I’m a soccer mom!

Soccer moms get a bad rap. You know what I’m talking about…soccer moms who drive mini-vans. There’s an underlying theme to the jokes that the ‘soccer mom’ lifestyle is kind of a settling of sorts. Like instead of living some great adventure, a soccer mom settles for a life of sadly driving a mini-van to and fro…whose greatest adventure is cheering at a game.

Well, about 4 weeks ago I became a soccer mom. And you know what…brace yourselves…I drive a mini-van! EEEKKKK how sad…my life of adventure is over and I’m just a soccer mom. Ummm, No. I feel like my greatest adventures are just beginning. Every night I get to see my second son running in the backyard in the cutest pair of cleats and shin guards. The very sight of the joy on his face chasing that crazy ball takes my breath away.

I’m a soccer mom who drives a mini-van. I get to watch blond hair going crazy in the wind as my little boy races across the field. I get to see him learn to be a part of a team and mature in the process. Oh my goodness…is he a cute boy or what?! He is a blond version of his daddy…melt me.

I wash really stinky black socks and sometimes catch a soccer ball going down the stairs…after it was snuck in by a little boy. But then again, I get to kick around a ball with a really cute guy every night…make that 4 really cute guys.


I get to watch him learn how to deal with disappointment and frustration. I get to see him learn self motivation and determination.

This new soccer thing – I am loving. The games are short, fast paced, and outside. And really….5 year old boys in bright white uniform shirts that are 3 sizes too big running down the field…you can’t help but smile watching that.

I’m a soccer mom that drives a mini-van. I also own Photoshop, so when I get a great kicking shot of my soccer player son, but the ball is already out of the frame…I work my magic. And my soccer player son is very, very happy with his soccer mom.


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  • able mabel - Ohhhh. he is sooo cute!! I’d be a proud soccer mom too if I were you.

  • chantelle - soccer moms are real moms! it is so fun!

  • juneypie - soccer moms (or other-sport-moms) are the strongest people there are. how do you console a heartbroken child whose team lost? how do you control yourself and not get ugly at the umpire/referee/judge? how do you be nice to other moms who cheer for the opposite team? how do you deal with knowing that there are bigger tournaments and bigger loses and bigger wins for this small person who just wants to play? how do you stop yourself from playing his sport for him? how can you stop playing so there’s dinner on the table? how do you contain the pride? so yes, being a soccer mom is sad, sad because you see that small kid – whose only armor is that too big uniform – valiantly take on life’s lessons on the chin and all you can do is cheer.

    rock on, sports moms! (from a swimming/athletics/dance mom)

  • Kate @ Songs Kate Sang - Go soccer mom, Go! I showed Nate that last one and he said ‘Awesome!’

  • Liz - You ARE a soccer mom….but you don’t need to BE a “soccer mom”
    Just stay true to you kids…because it is about them, not the parents.

    PS I didn’t particularly enjoy the game, but I adored watching my kids. So I learned to enjoy what they liked to do.

  • Kelly - This is a spectacular post! Kelly

  • Jill R - Thanks for sticking up for the minivan driving soccer moms! It is not a way of life I got stuck with, it is a way of life I worked to attain and I choose it again everyday! Love!

  • RachelC - There is a lot of soccer mom love going on in this post. :)

  • amanda g - im a soccer mom too! minus the mini-van…my boys have a blast and so do i…my mom pride shines bright every saturday morning at the games:) welcome to the club!

  • Kristina L - Right now I’m living the “exciting” career life, but aspiring to someday be a mom. I can’t think of anything better than enjoying adventure-filled days with my kids. So if it’s any comfort…I am envious of your soccer mom life!

  • Katrina - That is too cute! Maybe I should create something like that for my girls.

  • Grace - Even though I’m not a mom I’ve always felt the same way. Being a soccer mom (or just a mom) doesn’t mean you settle.
    And that last photo? Priceless :)

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