whoop whoop {dossier in the mail}

Pack everything up.

Hug family goodbye.

Grab a coffee and oatmeal for the road trip home.

Grandma picked up our mail yesterday and she said a certain envelope had arrived. Get home fast!

Eeeeeeeek. The document we were waiting for arrived.

With that document we could mail off our dossier. What is a dossier? It is our entire lives in an envelope. Seriously, everything is in that envelope: birth certificates, marriage license, employment letters, criminal checks, background checks, passport photos, 6 photos of our family, financial statements, medical exams, and our I800A form. Also included is our home study…a typed document consisting of 4 interviews/visits with a social worker, life history, family histories, financial histories, interviews with our kids, parenting styles, beliefs, and just about everything else remotely related to us as individuals and as a family. We have been working for months to be at the point to mail it all off to our agency. Yesterday was the day.

I couldn’t resist adding something ‘me’ to our envelope. Our agency will get our dossier first, so they can throw my cute tape away…but it felt more right to seal it with happy cuteness. After our agency gets a bunch of US seals and such, they will mail it off to China.


It is a big deal. I wanted a family shot with it, but then I looked at my kids. A day of traveling topped with sticky orange chicken. They were a hot mess. I decided to go ‘artsy’ with the shot instead:)

This reminds me of a picture we took with our very first ultrasound of our oldest son. This time it was our oldest son taking the picture.

If there had been a five point harness carseat in the truck, I would have used it. Yes, this is a funny picture….but it is so true of how I felt. Everything. EVERYTHING is in that envelope.

And just like that it was out of my hands. Strangers would be throwing it in a truck and then a plane and then another truck. People I don’t know will be holding it. People who don’t know how valuable it is will toss it like it is a common everyday piece of mail. If I could have attached a note to it that said “Handle with Care…my child is abroad”….I would have. It is out of my hands. Now I will wait to hear that my agency received it. Then I will wait to hear that they mailed it to China….and then we will wait to see our little one’s face.

We ate Panda Express for dinner because it is my boy’s absolute favorite restaurant….

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  • Katrina - Hi Ashley.I am thrilled for your family. This must be such a relieve to finally get this form! I read your blog every day and I really enjoy reading about your families adoption journey as it is happening. Thank you for sharing this personal experience with us, even though you dont know us. Im just wondering if i have missed something along the way. Alot of people refer to your new child that is joining you soon as a girl. Do you know what the gender is already or are people just referring to them as a girl?

  • Katie - Oooh! Best wishes!

  • Julie - thank you so much for sharing you adoption journey. each time you post progress notes, I am reminded of my own journey and the miracle that God brought to my life, with love from Kazakhstan. reading your post today, I can close my eyes and recall where I was and my emotions delivering my dossier to Fed-X … an incredible feeling … of relief, of anticipation, of exhaustion. can’t wait to hear the next bit of good news … and more important, to share the sweet joy of your beautiful little girl. God is so good and I am already anticipating the end of your story!!! Bless You Ashley!!!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - OH Ashley! I am doing a happy dance for you right now! Yee Haw!

  • Laura Chavous - Its funny how fortune cookies contain so much truth. A few weeks ago I got one that said “Very often you cannot help thinking of somebody.” Of course I would get THAT cookie.
    That expression on your fortune comes from Langston Hughes’ poem: “Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams for if dreams go life is a barren field frozen with snow.”
    I named my blog “You Are My New Dream.” I didn’t know what the year would hold for us at that time. I don’t know what to think of it now…but I can’t change it because its still true.

    He or she is your new dream.

  • Lacey - This just brings tears to my eyes … I’m so happy this step has been achieved and you’re onto the next with your adoption journey. My prayers are with you!

  • Lyn - Congrats! One step further!

  • Kat - Congrats and what an absolutely beautiful post!

  • nori - AWESOME! <3

  • Shana - Wow. Just…wow. Will be so excited to hear what comes next. Thinking of you guys.

  • Julia Leinen - Wahoo!! So exciting! I’m so happy for you guys!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your journey and to finally catch a glimpse of the newest member of the family.
    We just celebrated our sixth month on the infant wait list. We are now #8 on the wait list and are praying and asking God to move mountains and allow us to get a referal before summer. The Lord just reminded me this morning to TRUST HIM. I was pleading to him for my son and then I had to smile as I felt Him reassure me that HE loves my son even more than I do and is taking care of things. Man, He’s good.
    We miss ya’ll and we miss TCABC and definitely the adoption community there.
    Can’t wait to hear more about your journey!

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