a tornado until she crashes

Each day I take one photo on Instagram of something I am thankful for in my life.
I’ve learned a couple of things on Instagram.

  • Everyone on Instagram eats much more beautiful food than I do.
  • There is some kind of meaning to hashtags that I still don’t get. Maybe I’m too old. Or too country.
  • My sister likes donuts and donut shaped food even more than I thought.
  • I evidently am very thankful for when my daughter sleeps.

I’ve noticed a trend that I gravitate towards celebrating when my daughter is asleep. FireCracker never stops…moving, singing, dancing, talking, talking REALLY loud. She is constant motion…like that little tornado in cartoons. Except for when she crashes. The girl does not need a bed or anything soft. In the middle of motion she can fall asleep. Anywhere. Anytime. Other than her own very cute bed at bedtime.

5.12sleeper-6Looking at recent random moments of her crashing, made me think about why she is so easy going in regards to being able to sleep anywhere. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with being the youngest in an active family…she kind of had to just learn to sleep wherever. So very different from the obsessive schedule following that was a part of her oldest brothers early years.


(don’t worry, she was in the shade and only uncovered long enough for a photo)

I forget how he was really just a baby when he became a big brother. They are a little over 15 months apart.

She has the cutest bed in the house. She’s only slept in it a handful of times. But she sure does get a lot of sleep.

Have I mentioned she sleeps in her brothers’ room? Yep, on a pallet on the floor because another bed can’t be squeezed in there. She tells me she’ll sleep in her room when her little sister is here to share it with….

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  • Julie - I love the pictures!!! I had to laugh because ‘evidently I love it when my son sleeps’ too! ;)

  • Julie - (whoops! meaning that I take tons of Instagram pictures of him sleeping too!)

  • clare - She is just the cutest! Bless her xxx

  • lindsey - I laughed and cried at the post. I laughed at the hilarious positions and cried at the fact that my daughter NEVER falls asleep anywhere without a fight to get her there. She really doesn’t like to sleep. She tries everything she can to NOT sleep.

    And I don’t understand the hashtags either. Twitter is a total mystery to me.

  • Andrea - Beautiful little girl! And I love her zigzag/chevron quilt. May I ask where that is from?

  • Beck - The one where she is asleep in the doorway made my day! Just beautiful, and a little bit funny too! xx

  • Elizabeth - So, so cute!!! I want to just squeeze her.

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  • patricia - what an adorable sleeping beauty you have!

  • Chris - I agree…what’s the deal with hashtags!! Don’t get them either! Love your blog!!

  • Zhanna - Firecracker!!! oh how I adore her! The pictures seriously made me laugh to the point of a tummy ache :) It’s just absolutely hilarious how she passes out wherever. Reminds me of my oldest daughter who at that age did exactly the same thing. Constantly dancing, laughing, singing, and LOTS of talking and would fall asleep within a snap of a finger. I have pictures of her sleeping under a nightstand, pictures of her sleeping in my closet with my shoes all over the place, pictures of her sleeping in the hallway with my sandals slipped over her wrists (she was pretending they were bracelets) . . . I can relate to this post. It makes me smile from ear to ear. Having a little girl like Firecracker in your life is the biggest blessing ever :) never a dull moment :)

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