it was inevitable {photo session with our chicks}

Chicks grow crazy fast. All the sudden their little tail feathers are coming in and their puffy feathers are being replaced by shiny mature looking feathers. Our girls turned one week old yesterday. We celebrated with a mini photo session. You know I couldn’t pass up the chance to photograph the kids with baby chicks. Too much cuteness…totally worth all that chicken poop I’ve been cleaning. Little One wasn’t quite in the mood for posing with the chicks…

I’ve always known that God created us so differently, so uniquely. I’ve known it in my head all my life. However, being a mom makes it real in my heart too. There is no way to explain how my second born attracts animals and deeply loves them other than it is just simply how God made him. The chicks literally flock to him and ignore the rest of the kids. He is pretty cute too, so I’m a little worried in 10 years it will be girls flocking to him!

Camo is his chick. She just hopped up on his back. She also finds her way to his shoulder and perches. I keep warning him that he’ll get pooped on, but it hasn’t happened and he doesn’t seem to care if it does.

And a few ‘out-takes’…which always end up being among my favorite. FireCracker’s face here is pretty much the best.

Red in mid-air. Amelia is actually the one that flies the most. Her name couldn’t be more perfect.

Red just up and flew right over his foot.

Chicken Poop. My floors are more disinfected in the last 5 days than they have been in a year.

For those that had a few questions about our chickens:

  • The book I recommend the most is A Chicken In Every Yard (a friend recommended it to me and it is my favorite so far)
  • Our chicken breeds are: 2 Buff Orpington (yellow), 2 Ameraucana (mixed color), Barred Plymouth Rock (black), Rhode Island Red (red)
  • Poppy is handling the chicks fine, but she isn’t really allowed around them. We’ve introduced them, but are keeping them totally separated unless Poppy is being held.
  • The visor from Monday’s post was from Twirling Betty
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  • Rebecca - I am SO jealous of firecrackers hair!

  • Carol Van Boening - These pictures are so totally awesome! Love all the natural. I love how your kids get to experience so many cool things from your perspective. You are wonderful parents…they are SO blessed!!

  • Diana - Love your blog and all the riches God has blessed you with. Just love these photos of your kids and chicks! Our chicks turned two weeks old today and I am so amazed at how God created them. They do grow up so fast. Just like our own kids!!! God bless you all and thanks for sharing your life.

  • Genni - Little ones hair is looking lovely.

  • Jack - I love the shots of the chickens in flight! What a great photo session – you have a beautiful family.

  • Sadee Schilling - Your kids are gorgeous! I love how you turned your loft space into a perfect photography studio. Your white-on-white and pops of color always inspire me–when we get home to Colorado, my house is going WHITE! :)

  • Alida - Ameraucanas lay colored eggs, right? I’m pretty sure that was the kind my sister and I had, they laid blue and green eggs. Your chickens are very cute:)

  • Alice - I am loving firecracker’s hair!! It looks so good curly like that!! These pictures are the best! Perfect for Easter!!

  • Samantha - Your two oldest boys have striped shirts and your two girls have striped leggings, i think your youngest boy missed the stripped memo!!!

  • Kristina - You are such a perfect mom and I look up to you!
    I’m 17 and I hope one day I can have a family like you have.
    Sometimes I spend hours on your website and fantasize about how I would deal with all the things you do, how I will live when I grow up. I know I’m pretty young but I’m very sure (i decided this when I was 15 =D) that I want to adopt a child, too. Everyone I talked about this is against it b/c “I will never love it like my own childs”. But you show me that it’s possible. Actually I just wanted to thank you for running this blog! I check on it like everyday. I love your childs, they are so cute and I always look forward to read things about your little one =) okay I sound like a fangirl, I’m sorry. Keep going !
    PS: sorry for bad english.
    PPS: Do you have a job or do you dedicate all your time to your sweathearts?

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - These are darling.
    One of my best friends raised her own chickens for a while but had to give them to her mom (who is also her neighbor – just a little walk away) but they were great fun to be around and see grow. I don’t own our home as we are in a duplex, but if we ever do get our own home, I aspire to have chickens. Your kids are darling. Love the one of the chick on your son’s back.

  • jamie - i have enjoyed the book “free range chicken gardens” :) although ours are only PT
    we have 2 buffs, 2 barred rocks, and 2 aracaunas that are all different ages :) it’s a lot of fun!

  • mandy - oh my goodness! Adorable pics! They came out SO great! Our neighbor just had some pet ducks…. the kids and hubby are trying to convince me that they’d be the best pets ever! :)

  • AshleyAnn - Jamie – love that book. I read the whole thing in two days!

  • AshleyAnn - Kristina – thank you for your kind comment. I spend the majority of my days focused on my role at home. In regards to other work, I do spend time online related to my blog and photography workshops as well.

  • AshleyAnn - Alida – yep, blue and green eggs!

  • Alex - Chickens make a great addition to any photograph lol

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