Guess what?!!


We got word today that our dossier (adoption paperwork) has been logged in China’s system. That means our next step is receiving a referral…that is where our agency matches us with a waiting child. OUR NEXT STEP IS SEEING A PHOTO OF OUR CHILD AND READING OUR CHILD’S STORY! How does one even wrap their mind around something like this? There is a child waiting….a family waiting…soon that little one’s name will be known and face will be cherished…until then we will celebrate this very big step!


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  • tina - hooray! thanks for sharing this journey, even with all it’s vulnerability to strangers. it’s something i’ve never experienced or known anyone to experience.

  • Lena - L;NDFO3URQPJLKF;DHF09U3!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x 789,237,983,247,938,274!!

  • rachael - How exciting and wonderful! May God continue to bless this journey :)

  • tracy a - hooray! so excited for you guys. it is like waiting for your ultrasound….the most exciting feeling!! oh the patience hope works in us!! can’t wait to hear the next news!!

  • Mathildel - Toutes mes sincéres félicitations! De loin je suis trés heureuse pour votre famille. I follow your blog from Normandie in France. Today for the first time, i wanted to share my joy. I’m so happy for you & this little one, soon yours. :)X

  • Ada - YIPEEEE! Congratulations to that sweet little one soon to be in your loving arms!

  • Jess - Yay!!!! You forgot all your friends out here who are so excited for your family and are waiting with you as we follow along on your journey:)

  • Amy - YAY!!! So happy for your family! That is exciting!!! :D

  • DC.nerd - My friends just came home from China with their new daughter. Their blog has some really great practical tips for things like picking hotels and such.

  • Yolande - Hi Ashley
    I am going to China on a vacation with my family next week. I am going to Shanghai and Beijing. Let me know if you would like me to keep some notes for your trip!

  • Felicity - A huge congratulations… isn’t it awesome to finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel… I am so happy for you… this is a ride you will never forget in a hurry… don’t be bashful… we would love to see you on the FB pages… I know where your referral is from but don’t want to say it here cause I notice you haven’t said anything… look forward to ‘meeting’ another family :)

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