ten years ago, I was standing in a field in a white dress

……I became Ashley Campbell.

You’d think at some point in the last ten years I could have moved our wedding pictures from the temporary albums to nicer ones. I pulled out a few my favorites to share with you. They aren’t digital, so I took pictures of my pictures:)


Ten years ago, wedding photography is nothing like it is today. There were a few photographers starting the trend of more candid, story telling type wedding photography. I looked all over my area for a photographer that would capture my wedding day like the photographers on my yearbooks staffs captured student life. I found none. Most wedding photography back then consisted of about 20 poses that every photographer took. I ended up convincing two friends that worked with me on my high school yearbook to photograph my wedding. Thanks Kevin & Katie! I was a genius. I treasure these.

I look like I am about 12, but I was just about to turn 22. Some might consider that too young. It was right for us. We got married in a field…with crepe paper flowers.

My sweet friends and family helped me decorate the field the day of the wedding. I left to go take a shower and fix my hair about 2 hours before the wedding started.

Chris had more hair back then…not sure what that says about being married to me. Maybe that is the result of living with too many ‘in process’ projects.


We set up a white tent in the back of the field to wait to walk out…I tore a hole in it to peek out.

My dad…

We look SO YOUNG! We were young. I hear people say you should wait to get married until you discover who you are and live a little life on your own. I am sure that works for some people. I am so grateful that is not the course we took. I’ve figured out who I am while I’ve been married. Chris has not defined me, but instead encouraged me and supported me as I’ve learned who God has made me. Instead of pursuing things on my own, I’ve lived a daily adventure with Chris. We’ve grown together and experienced life together. Moments and experiences have been sweeter because he has been by my side. Our first ten years together included welcoming 4 children into our lives…our greatest adventure yet.

It has been an amazing ten years. Not perfect, because we are far from perfect. We are still learning to love each other. We are still growing up. We still have a lot of life to live. But, I pray we get long lifetimes to do it together.8.11ten-06

I used RadLab for these photos. Honestly, I was going to use something different just to share something new with you….but RadLab is so fun. You know when you get something new…you find any reason to use it? Well that is what happened. However, I do have some new actions and a giveaway to share with you tomorrow.


Just a reminder: The RadLab giveaway is still going on & the September SnapShop registration ends this week.

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  • Stephanie Campbell - Beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing! My favorite is all the really tall men and the really short women in the wedding party. (Or were you just going down hill?) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  • tracy a - congrats you two! that was a fun day…sad to not see myself in the background of any of theose pictures….teehee! congratulations again! (love the picture of you two holding up the marriage cert.)

  • Margie - What a pretty bride!! Congrats on 10 years! And to answer a couple of your questions from yesterdays post, check out this bag Nicole is giving away on her blog, Making it Lovely…the giveaway ends at midnight tomorrow, it is so cute…I love it! http://makingitlovely.com/2011/08/30/brooklyn-camera-bag-giveaway/comment-page-44/#comment-82662

    As for style, I love Anthro… so a pretty dress or a tank top paired with a funky skirt and cool accessories would be pretty for your photo session!

  • Katie Sellers - Congrats!! Here is to many more!!

  • Amy S. - We share an anniversary! 10 years ago my husband and I got married! Happy anniversary! it’s a fun marker. I hope your next ten years are just as fruitful and blessed and yay for Labor Day weekend!

  • Lindsay - My husband and I began dating one another when we were 15 years old. We’ve been together ever since and were married at 23. (We’re 25 and 26 now, and have our first baby — a two month old little boy!) Our entire relationship, I’ve had people tell us we’re too young to be so serious, too young to want to commit to one person forever, throwing our lives away, missing out on life, too young to get engaged, too young to get married…and it makes me laugh. Because, really, I feel so lucky everyday that I thank my lucky stars I was able to grow up alongside the love of my life. We have made a beautiful life together, and I feel lucky for it!

    Happy anniversary!

  • Becca C - what a testimony to how God has a perfect plan.
    i just turned 22. married my best friend 3 months ago. and became a Campbell as well. i indeed feel young…and most of the time so young that i don’t believe i’m allowed to live this life! God is good! hooray young Campbell marriages!

  • Carly - Ashley! I’m getting married in a month and I’m desperate to find a vintage looking marriage certificate like you and Chris are pictured with. Where did you get that?

  • Brianna - Ashley,
    Thank you so much for this post. It honestly made me feel so happy. I will be getting married in one year exactly. I will be 22, and like you were here, I look about 13. This post made me so very happy. Thanks!

  • Kimberly - Congrats on TEN years=)

  • Mary Lynne Jones - LOVE your wedding!! that is what I wanted, but ended up going the church route. & totally agree about photographers. that’s the biggest thing I would change if I could do it again. I have heard from friends that we went to high school together, & kept thinking if we’d met….& kept thinking that I went on a date with a guy who took me to his ex-girlfriend Ashley’s house that night. Then I saw him in your wedding picture! Ryan Payne! Happy Anniversary, congrats on 10 wonderful years, 4 (soon to be 5!) awesome little ones, & a fantastic Blog!! (my husband does media at a big Christian Camp-Pine Cove) & whenever he sees your pictures he always comments how wonderful they are.

  • Cindy - Happy Anniversary!!! I love how you and Chris LIVE life together! Also loved seeing your wedding pics…Oh Happy Day!

  • emmybrown - Happy Anniversary!! I love how you share your life with all of us in “blog world”. You’d be so cool to know in person…..great news is we’ll be together for eternity someday! :)

  • Jenny B. - Happy Anniversary! I’m a little choked up now… reminded me of reading your “love story” a while back. You should post a link to that again. It was great. :D

  • amy jupin - hope y’all had a great anniversary!
    10 years…it is a wonderful place to be, isn’t it?
    congratulations and much love!

  • Christy - I absolutely loved this post! Nic and I got married at 20 and just celebrated our 9th. Like you, I’m grateful God gave me him so young and that He made me smart enough to recognize the wonderfulness of the man He had made for me! Four kids later, I know I am not who I was when I married him, but wouldn’t change a thing because despite the transitions and the hardships, the love continues to grow. I guess we are both lucky ladies! I’m hoping to follow in your footsteps with baby 5, too, just working on the finance part! Thank you for this post and the reminder to tell my husband I love and appreciate him and am so glad he had faith in us at such a young age. Loved everything about today’s post!

  • Carol V - happy anniversary Ashley. I love the pictures of you. You’re so cute! We share the same anniversary. I posted on my blog about it as well. If you have a minute, maybe you could check it out. Have a great weekend!

  • Noelle - I loved this! My husband and I were in college when we got married, and people always comment on how young we were. But it was just the right time for us. We spent too much time worrying about what other people do instead of figuring out what God wanted for us. We’ve been married only half the time you have, but we have not regretted it for a second. We are best friends, and my life is a million times more fun because of him. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • the chronic utilitarian - hope your anniversary weekend is the bestest!

  • able mabel - Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you many more happy years.

  • Laura Y - I remember both you & Chris back in the day…and you guys were SO ready to get married! And God’s glory was ALL OVER your wedding! I wasn’t there, but I remember hearing about it after having graduated a year before y’all and being in Chorale with Chris. I’ve been so blessed in the last year or so by catching up with the Campbell Clan and I’ve gotta say that you two are SHINING with that “quirky-something-or-other” that makes people wanna know what’s up with you! I’m excited that the Yan Clan is about to move a bit closer to y’all by going from Seattle to DFW in one month. Derek’ll be working at SW seminary. And I’ll be a full-time mommy while teaching music and trying to work on my new found addiction (er, I mean appreciation) of blogs like yours! Thank you for all you put into this blog…it’s been used to feed my soul on many a dreary day. =)

  • Noelle Spanne - WOW!I just found your blog quite by accident (a link from Sarah Jane when I was searching for something.) I am 34, married at 21,am a strong Christian, am crafty, & am passionate about social justice issues as well. I only have 2 kiddos, though it feels more like 8 sometimes!! lol (Was a geography major at Cal, emphasis in human rights & environment.) Maybe when the kids are older I’ll pursue my dream of studying human rights law. Have you heard about the International Justice Mission(IJM)? You have GOT to check them out! Anyway, I love your blog & am now going to follow you. I loved your post about why you blog what you do…Have a great day!

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