Last week I was asked a lot about the headband my daughter was wearing in the post with pictures of her and her dad. It is actually my headband that she keeps nabbing. Earlier this year I joined Crossfit and my hair has been driving me nuts. Bangs are not fun when you are working out. I recently told my coach/trainer that I was going to have to shave my head if I wanted to keep going. Instead of shaving my head I ordered a new headband. Two years ago when I was training for a 5k, I met Julie – owner of Fit Chic Headbands. She gave our whole running group headbands. I choose black. I always choose black.

Anyway, I lost my black headband so I ordered a new one.

When my package arrived, Julie had surprised me an included a gray one and the colorful one that my daughter keeps taking. I would have never ordered the colorful one because I tend to avoid things that might draw attention to me. BUT – it is my favorite one of the three. So, for those of you that asked, and those that didn’t – the headband is from Fit Chic Headbands. It isn’t tight and holds my bangs back perfectly. FireCracker looks way cuter than I do, so I’ll stick with pictures of her in it. When I am wearing it my face is all red and sweaty and there is usually chalk in my hair. She’s way cuter in it.

She calls herself a “work out girl” when she wears it. Cracks me up every time.5.14fitchic-35.14fitchic-25.14fitchic-5

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  • Heidi - Cute! I need one but can’t find this on her site. Do you know what it’s called? Thanks!!!!

  • Ruth - Gorgeous! I just ordered one from her website! Thank you :)

  • Caroline - I think it’s the Gia print, I just ordered one for myself!

  • susie - Cute! I was going to ask you where you got them too, glad you posted it! I have been looking for a good headband.

  • susie - She has good prices on headbands! I ordered one too… I think she owes you another free one! :)

  • MrsFun - Oh I am going to have to order one of these. Awesome price and they look like I might be able to actually make them work with my ever so difficult hair.

  • Emily - Oh my goodness – perfect for climbing! (When I also have scraggly sweaty bangs, a red face, and chalk in my hair ;-) ) thanks for sharing!

  • Jenn - she is precious
    i love that head band too
    it is great

  • Ashley - Please tell me how you have time for crossfit??!! Very cute by the way! I will be ordering one just to wear : )

  • AshleyAnn - Ashley – waking up and going before the sun rises :) – it is my much needed stress relief!

  • AshleyAnn - Heidi – here it is

  • Seamingly Sarah - Well that is a super cute headband and I love the colors. I love looking at rainbow-ish things, but I also find that I have a lot of black, gray and muted earth tones in my closet. I bet you look radiant in the headband and I’m definitely trying to add more color to myself. Pink, pink, pink!

  • Taylor - I’ve been looking for cuter (and less grimy) workout headbands and these ones are so cute!! I may just buy one now that Firecracker has convinced me!


  • Courtney - The whole article I was reading the name of the company as “Fat Chic Headbands.” It wasn’t until I went to the website that my brain corrected itself. Hahaha! I thought it was a funny reference to the width of the headband. Guess I’ll have to start my own Fat Chic company.

  • Heidi Jo the Artist - Very cute!

  • Treva - Loved reading this tonight!!!!

  • Nancy - Will you please share a bit about your experience with Cross fit??

ISO 320, 1/125, f/2.8
5.14smitten-1ISO 400, 1/160, f/2.8 – both5.14smitten-2ISO 400, 1/160, f/2.85.14smitten-4ISO 400, 1/160, f/2.8 5.14smitten-5ISO 500, 1/125, f/2.8 – both 5.14smitten-6

Canon 6D, 50mm f/1.4 lens, edited with Replichrome II

When he walks in the room, her eyes light up. Her smile grows. She squeals, “Daddy!”

She’s my little shadow – but she’s his little girl.

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  • Avenlea - So so sweet! :)

  • Katie - This is beautiful! And her headband is amazing!

  • Sarah - Adorable!

  • michelle - that is a very special kind of love. How sweet are they ?! Her outfit is adorable!

  • Haley - Beautiful! I love how you can see how much your daughter’s loves her father in these photos. What kind of songs does he sing for her?

  • Sarah - wow, these photos are some priceless treasures.

  • Lori Danelle - So incredibly wonderful. I know you know, but that right there is incredible, and all-too-often, rare. Love that you captured it.

    However, what I really want to know: Did Lesley approve that artistic embellishment to her design???? ;) (part of me would be freaking out just a bit — while the other part would be questioning what is wrong with me!?!?) :)

  • candy - Melt my heart-precious!

  • Sarah @ House Made of Marital Glue - I don’t comment often but have been a longtime reader. This post is so beautiful! She is beginning to look so grown up! It’s so beautiful to see the way she looks at him. I hope your children are able to appreciate, if not now then one day, all the memories and little intricacies of their childhood that have been captured on camera. So special!

  • angie - I die. This is SO sweet!

  • Janice - That last image is just incredible. I was a Daddy’s Girl, and the only bad thing about being a Daddy’s Girl is how broken your heart is when your Daddy is gone. You capture the love in your family so very well.

  • Kristin S - Oh, Ashley, as it should be.

  • Carrie - Oh such precious images. They remind me of the hugs I used to give my Dad…I miss them xx

  • Jenny B. - Oh, this just made me tear up! Seriously… hormonal issues, or what? :) LOVE that photo where she’s looking up at him (3rd from last). It makes me think about how her love for her dad will carry through her whole life and impact things like who she marries and such. So much in that one photo!

  • DebZorn - Such sweet and tender moments.

  • Marie - The photo below the close-up of the guitar…..well, my heat just melted!

  • Stoich91 - Tears..all the tears…

  • Taylor - These pictures are absolutely adorable! I can only imagine the way my little girl will look at her kind and loving daddy too and I can’t wait to see those same loving eyes.


  • danielle - Those are beautiful!

  • amber - Just the sweetest thing. My 7 year old daughter is still just as smitten with her daddy. These pictures are awesome. What a treasured memory that will make you cry one day!!

  • Jill - This is so cute!!!

  • haili - I love these! beautiful.

  • Nichole Young - Firecracker posts are my favorite!!

  • Seamingly Sarah - I love this. I want my girls to be more Daddy Girls, but alas, they are Mommy Girls ALL the way. =)

  • Barb - Nice pictures! Where did you get your daughters headband? Did you make it?

  • Kendra - These are so precious! I love her smile and overflowing joy that is captured in these images :)

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - I always love your photos but these are exquisite – her expression is so precious and the photos themselves are so sharp. Your 6D is amazing!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - So. Much. Love.

  • Sarah - This is so precious, Ashley!! xx

  • Kathy - Have you read Meg Meeker’s book, STRONG FATHERS, STRONG DAUGHTERS
    ? I think you would like it. :)

  • Carrie - You capture it so well, “She is my little shadow – but she is his little girl”. I have three little girls who are my shadows, but definitely their daddy’s little girls. So precious!

  • MrsFun - I love these!! We only have one girl, she’s graduating next month, and she still looks at her daddy like this.

  • Helen - Wow, she is a lucky girl to have such a daddy to admire.. and live music in her life! Love it.

  • Shelly B. - I tell ya, this is the sweetest thing. The bond between a father and his daughter….it is an incredible thing. Very sweet photos.

  • Heather - Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for sharing!! My daughter and husband have this exact same relationship but reading your last line brought tears to my eyes because it put into words exactly what I see between the three of us. She truly is my shadow and his little girl, so perfect!

Today I am guest posting over on the Mpix blog. I’m sharing a few very basic photo tips you can teach kids using a phone camera. My kids are always wanting to take pictures, so I want to be able to give them the tools they need to help capture all those lego and insect pictures they want to take! My 8 year old shows the most interest in photography, so he is starting to learn how to use my dslr. The others are content with my phone for now.

Below are some pictures related to the post. The second picture in each set is the photo they captured. The Mpix post is actually two-part. Today starts with photo tips. Soon it will be followed up with an art project using the photos the kids take. Click here to read my Mpix guest post.

Click here to read the full post on the Mpix blog.


Click Away is quickly approaching. I’ll be a part of a panel discussing creativity and I’ll also be sharing about the joy of photography. As the tools to grow as a photographer expand, I’ve seen so many of my friends and past SnapShop students get burned out and frustrated with their own work. The constant influx of images that others are capturing can easily lead to a comparison game that often ends in frustration. I’m going to share on the simple joy of photography – why it is a gift to us, to those around us, to those that come after us. I hope to encourage those attending to keep the delight in photography that they first found. I’ll  share about my struggles with this and how I try to continue to grow as a photographer without letting that push to be better rob my joy in photography. If you are interested in attending Click Away, you can visit the website for more details…also below is a discount code if you are interested.


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  • Jenn - they did such a great job. i love their captures.
    saw you post on mpix this morning. awesome tips. i will try this with my two. thanks :)

  • Phone Photography Tips for Kids | Mpix Blog - […] check out the photos my kiddos captured, peep my blog post. Stay tuned for the pt.2 that will feature a fun art project for you and your kiddos once their […]

  • angie - Love what your kids captured!

  • cat - Bravo to the young photographers, I LOVE their pics….really excellent work!

  • amy@figmilkshakes - What a fun idea to take pictures of the kids while they’re “snapping” and then show the picture! Might have ta steal that if it’s okay. ;)

    Say, are there going to be any “Click Away” ticket giveaways? :D

  • elizabeth - what a beautiful blog!….I just stumbled across this space and got so excited because my blog is titled “Under the Sycamore Tree”! I didn’t know anyone else used such a similar title. :)

  • Amy Espinosa - My little ones take pictures of EVERYTHING all day. Your littles captured beautiful shots with the phone camera. It really teaches them to see the beauty in the small and ordinary of the everyday. Thank you for sharing.

  • Liz - I just stumbled upon your blog through your Mpix guest post. The pictures and the stories are truly inspirational. Thanks for the photo tips for children. I’m looking forward to part two–making something with their pictures. Also, that is a really cool “Life is beautiful” calendar in the background of some of your pictures. Anybody know where I can get one?

  • Laurie - Such a great idea for my lil artist this summer. You bring a fresh perspective to everything.

    I usually read your blog via Pulse reader on my iPad, but today I’m on my desktop, so I just now focused on your cute web designs by Katie Daisy. She is from my hometown!!! I love her art and I love that she’s done this for you.

  • Friday Favorites | Cupcakes and Commentary - […] am going to let A use my old camera to take some pictures during our trip. This guide was my inspiration to help him get […]

  • Elisha Wolter - Such a great post! I think the ‘egg’ photo and the ‘bright pens’ ones are my favourite, although they’re all great! Your blog is stunning and I LOVE it!