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Several years ago I was busy as a professional photographer. The whole “to give a client digital images or not” debate was really just starting. If you’ve ever wondered why photographers don’t always include a disk, well there are many reasons. A big one is that a client takes those great images and then buys the cheapest prints he/she can find online…and those great photos look not so great. The terrible prints become a reflection of the photographer. I struggled giving clients digital copies. I wanted them to have the images, but I did not want them to get terrible prints…which would reflect on my work as a photographer. I began searching for a professional quality lab that had both consistently great prints and affordable prices. Mpix is the consumer branch of Millers (a standard-setting lab on the professional side of photography). And so began my journey with Mpix.

About a year later, I contacted Mpix about an idea I had for doing intro to photography workshops. They’ve sponsored my SnapShops ever since. Well, this spring I had the privilege of meeting with some amazing members of the Mpix team to collaborate on the future of Mpix. A few months later, they asked me to be a part of the Mpix Rocks campaign. Honestly, I could “say yes” without hesitation because Mpix is a company I’ve stood behind for several years. You’ve seen me share about Mpix here long before I began working with them….now I am on their homepage. I know it looks like I photo-shopped myself on there, but honestly it really is there:)

That page leads you to a little info on me and my favorite Mpix products.


When we began discussing the new Mpix Rocks ad, I looked online at the ones from the past.


“Oooooooo”, I thought. Gorgeous car, high tech computer, beach, mountains, gorgeous white couch, stunning bride….what amazing background would I do?

Then reality (and guidance from the talented Samae at Mpix) stepped in and took over. Reality is I don’t typically do photography in gorgeous settings with perfect models. I spend my days photographing real life…all the messes and all the joys. I relish the opportunities I have to encourage others to pick up their cameras and capture life. I’m so grateful I get to teach the basics of photography…to everyday people, not professional photographers. I think Mpix rocks, not because I can encourage professional photographers to print bridal portraits there. I think Mpix Rocks because I can encourage you to get your captured moments printed by a professional quality lab at a great price. So, it just made sense that my background would be everyday life. Here’s my ad:


And because I know you guys like the ‘real life’ so much, I thought I’d share what didn’t get published in magazines!

A better look at the result.


What I love most about this ad is that if you look closely you will notice two things I didn’t realize at the time:

1. There is blue painters tape on the staircase that I forgot to remove after quickly painting the steps white that morning.

2. The lamp does not have a lightbulb. I moved it to the playroom a month ago for this post, and have never replaced it.

That is real life.

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  • Mandy - That’s awesome Ash! The pics made me crack up; loved them!! Got a thing in my email from Mpix today and as I looked at it I said to my hubby, “Hey, that’s Firecracker in that pic!!!” Awesome!!! :)

  • Mike - Congrats. I use mpix as well. Good stuff

  • able mabel - Love how you captured real life. How fun! I think the picture turned out great!!

  • Lauren - I think these pictures are perfect and totally reflect who you are as an amazingly creative woman, and busy mother! Having little ones myself, these pics totally make me crack up:)

  • Jodi - Ashley, I have been working all summer and haven’t had a chance to post! 1. Congrats on the adoption and the Snap shops!!! That is amazing. The post made me cry, and cry, and cry!!! And 2, I am so INCREDIBLY proud of you. I just love all that you do. You are such an amazing woman and still my go to inspiration for everything!!!!!!!!! You are a rock star Ashely Ann, I am proud to be a long time follower and can’t wait to watch you on your first TV show. :)!!!!

  • Brittney Davis - Ashley this is sooooo cool!!! So proud of all you have done! Your such an inspiration to all! Ryan and I are soo happy for you guys and all your accomplishments!

  • nicole @ deliajude - so funny, this post. thanks for the introduction to mpix

  • Pam Zimmerer - I do love mpix and when I started out this is how I introduced my clients to a worthwhile lab. Now a little more into my work I have moved to printing at Millers. I am not quite as happy that Millers has chosen to allow the “little brother” to do some of the things that were kept for us in incentives or gifts to our clientele. I have called Millers and talked to them but they say it is the way the future will be. What do you think about this?
    I do love seeing your moment of motherhood- I so relate to these pics!!

  • Rita M. - Oh my goodness those pics remind me of me and my sewing/photography prop room!! My kids are always under the table and almost knocking over my stored studio lighting and backdrop stands and almost knocking my sewing machine off the table!!

    That is a 100% real, candid and honest photo shoot! I bet Mpix was like: “what did we get ourselves into!!!” (kidding, Lolol)

    Keep up your inspiring work! Love everything you do, it is truly inspiring!!!!

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