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Little miss slept through the night, woke up next to me very confused…then flashed a smile once I told her ‘Good Morning’. A great start to the day.

We are taking things slow and spending most of our time in our hotel room.  The streets of China are bustling with life – might be a bit much to take in all the sudden when you are used to the four walls of an orphanage. We are getting to know our daughter and letting her figure out us. She got to meet her other big brother and her big sister via skype. FireCracker wants us home NOW.

We are in awe of our daughter. She is eating well, sleeping well and overall very content. She’s had some times of crying – I can only imagine the shock she is feeling. We are learning her, as she is learning us.

She is starting to show off some nice yoga moves.

She is crazy about her hands. She would rather look at her hands than play with any toys.

We had a few official appointments today. This is the officer that interviewed us about why we wanted to adopt her. He asked if we promise to never abandon, abuse or neglect her. He was so kind and seemed genuinely happy for our family and our daughter. He had a great smile.

We returned to the hotel where she rolled around with her brothers….to their sheer delight.

It was a great day. Thank you for all your comments yesterday. We haven’t read them all yet, but are slowly making it through them. I will print them all into a book for her to read one day. What a gift your kind words are to me, my daughter and my family. Thank you for being so excited for our family. It is quite incredible to us. We are both humbled by it and so encouraged. Thank you!

From the mouths of my boys today:

“Mommy, she is so adorable!”

“It is really good that China picked us out of all the families in the world to get to be her family.”

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  • Julie Thomas - What a beautiful story. I am so happy for you and your family. Seeing her laugh surrounded by her new brothers, made me forget all the trivial challenges of my day–love of family is what is important.

  • Brooke Bostelman - AMAZING!!! I went from a huge smile, to happy tears to the BIGGEST smile ever! You have such an awesome beautiful family and I thank god everyday that he put such wonderful people on earth like you!! CONGRATS, little miss is beautiful and has such an outstanding family to engulf her in piles of huggies, kissies and LOVE! God bless you and your family – you’re amazing!

  • Jenni - My husband totally doesn’t get the whole blog thing. Whenever I tell him stories he sort of gives me a weird look because he doesn’t think I should know that much about people I don’t know. Most of my stories are about this blog. Yesterday I FORCED him to read the post that introduced your daughter. After he read it he looked at me less like a creeper and with more understanding because it seemed to lift him up in the same way it always lifts me. I felt justified. Fast forward to today. Now, we have 3 kids with one on the way. Two dogs with one that wears a diaper. He works crazy hours and right now he is so busy at work I don’t hear from him all day. We have very little time as you can imagine to really talk. So today he calls me from work. I’m thinking it’s really urgent because I know how swamped he is. The reason for his call? He asked me if I saw your post today where you introduced your daughter to the rest of the kids! lol I don’t think I have ever been more in love:) LOVE the pictures!!

  • Suzanne Damstedt - Isn’t it just the most amazing thing? I’m happy for you and her, and that you are seeing those smiles in person. I hope things will continue to go well for you! Have a great visit to her orphanage!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  • Elizabeth - The last picture is just perfect!! It brought tears to my eyes. The heart connection between brother and sister is so evident in that photograph. So happy you brought your sweet girl “home’!!!!

  • Rosalind - I couldn’t leave a comment yesterday! I think it was overloaded with love :-) So happy for you all :-) I have been checking in daily for updates on your union! Such a special and happy time x

  • Sarah Wolfe - I’ve been truly treasuring each of these posts. I’m so excited for you, so excited that you had this day to get to know her. So excited that you are beginning a new normal for your family of 7! She is beautiful, and I hope the days only grow sweeter :)

  • Selina - This is the sweetest journey. I am so happy for you and your beautiful family. xx

  • Myka Jelier - Yesterday was the most emotional read yet. Today I can smile and share. Your girl is beautiful and her eyes are full of love and sweetness. She will bless you with her gifts forever. So looking forward to watching her grow and learn via your lovely photos & your writing.

  • Laura - Those toes!!!

  • Thuy - Pure bliss Ashley!! I couldn’t be more happier for you and your sweet family.

  • Tiah - I find myself coming back to your site multiply times a day to re-read these posts. They make me so happy. Thank you for sharing.

  • jill k - Oh yes!

    REjoicing with you and for you and your whole family! We live in China and love China and love how you have loved her, her’s too…

    May the Lord give you all peace in this beauiful journey ahead for you!

  • creatrish - Elle est magnifique! Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde!

  • Dee-The Old Fat Hen - Hi-I can only imagine the joy and total happiness you all must be feeling.My heart is bursting with love and happiness for you all as I feel you are a part of my family and I have been part of this journey.May the journey continue and be as happy as this moment in time-love and prayers dee x

  • Audi - I know I replied to your newsletter but I had to write on here as well. I am just so happy for all of you. Every time I read another entry by you I have tears. It feels to me as if you are part of my circle of friends. I can’t wait to read your next entry every day. Thank you so much for sharing your lives and experiences with all of us. Little Miss is very Blessed to have you as well as you are all very Blessed to have her. She is gorgeous and those eyelashes are amazing. I am wishing you everything good and as always you are in my prayers. I am also sending all of you a hug.

  • amy jupin - ::sigh::
    praying for you, thinking of you like crazy, dreaming of the day when your whole family is together.
    firecracker doesn’t have to wait much longer…

  • Shana - Ashley – I am so, so, so happy. With tears streaming down my face. These pics are beautiful. She is beautiful. What an amazing family. Thank you for sharing this very personal journey. My love, and happy thoughts, and prayers go with you all. xoxoxo

  • julie - Precious. So exciting to see such a beautiful smile! I am sure these days, weeks and months ahead will be filled with so many memories they could fill a library full of photo albums! Enjoy and Godspeed on your travels home to Firecracker and the rest of the family.

  • Allison - just precious. Can I tell you that I dreamed I adoped a 4 year old girl last night? And then another little girl after that… it was so realistic! And I know exactly where that dream came from…

  • Alice H - Love the pic of them all skype-ing! And I love what the boys said!! Glad things are going as smooth as they can be.

    I hope you will be sharing her name soon!!

  • Shannon W. - I keep reading this post over and over. My heart fills with joy at the sight of your happy daughter and happy family

  • Christina - I think I originally started to read your blog when you were just talking about adoption from China, and I have been drawn in since then. This has been a wonderful journey, and I find myself telling my husband about it after new bits of information come in. She seems to be adjusting so well and i’m so happy we can all share in it with you. She is one lucky girl, and you are all one lucky family. I am looking forward to the years to come seeing everyone together.

  • Nicole - I find myself with a lump in my throat quite often while reading your posts…you have a way with words. But today I was actually doing really good….until that last line from your son. It is a really good thing China picked you, and even better that God chose you from the very beginning. So happy for your family!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Oh how wonderful! I love what the officer asked. How very precious. Jesus loves the little children…

  • noël from AR - I commented on the last one, but I just had to share again! I LOVE seeing her sister and brothers loving their newest sibling already! The Lord is faithful indeed.

  • Elizabeth - LOVE these photos of her!!! her BEAUTIFUL hands & feet!!
    and your sons ~ melt my heart!! She *IS* adorable & it’s AWESOME that China picked you’re family. What a blessing children are!!
    i know you must be overflowing w. joy!

  • Tara Lancaster - SO happy for your family! Can’t wait to hear her go with Ka-Rip!!

  • Kari - Maybe she is fascinated with her hands because God has been holding them since her arrival until He could put your hand in her’s. Little One must know she is blessed to be placed in such a great, loving family…after all, God hand-picked you guys out of all the people in the world! My He continually bless you!

  • Kim Hickman - Love this! She’s a doll. Thanks for all the updates.

  • Tiffany - This is crazy! I found your blog through a diy project on pinterest. I started looking at your “adoption journey” and got really excited for you and started looking at your journey. Then when I saw the timeline I was like oh wow this family is in China right now! Then when I clicked on your current post I totally recognized your husband! Lol My husband and I started going to your church not too long ago and we met Chris at grouplink. We’ve prayed for yalls adoption and I am so happy for your family even though we have never met! lol Love your blog!

  • CheyAnne Sexton - how wonderful for all of you. Babies are only young once and she is so blessed to have you all come into her life.
    peace n abundance,

  • Leigh Ann Hasley - Little One, I am so happy to see you with your family. I wish for you many days of twirling and mud pie making, crafting and coloring all the while you learn about the goodness of The One who made you and brought you home to this very precious family.

  • Erika - “It is really good that China picked us out of all the families in the world to get to be her family.”

    I LOVE this. Just discovered your blog today. What a beautiful story. Congratulations and the best of luck to all of you. :)

  • Karen - Just beautiful!!!

  • kristen - I just read every post because I was saving them until I had time to really read them all. She is the most beautiful little girl and I cant stop crying at every pic. SO thankful to you all for sharing your story and for glorifying the Lord with your lives. For altering the course of all of your lives to serve others and the Lord. For allowing your lives to be shared to inspire and encourage and lead others closer to Him and His will for them to serve. Thank you so much. Your family is so so beautiful. Congratulations in every way!

  • Londen - Your daughter is beautiful! I am so happy for her and your family. Your post was so touching.

  • lorrie deann schultz - What a beautiful little angel!!! My family and I have adopted two girls. Our first is Tabby from Nanning China. She is 14 now and absolutely wonderful. I can hardly believe she has been home 13 yrs. Peekaboo is our little 5yr old. She is from Vietnam. She has been home 4 yrs. We also have two biological children. Myles is now 29 and our daughter is 27. Whew! We have quite a spread. The Lord has blessed us more then words can say. Looking at your wonderful pictures has brought back so many fond memories. Thank you for letting me share in the joy of your new baby!! Isn’t it an amazing feeling to go on a trip and come home with a BABY? I will NEVER forget that feeling. Again…thank you for sharing.
    My daughter and I have a blog Please come and visit. We would love to have you. *~*

  • boboliang - the little one is very luckiy when met you,i think she will have a light future!if you need any problem about chinese learning ,i think i can help you~you can contect me with email.:)

  • Carla Mcewen - My family members always say that I am wasting my time here at net, except I know I am getting experience everyday by reading such pleasant articles or reviews.

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