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I mentioned a few weeks ago about Chris starting a new career path. We are still in a transition phase – learning what it is like to be two small business owners.  Initially there were so many new things and details we had to work out, it felt overwhelming. Now we are starting to get in our groove and really enjoying this time for however long it lasts. One of those details we had to work out was related to work hours and computers. I’ve always used a Mac laptop and Chris has had a work laptop. Well, when he left his position that meant returning his laptop. Not a big deal, but just something else we had to figure out. One night we were talking through computer stuff and trying to come up with a plan. We had my computer and my old laptop (broken trackpad and a keyboard). The kids would need one for school stuff, I needed mine for work and he would need a work one too. We were thinking through our options and trying to decide was the wise solution would be.

The next day I got an email from Staples asking if I would be interested in reviewing one of their laptops and giving the same one away on my blog to one of my readers. What?! At first I thought it was a joke. Is Staples really emailing me? Huh? I don’t do many giveaways on my blog anymore for various reasons. However, as you can guess I said yes to this one. It solved our computer dilemma and I would get to give a laptop to one of you. We live in a digital age and with school starting, I am confident there are many of you that wouldn’t mind a new laptop in your hands.

I’m really only familiar with macs, so I leaned on Chris to help me select which laptop to review. We wanted one that would be easy for the kids. My kids all have a hard time with my mac track pad and I don’t have a mouse. So we picked the Acer-V5-531P-4129-156 Touch Screen Laptop- primarily because it has a touch screen like an iPad or iPhone. My boys are still so baffled at the whole idea that a company sent us a computer and is letting us give one away to a friend.

When I was in college I remember taking a computer course and the instructor pointing out that when he said click on something, he didn’t mean put the mouse on the screen and click on the object. Evidently, that had happened a lot. My kids are always trying to swipe their hands on my mac screen like they do with the iPad and iPhone. So for whatever reason, it is kind of funny to me to see them swiping on a screen and it actually working. Oh technology – you are a fun one.

So our favorite aspects of the computer are:

  • touchscreen
  • easy set up
  • has “apps” like Instagram, Netflix, etc. integrated into the start screen
  • vibrant and clear screen
  • built in SD drive
  • clean body design
  • lightweight
  • great speakers and sound
  • less “PC-ish” (like that technical term!) ~ not as bulky/clunky as most PC laptop bodies

Some of the downsides of the computer are:

  • Windows 8 has a learning curve for us, so that will take a bit of getting used to
  • Sometimes the touchpad doesn’t recognize the gestures (movements of our fingers) or it can read accidental ones – probably some user error on this
  • Has a little drag in processing speeds


Prize: 1 Acer-V5-531P-4129-156 Touch Screen Laptop

1 winner, chosen at random

Giveaway ends Wednesday, August 7, 1:00pm US Central


Disclaimer: Staples did provide the laptop, but all the thoughts and opinions expressed here are mine.

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  • Correne J - I love your blog and following your family! A new computer for my soon to be high schooler would be so great! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Sherrie B - Love your blog! Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity!

  • Lisa - What a wonderful opportunity! This is something our family could really use for school, but just don’t have money in the budget for it. Love that it looks so kid friendly ????

  • linda - Wow, what a great giveaway.. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Brooke M. - What a wonderful opportunity! Yay for your family and your new adventures ahead!

  • Shelby A. - Our family has never had a laptop but we’d LOVE to try one!

  • Shea Kennedy - How cool would it be to have a touch screen laptop. Awesome giveaway!

  • Paula - This lap top looks pretty amazing.

  • Heather S. - My kids would be head over heals in love with a laptop. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Lily Prillwitz - love, love, love your blog. You have such a beautiful family and this post shows just how blessings come unexpected.

  • Mikhal - Wow! Just found this Staples Giveaway and hope to get my comment in before the cut-off. That computer sounds awesome.

  • Rosa Leal - Pick me! I have never owned a new computer in my life! Oh the fun I would have! Thanks!

  • Jennifer - LOVE your blog…it makes me all kinds of happy! My kids could really use a laptop too!

  • Jennifer I. - Would love to win this! I love your blog :)

  • Angela Letulle - Wow, this is awesome! Perfect timing too as I am heading back to school this semester and with 2 others who use the one computer we have for school I was wondering how we were going to do it. This would be awesome to win!

  • Shelley - I absolutely adore your blog!

  • Nanette - Would love to win so I don’t have to share with MY husband anymore!
    Thanks for the chance and LOVE your blog…

  • Brenna - Isn’t if funny how life works out beautifully in times when you least expect it?

  • Sarah Theis - What a great giveaway – and great timing!

    We are in need of laptop! We’ve been researching and trying to decide what to do as well. This would be wonderful!

  • Kelvin - :) cool and new laptop would be nice

  • shaunie - Would love to have this for my home office

  • Melissa Hillier - God works in mysterious ways. Isn’t it awesome that He provided?!?!

  • Gladys - I love that you let your children learn to work the computer!!

  • Nicole B. - How amazing that Staples contacted you RIGHT after you were discussing the laptop situation with you husband? Very cool! Would love to win one as well :)

  • Paul Brighton - Wow looking very beautiful images with good content.

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