I was so nervous about ClickAway. It wasn’t so much being up in front of everyone as much as wanting to make their time investment in my ‘session’ worth it. Most of the sessions were on tangible photography skills…editing, shooting, composition, etc. Mine was simply about joy in photography – why we love photography and how to maintain that joy while still striving to grow as a photographer. Many of us have thieves that come in and rob our joy in photography…motherhood…marriage…life. We talked a bit about those thieves and more importantly the WHY behind picking up our cameras. I hope the ladies that came felt like it was worth the time they invested. It is a topic I am passionate about in a field where the focus can often be on the product more than the reason behind it.

Soapbox could happen right now, but I’ll spare you!

Millers (the pro-lab that is over Mpix) sponsored my program and printed out an outline and stickers for me using my blog artwork by Katie Daisy.  I also conned my sister into letting me order 5×7 prints of her Everyday Is An Adventure print. I tried winning over attendees with cute little packets. I have blog stickers now…I feel the need to send random packages just to use the last few! It feels kind of official  – blog stickers and a program sponsor. Official for 3 days, now I’m back to normal life. Back to life…back to reality.



After my program I went to a “Meet the Speaker” – such a gift to meet several past SnapShop students and women that read this blog. I can’t tell them ‘thank you’ enough for coming to say hi. They were so encouraging, so kind and so warm towards me. Their smiles meant a great deal to me. I’ve written before that one challenge with blogging is I never really know how I come across on a computer screen. You can’t see my face or hear my laugh when I write. It was a tremendous gift to me to hear from those women why they read my random blog and hear their stories. It was life-giving and I don’t say that lightly. They inspired me. They breathed life into me. It was also pretty incredible to see where past SnapShop students are now. They could teach me so much. I’ve always loved teaching SnapShops, but getting to meet numerous students in person really made me realize how fun it is to introduce others to photography. So good. Thank you ladies.


Chris and I took advantage of no kids to do something we basically never do – EAT OUT! And we ate good. Red Iguana and Bruges Waffles were my favorite. We ate a Bruges twice in three days. That good. We also gained about 10 pounds, but it was totally worth it.9.14clickaway-05

Aside from time with Chris, the best part of the trip was meeting new friends and getting to catch up with old friends. Quick chats and meals together learning about each other. Time together catching up and encouraging each other. Friends are a gift and there are some I long to see more often and am so bummed too many miles separate us. Friends, new and old, are good for the soul.

My friend Joy taught me that to ‘inspire’ means to ‘breath life into’. These two ladies, Kate & Joy, are a constant source of inspiration in my life. They have both breathed life into me in ways I am forever grateful. It was really good to get to hug their necks again.9.14clickaway-08

The women at Click Away, new friends and old, breathed so much life into me over those three days. They challenged me to do the same. I want to be a women that breathes life into those I am around. I want to start at home. Today. Breathing life into my family in my words, my actions, my expressions and my embrace….

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  • izzy - Click away sounds like such fun! I really like the way you share about the reason behind photography. Sometimes I just let my siblings take the camera and although they don’t get many great shots it’s the fun they had that was worth it!

  • Sprite - You are a huge inspiration in my life! Everyone must have been so blessed by your program. What a wonderful opportunity for you and everyone who got to learn from you.
    Those packets and stickers are just darling! So beautiful.

  • Krista Lund - Your blog is one of the 3 I read daily. Love it! Love you! Loved meeting you and Thank you for one of the many A-Ha Moments. During your session I realized why I loved photography in the first place and what are the thieves that are robbing me of that joy.

  • Michelle Hill - Ashley,
    You inspire me everyday!
    Earlier this year I was in a sad moment in my life and reading your blog brought me right out of it. You inspired me to appreciate life and be grateful for what I have. I snapped out of my funk and started to work on the things that weren’t working so well.
    I am forever grateful I stumbled upon your blog. It has truly changed my life for the better.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Carrie Owens - It was so great to see you in person, I was at your Meet the Speaker and I just loved hearing your talk about your thoughts on blogging. Thank you for coming to Salt Lake to speak to all of us…I was too shy to say hi, but “hi” :)


  • Kimberly Oyler - if you need my address so you can use up those blog stickers, you can get it for Lesley. ;)

  • rebecca - Hi Ashley! If your friend on the right of your photo sees this….I’d love to know where she found that fabulous mustard sweater! I love it :)

  • marianne - I’d love a card and sticker , perfect for project life and I love your blog!!

  • Laura J - Ashley, you come across as warm, kind, thoughtful, generous and fun! I think many of us feel like you are a friend that lets us into her life. You make me smile, laugh, sometimes cry and often think. You are a wonderful person and I wish I could give back to you just a tiny bit of all that you have given me with your words and pictures. I am thankful for you!

  • Angela - Is it too much to ask you to go on ahead and get on your soapbox? I dabble in photography, not as a job- just for fun at home and at my work (a Zoo), but I would really love to hear more about your thoughts on finding joy in photography, etc.

    But it’s okay if you don’t want to. Your blog. :)

  • Jane - Gosh, I guess I have never realised it but I feel as though when I read your blog I can totally hear your voice and see you face. You come across as a genuine, regular person who loves her family, creating, photography and God.
    I live in Australia so the voice that I hear probably doesn’t have the correct accent, but it is warm and generous and loving – I would love to have been in your session, sounds so encouraging and inspiring.
    PS you should totally use the stickers – what a treat it would be to whomever you choose to send some love to in the mail!

  • Angela - I’ve never heard the word “inspire” described like that, but I love it and it makes so much sense. I love thinking about it that way.

  • Kym - I’ve only discovered your Blog recently but love everything about it and have passed on a link to my sister, who is battling depression. Love your great photography ideas, family holiday pics and thoughts on adoption but most importantly your sweet love for the Lord that shines through every post. You’re a blessing and please keep it up!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - It was so amazing to see you in person again! You are such a precious gift to my heart. You inspire me every day and you remind me why I pick up my camera. Thank you! And please tell Chris that it was wonderful to get to hang out with him, too!

  • Kimathy Brody - Looks like an amazing experience for you and the participants! But YIKES! How do you do it all? Wife, mother of 5 children, photographer, heart for others, heart for the Lord, DIY-er, homeschooler….just writing your roles wears me out! :) Seriously…how do you manage your time, priorities, and organize your family? I become so weary trying to do half of what you do that I am starting to think my gift and passion for photography needs to be put on the back burner until my children graduate from high school. Suggestions? Thoughts? Tips? Advice?

  • Brittony - I wish I could have been there to hear that talk – what a great topic. Congrats on the success and officialness of it all! Agreed with Angela that you should just step right on up on that soapbox for those of us that missed the live show.

  • Lacey Meyers - My heart sinks thinking of how much I needed to hear your presentation… I so wish I could have heard it. Though it was quite a blessing to visit with you and Chris briefly, and then you on the panel discussions. Please believe me when I say that you are EXACTLY like I thought you would be. Just as delightful, genuine, and lovely. Hearing your voice and laughter was certainly a highlight of my trip! :) And, thank you for being a part of Click Away!

  • Julie - Bruges! One of my favorite places to eat when in SLC. I also love Cafe Rio.

  • Sarah - I’m glad to hear that you had a great time at your conference! I wish I could have been there to be at your session. I loved learning from you during SnapShop and would love to learn from you again. I actually just edited and posted some of my pictures from class :) slow but good progress! And thanks for reminding us about the joy that comes from picking up our cameras.

  • Tracy - Ashley,

    You did so great and it was a pleasure meeting you and getting to hear your voice in real life! Your session was one of my faves – and that was echoed by everyone in attendance.

    Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  • ange - LOVED meeting you and getting to spend time with you. I really can’t tell you what that meant to me. Now I need to send you some pictures from that beautiful day! And excuse my tears of joy, seriously embarrassing.

  • Sarah Wilkerson - Ashley, I’m so thankful we had a panel together!! I loved the way you shared your shooting philosophies and the heart and thoughtfulness with which you seem to approach everything you do. <3 Thank you so much for being a part of Click Away!! I hope to see you soon!! xo

  • Heather Lee - Hi. I had the pleasure of meeting both you and Chris after your discussion panel. It was one of the highlights of Click Away to meet the two of you — and to see that you are just as I imagined from this blog. I so enjoy your posts and am so glad I got to say “hi” to you. I hope to see you at the next one!!

  • Missy - That’s me in the striped pink shirt talking to you at Meet the Speaker! I was thrilled to finally get to shake your hand. I adore your blog – so much love, honesty, and kindness in it. Wasn’t Clickaway the best? I miss it!!

When I finished up at Click Away (more on that later), Chris and I headed to Great Salt Lake.

The air grew crisp and it was so incredibly quiet. Throughout the course of our trip we commented on the quietness of Salt Lake City in general. It wasn’t until we arrived at the lake that we realized it may not be the city at all that seemed so quiet, but the reality that 5 full of life kids were not with us. Either way, we missed our kids but relished in the calm and tranquil. We walked out in the waters. We felt the sand under our feet. We embraced the quiet and the beauty. I could feel the weight of 5 long, stressful weeks lift. I held my camera in my hands and saw beauty again. I felt alive. Inspired. Refreshed. In awe. Captivated. Time with Chris in the calm waters was a gift I didn’t realize how much I needed. How much I had been aching for it.

I tried a few times to get a picture of us with my timer. I propped my camera on my bag on top of his shoes. I’d set the timer and try to run out in the water to him. In this shot, I was convinced I didn’t get there fast enough and laughed at how we couldn’t get a timer shot. Then I heard the shutter. It is my favorite because it is candid and is so us.9.14gsl-069.14gsl-079.14gsl-089.14gsl-099.14gsl-109.14gsl-119.14gsl-12I’ve never experienced water so calm. Never. It was like glass for as far as my eyes could see…until we stepped in and caused ripples. The serenity stood starkly against the crashing waves of the ocean I’ve played in countless times. The quietness demanded attention in a way different from the thundering of towering waves hitting sandy beaches. It reminded me so much of my life. The calm waters are so far and few between. Life seems to be more marked with waves, whether small or crashing. Not all waves are bad, in fact most waves are glorious and fun. They are just different from calm waters. Experiencing waves of all sorts seems to be necessary for me to truly be able to breathe in the calm waters.  Coming out of a period of treading water and trying to stay above the waves made me stop and rest in a new way in the calm waters. I read this quote by Tyler Knott Gregson and it resonated with me during this season of life marked more by noise and waves than quiet and calm waters.

“Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim.”

I’ve always loved to swim. I’ve always loved the water – calm and the waves.

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  • Jenni - Ahh! You slay me! Every.time!!! Your words speak to my heart and they are always what I need to hear. Those pictures are incredible and that quote is going up somewhere in my house- love it!!

  • Nynke - These pictures are really, really, really breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing and making me smile (:

  • Micha - Ohhhh beatiful! Thanks for sharing!

  • beth p. - Thank you for a stunning post … words and photos. Tears sprang to my eyes when I read the quote at the end. It hit home.

  • Dee - I’m sorry, but your fluffy family, photos, posts make me feel ill. Seriously, your posts are so written from business perspective, it really stinks in the last 12 months. I wont be coming back, and a shame really as I love looking at your pics but the words….well they stink, and are very try hard

  • Lisa - Ashley, when you read “Dee”‘s comment above, I encourage you to hum Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off” to yourself ;) LOVE these pics of you and your husband…isn’t it so fun to be alone to take pics of your man sometimes?? I did this on our 12th anniversary trip to San Fran in May and it’s so nice to point my camera at an adult sometimes. Plus it reminds me how hot he is. :) glad y’all got this chance to have calm waters for a while!

  • Debbie Mayfield - Thank you for sharing your story and your photos. I fell in love with Utah 20 years ago when I was lucky enough to bring a group of sales people there for an offsite meeting. It is truly God’s country. I try to get back as often as I can. I think I left a part of my heart in Park City. Beautiful moments and photos.

  • Maria - How Beautiful! Don’t let the opinion of one individual even impact you at all. I have been following for a long time. I cannot imagine where that person could be coming from. Please know your words, your pictures and your family are inspiring to us ALL! I want to Yell at that one person but I will try not to JUDGE! them. I can only assume that they are jealous of the love that you have in your life. I just don’t know why people cannot adhere to the saying “if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing the CALM AND THE WAVES in your life with us all.

  • Sara W - Beautiful photos and thoughts! Thank you for this on a Monday morning.

  • Steph - I have been reading your blog for years and have never commented but after the comment above I wanted to say your pictures and words are always beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I always look forward to coming here everyday.

  • Cate O'Malley - Beautiful images and beautiful quote. Sometimes we get just what we need when we didn’t know we needed it.

  • Erica - What beautiful shots! Such great memory keepers. I love how creation has a way to restore us. Thank you for sharing!

  • Bonnie - Wow. That second picture of the two of you is amazing. So sweet.

  • AnnMarie - As a denizen of SLC, I’m so glad you enjoyed your time here! Doesn’t Utah have spectacular sunsets and gorgeous light? I’m not a photographer, but it’s one of my favorite things about living here. These pictures are amazing, thank you for sharing! And thank you for sharing your ponderings and thoughts with us, too – I always feel refreshed, uplifted, and reminded to do a little reflection myself because of them.

  • christina larsen - You are right, you can’t ever fully appreciate the calmness of the still water until you have come through the rough and stormy waves. Thanks for sharing. Those are beautiful pics.

  • Martina - Beautiful reflections and photos and quote. I’m putting that on my favorite quote list.

  • CMarie - I read everyday… it’s part of my morning routine. I NEVER comment. But you should know that you are an inspiration and your words and images bring so much joy to others. Thank you Ashley.

  • M - I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and have to thank you for your honesty and openness. What you have shared about your own joys and struggles has helped me to better handle a very difficult year in my own life. Thank you!

  • Erica - Thank you! I needed this today, especially that TKG quote at the end, which I love every single time I read it. Last week was a rough one for me creatively and personally. I feel like I’m making strides, little by little, to get back to where I want to be, and the most important part of that is remembering that I truly do love to swim.

  • Emily - I agree with Lisa – I don’t normally read the comments, but for some reason today I did and DO NOT let what Dee said get to you. The fact that she bothered to post that at all says more about her than you.

    I am so glad you share with us every day. I make a point to check your blog every day even when I only have my phone (and I *hate* reading on my phone) because I am inspired and I find camaraderie in your posts. If feel like, even though we’ve never met in real life, if we found ourselves in the same town and met up for coffee, we would chat like old friends. I wasn’t sad about missing ClickAway until I saw that you were speaking. Is there video somewhere?

    And speaking of inspiration – some friends of mine and I are shooting through People Pictures by Chris Orwig and the section I’m at is on self-portraits. I think I’m going to try and get some of just my husband and I this weekend. And I’m going to embrace the ones that just don’t turn out — because you’re right, sometimes they’re the best.

    I love that quote. It’s exactly what I needed today (or the past several months?) So much treading water and looking for land when really I just need to remember how much I love swimming and floating and diving and playing in the water.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being so open with your life and for sharing so much with us.

  • Jenny - These pictures are amazing!!! Love them all! :)

  • Lynn - Ashley, these photographs are absolutely breathtaking…….thank you for sharing!!

  • Holly - Wow, girl! This post spoke to my heart very deeply. Right now we are experience those waves but they sure are fun to swim in. Your photos are unmatched girl. I hope that Click Away was some time to catch your breath and breathe deeply. You inspire me everyday to be a better mom. thanks!

  • Kimberly - Beautiful pictures. Beautiful post. Your words meant so much to me this morning. Thank you.

  • susie - I usually don’t read the comments, but loved these photos and wanted to tell you how much I liked them when I saw Dee’s comment! Don’t let it get to you because it’s not one bit true!!! I have been reading your blog everyday for a long time and love to read it! Looks like a fun time with your hubby- I think we need to plan something- maybe I should tag along with him elk hunting sometime this fall! It’s hard to find a babysitter but nice when we get some time with out a pile of kids.

  • Rikki - Ashley, these are probably my fave pictures of yours ever. So beautiful. And the photo of Chris holding you… so sweet my friend. Glad to hear you got some alone time and had a great trip!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I love those pictures of the two of you! I have a random question for you – you always find the most amazing quotes… would you mind sharing how you come upon those? Thank you!

  • Jenn - so beautiful
    so lovely
    i love your heart and what you wrote.
    that quote

  • Amber - That is a very inspirational quote! And I agree, that candid picture couldn’t have turned out any better!

  • Sarah - Ashley, I’m glad you and Chris had some time to be away together and that it was refreshing. Your post was so beautiful (pictures and words). You are such an encouragement to me and you thank you for sharing your life with us. Your words encourage, inspire, and challenge me.

  • amy jupin - seriously some of THE most beautiful pictures i have seen in a long, long time. and your words? wow. so goreous. they *almost* outdo the photographer. xo.

  • Diana - Amazing. I so appreciate this look you give us into your life. You are inspirational. And I wish I had pictures as beautiful as those of my husband and I!

  • Shelly Cunningham - I came across this quote last week as well. I think it is so beautiful in relation to motherhood. It’s easy to get so overwhelmed that we forget that we chose this! Thank you for sharing, and for the beautiful pictures. The one of you and Chris is so sweet & romantic. You are a beautiful couple.

  • Sherry - With 5 kids at home…I get the beauty of this calm. And the ability to hear my own deep breath. So glad you had a chance to sneak away, this is beautiful.

  • Haley - Beautiful pictures! I also love the quote at the end. This was a perfect post for me to see since I am also in a “season of life marked more by noise and waves than quiet and calm waters”

  • Angela - The candid shot of you guys is amazing. So glad you were able to have that time of quiet together. Isn’t it crazy how we can get so sucked into being “busy” that we forget how much we need that white space. I’ve been saying no a lot this fall and I’ve found more of those quiet times, that I didn’t even realize I so needed. It feels so good to be able to think clearly again, doesn’t it?

  • Jenny B. - This post made me take a nice, big, deep breath. I’ve never been to SLC, but now I kinda want to go. :) We just scheduled a family camping trip for a weekend coming soon, and reading about your camper adventures this summer helped me be willing to go along and not just let my guys go without me.

  • kimberly oyler - this made me cry. as usual. you have a gift, girl. p.s. i have that same shirt from anthro. we can be twins.

  • kimberly oyler - p.s.s. “its not the critic who counts.” ;)

  • Kristin S - So glad you took that time.

    I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hold me like that.

    Beautiful, Ashley.

  • Tiffani - Long time reader. First time commenter. I am from Utah – grew up about 20 miles from this great Salt Lake and have NEVER thought it beautiful…until I saw these photos! It shows me how sometimes we just have to look RIGHT IN FRONT OF US to see the beauty in our lives. I think you’re a rock star.

  • Aurora - So spot on. Too many waves right not to write more, but so spot on!

  • kimber campbell - The picture of you and Chris is my favorite! You guys have an incredible story to tell! I’ve been feeling a bit down and not so creative lately. This made me want to get up and create.. And do the things I love. And also, that shirt ;) High five, Anthro! Is it Lesley’s?! Sharing clothes with sisters is the best. Xoxo!

  • Allison - truly amazing perspective. i love these images and God’s beauty in nature and sunlight and in relationships that you share with all of us.

  • Carla - That shot of you and Chris in the water is incredible. I hope that ends up on a wall somewhere in your beautiful home. I’d love an image like that of me and my beloved :)

  • Sarah - Ashley-

    Beautiful post! I liked the quote so much and wanted to send it to a friend as some much-needed encouragement, but I knew I had to send the whole post, so she could see where it was coming from and how it applied. Her situation is quite different from yours, but the point still hit home! And I was so thankful to have a tidbit of inspiration to send along. I OFTEN think about your post about drinking coffee with two hands, and use that post to remember to simply ‘be’. Thanks for always opening up your life to us and for sharing the things that make you ‘tick’! It is such a joy to know you, even though I don’t really ‘know’ you. What a blessing you are to so many!

  • Kelly J. R. - These photos are breathtaking. I can just feel the peacefulness of the evening.

  • Sarah - Beautiful shots!!! I love following your blog, you inspire me. Thank you!

  • Meg - These photos are breath-taking, literally! I imagine that was an awesome place to see in person, and it sounds like the time there was good for your soul and good for your marriage. Adding SLC to my bucket list :)

  • danielle - These are gorgeous! I love the ones of you both but also the low show I think just him towards the end. THat is great that you got that time together!

  • O'Neill - This is such a lovely post, Ashley. Your pictures are truly gorgeous and I love seeing happily married couples being happy! Thank you for sharing????

  • O'Neill - Sorry for all the question marks at the end of my comment-it was on my phone and supposed to be a smiley face. whoops. And just fyi, your the best Ashley. Don’t let the random negative ever get you down.

  • Soo Lee - Your photography is amazing! These pictures are breathtaking! :)

  • Carrie Rowe - This is so wonderful. I LOVE those pictures of you two and that quote is spectacular. Can’t wait to hear about the conference.

  • Linda - Such a great post and beautiful, beautiful pictures!

  • Serena - these are AMAZING!

  • Lindsay - Hi Ashley! It must be come out of the closet commenters day! I too love to read you blog, but never usually comment. I am a slc native, and can hardly believe my bad luck to have missed meeting you! Darn! I have been touched and inspired by your creativity and open heart so many times,and thank you most graciously for sharing your insights with us all! You rock!! Come back to slc soon:) so glad you found Bruges (killer, right?)

  • Abby - So so so beautiful! I needed to read this tonight. Thank you for always being an inspiration!

  • Maloree - These photos are incredible.

  • Peace, Beauty, Relationships: Teenage reflections on the MidWest Faculty Ministry Conference | Emerging Scholars Blog - […] above the waves made me stop and rest in a new way in the calm waters. – Ashley Campbell, Don’t Forget You Love to Swim (Under the Sycamore, […]

  • Rochelle - What beautiful words and images!

My friend (hey you Shauna Reed) is so good at taking random ‘selfies’ with her kids on a consistent basis just doing their normal stuff. She has inspired me to do the same.  I’ve been snapping shots with my kids – lots of random shots. Most are goofy ones together and ones with me making a silly face while they are bouncing off the walls in the background. Pictures that I hope capture the way they see me and tell my story of motherhood back to them. Nothing fancy. No great lighting. Lots of bad cropping. None of that matters though, that isn’t the point. They are pictures just for us. The kids love looking through them. I think what has surprised me the most is that the kids (even the older boys) really like take pictures WITH me. There is something different that happens in them when I get in the shot too.

Here are a few from my growing  ‘family selfie collection’:


He ‘photo bombed’ us…his sister was not thrilled. Brothers.9.14xshot-059.14xshot-10


Since I am at a photography conference right now, I thought it would be fun to do a post with a perk for you. One perk of teaching photography courses is I get to try out different products to see what I like and what I want to recommend. Recently, I’ve been using an X-Shot extender with my phone. My kids think it is the coolest camera gadget – filling my photo album with more goofiness. It is pretty handy since I can’t hold my arm out far enough to capture me with all my kids! X-Shot is letting me offer you a $5.00 coupon…just use the code SYCAMORE


The girls like to use it with my phone. The boys prefer to use it as a sword that extends…until I see them and I confiscate it back.

UPDATE: I wasn’t very clear on what I use to capture these photos. I use the Pocket XShot Extender and the XShot Mobile Phone Holder. Then I use the app Camera+, which has a timer.

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  • Lydia - Curious, how do you snap a picture?

  • Maggie - Is there a link to the product and I’m just missing it? I’d love to check it out!

  • Suzanne - I was wondering the same thing….how do you actually take the pic?

  • danielle - Ha! Of course it is a sword :) Love boys.

  • Lisa B. - When I saw the photo of you with all the kids on Instagram I was impressed with what I figured must be and even longer arm span than mine! I have exceptionally long arms
    (they are the same length as my husbands and he is 7″ taller than me). and I thought, “I don’t think I could have gotten that shot!” Loved finding out the behind the scenes truth! :-)

  • Mandy - Thanks for the coupon! I’m still unsure how you actually snap the picture but I ordered one anyway because it looks so handy! You can’t beat $4.95!

  • Kelsey - Mandy, I think the $4.95 is just for the piece that adapts the extender to fit a phone. The actual extender is around $35. Assuming I read the description correctly!

  • ranee - Yes..I was wondering about a link also. I checked out the x-pro shot extender, but am not sure if I’m looking at the right item. Thanks–looks so handy!

  • Sonja - To take the picture you need an app that has an auto timer like the Camera+ app that she has mentioned several times before.

  • Jenni - I have seen lots of ‘selfie stick’ IG pictures, but yours had me fooled. Good job not getting the stick in the pic;).

  • Emily - Awesome :-) Those are so great! Thanks!

  • Janine - I was wondering how you took such a great selfie! Either you had insanely long arms or are secretly Inspector Gadget. Lol. Then I scrolled down. How you you actually snap the photo with the extender? Timer?

  • LisaAnn - Thanks for the post. I tend to shy away from selfies and this encourages me to snap photos out of my comfort zone. (And I definitely could use a longer arm.)
    I hope you’re enjoying the conference and that you get the chance to enjoy some sightseeing as well. As a local, I’m definitely a SLC fan.

  • Rikki - The fourth photo with you and your youngest girl, seems so pure to me. You look so beautiful and real, I know she will appreciate that someday, as will you. Great project, I look forward to seeing more!

  • Amanda K - I love this! I’ve been trying to get in the picture more too. More selfies and handing the camera off to the kiddos. They are loving it and I’m enjoying having photos of me with my babies, who aren’t really babies anymore. :)

  • Diana - I LOVE this. My son is only 17 months and not quite into the picture taking yet. But someday, hopefully.

  • kimberly oyler - oooohhh i was wondering how you snapped that first pic. i need one of these.

  • AshleyAnn - Lydia – I wasn’t very clear on what I use to capture these photos. I use the Pocket XShot Extender and the XShot Mobile Phone Holder. Then I use the app Camera+, which has a timer.

  • AshleyAnn - Maggie – Sorry, I just added specific links!

  • AshleyAnn - Suzanne – I wasn’t very clear on what I use to capture these photos. I use the Pocket XShot Extender and the XShot Mobile Phone Holder. Then I use the app Camera+, which has a timer.

  • AshleyAnn - Mandy – I wasn’t very clear on what I use to capture these photos. I use the Pocket XShot Extender and the XShot Mobile Phone Holder. Then I use the app Camera+, which has a timer.

  • AshleyAnn - Ranee – Sorry, I just added the links! I wasn’t very clear on what I use to capture these photos. I use the Pocket XShot Extender and the XShot Mobile Phone Holder. Then I use the app Camera+, which has a timer.

  • AshleyAnn - Jenni – it took me a few tries to figure out I can adjust the angle of the phone on the extender and keep my arm out of it!

  • AshleyAnn - Janine – I wasn’t very clear on what I use to capture these photos. I use the Pocket XShot Extender and the XShot Mobile Phone Holder. Then I use the app Camera+, which has a timer.

  • AshleyAnn - Kimberly – you do, but that would mean changing your current selfie system :)

  • Amber - Thanks Ashley! I ordered one and the phone holder is free with purchase! I think it will also work well as a camera stabilizer when trying to get a picture of a landscape and I am having a hard time holding the camera still! Lovin’ the goofiness, it’s the best! <3

  • Claudia - we just purchased it and we’re so excited!! the phone holder was free with the purchase of the extender! thank you for the post Ashley, you inspire me, I hope I get to meet you in person some good day :]

  • robin - I love this idea! I just bought the Xshot and the phone holder. Thanks!

  • Rachel - Well I just love this. I am a fan too because I learned long ago that if I am EVER going to have pics of me and the kids, I am going to have to do them myself. I seriously need to get one of those holders though. My arms just aren’t long enough. :)

  • Tracey - I just love your blog. Fills my heart! I bought the xshot and it came with the phone attachment. Not sure if I am doing something wrong but do you find it hard to take a picture head on when have the phone attached? Mine seems to not be able to tilt all the way it needs to. Seems like only will work, as you did, laying down.

  • AshleyAnn - Tracey – it took me a while to figure it out too. You can loosen and tighten it and it will go different directions. It should work straight out too.

  • Melissa @ Bless this Mess - Feeling so inspired to be in more pictures with my kids! Thanks for the coupon code girl!