A little over a year ago I stood in Chris’ office helping him pack his things into boxes. It was a hard day. He was stepping away from a job he loved and stepping into the unknown. On that day neither of us really felt like smiling. We loaded his million books into boxes, dumped the remaining pens into a bag and got ready to make a final trip to the car. It was a sad day for us both, but I knew I wanted to remember that moment. I wanted a picture to document that ending of one season and the beginning of a new one. I grabbed my phone and we both faked our best smiles.

Shortly after, I wrote the following here on my blog:

“Several weeks back Chris resigned from a job he loved at a place that has been part of our family for 10 years. This week begins his first official week no longer there. Moving forward is even harder when you treasure what is left behind.

As a couple and family, we are taking steps into the unknown. We are dreaming of what could be. We don’t have a specific plan. He doesn’t have a job lined up. We’ve made financial decisions for years that allow us a little freedom now to take a big jump and hope in the end we’re flying instead of crashing. I’ll be the main ‘bread winner’ for a while and I’m excited to see Chris get to take a few risks and chase ideas to see where they lead. It is an honor to stand by him as he dreams, knowing for so long it has been him cheering me on as I dream.

But it is scary. I’m plagued by the ‘what ifs’….

I’ll be teaching more SnapShops and I’ve been working on a phone photography course (hopefully to be released soon), but I still battle the fears of what if no one signs up. It only takes a quick glance on Instagram or other blogs for me to begin feeling inadequate to teach others, thinking so many more could do a much better job than I can. I worry about juggling homeschool and working more hours and the new normal of a changed daily routine. I worry about messing it all up and letting everyone down. I could make a long list of all my fears. Of all my worries. Of all the reasons I think we shouldn’t chase our dreams. Of all the reasons we should stick with stable and comfortable.

And then I remember….I don’t want fear to take me places I was never meant to be…

So when those fears and worries creep in, I’m taking my thoughts captive and I’m making the leap. Maybe we will crash. But maybe we’ll soar.”

It has been a year now and we didn’t crash. Sure, there were really hard days. There were many fears – those same fears still creep in today. We got a few bruises and I’ve had plenty of moments where I felt like I was drowning, but we didn’t crash.

During the last year we bought an Avion – “a flying machine”.  I love that our trailer bears that name. We are taking this month to celebrate making it through the last year…we are doing some soaring as a family.


A year ago we faked our smiles. We were confident in our decision, but it was still so scary and sad. There are still a lot of unkonwns for us and still fears that creep in, but we are learning a deeper trust that God will supply all our needs. And He has supplied not just our needs, but far more than we could want. We’ve been given the last year together as a family. A hard, challenging, beautiful year.  We’ve grown as a couple. We’ve grown as a family. We’ve grown in our faith. This year, we are smiling. Big, soaring, happy smiles.


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  • Tiffany - Wonderful!

  • RachelC - I love this so much. I’m so proud of you for walking one step at a time…trusting God with each step. I love those beautiful smiles. Enjoy your rich time together in your soaring machine. What a beautiful and inspiring story.

  • danielle - Congrats! Love the smiles!

  • stephany - I love this! Congratulations to you and your husband for being faith-full and fearless.

  • Debbie C - Ashley, you always inspire with your day to day life and also these big steps! I hope I can be as adventurous and trusting in my own life and faith.

  • Melanie - May God bless you and keep you on your journey!! You are an inspiration. Sometimes the “falls” can be pretty spectacular! And thanks for “taking us along!”

  • michelle - That’s beautiful. Thank you for being so candid and honest. You are a woman of true inspiration- you and your entire family inspire me everyday. Thank you.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your travels, it sounds like a blast!

  • the inadvertent farmer - Seasons of change are hard and scary…yet so full full of excitement for the unknown and dreamed of! Your sweet family is in my thoughts and prayers as you are adventuring. Enjoy God’s beautiful handiwork (Glacier is beyond words) and cherish this time with your little ones. Bring back cherished memories and oodles of photos to share with us! Love Kim

  • Amy Espinosa - Oh, that little glimpse of the trailer made my heart go pitter-patter! Can’t wait to see more and then I can start figuring on how to make that dream come to fruition in our frugile little life! Thank you for sharing!

  • emmybrown - LOVE!

  • Rachel - i so know about leaving the familiar and stepping out into the unknown and even though it’s hard, documenting the smiles and embracing the next things. life is hard, but, He makes it beautiful, doesn’t He?
    love that you guys are taking time to soar in this new year!

  • Jenna Lou - Such a sacred journey it is to follow your heart. I truly believe it is a way to glorify God. Congratulations on a year well earned.

    My husband just started a new job in ministry this month after 8 years of construction. It’s been a big change to say the least, but we couldn’t be happier about it. All the bumps and ups and downs will build our character and faith.

  • merry - That is so awesome!!!! God is so faithful- thanks for the reminder and the inspiration to keep livin the dream!! :)

  • Ethel White - GOD’S continued Blessings on your family. Your witness inspires both OLD and young alike.

  • Erika - Beautiful, Love this post!! Your words are so inspiring.

  • Rachael - Your stories always touch me. Thank you for taking the time to document AND to share with strangers. Your faith touches mine and urges me to keep going deeper. Thank you.

  • Abbye Cornwell - Hey, Ashley
    Thank you so much for sharing on your blog. It is so good to see God’s faithfulness to you over the past but to also hear that trusting the Lord is sometimes REALLY difficult. My husband and I feel like we are in limbo right now–hopefully able to begin the process of church planting soon, but that means raising support, moving 9 hours from everything I’ve known and loved for 28 years, and with a baby on the way. I’ve just finished a 6-year stint serving in college ministry and am now looking for some type of income. Hopefully I will have my little business up and running soon. I have all types of feelings and insecurities about starting a business of my own! Anyway, I’m so thankful for your commitment to your husband and your support of him and your commitment to trust the Lord even when it seems crazy. It helps me feel less crazy and more resolved to step out in faith and see what the Lord has in store. I don’t want to give way to my fears and miss out on more of Him. Waiting and watching Him supply our financial needs this first month of not having a job was difficult and SO wonderful. Reading your posts over the past 4 years have shaped me in some of the very best ways. I have been encouraged, challenged, and inspired. I always look forward to hearing from you on your blog. I’m not even sure how I originally came across it! But so glad I did! Just wanted to say hey and thank you. :)

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I’m so thankful for our faithful Savior. Praying prayers of protection and strength.

  • Tammy - I went to your blog this morning because I needed a reset. I have a client that I’m working with right now that is less then delightful. I needed a moment to step back, take a deep breath and reset so that I didn’t take my frustration out on my family or my client. This post was a wonderful reset. Thanks.

  • Ann Voskamp - When we are in over our heads — we touch the depths of God…. and He carries us up on wings of grace!
    This is the year you fly, dear friend!
    I send more love than these thin letters can hold!

  • kimberly oyler - love this ashley.

  • Paige - Wow. Cheering for you!

  • Tara - This post—those emotions—-come at a perfect time for me. This Friday I will step away from my career to pursue new family dreams! I can relate to so much of what you wrote as we transition to a one income family, but I am also excited and grateful for the opportunity that is shaping a new future for our family. We are chasing dreams we would have never imagined and never pursued had God not led us here!

  • Shannon - Wow! I can’t believe your timing. I needed to hear this. I never comment on here but have followed you for a long time and even taken your phone photograph course. But I had to say something because my husband just left his good, stable job to follow a dream. I am in the same boat you were, I will be the main bread winner and I have been fretting for a month about this decision. He too has supported me in my dreams and now it is my turn to support him. He has far more potential with his new job to soar, but the risks and the “what if’s” weigh me down. Your words capture exactly what I’m feeling, just more beautifully stated. I’m going to remember your words “I don’t want fear to take me places I was never meant to be…” How beautiful is that! Thank you for writing this. You have no idea how perfect your timing is on this.

  • Carrie Campbell - Good job! :)

  • Alycia - You should name the trailer Amelia. Amelia the flying machine. :)

  • Trish - “Leap and a net will appear” is one of my favorite sayings. Glad it’s worked for you guys! :)

  • Melissa Kaiserman {A Time for Everything} - I love this! We made a very similar move nearly two years ago when my husband resigned from his job (though in his case, it was toxic) without another one waiting. We, too, are closer as a couple and as a family, and even though there are moments that feel a little unsteady, we don’t regret our step of faith one bit!

  • Sarah - Thank you for being this open – I know your blog stays away from personal struggles and issues. Which is fine, and a personal decision. I love reading, but sometimes it’s easy for one to assume that everything is perfect and wonderful for your (wonderful!) family all the time. Thank you for the moments where you open up a bit.

    I’ve always wondered how one would go about being self employed while supporting a family!

  • Jenny B. - This is great! So happy for you guys. I am not that brave. It is hard to be brave. I hope you continue to soar. P.S. When I saw Chris smiling in that last photo, I couldn’t help but picture some of Little One’s smiles after you first brought her home (with her cute little nose wrinkles). :)

  • Jenn - enjoy the adventure. what awesome memories for your family. love reading your updates

  • Suzanne - I’ve been reading your blog for several years now, praying I would someday have a family of my own to have adventures and as much fun as you and your family do. My wish finally came true in April! We were blessed with our first baby. Now we are trying to figure out home I can stay home and my husband be the only one bringing in the money. It’s so hard, but this post makes me feel so much better. Thank you for reminding me whose hands it is in.

  • Amábile - Dear Ashley, your blog is a terrific inspiration for me. Sometimes you write exactly what I need to read and I can’t help being amazed by how wonderful God is. I hope you and your family are always this brave. I hope you keep on being such an amazing lady. Thank you for sharing this particular story, it spoke directly to my heart.

  • elizabeth H - lovely.perfectly lovely. HE TRULY MAKES ALL THINGS LOVELY!!
    your life is a living testimony of {not only} His faithfulness…
    but His {ABUNDANT FAVOR}!
    His plans for us are always good. His faithfulness is never ending.
    blessings upon blessings to you, Chris & the kiddos!
    HAVE FUN!!

  • Kristi - I so needed to read this today. I am in the middle of packing up my office from a job I’ve held for 10 years. Our lives changed it crazy ways last year and my husband quit his job in October, and I’m now quitting so that I can assist him in our new projects and be free to travel with him and our 18 month old son full time. In most people’s eyes it doesn’t make sense for us to leave our good-paying jobs with benefits, but God has bigger plans for us, and we know He’ll keep providing opportunities for us if we follow Him! But that doesn’t mean it isn’t sad or scary to leave my job. It’s comfortable, but God doesn’t want us to be comfortable. And we’re excited for the next adventure He has us on! People like you inspire me and make me feel less crazy. God has done some amazing things with you and your family and will continue to do so!

  • Nori Matsumoto - Blessings all over you two! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with us in beautiful way that you do and for inspiring and giving the rest of us courage to dream and take that leap!

  • Daniel - Ashley,
    I, like many others, probably found this post at just the right time. During the last 5 months as my wife and I strive towards a better life for our family it feels as though we’re about to drown at any moment. As our heads begin to go under it’s as if the Lord gently lifts our chins above the water for another breath of much needed fresh air. I do not know when the water will subside, but I do know he’s with us and what awaits us is more then we could ever deserve or ask for. Thank you for your blog and for sharing your life with all of us.

  • Heidi Jo the Artist - Trusting God is so hard sometimes. Awesome post!

  • Stacey - “I don’t want fear to take me places I was never meant to be…” Amen. Our family is on a similar journey and I am inspired by your honesty and faith to walk the unknown. It’s exhilarating and right where I think I’m supposed to be right now! Thank you for sharing – I love getting to follow along. :)

I’ll be sure to share more pictures of the trailer soon…and a couple DIY posts from some of the projects inside it. I just need to search through old pictures to write those posts. We made it to our first destination! There were some tears, trailer repairs and a bajillion bathroom breaks made along the way. The first night Chris and I collapsed in the trailer and just laughed because it was better than crying. Let’s just say that first day of travel and overnight sleep – the Griswold’s have nothing on us.

Thankfully, we are past the first day and settled in a bit. The kids went swimming and then ran up a nearby hill to look at the wildflowers and the view. I grabbed my camera to snap a few pics of the flowers. In the midst of soaking in the scene, I looked up to see my son with a flower behind his back. I could try to pose my kids, but posing never comes out as beautifully as being in the right place at the right time and capturing life unedited.


His tender and thoughtful heart often stops me in my tracks. I showed him these pictures and told him watching that moment was the highlight of my day. Moments like those make the hard parts of traveling with kids totally worth it. More than worth it.


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  • Tammy - The look on her face just melts my heart. What a darling young man he is. You are raising amazing children!

  • danielle - That is so sweet! Traveling always has some bumps in the road :) Totally worth it though! It is awesome that you guys are doing this!

  • Regan - These are great! IMO, the face grab makes the set :)

  • Amy Espinosa - I can’t wait for more photos! This project is going to be such an inspiration!

  • Michelle Davies - Such a sweet big brother she has! And I love how he held her face!

  • Crista @ Hands and Hearts More Than Full - This post brought tears to my eyes. There’s nothing better than right time + place moments! Beautiful!

  • Lynn - A priceless moment between a brother and sister. Have a wonderful trip!!

  • Alice H - that is such a sweet moment! and the look on her face is just adorable!

  • Amy - LOVE it!

  • Samantha // The Everyday Thoughts - I love this. As an only child, there’s nothing I love more than seeing siblings interact– the dynamics are just fascinating to me! His “hold still, don’t move” moment is the best.

  • Loan - Such a sweet and thoughtful brother. You are so blessed. Have a wonderful trip, can’t wait to see more pictures! Xoxo

  • Tiffany - Amazingly sweet! We have recently gotten back from the five of us living in a 1 bedroom hotel room while my husband was doing some job training. We did it for months and my kids are 6, 3, and 1. There were tough times, but it was also so simple and we made some great memories. What an adventure for you to be on!

  • Krystal - That is the most breathtaking precious moment I have seen in a long time. How wonderful it is to see such sibling love! So happy you were able to capture that and keep it forever :)

  • Sarah - So sweet! The face grab photo makes me LOL! ;)

  • Debi - Oh.my.goodness! What a beautiful series of photos… such a sweet boy! I love the expressions on your daughter’s face… you are correct, there is nothing like being in the right place at the right time. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rikki - So incredibly precious.

  • Carrie - Our family just went camping for six days. Three littles in a tent – lots of trips to the bathroom and little frustrations. But….we have learned from past trips that after the first two days in, things settle into a better routine and although it still has ups and downs, you just weather it all a whole lot better. Going in we prepped ourselves – the first day or two we will want to turn around and drive back home, but we have to be strong and stick it out. We did and the payoff was huge! We all can’t wait to go again! Have a great trip! It will get better!

  • amber - That is precious. Completely. Love that.

  • Dana Horton - Does NOT get any better than this! What a beautiful picture of love! Makes me wanna run through that field skipping! I’ve thought about your family a lot this weekend…i am gonna live vicariously through you (and your gorgeous pics) and pray you have a safe and adventure filled time! Hope Chris brought his guitar so you guys can bust out some Sound of Music through those hills and valleys! ????

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Love this! Wishing you the best trip!

  • Emily R - This is too sweet! I love that you were able to capture it as it happened. Precious!

  • Cate O'Malley - Such a beautiful moment you captured!

  • Erica - So precious!

  • Monique - Oh wow – I actually teared up. Thanks Jesus for letting you witness such an incredible moment :)

  • amy @ FIGMilkshakes - Oh, you’re so right! This is just precious! I love the one where she’s looking down at it and admiring the flower!

  • Carol Van Boening - Thanks so much,friends,for taking me along on your journey and sharing the beauty and joy of your children with me!

  • Bonnie P. - Such a sweet brother!

  • Jenny - Love all your pictures!

  • Taylor - How absolutely precious! I hope her brothers always treat her with such kindness so that she has high standards for men in the future. Such a gorgeous moment!


  • Heidi Jo the Artist - I love those kind of moments. So incredible sweet. Praying for an easier road for you guys, ahead!

  • Meg - Beautiful photos. So so sweet.

  • Caroline - This is such a beautiful moment captured!

  • kimberly oyler - beautiful.

  • Crystal - STOPPPPP IT!!! I’m going to bawl, that is the sweetest thing!!

  • Sharon - I love that you find the good, even when I’m sure after a few hours of traveling with a pack of kids that can be challenging, this coming from someone with their own pack! It’s really all about perspective isn’t it.

  • may - This just made my day as well. So much love.

  • olivia - This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  • Jen @ RamblingRenovators - From wildflowers in her hair to nail polish on her toes… I love how he loves his sister. He is going to make a wonderful husband some day.

  • Irene Wiranata - A sweet gesture like this shows how beautiful his heart is! You are raising unbelievably amazing kids Ashley.. and good thing you are very “aware” of observing your kids. Enjoy the rest of your roadtrip :))

  • Jules - beautiful. inside and out.

  • Libbe - So incredibly sweet! That brought tears to my eyes!

  • Kristin - These glimpses into your life bring me joy. Weird but true.

  • Evie - Precious!

  • Haili - That is sooooo beautiful.

  • Emily - Love this! Love her Happy expression. Love, love, love him grabbing. Her face to put it by. Her ear. Awewwww.

  • Jenn - so sweet. what a tender moment. love the pics. your adventures looks exciting

  • Lyn - He is such a sweet little boy and will make a wonderful and romantic husband for a blessed young lady someday. She will feel cherished just like his sister does in these photos.

  • Ria - Oh. My. Sweet goodness.

  • Nicole L. - I love that you were able to capture that! It is the sweetest thing when you can see a kid’s heart in their expression.

  • Harriet - Such a sweet moment captured. I have an older sister and a younger brother. Very occasionally my little brother (who is now 21) will stop teasing me long enough to remind of his tender heart. Brothers are the best!

So, I’ve been keeping a little secret since last fall.

Actually it is a pretty large secret. And it is old. 1966 old.


We’ve been doing a little bit of work on it to make it more “us”. And by “us”, I mean “me”. (left photo: before, right photo: after)6.14rosie-56.14rosie-7

After a camping experience in the fall of 2012 that involved me carrying two puking kids from a tent and driving home in the middle of the night – we had been on a hunt for a trailer. Chris spent countless hours online stalking Craigslist. This one went up for sale and two hours later we had the kids loaded up and were headed out of state to buy it. That was back in fall. There is more to this story; I’ll share details, more photos and all that next week. Today I am just popping in to say we are hitting the road for a month. Glacier National Park. My uncles ranch in Montana. Yellowstone National Park. The Grand Tetons. Steamboat Springs. We’ve been planning this trip for months. It takes a lot of logistical gymnastics to pull off leaving for so long. We’ve got someone living in our house. A fish relocated to grandma’s. The feline and poultry being watched over.

I am terrible TERRIBLE in the car for long hours, but I keep telling myself it will be worth it once we arrive. We took the trailer for a one night trip over Mother’s Day and I learned you can’t pull a trailer through a coffee shop drive through. This could be a problem. If you see a random 1966 trailer parked in a Target parking lot, you’ll know it is me grabbing a coffee at the Starbucks inside. Just smile and tell me I can survive being in the car that long!

Since the trailer is riveted. I wanted to call her “Rosie” after Rosie the Riveter.

The boys want to call her “Gray Wolf.”

The girls picked “Tinkerbell.”

Chris calls her “The Soda Can.”

And thus, she is currently just “The Trailer.”

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  • Penny G - Awesome!!! Have a great trip.

  • Erica - Love it! So much charm tucked into her! I like Rosie for a name, but my daughter’s best imaginary horse is named Rosie, so maybe I’m a little biased! (She’s a really good imaginary trick riding horse! ;) oh, to be 4 again!

    We are campers too and I really believe that it is THE best family experience for little ones!

    Have a fantastic trip and remember as you are on your last nerve in the car, all the road trippin’ memories you are creating for your kids to share with their kids some day!

  • Sandra Cole - Safe & happy travels to ya’ll and Rosie Sodabell the Gray ;)

  • Pat - Oh! You could call her Tinkerbell Rosie “The Soda Can” Gray Wolf.

  • Angela - This is EXCELLENT! I have half a mind to invite myself since my current plans involve spending my summer coordinating an outdoor Summer Zoo Camp near the gates of Hades… Err, excuse me, Texas. Glacier National Park and cool weather sound much better! :) Y’all have fun!

  • danielle - Oh what fun! My husband and I went to Glacier last fall without the kids and it was definitly worth the drive! I am hoping to take them on a long trip next year! Have fun! The trailer looks great!

  • Regina - Cute decor! How fun!

  • stephany - SOOOO fun! I remember talking to you last year at Whatever Craft Weekend about this trip! I can’t wait to follow your adventure. Safe travels…

  • Debbie Weiner - How exciting! My husband wants a pop up trailer SO badly and as soon as he can work it into the budget, I’m sure we will get one. His plan for this August is to rent one so that we can go camping with the kids for a weekend. He’s done tent camping with them a couple of times but I def. like the idea of a trailer. Have fun on your trip!

  • jenn - So AWESOME. we have been wanting a trailer so bad. I want something cool and retro. My husband just really wants something. Hoping we find one soon. Exciting. Your trip. We did yellow stone and the grand teetons before kids. We are excited to take them back one day.

  • Lori - We were diehard tent campers as well until we learned of our childrens’ medical issues. Trailer camping was our only option to provide what they needed and still be able to camp. Ours is newer, but looking back I regret not finding something with character. You have done a fantastic job of making this so you!! Enjoy!!!!

  • Erica Baker - Oh. My. Goodness. This looks like so much fun!! I hope you have the best time. What an amazing way to travel!

  • Abigail C - You could call her Tinkerbell Rose the Grey Wolf, affectionately known as Rosie or Tin Can (It totally works! They do this with race and show horses all the time!)

  • Brandi - Oh my gosh, I am insanely jealous! It has become my dream to do that with the kids. Especially before we have too many teenagers and it becomes more of a Clark Griswold type ‘vacation’…but with our family sometimes there’s no escaping that. Have a wonderful time! The pictures…oh I can’t wait to see them!

  • Emily - So jealous!
    I am the same way when it comes to staying in the car for extended periods of time. Especially with kids!!
    The time that you spend in the car, though may be sometimes unbearable… will be so very worth it to experience all those amazing places and make all the memories with your family!!

  • emily - We’ve done all of the above mostly because my husband’s originally from Colorado… if you can through Saratoga Wyoming on the way up… do. The snowy range is beautiful and Bella’s in Saratoga it’s some of the best Italian I’ve ever had.

  • Lisa W. - How exciting for you all! We just bought our first RV this Spring. It is a wonderful way to bond as a family!

    Happy tails! :D

  • Lisa W. - How exciting for you all! We just bought our first RV this Spring. It is a wonderful way to bond as a family!

    Happy trails! :D

  • emmybrown - SO AWESOME!!! You are living my dream….and I’m so thrilled because now I can live it through you! LOVE!

  • Tricia - How about calling her Rosebell, the Gray Can or Rosebell, The Soda Wolf?!? Have a GREAT trip!

  • Cathy - This is awesome!!! My husband and I “camp” at the beach in his families trailer every summer…I was skeptical in the beginning, but I LOVE it!!! Rosie is gorgeous! And, what a trip you are going to have! Can’t wait to see pictures! Blessings for a safe trip!

  • Debbie C - This is awesome! Love those vintage trailers. :) I like Rosie. My husband has a bunch of cousins around his age, and when they were young (grade school?), their parents all chipped in to rent an RV. They drove the RV with all the kids out to a campsite and then left the kids there to have fun all weekend by themselves (no adults!). Ah, the old days. :)

  • KP - We made that crazy long family van ride to yellowstone. My advice for surviving- don’t push it. Everyone has their limits, and sometimes you just have to pull over even if you are only 1 hour from your final destination :) Enjoy the journey!

  • Jes - If you stop in Fort Collins, I will personally deliver the coffee! Have a wonderful trip.

  • Amy G - Oh have SO much fun! We’re currently on a hunt for a trailer as well. It’s hard to find a camper that sleeps 6 that’s not a bazillion feet long.
    I just wanted to tell you that you are headed to my neck of the woods- I live 20 minutes from Glacier Park. So let me know if you need any tips on the best junking and fun things to do. :)
    Safe travels!

  • Jenny L. - You will have such a good time. We took our kids camping for around 16 years when they are growing up. I wish I could go back to those times right now. It makes all the difference in the world getting up off the ground for sleeping. Campers are also nice for relaxing in and reading a book, etc. That is my favorite part about my camper. We have taken the same trip that you are undertaking and it was awesome. Especially since we live in flat Florida, the scenery blew us away in Montana. This was before we started camping so we went the hotel route. One tip though – try to make sure you have reservations everywhere you are going or at least try to get there very early. Everything fills up so fast because of all the people who come to visit. We were stranded one night without a hotel and the only reason we got one is because the clerk found out that my husband was a police officer and so was her brother so she gave us a room in the back. We would drive by the campgrounds sometimes on our drive and we would see that they were packed early on in the day. Have fun – you are going to love it! Glacier Park is so beautiful and the Tetons are really great too.

  • Tonya - I can’t wait to see it all! Those pictures alone have me excited. Hope it’s a great trip.

  • Lqqkinatme - ASHLEY…I can not believe you were able to hide this “little” secret for so long!! I am DYING with envy… I am loathing an air stream camper and have been for years, and for now, we are still those tent campers that get stuck running so sit in the car during a surprise monsoon at 3am. Your family will make so many memories here…can’t wait to see more pictures you’ve done an amazing job :) Happy Camping!

  • Natalie - Super fun! I love what you’ve done with it so far. I actually think that the original denim cushion covers would look really great with your decor though – and they’d be super durable!

  • Paige - OMGoodness, how COOL! Have a GREAT trip!

  • Erica - So excited for you and the family! Its sure to bring some great memories. Adventure is out there!

  • Sarah - Glacier is the BEST!!! My mom was born and raised in Glacier and lived right inside the park most of her life. Her 6 siblings and all of their children still live right there in West Glacier. My Dad was a park ranger in the summers and met my mom. They fell madly in love and my mom moved back to Kentucky with my dad. Every summer my 6 siblings and I would pack up in our camper and drive to Glacier. They are my best childhood memories. You guys will love your time there!

  • Anastasia Curtin - What a great idea! Nice job on the inside! Absolutely love that breakfast nook by the window, looks really cozy and bright! Pillows look great too. And look, you brought a piece of your home with you – little wire basket light :)))) Love it!
    Have a great time! Take lots of pictures! Be safe!

  • Izzy - Aww it looks so gorgeous! I love the names your family are coming up with : )

  • RachelC - This is going to be an adventure you will never forget! Have so much fun.

  • bethanyb - what a fantastic opportunity! I totally get the coffee thing too! ha. I wish you all the best travels, lots of fun, and prayers <3

  • Carrie - Um…is it okay to be jealous when there is a really good reason?!?!? Congratulations! How awesome – a dream of ours, but how do you move from reality to making dreams come true???? Have a wonderful time!

  • Kathi - I love her. I love Rosie the Grey Wolf.

    I live in Bozeman MT. If you stop in my lovely town, I’d be more than happy to share my luandry machines with you, show you around, bring you coffee. Whatever you need, my friend.
    kathijen1@yahoo.com and 4065704991

  • lea lacoste - i wish you an amazing trip and many more after that! Rosie looks awesome!!

  • Haley - SO FUN! I can’t wait to hear all about your travels and see more pictures of the trailer. Safe travels!

  • sue - oh please please can we see more pictures? Last year we got a 1951 New Moon trailer to rehab as a guest house of sorts. I’d love to see what else you’ve done with Rosie!

  • Debbie Scjie;er - Hi! I live in Billings, MT. Have a great trip. I’ll look for you at Target. There’s two of them ya know. One in the Heights and one on the West End.

  • Gris fleur - First comment on your blog : awesome ! Such a lovely blog full of colors and brightness, life and ideas. Thanks a lot.

  • Jenny - How fun! I’m hoping to go up to Glacier this summer. I’ve lived in Montana for 31 years and have yet to make the trip. Hoping to make it happen this year. Safe travels.

  • amy@figmilkshakes - BAH!!! Slow your roll on being so cool, y’all! Give the rest of us time to catch up! ;)

    P.S. I love soda can! Are we voting? We should vote – you know mine!

    Maybe a combination of others? Rosie Pop?

  • Kelly - Congrats! As a Montana native Glacier and Yellowstone don’t disappoint and you will be really happy to have the ease of a trailer while in bear country. Enjoy your trip!

  • Taylor - So pretty! I can’t wait to see more pictures of “The Trailer”! Have a wonderful time on your trip; you can DEFINITELY make it through those long hours!


  • Erin - Love it!! Can’t wait to see you adventures!!

    Will you be working in home schooling on the trip since there’s so much to learn?

  • kimberly oyler - it looks so good inside!!

  • elizabeth H - eeeeeekkkkk!!!!!!!!
    that’s a SUPER DUPER SMOOPER AWESOME secret!
    so very very thrilled for you all ~ what a wonderful trip you have planned!!!! no doubt, you’re going to enjoy yourself!!

  • Nicole - Aw, so cute. I actually really like Rosie the Gray Wolf as a name.

    This reminds me of the book The All You Can Dream Buffet by Barbara O’Neal. One of the bloggers in the book has a trailer that she travels in. It’s a great summer read.

  • ellen patton - I’m so jealous! Have fun in the wild, wild west!!

  • Rebekah T - I hope you and your family have a blast!!! What great memories. Look forward to many more pictures. Where do you get all your great fabric for your pillows? Enjoy! Anxious to see your pictures of your trip along the way, too.

  • mary m - Just wanted to say how beautiful Montana is and the gorgeous scenery that is there. Recently visited St. Ignatious mission,
    built in 1891. The inside ceiling and walls are painted in the Sistine Chapel mode, by one of the monks that was a cook and had no formal art training. It is located south of Flathead Lake, south of Polson.
    When you return and have some time, would love for you to share some pics of your trip.
    Safe travels..mm,vancouver,wa.

  • Erin - I am so jealous! Serious, the Tetons are amazing. We went 3 yrs ago and I still dream about it. You will love it and I will love seeing your pictures!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh my goodness! Have the best, best time! I’ll be thinking of you!

  • Maureen - I’ve found that if you Yell “ROADTRIP!” really loud and with enthusiasm it makes it lots more fun. That and the search for amazing coffee. And then the search for the cleanest bathrooms…not so fun but still an adventure. May this be The Adventure to remember, for you all, in all the best ways. Happy trails…

  • Leigh Ann - Rosiebell. :)

    She is lovely. I’d love to have a little trailer like this as a portable studio! And enjoy your time away– you are headed to some amazing places. My dad and I drove from PA to Yellowstone and the Tetons last fall and it was absolutely magical.

    (I’ve been reading your blog for a while but this is the first I’ve commented. Your words and images are always so heartwarming and authentic, and I look forward to my daily emails. God bless!)

  • Jaymee - You’re headed my way! So cool! Enjoy our amazing state, we call it the last best place for a reason. : )

  • Christina - Oh how wonderful! You will have the best time on this road trip and your kids will remember it forever! Have so much fun and think of everything wonderful that comes with being in the car on a road trip. Take every back road you can safely take pulling a trailer – you wont regret it! There are some things you just can’t see or experience unless you get there by car.

  • Sarah Long - This is awesome! I have my eye on one that we pass on the way to church! Now our 3 yo has started to ask about it. It’s been sitting empty of years! Hoping to ask the people soon if they would ever sell. Found out yesterday friends would sell us their retro pop up. I guess you have to start somewhere right? ????

  • Katie - More pictures needed ASAP!!

  • Jamie - Awesome. That kind of trip is my dream once all my pumpkins are older. Have fun!!!!

  • JR - Those are all the places I want to go!

  • Steffany - I love her (and yes, the trailer is a her from the looks of it)! :) And wow, what an amazing experience. Our honeymoon was camping in the tetons and yellowstone…been on a cruise to Alaska. It is all so BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING. Great experience for your kids. Just great! Excited for you and cannot wait to see your pics. Happy travels!

  • Rikki - Love it! We went back to 1982 for ours. Picked up a little Toyota Dolphin, took it across the country and back. Love having the space with little ones around. Love what you did with yours too! Great job ;).

  • Bailey - I’ll be going to Glacier and Yellowstone at the beginning of July! I can’t WAIT! You’ll have to take TONS of pictures so i can dream until I get there!

  • Kelly - One of my friends posted one of your photos on Pinterest today, which led me to your site. I love it! Great photos. Great stories. So much fun! Keep it up. :)

  • Carrie Rowe - So excited for you!!!! AND soooo excited you’re visiting Montana….. it’s pretty awesome. I’ve lived in the Flathead Vally for 6 years now (originally from S. California) and I love it. Summers are the best here. the. best. Hope your have a wonderful drive and stay in Montana!!! If you need any recommendations I’d be glad to (attempt) to help.

  • Robin Boyko - I love Glacier! I can’t wait to see your beautiful photos of that great park. Enjoy and have fun! PS Road trips kind of stink sometimes, but in the end, the memories will all be beautiful!

  • Heidi Jo the Artist - Exciting!!! We are planning a trip to the northwest too…not sure when it will happen, but we have yet to hit North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. And it will happen before our oldest (he’s 11) turns 18. Trying to get all our kiddos to all 50 states before they each turn 18. The two oldest have been to 26 states thus far. I’m looking forward to seeing the places you guys stop! Happy Trails!

  • Kristin - Ok, surely you mean that 1966 is old for a TRAILER, because probably some of your readers were also born in 1966! Can’t wait to read more.

  • Andrea - How stinking cute! Well, when will you guys be in Steamboat Springs? Our family will be enjoying the Hot Air Balloon event and the rodeo while we are there in 29 days. Maybe just maybe our paths will cross. Blessings to you on your travels.

  • Janset - Thanks for the always beautiful pictures and for transporting me for moments away from job and worries and into the carefree and colorful world of little boys and girls, beauty, adventures, chickens and all.. God Bless..
    In one pictures the tag on the trailer says “avion” – a plane. I found it ties nicely with the theme of flying in your more recent post. May this little tin capsule be the companion on your flight to happiness.

  • Kathi - When you are in Steamboat I want to meet you!!!! :)