while the boys were wrestling on the trampoline

Sometimes they watch the boys from their window. But it usually doesn’t last long.

I love this shot, you can really see how tiny Little One is next to FireCracker. They have the sweetest relationship. It is so hard to remember when they weren’t together. Hard to remember my oldest daughter as the baby in the family. She was never meant to be the baby. She was born for the role of big sister.

Tea parties. Pretend naps. Hair styling.

Little One was not a fan of the hair styling fun, so she moved far away. Bummed out her big sis. That didn’t last long either.

“Seriously mom, are you really going to let her do this to me?”

That last picture kills me every time. I cannot keep from laughing. Kids are so much fun.

For those wonder: FireCracker’s dress is from an off the street vendor in China. Little One’s dress is from Walmart. Little One’s hair scarf is a women’s scarf from Target I cut up and stitched as smaller scarves for the girls. 

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  • elizabeth H - BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL girls!!! i can’t believe Firecracker has Little One’s entire head full of hair clips ~ i LOVE that!!

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