diy {christmas cards for phone contacts}

So, I was transferring pictures from phone to my computer.  Just random shots from random moments…

I really like smart phones.

And my phone camera.

And my friend Linden whose handwriting should become a font.

And thumb print cookies from Merritts Bakery (well I dream of those).

I’m a visual person.

What drives me crazy about my phone is all the blank squares that pictures are supposed to go in for my contacts. The phone makers were kind enough to provide me a place to see a visual of my friends & family, but those squares have just remained blank. It is kind of hard to get friends to pose for their ‘contact’ shot. Recently, my daughter somehow set my friend Cindy’s profile picture to this shot of cookies.

Every time Cindy calls me my phone would light up with a picture of cookies. What is especially funny about it is Cindy is at the gym every morning at 5am – makes me laugh. Well I was sitting at the kitchen table contemplating the deep things in life – like why won’t they build Legos that can be placed on a diagonal? Hmmmm. Anyway, Cindy called. Saw the plate of cookies. Laughed. Wished I could somehow convince my friends to pose for my phone camera so I could see their beautiful faces each time they call.

Then the lighting struck.

Creative genius.

Just as french rolled jeans changed a generation…so will this idea for all visual smart phone users.

Are you ready for it?

I looked across the table and saw Christmas cards…full of pictures of my friends

…pictures that they like of themselves or they would not have put it on a card!

A free for all of contact images for my phone!


Hey Lesley, will you pose so I can take a picture of you with my phone to add to your contact?

Well, thank you sis for being so cooperative.

Yes, it is a great shot. Nope we don’t need to take it again.

It brightens my day to see your cute laugh each time you call.

So far, no one that I have shared this world changing idea with has been as impressed as I am….it will catch on.

Somehow french rolled jeans did.

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  • Jamie - You are seriously the smartest person I don’t really know! LOL
    Why did I not think of this?!?!?!?! I guess I am not as smart…guess you lose on that end of things…LOL
    Ok I think maybe its past my bed time and I am rambling on and on making no sense and a complete fool of myself…LOL

  • mixedmolly - Fabulous idea, unlike french rolled jeans. In my part of Michigan we called them pegged jeans. This year my friend wore her pants like that with her Halloween costume and it brought back bad fashion memories :)

  • amber P - That’s a brilliant idea! Why don’t I ever think of such things? I’m going to do that!

    Have you ever used the Streamzoo app? I love that app. It’s a lot like Instagram. You can even upload your instagram photos to it.

  • Beth - Um. I am absolutely impressed & excited about this. Genius!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Yup. It’s true. You are brilliant. I LOVE this idea! :)

  • Ashleigh - I for one am impressed! I’m going to do the same right now!

  • Brooke - So smart – love the idea and can’t wait to do this!!! Thanks for all you share. Have a wonderful holiday.

  • KristyC - Where did you get that picture of the bird with the lazy eye? Is it something I can purchas somewhere? It’s kind of a thing between my brother and I.

  • KristyC - Also, great idea for the contacts and the cards on the door!

  • Heather G. - I’m impressed and will be copying you!

  • CK - Great idea! Saw it on Pinterest and repinned. Great blog!

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  • Krystina - Only one thing can be said about this. Pure.Freaking.Genius. Totally stealing your idea!

  • karwn - I have actually done this same thing with family photos or just snapshots.. love the christmas card idea!

  • elizabeth - i think the Christmas card is a great idea…you know after Christmas, some people just throw out all their cards & those family pictures are usually SO good!!
    i think adding them as phone profile photo *is* ingenious!
    TOTALLY plan on doing this.

  • Kelli - I think it’s genius and if no one thought it was a fabulous idea then I don’t think you’d actually told anyone yet. :)

  • Laura - I WILL do this! Thanks!

  • sarah @ life {sweet} life - I think it’s GENIUS!! I had so much fun doing this. Thanks for the clever idea! :)

  • dawn - I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE IT!! Seems no one I know is as visual as I am…. Maybe you would “get me”… ;) Thanks for the idea and again — I LOVE IT! ;)

  • dawn - BTW: what photo apps do you use? :) My iphone is ALL that I use for pictures anymore.

  • Kerin - Thank you so much for this brilliant idea! I did it and it is terrific!

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  • Amy :) - This is a *great* idea! Sadly, though, I don’t have a smart phone, and my husband actually loves the horrible photos he gets of our friends when he takes a pic of them with his phone. Maybe I’ll have to secretly change them…

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  • Sonya Nelsen - This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I will have a whole new perspective on rceiving christmas cards and photos this year.

  • Krista (norton94) - Such a brilliant idea! I’ll be directing people here from the ScrapMatters Newsletter this month. This idea is too good not to pass along! Thanks

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  • Lindsay Pappas - okay – reporting – I just did this! thanks for the great idea. Now I don’t feel guilty about tossing them all in the trash! BOOM!

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