if Leia were a toddler in 2012


Leia hair compliments of my 2010 Star Wars costume…brown beanie, hot-gluded yarn buns. Currently one of her favorite hats.

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  • kristin - love it! i was princess leia when i was in kindergarten – back when star wars around the first time. :)

  • Kate - Just when I didn’t think she could get anymore adorable.

  • heather - she is so awesome.

  • Victoria / Justice Pirate - This headband thing reminds me of what Korean people do when they go to the spas in Korea. . they twist it like that. . towels and such. I’ve seen it on a couple of their shows (i watch them). Anyway it is super adorable.

  • able mabel - She is such a goofy doll! Love her posing!

  • Elizabeth - oh.my. ADORABLE!! so so CUTE!!
    i LOVE your posts w/ your sweet girl ~ makes me look forward to my sweet pea growing up.

  • Annie - hello!Ann ,nice to meet you on somitape show room.I really love your photo and love your daughter,she is really qute and beauiful!

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