there are no words…

I walked into the bathroom, looked next to the toilet, and saw it on the roll exactly where it should be….only part was missing.

The instant I saw it, I knew what had happened. You see, I have this daughter nicknamed “FireCracker”. I know her ways. I walked around the corner to find her. I held up the roll and asked, “Do you know what happened to this?”

She smiled and said, “Me bite it.”

There are no words for this girl.

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  • Heldine - OMG – that is just too cute. :P

  • Stephanie - She is such a cutie tho!!

  • Mikki - That’s so funny. Thanks for making me smile! I needed it :)

  • jami nato - i have a firecracker named lila. they are a challenge…but man, they are so funny.

  • Claudia - Thank you for writing this! Made my afternoon, I laughed so hard. She is such a precious little girl.

  • Devon - Ha! I love how you can see little butterflies in the toilet paper design & she is wearing butterfly sunglasses. She is adorable. Fiesty – but adorable!

  • victoria - ha! hilarious!! and her expressions…too much!

  • megan - delicious… that’s the word for her! love your posts..

  • Tara A. - Oh my goodness….I love it…too cute…me bite it…

  • Carrie - Walked into our bathroom and found the entire roll (brand new of course) in the toilet with our little “firecracker” peering in…..she was just curious…. Where in the world do they come up with this stuff? :)

  • Pam K - Too funny. I remember those days all too well. Go firecracker, you keep your mama with rolling in the memories!

  • crystal beutler - Soo funny!!!! Kids are hilarious. I confess. I was a paper eater too. But my paper of choice was sucker sticks. I have to avoid them at all costs — if not I still find myself eating the entire thing! So sad. Hope that doesn’t mean anything alarming in your future :) :)

  • Jeannette - That is hilarious!

  • maggie McKenney - I think the words would be CUTER than CUTE! ~ enjoyed that incredible hug the other day…sweet~:)

  • Lisa - I have a daughter just like her. Oh, the joys!

  • Renee - Looks like something my darling daughter would do too! Gotta love them!

  • amanda - oh, that made me laugh right out loud. I am so, so, SO grateful that I am not the only one with a firecracker or two on her hands. :)

  • Priscilla P. - so stinkin’ funny!

  • Melany - haha me bite it!

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Silly, silly girl! I wonder where she gets it :)

  • Michelle - I have to share: I had my own firecracker girl, and she has mellowed out considerably. My daughter used to flush my jewelry down the toilet, cover herself head to toe in Desitin, shake cornbread mix all over the house while I showered…you get the idea.

    She is now in first grade and when we had her parent-teacher conference last week, the teacher said she was a model student and very reserved in the classroom. Her next words were, “I can tell from your expressions that she is not reserved at home.” Ha!

    Love those firecrackers.

  • Nori - Tooooooo funny!!

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