Just some phone shots from the last few days. Most of these I posted on Instagram – but sometimes I like to post them here too. It is fun to look back on every now and then.

I’m working on getting my ‘talk’ together for Hope Spoken. So many thoughts and stories, it is hard to condense it all down. Are any of you going to be there? Please come say “hi” – it really means so much to me when I get to meet people that actually read this blog!

3.15monday-01We meet my grandparents every Thursday for donuts. Grandpa & Grandma taught my youngest to shoot her straw wrapper at them. My girls are both pretty smitten with their Great Grandpa. I am too.3.15monday-03A certain little girl is making her acting debut in a promo video for Salsa De Mayo. The amazing guys at Signal Factory are creating the promo and my girl was completely in her element in front of the cameras. I, on the other hand, was tempted to beg them to let me be their intern. Incredibly talented guys there – I was in my element watching them work. Hopefully, I can share the video with you later. If you are in the Tulsa area, on May 17th you can join us for salsa tasting, face painting, dance lessons, pinatas and a whole host of other fun things. The event benefits 111Tulsa (the non-profit Chris works for).3.15monday-05We headed out for a little hiking over the weekend.  The boys were running up ahead of me when I looked up and saw them among those trees. I yelled and asked them to stop so I could snap a photo. They look so little and so big to me.


Happy Monday!

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  • Southern Gal - Sweet times with great-grandparents. When I saw that last photo on instagram, it floored me. So beautiful.

  • suzy - How exciting about the video! We do not live in the Tulsa area, but I hope we can see the video one day. The picture with her grandfather is precious. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kate S. - Love that last photo!

  • Jenny B. - Oh my goodness! How awesome is that last photo! A work of art. :) And so sweet that you meet your grandparents for donuts every week. And Firecracker in the promo… I’m sure that will be adorable! :)

  • Debbie - What a beautiful photo! I love that you are able to meet with your grandparents every week. So awesome that you take time to do this…..your kids will appreciate this for years to come.

  • Christin - That last photo is just awesome…theres just so much it says about being boys and brothers! It needs to be blown up big for their room :)

  • Allison - that last photo is one of the very best I’ve ever seen from you- amazing!

  • Tina - What a great photo! Nice job, mom!!!

  • Natalie @ Being Mrs. Olson - Love the donut date! How awesome for them to get to spend time together. I hope we will have the same opportunity when we become parents. I love this quick post with an honest look into your life, thanks for sharing!

I glanced across the table – a bowl of cereal and a little boy grabbing a spoon.

And all I could think was what a miracle it was.


A few days before, his youngest sister ate applesauce soaked cheerios for the first time. Such a simple thing – cheerios and little ones – but it is a huge hurdle in the arena of oral aversions. She worked up the bravery to eat a ‘solid’ and the reality of it not being such a simple thing was not lost on me.  Granted, they were mushy cheerios and their ‘solid’ state is debatable. Nonetheless, it was cause for great celebration in our house.

When her older siblings first ate cheerios, we clapped and welcomed the new stage. I didn’t see the miracle then.  A miracle in the mundane. A miracle I counted as routine. Ordinary. Regular.

What is routine and mundane to some is miraculous for others. This week my kids reminded me that what I often mistake as ordinary is actually pretty extraordinary. It is a matter of perspective.

Today I am grateful for miracles in the mundane.

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  • Michele - Thank you for this beautiful reminder. This post also reminds me of the Bethel Song, “May We Never Lose Our Wonder” I hope everyone has a full of wonder day!

  • Tanya - Thank you, wonderful reminder!

  • emily@everydaymom - Beautiful! And a great reminder!

  • danielle - This was just such an amazing thing for me to read this morning. Thank you.

  • Amy @thelittlefarmdiary - Yes- the ordinary can be the most extraordinary! It’s the little things.

  • Mrs.T - Beautiful reminder. We take so much for granted. Thanks for sharing this today.

  • Ashley Green - Love this! I can totally relate. The first time Gage sang a song I had to pull over because I was crying so hard. He was three. He would yell any time we sang. I hadn’t realized how quiet I had become because any noise seemed to upset him. This was 2 weeks after starting migraine preventatives. You never realize how miraculous the little things are and how you took them for granted. Thanks for tho post!!

  • Terri J. - You made my day! Love the Mundane.

  • Caitlin Weaver - I feel you :) My youngest has a heart defect, and to make a long story short, babies who have heart surgery shortly after birth often have a very hard time regaining their suck/swallow reflex and learning to drink. There were times I wondered if we would ever get rid of his feeding tube, but here we are, and he loves his bottle now! Before him, I never thought about eating being a learned skill, but it totally is, and I’ll never take that for granted anymore.

  • Christin - Beautifully said!

  • Susan - My mom couldn’t walk in her last months due to cancer, and I remember going to the grocery store and watching in amazement at all the people walking around shopping. It felt like such a miracle and a gift to be celebrated — walking, shopping, living the mundane, and the luxury of taking it all for granted.

  • Sophia - Too often we think that because something is common it’s not miraculous, i.e. CHILDBIRTH, CHRIST’S LOVE, etc. — among other things, like cheerios. Thank you for the reminder to treasure the “mundane”.

  • Christy - Oh yes! Both of our boys have been through food/speech/occupational therapies for their SPD and I can totally agree that the tiniest of bites can be the biggest celebration! When I was reading all the books before my first child came along they never mentioned what a monumental task food might be. Luckily great therapists exist to guide us through those things “the books” left out! So happy for your girl! Celebrating with you!

  • Janna - I am hoping you got your muscle up for 15.3??? I tried and tried but still have a ways to go :). Was thinking of you though! Hope you found yours!

  • AshleyAnn - Janna – I tried for it. I got up once, but couldn’t lock my arms out. So incredibly frustrating!!! We’ll get them soon :)

  • Janna - Wow, great job!!! at that rate you’ll get it soon :)

I’m a morning person. By that, I mean I relish the newness of morning. The quietness. The still and calm before the storm of the day begins. I’m not a bubbly person – at any point of the day. So, when I call myself a ‘morning person’, that just means I prefer morning to night. It does not mean the kids come downstairs to find me singing show tunes or bouncing around the kitchen.

When fog and sun meet in the wee hours of the morning – that is my favorite. Typically I leave the house for Crossfit before the sun rises. Yesterday a bunch of circumstances meant I slept a little longer and was home when the sun peeked over the field. I needed it. Something about sunny, foggy mornings makes me a take a deep breath and exhale. It is a beautiful welcome to a new day.


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  • SueY - Beautiful!!!

  • Anna - These are beautiful! Those foggy mornings sure are great aren’t they? Thank you for sharing!

  • Amy @thelittlefarmdiary - Such inspiring photos! They’re just beautiful!

  • Sarah - I too am a morning person. I like the moment of quiet before three year wakes up everyone in the house.

  • Mary - i love the early morning stillness as well but I’m more of a bed person. If I could just get over the speed bump of getting out of bed, I would see a lot more of those beautiful mornings.

    Also, I really came here to compliment these incredible images. I always love what you post but these took my breath away this morning. Gorgeous!

  • Beth - wow. these photos are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for sharing. I am so not a morning person, but these photos are inspiring me to give it a try!

  • Debbie H - Emotions through photography. . . This is so great. Nice way to begin my own day where the sun is not yet up. :) It is so interesting to watch someone else’s kids grow up on-line. The change, maturity, growth, kindness comes through in your photos. So interesting. Thanks as always.

  • Allison - beautiful pics and sentiment – i feel the same way about morning

  • Tiffany - The photos on this post are just too sweet! Love the fog/light combo, of course, but I’m dying over the sweet one with Arley’s ears flying and your son looking so happy behind her because he has a dog to run with! Moments like that are just good for the soul, aren’t they? :)

  • Holly - I’m the same way too. There’s just something about being up in the quietness of the morning before the rest of the world is awake. It’s like my own personal sunrise. Love it!

  • suzy - So beautiful! Looks like a dream.

  • Emily - Oh I love this series…I love the fog, too. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jess - So beautiful! I love your description of “Morning person”…I am the same way to. I take a long time to function in the morning but love watching the sun come up, the stillness, all that makes morning so beautiful!

  • Diana - Gorgeous!!! I’m a morning exerciser too and sometimes the views are enough to make me want to be a morning person. That works some days…

  • Natalie - These pictures are beautiful! You inspire me to be more of a morning person. :)

  • Carol - I am cracking up picturing you in the kitchen singing show tunes! I’m thinking sound of music.

  • mandy - I just laughed out loud about your comment about you not being the one who is singing show tunes when your kids come down the stairs in the morning. Made me chuckle just picturing it! :)

  • christina larsen - I love that tree!

  • Jill - These are my favorite pictures of yours!! Beautiful!!

  • Debbie C - These pictures are truly beautiful. Love them.

  • Ashleigh - I needed this. Thank you. Wishing you a wonderful day ahead.

  • Crystal - Such a lovely post, full of lovely photos, but I must admit one of my favourite lines is “I’m not a bubbly person – at any point in the day” :)