now I know what I look like when I sew

It was fun reading your comments yesterday. I’m sure I’ll have more stories to share, but no more home studies with the kids! Today I am headed to the Whatever Craft Weekend…it is going to be so great, I am really excited! Speaking of crafting/sewing…sometimes I love how little ones mimic what they see…sometimes I don’t. This time it cracked me up. FireCracker grabbed some fabric nearby and just started playing on her own. She was oblivious to me and in her own little world. Maybe there is hope after all that I will have at least one child that likes making with me!

When she takes the fashion world by storm one day, I can pull these out:)

I’m finishing up the September Sponsor Introduction post, so check back later today for a glimpse at this month’s great sponsors!

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  • Theresa G. - That last photo is perfection.

  • amanda torres - I love kid concentration faces.

  • Stefanie - I love these pictures! I can’t sew a button but my daughter is learning from her dad. He repairs all sorts of sewing machines and she LOVES to go with him to work and sew something! He’s taught her how to make blankets, purses, shirts – and she’s only 8! I love it. My favorite pic is #4 – I’m always telling her “Don’t sew your finger! And, if you do, don’t scream! That’s my job.”

  • tamara - LOVE these. So so cute!!

  • Linden White - does Firecracker need a best friend??? I think she and I would be good friends. By the way… I still have a thank you card to mail you. Hopefully it will get to you before your new son or daughter gets there ;)

  • Elise - Soo cute! I love her concentration!

  • Monica - I just love this post! It warms my heart. I hope I can catch my little firecracker doing this one day. :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Kathie M - Way too cute!

  • Monica - That so adorable photos. I love the second. Have a good weekend.

  • Katie Lockhart - Look at her little hands!!! She looks like she knows exactly what she is doing. Precious…

  • Liz Lovi - These are like the cutest pictures ever!! Such a great memory to capture!

  • Jamie - OMG. Love these pics. She is SO serious!

  • Krystina - OMG She’s so freakin adorable! I love her little headband and that thoughtful look like she’s working on the most intricate design in the history of the world.

  • Jenny B. - This is just adorable! I love her concentration. :)

  • Jessica Winter - Beautiful.

  • Emily Langston - She’s a natural…. because I mean really, you gotta get those lips in it!

  • Lacey - She is so into it! Adorable!

  • emmybrown - love, love, love! :*

  • Kelly - I follow your blog for many reasons, but I think I look forward to the pictures of your daughter the most. She is such a cutie…thanks for sharing her with the rest of us.

  • natalie - awww those photos are so precious Ashley! and an adorable little sewer:)

  • meg duerksen - sooooooo cute!!!!

  • Rachel - so adorable!!!

  • Stephanie Anderson - if you could only own ONE lens, which would it be!? i need to buy a new one and i’m having the hardest time figuring out which to get.

  • marla - too sweet! love that look of determination in the second pic.

  • Leigh Ann - This could be a singer print ad! send it in!

  • Jeannette - Oh my gosh – so absolutely cute and perfect pictures to capture it!

  • Zhanna - this is so precious! she is growing up so fast. and it’s making me cry which is crazy considering she is not my own child. LOL. I love these photos. I love the way is she so into it. Thank you for sharing your life with us :)

  • Lyana - I just love your posts and pictures… She is so sweet, so cute!!! Love it !!!!!

  • sketch of senses - Amazing!!! She is SO CUTE!

  • daniela - how sweet she looks!
    yes, sometimes it’s like you *look in a mirror*
    when you see your kids!
    greetings from switzerland, daniela

  • able mabel - absolutely priceless!!!

  • Kirra Sue - So that last photo? Perfect.

  • Katie - Super adorable. I especially love the progression of facial expressions.

  • Reyna Orozco - LET ME BE CLEAR ON THIS: I just visit your blog for your adorable baby girl if you stop posting about her and her beautiful expressions i´ll stop visiting you hehe. She´s gifted, i can feel her joy through her eyes. And peace, and love. It´s lovely the way God creates each one of us.

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