a toddler right of passage

A certain toddler learned something new.

It is weird to call her a toddler. But she is, I suppose. She toddles around the house. Toddler.

She was supposed to be napping when I heard strange noises coming through the baby monitor. Upon entering the room, it was clear she reached a toddler rite of passage in this family (and most families I am guessing). She, like her siblings before her, had learned to take off her clothes and diaper. The result of that rite of passage is never good. Nor does it smell like the lovely scents of Christmas.

I was thankful for a washing machine.

Thankful for a dryer.

Thankful she likes baths now.

Thankful we got cleaned up in time to make it to Chris’ staff party.

This photo and the close up of her hands were taken with my dslr, the rest were with my iPhone (and edited with RadLab – link on sidebar)

Happy Friday…I hope your day is full of joy and unexpected surprises (but the kind that smell good)!

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  • felicia - Oh jeez! I’m so glad both of my kids were neat freaks and would never have thought to take their diapers off and make a mess LOL

  • Kate - After a day filled with horrific tragedy in my state, your pictures made me smile! I am thankful for each and every moment (smelly or not) that I have with my kids. I know you are too!

  • Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails} - I have a friend with quadruplets who had to really think outside the box when the kids were small. Not only did they have to sometimes duct tape the diapers on but also put the kids’ pajamas on them BACKWARDS because they were always stripping down with horrible results. It almost sounds like torture but I’m tellin’ you…those kids were sumthin else! :)

  • Alisa - I’ve gotten so attached to her unique and joyful smile. I’m going to miss that smile too. She is beautiful…. darling.

  • Amanda B. - Oh no, Little One, don’t start that! Ha ha, we have one particular 2 year old cutie pie that we like to call a cross between Curious George and Dennis the Menace… he has been sleeping in backwards footie jammies for almost a year now for naptime AND bedtime. Seriously. He performed the takeoffyourclothesanddiaperandsmearthemess trick too many times. He may very well enter kindergarten with backwards jammies on! (wink)

  • Jennifer - Lol I remember when my twins did that! Double stinky….yet so unbelievably precious! She is beautiful and so is your photography!

  • Kimberly Dial - Pictures of your Little One’s smile always make me smile … her joy is contagious! Merry Christmas!

  • Ashley - Her hair is growing sooo fast! She is ADORABLE! I know u cant wait until u can make pig tails!

  • Holly - I am in love with her beautiful smile!!! :)

  • Crystal - Do you have amazing lighting in your bathroom or did you bring in extra lights for this? My sister’s bathroom has no natural light and the pictures I took of my niece in there did not turn out at all!

  • Jen - I just stumbled upon your blog via Bower Power and may or may not have just spent the last 90 minutes reading about your family and specifically about the journey to be united with your little one. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and story with the random world of the internet. Under the Sycamore just went into the favorites folder…

  • Deborah Lougue - Como ela está linda e maravilhosa!! Deus a abençoe!!!

  • Julie - She is sooooo adorable!!! And tell me, how do you get your iPhone pictures to be in focus?!? What’s your secret? Merry Christmas!

  • elizabeth H - I LOVE these pictures SO much!!! My Sweet Pea didn’t like baths for a while, but now she LOVES them…{sometimes it’s rather hard to get her out!}
    I’ve been wanting to capture some photos of her in the tub, but the lighting makes them come out blah. I’ll keep trying though!!

    PS…Little One’s smile ~ melts.my.heart!

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