can you hear her screaming?

FireCracker stopped in a Pottery Barn Kids with me a few weeks ago. As we entered, their little play kitchens greeted us. My girl exclaimed and declared, “How beautiful!”, “I love it!”, “Mommy, look at this little sink!”, “Best Day EVER!!”. She instantly drew a crowd of what I am guessing was grandma’s shopping for granddaughters. They looked on as she dramatically declared her love for the little kitchen set. I, however, was not a fan of the price tag for all the pieces.

We left the store and she wouldn’t stop talking about the kitchen.

Later that night at my grandpa’s house, my sister showed me a picture on her phone of a little kitchen set she had wanted to buy from a local vintage store, but space was an issue. It was perfect. Thankfully, my sister supported me ‘stealing’ it from her (Les, I’ll pass it on when you have room!).

The girls found a note under the Christmas tree that a present was waiting for them in the studio…

Notice she hasn’t even opened it yet, nor does she have any idea what it was – she was just that excited about a big present.

Her big brothers were as excited as I was to watch her open it. Her dramatic flair sure makes this house more fun.

And one so you can see the kitchen in color….

Little One just likes opening and shutting the doors…I see lots more cooking in my future.


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  • maggie may - i have to say that you have inspired me! with four boys (who are kinda like banshees) i keep things that are super cute or precious away from them…does that sound horrible? they break a lot of things and aren’t gentle. BUT…after having seen this awesomeness, i have decided to pull a few of my old favorites out of hiding because i think they’ll have an awesome time with some wonderful old toys. what a great find!
    oh, and i bought those prints from your sis and gave them out to a few friends this Christmas…they loved them. so thanks for a great gift idea!

  • elizabeth H - LOVE these pictures…i can TOTALLY hear her excitement!!
    and that kitchen, gah, it’s PERFECT!!

  • able mabel - LOVE the kitchen set! I can just feel her excitement thru your pictures. How fun!!

  • Zhanna - Oh how I love Firecrackers expressions!!! Lol. Your kiddos are perfection! But I’m sure you already know that ;)

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