A quick and easy fix up for a basic notebook. I think it would be cute in a stocking or in a little gift basket with other things…

Supplies: Scrapbooking paper, ribbon, decorative tape, notebook (mine were a pack of 3 for $2.99 from Target), stickers, Mod Podge if you want to seal it1109ntebooks-01

Step 1: Measure scrapbooking paper to fit the cover and a bit on the inside

Step 2: Use spray adhesive to adhere the paper to the notebook (if you want to cover with Mod Podge you could)

Step 3: Hot glue ribbon to the top back of the journal

Step 4: Cover where the tape connects with decorative tape, label or sticker1109ntebooks-02

I added a few stickers with the initials of the recipients. Cute stuff.1109ntebooks-03

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  • Lora Grim - Ashley,

    I am curious about the spine of these notebooks. Do you put adhesive or mod podge on these or do you leave them untouched so they will be flexible when opening?

    Thanks for all the great ideas. Lora

  • AshleyAnn - I ended up not using Mod Podge, but I think you could do a thin coat and it would still be flexible

  • ari Morris - i’ve been missing your posts…they havent’ come through my Reader since Nov 5…so sad! But now i’m up to date.


  • Mindy Howard - I tried this with Mod Podge twice and both times he paper wrinkled up and it looked terrible. What can I do?

  • Nicolle S - I can’t believe there are only 4 comments on this post! I love this DIY idea so much and I can’t wait to recreate it. I’m a new fan and I’ve been reading through all your posts. I love your blog!

  • cara - love it i cant wate to get home n try it a perfict pressie for my sisters kids.and so fun to do.. thank you for the insperation..

  • Shannon Quinn - Very cute!

  • Susan - i would love to get updates from your craft site please

  • Wendy - These are great!

  • Tammie Hash - I love this idea! Thank you!

  • Linda Bates - These look like grest gifts to give as Jornals and Diaries too if those words were added to the front of the book. Such a pretty inexpensive gift.

  • Dawn - Ideas like this are wonderful. I belong to a craft group in my community and we’re always looking for quick, easy crafts. Thanks, so much

  • Susan - Daughter & son-in-law both Teachers. Am making/giving these for Xmas. Thanks for GREAT GIFT IDEA!

  • Florence Horan - This is a really neat idea – I am looking for ideas like this for fund raiser. I can probably get the notebooks at a dollar store

  • Abbey - Can you tell me what scrapbook paper this is? It’s really pretty!

Okay you ladies that deem yourself as not having a crafty bone in your body…this tutorial you will love! Now, of course, there are TONS of ways to customize and create an apron…this post is not going to touch on any of those. I originally saw this idea in a Martha Stewart magazine years ago. These would make super cute Christmas gifts to go along with some homeade cookies or some other finger licking good food…

Supplies: Heat-n-Bond tape, ribbon, bandana, Fray Check


Step 1: Cut your ribbon long enough to go across the width of the bandana and wrap around a body…tied in a bow. Apply Fray Check to ribbon ends to prevent fraying.

Step 2: Cut your Heat-n-Bond tape the width of the bandana

Step 3: Iron on the Heat-n-Bond1109apron-2

Step 4: Remove the paper backing from the Heat-n-Bond

Step 5: Center your ribbon on the center of the bandana

Step 6: Turn ribbon and bandana over to iron together. If the ribbon has a print on it, the iron can mess that up if you iron directly on it.


Step 7: Pose like you are a rockstar for pictures.1109apron-4

I love these aprons because they are inexpensive and cute…which means I feel free to use it alot without worrying about messing it up. If you know a big sports fan you could make it out of the colors of their team….OSU an orange bandana with the polka dot black ribbon.

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  • ashlee - your rockstar pose is right on…have you been practicing?! So this is what my girls, 11 & 9, are making for anyone they want for Christmas! great idea!

  • ElleBows - You are too cute!!!!

  • karen brown - LOVE this one for the little girls! My 5 year old would totally wear this and think she was big time!

  • Amy Tietsort - Ashley,

    I attempted to make an apron tonight. My ribbon is not adhering to the bandana. Do you have any suggestions or answers to why it might not be sticking?

    Love the idea and was going to give as Thanksgiving gifts for Christmas aprons.


  • AshleyAnn - Amy – I am not sure. I just followed the instructions on the Heat and Bond, you might review those. Make sure you iron settings are what the directions say…

  • katie - Just made 5 of these aprons for family for Christmas. They are TOO cute! I love matching the bandanas with all different kinds of ribbon! Thanks so much for such a great, easy idea that turns out so cute!

  • Flea - Have you made the tutus with ribbon and tulle? Those are frighteningly simple, and absolutely adorable.

  • Cat - I just made two of these for my nieces as an early Christmas present. (They’ll need them for baking cookies at Christmas and this way it won’t seem like I’m spoiling them on Christmas day! ;-) I made one with a pink bandana and one with a purple bandana, their favorite colors. Even used the polka dot ribbon! Great craft, thanks!

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  • Andrea @ The Train To Crazy - Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that?

  • Semalee - This is it! This is it! Thank you thank you thank you! This is the perfect partner to the homemade vanilla I made in hopes of turning it into a cute teacher’s gift! Yay! Thanks!

    Semalee @ Nailing Jello to a Tree

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  • Renae - I love this idea!! Going to make a couple for Christmas presents this year!!

  • Renae - Thanks for the great idea! This is going a perfect b-day gift for one of my friends!

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  • Liz - love the tutorial however I cannot print it prints only a corner of the site. Is tehre a way to print the full tutorial? Anyone else having printing problems. Tried in several nets ie explorer, chrome etc. thanks

  • marianne - I’m thrilled to get this idea–have so many gifts to make for family members. Can’t wait to start!

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  • danielle - I love that this is no sew – and so cute too!

  • danielle - Love it!I wanted to let you know that I featured this today in my “What I Bookmarked This Week” post – stop by and see!

  • debbie - can this be put into the washer with the iron on adhesive with out it coming apart?

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Not sure about you, but I have TONS of little scraps of paper that is just too pretty to throw away. So what’s better than making a set of custom magnets instead of throwing all that cuteness away. I saw the idea here on Sei Lifestyle, her’s are super cute with sewing to boot.

I kept mine pretty fast and simple. Coffee sleeves provide the base.

Cut your coffee sleeves with a 1 1/2 inch circle punch. Do the same with various papers or stickers…use Mod Podge to glue them all together. Top it all off with a coat of Mod Podge then attach a magnet to the back.1109magnets-021109magnets-03

Add a bit of cute wrapping and you have yourself a fun stocking stuffer. I think this would be a great idea for girls to make for their friends…they would stick to lockers.


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  • Donna Rankin - Hey Ashley — after visiting ya’ll in OK, Katy was excited to show me your blog. It’s full of wonderful ideas and beautiful pictures of your kids. I used to do crafting when my kids were little too. Makes me want to get back into it. : ) Katy and I talked about trying the clothespins using recycled Christmas cards to hold next year’s cards. I’ll keep you posted on that…..

    Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Aunt Donna

  • Tonia Darge - Love this!!! I told my husband I will start this craft by going to Starbucks every day for week in order to collect enough coffee sleeves. Makes sense, right?!!!

  • Kelli - Ashley, I’d like to try this craft as I have TONS of scrap paper and have been saving coffee sleeves. I don’t have a circle punch though and I’m wondering what you’d recommend. Are there brands that make one punch with multiple sized circles or would I have to buy a separate punch for each different size of circle I’d want. I’m not sure how you respond to peoples’ comments here, but I’d greatly appreciate a response via email if you don’t mind: kellisblinn@gmail.com Thanks, Kelli Blinn