are hilarious! why does the airport look emtpy???
    and have you ever seen those airports that have little play areas in them?? heaven! but ive never had my kids with me when i see them… go figure!

  • Yolanda - What a fun and funny set. I love the ones with her looking at her reflection and the cocked eyebrow one. My daughter was a newborn who craved no sleep, especially if there were faces to stare at, so I feel your pain. But I have yet to be rave enough to hop on a plane with her, and she’s almost three.

  • Shannon - So so cute! I was at church camp all week and had to check your blog! Baby sister is really starting to look like your big boys. How horrible to be stuck in the terminal, but at least you have a memory to share with her!

  • Jodi - I love these pics! Especially because we were just stuck in Phoenix for over 3 hours. These are great. BTW, our littlest is named Firecracker on our blog too!! I have a Princess and a Firecracker! The name fits her to a “T”. Enjoy your little Firecracker, she looks like she could keep up with those boys now. I did a “senior friendship” photoshoot while we were away for my niece, inspired by one of your snapshop shoots. I can’t wait to link up.