Little One’s smile & laugh


Not a laugh or a smile, but I love her serious face watching her brothers swim…cutie.

Such a big laugh it almost looks like she is crying. Try to ignore the man stretching in the background:)

Today is my wedding anniversary. A year ago today Chris and I had our first home study visit to pursue an international adoption.

Thankful to be here with her and him this year.

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  • Ceri - how beautiful the love between a father and daughter. It “looks” like bonding is going well :) I have not commented yet, congratulations! I started following your blog just before this journey began. I am am so glad you have your Song in your hands! She is beautiful.

  • amanda - She is such a doll. She looks right at home!! So happy for her and your family. She is a sweet blessing!!

  • Debbie C - Happy Anniversary! What an amazing place to be, in every way.

  • Taylor - Could she be any cuter?!!!

  • liz seay - so thankful you are sharing this beautiful (but hard) process with all of us! so thrilled for your family! praying and thinking of you guys often!

  • lyn - She is so cute!!!!!!!

  • Lyn - I forgot to say Happy Anniversary!

  • Gina - Happy Anniversary!! What a great gift; she is so precious!

  • Julie B - Regan (my 3 year old) says “Ohhhh, she is so happy and I love her smile. She so beautiful.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Happy Anniversary!!

  • Christina - She is so beautiful. I’m so glad you have taken the time to share these posts with us everyday. I know the time that goes into creating them and i’m sure it’s not an easy thing to do right now, but it is something I look forward to everyday. I love seeing her adapt so well and getting to know her, as well as everyone in your family just a little bit.

  • Tamar - WOW! I’m crying…

  • ari - Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - Hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Wish we could hear Little One’s laughter!!! I picture it in my head, but doubt it is anywhere near how it really is.

  • Elizabeth - She is SO SO beautiful!! i can’t help but smile right along w. her!
    Happy happy anniversary to you ~ may you & Chris continue to fall more & more in love w. each passing year!

  • Chris - What a little pumpkin! I love the pics of her rolling around on the bed. Such joy! Don’t feel guilty about things going so well. You may find that you never have the hard times, other than her surgeries which will most likely be harder on you than her:)

  • Paige - I’ve been offline for several days, and I am working my way backward through your recent posts. So I know it’s a little late – but Happy *belated* Anniversary!!!

  • Megan - Your generosity continues to astound me. Allowing so many to share in this miracle is such an amazing gift. I am brought to tears every time I view these images of your Little One – she is, without question, loved immeasurably. Happy Anniversary to you and Chris. What a magnificent plan God had for the two of you. Thank you, Thank you a thousand times over for sharing it with us.

  • Jessica - I’ve just stumbled across your blog and you are amazing! Your photography and family are just precious. Your new little girl- wow. I can see your blessings in your smiles. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Patrick Belcher - I will undoubtedly verify these items out

  • Kristen - She is so beautiful! These pictures are so sweet! You can tell that she is very happy, feeling yalls love, and opening up to yall. I just want to snatch her up through the computer and hold her she is so cute!

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