so weird and so honored

Saturday morning I found Little One standing in her room. Her pjs and diaper were on the floor. Her bed soaked.

Next up, breakfast and scrambling to find shin guards and the right jersey for my oldest’s soccer game.

Coop building.

More coop building.

Dinner at my grandpas. It was the 5 year anniversary of my grandma’s passing.

I instagrammed (that is technically a word now, right?) a photo of my Grandma’s poppies in bloom. Shortly after the photo posted, there was a comment that the latest issue of Parents magazine was out. The issue where my blog is featured. After baths and bedtimes and re-tucking kiddos in bed, I dove into the current SnapShop going on. Eventually, my workshop work was done and it was time to go to the grocery store for food for the Mother’s Day dinner at my house the next day.

It was after 10:00pm when I finally made it to the store. Got my groceries and my copy of Parents. There were a couple of other shoppers near the magazine aisle, so I snuck back to an empty aisle for a picture. I am pretty sure the video security person must have enjoyed watching me.

I am so honored and still in shock to have my blog featured among those listed as “6 blogs we can’t live without”. My blog won in the photography category. While it is an incredible honor it is also so weird. It is weird because I am just a mom that wakes up to a toddler without a diaper and a 9 year old that is late for his game because his shin guards are buried somewhere under all the laundry piles. I’m a mom at Walmart at 10pm just starting to plan for the family dinner I’m hosting the next day.  It is weird because it feels like someone glamorous or with an organized life should be featured…not me with my ball cap hair and sawdust still on my jeans. Nonetheless, for whatever reason you guys nominated and voted for this blog. It baffles me. Thank you for that. Thank you for encouraging me in what I do here. Thank you.

I showed the boys the magazine. My oldest said, “Woah, we won? That’s cool.”

My 7 year old looked and said, “WOW. Mom this is incredible! It is amazing! I can’t believe it!  Camo is famous!! Look at how little and cute she was”

Camo is his chicken.

Thank you to all those that nominated and voted for this blog. I’m humbled and grateful. Not to mention, you made my son’s year. He has a famous chicken!


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  • Megan - Beyond deserved :) Congrats! I love that your kids get to see you successful doing all of the things you love (being a Mom of course being the best one, I’m sure) :)

  • katygirl - you look like your sister in the grocery store pic! and i’m really happy for you, friend. congrats.

  • liz - hi! congratulations on the mention in Parents Magazine. I actually just read my issue and came straight to your blog. Very lovely!

  • Alida - You deserve to be in that magazine! You always have such a positive attitude and you work God into your blog:) It keeps all of your readers looking on the good side of things. (You also take amazing photos!) Thank you so much for posting, it impacts so many people in such a good way:)

  • Brooke - Way to go Ash!!! So proud!!! Love you!!

  • Sierra - Congrats! I love your blog so much! The part about his famous chicken made me smile so big, that is super cute!

  • Staci - Thank you for showing us that you don’t have to be perfect to be extraordinary! You inspire me & give me comfort in knowing that I don’t have to be perfect either. I have a very full life & tend to focus on the imperfections instead of the miracles that come from them. Thank you!!!!

  • Michelle W - Never did I doubt that you’d be on this list. You’re kind of a big deal ;)

  • Elisha Wooter - Congratulations!! What a wonderful honour for you Ashley Ann!! Your blog is amazing and I find it incredibly inspiring, real and positive. Thank you for your sharing here, you deserve to be published.

    Much love,

    Be richly blessed


    (love your gorgeous boy with his famous chicken!!)

  • Bee Girl - I am new here and loving everything I see and read…so, of course you won!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Nuria - Congrats! This is so cool, and your truly deserve it!!

  • Tamara - I stop reading blogs which seem somehow to perfect – i cant relate to them because they dont reflect what i think is real life. So your blog is just perfect because you’re honest and yet so inspiring – that makes me come back again and again and again.. Congrats, you deserve it!

  • Katie - I found your blog through Parents and I’m so glad I did. You are truly blessed with a beautiful heart and family. I stayed up way too late the other evening reading about your journey to adoption. Amazing. I will be praying for you and your family.

  • Nori - OMGosh… I love the big grin on your son’s face. Congratulations. I love your heart and all the good you do in your family’s lives and in the world. Thank you for sharing your lives and stories with us.

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