Oklahoma has wild weather.

70s one day.

Below freezing the next.

We don’t put summer clothes up and we really don’t have good winter gear. Saturday the weather was gorgeous, which means ‘warm’. We took advantage of the warm weather before the temperature dropped again, to go get our Christmas tree. There is only one time a year that I always repeat a photo – us at the Christmas tree farm with our tree. It just brings up all kinds of emotions to see this photo through the years.


Oh hey, it looks like 2013 and 2014 are the years of the Target cardigan for me. It’s my favorite.  And as I look closely, it looks like 2011 was a cardigan year too. Obviously, I’m not a big shopper. Long live embroidered flowers on cardigans. Maybe I will make this my ‘tree hunting cardigan’. I could wear it every year from here on out. Or not. Or maybe.

We decided to take Arley (the puppy) this year. The tree farm welcomes dogs on leashes and we want to train her to go places with us…so along she came. So, I guess we added another to the photo this year. Chris said next year we might as well bring the chickens and the cat.12.14tree-01

ISO 125, 1/320, f/2.8

12.14tree-02ISO 100, 1/800, f/2.812.14tree-03ISO 320, 1/200, f/2.8


“Mom, let’s take a picture pretending like someone stole our favorite toy.” – the 6 year old.

I pretended like someone stole all my spray paint.

ISO 500, 1/200, f/3.512.14tree-05This makes me happy.

ISO 500, 1/200, f/3.512.14tree-06

They pick out a tree because they know I like it. Really, they prefer the running in and out among the trees and gravel road races.

ISO 500, 1/250, f/3.512.14tree-07

ISO 500, 1/400, f/3.512.14tree-08

ISO 500, 1/400, f/3.512.14tree-09

ISO 500, 1/400, f/3.512.14tree-10

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  • BIRD - Oh these looks wonderful…it is such a beautiful christmas tradition to go out and search for you own christmas tree… sadly we do not do this around my area, but I definitely would prefer to search for my tree in the forest instead of buying just any tree …. and the kids look so happy too! Wonderful – wish you a great tree decorating!

    Love from Germany and the fatcatconnection

  • Gris fleur - Oh ! I’d love to do that. But here in the Netherlands, we can do it but after Sinterklaas :((( As we like to set up the tree on the 1st day of Advent, it dosen’t work ! Have fun !

  • Liz - I have always wanted to real tree!! I have my fingers crossed for next year. Did you just set your camera on the ground, prop it up with something, and set the timer???

  • Michelle Hill - I love your family photo tradition with the tree :) So crazy how fast time flies by.
    Oh, little one and that dress…I can’t! Too cute :)

  • Julie - I love the photo of you with your boys (actually I love all of them). My family is raised now…how I miss my kids at that stage and all the hugs. Thanks for sharing your joy!

  • Lindsey McClennahan - haha this year has been especially crazy with tempuratures also!! : ) Such a sweet family! I have been loving keeping up with you all since the beautiful art of balance! Hope you’re doing well, it seems like you really are!!

  • jenw - Kids are such funny creatures. I love that you’re in a sweater. Chris is wearing a jacket. But the kids are in shorts and flip flops! :)

    Also, I don’t know what age it happens…but look at Oldest vs Youngest’s feet in the pic of you with the 3 boys. At some point the feet become less like their own appendages with individual toes and more like a whole foot as an extension of the leg with toes that are just part of that foot. I don’t know if it’s a loss of flexibility or what. But it’s something only young children have. If you watch their feet when they’re sitting quietly in young children their toes move separately. Later that stops and toes are just on the end of the feet.

  • Meg - Ha! I have a go to yellow cardigan from Target that people at church must think is my only sweater. I swear the mustard yellow goes with everything ;)
    Great photos. You inspire me daily to pull out my camera and keep shooting. One day it will all click. No pun intended and I will start getting the shots that I want to get. It is a huge help when you post your pic stats (not sure what to call it)

  • susie - Looks a lot warmer than our trip to the bighorn mtns in wwyoming to go get our tree! It was cold and windy but a lot prettier… I would trade the mountians for some flip flops though! The cold didn’t bother the kids though, they made tunnels in the snow1

  • Susan - It looks as though you had a wonderful, warm day for hunting your tree. I cannot believe that Little One is now wearing the green dress. Seems like just a little while ago Firecracker was wearing it. Love to see your precious memories in the making.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Shannon - We went to the Owasso Christmas Tree farm on Sunday to pick out our tree too. This was our fourth year! We look forward to it every year and love it! It’s really fun to see your family enjoy the same tradition.

  • Arlene - I love the story as told by your photos. The one with you and your boys is priceless. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah - I look forward to your Christmas tree photo every year. Thanks for sharing your family and creativity with us!

  • Diana - Awesome!! I thought it was pretty good the husband was in short sleeves (but pants and shoes) when we got our tree here in Indiana this weekend! And beautiful shots, as always.

  • Alice H - the weather the other day was such a tease!! Love these pictures. And do you know that I have never had a REAL live tree in the 32 years I have been alive

    :-( every year I say I think I will go get one and out comes the artificial one. My poor kids!!

  • Cass - I love seeing how your family has grown. You’re a few years ahead of me (we have 4 kids ages 18 mos. – 6) and it’s fun to see where we are headed. Thank you for sharing your sweet family with so many. This blog is a sunny spot in my day. :)

  • Debbie C - Something about these pictures brought tears to my eyes. So much beauty and joy.

  • Julie - I laughed so long and hard over you pretending you lost your spray paint! It was so unexpected among all the sweet family togetherness pics….I love coming here.

  • Jenny B. - So fun! We had the same crazy weather here in NW Ark., and I was just thinking that I’ve never packed away summer clothes, and can’t really imagine living in a place that was cold enough in the winter to do so. :)

  • Kristin S - 2009. Have I really been following your blog for five years?!?! I remember that pic with Firecracker as a baby.
    Seriously, every year I love your tree hunting posts. So glad you take pictures too.

  • Kelleyn - A lovely day!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - I look forward to these pictures every year! And watch out – I may just have to steal that cardigan. :)

  • Carrie Rowe - Such special memories.

  • Hili - Hi Ashley , are you using self timer or a remote for these photos ?

  • Tanya - Great photos. I love that the puppy made it with! Chickens and a cat made me laugh. I’ve been known to wear the same sweater at Christmas, always cracks me up to look back at pictures later. Can’t wait to see the decorated tree in your home. Thanks for sharing.

  • Abby - Oh man, that picture of you with your boys! Love!

  • Kate S. - This is a beautiful post and makes me want to go right out a tree farm and pick out a tree, even though we have no children and haven’t put up a tree in 7 years, lol.

    This year I went “all out” and replaced the wreath I’ve hung on our front door for the past 4 years with a beautiful swag. I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, too, because I actually put lights on this swag. First time–ever–I’ve put up anything lit on our house.

    My neighbors must think I’m the grinch. Or maybe that we’re Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  • SedaSD - Great pictures, great tradition..I can see through these pictures Global Warming though :)))

  • Maureen - Goodness, that little green dress of Little Ones looks very familiar! Family treasures. (=

  • Audra - I love all of your photos but my favorites are the family ones. Such a beautiful family!

  • Jenn - I love your Christmas tree post every year. so much fun

  • Lynet Witty - absolutely adorable. love how you take one every year. and that pic of your stolen spray paint!? priceless.

  • Meliss - This is such a great tradition. I wish we lived in a cooler climate that had Christmas tree farms.

  • Jen - I love this tradition of yours… I look back at these photos and I can tell when I started to read your blog. It was 2010; Firecracker’s cherub face won me over. Its been a pleasure watching your family grow over the years!

  • Nicole - I love seeing the instant and deep connection between Chris and Little One!

  • Joy - Can we see how you decorated your tree?!

So there are bloggers that look at the calendar and logically plan out posts in advance. Bloggers, who are so organized and on top of blogging, that they would not post their favorite Advent books the day Advent begins. Bloggers who would thoughtfully write a post about Advent several weeks in advance to give others time to plan ahead for Advent too. I, unfortunately, am not one of those bloggers. I’m kind of more whatever is right in front of my face is all I can think of right now!

Advent begins today and I am sharing some of our favorite books for this season. As much as I would like to say we remember every night to sit down together to celebrate Advent, there are many days we don’t. We play catch up. So…if you are okay playing catch up too, some of you might enjoy these books.


Last year several friends recommended Jotham’s Journey. We started it half way through December and my boys did not want me to put it down. The girls weren’t ready for it, but it was perfect for my boys. It is full of adventure and thrills. It is set up in chapters that you read a little each night. Each chapter has great discussion questions at the end. It is so, so good. We can’t wait to start it back up and go at a slower pace this year. Well, my boys won’t be thrilled about about the slower pace….

12.14advent-03The Story of St. Nicholas is not an Advent book, but is one of our favorites during this season too. It tells the story of St. Nicholas and how his story led to Santa Claus.12.14advent-05

Last year I read Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift. Originally, my plan was to read it as a family at night. However, it was too hard for my kids to really grasp. I’ll work through this one by myself this month. It is a beautiful book for slowing down and reflecting on Jesus and the role my faith plays out in my day to day life…especially in this season that seems so hustle and bustle.12.14advent-02This is Ann’s new book that follows The Greatest Gift. Unwrapping the Greatest Gift is more family friendly and one will do as a family probably each evening. The girls aren’t ready for Jotham’s Journey, so this will be for our whole family.12.14advent-04The next pictures are in no way related to Advent or Christmas books. After I took a few pictures of the books, I got distracted by the lights and ornaments. I spent a few minutes playing with capturing the light at different settings. So, I thought I’d go ahead and include a few with a photo tip.

Photo Tip: Your lens (aperture) determines how blurry your background is in your photos – not your camera. If you are shooting in Auto mode, try switching your camera to the Av (A) mode. In this mode, you are changing your aperture. The smaller the number, the wider open the lens is…and the blurrier your background. During the day, set up an ornament with lights about a foot behind the ornament. Practice in good light changing your aperture to watch how the lights change.

Below are my settings (past SnapShop students those are for you – watch how much the ISO and shutter speed change!):

ISO 2500, 1/40, f/22


ISO 800, 1/100, f/10


ISO 320, 1/250, f/2.8


And that was random for a Monday! Also…yeah for Amazon Prime:)

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  • Ashley - there is a story called Tabitha’s travels by the same author as Jotham’s travels…Its another advent story

  • dana - i had to laugh a little as i read the first paragraph…really, it’s like you were in my world. i LOVE “the greatest gift”…bought it weeks ago and couldn’t wait to open it this morning. well, last night, i had the brilliant thought that my 3 daughters (two live out on their own and one is in college) would probably love it too! i’m pretty sure that Amazon Prime was made for people like me!! So…the girls will get their books by Tuesday and need to do a day or two catch-up, but atleast we will be “slowing down” together and not forgetting that HE is the real gift of the season…a gift given to us…not made by us.

  • Michelle Hill - Don’t be so hard on yourself, there are some of us “blog readers” who may not even know about advent calenders and related Christmas books, so this was a great intro post :) Thank you!

  • Bambi - Just looking at those books makes me wanna have kids immediately! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Greetings from Italy and a lovely december to you!



  • Cathy - I love that you posted these today! I am doing books with my daughter during the season and have been on the lookout for good ones that are more than just cute stories and will have to add these to my list to get when she is ready…she is only 2.5 :)

  • Seamingly Sarah - Hank you for sharing those books with us. I loved 1,000 gifts and can’t wait to read more of Ann’s books. The story of St. Nicholas looks really good too. I like to give my girls that perspective of Santa.

  • Carrie Olsen - As in a comment above mentioned, there are actually two more books in the Jotham series… Tabitha’s Travels and Bartholomew’s Passage. All three are equally good, full of excitement, danger, suspense, etc. And the details by the author are full of creativity, as he intertwines the lives of all three characters (done in separate books), and leading to the same ending – the birth of Christ. You’ll find yourself saying, “Oh I remember that situation from the other book.” Our family reads them every year, and yes, we have many a time where we are playing catch up.
    There is also a completely separate story, by the same author, to read during Lent… It leads up to the death and resurrection of Jesus. It’s just as good. Enjoy!

  • Connie - Why would the St Nic book cost $35??

  • Jenny - I picked up ‘Treasuring God in Our Traditions’ by Noel Piper a few years ago and have gone back to it a few times, so keep sharing please. Also wanted to share a little advent activity we are doing this year. Inexpensive Christmas balls written on with different names Jesus Christ is known by in the scriptures (scripture is written on the other side of the ball). We have them in advent bags I made from an old sheet, then stamped with numbers. My girls (5 & 3) have been eager to nibble on the treats (also in the bag – sugary of course!!!) and see the name on the ball, then adding it to the tree.

  • Jolene - I love the ornament pictures , and the last one is my favorite! You can see your reflection in it as well, which makes it even neater :)

  • Teresa Hilliard - The Story of St. Nicholas is a good one. We also liked Closing the Book on Santa Claus by Ron Chandler. It is about a father who tries to save his daughter’s holiday celebration after it is cancelled at the local school. He organizes a rally at city hall, but unexpected calamity prevails. My daughter made me read it to her twice.

I’m wrapping up blog posts early this week and finishing with another photo related post and giveaway ~ this time related to Christmas cards (or cards in general).

We didn’t send out Christmas cards last year, which is a bit odd because I am a big fan of Christmas cards. I love checking the mail in December to find cards from friends. The photo cards are my favorite – it is often the only printed photo I get of my friends and their families. I use the cards to update my phone contacts each year (here is a post on that). Last year I just dropped the ball. This year I am ahead of schedule (friends don’t look).

I’m not showing the back of my card, I have to leave a little bit of a surprise for my friends. Though if they read my blog, it won’t be that surprising. I ordered a 1Canoe2 Pop card – the design pops out to be an ornament. The pink, green and white won me over instantly. I’ve also been a big fan of 1Canoe2 for several years. They designed a few of the new Mpix cards, which makes me happy.

recipeforcrazyTo get you started on your Christmas cards, Recipe For Crazy is giving away one personalized photo card and a $50.00 store credit. There are 8 different photo card designs to choose from and will be personalized with your photo and personal information. A high-resolution PDF and jpg file will be provided for you to print where you wish. I recommend uploading your pdf to Mpix.com and printing your cards there.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday, enjoy 25% off your total purchase and follow @lesleyzellers on instagram for flash sales and BOGO offers.recipecardsrecipeshop

StampI thought the winner would need a cute custom stamp to go along with the personalized cards.  Dear Madaline Designs is giving away one custom self inking stamp. You can choose your design….maybe a custom return address to send out all those cards so you aren’t writing them all!

Follow @shopdearmadaline on instagram.  Orders can be made by emailing Madaline at dearmadalinedesigns at gmail dot com



Since the winner has a custom pdf and a custom stamp, I thought he or she probably needs to get those cards printed.  Mpix.com is giving away 100 cards to round out this giveaway!

With Mpix, you can print your own custom designs (like cards you purchase from Recipe For Crazy) or you can choose from a huge selection of pre-designed cards. I print all my thank you cards, greeting cards, and Christmas cards from Mpix. Sometimes I design my own (or have my sister design them). Other times I use the pre-designed options.

Nov. 28th 5am – Noon (central), Mpix will be offering 25% off Christmas and holiday cards. Promo code: cards14



Giveaway Details:

1 winner chosen at random


Personalized photo card and $50 shop credit from Recipe For Crazy

Custom self inking stamp from Dear Madaline Designs

100 cards from Mpix.com


Winner: Natalie (email begins “maeb…”)


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  • Melissa - You have the best giveaways! Thank you for the chance!

  • Jessica H. - This is awesome!

  • Dawn Ritchie - I was just excited to win a credit to your sister’s shop! The rest is icing. :)

  • Jenidi - This is such a great giveaway. I’m looking forward to sending out cards soon!

  • Danielle Lusk - What cute stamps!! What a fun opportunity. Thanks~

  • Mary Reynolds - Perfect timing for a perfect giveaway!

  • Connie - Goodness, another one? :-) Thanks for doing all this!

  • Emily - Love the Christmas cards!

  • Shelby - Fingers crossed!

  • Aliesha - These are all so adorable! I haven’t picked out my cards yet, so this would be perfect.

  • Heidi E - Such a fun giveaway!

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  • tricia - you are an amazing woman and gift giver! what a kind soul! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Candy - Sorry if this posted twice . . . perfect timing! I really need some Christmas cards. Great giveaway.

  • Jessica - I love sending out Christmas cards. This is a great giveaway!

  • Court B - Every prize is awesome and something I am likely to purchase for myself if I don’t win. Thanks!

  • Gemma Celeste - Thanks for all the great recommendations!

  • Janie R - I also love Christmas cards! Now that we’ve purchased a house and will be in one place for a while, a custom stamp would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Natalie - Would love this!!

  • Lisa V - Yay for great Christmas cards! Thanks for the chance Ashley :)

  • Erin C - such cute stuff!!

  • Joe - What a nice giveaway!!!

  • Erica - This must be why I forgot to get christmas cards printed yesterday when I was in town! What a wonderful opportunity.. thanks!

  • Michelle - Hohhot this would be awesome as I am late on my game with cards this year!

  • Chiara M - We’re expecting our first baby any day now and I’m really excited we’ll get to put a photo of our newly expanded family on our Christmas cards! This would be a great way to get those photo cards out to everyone. Thanks for the giveaways, Ashley.

  • Caitlin Weaver - Wow, what a giveaway!!

  • Anna - Your giveaways are so thoughtful (just like your writing)! I hope I win this one!

  • Michelle Hill - I love your sister’s stuff! she is so creative. Good luck to meeeee ;)

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  • Hilary B - I love everything about this. I’m totally slacking on Christmas cards this year (so unlike me) and winning this would light the fire I apparently need to get started. Thank you for the opportunity!

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    Have a great thanksgiving!!

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  • Holly Ross - Thank you so much for this giveaway! In the past, I have always done handmade Christmas cards, but being back in school has made life pretty hectic and stressful! I love how easy Mpix cards and they always turn out just as gorgeous as something handmade, without all the time! I would be so grateful to win this giveaway so that my family members can still enjoy beautiful Christmas cards this year!

  • Zenobia - Wonderful! Thanks!

  • Monique - I’m totally behind on getting our cards ready so this would be awesome! Great ideas!

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  • Carrie - Best Giveaway! Wouldn’t this just make my day! Thank you for the fun opportunity.

  • Meghan - This week of posts has been so fun! Thanks for sharing all of these great shops. I especially love your sister’s designs.

  • Brittany F. - Wow! This is an amazing giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your little corner of the internet :) It’s quite a happy place!

  • Jodi Lemons - Thank you for this giveaway. But, most importantly, thank you for your beautiful blog!

  • Jennifer - Love this. Love you.

  • Mandi A - Great giveaway!

  • Kati R - Fantastic giveaway!

  • beckie - such beautiful things!! thank you for the opportunity!

  • Stacy - Ashley, you always have the best ideas! I was just lamenting how I won’t be sending Christmas cards because I don’t have a cute family photo. I didn’t know about these cute design type cards I could use instead! Thank you!

  • Meg - Great give away!

  • Ashley - Best! Cute ideas.

  • Kel - What a nice give away. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  • Haley - Great giveaway! I love the ornament that pops out. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  • Kristin L - I also love Christmas cards, but just can’t afford them this year because I became a stay-at-home mom this year!! So, winning this giveaway would be awesome!

  • Lisa - I would LOVE to win! I love giving Christmas cards.

  • Christy - Wow, what a great giveaway!

  • Sada - I love using mpix’s DIY cards!! :)

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  • Kara M - Giveaways should be the new black friday! :D

  • rebekah - <3 all of this!

  • Sara W - Would love to win this! I love sending out Christmas cards.

  • Natalie - My husband and I just put our cards in the mail. We did diy photo cards when we normally just send generic ones. Now that we’ve sent them once I’m thinking we’ll have to do them every year!

  • Stephanie George - Thanks for the fun giveaway! Your sister’s designs are so cute. And I’d love that self inking stamp!

  • Lisa K - I didn’t send Christmas cards last year either. It bothered me for a long time because I always send them. Thanks for another giveaway!

  • Jessica S - What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Sarah Crosby - Love you’re Christmas card!!! Fingers crossed to win!

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  • Laura M. - I love sending Christmas cards too, although this year things are very hectic for us, so I’ve decided that if I end up doing them….great. If I don’t feel like it this year, also ok!

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  • Christie Darago - This is a great giveaway! Would love to win! Just came home from Thailand with our new 12 year old daughter and funds are tight, so this would be a great way to send out a new family pic without the expense!

  • Amy - Oh I would love to win this!

  • Susanna - What a great giveaway!

  • Kelli Blinn - This is amazing – I would love to win this giveaway!!!

  • Sherrie Berry - Always love your blog. Thanks for doing this:).

  • Ashley Emerson - We plan to have our three kids under three years old dress as elves for our holiday card this year! This giveaway would help us polish it all off!

  • Brittany - Love this!! Your sister’s store is one of my favourites :)

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  • Brittany A - i was just looking to order Christmas cards, looks like I can hold off for a few days!

  • Aubrey - These cards are so cute!

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  • Hannah S. - Christmas cards are my favorite! Thanks for another great giveaway!!

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  • Lindsey p - Oh this would really help a lot! Christmas cards are always one thing i forget to budget for, and they add up!

  • jessica - love all the designs!

  • Amy T-Y - As a Hallmark writer, I LOVE that you appreciate good ol’ fashioned ink-on-paper cards! (Clearly, so do I!). These designs are lovely.

  • Virginia - You always have the cutest stuff on your site!

  • Kara - PICK ME! PICK ME!

  • amie davidson - Holy Shmoly!! Awesome giveaway.

  • Karen - I’m so glad you share all of the wonderful products and websites. I wouldn’t know about them if it wasn’t for you!

  • Amy Little - Ashley you are the best! I can always rely on you for the best info and tips. Hope you have a happy thanksgiving. Smooches!

  • Amy M - Thanks for the chance to win! Happy Holidays!

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  • Sara Neufeld - What a wonderful giveaway!!! I would absolutely love to win!!

  • Amelia W. - I love them all!

  • Brooke - This would be amazing to win! I need all the help I can get with Christmas cards;) fingers crossed!

  • Katie - Thanks for the great giveaways this week!

  • Jacque - After totally dropping the ball the last TWO years in a row, I am determined to get cards out this year! Now I’m just (impatiently) cyber-stalking the photographer who took our family pics last weekend..

  • Leah S. - Super excited about this giveaway! Love it all!

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  • Sarah - Thanks for a chance to win!

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  • Carolyn roust - Wow!! So much goodness!! I am going to check all of these out.
    Lots of love Ashley to you! I took your class in January and am still
    Loving taking photos of my kids :))) I also just updated my henna
    Website and noticed that my photos were worlds better than a year ago, so thank you for being
    Part of this journey for me!!
    I dig your style and appreciate all of your recommendations.
    Happy thankSgiving :) I am grateful for you!!
    Love, carolyn

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  • Christie Otts - Best giveaway!!!

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  • Lori L. - This would certainly get my butt in gear this year with my Christmas cards! I have always eyed up Recipe for Crazy’s artwork too! Love, Love!

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  • Cristy Mullin - I’m holding off on ordering any cards in hopes that I win this! Hehe :)

  • Anna - LOVE mpix. Best prints & photo products and awesome customer service!

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  • Christy - That stamp is adorable! Love your blog!

  • Tamra - What a fun giveaway! Would love to have a personalized Christmas card by Recipe for Crazy…all the designs are so cute! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Jana B - Love this!

  • Miranda - I Love all these businesses! I def was going to look into Lesley’s cards this year! #shopsmall :D

  • Marnae - Once again, hoping to win this fun give away. Once again, thank-you for sharing bits of your life on this blog.

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  • Marissa - Such awesome prizes! Looking forward to seeing who wins!

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  • Charity G. - Such a great giveaway. I always want to do cards. I love getting them. Maybe this will be the year (winner or not). :)

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  • Jessie - FIngers crossed!

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  • priya - gosh, these posts are really getting me into the Christmas craft spirit!

  • Jody - Oh Ashley, I’ve never commented before, but I love your blog. Your words are always encouraging to me :)
    and ps. I would love to win!

  • Marla - Oh these are so pretty!

  • Juliana - Christmas cards are my favorite and I too dropped the ball last year! :( This makes me very excited to prep for this year!!

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  • Jessica Gemeinhart - The pop out ornament is awesome! Thanks for the giveaway…fingers crossed!

  • Sara S. - Lovely!!

  • Brittany B - I love sending out Christmas cards to friends and family both near and far! What a lovely giveaway to make it more personalized!

  • Jessica - I look forward to receiving Christmas cards every year! This would be an amazing prize to win!

  • Kristen - Love those stamps!

  • Paige - This would be amazing!

  • Melissa Price - I think if I won this giveaway I wouldn’t know which item to order first or where to start, they are all brilliant!!!

  • Joanna O. - What gear suggestions! Thanks so much for putting this awesome giveaway together!

  • Melinda - Love it, Love it and Love it! So cute:)

  • Shauna Wortinger - Just got my family pictures taken….would love to have these items to get my cards out in the mail.

  • Whitney Foster - What a generous giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Meredith - This is such a fun giveaway!

  • christian j - i’m hoping we win! christmas cards aren’t in the budget this year, so we would be so appreciative to send these out to our friends and loved ones!

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  • Cindy - I fell out of the habit of sending Christmas cards several years ago, but this giveaway will inspire me to start again – thank you!

  • Emily - Yay! Happy holidays to you and your beautiful family, Ashley!

  • Jessica - Oh my, yes!

  • Rebekah Bennett - I agree, getting Christmas cards in the mail is so fun!

  • Amy D - So many lovely things! Thank you!

  • elizabeth H - this giveaway makes me all sorts of Happy Giddy! Love your sis!

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  • Michele - I’ve been drooling over all the Mpix card designs lately! Love so many – not sure how I’ll choose!

  • Jessica McFarlin - HOPE I WIN :)

  • Katie - What a great giveaway!

  • CassM - Christmas cards is my FAVOURITE time of year, indeed! I love the giving and the receiving …. and I have a little self-contest seeing which friend sends the first card of the year. Great anticipation!

    Thanks again for all your fantastic links!

  • Stephanie - LOVE this Ash! Love and miss you friend! Happy Thanksgiving…

  • Ronda - Sounds great

  • Angela - You’re giveaways are always amazing! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

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  • Anne Lobin - Thanks so much for the opportunity to win these great prices! I love getting Christmas cards, gotta start writing mine soon!

  • Seda - We are visiting NYC for the first time as a family and if I win I will do a NYC card to send this year!

  • Bethany - What a wonderful set of giveaways! I would love any of them????

  • Bek Ryder - What cool cards that pop out to be ornaments!! :D

  • LisaAnn - You come up with the cutest ideas and the best resources. The address stamps are so fun.

  • Jelena - Oh what a lovely collection!

  • Ellen - I love the design you picked out for your cards, so pretty!

  • Jen - Pretty!

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  • christina larsen - cute cards! I have not sent out cards for the past few year…major fail on my part.

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  • Sarah - Thanks for another great giveaway!!

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  • Leighanna - I wasn’t planning to send cards this year because of budget constraints, but this would be such a blessing!

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    Thanks again for the great giveaways this week!

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  • Rhyea - I ‘ve been so bad about Christmas cards.

  • Susannah - I’d love to win!!! :-)

  • Jessie Pritting - I would love to win this too!!

  • natalie - Love it! :)

  • Heather - Such beautiful designs!

  • jill - Would love to win this giveaway. I haven’t sent them out in years. Just don’t have the money too…

  • Erin - Oy, fantastico! I love entering your drawings!

  • Jennifer - Fingers crossed!

  • Sara - oh what fun!! I’m bouncing around your blog today, it’s good for my soul!

  • Brianna - Lovely giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. I have been eyeing a couple things in your sisters shop!

  • Angela - Love this giveaway! I even have a Recipe for Crazy print in my home!

  • Bora Pogeler - Love recipe for crazy’s designs! Amazing! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Mona - What a great giveaway! Thank you!!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Becca - Love this!!

  • Andrea - Pretty much the coolest giveaway ever!

  • Elisabeth - So exciting. I love this whole bundle of goodies.

  • Jeanne - Fingers crossed…
    Thankful for your blog!

  • Amanda K - Happy Christmas Season to you and yours. :)

  • Rachel Dallaire - I love getting photos from friends and family in their cards. I keep them on my fridge all year to remind me to pray for them.

  • Amanda B - I looooove getting snail mail Christmas cards!!!

  • katherine - huhuhu! how i wish i could win. your sister is talented & i love mpix cards.

  • Andrea - I still need to take our Christmas photo! Maybe this weekend.

  • Laura - Oh my goodness, I would die to win this giveaway! Have a happy thanksgiving!

  • Roshena - You think of everything!What a fun giveaway.

  • Jessica - What fun prizes! Love your sweet blog!

  • Sadie - Thank you for the opportunity to win something! I love your blog and I am always inspired by you.

  • anne eicher - What a fun giveaway! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! :)

  • Laurie - Yay for Christmas cards! I’m a huge fan of 1 Canoe 2, as well, so I loved seeing one of their cards featured in your post!

  • Alexis - We have a new baby (our 5th girl!) to show off in our cards this year!

  • Crystal F - Every year I want to take a cute picture to make a Christmas card. Maybe this year I’ll get to it!

  • Genesis - I love the pop-out ornament. What a great idea! Fun giveaway, thank you for the opportunity :)

  • Lynn Osborne - Wow! This is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Bethany - I love your pop out Christmas card and your sister’s designs are always awesome!

  • Kate Weaver - I am grateful for this space you have created where so many of us can come for inspiration and blessing. Thank you!

  • Tressa Potts - Wow!! What an awesome giveaway!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Connie Thackaberry - This is such a fun contest!!!!

  • Cindy McAllister - I love these cards…what a wonderful and creative way to give an ornament and share a photo.

  • Julie G - I haven’t sent out cards in a few years but I miss it! And these are beautiful!

  • tracey o - Awesome giveaways, thank you! Happy turkey day!

  • Amanda - Pick me!

  • Jen - I’m slacking on the Christmas cards this year so winning this would be good motivation. What a fun giveaway!

  • Lindsey B - pick me! ;) I also enjoy sending and receiving customized Christmas cards! One of my (many) favorite holiday traditions.

  • Amber - Wow another great giveaway!!!! Thanks for the chance to win again.

  • Heidi Knipple - Oh how I love the pink and green together!

  • Brooke - Love it all!

  • sam - Maybe if I win I will actually get Christmas cards sent instead of New Years cards. :)

  • Caitlin Tufts - Lovely cards! This post is inspiring!

  • Julie - Would love to take your snapshot course…and have been wanting to try m-pix! Thanks for all your inspirational posts!

  • Rhonda - Cute Christmas cards!! I would love to win this!

  • Crystal - love all these give away! so good.

  • Liz Donald - Fantastic!

  • Heather - crossing my fingers- this is my favorite :)

  • Janice - What a great opportunity!! I’d love to be able to send photo cards of our three “turkeys” to our family and friends. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  • Kelly - Love, love, love-Great giveaway!!

  • Betsy - Oh what a wonderful giveaway. Thank you Ashley! love your blog

  • Sara M. - I would love all this for my Christmas cards. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Courtney Howard - I hope I win! I need some help getting on top of Christmas cards:)

  • Karla Westfall - This like the perfect giveaway this season.

  • Veronica - Thank for the fun giveaway!

  • Colleen - LOVE Lesley’s designs!

  • Alexis - This would be a dream!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Noelle - Such cute ideas!

  • Melissa K. - With an adoption in process and three bio kids to chase meanwhile, the only way I’ll get cards out this year is with a kick-in-the-pants that winning something like this would be. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • Marissa - I’d love to win!!!

  • Amber - Beautiful!

  • Sara - Wow! What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks for the chance! And please tell your sister her designs are amazing.

  • Megan - So fun!

  • Stacy - I love all of the card designs on MPix.com. I haven’t printed anything from them before, but would love to do my Christmas cards soon!

  • Mary Solomon - Wonderful products and dreamy prizes to win!!!

  • heather - Thank You for all these wonderful posts with such great advice posted in such a beautiful way. I have enjoyed today’s very much and am now looking forward to getting/doing christmas cards after the inspiring collections you have now shown! Thank you!

  • Lindsay - I want to send out Christmas cards this year, it will be the first time I have done that. I know, I know! :)

  • babs - what fun!!!

  • Alison - Stopped doing Christmas cards but really want to do it this year. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the chance!

  • Ang - Way to go on the fun, festive give-aways!!

  • Lisa - Amazing giveaway! Love your cards!

  • Savannah - Such pretty cards!

  • Nika - Those cards are too cute!

  • Letha Carlton - I always enjoy your comments and tips on photograph. It has helped me relax and just have fun! It is wonderful how you embrace the everyday & capture the moment. Making memories with family & friends priceless!!

  • Carrie - Thanks for the entry and your blog. I mostly follow on ig:)

  • Christine - Ooh! Love those cards! Also, thank you for your generosity!

  • Lindsey A - So excited, pick me pick me!!

  • Janet C - Love reading your blog and hearing of these crafty things!

  • Designer Radiators - Thanks For sharing these Christmas Cards. What a great way to kick off the holiday!

  • Candace - What an amazing giveaway! Just in time to grab one of your Sisters amazing designs! She did our card last year and we LOVED it!

  • Sarah Mac - We have never sent out a Christmas card. I had better get on that before my kids grow up before my eyes.

  • Meg G - Happy Thanksgiving! Great giveaway!

  • Nancy M - Great choice on the pink and green pop out card. Love that one too!

  • Trinity - So fun!!!

  • Beccy - I haven’t gotten to sending out cards yet, and this would sure make it more fun! Thanks!

  • Tarah Nelson - I would love to win this!!!

  • Andrea Johnson - Love all of this!!

  • Darcy Struckmeier - Great giveaway! pick me! :)

  • Lisa - Yahoo!

  • Whitney - Love your photos and site! Get inspired every time I look! Excited for the chance to win, but will still love your site!! :)

  • consuelo - Your Christmas card looks awesome. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

  • Nicole - Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  • autumn - I love the stamp designs…..they are so cute.

  • Debbie C - Another great giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving Ashley!

  • Katie M - Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  • Kathryn McInnish - This is super awesome!

  • momma bug - Oh friend~ I love your blog, your photos, your heart! I would love to win this giveaway, but anyway, this is a good opportunity to say thank you again. You bless me :-)


  • Elizabeth - CHRISTMAS!

  • Kirsten Tilton - What fun! Happy Thanksgiving to all :)

  • Audrey - How cool to win something…it’s all so pretty!

  • Jamie Binns - I’d love to win this- just in time for Christmas cards with a new baby!

  • Hanna - Sending out Christmas cards is my favourite!!

  • Anna - Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  • Heidi Hicks - So many beautiful cards! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  • Shaun - My favorite mail season of the year!!! We fight to get to the mailbox first!!! Have a great holiday!

  • Claudine - Thanks for sharing the love of christmas! All the way from Quebec, I love to read you!

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