washi tape in Guangzhou! {somitape}

So after my lamenting yesterday regarding never finding any washi tape in China, my online friend Reyna went to work. She is the one that told me about the manufacturing company in Guangzhou. Well, she contacted the company again for me and when I woke up today I had an email from Victor of Somitape. It was our last day in Guangzhou and we’ve ventured all over the city exploring. So for final kicks, we headed to a new district in search of tape. Chris thrives on exploring new places and I really like pretty craft supplies. We are a perfect match.

Here is where the cab dropped us off:

We called Victor’s cell and he met us to help us find the showroom. The factory is located somewhere else. It would have been fun to get to tour the factory. Somitape deals primarily online and with distributors. They are the first washi tape manufacturer in China (I think or one of the very first).

After going inside, they led us up a little staircase to the most beautiful little room I’ve ever seen. I am thinking my studio needs a few of these displays.
9.6.12-3I picked out 35 rolls of tape! I wish I could have filled a few suitcases full. How pretty is this room?! You can order tape online in small quantities or if you are a shop, you can do a big purchase. If you are ever in Guangzhou, China and want to visit – let me know. I will help you find the showroom.

This is Victor and Annie. They went above and beyond to let us come visit and shop. They were so kind to our family.
9.6.12-4Thank you Victor, Annie & Reyna for a very fun way to end an incredible time in China!

After indulging in tape and some last yummy food, we headed to take a train to Hong Kong. This is our guide Helen. She was so wonderful…kind and caring. I asked her a million questions about Chinese culture and she was so gracious to answer them. She was with us when we met our daughter and she coordinated all the official stuff. We just showed up when she told us to and she did the rest. She is a huge part of why our trip went so smoothly and stress free. She will always be a very special part of our memories from this trip.
9.6.12-9Crossing the border into Hong Kong…so crazy that last time I was on that train I wanted to throw up from being so anxious and nervous. Totally different experience having Little One in my arms and headed home.

We are now in Hong Kong…who knew Noah’s Ark finally rested here? Well, maybe not Noah’s actual ark, but it says it is built following the exact Biblical model and dimensions.  Totally random place to stay, but it is actually completely interesting. I know the photo below looks like something done with Photoshop, but that is really what it looks like. I’ll be sure to get pictures in the daylight to post later. There is a huge park and exhibits around the Ark, but we will have to leave too early in the morning to check any out. Bummer. Just so you know, Noah’s Ark has internet connection. I am writing to you from the top level…we have a little patio to watch the weather from…smells better on the deck than inside.

Photo from tripadivsor.com, and the smell comment was a joke. The inside smells quite normal.

Next stop – Oklahoma and my family together!!!!

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  • Reyna - Yei! yuppi! hip hip HURRA! Im SOOOOOO glad this whole thing ended up just RIGHT and all the clicking and typing emails and searching stuff was FINALY WORTH it! You don´t travel to Guangzhou every weekend…so i just felt that you really needed and deserved to get that cute product!. Victor was SO nice and helpful… i just wonder about going there someday.

    I just hope you post pictures about the lovely creations im pretty sure you´ll make with those tape rolls.

    Butterfly kisses to firecracker and little one. You are blessed with a lovely sister let me say.

    Mexican hugs and happiness! Reyna

  • Nom - Such such beautiful posts.

    And i know this will seem a silly insignificant question, but… do you know where we can buy tape from this shop online?

  • diy {washi tape holder} » ashleyannphotography.com - [...] it. There are a thousand ways you could organize tape, but I decided to go with simple. When we were in China, I saw tape displayed on long wood rods. Simple and so pretty. So I decided to make my own. I think [...]

  • Claire - Husband has just gone on a business trip to guangzhou. Trying to send him the address to give to a taxi driver but I’m guessing the photo of the entrance might even be enough!

  • Cheri - Ashley,
    I have a friend in Taiwan right now who is offering to pick me up some Washi/Somitape.
    I’m not sure how far he is from Guangzhou, but he’s willing to go look. If you could help with finding the showroom, I’d really appreciate it!

    Just curious, how much is it in American dollars?
    How should I direct a clueless male in picking some out for me? Hehe!

    Thanks for writing your blog! I LOVE IT and look forward to every picture of your beautiful children and your stories.

  • Mariel Medina - hi there. can you share the address to the somitape store in HK? i am going there soon. thanks.

  • Cheri - Ashley … I have a friend going on a business trip to China tomorrow! I’d love it if you could send directions to help him find Somitape. I’m not sure where in China he will be yet.

    Is it called Washi Tape in China?
    Also … trying to figure out how much money to tell him to spend … how much are the rolls? He’s a guy. I’ll need to be kind of specific :)

  • John De Sousa - I enjoyed reading your China trip blog and that you have cared enough to change for the better a precious young girl’s life forever! On a personal note, and I do apologise for hijacking your blog, I am at the start of setting up an online washi tape business (website still under construction) and need a reliable and trustworthy washi tape supplier from China. I have already been a victim of one of their scammers whom I paid good money for the washi tapes but never received them. The safest option would be to go to China myself to check out possible suppliers but I have a limited budget to get my business off the ground initially. On seeing the photos of you and Victor in the Somi Tape shop gave me an idea that at least you have been physically there and proven they exist. It sounds that you were more than happy with their service and I am wondering if you have a contact email for their small shop or the agent/friend who assisted you finding the shop. I have found a Somi Tape website, but I am hesitant to deal with that site because I have been burnt badly in the past thinking I was dealing with a genuine supplier who turned out not to be associated with a “legitimate website”. Many thanks in advance if you can help me. Kind Regards, John (Brisbane, Australia) John@washitapeaustralia.com.au

  • Michelle - Hi,
    The washi tape is so beautiful. You said we could buy online?
    How to contact Victor & Annie? Do they have a website?

  • Terri - Hi Ashley Ann, my family and I will be in Hong Kong this coming weekend and I chanced upon your blog. I’ve got 2 daughters who are just in love with washi tape and we’ll be in Hong Kong this weekend to celebrate her birthday. I am very tempted to surprise her with a day trip to Guangzhou to visit this store! Can you give me some directions of how to get to their showroom? Thank you so much!

  • Mic - Really hope you will answer my query about somitape. It will really be very helpful. Thanks in advance.

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