Her middle name is “Song”. She loves lots of things, but on the top of the list is her daddy and singing. We were entrusted with a karaoke machine while some friends move to Madagascar for the next two years. I’m not sure the machine is going to still be working in two years at the rate it is being used around here. These two make a good pair…

6.15fathersday-016.15fathersday-03She’s the baby in the family….6.15fathersday-05She is also in a band-aid phase. I hide the band-aids. She finds them. I hide them. She finds them and wears them like stickers.6.15fathersday-066.15fathersday-08

In honor of fathers today, I wanted to do a Father’s Day giveaway. Father’s Day is just around the corner. I’m a fan of personalized gifts, so this giveaway includes products you can personalize for the dad in your life! I’ve worked with Mpix for years and can’t say enough good things about the company, their products and their employees. Vintage Pearl is based locally to me, but known worldwide. I’m not sure you could go anywhere in Tulsa and not see someone in a piece of Vintage Pearl jewelry. Onto the giveaway details!


Prize: 20 page Premium Panoramic Photo Book, any size

I just got my own copy of one of these. The pages are super thick – like postcards. It is a new product for Mpix and I am thrilled with the quality.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


The Vintage Pearl

Prize: $50.00 gift certificate

Vintage Pearl offers an array of handstamped jewelry & keepsakes to create personal gifts. The cuffs and bookmarks are my favorite. New Father’s Day items are launching today!

Discount code: SYCAMORE20 for 20% off your purchase until 6/21/15

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Blog


Here are the details of the giveaway:

1 winner chosen at random

Giveaway ends Saturday, June 6, 2015 9:00pm US Central


The winner has been emailed.

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  • Melissa - What beautiful pictures!

  • Heather - Ohh gosh I need to start thinking about Father’s Day. It’s just around the corner. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Southern Gal - When I see these two together, I remember the photo you posted of him holding her with tears running down his face and it makes me weepy. She’s come such a long way under the loving care of her daddy and mama. Hugs.

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  • Elizabeth c. - We bought our kids each their own box of fun bandaids because hey always NEEDED a bandaid. They could use them whenever they wanted, but when they were gone, they were gone. It worked great. I didn’t stress about giving them bandaids, and they decided they needed them a little less often :)

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  • Tina - Love her cute nose crinkles!!! (And I just had a shocking moment, I started following you when I was expecting my 4th–I had 3 boys and wondered if our family would be like yours with a girl for the 4th. But we had a boy and that boy is now 4. Where has the time gone! How have I followed you that long?!?)

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    Thanks for the chance to win..fingers crossed

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    Oooh Giveaways are fun too.

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  • Tori Macfarlan - These are great gift ideas! I might need to get several of the mpix books…

    I really love your blog. It’s been shockingly encouraging to mess I learn how to be a mom to our first little. Thank you so much for the breeziness you mix with the honesty. And all of the crafts are pretty great, too, of course.

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    And really sweet pictures of your youngest daughter with her dad :)

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    I’ve long wanted to try Mpix but haven’t been able to afford it thus far. Would love to have the chance as I know you are such a fan of them!

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  • Jodi - I love vintage pearl!

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    Love your photographs always!!!!!

  • Karen - My daughter is 6, and still in the band aid phase! She, too, loves to wear them like stickers. I just go with it—we have band aid boxes in every room in the house!

  • maria m - she is getting so big! Love the karaoke machine!

    Have been wanting to try out mpix…we are big fans of vintage pearl too!

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    Thank You for the giveaway!

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    and what sweet affection she has for her daddy!

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  • Rachel Dallaire - We’re expecting our first in November, and aren’t finding out if we are having a boy or a girl before then, but I can’t wait to watch my husband share special moments like this with our little one!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Lisa K - L-O-V-E the photos in this post! Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway :)

  • Gynna - These photos put a smile on my face and a song in my heart! Thank you for sharing your family with us and for being such an inspiration!


  • Amanda - such a wonderful giveaway!!!

  • momto2lovelies - My youngest has had multiple BandAid phases! I love seeing my girls connect with their dad & it’d be great if I got out my camera to capture it like you did!

  • Logan - My daughter’s middle name is Seong (Korean) as well. It’s spelled differently but pronounced the same! She loves music too :) love seeing all of your pictures!

  • Patti Robertson - Just in time for Fathers Day. Great Pics

  • Elizabeth McDonald - Yay for Vintage Pearl and Father’s Day…I know someone who deserves a great gift!

  • Cheri - What awesome giveaways! Thanks Ashley!

  • Colleen from Alabama - What sweet memories they are going to have of time spent singing on the karaoke machine! We wore one out when my kids were younger! The videos we have of that are priceless!

  • Ernie Treu - What a sweet giveaway!

  • Melissa Kroeker - Watching my own hubby be an amazing father makes me fall in love with him all over again. :) Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Kathi - would be fun to hear them singing!

  • Emily - My kids are the opposite – even when they have a fresh scrape they want nothing to do with bandaids, regardless of the pictures on them…kids these days ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Amber Larsen - Would love to win!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Sandy - Little One is growing so fast!

  • adriana - Great giveaway thanks

  • Sarah S - Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Jessica Anderson - Love both of these companies!! I have been eyeing the new mpix books too! Thanks for the chance!

  • Kirsten - two of my favorite companies!! and i love seeing a glimpse of the relationship Chris has with his girl(s). so so precious.

  • ajira - Those are so sweet – the connection between them so clear in each frame. It’s a beautiful thing.

    Also, thanks for the lovely giveaway, as well. What’s better than actual, hold them in your hands in real life photos? I’m super curious about the Vintage Pearl too now. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Tessa - I have loved mpix ever since I learned about them through you. These pictures are precious!

  • Debbie Karwoski - I love photos & stamped things.

  • Katherine Wollner - Thanks for putting this together! I’d love to make a photo book for my husband for father’s day.

  • Jody Greenlee - Thank you for the daily dose of inspiraion.

  • Helen - Ashley, I’ve followed you for a while, but recently decided to go all the way back to the beginning and read it through. I’m up to December 17, 2010. In that post you wrote of being present with your children and included a famous piece of a poem by Ruth Hulbert Hamilton. Some call it “Babies Don’t Keep.”
    Today I see this post about your little one, and I just wonder… Did you know that those four lines are actually the end of a much longer poem… and the name of that poem is “Song for a Fifth Child.”
    Like your daughter, I’m a fifth child… Sometimes it’s nice that a poem was written just for us who are the fifth.
    If you didn’t already know it, you must Google and read the whole thing for her. I keep a copy of it; she might like it too.

  • Kate McCutchin - love vintage pearl!!

  • Donzel - :-) I keep meaning to check out Blurb and Mpix….now I just wrote it on my white board’s to-do list. Considerably more likely to happen now!

  • WanderingGarden - Love seeing her with her daddy. It sure did something in my husband’s heart adopting our third, and it amazes and hunbles me!

  • Laura B - I love when you have giveaways! Thanks for doing this, I would love to win this.

  • Betsy - Great giveaway!

  • { l y d i a } - Daddy’s Song is the best song! You are such a good example at appreciating these moments.

    p.s. Chris looks super skinny. Time to break out the sugar and make that boy a plate of cookies! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Christi S. - Love both of these companies and have things from them both!

  • Caitlin - What a great giveaway! I’m getting married in July, so these would be perfect for my dad. A gift to wear down the aisle and a book of photos of us. :)

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    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

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    Our youngest is also going through a band aid stage. It cracks me up everyday when she looks for any sort of scratch or bump, imaginary or real, that needs protection.

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  • Carrie - Thank you again for your stories. My daughter (Chinese and born with cleft lip and palatte too) treats bandaids like stickers too! Thought I was the only one that had to hide them!

A barn in the middle of San Juan island…at least I think it was in the middle. I got a little turned around driving around, so we’ll go with middle. It was the just the right location on a stunning island with gorgeous weather for a Be Crafty Workshop.

My friend Amanda has been hosting crafting workshops for several years. My sister often helps her. A while back we tossed around the idea of doing one in Friday Harbor together with our friend Sara Parsons. It was such a treat to step away from normal life for a bit and be surrounded by those girls.

A rustic barn. Simple and lovely decorations. Crafting. Photography. Old & New friends. My sister. It was so very good.

BeCrafty2-01BeCrafty2-02BeCrafty2-04I taught a couple phone photography tips (a few from my SnapShop online photography courses), led a photo related craft and was able to give away a photobook from Mpix.com.BeCrafty2-05The flowers were from Sara’s house…BeCrafty2-06The balloons are from Shop Sweet Lulu.BeCrafty2-08So many great shops and businesses sponsored the event through giveaways and swag for the ladies attending.BeCrafty2-10BeCrafty2-12BeCrafty2-13BeCrafty2-14BeCrafty2-16BeCrafty2-17BeCrafty2-18BeCrafty2-19BeCrafty2-20BeCrafty2-21BeCrafty2-22BeCrafty2-23BeCrafty2-24BeCrafty2-26BeCrafty2-27I left the island feeling so refreshed. Refreshed by new and old friends. Encouraged by the ladies that attended. Inspired by the beauty of the island, the hospitality of the Parsons, the conversations with friends and the crafty setting. Thank you to those that came, those that helped, and my sweet friends that hosted. My cup overflows.

Sara Parsons (and her daughter Stella) captured these next two shots…I am so thankful for these girls and this time with my sister!


Be Crafty Friday Harbor Sponsors:

Shop Sweet Lulu || The Mason Bar Company || Modern June || Maggie Holmes Design || The Felt Flower Shop || Splendid Supply || Sakura || Behr Paint || Mpix || Pen and Paint || Julep || Give With Joy || Ike and Co || Fresh Tangerine || Rebekah Gough || Shop Celebrate Life || Kelly Moore || Sugar Blossom || Bloom Theory || Paisley Sprouts || Catch Swan Dreams

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  • Kim - Gosh the setting is gorgeous! Love this idea of getting crafty with friends. Wish we had something like this in Toronto!

  • Karyn - Wow wow wow! I would LOVE to go to an event like this! What a blessed group of ladies. :)

  • Debbie - Beautiful decor and lovely flowers. Looks like an awesome place to be. Thanks for sharing.

  • sherry - Those last two pictures with the balloons turned out so great! Stella is already a pro. Such a great weekend. Still seems a little like a dream.

  • Kimber Campbell - what a fun trip! Love that you and Lesley got to do this together. You two compliment each other so well. :)

  • Jenn - looks like a beautifully relaxing weekend

  • Bethany - The crazy thing is that everything was actually as beautiful as it looks in your pictures! Such a wonderful time…thank you for sharing your gifts and your time with us!

  • Deanna - I would so live to attend one if these!Lovely…

  • Robin - eeekk! the CHAIRS! be still my heart.

  • maryann howell - love this blog! Fun!

  • Denise L. - Thank you, Ashley, for this awesome post. I am so inspired and the images have been in my head all day. I shared your post with two friends and still am all dreamy about it all!

  • Amy - Oh, what a gift you have of wonderful friends and adventures! :) I wish I could attend a Be Crafty Workshop!

  • carrie - This is a random, DIY question…but how did you make the white paper bunting? I LOVE the way it looked in the barn – I’m helping with an engagement party at a park and this it would look great between the trees (this came to mind when I saw a picture of the space). I’ve made so much fabric bunting using bias tape along the top, but I can’t tell what you attached the paper to. I’m assuming you sewed it together (lol – I went back to your post when you talked about making it to see if you gave any detail and you were talking about sewing it with your daughter!), but did you attach it to ribbon, or…? Thanks for this inspirational post – that barn looks AMAZINGLY beautiful!!! :)

  • AshleyAnn - Carrie – It is just thread. I cut the paper flags and then sewed them together…no ribbon or tape, just pulled the thread about 6 inches between each flag

  • Carrie - Of course it is! You are so sensible and logical! This will make it so much easier – thank you!!

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  • Angela P - Hold the phone.. did you mean your previous adoption or currently adopting, adoption?

  • Cathy S. - Hmm I wondered the same thing, Angela.

  • AshleyAnn - Cathy – no, the sponsor is adopting :)

  • AshleyAnn - Angela – no, the sponsor is adopting