while she slept

They were up to their usual antics. Nana thought pom poms that play music was a good idea. In a house with little boys, toys that make added noise should be banned.

In all the loudness, she slept. In my arms.

I dared not move. My phone was nearby. I wanted to capture us…together.

It is a rare and wonderful moment when she falls asleep in my arms.

It is a rare and wonderful moment that they are quiet…actually still waiting for that for to happen.

I asked one of the boys to take a picture of my and my girl.


I had so much to do. Blog sponsors to email. Christmas decorations to pack. Design*Sponge post to write. Laundry to fold. Dishes to wash. Cheerios to sweep. There was a battle going on at first. I should lay her down. I should get my work done. But I didn’t.

I sat still on the couch for an hour. Just holding her while she slept. I twirled her hair in my fingers. I kissed her forehead. I breathed in her sweet smell. I closed my eyes and felt her chest rise and fall. I remembered her first few months…the days when she only napped in my arms and I treasured it then like I do now. I’ll never get that hour back. That’s okay ~ because on that day, I choose to soak it in. On that day, I didn’t miss it ~ like I often do. I lived fully in that glorious hour. Time passed, she woke. The other stuff eventually got done….it always eventually does.

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  • Rachel - so sweet!

  • Jen - Every single one of your posts makes me feel happier about life. You have the gift of spreading hope. This one was SO beautiful.

  • Pamela - I also love it when my daughter falls asleep in my arms. I love looking at her and holding her. it is a precious time.

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Perfect Sweetness.

  • able mabel - It is so worth it, the time you spent holding your daughter while she slept! An hour well spent!

  • Tania - I love this. My girl is 5 1/2 months old now. I had to hold her for all her naps until she was 4 months old. I loved this time to snuggle my baby. Sometimes I slept with her (especially during those newborn days when I was sleep-deprived!), but I usually would have my phone on hand for a distraction. But because I had my phone, I also had the opportunity to take lots of photos of that sweet sleeping face. I miss it so much! She still wakes up in the middle of the night and I snuggle her for a while before putting her down in her crib. Ahh that baby smell is the best!

  • leighann - i’m so proud of you for embracing moments like that. too many moms will never know that pure, simple joy. my eldest child left for college last year and i’d give anything to have him in my lap again…just to be.

    i was a stay-at-home for 20 years and just started my own design business. i enjoy my work, but it will never fulfill me like those days of drawing pictures in the rice that spilled all over the kitchen floor or “cooking” with flour and water…

    i just discovered your blog and i’m hooked. thank you for giving a voice to christian moms like me.

  • kate b - I love moments like that, reading this made me want to go pick up my little on out of bed and snuggle him…

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