For the past several months (more like 6 months) we’ve been slowly working on the boys’ room. Progress has been slow moving, but we are nearly finished! I’ll post a full tour and give all the details next week. Today, I just wanted to share a quick tutorial for a push pin map.

I searched all over online for a map with colors I like that also either had current country boundaries or no country markings at all. We have some pretty big travel plans in the future and I wanted a map to start marking all places we hope to visit as a family. I could find plenty of vintage maps with the colors I liked, but the country boundaries were no longer accurate. OR I could find current maps with colors that were not what I was wanting. I finally found one at Urban Outfitters online.

5.15pushpinmap-01Supplies: map, open back frame, foam board, X-acto knife (also fabric or paper for a background if your map doesn’t fit)5.15pushpinmap-021. Mark and cut your foam board to fit the frame.

2. I couldn’t find a pre-made frame to fit the map exactly, so I opted to add some fabric to the background5.15pushpinmap-033. Using spray adhesive attach your fabric and/or map to the foam board5.15pushpinmap-054. Trim extra fabric if needed

5. Tack the foam board into the frame using small nails. You don’t need a lot, just enough to hold it in place.5.15pushpinmap-07For the pins we will be using basic sewing pins with the location attached as a little flag with washi tape. My 9 year old has been dreaming of visiting Mexico to experience the monarch migration. It has been a dream since he was probably 4 or 5. I thought it was the perfect first pin. We have a whole list of more to add.5.15pushpinmap-095.15pushpinmap-115.15pushpinmap-13Somewhat related – my boys decided to organize their legos by color. I’ve dreamed of this for years…all that pretty organization makes me so happy. I’ll post more details about the cabinet, the lego organization, the room tour and the loft tour next week!

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  • Shelby - My husband and I did this with a map when we got married. We put pins in all the places we wanted to go and once we’ve made the trip, we change the color of the pin. It is always so fun to look at our map and decide where we will go next and equally as fun to see the pins change colors as we return home. Your entire family will love this!

  • Jana Taft - Thank you for the map tutorial. Pictures work so well, as I need to visualize instructions. This was perfect! From what I can see of your boys’ room, it’s awesome! LOVE the lego organization. Where did you find that wonderful library filing cabinet? It’s beautiful and perfect for a boys room. We have three boys sharing and they have a massive Lego collection. That is such a great idea for storing them.

    Jana| Nurturing the Heart

  • Ann - I’m loving this room!!! I can’t wait to see all the details. Great idea with the map. I love how your blog inspires me to enjoy life!

  • Tammy - As an aside, if y’all ever find yourself in central/northern CA, Pacific Grove has/is a Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. It isn’t very big, but it’s stunning, and might be a good placeholder til you can make it to Mexico.

    I can’t wait to see the completed room!

  • AnnMarie - This is so beautiful! I’ve been wanting to do something like this since I saw the movie The Prince and Me about a decade ago (the female lead has a map like that in her bedroom), but just haven’t figured it out / gotten around to it yet. This is a good kick in the pants for me to actually do it now. And I can’t wait to see the details of the boys’ room next week — that cabinet is gorgeous and I’m so jealous of that ladder!

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  • Danielle - What a fun space! That cabinet is perfect for legos!

  • Diana - What a great idea to record where you want to go, not just where you’ve been! And I LOVE the color sorted Legos. Basically a childhood dream of mine.

  • Abigail C - That map is so cool! Also, the color coordinated Legos make me laugh!

  • Trisha - LOVE LOVE LOVE the lego cabinet! I’ve been looking for something like that for forever!

  • Emily - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a card catalogue! It’s in my entry right now housing craft supplies but HOLY COW LEGO STORAGE!!!!!

    sorry for the all caps and the exclamation points – my ILs saved my husband ever looked at and we’ve got a jillion. I was freaking out about storage and then you solved that for me. I love you. Really. Like, poundcake love. But since that would be weird and stalkery- just know that if I knew you in real life and you gave me that tip, I’d bake you a poundcake. Not lying. <3

  • Amy K. - That lego storage & color organization makes my heart go pitter-pat too!!!

  • Rita - Oh the Monarchs! There are no words – It’s beyond stunning AND you get to ride a horse up the mountain to see them. Please tell your son that it will be so worth the wait.

  • Gris fleur - I just love the stairs and the piece of furniture !

  • Jenn - yay a glimpse of the room
    love the map
    we have a big map that i have attempted to hang two times now in my sons room and it has been a bust
    here is the second time hanging it
    i need to get it back up. wonder if i should try your method. :)

A friend recently asked me if I have a Pinterest board for fashion. I told her I didn’t, but then got home and started thinking about it. I remembered I did create one a long time ago. It has one pin – an outfit that includes jeans, a t-shirt and converse shoes. Jeans & a t-shirt = my uniform since forever. I’ve told my friend Shannon countless times I need her to come ‘style’ me. She has yet to stop by and take all my jeans & t-shirts hostage.

The same friend that asked me about having a Pinterest board asked if I have ever tried Stitch Fix. Have any of you ever tried it? I’m not super clear on how it works, but basically you share your style preferences and items are shipped to your door. I’m curious what you guys think if you’ve tried it.

All that to say –┬á recently I was introduced to TenTree, a clothing company that plants 10 trees for every item sold. They asked if I would be up for receiving a few items. Cute hoodies, t-shirts, tanks – um, yes. I was tempted to go for my usual gray or black color choice, but I upped my game and went for pink. It is the softest hoodie I ever worn (and I’ve owned a lot). I thought I would have to wait until the fall to wear it, but the weather has been unusually cold in Oklahoma. My friends and family might be getting tired of seeing me in it at this point.

5.15teetree-035.15teetree-045.15teetree-055.15teetree-07I also picked out a tank – one that wasn’t gray or black! It is really hard to find tanks that aren’t low cut in the front with large arm holes – really hard. If you are looking for a loose fitting tank that isn’t too loose around the neck and arms – I’d recommend this one.5.15teetree-08We are an active family and spend the majority of our time outside. As much as I think I’d like to sport the latest trends, the reality is I am running around with 5 kids all day. I’m a jeans, t-shirts and tanks kinda girl…and I’m good with that. And now I have some extra cute ones:)


For more information on TenTree, their reforestation work, and their overarching goal of leaving a global footprint while impacting the regions that will most benefit from planting visit their website.

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  • Susan - Cute clothes! Love that pink hoodie! I recently tried Stitch Fix. I am pregnant with my fourth, so it was maternity clothes. I needed a few new things to refresh the old maternity wardrobe! I ended up keeping (buying) 3 of the 5 things they sent, so I thought that was pretty good. It was fun, too. I will definitely try Stitch Fix again after the baby is born. You should try it once to see if it works for you!

  • Jamie - I’m trying Stitch Fix. It was FAR more expensive than what I would ever spend on clothes. I kept a top and an open cardigan (reasonably priced). But sent everything else back. I did love everything they sent, I just wasn’t ready to part with all that money (at least not for myself).

  • Kelley - I have done stitch fix twice. I think it’s super fun. But definitely more expensive than I normally spend on clothes. Well technically in the last year I’ve spent zero on new clothes. So that’s why I felt ok buying a few items. I also live in tshirts and running shorts while i play with my buddy. But sometimes I have to wear normal clothes to church or baby showers or whatever. And it was time for some new clothes. I made a big fashion pin board so my “stylist” could see my style. You also fill out a long questionnaire on their website with modesty, style, and price questions. But the real bonus- if you keep 1 item, then your styling fee goes towards that item. So the actual process of stitch fix is free. And even better- if you recommend stitch fix and others sign up with your link- you get $25 credit towards your next fix. After sharing twice on Facebook, I now have $75 credit. So I will totally do it again! Oh and I have worn all of my items and always get compliments.

  • At Home & Busy - Both of you are looking great!!!!!!!
    You are my favourite blogger!!!!

  • Kimberly oyler - you’re the cutest ever.

  • Emily - Ironically, I’m going “backwards” with my wardrobe – scaling back to the jeans/t/tank basics while my children are young – and I’ve been looking for cute stuff that isn’t also completely boring. I love this! Thank you for introducing me to them :-)

  • Carrie Overman - You’re so dang cute! I’m a jeans and Target v-neck kind of girl, too. I tried Stitch Fix, and the items they sent were so cute but very pricey!

  • Jenny B. - I like the pink hoodie! Whenever I wear pink, my boys tell me I look nice. I think that’s funny. I have like one, maybe two, pink shirts. :)

    I tried Stitch Fix a couple of times a while back. I did not care for it. The concept is great, and it would have been fun, except that I did not like any of the clothes. I tried to be really specific with the stylist, but I kind-of felt like they just didn’t have anything in my style. If Stitch Fix was a store in the mall, it would be one of the ones I never shop in because they just don’t have anything I like. So… you could give it a try, but I would set your expectations pretty low. Who knows, you might get lucky and have a few keepers in your box. :)

  • Jessica Scott - Hi I love the post! I am a stay at home mom too and while I pin a bunch of cute outfits for the day to day life I lead they are just not practical! I just tried Stitch Fix and i ended up only keeping a cardigan which was almost $50 bucks and the most inexpensive items in my shipment. While I love nice clothes for occasional date nights and church I also can not afford to pay a arm and leg for them so Stitch Fix is not for me right now. That being said I do have a friend that doesn’t love to shop and works a bunch and loves Stitch Fix. So there is something for everyone!

  • susie - cute! you look good in pink- that gray one is cute too!

  • Brittany - Love the pink hoody! I have never tried Stitch Fix myself, but you may find another blogger’s take on it of interest. Haley at has a post explaining all about Stitch Fix and the people who would enjoy it the most.

  • Kristin S - Oh, I love this company! Beautiful products. From what I’ve seen you post over the years, it seems far more your speed than Stitchfix. I’ve done a few fixes over the last year and a half and have been marginally pleased. Some friends have LOVED it. Others hate it.

    Tentree looks like it matches your daily style perfectly.

I’m headed to Washington this week for a Be Crafty workshop and am so looking forward to time with new and old friends. I’ve been to Seattle once before, but never to the San Juan islands. As much I as look forward to the scenery, I’m really excited about the people.┬á Amanda (queen of all things crafty) assigned me the task of nametags. Talk about pressure…I really don’t know why she asked me. Regardless, I had fun making them. I need my sister to add the names. My handwriting begs for her intervention, so I told her she would have to do the name part for me. I could pretend like I asked her, but really we both knew I was telling more than asking. Sisters.

5.15becrafty-015.15becrafty-02I also needed to make a bunch of white paper buntings – we are decorating a barn for the workshop!!! My oldest daughter told me I should use more colors instead of just white. She ended up just making her own.5.15becrafty-045.15becrafty-05I’m often asked about letting her use the sewing machine. She’s been using it for about 3 years (she is almost 6). There are sewing machines with finger guards and special ones made for kids. Space and budget made me just stick with one machine that we share. She has never stuck her finger under the needle or hurt herself. Obviously, I taught her and helped her until she was able to do it completely on her own. I still help her thread the bobbin and stuff like that, but the rest she does independently. We also prop the pedal up on something so she can reach it.5.15becrafty-065.15becrafty-07Her little sister is begging to sew too. She needs more help, but she’s got two teachers!5.15becrafty-09

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  • Rae - That last pic of FireCracker and Little One, too cute! :) and i love her colorful bunting ­čśë plus, the name tags are SO SO beautiful! do you think you could post a tutorial on how you made it?

  • Jenn - great post
    pretty name tags
    i need to learn how to use my sewing machine
    i bet the weekend is going to be wonderful
    lived in WA state for 3 years and love, love, loved it

  • Caroline - It just occurred to me that i have been reading your blog for almost 6 years! I read it from about when your oldest daughter was just born, I read thru while you were adjusting to a new little girl after three boys, i remembered you blogging about your first try at tying a pigtail, and i also waited with you during your adoption process, cried when I saw your little one for the first time, rejoiced with you at every milestone of your little girl. It’s so amazing, I feel like a friend to you, even though we have not met and are miles apart!
    Keeping blogging and sharing your family stories, I love reading them and I read your blog everyday!

    Caroline :)

  • Andrea - I LOVE that your girls are interested in sewing. I have a 3 year old and wish I got my machine out enough for her to show interest. Some day!!

  • christina - Yay, welcome back to Seattle! We have beautiful weather this week!

  • Danielle - My mom always had us help sew our easter dresses. She liked to make the girls a dress every easter. There were four of us so that was not a small thing!

  • Laura - San Juan Islands…….amazing and wonderful and beautiful and everything else!! My now husband had our first trip ever together there! To this day….still one of my favorite places ever! And we’ve been a lot of places ; )
    I hope you have a great time! Wish I was there too!!

  • Stephanie - Love this!
    Curious as to how the name tags were attached to the attendees? Pinned?

  • BE CRAFTY WORKSHOP – Friday Harbor, WA ( part one ) » Be Crafty - […] created the name tags for all the attendees. Lesley┬ápersonalized them with her fancy handwriting […]