“heart at home” {my Joss & Main curated collection}


Oh look there is that funny “look off the page” profile pic of mine, this week it seems to be taking over my blog (see previous post). This time I’m smiling at the title “Heart at Home”…just so you know I am cracking up right now. Someone please come take a normal profile picture of me! Anywhoo…..

A little while back I received an email from Joss & Main – the Joss & Main that works with amazing designers to curate home decor flash sales. I think I read the email a couple times trying to decide if it was spam or if they were really asking me to curate an event. I am so happy to say it was not spam. For those unfamiliar with Joss & Main, it is an online home decor website that hosts flash-sale type events. Well-known interior designers curate the sales to fit their style. I’m not an interior designer – or even close, so naturally I wasn’t sure if the email was really for me. Nonetheless, it was and I got the opportunity to ‘shop’ for items that I would use in my home.

Window shopping without the crowds – it was so fun. Last night the “Under the Sycamore Curated Collection” went live. For the collection, I picked out all kinds of items and then the Joss & Main team added more products to fit my style. It is really fun and interesting for me to see the products that their team added. Honestly, every time I open their website and see my ‘collection’ I laugh – in a good way. It is a little surreal to see my home and style preferences looking so professional!

To view the collection and make any purchases from Joss & Main, you will need to sign up first. You can click here to sign up.

The sale will last until 3/4/14 9:00pm EST.

Here are some of my favorite items I picked out – all things I would sure enjoy purchasing for my home!




As part of the collection, I was also interviewed on the Joss & Main blog, Plume. They did such a great job on the interview and it is honor to get to share on their blog!

Here is a peek, click here to read the post.


The artwork on my chalkboard was created by my sister Lesley

*Joss & Main does offer sign-up credits, so if you sign up using my link, I will receive a credit. If you invite friends to sign up, you will receive a credit too.

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  • Anna @ A Good Home - Wow, Ashley, I love your collection! It’s always so fun to see the collections that bloggers put together for Joss & Main, but yours is one of my favorites ever :)

    Oh, and you crack me up with your sideways profile pic. I utterly despise having my picture taken, so I feel your pain.

  • katie - after reading your blog for 5 years, i feel like we are friends (i hope you’re used to a lot of people feeling that way by now). as a girl who also loves “picking” and decorating with what some might consider junk, i think it’s so ironic and awesome that you got picked to do a post on such a high-end design blog. don’t take this the wrong way, because i am so happy for you and all your “success”, but you are a girl after my own heart and i know you are great at just “making do” with things you find cheap (or free!) and never spend much on your decor. congratulations on fooling “them”!! :) :) :) praising God for all these fun opportunities and that you are continuing to show such incredible humility and integrity through it all … truly honoring Him with your gifts (and “junk”, haha)!!

  • Jeannette - Oh my word, Ashley – how fun was that – picking out all those goodies. I think I might have to buy something :) I love that yellow faced clock!

  • melissa - love it Ashley! i was so excited when i saw the Joss and Main email come in my inbox. you’re amazing =) (and you CAN make anything!)

  • Kristin S - It was so much fun to see your collection pop in to my email box last night. I browsed. I put something in my cart. I wanted one of those awesome chairs. And I walked away. So beautiful!

  • kelleyn - Way to go! Love you Chalk board! I wish I could be so bold as you with color. My house is pretty mutted with just pops of color.

  • Amanda - Congratulations! the collection is great, very inspiring.

  • Lisa M. - I was so pleasantly surprised when I went on to Joss & Main last night and saw you! How exciting! As we speak I am mulling over the orange pouf for my new sitting/reading area. It would be perfect, but trying to justify the money :)
    Great job in choosing items. Love it all!

  • Rhonda Elder - That rocks! I can’t even imagine your giddiness.

  • Katie S - How exciting for you!! Beautiful!

  • Diana Daves - Just discovered your site and Josh and Main..so excited to find you both. Awesome insight and direction..will be shopping and following. Too late tonight.

  • Danette - Come to LA and I will happily photograph you and your entire adorable family.
    Really. :)

  • jami nato - how amazing and what a treat!!!

  • Taylor - So in love with all the stuff!!!



phone photography tips {Mpix guest post}

This is a crazy week of announcements and links…and double posting! Do you get emails from Mpix? If so, you’ve already seen this. Today I had a guest post up on the Mpix blog, so I thought I’d share the link!

click here to read the full post


Also, that is my “I can’t look at the camera and smile normally, so I look off to one side instead” profile picture. I tend to look off to one side or crop half my face out of pictures. Weirdo. I need someone to teach me how to not be awkward in front of the camera. My poor husband gets stuck with trying to take bio/profile pictures of me. I am not an easy girl to photograph…the poor guy should get some kind of reward for what he has to deal with…I get grumpy fast.

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  • Laura J - Embrace your inner “Little One”. Jump in front of the camera as often as possible and be excited to see how the photo turned out! I think you are beautiful. (I however, appear to always smirk in photos-can you lend me Little One so I can learn too?)

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I love this pic of you! I was so glad to see you in my email! (and now you know what your next photo project should be! selfies!)

  • Martha - I do the same – all my favorite pictures of me are my face in profile! I feel so awkward in front of the camera and always feel like I ‘don’t photograph well’.

  • Bonnie - Love the tips in the article, Ashley! It’s awesome to see you sharing on other sites! :)

  • Stoich91 - So cool! :D

  • Elena - Maybe you should take your own advice – have one of your kids do something that always makes you laugh, then the stealth photographer can catch your natural smile.

  • kimberly oyler - i haaaaaaaaate getting my pictures taken. i’d rather be on the other side of the camera pleaseandthankyou.

  • Sarah - Okay, those tips are kind of revolutionary for me. Really, I think that those are going to completely change how I view taking pictures of my girls and I don’t have to resign myself to the fact that all of their childhood moments are going to be ill-timed and out of focus. You give me inspiration with the moments you are able to capture!

friday zoo date

Last week warm weather called us to the zoo with my sister, her kids and my mom. Chris and our oldest son were on a weekend trip, so it was a little weird only have four kids to watch. We are frequent visitors to the zoo, usually with notebooks in hand.

ISO 100, 1/1000, f/2.8

ISO 400, 1/125, f/2.02.14zoo-3

ISO 400, 1/125, f/2.8 – both2.14zoo-4

Little One has hit the posing stage. When she sees me with my camera, she steps in front of it and smiles. Then, quickly comes close to me wanting to see her picture. She also likes to steal my lens cap. All the time.

ISO 400, 1/1000, f/2.82.14zoo-6

The rainforest area of the zoo is humid and hot. Those humidity curls get me every time. She is always in a dress….usually with her ‘running shoes’ too.

ISO 400, 1/125, f/2.8 – ISO 400, 1/125, f/4.02.14zoo-7

Popping in front of the camera…again.

ISO 400, 1/125, f/2.8


 - shot with my FujiFilm X-Pro1, 35mm lens

We recently gave away our double stroller. It was very odd to go to the zoo with one little umbrella stroller and a backpack…and four kids. I have so many memories of being 9 months pregnant and pushing that big double stroller around the zoo…hoping it would spark labor. I also have memories of getting stuck in doorways and running into things with it. My double stroller days are over (at least for now…we hope to do foster care one day). Until then, I’m going to enjoy this single stroller business. Next time I might let the kids push me in the stroller!


And a quick little note to say I was asked to curate a collection for Joss & Main. My collection will post at 9:00pm tonight and I’ll have a guest post on the Plume blog this week too. I’ll share more details about it tomorrow, but if anyone is interested in looking at it tonight you can sign up for Joss & Main by clicking here. I had a lot of fun ‘shopping’ for my collection….it was like window shopping only without the crowds!

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  • Brianna - Love Joss & Main! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Anna @ A Good Home - How’s the new camera? I see you used it for these pictures (right?), and they look fabulous!

    My baby (who’s 3 now) has curls all the time, but his humidity/sweaty-after-a-nap curls are the best things ever. Firecracker’s curls look just like them :)

  • Emily - We hope to foster one day, too! But we’re about to move (states) so it’s a ways in the future. After we get settled I’m going to look into ways to support our local foster system. Something about those kids just yanks on all of my heart strings.

    Also – Joss and Main! SO COOL!

  • Ju Fidélis - They’re so polite and focused. What were they writing?


  • Judi - It’s lovely here! Deb@paperturtle invited me to stop by. I love it!

  • Taylor - I love taking little ones to the zoo and seeing their enjoyment checking out the animals. I really like the idea of having them carrying their notepads and coloring pencils too!!



  • Christina - I love Joss & Main! Can’t wait to see what you like!

  • Gretchen - Look at all your lefties. (Do you pause at the things your readers notice?! ????)

  • Danielle - These pics are cute! Love the notebooks! Are they drawing the animals?

  • alisha - I love your blog. I’ve been a silent follower for a few years. You inspire me and I know this sounds so weird but I wish I knew you in real life. And now I’ll stop being weird. :) Love little ones pigtails, they are my fav.

  • AshleyAnn - Alisha – thank you for reading my crazy blog and taking the time to comment today! I love her pigtails too!

  • AshleyAnn - Danielle – yes, they draw the animals and then sometimes add some facts :)

  • Tiffany - We saw you at the zoo! I wanted to say hello, but then I thought … what would I say after that? But I noticed your youngest son right away and then started looking around for the rest of you! Your group is just as adorable in person as they are in photos.

  • Fliss - Cannot get over just how much ‘Little One’ has grown… where does the time go?

  • AshleyAnn - Tiffany – you should have said ‘hello’!!!

  • Tracy VH - Just got the email from Joss and Main and had to head on over here to the blog to see if you had posted about it. So cool – go you! Love the stuff you picked out.

  • Cindy McAllister - This was on Yahoo News today and I thought you might like to read it…


  • Kristina Ambrosia-Conn - Omg – how funny. I came across your blog via an email from Joss & Main. I love the opening shot with the Linger a Little Longer sign :) Because I thought I would like your style I clicked on the hyperlink to your blog and began reading – I was cracking up at your rant on selfies as I just posted a similar rant on my own blog at http://weeklywanderlust.blogspot.com/ :) Nice to see I’m not alone :) I hope you don’t mind that I linked to your blog from mine.

    Cheers and congrats on the curator event!

  • Kammie Bryant - The way you describe Firecracker’s personality has always reminded me of my daughter, she is 3. Then, you posted the picture of Firecracker writing and I noticed she was a leftie too! So is my Ella! Twinkies!!