decorating our tree

I finally got motivated to decorate our tree…kind of.

The boxes of ornaments are still in the attic. Every year I want a ‘beautiful’ tree. The kind you see in a magazine or on Pinterest. Every year I redo the tree about 5 times. It is ridiculous. You don’t have to tell me that a magazine worthy tree is not important. I know. I know. This year, I’m letting go of all that. I told the kids I’d make a paper chain and they can cover the tree in whatever else they want. Maybe not the best decision – we now how full sheets of construction paper hanging on the tree, but they had fun and that is far more important than my dream vintage curated white glistening tree.

My dad will be building me a big worktable in the future. For now the floor works fine.

Me: “No, no.”……as she looks up with her innocent little eyes as if to say, “Me? Can I possibly be doing something I shouldn’t?”

Her response every time I tell her “No, no.”


Now before you think our tree is looking too great based on those photos…let me remind you FULL SHEETS of construction paper are hanging on it. Oh, and that paper chain…it only wraps around the top 1/3 of the tree. Now someone please pin one of those images on your Pinterest board so I can say I have a pinterest worthy true. Hop to it. Thank you.

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  • Erin - I don’t have any kids of my own yet, but my mother is that have a magazine perfect tree type–and she always did, in our formal living room. The tree we spent most of our time around and the gifts went under was the one that the kids decorated. It was her way of having the best of both worlds I suppose!

    Little one is so darn adorable!! You can really tell in the pictures how comfortable she is has become with her amazing and loving family!!

  • Mary - Depending on how dried out your tree gets, you might consider spray painting it white after Christmas. Call it a Winter Tree and decorate it with mittens, scarves, snowmen, etc. I have a friend that does this and in the past she has been able to even have a Valentine Tree.
    Love the pictures – as always!!

  • AshleyAnn - Becky – they are from Ikea…you’ll love them!

  • AshleyAnn - Tracy – hang in there friend! (ps email me those Dec. dates again!)

  • Amy D - ohmigoodness, the cuteness in those no-no pictures! i totally see why you’re gonna miss that smile. thank you for helping me learn to see beauty in what so much of the world considers imperfection. she is absolutely beautiful!

  • Jamie -

    Im sure plenty of others have pinned for you, but heres one more, because I am all about helping make dreams come true! :-)

  • Pamela - Oh my word Little One has a beautiful smile!
    I think this year is probably going to be my last year of being able to decorate the tree just the way I want so I took full advantage.

  • twirling betty - I hear ya man. Our tree never looks like the ones I covet in design mags. But if it did, it would feel too “done”. That’s what I tell myself anyway. That littlest muffin of yours is the cutest bit of trouble around.

  • Pat - I so wanted to pin this blog post but the photo I wanted – the close-up of the paper chain on the tree – won’t come up on Pintrest!! Boo!

  • Paige - Love me some krinkle nose!

  • Kara M - Oh…little one makes my heart melt! I love how she scrunches her nose when she smiles!

  • Susannah - Please put up a picture of your tree! I’d love to see your kids’ creativity!

  • Kimberly F - The picture of Little One wrinkling up her nose at you made me laugh out loud! So cute.

  • Dacia @ Lemon Drop Life - I think letting your kids have fun and make memories of decorating the tree is DEFINITELY pin-worthy!

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