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Someone once told me that sending thank you cards is a southern thing. Is that true? I find it very hard to believe and am pretty sure that can’t be right. I’m a firm believer in sending a hand written note to say ‘thank you’….that is why is kills me that I have become HORRIBLE at it. Honestly, it is ridiculous how bad I am at sending them. When something arrives in the mail or a gift is given, on the inside I am so grateful and have full intentions of sending a note of gratitude. Then something distracts me. Then something else distracts me. Then so many other somethings distract me, it never happens.

FireCracker’s hospital stay ordeal was in April. 5 months ago. While we were there, we were overwhelmed by the kindness of others. I know our friends didn’t support us and shower us with thoughtfulness because they wanted a thank you card, but I wanted them to know my gratitude. It took me until June to finally write notes. Some were hand delivered. Others have been waiting for stamps and addresses. They are still waiting:

How sad is that? It is at a point now where I wonder if too much time has passed. However, I don’t think it is ever too late to say “thank you.” I’m getting all those cards mailed out this week. I’ve also come up with a game plan for the future. It begins with a stack of cards ready to go (inspired by these by Oh, hello friend).


  • Blank cards {mine are from Hobby Lobby, used a 40% off coupon}
  • Fabric scraps {you want something with light colors, I used a vintage sheet…check out The Stash & JaneSays Vintage for vintages sheets}
  • Thin lace or trim {mine was scored at a garage sale}
  • Small letter stamps and ink pad


Step 1: cut your fabric like little flags

Step 2: stamp “thanks”….you aren’t washing these so it doesn’t matter that the ink isn’t made for fabric

Step 3: Using a medium length stitch (too small can make the card tear easily), attach the trim and fabric. I did not space between my cards, just kept going. Once I was done, I cut in between the cards…this made it go a lot faster than cutting thread on each card as I went.

I also picked up a recipe box from Hobby Lobby. Inside are my cards, envelopes and stamps. In my ideal world, as soon as it crosses my mind to write a note, I’ll do it then…not 5 months later. The recipe box will get decorated eventually, but right now I’ve got it all together to at least attempt to be better at expressing my gratitude to others.


By the way, thanks for the suggestions for how to make my blog better…it was great insight from you and I appreciate it!

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  • Leah Jones - a thank you note is better late than never! I know all about being late with thanks….I recently bought a writing desk for that sole purpose, to have an organized spot to write a note! let’s hope it works. love your cute card :)

  • Kina from Joretta Natural Knits - This is a grea idea for Christmas cards too!!!

  • Tamara - I live in austria, and I have to admit, I would never write a thank you card and i basically never received one.. it just totally uncommon here, ‘though I find it a really nice way to show that youre thankful. but i dont know if i should start that, people are already stunned that i write christmas cards ;)

  • Meghan - Those are so cute.

    I was born and raised in Georgia, and I still live here, and NO- thank you notes are not just a southern thing.

    I think what it is is that southerners hold onto-and even treasure- our traditional values and etiquette quite a bit, and sending thank you notes is something that a lot of people are losing the custom of doing. In the South, most mamas still teach their children the importance of thank you notes- after any gift is received.

    I know a girl who decided, along with her husband, that Thank You notes were an unnecessary thing after their wedding. I felt bad for her mama, because in a way, it makes HER look bad- like she didn’t teach her daughter common courtesy. I would have been so embarrassed. And if thanking a person for a gift seems unnecessary, then the groom and bride should have also let everyone know GIFTS were unnecessary.

    But I certainly don’t think courtesy is limited to the south. Like you, I write thank you notes and then forget to stamp them and mail them. I’m so embarrassed when I drop them in the mail a month late! But better late than never. Your notes are too cute!

  • Josephine - ooooooooooh. this is perfect to remind me of my super overdue project and that is to send ‘thank you’ cards too. thank you for the inspiration too ashley! x

  • Kristin S - Darling!

    I agree with so many above.

    I was raised in Boston and have been in the South since 1983. I was just as expected by my mother to write thank you notes in the North as in the South.

    It SEEMS a generational thing now that is fading away sadly. I sent my best friend’s daughter a hs graduation gift in May and still wonder if she received it. That’s where my glitch is: at least acknowledge receipt of a gift.

    And I don’t think it is ever too late to send a thank you note.

  • amy jupin - totally stealing this one.
    and yep, thank yous are definitely southern.
    but i think it’s a sweet and meaningful gesture.
    southern or not.

  • Marsha - These cards are adorable and so simply made. I love your photos and I look forward to seeing more of your DIY projects.
    My grandson plays soccer and I adore watching those little sweaty guys running around the field and just plain enjoying every moment. Thank you for reminding me of it.

  • Kelly - Um, just this very week I sent some thank you notes that were far, far less punctual than yours because thank you is important no matter when but boy was I embarrassed! Kelly

  • Kristina L - One time when I was a young teen, somebody did something small but kind for me. As I was contemplating whether or not I should send a thank you card, my dad told me “Gratitude is never out-of-place.” This saying has stuck with me throughout the years, and when in doubt, I try to err on the side of gratitude. (And by the way, I’m from the north!)

    These notecards are so cute! I think having a stack of them around would definitely make the writing process a lot more fun.

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  • Amy - This is such a great, and easy, project, thank you for the idea!

  • Anneliese - Saw these on TipJunkie and had to pop over. Just beautiful! I am a big believer in thank you notes as well, and also not as on top of it as I should be! Horrors. It is certainly more motivating to get right on them if you have some beautiful DIY ones to send.

  • kim h. - Here is my version of your notecards.

    so simple… why didn’t I think of that!?

  • TEAM CRAFTWELL - Wonderful idea! would be great for a gift!

    Team Craftwell

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  • Laurence - Beautiful! I really love the way you add a touch of color and texture with the fabric. Thank you for sharing… BTW, your tutorial is very easy to follow. Thanks you!

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