a canvas & me in the 80s

Well, I was determined to figure out a spot to display a big canvas of the photo of FireCracker at the sink. I wanted it in the kitchen because that seems like the natural spot for it. We really only have one wall in the kitchen and I had a bunch of plates on it…you can kind of see it here:

I decided the plates could be moved and a big canvas compliments of Mpix arrived at my house. Just seeing a box that big with my name on it made me happy. The canvas is pretty close to life size. FireCracker was so excited when I opened it. She gave it a huge hug and squealed, “my boots!”

So I moved the plates around a bit and now it is in the kitchen. It is so fun hanging in there..there is something about a picture on a canvas…it becomes art. On my page over on the Mpix site, I share that their canvases are one of my favorite products…they are!

I asked my mom if she had any pictures of me in my boots…the ones FireCracker wants to sport EVERYDAY…the ones in the canvas picture. Well, she brought me a stack of old pics. If you get past the blond hair, I think she looks a lot like I did at her age. The first picture cracks me up….my little sister looking like she is going to dive into the kiddie pool. I am sure I told her not to do that and I am sure she didn’t listen. Then I am sure I got frustrated and decided if she wanted to do it and got hurt, she better not cry because I clearly told her not to….

and the ones of me & my dad…can you believe how awesome that cowboy hat was…clearly 70s awesomeness

and the ones from Halloween….wow how far costumes have come!

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  • Heather - Wow! You look so much alike at the same age! So fun to see those pics, she looks just like you!

  • Melissa - Hey Ashley,
    I love the canvas. I didn’t know if you had heard of this website/product before, but I live in Canada and this company in Toronto provides an awesome photo service (maybe the others you do, as well, but I hadn’t seen it before). The website is posterjack.ca (in no way am I affiliated with them; just love displaying photos of my 3 kids!). I had wanted a photo put to canvas, but for the size I wanted, I didn’t want to invest the $$. Poster Jack has an option that is like the vinyl peel letter things for walls, but for your pictures. You can get them large and mine cost like $35 and I can peel it off the wall and re-use it elsewhere if I like! This was new to me and was a great option, cost wise. I still got the size I wanted, but for the photo I was using, I didn’t want to invest in the canvas. Just thought you might want to check it out!! Again, maybe every photo service provides this and I’m just late to the game!
    Thought you might have fun with it!
    Thanks for all the amazing reminders that with the goings on of a busy household, there are still so many amazing moments to catch in the everyday.

  • Sharon - Twins. That’s all there is to it! Twins! And cute ones, too!

  • ashley gee - thanks for sharing all the old family pictures!!! I LOVE all of them, they’re SO priceless. I love looking at our old family pictures. I just need to scan them and get them digital so they’ll be kept safe… a daunting task. much love. xo.

  • Shauna - I had that same exact Wonder Woman mask as a kid! The pic of you with baby Leslie and your Dad…it looks like your daughter sitting on his lap. And you had that wavy-bangs thing going on too! :)

  • tara pollard pakosta - she looks A LOT Like you!
    and um yeah, I think your nickname was probably FIRECRACKER as well! you certainly looked like one, feisty and sweet!
    LOVE IT!

  • Laura Chavous - Amaaaaaaazing photograph/canvas. And firecracker looks just like her mama!

  • Christy - I absolutely love everything about this post. I totally wish I could find affordable boots for my girls. I love the dress in the last picture, too!
    I can’t believe how much you two look alike. That is amazing! Also, the canvas in the kitchen looks spectacular. : )

  • Jennifer Wade - Simply put….I LOVE it…all of it!

  • Brooke - AMAZING how much the two of you look alike! I mean exactly alike! That is SO sweer : )

  • fullertonregan - She is totally your twin! If I hadn’t actually birthed my daughter I wouldn’t always believe she’s mine. She has blonde hair and these stunning hazel eyes. I’m a brown-eyed girl with dark, almost black hair. The juxtaposition is really funny.

    It’s so precious to see your little one looking exactly like you!

  • Stacey Ball - Such a great shot of you in the boots! The canvas is just incredible and I’m glad you found a place for it in the kitchen.

  • Heldine - OMG – that is the cutest thing ever! You look the same!

  • jen@thecottagenest - That resemblance is amazing! You have a mimi me! I love the big canvas. I think I need one of those. I also love your kitchen table and wonder if that is a metal top? Did you do that yourself or have it done? I have a table in desperate need of a makeover and that table speaks to me!

  • Amber - WOW! You guys are twins! And I love the big canvas! Beautiful! I kind of think everything you do in your house is pretty awesome and beautiful. I’m working on having an awesome blog and home like you… one step at a time! :)

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